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Full text of "Alumni oxonienses; the members of the University of Oxford, 1500-1714; their parentage, birthplace, and year of birth, with a record of their degrees"

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' 7 

' rt — 

Blumni ©ronienece: 

• • • • • • 

• ' • • 

• • • 




1500— i;i4: 




XCbe Aatrfcttlatfon IRegtster of tbe mniverafts. 








• ••••• : 

•• •• • • 

• • • • • • • 

• • • • • • 

•• • 



/S^a -/ :?y</^ 



Magdalen College 



Brasenose College 





by Loggan 1675, reduced /acstmie, 
by Bereblock j $66, /acstmt'k Heame 
by Loggan 1675, reduced /acstmt'le 
by Bereblock 1^66, facsimile Heame 
the Stamford Brasenose . . 

Corpus Christi College by Loggan 1675, reduced facsimile 
„ „ „ by Bereblock 1566, y2z«i»w7(f Heame 

Christ Church by Loggan 1675, reduced facsimile 

„ „ by Bereblock i $66, facsimile Heame 

Trinity College by Loggan 1675, reduced facsimile 

„ „ by Bereblock 1566, yamw/'/p Heame 

Great Lion Hall ; from Skelton 

Little Lion Hall, now demolished ; from Skelton 

Bulkeley Hall, now demolished, and Hall (name unknown) ; from Skelton 


facing 899 
























Labdon, Humphny, " ktv." Qubkn'8 Coll., 
tnatrit a^ Jant 1653. 

L&borer, William, of London, "Generonis." St. 
Edmund Hau. matric la June, 161S, aged 59. 

Laoe, Richard; 8.A. from Jesua COLL. 5 Feb., 

Laoer, John (Lacyr or Laiker), RA, ; M.A. 33 Jan., 

Laoknam, WiUiam, lecubr chaplain, KCan-L. i 
Aug., 153+ [B) 

Laoooke, Edmund; B.A. from St. John's Coll., 
Cambndge, 1635 (incorporated 11 July, 1636), M.A. 
i6ag. ED. 1636, ricai of Notlingbam St. UaiJ 
1635. See Foster's /ndix Efcl. 

Laoock, George, Bim. Coapus Chrfsti Coll., 
matrit 3 Oct., 1651 ; possibly a siudcni of Gray'i 
Ion 1655, as Kin and heir of I'hilip, of East Stoke, 
NotW, esq. See Fosler-a Cra/j Ian Reg. 

LacOOk, Mallhew ; B.A. from NEW Inn Hall j 

July, 1631. M.A. ao Apiil. 1614. rector of Bulvrell, 

Notts, 1641. See Filer's Indti Eat. 

LaoOB, (Sir) Francis, of Salop, ami. fil. TBIHITT 

COLL..matrie. 3 May, 1583. aged 14; of Willey 

and Kinlel. Snlop{s. Rowland, M.P.), student of 

Gray's Inn isSS, knlsliied by the Earl of Essex al 

Dublin Casile 13 July, IJ99, M.P. Bridgnonh 

(Feb.) 1610-11 ; brother of Thomas 1583. See 

Fosters Gra^s Inn Rig. 

Lacon, John, s. James, of West Copley (Coppice), 

Salop, genL Cmsist Chubch, miiric. 4 June, 1641, 

agetfie. [lO] 

Lacon, John, s. Joh.. of West Coppice, Salop, 

gent. Wadhau Coli.. muliic. 30 May, 16^, 

Lacon, Lancelot (Leyken), B.A. ao April, 1533. 

Lacon, Thomas, of Salop, arm. TkiniTV Coi.L., 
nutric. 3 May. 1563, aged 13 ; student of Inner 
Temple 1588, as of Kinlet. Salop; brother of 
Fraud* 1583. See Foster's /•« n/ Court .ff/f. 

ZiaOOn, Thomas, of CO. Lincoln, gent. MacdaleM 
Hall, mairic 13 Dec, 1606, aged 18 ; B.A. a8 
April, i6to, M.A. 10 Feb. , 1613-3 '• of Walk minster. 
ca Lincoln (s. Edward, of Telncy, co. Lincoln), 
bis will dated aS May, 1617. proved 10 March, 

LaOtOnB, Jarnes, of Ghent, in Flanders, pleb. Mag- 

DALEN Hall, matric entry under dale 31 Dec., 

.76, aged .7. [IS] 

L807, Arthur, diaplain, B.A. ; B.CaiLL. 3 Feb., 

taoej, Christopher, scholar of CoRPt;s CHRIST! Coll. 
157940. B,A. ag May. 1583. M.A. 33 June, 1^7. 

at Oxford proved 14 Sept., 1534. 
LaOle, Ellis, of Somerset, gent. UroaDCATSS HalL, 

matric 33 Nor.. 1581. aged 17. 
LaOY, Henry, RA. from Qitebn'S CoLL. 13 Dec, 

•*" [ao] 


Cloford. Somersel. 1689, and of Sherborne, Dorset, 
1693-1716, and perhaps 1716-44 ; (alher of Joho 
1713. See Foilei's Indtx Acl. 
Lac7, John, aLL.; principal of Neir Inn Hall 
1503-4. D.Can-L, sap. 33 Oct.. 1508. 

perhaps B.A. from St. Mabv Hall 34 Nov., 

1617. U 


LaoT, John,s, William, of Stogumber, Somersel, gent 
Wadhah Coll. matrit 18 July, 1668. acctTid; 
Student of Middle Temple 1670; brolherof WilUam 
1666. See Foster's /■■je''Cn»WJf<c. 
LaOT, John, s. James, of SherixMini, Dorset, cler. 
Exeter Coll., matric 35 June, 1713. aged 16; 
B.A. 1717, scholar 1713, until his deal h 33 March, 
1719, aged 33. See Gulck. i. ilq ; & Bcma, 144. 
Laoey,Jon»s, B.A. fromCuRiST'sCOLL., Cambridge, 
1^2-* (incorporated 11 July. 1585), M.A. 1587. See 
Foster's Gradiali C>mlat. 
Laoy, Nathan. "ser¥.,"s. Avery, of Ongar, Eluei, pleb. 
WADHAM Coll., malHc. 34 March, 1641-3, aged 
16; B.A. — i M.A. 14 Nov., 1649, rector of Green- 
steajd-juxta.Ongar. Essex, 1663, and of Ldmbourueh 
Essex, 1671. See Foster's Indix Eccl. 
Laoy, Nathan, s. N., of Ongar. Essex, minister. 
CHRIST Church, matric. 31 May. 1673, aged 16: 
itudenlirf Inner Temple 1676. S™ ,4/. iVisl. 174; 
4 Foster's Ihhs o/Courl Rrg. 
lAOJ, Richard, B.A. from jEsUS COLL. 5 Feb. 1596- 

7. See also Lace. 
Laoy, Rowland (Lasie), of London, genL Broaiv 
GATES Hall, mainc entry under date 38 April, 
iSScagedis; aA. (7 Dec), 1583. a student of 
Lincoln^s [nn 1583 ; perhaps knighlett 33 July, i6cn, 
asofOxon. See Foster's /«« p/Cotrt ^ly. [»0] 
X^oy, Rowland, is. R., of Pullicult, Oion. equitis. 
Magdalen Coll., matric a6 0ct., 1703, aged 17; 
bis father knighted 9 July, i68c, and died a8 Sept., 
1690. See J. M. Davenport's Liri Linil<Kaitls and 
Higk Sktrifi of Oxford, p. 53. 
Laoy, Thomas. B.A. from Macdai.EK COLI. . Cam- 
bndge, 1630-1. incorporated 9 May, 1633. See 
Foster's Gradual! Canlai. 
Laoy, Thomas, s. of John, of Fakenham . co Worcester, 
gent. QvBCH's Coll., mattic 16 May, 167a. ageil 


• • 


4 • • 

.^iCLlAU Lacey. 


James Lake. 


L^dQJPf •'Williani, bom at Scarborough, Yorks, of 

,•. *1|^GDALEN Hallx6oo. entered the Society ofjcsus 

•^ ••,1611 ; died in the Dolphin Inn, Oxford, 17 July, 

*• • 1673. ^*^ ^'t buried at Somerton, Oxon. See 

**^ AiA. iii. 994. 

..' Laoy, William, of Somerset, arm. Queen's Coll. 
16 Oct., 1607, aged 16 ; student of Inner Temple 
161 z, as of Hartrow, Somerset, gent See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. 

Laoy, William, s. Thomas, of Lee, co. Lincoln, 
minister. Brasenose Coll., matric. 6 Dec., 1622, 
aged x8 ; B.A. from New Inn Hall 26 Peb., 

Laoy, William, s. William, of Hartrow, Somerset, 
arm. Queen's Coll., matric. 25 May, 1666, aged 
18; student of Middle Temple 1666; he or his 
father M.P. Milborne Port 1678H9 ; brother of John 
1668. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Laoy, William, s. G. (?Gul.), of Bromsgrovc, co. 
Worcester, pleb. Gloucester Hall, matric. 27 
Jan., 17x2-13, aged 19; B.A. from Magdalen 
Hall 1716, M.A. 1720, rector of St. George-super- 
Ely 1717, and of St. Bride with St. Michael-super- 
Ely (all CO. Glamorgan), 1720. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus. [8] 

Ladbrooke, Edward, cler. fit Trinitt Coll., 
m.Uric. 20 March, 1650-z, B.A. 31 May, 1654, M.A. 
9 April, 1657. 

Ladbrooke, Joseph, of Balliol Coll. 1709. See 

Ladbrooke, Robert, of co. Warwick, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric. 5 June, 1618; B,A. from 
Magdalen Hall 14 June, 1621. M.A. 16 April, 
1624, vicar of Wolverton, Bucks, 1632, rector of 
Solihull, CO. Warwick, 1648, sequestered thereto in 
1646 by the assembly of divines ; perhaps father of 
Edward. See Foster's Index Eul, & Add. MS. 
15.670, p. i«. 

Ladbrooke, William, of co. Gloucester, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric. 7 Feb., 1583-4, aged 14. 

Ladd, John, of Magdalen Coll. 1634. See Ludd. 

Ladd, John, s. J., of Over Worton, Oxon, pp. Wad- 
ham Coll., matric. 8 April. 1685, aged 16 ; B.A. 
1689. [H] 

Ladd, Lancelot, s. Richard, of Canterbury, Kent, 
gent St. Alban Hall, matric. 25 Nov., 1636, aged 
16; bar. -at- law, Gray's Inn, 1647 (as X-ade). See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Ladd, Owen, of CO. Northton., pleb. Hart Hall, 
matria 14 Oct, 1597, aged 20; B.A, 11 Feb., 
i6oi-2, then in orders, rector of Digswell, Herts, 
1615. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Ladd, Thomas, s. Edward, of Cahie, Wilts, pleb. 
Hart Hall, matric. 13 April, 1632, aged 19; 
B.A. 15 Nov., 1633. 

Ladiman, Samuel, 'serv.,* s, John, of Dinton, Bucks, 
pleb. Corpus Christi Coll., matric. 3 March. 
1642-3, aged 17; B.A. 13 July, 1647, M.A, 21 July, 
1649, fellow (by the visitors) 1648. See Burrows, 
495- [18] 

Ladklns, Edward, s. William, of Shaw, co. Stafford, 
arm. Christ Church, matric. 18 Nov., 1664, 
aged 15. 

Ladkins, William, arm. Christ Church, matric. 
31 July, 1658, student of Inner Temple 1659, as of 
Bodington, Northants, gent See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg, 

La^well, Richard; M.A. June. 1518, rector of 
Timberscombe, Somerset, 1525 (as Laughwill), 
until his death 1554. See Weaver's Somersetskirt 
Incumbents, 457. 

Lagoe, John, of Exeter Coll. 1684. See Lbgoe. 

Lagoe, Thomas, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 6 

June, 1660. Pauline exhibitioner 165^-62. See St. 

PauFs S. R. so. [ao] 

Laing. See Layng. 

Lake, Alexander ; M.A (sup. 15 Nov.), 1508. pro 
bate at Oxford (as B.A) 24 Jan., 1509-10. 

Lake, Arthur, of co. Southampton, pleb. Ke« 
Coll.. matric. Julv. 1588, aged 20. fellow 153;, 
B.A 4 June. 1591, M.A. 3 May, 1595, B. andD.U 
16 May, 1605. warden of his college 1613-17, v^ 
vice-chancellor 1616, (s. AlmaricJ rector of Hansi 
1^99, of Hambledon i6oz, and of Chilcomb td 
Hants) 1603, fellow of Wykeham's college. Wo- 
Chester, about z6oo, master of the hospiul <^ ^ 
Cross, Winchester, 1603. rector of Stoke Charh 
Hants, 1605, archdeacon of Sutrey 1605. dean u.' 
Worcester 1608, rector of Stanton St John, Oron, 
Z613. bishop of Bath and Wells 1616. until faisd»^ 
4 Njay. 1626 ; buried in Wells cathedral ; brother d 
Thomas 1592. See Ath. it 398 ; Lansdawne MS. 
984, f. 148 : & Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lake (Sir) Arthur, of London, militis fil. New Coil. 
matric, entry dated 12 Oct, i6zo, aged zs; 61 
from Hart Hall 8 Feb.. 1612-13. as '* fiL uta. 
minor." ; incorporated 14 July, Z017, as MA. o{ 
Cambridge ; student of Middle Temple 1609 ,as 
2nd son of Sir Thomas); M.P. Minehcad i^> 
Bridgewater 1625-6, knighted 18 Aug.. 1617; 
biui^ at Whitchurch, Middlesex, 19 Dec.. 1653; 
brother of Thomas 1610. See Foster's Inns ^Cc*rt 
Reg. & Fasti, i. 374. 

Lake, Arthur, y.s. Lancelot, of Stanmore, MiddL 
equitis. New Coll., matria 11 Aug., 1672,8^ 
18, B,A. 1676 ; baptised 23 Feb., 1654. [25] 

Lake, Augustine ; B.A. from Christ Church 2 Pet, 
1580-1, M.A. 12 Dec, 1583. See O./I.S. xiL 9f 

Lake (Sir) £dw(ard) ; B.A. from Catherine Hall 
Cambndgc, 1625-6; incorporated 15 "Dec, i6r. 
B.C.L. from St. Alban Hall 24 Jan.. 1627-3 
M.A. from Catherine Hall 1629, incorponited 
at C<nmbtidee as LL.E, 1636, LL.D. 1637 is> 
Richard, of Jiby. co. Lincoln), chancellor of ii< 
diocese of Lincoln, advocate general of Irdani 
received several wouhds at Edgehill ; his left sm 
being disabled, he held his bridle by his toeth ; had i 
grant of a baronetcy 30 Dec.. 1643. with spcaJ 
remainder; died 18 April, 1674, «ged 77, ban.1I 
20th in Lincoln cathedral, M.I. See AtJk. iiL 633; 
Fasti, i. 435 ; St Foster's Baronetage. 

Lake Edward, der. fil. WadhamColl., matrk. 31 
July, 16^8, scholar 1659. from Exeter, Devon ; DD. 
Cambridge (^ Liter as Regias) 1676 ; rector of St. 
Katherine Tower (M.I. chancel), chaplain to James, 
Duke of York, rector of Norton, Kent, itr^ 
prebendary 1675, and archdeacon of Elxeter i^ 
rector of St Mary-at-Hill, and St Andrew Hubbanl 
London, 1682, chaplain to Q. Mary and Q. Anoe; 
died I Feb., 1703-4. See Ath. iv. 735 ; Gardaff, 
astS ; Rawl. iii, 290 ; Lansdowne A/.b. 987, f. a6fi; 
& Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lake, Gilbert, s. William, of Chippenham. W'Cs 
cler. Christ Church, matric. i Feb.. i699-r7ca 
aged 16; B.A, 1703. M.A 1706. B.D. 1715 ; vicari 
St Mary Magdalen, Oxford, 171 1, vicar of Ouriss- 
ham, Wilts, 1716, and rector ojf Leigh DelanKrc 
1721 ; fother of Gilbert 1734. See Foster's Inia 

Lake, James, s. Michael, of Ilmister, Somerset, pi* 
Magdalen Coll., matric. '^i' Feb., 1631-2, agd 
19; B.A. 13 Feb., i6^-4, mcorporated at Ca-a- 
bridge 1641 as M.A. ; vicar of St Uryan 1643-61. 
rector of Lanteglos 1660-77, ^'^d of Minster i*"^ 
Cornwall). 1662-72. See Foster's Index EccL 'J^\ 

Lake, James, 'ser.' St. John's Coll., roatiic i 
Apru, 1656; B.A. 1660; incorporated at Cainbndfe 
x^, M.A. from Trinity Coll. 1676; peit*^ 
rector of Jacobstowe, Devon, 1663-4, and of Kack 
Torrington, Devon, 1663-1712, rector of Awe* 
GiSbrd, also in Devon. 1678-89 ; fother of the nexh 
named. See Foster's Index EccL 

[ 869 ] 

James Lake. 

1500 — 1714. 

Henry Lambe. 

»ake, James, s. J., of Black Torringtoo, Devon, der. 
Jesus Coll., matric 19 March, 1691-2, aged 18. 

Ake, John, subscribed 3 June, 16x4 ; perhaps suppli- 
csned for B.Mus. 1616. from New Coll., but 
whether he was admitted it appears not. See FojH, 
L 365. 

Ake, John, s. Richard, of Tring. Herts, pleb. New 
Inn Hall, matric. 17 Oct, 1634, aged 18. 

lake, John, s. Rich., of Hamock, Devon, pleb. St. 
Mary Hall, matric. 16 Nov., x666. aged 18. 

take, (Sir) Lancelott, born in Middx., s. Thomas, of 
London, militis. Hart Hall, matric 13 Dec, 
1623. aged 13 ; B.A. 23 Feb. , 1624-5 ! of Canons, 
Middlesex, bar.-at-Iaw, Lincoln's Inn, 1633, 
knighted 6 June, 1660, M.P. Middlesex 1660, and 
1661-78 ; buried at Whitchurch 4 May, 1680; father 
of the next-named, and of Arthur 167a. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers, [5] 

«ake, Lancelott, y.s. Lane, of Canons, Middx., eq. 

aur. New Coll., matric 19 Sept, 1668. aged 17; 

student of Lincoln's Inn 1666 ; buried 4 May, i68io. 

See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 
^ake, Lancelot, is. Thomas, of London, equitis. 

New Coll., matric. 20 Oct , 1686, aeed 17; student 

of Lincoln's Inn 1688, and Gray's Inn 1691. Sm 

Foster's Inns of Court Rtg. 

jake, Richard; B.A. from Sydney Sussex Coll., 
Cambridge, 1669-70, M.A. 1673. incorporated 15 
July, 1673; licenced 24 Dec, 1^7, to marry Eliza- 
beth Clopton, of Islington, Middlesex, wid. ; rector 
of Avon Dassett, co. Warwick, 1682. See London 
Afarriage Licences, cd. Foster ; & Foster's Index 

l,ake, Robert, of Kent, pleb. Magdalen Coll., 
matric 8 May, 1601, aged 15; chorister 1598-1606, 
B.A. 22 Jan., 1605-6; vicar of Waldershare, Kent, 
1616. and of Ewell. also in Kent, z6i8. See 
Bloxam, I 28 ; & Foster's Index Ecel, 

utake, Thomas ; B. A 3 July, 15x4, fellow of Exeter 
Coll. 1516. M.A (sup. 8 Nov.). 1518, in holy 
orders. See Boose, 31. [lO] 

Lake, (Sir) Thomas ; created M.A 27 Sept, 1592 (xs. 
Almaric, of Southampton) ; of Cannons, Middlesex, 
dcrk of the signet to Queen EHifabeth and James I., 
knighted 20 May, 1603, was of Gray's Inn X592, 
M.P. Hastings 1572*83, 1584-^. 1586-7, Malmcs- 
burr 1593. New Romney 1601, Launceston 1604-xi, 
Micidlnex 16x4, ^^^ Wotton Bassett 1626; died 
Z7 Sept, 1630; brother of Arthur 1588; father of 
the next-named, of Arthur 1610. and of Lancelot 

1633. See Fasti, i 260 ; & Foster's Parliamentary 

Ijake, (Sir) Thomas, of Middlesex, militis fil New 
Coll., matric 12 Oct., 1610, aged 15; B.A. from 
Habt Hall 8 Feb., X612-X3. student of Middle 
Temple 1609 (as son and heir of Sir Thomas), 
knighted 8 Jtme, 16x7, M.P. Wells 162^, X626, and 
Gatton 1638, till void 28 March ; buncd at Whit- 
church, Middlesex, 13 May, 1653; brother of 
Arthtir x6xa See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

uake, Thomas, s. John, of Wells, Somerset, gent. 
Hart Hall, matric i^ Dec, 1622, nged x8 ; B.A. 
26 June, 1623; M.A from New Coll. 14 Dec, 
i6a6 ; one of these names vicar of Sopley, Hants, 

1634, another vicar of Layton, Essex, 1^8, and 
sequestered to the rectory of Wickford, Essex, 
1645. See Foster's Index Eccl. & Add. MS, 15.669, 
p. 166. 

!«ake, Thomas, xs. William, of Wilstone, Herts, arm. 
Pembroke Coll., matric 2 Dec, 1625, aged 17; 
bar.-at-law. Gray's Inn, 1637. See ¥osXtt'% Judges 
and Barristers. 

Lake, William ; subscribed x July, 1614 ; possibly a 
student of the Inner Temple 16x7. as of Wilston, 
Herts. See Foster's Inns of Court R^, [18] 

Lake, William, 8. Richard, of Hempston, Devon, 
pleb. Exeter Coll., matric 16 July, 1625, aged 
18; B.A. from Corpus Christi Coll. 14 Oct, 
X628, M.A. 27 Jan., X63X-2 (incorporated at Cam- 
bridge 1639), B.D. 6 Feb., X639-40, rector of Little 
Stoughton, Beds, 1647. See Add, MS, 15,671, 
p. 32. 

Lake, William, s. William, of Staughton, Beds, 
sacerd. CHRIST Church, matric 26 Nov., 1662, 
aged x6; B.A. 3 Feb., 1664-5. M.A 14 March, 
i667<8, vicar of Chippenham 168 x, and rector of 
Hardenhuish. Wilts, X683, canon of Sanim X690- 
1704, rector of Somerford Magna, Wilts, 1702; 
fa iher of Gilbert. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lakenby, John, s. Simon, of Shodford, co. Durham, 
pleb. MAGDALEN CoLL., matric 5 April, 1639, 
aged X9 ; B.A. 2 Dec, 1643 ; hved a close student 
in St. Edmund Hall till the garrison of Oxford 
was surrendered 1646, entered the English college at 
Douay, etc, etc ; died in London in a mean condi- 
tion. See Fasti, ii. 57. 

Lakyn, John, fellow of St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 
1553, from Warwickshire, B.A 1552-3, M.A. 1556 
(incorporated at Oxford 29 July, 1560). fellow Jrsus 
CToLL., Cambridge, 1562. master of that college 
1563-5, rector of Duxford St Peter, co. Cambridge, 
156a, as Laken. See Cooper, i. 240; & Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

[Laly, William (or Mullaly), of New Inn Hall, 
bachelor of decrees 1555, rector of Athenry and 
prebendary of Laccagh 1572. dean of Tuam 1558, 
and archbishop X573 ; died 1595. See Ath, ii. 839 : 
& Fasti Ecc. Hib, iv. 12, 20. 44, 56.] l^^J 

Lambard, John, i6xa See Lambold. 

Lambe, Charles, s. John, of Wheathamstead, Herts, 
doctoris (subs. " Decani," i.e. dean of Ely). Christ 
Church, matric. 12 July, X697, aged 18, subs, aged 
13, BA 1701 ; M.A from King's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1709 ; D.D. Lambeth 10 Aug., 1722, curate 
of Enfield, Middlesex, minister of St Catharine 
Cree Church, lecturer of All Hallows, Barking, 
vicar of Impington, co. Cambridge, 1704, rector of 
Trottiscliffe, Kent, 1709, chaplain to the Duke of 
Portland when governor of Jamaica, rector of 
Kingston, Jamaica, 1739. See Alumni West, 233 ; 
& Rawl, iii. 24. XX. 317. 

Lamb, Christopher, s. Thomas, of Staplehurst, Kent, 
gent Oriel Coll., matric 24 May, i66x, aged 

Lambe, Francis, of Wilts, gent Broadcates Hall, 
matnc ax Nov., 1589, aged x8. 

Lamb. Francis, s. F., of Atterbury, co. Worcester, 
pleo. Gloucester Hall, matric 17 Dec, X712, 
aged 20; vicar of Elmley Castle, co. Worcester, 
1728. See Foster's Index Eccl, [25] 

Lambe, Francklen, is. John, of Maidstone, Kent, 
arm. University Coll., matric. x6 Oct, 1635, 
aged X5 ; student of Middle Temple X638. Seie 
Aster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lambe, Henry; BA from Lincoln Coll. 28 Jan., 
x6xo-xi, rector of Frome St Quintin, Dorset, 
16x7, and vicar of Milton Abbas 1617, rector of 
Frinstead, Kent, 1623, vicar of Cerne Abbois, 
Dorset, 1629; father of the next-named. See 
Foster's Index Ecel, 

Lambe, Henry, s. Henry, of Cerne, Dorset, sacerd* 
New Inn Hall, matric 8 Feb., 1632-3, aged 18 ; 
RA 3 Julv, 1636, M.A. 2 May, 16^; of Armitage, 
Dorset, clerk, licence dated 31 March, 1641 , to 
marry Dorothy, daughter of Francis Sidney, 
deceased; sequestered to the rectory of Burton- 
cum-Shipton, Dorset, 16^6. See London Marriage 
Licences, ed. Foster; a Add, MS. 15,670, p. 

[ 8;o ] 

Henry Lambe. 

1500 — 1714. 

Thomas Lambert. 

Lambe, Hemy. s. H., of London, gent Chkist 
Church, matric. 26 Feb., 1711-ia, aged 17. 

Lambe, James, subscribed a July, 1613 ; R A from 
Brasenose Coll. 13 Dec., 1615, M.A 11 Dec, 
16x0 (mcorporated at Cambridge 1698), created 
D.D. from St. Mary Hall 9 Aug., 1660 Is. 
Richard) ; bom in All Saints' parish, Oxford, a Feb. . 
1598. chaplain to Thomas, Earl of Southampton, 
rector of Botley, Hants, 1639-60. of Kingsworthy, 
Hants, 1661, canon of Westminster 1660, rector of 
St Andrew, Holbom, i66a ; died i8th, buried in 
Westminster Abbey ao Oct,, ^664, See Foster's 

^?f^ ^^^^- • ^^^* iii. 668 ; & Che3ter's West, 
Abbey Reg. 161. 

Lambe, James, subscribed 8 Nov., 1630; B. A from 
Magdalen Hall ii Nov., 1630, M.A 3 July, 
1633; clerk Magdalen Coll. 1633-6, perhaps 
vicar of St Cross, Westgate. Canterbury, 1645, 
referred to the assembly of divines for the cure of 
Titchfield, Hants, 1647. See Bloxam, il 62 ; & 
Add, MSS. 15,669, p. aa4 ; 15,671, p. 27. 

Lambe, John (Lam), of Surrey, gent St. John's 
Coll.. matric. 8 July, 1586, aged 18 ; student of 
Lincoln's Inn 1589. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Lambe, John. s. James, of Canterbury, Kent, sacerd. 
Corpus Christi Colu, matric. 13 Nov., 1635, 
aged 14; B.A. orj June. 1639. created M.A 35 
Feb., 1642-3; died 15 Feb.. 1645. See Gutch,\. 
413; his father vicar of Holy Cross. Westgate. 
Canterbury, 1617. See Foster's Index Eccl. [5] 

Lambe, Sir John ; B.A from St. John's Coll., 
Cambridge. 1586-7. M.A 1590. LL.D. 1616. incor- 
porated 9 Dec, 1643, advocate i6oa. knighted 
9 Jan.. 1618, dean of the arches 1634-47. 
chancellor to Queen Henrietta Maria ; died 1647. 
See Coote's Civilians, pp. 66. 67 ; FmH, 11 58 ; 

6 Foster's Graduati Cantab. 

Lambe, John, s. WiUiam, of Dylwyn, co. Hereford, 
gent St. Edmund Hall, matric. 17 July. 1680, 
aged 16; a A 1684, M.A. 1687, vicar of Kinlet, 
Salop, 1690. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lambe, John, a. Henr., of London, arm. Wapham 
Coll.. matric. a June, 1701, aged 18; possibly 
student of Middle Temple 1700 (his father of Acton, 
Middlesex) ; brother of Henry 171a. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Re^, 

Lamb, Simon, s, Joh., of Chaddesley, oa Worcester, 
pp. University Coll.. matric. 16 April, 1709, 
aged 19. 

Lambe, Thomas, s. Lyonell. vicar of St Martin- 
juxta-Stamford (1637). admitted sizar of St. John's 
Colu, Cambridge, a Dec, 16^7, aged 16; B.A. 
1651-a /incorporated la July, 1653), M.A 165$, rector 
of Healing, ca Lincoln, 1669, etc Sec Foster's 
Index Eccl. & Mayor, 86. [10] 

Lambe, William (Lamme). of Lincoln Coll., B.A. 

7 Feb., 1559-60, M.A 15 May, 1563, B.Mcd. (sup. 
9 Dec), 1568. 

LambermontjLudovfc dc, s, John, of Sedan; D,Med. 
Valence 8 March, 1651-a; in'^orporated 31 Dec, 
1655-6. Sec Fasti, ii. 19a 

Lambert, Edmund, of Boy ton, Wilts, gent Christ 
Church, matric, 3 Feb., i68i-a, aged 16; bar.-at- 
law, Middle Temple, 2689 (as son and heir of 
Thomas, of Boyton); M.P, Hindon 1708-13, and 
Salisbury i7i<-aa ; died 1733 ; brother of the next 
See Foster's judges and Barristers, 

Lambert. Edward, s. Tho., of Boyton, Wilts, arm. 
Hart Hall, matric. xi Dec, 1689. aged 19; B.A. 
1693, rector of Orcheston St. George, Wilts. 1695 ; 
brother of Edmund. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lambert, Francis, s. William, of North Bovey. Dens, 
sacerd. TRiNmr Coll., matric ao Marco. 16U-5. 
aged x8; B.A. from Pembroke Coll. 4 reh, 
1636-7. ,11] 

Lambert, Henry, of co. Southampton, gent New 
Coll., matric 34 April. 1618. aged 19; ECU 
98 May, 1634 ; died, a fellow, i6a6. See Gvtck, i 

Lamberte, Henry, s. Henry, of Tunbridge, Kot, 
pleb. St. John's Coll, matric 4 July. x6^ 
aged 33. 

Lambert, Hugh. " serviens." s. Hug., of Buckkzoe 

Weston, Dorset, pp. Hart Hall, matric i 
1664. aged 18; B.A 1668, vicar of Muc^Hi 
Somerset. 169a See Foster s Index EccL 

Lambert, John, of Bucks, pleb. Magdalen Coll. 
matric 8 May, x6oi. aged 14; demy 160041 
p(»sibly a student of Gray s Inn 1615. as soo aed 
heir of Simon, of Buckingham, gent See Bkx&m, 
iv. a6i ; & Foster's Grays Inn Reg. 

Lambert, John, of Somerset, pleb. Magdalbt 
Hall, matric 4 June, 1619. aged 18. [M] 

Lambert, John. s. Christopher, of Alton. Hants, pi& 
Brasenose Coll ao Oct., i6a6. aged 18. 

Lambert, John, of Christ Church, pleb.. nttric 
31 July, 1658, B.A 37 Jan., 1658-9 ; one of iJwe 
names rector of Pertwood, Wilts. 1661. Sec Al 
West. 143 ; & Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lambert, John. s. J., of Nooke. Wilts, paupu Hait 
Hall, matric. a6 May. i68a. aged 16 ; EA. 4 
March, 1685-6, rector of Nunney, Somerset. ligBi 
until his death in 1734. See Foster's Indtx Etsl 

Lambert, John, of Boyton, Wilts, gent MErrar 
Coll. subs, i June. 1693. aged 17 ; B.A. SMard. 
1696-7, M.A 1703. rector of Abbotts Ann, HarA 
17XO-X8. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lambert, John. s. John, of " Connaloos," on. 
Gloucester, pleb. Pembroke Coll. matiic^ it 
June. X7ia, aged 17 ; B. A from St. John's Cou- 

1717. m 

Lamberte, Josias. s. Antony, of SkiptOQ m Cntna, 
Yorks. Trinity Coll , matric 5 Dec , 16B3, aged 
19 ; B.A 6 Feb., i6a5-6, 

Lamberte, Marmaduke, 'ser,' Universttt Colu 
matric. a Jime, 165a, B.A. 30 Jan., x655'-6, M.A.6 
July, 1658. 

Lambert, Nathaniel, 8. Th,, of South OOae^^ 
Somerset, minister. Magdalen Hall, maific. 
17 July, 1663, aged 17. 

Lambert, Oliver ; B.A. from New Coll. 4 Mii, 
i6aa, rector of Fiddington and Penselwood, Soraa- 
set, 1634, and of Little Ilford, Essex, 1637. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Lambart, Simon, of Bucks, gent Magdalci 
Coll, matric 19 Jan.. 1615-10, aged 18 ; poteps 
sup. for B.A 15 Oct, x6i8. [W] 

Lambert, Thomas, of Dorset, pleb. Magdau^ 
Coll, matric a8 June. 1594, aged 19 ; B. A. free 
Magdalen Hall 9 July, 1596, M.A. 6 July, 1601. 
rector of North Barrow. Somerset, 1601, asdo^ 
Sparkford. Somerset, 1616-60; fother of Tboiea^ 
1039. See Foster's Index Ecct, 

Lambert, Thomas, of Hants, arm. Exeter Colu 
matric. a6 Oct. 1599. aged 15 ; B.A. 8 July, ifes. 
student of Inner femple 1604, as of Laven«>^^ 
Hants (xs. Sir Thomas). See Foster's Inns ofCM 

Lambert, Thomas, of Wilts, gent Queen's Coa. 
matric 19 Oct, 1604, aged 17; perhaps of Bajtai 
(son of Edward and father of lliomas 1634}. ^ 
M.P. Hindon x6a5 and X636. See Foster's ?<ff^ 
mentary Dictionary, 

[ 871 ] 

Thomas Lambert. 

1500 — 1714. 

Richard Lamplugh. 

liamliert, ThomaSt s. Thomas, of Sparkford, Somer- 
set, sacefd. Wadham Cglu, matric. 30 Oct, 
1699, aged 17, B. A 5 July, 163a ; M. A. from St. 
Mamy Hall 93 April, 1635; perhaps vicar of 
Stanford, Norfolk, 1635. f^^or of Sparkford x66o-x, 
and also of South Cadbury, Somerset, 1661-8 ; 
father of Nathaniel 1663, See Foster's Index EccL 
Lambarde. Thomas, s. 'Mqltoni* (Multon), of 
Greenwich, Kent, militis. Queen's Coll., matric. 
9 Nov., 1633. aged x6; student of Gray's Inn 1634, 
sold his estate at Gteenwich; father of William 
1632. See Foster's Grays Inn Reg, 
LambertjThomas, s. Thomas, of Boyton, Wilts, 
arm. TKiNiTY CoLL. , matric 17 Oct., 1634, aged 
18 ; B.A. 5 May, 1637, M. A 33 March, 1639-40, 
B. and D.l>. 93 June, 1666, canon residentiary of 
Salisbury 1666, one of H.M.'s chaplains, rector of 
Sherrington, Wilts, 1677, and of Boyton, Wilts, 
canon 1666, and archdeacon of Salisbury 1674, 
until his death 99 Dec., 1694, aged 78; father of 
the next, and brother of Thomas 1634. See Fastis 
ii. 991 ; Lansdawne MS. 987, f. 173 ; & Foster's 
Index EccL 
Lambert, Thomas, s. Th., of Boyton, Wilts. genL 
Wadham Coll., matria 36 Nov., 1686, oged 18 ; 
B.C.L. from Mrrton Coll. 1693, rector ofBoytou 
1695, and of Sherrington, Wilts, 1695. on the death 
of the preceding. See Gardiner, 348 ; & Foster's 
Index EccL 

Lambardy Thomas, s. William, of Sevenoaks. Kent, 
arm. Queen's Coll., matric. 31 May, 1688, aged 
17 ; of Sevenoaks, a student of Lincoln's Inn 1688 ; 
died in 1745. See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg, [5] 

Lambarty William ; fellow of New Coll. 1558, from 
Buckingham, B.A. 15 Dec., 1561, M.A 19 Nov., 
15^5! perhaps bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn 1567, 
bencher 1597, a master in chancery 1597-1601, 
keeper of the rolls 1597, and of the records in the 
Tower 1600; died in 1601. See Fosto^s Judges and 

Lambardy William, of Bucks, pleb^ MAGDALEN 
Hall, matric 30 July. 1596, aged 14. 

Lambert, William; B.A. from Trinity Coll. 13 
Feb.. 1609-10, M.A 36 June, 16x3 ; one of these 
names rector of North Bovey, Devon, x6x3, or of 
Corse, 00* Gloucester, 16x9 ; fkther of Francis 1635. 
See Fostei's Index EccL 

Lambart. William, s. Simon, of Buckingham, Bucks, 
pkb. MAGDALEN Hall, matric. 90 Oct., 1636, 
aged 17 : B.A 5 Feb., 1638-9, M.A. 90 Oct, 1631. 

LambertyWilliam, s. Thomas, of Boyton, Wilts, 
arm. Trinity Coll., matric. 17 Oct., 1634, aged 
19 ; brother of Thomas same date. L^O J 

Lambard. William, s. Thomas, of Sevenoaks. Kent, 
arm. Queen's Coll., matric. 15 May, 1662, aged 
17; bar.-at-Iaw, Lincoln's Inn, 1670; father of 
Thomas 1688. See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Lambold, John, of Berks, pleb. Magdalen Coll., 
matric. 18 June, x6io, aged z6; B.A 93 Feb., 
161 9-3; vicar of Bosham, Sussex, 16x7. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lamboum, Benjamin (Labom); RA 13 Dec., 

, JS70- 

LambtOIL Frevile. s. Tho., of Hardwick, 00. Durham, 
arm. TRINITY CoLL. , matric. 13 Dec. , 1679, aged 
X7 ; of Hardwicke, baptised ia Jan., 166X-3 ; buried 
at Scdgefield 38 Aug^, 1731 ; father of the next 
Lambton, Frevile, S.F., of Hardwick, co. Durham 
gent. Trinity Coll., matric. 7 July, X700, aged 
17 ; of Biddic WaterviUe, co. Durham, student of 
Middle Tcinple 1703 ; buried 9 July, X733, at Sedge- 
fidd. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, [15] 

\ Lambton. Henry, arm. Queen's Coll., matric. 35 
Oct. X659 ; bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 167X (as son of 
Henry, of Lambton, co. Durham, esq.), attorney- 
general to Crewe, bishop of Durham ; buried 
x6 Oct, 17x3; brother of the next-named. See 

I Foster's Judges and Barristers^ 

Lambton, William, arm. Queen's Coll., matric 
35 Oct, 1659, M.P. CO. Durham in 7 parliaments 
1085-7, 1689-98, 1700-3, 1710-1^ ; died in 1734, aged 
84 ; brother of the last-namea See Foster's Par- 
liamentary Dictionary, 

Lamerton, WilUam, paup. Exeter Coll., matric. 
33 May, 1683 ; B. A 33 March, 1687-8 ; M.A from 
Caius Coll., Cambridge, 17x3 ; vicar of Alveley. 
Essex, 1698, rector of Uedl 

See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Ihampton, Hants, 1713. 

Lamle, Nicolas ; B.Med. from Pembroke Coll. 10 
March, 1631-9 (7 years Caen University) 
a licentiate of college of physicians 1644. See 
Munk's Roll, L 939. 

Laxnpen, Edwrard, s. Job., of Linkinhome, Cornwall, 
gent Wadham Coll., matric. 14 March, 1663-3. 
aged xa [20] 

Lampen, John, of Cornwall, ' Gen. Cond.' Broad- 
gates Hall, matric: zo Dec., 1585, aged 31. 

Lampen, John, is. John, of Petherdev, Cornwall, 
arm. Magdalen Hall, matric. 14 March, 1633-3, 
aged x8 ; of Padreda, sheriff of Cornwall 1650 ; 
M.P. St Mawcs 1659; his will dated 35 April, 
1660, proved 35 May, 1661. See Foster's Parlia' 
uuntary Dictionary, 

LaiDX>en, Robert, s.'john, of Linkinhome, Cornwall, 
gent Trinity Coll. matric. 13 Dec, X677, aged 
x6 ; Bw A from Pembroke Coll. x68x, M.A. X684. 

Iiaxupen, Roger, s. Mich., of Truro, Cornwall, pleb. 
St. Alban Hall, matric. x April, 1643, aged x8. 

Lampen, Thomas, arm. Exeter Coll., matric 33 
July, 1656; a A from Hart Hvll 95 Feb., 
X660-Z, [25] 

Lampen^ Thomas, s. Henr., of Liscard, Cornwall, 
p(eb. Christ Church, matric. 4 March, 170Z-3, 
aged 18; B.A 1705, M. A 1708. 

Lampen. William, s. Thomas, of Liscard, Cornwall, 
pp. Christ Church, matric. 19 May, 1670, 
aged 9a 

Lamphire • John, s. George, of Winchester, Hants, 
gent NEW Coll., matric 19 Aug., 1634. aged 
90 ; fellow 1636-48, & 1660, B. A 5 April X638, M.A. 
18 Jan., 164X-9, cr. D.Med. 30 Oct, 1660, 
Camden professor of ancient history 1660-88, prin- 
cipal of NEW Inn Hall 1669-3, and of Hart Hall 
X663 until his death 36 March, x68d, aged 749 
buned in the chapel of New College ; will at Oxford 
proved 7 April, x688 ; canon of Wells 1641-65 (as 
Laniire;. See Gutch, i. 9^3; Fasti^ ii. 935; 
Burrows^ 599 ; ft Foster's Index EccL 

LampMre. See also Lanpire. 

Lampltt, William, of co. Worcester, pleb. St. 
John's Coll., matric. 10 Nov., x69i, aged 16; 
B.A from GloucestRr Hall 8 Feb., X695-6. 

Lamplngll, George, of Cumberland, gent Queen's 
Coll., matric 17 May, X588, ag«i 18; B.A 15 
March, 1591-9, M.A 7 July, 1595, rector of 
Workinton, Cumberland, 1595, rector of Distington, 
16x6. See Foster's Index EccL [31] 

Lamplagh, George, ser. Queen's Coll., matric. 
9 Dec,, 1650, B.A 17 June, 1654, M.A 9i April, 

Lamplnglly John. s. John, of Lamplughe, Cumber* 
land, arm. Queen's Coll. , matric. 97 May, X636, 
aged 16 ; student of Gray's Inn 1649. See Foster's 
Grays Inn Reg, 

Lamplagh, Josiah, s. J., of Yeldcn. Beds, cler. 
MertonColl., matric. 6 April, 1689. aged 18; 
B. A 8 Dec, 1685, M.A 96 June, x688 ; died 95 
Jan., 1688-9. See Gutck, i. 5x4 ; his father Josiah, 
▼icar of Lavington, co. Lincoln, X659, and rector 
of Yelden, Bed^, i66x. See Foster's Judex EccL 

Lamplngll, Richard, arm. Queen's Colu , matric. 
18 Nov., X650; bsir.-at-law. Gray's Inn, 1657 (as 
son and heir of Thomas, of Ribton, Cumberland, 
esq.); M.P. Cumberland 1678-9, See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers, [8 5] 

[ 872 ] 

Thomas Lamplugh. 

1500— 1714. 

Reginald Lancaster. 

Laznplugrh, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Dovenby, Cum- 
berland, pleb. QueEN's Coll., matric 10 Oct., 
1634, aged 16; B.A 4 July, 1639. fellow 164a, cr. 
M.A. I Nov., 164a, B.D. 23 July, 1657, D.D. 
9 Nov., 1660. incorporated at Cambridge x666 ; 
principal of St. Alban Hall 1664-73. ^^^ o^ ^^ 
lecturers of St. Martin Carfax. Oxibrd, rector 
(tf Binfield. Berks, and of Charlton - on - Otmore, 
Oxon, 1659, vicar of St Martin's-in-the-Fields 
1670, archdeacon of London 1664, canon of Wor- 
cester 2669, dean of Rochester 1673. bishop of 
Exeter 1676, archbishop of York 1688, until his 
death 5 May. 1691 ; father of Thomas x68a See 
Hearne, ii. 48 ; Ath. iv. 878 ; Lansdaunu MS, 987, 
£ 133, 149 : & Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lamplugh, Thomas, "ser." Queen's Coll., 
matric. 18 Nov., 1650, B.A $ May, 1653, hor.-at- 
law, Gray's Inn, z66o. as son and heir of George, of 
Papcastle, Cumberland, gent. See Foster's Judges 
and Barristers. 

Lamplugh, Thomas, s. J(ohn), of Lamplugh, Cimi- 
berland, gent Queen's Coll., matnc. 23 June. 
1676, ag^ 18 ; student of Gray's Inn, 1676. sheriff 
of Cumberland 1701, M.P. Cockermouth Feb. -July, 
170a, X702-5, and 1705-8; died in 1737. See 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Lamplugh, Thomas, bom at GiUingham, Dorset, s. 
Cniomas), bishop of Kxcter. Queen's Coll., 
matric 26 Mav, x68o, aged 19; B.A. 23 Jan., 
Z682-3. fellow. M.A. 26 June. 1685, B. and D.D. 
17 Dec., X701. rector of Wheldxake and canon of 
York x68o, archdeacon of Richmond (Yorks), 1695. 
rector of Avington, Berks, 1696, and of St 
Andrew-under-Shaft, London, 1701 ; father of the 
next See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lamplugh, Thomas, s. T., of Exeter (city), doctoris. 
Queen's Coll., matric. 26 Oct., 1704, aged 17; 
B.A X708. M.A. X71X ; of Lamplugh Hidl, Cumber- 
land, 17^4, canon of York 17x2, rector of Bolton 
Percy, Yorks, X7x6. See Foster's Indtx Eccl. [5] 

Lamport, Robert, s. Tho., of Alton, Hants, gent 
WADHAM Coll., matric 26 Nov., 1689, aged 17. 

Lamprey, George, s. G., of MoUington, Oxon, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric, 5 Nov., 1698, aged i?; 
B.A 1702, vicar of Famborough. co. \\^rwick, 
1709. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lamprey, James, s. Ric, of Priors Marston. co. 
Warwick, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric. 16 
Oct., X710, aged 15; B.A. from Christ Church 
3 Marcb, 17x4-15. 

Lamprey. Thomas, s. Geor., of Cropredy, Oxon, 
pleb. St. Mary Hall, matric. 4 March, X705-6, 
aged 19 ; B.A 1709. 

Lamprey. Thomas, s. Rich., of Marson, co, Warwick, 
pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric. 5 March, X707-8, 
aged 14 (x6in4to.): B.A. from Christ Church 
1712, M.A X7X5, vicar of St. Mary Magdalen, 
Oxford, X720-43, minor canon of Canterbury and 
rector of St. Martin and St Paul, Canterbury, X743, 
until his death a Sept, X76a See Foster's //z^^ir 
Ecclesiasticus. [^O] 

Lanam, Richard, B.A. from Gloucester Hallo 
Feb., 1572-3 ; inventory at Oxford 4 Dec., 1573. 

Lanoashyre, Henry, bom in Surrey, s. James, of 
London, merchant Balliol Coll., matric. 15 
June, 1632. aged 16; B.A. 90 Oct, 1635. M.A. 2 
Jime, X638. 

Lanoashyre, James.of London, gent BaluolColl. , 
matric. 20 Nov., 16x8, aged \n\ B.A X7 Oct..i62i. 
M.A xo June, X624, rector of Bicknor Englii^, co. 
Gloucester, 1631. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lancashire, Robert, s. Thomas, of Upton Magna, 
Salop, pp. Christ Church, matric 3 April, 
1674, aged 18 ; B. A X677. 

Lancashire, WiUiam (Lankasher), EA. 17 March, 
1553-4 ; perhaps vicar of Staunton Lacy, Salop, 
compounded for the first fruits 14 Feb., 5 Ed. VI., 
155^'' ^^ Foster's Index Eccl, [15] 

Lancaster, Ambrose, B.A. from QinsEN's Coix. 15 
Feb., 1^33-4, M.A. 91 Jan., 1537-8, cantarist of St 
Kathenne's chantry in Chikhey, Berks. 1545, ricar 
of Barton, Westmorland, X56X, rector of Synconbe, 
Oxon, 1566. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lancaster. Ambrose, tabarder Queen's Coll 
157a. B.A. 33 Oct., 1573, fellow 1577, M.A. i Joly. 

Lancaster, Antony, a A. from Queen's Colu 15 
Feb., X533-4. 

Lancaster, Elias. of Dorset, cler. fiL Magdalu 
Coll., matric 33 Jtme, 1610, aged 17. 

Lancaster, Francis, of London, ''arm. fiL oat 
max." Christ Church, matric. 5 Dec. 1606. 
aged 17 ; B. A. 3i June, z6xo, M.A. 10 Jone. x6ix 
See At. West. 74. \tk] 

Lancaster, George, tabarder Queen's Coll. 
B. A 9 July. 1569, fellow x57a, M.A. 18 Juxxe. X572. 

Lancaster, George, s. G.. of Barton, Westmoriafld. 
pp. Queen's Coll., matria 13 March, Z700-1, 
aged 15. 

Lancaster, John (Longcastell), B.A 10 Nov.. 1511. 

Lancaster, John. RA. from Queen's Coll. (scp.) 

Lancaster, John, at Corpus Christi Cau^ 1557, 
from Somerset B.A. 37 Jan., X560-Z ; perhaps 
rector of GraGfham, Sussex, z^. rector of Ra»> 
pisham, Dorset. 1578, canon of Wells 158a. vectcr 
of Donyatt, Somerset, 1585, etc. See Fester's 
Index EccL [aS] 

Lancastre, John, of Queen's Coll. in and before 
1564, bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 1577, treasurer i59f 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Lancaster, John, s. John, of Ardmore, IrelaxKl. gcnL 
Exeter Coll., matric. x6 Oct., X640. a^^ 17. 

Lancaster, John, s. Tha, of Nest, 00. Chester, pldk 
Brasenose Coll. 4 June, 1709, aged 33. 

Lancaster, Joseph, paup. St. Mart Hall, 
matria 11 Dec, 1690. 

Lancaster, Justinian (Langcaster), at Corpts 
Christi Coll. X54Z, from Hants, fellow 1545. 
B.A. sup. July, 1546. rector of Enmore. Someraet. 
1558. archdeacon of Taunton X560, rector of Hoisk 
Champflower. Somerset. 1560, of Chawton. Haius, 
1568, and of Donyatt, Somerset, 1568. vkar of 
Vatton, Somerset, 1573, rector of Church Stantoi, 
Devon. 1576. prebendanr of Wells 1584. Sa 
Lansdinone MS. 98a, t 40 ; Fastis L 133 ; Sl Foster's 
Index Eccl. [sO] 

Lancaster, Lancelot, of Westmorland, pktx 
Queen's Coll. matric 5 June, 16x8, aged sex 

Lancaster, Nathaniel, of 00. Lancaster, arm. ffl. 
nat 4. All Souls' Coll.. matric. 10 May, x^es, 
aged 3x ; BA. 13 July. 1633 (M.A.); B.D. froa 
Brasenose Coll. 3 July. X634. incorporated ai 
Cambridge 1647, rector of Tarporley, Cheshire. 
1638 ; his son reter bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 1656^ 
See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lancaster, Peter, s. P., of Winston, ca Durham, 
minister. St. John's Coll., matric 15 March, 
1675-6, aged 18 ; B. A. from Baluol Coll. 1684. 
M.A. 1686, rector of Nantwich X690, and of Tar- 
poriey, Cheshire, 1695, prebendary of Qiesnx 
1694; his father Peter rector of Winston X675. 
See Fastit il 399 ; RawL xviiL 3 ; & Foster^s Imda 

Lancaster, Peter, s. Peter, of Tiverton, Devtxi, 
der. Christ Church, matric 35 June, X707. 
aged X9 ; student, & A. X711, M.A. 1734 ; vicar of 
Bowden, Cheshire, 17x6. See Ecnul, ii, z68 ; k 
Foster's Index EccL [Sft] 

Lancaster. Reginald ; B.A. 13 July. 1578, rector of 
Fingall, Yorks. 1588. See Foster's Index EccL 

[ 873 ] 

Richard Lancaster. 

iScx>— 1714. 

John Lane. 

Lanoaster, Richard, of Westmorland, gen. Queen's 
Coll. , matric entry under date 1572, aged x8. 

Lanoaster, Richard; M.A. from King's Coll., 
Cambridge, 1595 (incorporated 16 July, x6ox), B.D. 
1605. D.D. 1615, private chaplain to Prince Henry, 
rector of Little Bradfield. Essex, 16x3. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Lancaster, Robert, of Westmorland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matric. xo Nov., i63x, aged 17; B.A. 
17 Dec., x62S. M.A. 20 Jan., x6a8-9; one of these 
names schoolmaster of Northleach free school, co. 
Gloucester, and was forced to desert the said school 
by the king's forces before April, X646; another 
rector of Qaarley, Hants, 1650, and of Amport 
1656. See Add. MS. X5,670, p. 207 ; & Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Lancaster, Roger, fellow of Corpus Christi Coll. 
1566, from Somerset; B.A. X5 Oct, X568, M.A. 
14 June. 1572, B.C.L. (sup. 4 July). X575. 

Lancaster, Samuel, s. Geor., of Lowther, West- 
morland, gent Queen's Coll. , matric. 27 March, 
iTC^. aged 17; B.A- 1712, M.A. X7X5, vicar of 
Newbold Pacey, co. Warwick, 1727. Se« Foster's 
Index Eccl. [5] 

Lancaster, Thomas, scholar of Corpus Christi 
Coll. in and before X564, B.A. 3 April, 1566 ; pos- 
siUy a student of Gray's Inn X569, smd M.P. 
West Looe 1584-5. See Foster's Grays Inn Reg. & 
O.H.S. X. 26a 

Lancaster, Thomas* of Westmorland, plebw Queen's 
COLU. matric. 30 May, x6x7, aged X7; B.A. 22 

JaiL, 1620-1. M.A. 5 July, X624, B.D. o May, 

1. Hants, - - *- ■ 

Index Eccl, 

1632. vicar of Milfoi^i 

1639. See Foster's 

Lancaster, Thomas, s. Percival, of RainhiU, 00. 
Lancaster, pleb. Brasknose Coll.. matric. 9 
Dec, 1631, aged x8 ; B.A. 6 Feb., 1632-3, M.A. 20 
Febi, X635-6. 

Lancaster, Thomas, s. Tho., of Barton, Westmor- 
land, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. 5 Nov., 1708, 
aged 18, B.A. 17x3. 

Lancaster, William, B.C.L. sup. 19 June, 1563. 

Lancaster, William, of Westmorland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matric 30 May, x6o6, aged 15; B.A. x6 
Dec, x6ix, M.A. 17 June, 16x5. [11] 

Lancaster. William, s. a (? ** GuL"). of Socbrigg, 
Westmorland, " pauperis." Queen's Coll, 
matric x July. 1670, aged 20 ; B.A. 6 Feb., 1674-^, 
M.A. 1678, B.D. X690, D.D. 1692, provost of his 
cdlege 1704-X7, vice-chancellor 1705-9, originally 
" a little petty schoolmaster in Westmorland, ' vicar 
of Oakley, Bucks, 1682, and vicar of St Martin's- 
In-the-Fidds X692. archdeacon of Middlesex X705 ; 
died 4 Feb., X7X6-X7. See Eawl. i. 66; Heame, 
L 2x6, il 48. 28X ; & Foster's Index Eccl, 

Land(e), John, s. Rob., of Plimtree, Devon, pleb. 

Exeter Coll.. matric 14 Dec, x666, aged x6; 

student of Lincoln's Inn x668. See Foster's Inns 

of Court Reg. 
Land, John, 16x7 and 1710. See Laud. 

Landaff, John, "reconciled after banishment from 
the university," B.Can.L. 17 Dec, 1506. See 
O.H.S. X. 49. [15] 

Llanden, Edward, bom in Stafford, is. Benedict, of 
London, arm. Magdalen Hall, matric ix 
Oct, X633. aged x8; student of Middle Temple 
1628 ; his father a barrister of Middle Temple i6ia 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Landlsdale, Edward, s. Gervase, of Holbom, 
Middksez, gent University Colu, matric 13 
May, X636, aged X7. 

Landlsdale, William (Londysdall). RCaitL. a July, 

X5X5 (al& Brewer). 
LandoU, Richard, or (Lendoll). B.A. 16 Feb., 1576-7. 

Landon, John, s. John, of co. Glamoi-gan, pp. 
Brasenose Coll, matric. 26 May, X693, aged x8 ; 
B.A. 26 Jan., X696-7, B. and D.C.L. X709. minister 
at Madras about X706, minister of the chapel at 
Poplar, and lecturer at St. Dunstan's, Stepney ; 
died 1729. See Gutch MS. i8x ; & Rawl. v. 

451. lao] 

Landon, Thomas, s. Sylvanus, of London, gent 
Oriel Coll., matric. 3 July, X663, aged 15. 

Lane, Abraham, s. Nic, of Gloucester city, gent 
Pembroke Coll, matric. xo Feb., 1686-7, ^^d 

Lane, Basil, s. Fr., of Glendon, Northants, gent 
Merton Coll, matric xo Nov., x68<, aged X5, 
B.A. X689 ; M.A. from All Souls' doLL X693 ; 
brother of Francis 1669. 

Lane, Edward, of co. Warwick, gent Exeter 
Coll., matric 15 March, X604-5, aged 16. 

Lane; Edward, admitted to St. John's Coll, Cam- 
tmdge, 4 July, X622, B.A. X625-6, M.A. X629 ; 
incorporated 9 July. X639, of St Paul's school, 
vicar of North Shoebury, Essex, X631-6, and of 
Sparshok, Hants, X636, rector of Lainston, Hants, 
X637 ; perhaps sequestered to the rectory of North- 
boiuimc Kent, X645. ^^ ^^' Pauts S. R. 34; 
Fasti, L 5x0; Notes and Queries, 5s. x., pp. x8x-2; 
Foster's Index Eccl. ; & Add. MS. X5.669, p. 39. 

Lane, Edward, s. Laurence, of Witton. co. Warwick, 
pleb. Queen's Coll, matric a March, 1637-8, 
aged x8. [a6] 

Lane, Emmanuel, s. William, of Norton, ca Glou- 
cester, gent Trinity Coll. matric. X5 Nov., 
1672, aged 17. 

Lane, Francis, fellow of New Coll. 1649, EA. from 
Balliol Coll x6 July, 1653 ! possibfv a student 
of Inner Temple 16^, as of South Creeke, Norfolk. 
Sec Burrows, 533 ; & Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Lane, Flands, s. Francis, of Glendon, Northants, 
gent Christ Church, matric 6 July, X669, aged 
18; bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, X677; licence dated 
X2 Dec, X692, to marry Mrs. Elixabeth Lant. of 
St Andrew-under-Shaft, spinster; died xa Feb., 
X698 ; brother of Basil X685. See Foster's Judges 
and Barristers. 

Lane, George, B.A. from St. John's Coll. 25 Feb.. 
X597-8. [»0] 

Lane, Henry, der. fit New Coll., matric 8 Dec, 

Lane, Hugh, of Bucks, pleb. Gloucester Hall, 
matric. entry under date xo Jan., X574-5, aged 23 ; 
B. A. 25 June, 1575, M.A. 17 June, X578. 

Lane, James, is. George, of Lanesborough, co. 
Limerick, Ireland, equitis. Christ Church, 
matric. X3 July, X667, aged vj ; B.A. i Feb., X669- 

C, created M.A. 8 June. X670 ; 2nd Viscount 
mesborough, student of Inner Temple x66x ; died 
2 Aug., 1724. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Lane, John, of New Coll., proctor X507. See 

O.H,S. L 5x 
Lane, John, secular chaplain, B.Can.L. 15 July, X52a 

Lane, John, M.A. from St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 
1560, B.D. X564, incorporated (or supL) 14 July, 
X579 ; one of these names vicar of Sarrat x56o^x, 
and of Bishops Stortford, Herts, X58X, until his 
death in 1583. See Foster's Index Eccl. & John 

1633. [»•] 

Lane, John, scholar of Corpus Christi Coll xc6c, 
from Devon, fellow X568, B.A. X5 Oct., X568, M.A. 
14 June, X572, B.C.L. sup. 1575; perhaps vicar of 
Othery, Somerset, x 572-6, entered the society of 
Jesus ; died in the university of Complutom 
(D'Alcaba) in Spain 1578. See Fasti, I X89. 

Lane, John, of Middx. , gent Trinity Coll., matric 
19 May, 1598, aged 14. 

[ 874 ] 

John Lane. 

iScx>— 1714. 

Thomas Lane. 

Lane, John, of Northants, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matric. 24 Oct., 1617, aged 14 ; B. A 6 July, 162a, 
fellow 1619 until his death in 1625 (s. Valentine, 
1593)1 baptised at Dodford 24 July, 1603 ; see also 
Richard 1617. See Boose, 6a 

Lane, John ; B.A. from Queen's Coll., Cambridge, 
1622-3 i M.A. 1626, incorporated 10 July, 1627 ; 
perhaps vicar of Barney 1627, rector of Gaywood 
1635, and of Watlington (all Norfolk) 1657. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Lane, John. IS. John, of Sarrat, Bucks (rightly Herts), 
arm. St. Mary Hall, matric. 13 Dec, 1633, 
aged 19 ; B. A 6 June, 1635; bar.-at-law. Inner 
Temple, 1644; brother of Thomas 1633. See 
Foster's Judgts and Barristers, 

Lane. John, "ser." Baluol Coll. matria 3 July, 

Lane, John, s. William, of Lewes, Sussex, gent 
Oriel Coll., matric. 28 May, 1679, aged 17 ; died 
I Nov., 1682, aged 20 ; buried in the college chapeL 
See Gutch, L 136. [5] 

Lane, John, s. Thomas, of Bentley, co. Stafford, arm. 
Queen's Coll., matric. 4 Nov., 1687, aged 17; 
of Bentley, born 12 Dec., 1669, died 25 Oct. 

Lane, John, s. Edm.. of Tenbuiy, ca Worcester, 
gent. Oriel Coll., matric. 90 March, 1688-9, 
aged 15; perhaps B.C.L. from All Souls' Coll. 
a8 Oct, 1696, D.C.L. 9 July, 1701; student of 
the Middle Temple 169a See Foster's Inns of Court 

Lane, John, 8. Josi., of Banbury. Ozon, gent Exeter 
Coll., matric. 16 March, 1694-5, ^8^ ^^! ^'A 
1698, M.A. X701, B. and D.Med. 1708; perhaps 
licenced to practice medicine i July, 170a bee 
preceding entry. 

Lane, John Howorth, s. Valentine, of Dodford, 
Nortnants, gent. Lincoln Coll., matric. 13 June, 
Z696, aged x6 ; B.A. 1700, M.A. 1703 ; of Davcntry, 
baptised at Dodford 27 Aug., 1678 ; dead sp. 1722. 

Lane, Joseph, s. Joseph, of Lurgashall, Bucks, pleb. 
Magdalen Coll., matric. 9 Feb., 1638-9, aged 14. 

Lane, Joseph ; EA. from Peter House, Cambridge, 
1600-Z, M.A. 1664 ; incorporated Z2 Julv, 1664 ; 
bar.-at-law, Middle Temple, 1671 ; bencner 16^2 
(as son and heir of Bartholomew, of London, gent) ; 
buried in the Temple churchyard Friday, 28 June, 
1728. See Foster's Judges and Barristers, [11] 

Lane, Josias ; scholar Corpus Christi Coll. 1648, 
fellow 1650-60, B. A 27 June, 1649, M.A. (?from 
Christ Church) 17 March, 1652-3; doctor of 
physic at Leyden 1664 ; licenced 2 July, 1666, to 
marry Judith Mayott, of North Hincksey, Berks, 
spinster; practiced at Wallingford, Berks; an 
extra licentiate college of physicians 1662 ; perhaps 
father of John 1695. See London Marriage Licences, 
cd. Foster ; Munk's Roll, I 306 ; Fasti^ ii. 171 ; 
& Burrows, 495. 

Lane, Myddelton, s. John, of London, gent Christ 
Church, matric. 23 June, 1701, aged 17 ; B. A. 
1708 ; student of Nliddle Temple 1704. See Al, 
West. 244 ; & Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lane, Nathaniel, of co. Worcester, pleb. Queen's 
Coll. ,- matric. 19 Jan., 1620-1, aged 16. 

Lane, Nath(aniel), s. John, of Ringwood, Hants, 
pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric. 11 Dec., 1640, 
aged 15; B.A 15 July, 1648, M.A. 3 Nov., 1648; 
fellow by Nisitors 1648, rector of Swyncombe, Oxon, 
1662, of Dolton, Devon, 1666. See Burrows, 541 ; 
& Foster's Index Eccl, fl5] 

Lane, Ralph, fellow New Coll. 1512-22, from St. 
Swithins in Worcester, B. A 17 June, 1516, vicar of 
Downton, Wilts, 1528-55. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lane, Richard, B.A from All Souls' Coll., sup. 23 
March, 1590-1. See 0,H.S, xil z68. 

Lane, Richard (or Lace). B. A from Jesus Coll. 5 
Feo. 1596-7. See O.H.S, xii. 202. 

Lane, Richard, of Dorset, "paup. schoL** Hast 
Hall, matria 16 June, z6io, aged 19. 

Lane, Richard, B.A from Exeter Coll. 25 Jane, 
1617, and M.A 5 May, 1620, rector of Wilb^'. 
Northants, 1621. See also John 1617. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, fao] 

Lane, (Sir) Richard, of Trinity Coll., Camfaddge, 
1602, created M.A. Oxon, i Nov., 1642, and s^ 
D.CLw 31 Jan., 1643-4, bar.-at-law, Middle Temp^ 
8 Feb., 1612-13, treasurer 1637 (son of Richard, of 
Courteen Hall. Northants), knighted 4th. aad 
created ser|eant-at-law 23 Jan., 1643, deputy re- 
corder Northampton 1615, attorney - geneial ta 
Charies, Prince of Wales, 1634, joined the king at 
Oxford, lord chief baron 1644, lord keeper of the 
great seal 1645, died an exile in France in 1653; 
possibly father of William 163X See AL West, 70; 
Fasti, fi. 63 ; & Foster's Jud^ and Barristers, 

I«ane, Richara, s. Joh. of Membury, Devon, pkb^ 
Wadham Coll., matric. 3 April, 1674, aged x6 ; 
B.A 1677. 

Lane, Richard, s. Henry, of Dartmouth, Devon, pidi. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 29 April, 1703, agodifi; 
B.A from St. Mary Hall 10 Feb., iToiS-y. 

Lane, Samuel, of Buocs. pleb. Magdalen Coli.. 
matric. Michaelmas term, 1597. aged z6; oxuof 
these names graduated B.A from Gloucestfjk 
Hall 31 Jan. , 1599- 1600, and another from Trdsttt 
Coll. 17 Feb., i6oo-z ; fellow Merton Coll. 
1602. M.A 10 Feb., 1606-7, B.D. 4 May, 161 5, 
rector of Ibstone, Oxon, z6z5-x6, and of Garalingay, 
CO. Cambridge, X6Z6-25. See Foster's Index Eck, 
& O.H.S. iv. 277. 

Lane* Thomas, secular chaplain, B.Can.L., sap. 15 
July, Z519, B.C.L. 3 March. z52Z-2, incorporated at 
Cambndge Z528 ; perhaps vicar of Keevii, WHts, 
Z522, eta See Foster's Index Eccl, [aS] 

Lane, Thomas, B.A. z July, Z529 ; one of these names 
rector of Holy Trinity the Less, London, 1532. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lane, Thomas, of Sussex, pleb. Hart HalLi« matric 
entry imder date 20 May, Z580, aged z8 ; one of 
these names rector of Burmarsh, Kent, Z593. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lane, Thomas, of co. Gloucester, gent. Qitren's 
Coll., matria 2a Feb., Z593-4, aged 2Z, Bi.A- rj 
Dec. X597 : M. A from Magdalen Coll. zo Jaty. 

Lane, Thomas, 2s. John, of Sarrat, Bucks (rigtitly 
Herts), arm. St. Mary Hall, matria 13 
Dea, Z633, aged Z7 ; perhaps of CUflFord's Inn, 
bachelor, licenced z6 Feb., Z64Z-2, to marry Fnnot^ 
daughter of William Shorte, of Amersham, Bucks, 
spinster; brother of John Z633. See Lmdm 
Marriage Licences, ed. Foster. 

Lane, Thomas, s. Francis, of London, gent Lincoln 
Coll., matria 8 July, 1636, aged z8. [30] 

Lane, Thomas, s. Francis, of Glendon, Northants^ 
gent. ; admitted to St. John's Coll.. Cambridge. 
Z674, B.A Z677-8; incorporated as of Christ 
Church zo Oct., Z678 ; fellow Merton Cou- 
z68o. M.A Z3 Dea, Z683, R & D.C.L. z686: 
advocate 23 Nov., z686; wounded and taken 
prisoner at the battle of the Boyne z July, i6Qa 
See Coote's Civilians, Z02 ; Fasti, iL 368 ; O.H.S. 
iv. 297 ; & AtA, iv. 4S0. 

Lane, Thomas, s. Rob., of Burford, Salop, r4eh. 
Hart Hall, matria 2 April, Z696 aged Z7 ; B.A- 
from St. Mary Hall 4 March, Z699-Z700, iiicor- 
porated at Cambridge Z7P3, M.A from Sydnet 
Sussex Coll. Z703 ; vicar of Awre, ca Gloucester, 
Z720. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

I 875 ] 

Valentine Lane. 


Edward Langford. 

Lane, Valentine, of Bucks, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matric. xo Nov., 159a, aged 15; B.A. 19 Feb., 
1^95-6. M.A 8 May, 1599, B.D. 19 Nov., 1612; 
Ticar of Spratton, Northants, 1612-13, rector of 
Stoke Goldington. Bucks, 1613-Z4. vicar of Dodford, 
Northants, 16x3. until his death, buried there aa 
March. 1624-5. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lane, Walter (?Lang), of Berks, pleb. St. John's 
Coll., niatnc July, X587, aged 20; perhaps B.A 
6 June, 1594. 

Lane. William ; B.C.L. 15 Feb., 1522-3, B.Can.L. 2 
July, 1526, advocate 37 May, 1532. See Coote's 
Civilians, jx 

I^ane, Williara; B.A 16 Dec, 1567; one of these 
names rector of North Leverton, co. Lincoln, X573. 
See Foster'i Index Eccl. 

Ijane, WiUiam. of CO. Lincoln, pleb. Lincoln Coll., 
niatric. entry under date 1575. aged x8 ; " Mro. 
Mitchell tut gram." ; B.A. X3 Feb., 1576-7, fellow 
»S77-^. M.A. 13 May, 158a [5] 

Lane, William, of Berks, pleb. Oriel Coll., matric. 
entnr under date circa 1580, aged 15. 

Lane, William, subscribed 2 D^, 16x4; B.A from 
Broadgates Hall 3 Feb. , 1617-8. M. A 29 Nov. . 
1620. B. D. ( Pembroke Coll. ) 6 Nov. , 1637 ; rector 
of Inwardleigh 1633. ^^ Ringmore 1637, and of 
Aveton Giffonl (all Devon], 1638, imtil sequestered 
in 1645, ' ' for great disaffection to the parliament 
and for adhering to the forces raised against the 

garliament" See Add. MS, 15.669, p. 126; & 
oster's /tidex Eccl, 

Lane, William, s. Richard, of Hanslop, Bucks, pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. 11 May, X632. aged 19; 
possibly bar.-at-law. Inner Temple. 1639, ^^^ ^^ ^ 
then son of Sir Richard, lord chief boron. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers. 

Lane, William, s. William, of Uxbridge, Middx., 
genL Trinity Coll., matric 23 Majch. X665-6, 
aged 14; bar.-at-Iaw, Gray's Inn, 1671. See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Lane, William, s. William, of Apperley, co. Gloucester, 
gent. St. Alban Hall, matric X7 May, 1670, aged 
x8 : father of WUliam X708. [lO] 

Lane, WilUam, s. J oh., of Dittisham, Devon, gent 
WadhamColl.. matric 20 May, 1679. aged 16; 
B.C.L. from Balliol Coll. x6^ 

Lane, William, s. William, of Apperley, co. Glou- 
cester, arm. Oriel Coll., matric 9 Dec, 1708, 
aged 17; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 17x9. See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Lanflre, John, of New Coll. See Lamphire. 

Lanfire, Samuel, s. Richard, of Bristol city. pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. 10 Oct. . x6^, ageo 19 ; 
B.A i^ Oct. 1636. rector of Rodney Stoke 1660-x, 
vicar of Cheddar X66X-5, and rector of Croscombe 
(all Somerset) X664-5. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lanflre, Samuel, cler. fil CORPUS Christi Coll., 
matric 29 Oct.. 1657. B.A. 14 Feb.. x66o-i. fellow, 
M.A. x6 March. 1663-4. canon of Wells X665, until 
be died 26 Feb., 1671, aged 32 ; admon. at Oxford 
5 Sept, X672. as Lamphire See GutcM, L 413 ; & 
Foster's Index Eccl. [15] 

Lang, Nicholas ; B. A. June, 1518. 

Langr, Zurishaddseus ; D.Med, of Padua 8 Oct, 1649; 
incorporated 9 Feb., X653-4, bom in London 29 
March, 1619. fellow college of physicians. London, 
1664 ; died at Baconsthorpe, Norfolk, 8 June, X692, 
aged 73, mon. ins. See Afunk's Roll, L 3x7 ; & 
Fasti, ii. 179. 

Lan^baine, Gerard, of Westmorland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., ai Nov., 1628, aged 19; B.A. 24 July. 1630, 
fellow, M.A. 27 June, X633. created D.D. 22 June, 
1646; (s. William), bom at Barton Kirke, West- 
moriand. provost of his college 1645, and keeper of 
the archives 1644, until his dfsith 10 Feb. , 1057-8 ; 
will at Oxford dated 19 Aug. . 1647 ; father of 
Gerard 1672. and of William 1664. See GutcA, L 
163 ; AtM. iii 446 ; & Burrows, 543. 

Langbaine, Gerard, s. William, of Barton. West* 
morland, pp. Queen's Coll., matric 22 Jan., 
X663-4. aged 16. 

Langbaine, Gerard, s. G(erard). of Oxford, S.T.D. 
University Coll., matric 25 Oct, X672, aged x6 ; 
bora in Oxford X5 July, 1656. apprenticed to a 
bookseller in St Paul's churchyard, but left this 
and went to collegie ; yeoman bedel of arts 1690, 
esquire bedel of law and architypographus 169X ; 
died 2^ June, X692, buried in St. Peter-in-the- 
East, (jxford ; perhaps father of William x7Xo. See 
AtA. iv. 364; & Lansdowne MS. 985. f. 236. [aO] 

Langbaine, William, s. Ger., of Oxford, S.T.D. 
Queen's Coll. , matric 18 March. X663-4, aged 15, 
B.A. 1667; M.A. from Magdalen Coix. 1670; 
will at Osdbrd 22 June, 1672. 

Langbaine, WilUam, s. Ger., of Hedington, Ozon, 
gent Queen's Coll., matric i Dec. X7X0, aged 
x8 ; RA. from New Coll. 17x5, M.A. 14 Jan., 
X718-19, rector of Trejrford with Didling, Sussex, 
X725, and of Trotton with Tuxlith, Sussex, 17^, 
vicar of Portsmouth, Hants. X739, rector of Ashe, 
Surrey, X76a See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lang[d8Lle, Alban ; fellow of St. John's Coll., Cam« 
bridge, 26 March, 1534. from Yorks, B.A, X53i-a, 
M.A. X535, proctor 1539, B.D. 1544, D.D. X554; 
incorporated X4 April, 1554, canon of York X554, 
archdeacon of Chichester 1555, rector of Buxted, 
Sussex, 1554, canon and chancellor of Lichfield 
1559. " a constant member of the church of Rome," 
See Fasti, i. Xd6; Lansdowne MS, 980, f. 279; 
Cooper, x, 509 ; « Foster's Index Eccl. 

Langdale, Philip, equitis fiL min. ORIEL CoLL., 
matric 2^ May, 1652. bar.-at-law. Gray's Inn. i66x 

Ias son of Sir Marinaduke, of North Dalton, Yorks, 
Lt, who was created Baron Langdale 4 Feb., 
1658) ; died in X673. ^^ Foster's Judges and 
Lanfirdon, David, s. Edward, of Heanton. Devon, 
pTeb. Exeter Coll., matric ax June, 1633, aged 

17. [as] 

Lan^rdon, Gilbert, s. Tob., of Exeter city, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric 27 March, 1690, aged 18, 
B.A. from St. Mary Hall X702; M.A. from 
Trinity Coll., Cambridge. 1709, prebendary of 
collegiate church of Endelllon, Ccnmwall, X7X3. 
See Foster's Index Eccl. 

LanRdon, Nicholas ; M.A. 31 April, X521, rector of 
Eastham, Somerset, X5X7, etc. See Foster's Index 

Langdon, Thomas; B.CL. from New Coll. a 
July, X599. 

Langden, Walter ; B.A. from Trinity Coll., Cam- 
bridge, X619-20, incorporated 9 July, X622 ; one of 
these names knighted 29 June, X628. Soe Foster's 
Graduati Cantah, 

Langrfold, George, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matric X3 Jan., i620'i, aged 19, B.A. 5 Feb., 
162^-4, as Langford. ['^l 

Langr&rde. Charies (Lankeford), scholar Brasenose 
Coll. ; fellow of All Souls' Coli-. 1565, B.A. 5 
July, X566, M.A. 12 June. X570, sup. for ucence to 
preach X4 Jan., X574-5, after 20 years in theology, 
B. and D.D. 8 Aue., x6o2, rector of Eastham, co. 
Worcester, 1573. dean of Hereford 1593. and canon 
i593t vicar oif Lugwardine, co. Hereford, 1604, 
canon of Bristol ; buried in Hereford cathedral ais 
Oct, 1607. See Foster's Indtx Eul. 

Lanflrford, Charles, bom in Beds. s. John, of 
Northall, Bucks, gent New Coll.. matric 14 
Nov., 1623, aged 16, B.C.L, 8 April, x6^o. 

Langford, Edward, 2S. Emanuel, of Liskard, Corn- 
wall, arm. Exeter Coll., matric 2 Dec, X63X, 
aged 20 ; B. A. 21 June, 1632. M.A. 30 April, X635, 
created B.D. i (or 2) Nov., 1642; Baptised at St 
Qeer 29 Sept., 16x4. 

[ 876 ] 

Edward Langford. 


Richard Langham. 

Llangford, Edward, s. £. of Bitteiiey, pp. Baixiol 
Coll., matric. 9 April, 1674, aged ao; B.A from 
All Souls' Coll. 1679, M. A 1684. 

Laniffford, Ellis, s. William, of Gishedge (Gussage), 
Dorset, minister. E^btek Coll., matric. 13 
Dea, 1622. aged az ; B.A 33 Feb., 1634-5. 

JjSLDJgfordf Emanuel, 8. Thomas, of London, genL 
Christ Church, matric. 18 March, 1675-6, aged 
18 ; student 1676, B. A 1679, M. A 1683, B. and 
D.D. 1693, chaplain of Chelsea hospital, rector of 
Whitnash, co. Warwick, 169a See JiawL vL 66 ; 
ft Foster's index Eccl. 

Langfbrd, George, B.A 1634. See Langfold. 

Lan^ord. Henry, s. Henry, of Salisbury, Wilts, 
pleb. &r. Edmund Hall, matric 33 Nov., 16^9, 
aged 19. [5] 

Lannbrd, James, s. Joh., of Derwen, co. Denbigh, 
cler. Jesus Coll., matric. 3 March, 1698-9, aged 
x8; B.A 15 March, 1703-3, rector of Llansant- 
flraid-Gljm-Dyfrdwy, co. Merioneth, 1730, "no- 
torious for marrying people clandestinely." See 
Thomas^ 716. 

Langford, John, B.C.L. 9 July, 1558 ; fellow of 
All Soin^' Coll. in and before 1564 ; of Hart 
Hall in and before 1568, D.C.L. xi July, 1569, 
advocate 36 Jan., 1573, chancellor of Worcester; 
died Nov., 1579; perhaps father of the next. See 
Coote's Civilians, 51. 

Lan^orde, John, of Oxon, doctoris fiL Christ 
Church, matric entry dated 37 Nov., 1581, aged 
XI ; B.A from New Coll. x6 April, 1591, M.A 
15 TaiL, 1594-5, incorporated at Cambridge 161 6. 

Lannord, John, of CO. Denbigh, pleb. St. Edmund 
HALL, matric 19 OcL, 1599, aged 18; possibly 
admitted to Gray's Inn in 1613, as son of Roger, of 
Ruthin, CO. Denbigh, esq. See Foster's Grays Inn 


Langford, John, " ser." Christ Church, matric 
33 July, 1656, B. A 38 Feb., 1659-60 ; M.A. from 
Jesus Coll., Cambridge, 1660 ; rector of Evenech- 
tyd 1663, of Derwen 1673, and of Llandidan (all in 
CO. Denbigh) 1684; father of James. See Thomas, 
408 ; & Foster's Indtx Eccl, [10] 

Laxigford. John, s. J., of Bolney, Sussex, gent 
ORIEL Coll., matric 31 Mav, 1680, aeed 18. 

lianffford, John, s. Richard, of Stanton Lacy, Salop, 
pleb. ALL Souls' Coll., matric 35 May, 1710, 
aged 19. 

Ijan^Ord, John, of Aylsmore, Salop, pleb. All 
I^ULS' Coll., matric 50 April, 1713, aged 18; 
B.A, I March, 1716-7 ; M.A. from Trinity Coll., 
Cambridge, i7aa 

Ijangrford, Nicholas, of co. Worcester, gent Balliol 
(a>ll. , matric entry imder date 3 July, 1585, aged 
13; B.A from Christ Church 30 May, 1590, 
M.A 2P May, 1593, proctor 1600. 

Langford, Nicholas, chorister of Magdalen Coll. 
1587-91, from Sussex. See Libbard. [IB] 

lianffiord, Nicholas, s. John, of Newton Longville, 
^cks, gent. New Coll., matric 18 March, 1634, 
aged 16; B.C.L. 36 April, 1639, student of Gray's 
Inn 1634. See Foster's Grays Inn Reg. 

lian^Ord, Richard, of Somerset, gent Brasenosb 
C5)LL., matric. 14 Feb., 1588-9, aged 17; student 
of Inner Temple 1501, as of Bristol, and late of 
Clifford's Inn, gen. See Foster's Inns of Court Re^, 

Langford, Richard, of co. Worcester, pleb. St. 
John's Colu, matric 16 Jime, 1610, aged 16; 
B. A 5 March, 1613-4. 

Langrford, Richard, s. Joh., of Uanvwrog, co. Den- 
tSgh, cler. Jesus Coll., matric. 16 March, 1684-5, 
aged 16, B.A. 1688 ; M.A. from St. Alban Hall 
X691, rector of Penmorfa, co. Carnarvon, 1699, 
rector of Bromyard (ist portion^ i704-3*» vicar of 
Bosbiuy 1709-10, canon 1709, ana vicar of Goodrich 
(all Hereford) X710-13, archdeacon of Merioneth 
X716, vicar of Llanrliaidr-in-Mochnant, co. Den- 
bigh, 178a See Thomas, 534; & Fostefs Index £cc/. 

Langrford, Richard. B.A from Exeter Cau^ X9 
Jan., 1708-9, but see Sanford. laO] 

Langford, Robert, of London, genL New Coll, 
matric. II Oct, 1616, aged 16; B.A 10 May, 1620, 
M.A. 15 Jan., 1623-4; possibly bar.-at-law. Grays 
Inn, 1631, and bencher 1658, as son and beir of 
John, ol Newton, Bucks, gent Sec Foster's /ndges 
and Barristers. 

Langford. Roger, s. Roger, of Ruthin, co. Denbigh, 
gent Jesus Coll., matric. 30 April, 1634, aged 
17; B.A 9 Feb., 1625-6, M.A. 10 July. 1628 
(pcssibly of the Inner Temple 1627, as of Lapford, 
Devon, gen.); his father was of Gray's Inn x6o6. 
See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg, 

Langford, Simon, s. J., of Durwall. co. Denbigh, pp. 
Jesus Coll., matric. 6 May, 1691, aged 15 ; B.A. 
19 Feb., 1694-5 ; M.A. from Trinity Hall^ Cani- 
bridge, 1698 ; rector of Rhoscolyn, co. Anglesey, 
X7ia See Foster's Index Eul, 

Langford, Thomas ; B.A 37 Jan.. i569-90> [**] 

Langford, Thomas, gent Exeter Coll., matnc. 
S3 March. 1658^; possibly a student of Gray* 
Inn 1661, as son and heir of Charles, ol Sibstoa 
Castle, Salop, esq. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Langford, Walter, s. William, of Exeter, gem. 
ECETER Coll., matric 30 May, 1686, aged 17. 

Langford, William (Longforde) ; fellow New Coll 
1534-38, from Wyttyn (perhaps Welwyn), in Har- 
fordshire; M.A 5 July, 1532, perhaps lecici of 
All Saints. Hastings, Sussex, 1544, canon of Chiches- 
ter 1560, or rector of St. Mary, Whiiechapd. 
Middlesex, 1537. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Langford, William, of co. Denbigh, gent Brase- 
NOSE Coll., matric 28 March, 1617. aged 15; 
B.A from Hart Hall 13 Dec. 1620, M.A. a6 
June, 1623 ; under-master Ruthin grammar school 
1634, headmaster i6a6, rector of Hcneglws, co. 
Anglesey, 1633, vicar of Welshpool, co. Mont- 
gomery, 1633, ejected, restored 1660, rector of 
Uanerfyl, co. Montgomery, 1637, cursal caiK4i cf 
St Asaph 1639, sinecure rector of Llanfor, ca 
Merioneth, 1644, until ejected 1650, icctcr of Castle 
(?Caereinion). co. Montgomery, 1664. See Thomas, 
456, 709 ; & Foster's Index Eccl. 

Langford, WilUam, pleb. Brasenose Coll. 

matric 14 June, 1649. 
Langford, William, gent Oriel Coll., matric 

19 July, 1659. [30] 

Langford, William, s. William, of Dallwood, Devon, 

gent 'TRINITY Coll., matric. 25 May, 1688, aged 

18 ; B.A I March, 1691-3, M.A. 1694 ; tector of 

St Pancras, Devon, 1699, vicar of Axminster 1699. 

See Foster's Index Eccl. 
Langford. William, s. Geo., of Tranmore, Cheshire. 

gent. Brasenose Coll., matric 7 April. 1690, 

aged 16 ; B. A 1693, M.A 1695. 

Langham. See also Lawgham. 

Langham, Edward, of Northants, cler. fiL Wadham 
Coll., 8 June, z^x, aged ij ; B.A. 2 Dec, 1604, 
M.A 5 July, 1627 ; rector of Thornby, Northants, 
1638 ; perhaps father of Thomas 1636. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Langham, Joseph, s. J., of Berkeley, co. Gloucester, 
paup. Christ Church, matric 14 Jtily, 1688. 
aged 18 ; B.A. 13 March, 1692-3. [35] 

Langham, Richard, of Northants, pleb. Hart 
Hall, matric 17 June, 1597, aged 19; perhaps 
created D.D. 17 Oct, 1643, rector of D(»ne. 
Northants, 1614, of Bottesford, eo. Leicester, 1623, 
sequestered in 1646 from the rectories of Elston 
and Bottesford, co. Leicester, tl^en residing in •* the 
garrison of Newark," sequestered also from the 
rectory of Deane, for his malignancy and •• is lately 
deceased Aug. , 1647 ; " perhaps father of Edward 
X621. See Foster's Index Eccl, & Add. AdSS 
15.670, p. 39, & X5,67X, p. i8a 

[ 877 ] 

Thomas Langham. 

1500 — 1714. 

John Langley. 


Langliam, Thomas, s. Richard, of Thornby, North- 
anu, sacerd. Wadham Colu, matric. 12 May, 
i6a6, aged 15; B.A 19 Feb,, 1630-1 ; M.A. from 
Clare Hall, Cambridge, 16^ ; William Langley 
was rector of Thornby 1559, Robert in 1604, and 
Edward in i6a8. See Foster's Index EccL 

Langhome. See Laugharne. 

Langhorne. Christopher, "ser." Queen's Colu, 
subscribed 7 Nov., 1655; vicar of Askharo, West- 
morland, ejected for nonconformity 1662. See 
Caiamy, ill 354. 

Langhorne, John, of Cumberland, pleb. Queen's 
CoLi^, mairic. entry under date 1573. aged ao; 
tabarder 1575, B.A 7 July, 1576, fellow 1579, M.A 
23 May, 1579, 

liazi^liorne, ]ohn, of Westmoriand, pleb. Queen's 
CoLU, matrtc. 9 Dec., 1603, aged 19; B.A. 1 July, 
1608, M.A. 5 July, i6ti. B.D. 17 Dec., 16x9, rector 
ol Nigbion, Isle of Wight, 163a See Foster's 
Judex EuL [5] 

Langhorne, Lancelot ; B.A from Christ's Coli., 
Cambridge, 16001, M.A 1604, B.D. 16^3; incor- 
porated 14 July, 16x4, rector of St. Martin Ludgate, 
London, 16x3, until his death Nov., 16x4. See 
Foster's Index EccL & Fasti, i. 36X. 

Lian^horne, Maurice, of Somerset, pleb. Queen's 
Coll , matric. la Dec, X617, aged 19 ; B.A from 
St. Edmund Hall 14 May, x6t9. 

Langhorne, Thomas, of Cumberland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., mairic. 10 Oct., 1595, aged X5 ; B.A 25 
Jan., 15991600; M.A. from St. Edmund Hall 6 
)u!y, 1603. then in orders. 

Langhorne, Thomas, s. William, of Shap, West- 
morland, pp. Queens Coll., muinc x6 July, 
1691, aged x8 ; a A 1696, M.A. 1699. 

LaBj^honie, William, ol Cumberland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matric. 17 Nov., is8r, aged ao. [lO] 

Xi'Angle, )obn Maximilian de, s. Samuel, of Rouen, 
Normandy, doctons. Christ Church, matric. 
ax OcL, 16S4, aged x8; B.A. 6 March, x693-4, 
M.A. 5 July, 1694, rector of Croughton and vicar of 
Newboule. Nonbants, 171 x, until his death ; buried 
at Croughton 24 Aug.. 1719, see Foster's Index 
Eccl. ;— his uncle and namesake (the elder brother of 
his father Samuel) became vicar of Ruislip. Middle- 
sex, X674-82; one of the six preachers in Canterbury 
cathedral 1678 (as Maximilian), rector of Kingstone, 
Kent, 1682-92, and of St. George, Canterbtiry, 
1686-92. rector of St Michael Royal and St. Marim 
Viniry, London,i692-5(asD.D.). rector of Chanham, 
Kent, 1695-1724, canon of Canterbury 1678, until 
bis death 1 1 Nov., X724. See Foster's Index Eccl. \ 
this entry corrects paragraph 23, p. 392. 

li'Angle, Samuel ; M.A abroad, created D.D. 12 
Feb., 1682-3. minister of the reformed church for 35 
years, partly at Rouen and partly at Charenton, 
near Paris ; prebendary of Westminister 1683, until 
his death ao June, 1693 ; buried next day in St. 
Margaret's, Westminster. See Faiti, ii. 385; & 
French Proiutant Exiles, by Agnew, ii, aaa 

Ii' Angle, Theophilus de, s. Th.. of Newnham, Kent, 
gent Christ Church, matric. 10 Oct, 1712, 
aged 17 ; B. A. 1716, M.A 1719, vicar of Tenterden, 
Kent, 1723, and also of Snargate, Kent, 1756, 
until 17^ See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticns, 

Xiangly, Adam, of London, pleb. St. John's Coll., 
matria 22 June, i6to, aged 17; B.A. 2 July, 161 x, 
M.A 23 May, 1615, B.D. 20 June, 1622; incor- 
porated at Cambridge 1622; admitted to Merchant 
Taylors' school x6o2 (as s. Henry, merchant taylor, 
and bom Nov., 1590). rector of Radnage 1623, and 
vicar of Cbesham Leicester 1624, and of Bledlow 
(aU in Bucks) March-Sept., 1663. See Robinson, i. 
45 ; A Foster's Index Eccl, 

Langley, Adam, s. Edward, of Westminster, Middx. 
gent Christ Church, matric. 4 July, x6ox, aged 
17 ; B. A 169^. M.A X698, vicar of Black Bourton, 
Oxon, X700, vicar of Stanford in the Vale, Berks, 
i7ao-3x ; father of Adam 1718. Sec Al, West. ax6: 
ft Foster's Index Eccl. [15] 

Langley, Christopher ; scholar of CORPtJS Christi 
COLt^ 1577, B.A. 9 Dec., X583, M.A sup. 17 Oct, 

Langley, Edward, of Northants, pleb. Magdalrn 
Coll., matric. 18 March, 1607-8, aged 14; B.A. 
from Magdalen Hall 23 Oct, i6xx, rector of 
Great Oxenden, Northants, 1624. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. ft Add. MS. x5,67o. f. 227. 


Llandaff 1564, and vicar of Shabbington, Bucks, 
1577. Sec Foster's Index Eccl. 

Langly, Henry, s. Thomas, of Abingdon, Berks, 
pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric 6 Nov., 1639, 
aged 18 ; B.A. 11 June, 1632, fellow, M.A jo April, 

1635, master of nis college X647, ejected at the 
restoration 1662, canon of Christ Church 1648- 
60, created ED. xa April, 1648, and also D.D. 18 
Dec, X649, sequestered to the rectory of St Mary, 
Newington, Surrey, 1646, by the Westminster 
assembly ; died about xo Sept, X679. buried in St 
Helen's church, Abingdon. See FaHi, ii X13, XS7 ; 
Burrows, 540; Calamy, I 254; & Add. MSS, 

Lanffley. Henry, s. Henry, of Abingdon, Berks, 
pleb. MAGDALEN COLL., matric 2 Aflarch, 163 i-a, 
aged 15 ; chorister i6a7-32. Se- Bloxam, L 38. 

Langley, (Sir) Henry (gen. fil). Lincoln Coll., 
matric X2 Dec, X653, B. A from Wadham Coll. 
5 June, 1656. M.A. 29 June, 1658; Wood svAe^Yam 
as " a violist and songster, became a worthy knight " 
(s. Jonathan, of Abbey near Shrewsbtuy ), knighted 9 
Feb., x68o*x ; buried at Shrewsbury 3 Nov., 1688; 
fi&ther of Jonathan X683. See Alh. i. p. xxxv ; 
Salop Arckaological Society, L 86; ft Gardintr, 
axx [aij 

Langley, James, s. Richard, of Harrowdeo parva, 
Northants, pleb. St. Alban Hall, matric 7 Dec, 
1632, aged ao ; B. A i March, 1632-3, M.A. 7 July, 

1636, vicar of Great Harrowden X638, and rector of 
Boughton, Northants, 1648. See Foster's Index 

Langley, John, of Salop, gent Oriel Coll. , matric 
8 Nov,, X594, aged X4; perhaps B.A from St. 

John's Coll., Cambridge, X597-8, M.A 1601, 
icorporated X4 July, 1602. S^ Foster's Gradnati 
Langly, John, of Bucks, pleb. Broadgates Hall, 
matric 3 Feb., 1597-8, aged X7. 

Langley, John, of Surrey, gent. Hart Hall, 
matnc 23 Oct, 16x2, aged x8. l^^l 

Langley, John, subscribed 23 April, 16x3, B.A from 
MAGDALEN Hall 5 July, x6x6, M.A. 24 April, 
16x9; bom at Banbury, Oxon, master of the 
college school at Gloucester x6ao-40, canon, hig^ 
master St Paul's school, London, 1640, until ms 
death X3 Sept, 1657, l>uried in Mercers' chapel 
See Ath. iu. 434 ; ft St. Pauts S. E. 41. 

Langley, John, of Salop, gent Baluol Coll., 
matric. 6 July, 16x3, aged 18; perhaps B.C.L. 
from New Coll. 10 May, i6ao ; possibly student 
of Middle Temple x6x7, as son and heir of Thomas, 
of Amyas, Salop, gent See Foster's Inns of Court 

Langley, John, of Essex, created M.A 9 Sept, 1651 ; 
one of these names M. P. London 2653. See Ath. 

Langley, /ohn, ** Bibliopola," privilegiatus 26 March, 
x68o, will at Oxford proved 31 JaiL, x69a 

[ 878 ] 

John Langley. 

1500 — 1714. 

Richard Langston. 

Langley, John, s. J., of Broseley, Salop, gent JKSUS 
Coll., matric. 23 Nov., 1683, aged 15. 

Langley, John, s. Tho., of Aston Cantloe, co. War- 
wick. Balliol Coll., matric. 7 March, 1704-5. 
aged 19 ; B. A from Magdalen Hall 1708. 

Langley, Jonathan, s. Henry, of Alderton, Wilts, 
equitis. Trinity Colu, matric 7 Feb., 1682-3, 
aged 17. 

LangleyOy Lawrence, of co. Lancaster, gent 
Brasenose Coll.. matric. 19 April, 1588, aged 


Iian«ley, Mathew, of Oxon, pleb. Privilegiatus 2 
March, 1598-9, aged 23. [s] 

Langley. Matthias, s. WflUam, of Wellington 
(Salop), minister. Christ Church, matria 30 
March, 1666, aged i6 ; B.A 1669, vicar of Alrewas, 
CO. Stafford, 1709, as Mathew ; brother of William 
1665. See Foster's Index EccL 

Laxi^ley, Philip, of Bristol, arm. University 
Coll. , matric. 18 July, 1600, aged 17 ; student of 
Middle Temple i6oa, as son and heir of Philip, 
late of city of Bristol, esq. , deceased. See Foster's 
luns of Court Reg, 

Langley, Richard, scholar of Balliol Coll. 1573 ; 
bTA. from University Coll. 18 March. 1573-4. 
See Foster's Index Red. & O.H,S, xii. 41. 

Lasgley, Thomas, M.A. 6 Feb., 15 16- 17 ; perhaps 
fellow Merton Coll. 1512. See OM.S, iv. 249 ; 
& Gutch, 1. app. 206. 

Langlie, Thomas, B.A of Cambridge 1537-8, B.D. 
(Oxford) 15 July, 1560, after 12 years' study, vicar of 
Headcom 1548, rector of Boughton Malherb, 
Kent, 1557, canon of Winchester 1559, rector of 
Welford. Berks, 1560, eta See Foster's Index 
Eccl. & Cooper, i. 447. [10] 

Langley, Thomas, of CO. Leicester, pleb. Brase- 
nose Coll., matric. entry under date 9 Nov.. 
1579. aged 15. 

Lanfirley, Thomas, of Salop, pleb. St. Mary 
Hall, matric entry under date circa 1581, aged 
16, B.A. 30 April, 1583. 

Lanfi^ley, 'Thomas, incorporated as M.A 11 May, 
1681, (perhaps) B.A. 1675, and fellow Peter 
House, Cambridge, though more probably B.A 
from Christ's Colu 1671-2. and M.A 1675 ; vicar 
of Aston Cantlow 1679, and of Kingsbury, co. 
Warwick, 1681, etc. ; father of John 1705. See 
Foster's Index Ecel. 

Langley, Timothy, ' • ser. " Corpus Christi Coll. . 
matric. 16 Dec. , 1652 ; chorister Magdalen Coll. 
1654-6. See Bioxam, i. 77. 

X<angley, WiUiam ; fellow New Coll. 1512-22, from 
Arrcton, Isle of Wight, B.A. 17 June, 1516, M.A. 
96 June, 1520, B.D. sup. 16 March, X520-1, rector 
of Itchin Abbotts and Headboune Worthy, Hants, 
1541, canon of Chichester 154X See Foster's 
Index Eccl. [15] 

Langley, William ; B. A from Christ Chihich 20 
Oct., 1597, M,A. 7 July, i6oo; will at Oxford 
proved 22 Jan., 1627. 

Langley, William ; B.A. from Magdalen Hall xo 
May, 1619. M.A 4 July, 1622 ; one of these names 
rector of Shadoxhurst, Kent, 1636, exercised his 
ministry at South Fleet, Kent, in 1645. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. & Add. MS. 15.669, p. 103. 

Lanfirly, WlUiam, s. William, of Abingdon, Berks, 
pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric. 6 Nov., 1629, 
aged 19 ; B.A 17 Oct., 1631, M.A 5 Dec., 1634 ; 
ptrrhaps sequestered to the rectory of Checkley and 
vicarage of Elllaston, co. Stafford, 1645, uy the 
Westminster assembly of divines, and perniaps vicar 
of Wellington, Salop, 1662, rector of Stoke-upon 
Teme, Salop, z666 ; father of the next-named, and 
of Matthias 1666. See Ath. iii. 409: Foster's 
Index Eccl, ; & Add. MS. 15,669, pp. 179 and 

Langley, William, s. William, of WeUington, Salop, 
sacerd. Christ Church, matric. 10 Oct, 1665. 
aged 17, B. A 1669 ; brother of Matthias. 

Langmead, Richard, s. Nic, of East AUingtoo, 
Devon, pp. Exeter Coll., matric 14 March, 
1667^, aged 18 ; B.A 1671. M.A 1674, vicar of 
Syston, CO. Leicester, 1672. See Foster's M'^. 
Eccl. [*Oj 

Langport, John; Benedictine, B.D. sup. Dec, 

Langrige, Martin, demy Magdalen Coll. 153a, 
B.A 12 July, 1535, fellow 1535, vicar of Newioa 
Valence. Hants, 1547 (as Langryche). See Bloxam, 
iv. 55 ; & Foster's Index Eccl. 

Langrigg, Nicolas (Langrisc or Langryg) ; B.A- 
sup. 15 Nov., 1522, M.A I July, 1527. 

Langrlsh, Peter, priest, B.D. sup. March. ^S39-4<^ 
canon of Winchester, rector of St. James, Garlick 
Hill, London, 1554, vicar of Hambledon. Hants. 
1554. See Fcuii, 1. no ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Langrisll, Richard (Langrytt, or Langrige); B.A. 
14 Feb., 15x9-20, fellow Merton Coll. 1521. M.A. 
19 March, 1522-3, canon of Cardinal Coll. 15*4- 
30, B.D. 13 May, 1530. D.D. 8 July. 1532. rector 
of Colchester St. Nicholas. Esse^c, 1531, vicar of 
Barkway, Herts, 1534, chaplain to Cardinal Wolsey 
and to the archbishop of York, rector of Wbd- 
drake, Yorks, archdeacon of Cleveland i^, canon 
of Southwell 1538 ; died June, 1547. See Lans- 
doume MS. 980, f. 60 ; O.H.S. iv. 252. and x. 112 
Gutch^ i. 422 ; & Foster's Index EccL ""^ " 

Lan^rishe, Robert, of Southants, gent. 
HALL, matric 2 July, 1585, aged 15. 



Langrishe, Roger, of Hants. genL 
Coll., matric. 2 July, 1585, aged 17. 

Langrislie, Thomas, s. Nicholas, of Leeke Wotton, 
CO. Warwick, sacerd. Magdalen Hall, matric 
12 Dec, 1628, aged 20 ; one of these names vicar 
of Lancing 1639, and rector of Middleton, Sussex. 
1662, rector of Nevendon, Essex, 1665. and of 
Harward Stock, Essex, 1667. See Foster's /n^Stf 

Langsoar, John (Lanskecarre, Langsker. or Lans^ 
karge) ; B.A from Brasenose Coll. 26 March. 
1556, fellow of Trinity Coll., M.A. 98 Mayi 

LanATSford, William, of Cornwall, pleb. Hart 
Hall, matric 10 Feb., 1597-8, aged 19, rector of 
Whitestone, Cornwall, 1616. See Foster's Index 
EccL ISO] 

Lan^ton, Francis (Lanstone) ; scholar of Tiunity 
coll. 1569; B.A 12 June, 1573, fellow 1577. 
M.A 26 June, 1578, B.C.L. 5 Nov., 1588. See 
O.H.S. xii. 28. 

Langston, Frands, IS. Francis, of Sedgbtirie, ca 
Worcester, gent. Wadham Coll., matric 7 
Feb., 1622-3, aged 17. 

LanfiTSton, John, of CO. Worcester, pleb. St. Albaic 
Hall, matric 29 Jan., 1590-1, aged 17. 

Langston, John, "ser." Pembroke Coll. sub- 
scribed 7 Nov., 1655; ejected from Ash Church. 
Tewkesbury, 1662, for nonconformity, educated at 
Worcester, taught a private grammar school near 
Spitalfields, London ; became a minister at Ipswich 
where he died 12 Jan., 1704. See Calamy, iii 
271. "^ 

Langston, Richard, s. Anton, of Littleton, co. Wor- 
cester, arm. Merton Coll.. matric a Nov.. 
1627, aged 19 ; B.A 26 Nov.. 1627, M.A. 3 Tunc, 
1630, created D.D. 31 Jan.. 1640-3. rector of 
Stretton-on-the-Fosse, co. Warwick, 1634, and of 
Whichford, co. Warwick, 1641. See Foster's Ind^s 
EccL & Add. MS. 15,670, p. 157, [35] 

[ 879 ] 

Timothy Langston. 

1500— 1714. 

Thomas Langton. 

Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Laxi^ton, William, of co. Worcester, gent Baluol 
Coll., matric 11 May, 1615. aged 18 ; student of 
Gray's Inn x6i6. as son and heir of Anthony, of 
Littleton, ca Worcester. See Foster's Gray's 
Inn Reg^ 

Lanmton, William, s. Thomas, of London, gent. 
Christ Church, 27 June, 1673, aged 17. 

Lanjrton, Barnard, of Westmorland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matric. 15 Nov., 1588. aged x6. 

Langton, Bennet, s. George, of St Ann's, West- 
minster, gent Lincoln Coll.. matric. 5 June, 
X713, ag«i 17, of LangtOQ. co. Lincoln ; died in 
X769, aged 73; brother of Thomas 1708. [5] 

lian^ton, Charles, of CO. Lincoln, militis 61. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric. 14 June, i6ti, aged 15; 
B. A. from Magdalen Colu qDcc. 1615: probably 
a son of Sir John Langton. of Langton, co. Lincoln ; 
brother of Robert 16^. etc. 

Lanflrton, Esekiel. s. John, of Bristol dtjr, gent 
MAGDALEN CoLL., matric. ^4 May, 1661. aged 
17 ; a student of Inner Temple 1664. as Langston. 
See also Joseph x66a See Foster's Inns of 
Court R^, 

Langton, George, bom in Berks, s. William, S.T.D. 
and president of Magdalen College. Magdalen 
Coll., matric. 6 March, 1634-5. aged 14; demy 
1633-41. B.A. 3 Nov., 1640, fellow 1641, expelled 
by the parliamentary visitors 1648, restored 1660. 
resigned 1666. M.A. 7 July, 1643. ; possibly of 
Gray's Inn 1648. as of Stanswick, Berks, comet to 
Lieut. -Col. Mouldsworth in the regiment under the 
command of Prince Maurice, W(Md\ died 5 Sept, 
1699. See Foster's Gray's Inn Reg. ; Bloxam^ ▼. 
X30 ; ft Burrows^ 5x2. 

Langrton, George, s. William, of Stanswick, Berks, 
gent Magdalen Coll., matric. 14 Dec., 1660. 
aged 16 ; demy 1661-2 ; student of Gray's Inn 1663 ; 
brother of William x66i. See Bloxam^ v. 240; 
& Foster's Gra^s Inn Reg, 

Iian^ton. George, s. George, of Oxcombe, ca Lincoln, 
^ent Magdalen Coll., matric. 30 Oct, 1663, 
a^ed 16; of Langton, co. Lincoln; bar.-at-law. 
Middle Temple, 1675 ; licenced (v.g.) 97 Oct, 
1684, to marry Mary Tyndall, or St Margaret, 
Westminster: died in 1727. aged 80; brother ci 
John 1673, Peregrine 1672. and of William 1677, 
father of Bennet and Thomas 1708. See Foster's 
Judgts and Barristers, [&0] 

Iian^ton. Henry, s. Jos., of Newton Piu^, Somerset, 
arm. wadhah Coll.. matric. 26 June. 1697, 
aged 18 ; student of Lincoln's Inn 1698. perhaps 
ancestor of Gore-Langton, Viscount Cobham. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

lian^ton, (Sir) John (Lancton). of ca Lincoln, arm. 
nL Magdalen CfoLL., matric. entry under date 
22 Dec, 1576. aged 16; of Langton. co. Lincoln, 
bi^h sheriff 16x2. knighted July. X603. student of 
Lincoln's Inn 1579. made his will 2< Sept. x6i6. 
proved 5 Dec following ; brother of William 1089. 
rather of Peregrine 16^, Roger 1605, and Rob^ 
x62a See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

LangrtOXly John, of Northants, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll.. matric xo Nov., 162X, aged x8; chorister 
1613-20, clerk 1620-6. B.A. 3 July, 1623, M.A. 27 
June. i6a6. usher of the school 1626-32. See 
Blaxam, L 35. 

Langton, John, is. Tho., of Bristol city, equitis. St. 
Edmund Hall, matric 10 July, 1672, aged i$\ 
his father knighted 4 Nov., 1666, brother of Thomas 

Langton, John, s. George, of Langton, co. Lincoln, 
gent Queen's Coll., matric. x8 July, 1673. aged 
X7; demy Magdalen Coll., 1674-9, B.A. 1677; 
brother of George 1663. and Peregrine 1672. [15] 

Langton, Joseph (Lancton). arm. Magdalen 
Coll.. matric 15 June, X657: of Newton Park, 
Somerset, bar.-at-law, Inner Temple. 1668, as 
Laughton, of Bristol (see also Exekiel). M. P. Rith 
(Oct), X690-5 ; died 17 March. X719-20, aged 82. 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Langton, Peregrine, militis fit Magdalen Hall, 
matric 4 Dec, 1607. aged 14; ordered 2< Aug., 
1624. to be created M.A., (s. Sir John), of Louth 
1633; brother of Roger, and Robert 1620. See 
Fastit i. 419. 

Lancton, Peregrine, s. George, of Langton, co. 
Lmcoln. gent Queen's Coll.. matric 22 May, 
167a, aged 17 ; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 1680 • 
brother of George 1663, and John 1673. See 
Foster's Judga and Barristers. 

Lanfirton, Peter, of CO. Stafford, gent ST. MARY 
Hall, matric 8 Nov., 1594, aged 20; B.A. from 
Merton Colu 4 July, 1598, M.A, 3 July, 1601. 

Langton, Ralph; B.A. from St. Mary Hall 16 
June, 1629, M.A. i July, 1633. [ao] 

Langton, Robert; B.A. from St. John's Coll., 
Cambridge. 1600-1. M.A. X604. incorporated 30 
Aug., 1605; vicar of Highworth. Wilts, 1610, until 
sequestered in 1647, and perhaps rector of Otterham, 
Cornwall, 1615. See Add. MS. 15,671, p. 238 ; & 
Foster's Index Eul. 

Langton, Robert, of CO. Lincoln, equitis fil Broad- 
GATES Hall, matric 5 May, 1620, aged 18, demy 
Magdalen Coll. 1617-19, B.A. 10 May, 1620; 
brother of Peregrine 1607, of Roger 1605, and of 
William x6ox. See Bloxam^ v. 81. ' 

Langton, Robert; chorister Magdalen Coll., 
I62X, B.A. 12 Feb., 1628-9, clerk 1629-33, M'A. 10 
Dec , 163X. See Bloxam, I 37. 

Langton, Roger, of CO. Lincoln, militis fit Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric. 22 Nov.. 1605, aged 18 (s. 
Sir John) ; brother of Peregrine 1607, and Robert 

Langton, Thomas, of Queen's Coll., from Applebv 
in Westmorland, migrated to Cambridge. H. k 
D.Can.L ; incorporated at Oxford ; canon of Wells 
1478. provost of Queen's 148^, rector of All Hallows, 
^ead Street, 1480, and of All Hallows, Lombard 
Street, London, 1482, canon of Lincoln 1483, 
bishop of St. Davids 1483, and of Salisbury 1485, 
and of Winchester 1403, until his death in X50X. 
See Ath. ii. 688; a Lansdovme MS. 978. if. 
10-X3. [as] 

Lan^rton, Thomas, of London, gent Magdalen 
Coll., matric 26 June. 1621. aged 19; demy 
1618-29. B.A. 3 July, 1622. M.A. 30 June, 1625 
(incorporated at Cambridge X626). fellow X627-48, 
B.D. 28 Jan., 1633-4, vice-president 1636, expelled 
by the parliamentary visitors 1648, rector of Stan- 
lake, Berks (?x635). and of Leckhampstead, 
Bucks. 1643, sequestered from the latter by the 
Westminster assembly in 1646. See BloxaMt ▼. 
82 ; Burrows^ 512 ; & Add. MSS. i5,67o-i. 

Langton. Thomas, is. Tho., of Bristol, equitis. 
Queens Coll.. matric 8 May, 1680, aged 16; 
brother of John 1672. 

Langton, Thomas, s. George, of Langton, co. 
Lincoln, gent Lincx>ln Coll., matric. 2 May, 
1708, aged 15; died 21 Nov., 1712; buried at 
Bathford, Somerset ; brother of Bennet. 

r S80 ] 

William Langton. 


Benjamin Laney. 

Lanfirton, Wniiam, of co. Lincoln, gent Magdalen 
Hall, matric. 9 May. 1589. aged 15; fellow 
Magdalen Coll., RA 13 Feb., 1593-3, M.A. 
8 Feb., 1596-7, licenced to preach 5 Dec., 1605, 
B.D. x8 March. 1605-6, D.D. 6 Julv. 1610, presi- 
dent of his college i6io-a6 (s. John, of Langton. co. 
Lincoln), rector of Lympsham, Somerset, 1607-15, 
and of Brightwell, Berks, 1615, until his death 
xo Oct, x6a6, aged 54; buried in the chapel; 
brother of John 1576. See Gutch, l 331 ; Lans- 
dcwtu MS. 984. f. 75 ; ft Foster's IndtxEccL 

Langrton, William, of CO. Lincoln, arm. Magda- 
len Coll., matric. 10 July. i6ox, aged 14; of Lane- 
ton, CO. Lincoln (s. Sir John); student of Lincoln s 
Inn z6o6, brother of Charles, etc. See Foster's 
!nns of Court Reg, 

liangrton, William, s. John, of Bristol, gent St. 
John's Coll., matric 16 June, 1696, aged 17 ; 
B.A 17 Nov., 1630, M.A. 35 June, 1633, rector of 
Dyrham, co. Gloucester, 1639. See Foster's Index 

lian^on, William. 8. George, of " Marhen.** ca 
Lincoln, gent. Magdalen Hall, matric. 10 
Oct. i^, aged 18. 

Langton, William, s. William, of Stanswick, Berks. 
Magdalen Coll., matric. 14 Nov.. 1661, aged x6 ; 
student of Gray's Inn 1664; brother of George 
i66a See Foster's Grays Inn Reg, [5] 

Langton, William, s. William, of Preston, co. 
Lancaster, arm. Bkasbnose Coll., matric. 17 
May, 1667, aged 18 ; of Broughton tower, co. 
Lancaster, student of Grav's Inn 1667 ! baptised 
7 June, 1649; buried at Preston 3 Jan., i679-8a 
See Foster's Lancashire Collection. 

Langton, WilUam. s. Geo., of Langton, ca Lincoln, 
gent Wadham Coll., matric. 13 July, 1677, 
affed x6 ; bar.-at-law, Middle Temple, 1687 ; brother 
of George 1663, etc. See Foster's Judges and Bar- 

Langwitll, Benjamin, fellow Queen's Coll., Cam- 
bridge. 6. A X704-5. M.A. 1708 (incorporated 14 
July, 171a). B.D. X7x6, D.D. 17 17, rector of Pet- 
worth, Sussex, 1718, canon of Chichester 1725. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

LanATWOrtll, Francis, of Somerset, doctoris fiL 
Hart Hall, matric. %\ Oct, x6x7, aged 19; of 
Wilmington, Kent, stuclent of Grav's Inn x63o (as 
son of John, of Ospring, Kent, S.T.D.) ; buried at 
Wilmington, 8 June. 1688); grandfather of the 
next-named. See Foster's Grays Inn Reg. 

LangWOrtll, Francis, s. George, of Frome, Somer- 
set, gent St. Edmund Hall, matric x July, x68x, 
fcgea x6 ; student of Middle Temple, 1681. Sm 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, [10] 

LanffWOrthe, John, " Art Mag.." of CO. Worcester. 
Hart Hall, admitted under date X7 Dec.. 1^76, 
aged 29 ; B.A. from St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 
83 Jan., 1567-8, M.A. 157X (as LongworthJ, (in- 
corporated 15 Julv, 1572), B.D. X578, supl tor in- 
corporation X9 May, 1579, D.D. 3 June (or July), 
1579 (s. Lancelot, of Kirtlebury. co. Worcester) ; 
rector of Folkineton X573. of Buxted 1574, and of 
Rotherfield (all Sussex) X59a. archdeacon of 
Chichester 1581-6. prebendary of Worcester 1579, 
and of Canterbury ( — ), archdeacon of Wells 1589, 
until his death ; buried X3 Jan., x6i3-i4, in Canter- 
bury cathedral; father of Francis X6T7. See 
Lansdewne MS. 983. f. 13a ; Fastis i. 213 ; ft 
Foster's Index Bed. 

Langrworthy, Francis, s. Rich, of Loderswell, Devon, 
gent Exeter Coll., matric. 4 Dec., 1688. aged 
19 ; B.A 1699. M. A 1696. rector of Charleton, 
Devon. X714 ; brother of Richard 1681. See Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

Langworthy, Richard, arm. Ex=te» Cott-^ 
i&tric xo July. 1647. aged x8 ; student of M ddte 
Temple 1653. as son and heir of ^^^^^^J^ 
Loderswell. Devon ; father of Francis and Kicnaro- 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. & Burrows, SP^ 

Langrworthy, Richard, s. ^<^^^.''^ Jfff^^ 

Devon, gent. HART Hall, matnc 16 July, itau 
aged 17 ; brother of Francis x688. 
LanfiTWOrthy, Thomas, s. George, of Exeter. I>«^^ 
pleb. Exeter Coll.. matric. 14 July. i637. a|«* 
18. l"J 

Lanket, Thomas (or Lanquet) ; died X54S. See A/M. 

i. 149. 
Lanner, Christopher, of Cornwall, pleb. ^^*^" 
Coll., matric. 17 Dec., 1619, aged i9I„^A- 14 
June, 162X, vicar of St Wenn. ComwaU. 1636. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 
LansdOWne, WiUiam. s. R., of Woodbrmgi. 
Somerset, gent Queen's Coll., matnc. 27 teix, 
X693-4, aged X5. 
[Lant, Bartholomew, organist of Christ Churct 
1561 ; the wiU of B. L, singing man at Ch^ 
Church, proved at Oxford ao June, 1589. bee 
O.II,S. I 33a,] 
Lante, James, chorister of Christ Church in a^ 
before 1564. B.A from Brasenose Coll. 17 E>ec. 
1574. M.A a6 June. X578 ; one of these nsiro« 
rector of Kirk Deighton, Yorks, 1577. Sec O.H.^ 
xii. 45. [*®1 

Lant, John, chorister of Christ Church about i564, 
student 157a, B.A 27 Feb., IS7S-6' ^-A- ai May, 
1579, Ucenced to practice medicine 7 Marrfi, iS94- 
5. See At. West. 50 ; & O.H.S. xii. 56. 
Lant, John, of Devon, gent. Exeter Colu, iiiPtnc 
30 Jan., 1606-7, aged X5; student of Middle Tenapte 
x6o8, as son and heir of John, of Exeter, gent See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 
Lant, Richard, chorister of Christ Church in or 
about 1564, "precentor chori," master of the 
choristers ; will at Oxford 9 July, 1577. See 
O.H.S. xi. 13. 
Lant, Thomas. B.A. from Jesus Coll., Cambridge, 
1623 (incorporated X3 July. 1624). M.A. i6a7, B. U. 
1634, rector of Harringay alias Homsey, Middlesex. 
i(^, tmtU sequestered by the Westminster assembly 
in X647, canon of St. Paul's 166a. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. 8t Add. MS. 15.671, p. 227. 
LantfThomas, s. William, of Woodford. Essex, eent 
Christ CHiniCH. matric. 15 Nov.. 1678, aged 15: 
student of Gray's Inn 1677 • ^ father of London, 
merchant See Foster's Grays Inn Reg. [?*! 

Lant, William ; student of Christ Church, B.A. 
X7 April, IJ59, clerk of Magdalen Coll. 1562-5, 
M.A IX Feb., 1562-3, B.D. sup. 26 April, 1569, 
vicar of St. Thomas, Oxford ; will at Oxford a6 
Feb.. 1572. See Bloxam, it 4a 
Lantman, Thaddeus, D.D. bv diploma 29 Nov., 
1675, then minister at the Hague.. See Fastis ii 

, 35o» 

Laney, Benjamin (or Lanye). 4s. John, of Ipswich« 
merchant ; of Christ's Com, Cambridge, 7 Jtxly, 
1608, B.A 161X-12. M.A. XO15; (incorporated 15 
July. 1617), B.D. 1622, fellow Pembroke Hall. 
* D.u. X630, and master 1630-44, and 1660-3, vice- 
chancellor 1632-3 ; chaplain in ordinary to Cbarlef 
I., vicar of Madingley, co. Cambridge, 1690, vicar 
of Hambledon 1628, rector of Waltharo Bishops 
1629. and of Buriton with Petersfield (all Hants) 
x6qx : from which last he was sequestered by the 
Westminster assembly 16^, prebendary of Win- 
chester x63i.andofWestmmster X641. accompanied 
Charles H. in exile, dean of Rochester 1660, bishop 
of Peterborough x66o. of Lincoln 1663. and of Ely 
1667, until his death 24 Jan., X674-5. See Fcuti, L 
374: Foster's Index Eeel. ; Add. MS. ic.670. p. 
an : & Lansdowne MSS. 986, t 180, 987. f. 07. 

[ 881 ] 

Edward Lany. 


Thomas Larkham. 

Lany, Edward; fellow of Pembroke Coxx., Cam- 
bridge, B.A. i686, M.A. 1690 (incorporated 3 July, 
1696-7), D.D. 1707, master 1706, vicar of Chrishall, 
Essex, 1719, rector of Sail. Norfolk, 1790, and of 
Great Cressingham, Norfolk, 1725. See Foster's 
Indtx EccL 

Lan^, William, s. Beni., of London, gent. Wadham 
Coll., matric. 8 July, 1701, aged 16; scholar 1702, 
exhibitioner 1703-4, B.A. 1705; M.A. from Pem 
BROKE Coll., Cambridge, 1709. See Gardiner^ 

Lanyford, John, s. Richard, of Saltwich, ca Wor- 
cester, pleb. St. John's Colu, matric. 3 May, 
1639, aged 17. 

Lanyon, Tobias, s. "Uniliam, of Gwinnear, Cornwall, 
gent Exeter Coll., matric 9 March, 1637-8, 
aged z8. 

Lapeys, John de; M.A. abroad, B. Med.- (sup. 5 
Wov.), 1527. [5 J 

Lapley, "aement,*' s. CL, of Berkeley, ca Glou- 
cester, pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric 37 May, 
1669, aged 18; B.A 8 Feb., 1672-3, rector of 
Charlton Mackrell, Somerset, 1684. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Laplowe ( ) ; B, A from Balliol Colu in and 

Dcfore 1572. See O.H.S, xi. 30. 

Lapp, Francis, s. Gabriel, of Salisbury, Wilts, arm. 
ST. Alban Hall, matric 25 Nov., 1636, aged 16; 
bar.-at-law. Lincoln's Inn, 1654- See Foster's Judges 
and Barristers, 

Lapp, Gabriel, s. Gabriel, of Salisbury, Wilts, arm. 
ST. Alban Hall, matric. 25 Nov., 1636, aged 
18 ; bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1645. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers, 

Lappe, Peter ; B.A. sup. 13 Feb., 1527-8. [10] 

Lapthome, Anthony. B.A. from Balliol Coll. 19 
June, 1593 ; fellow Exeter Coll. 159^1600, M.A. 
8 July, 1596, chaplain to James 1., vicar of 
Lanrake, Cornwall, i6oo,rectorof Minchinhampton, 
CO. Gloucester. 161 2, and of Trctire, co. Hereford, 
until deprived 9 Oct., 1634, settled rector of Sedge- 
field, CO. Durham, May. 1647, by the Westminster 
assembly. See Add, MS. 15.671, p. 244; Boase^ 
51 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Lapthome, Anthony, s. Ric, of London, gent. 
Pembroke Coli-., matric 28 Feb.. 1695-6, aged 18; 
B.A- 1699, M.A. 1703. rector of Sherborne St, 
John, Hants, 1702, See Foster's Index EccL 

Lapworth, Edward, of co. Warwick, gent. Exeter 
Coll., matric. 31 Jan., 1588-9, aged 14; pensioner 
of Corpus Christi Coll., Cambridge, 1590, 
and was elected scholar ; B. A from St. Alban 
Hall 25 Oct. 1592. M.A. 30 June, 1595, master 
of N^gdalen Collejp^e school 1598-16x0. licenced to 
practice medicine from Magdalen Coll. 3 June 
1605. B. and D.Med, so June. 1611, Lynacre physic 
lecturer 1619. Sedleian professor of natural philo« 
sophy 1621, until his death at Bath 24 May, 1636, 
See Bloxam, iii. 138. 

Lapworth., Edward, created M.A. i Nov., 1642. 

Lapworth., John. s. Henry, of Bodnell, co. Warwick, 
pleb. St. Mary Hall, matric 9 June, 1626, aged 
22. [IB] 

Lapworth., Michael, fellow of All Souls' Coll. 
1562. B.A- 7 Feb.. X562-3, M.A. 22 March, 1566-7, 
B.Med. and licenced to practice medicine 12 Oct, 

Lapworth, Michael, of co. Warwick, gent. Balliol 
Coll., matric 15 Oct, 1590. aged 14. 

Lapworth, Michael, of Oxon, doctoris fil. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric. 16 Nov., 1621, aged 17. 

Lapworth, William, B.A- from Benet (C.C.) Colu, 
Cambridge. 1608-9. M.A. 1612, incorporated 9 July, 
1616. See Foster's Graduati Cantab. 

Larder, John, of Dorset, pleb. Wadham Coll. 
matnc 21 Feb., 16x6-7, aged 19; scholar 1619, 
B.A. 18 May, 1620. fellow 1^-30, M.A. 19 June, 
1623, rector of Melbury Osmond, Dorset. 1636-8 ; 
perhaps vicar of Milton Clevedon. Somerset, 1664, 
until bis death in 1674. See Foster's Index EccL 
& Gardiner, 32. T^^J 

Larder, Robert, of Dorset, gent Trinity Coll., 
matnc 15 Oct, 1619. aged 17 ; B.A. 7 July, 1623; 
M.A. from Hart Hall 21 June, 1626. 

Larder, Robert, s. R., of Loder, Dorset, gent 
Exeter Coll. , matric. 29 March, 1672, aged 16 ; 
student of Inner Temple 1672 ; brother of William 
same date. See Foster's Ans of Court Reg. 

Larder, Robert, s. Anthony, of Sherboume. Dorset, 
gent Wadham Coll., matric 30 April, 1706, 
aged x8 ; of West Chelborough, Dorset, died 8.pu 
1754. See Gardiner, 427. 

Larder, William, s. Robert, of Loder, Dorset, gent 
Exeter Coll., matric. 29 March, 1672, aged 18 ; 
brother of Robot same date 

Lardner, John, pleb. St. Alban Hall, matric. 28 
June, 1659 ; demy Magdalen Colu 1662-7, B.A. 
4 Feb., 1662-3. M.A. '665, rector of Havant, Hants, 
1672. See Bloxam, v. 252 ; ft Foster's Index EccL 

Lardner, WiiUam, pleb. Corpus Christi Coll., 
matric 28 March, 1655, B.A. ao Oct., 1658, M.A. 
4 July, z66i, rector of Bradenham, Bucks, 1662 ; 
licenced 18 April, 1671, to marry Rebecca Brett, of 
St Paul, Covent Garden, spinster. See London 
Marriage Licences, ed. Foster ; ft Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus. [a6] 

Largre, Thomas, of Sussex, cler. fiL Brasenose 
Coll., matric 24 Oct, 1595, aged 18; B A. 10 
Feb., 1598-9. M.A. 8 July, x6oa. then in orders; 
rector of Catsfield. Sussex, 1606, canon of Chichester 
16x5. See Foster's Index EccL 

Larke, Greetham, s. Leon., of "Oxon Urb.," pleb. 
St. John's Coli*., matric 21 March, x672-^, aged 
15 ; admon. of effects of Leonard, of Oxford, barber, 
4 July, X684 ; probably father of this student 

Larke, Nicholas, of co. Lincoln, pleb. Magdalen 

Hall, matric 5 March, 1584-5, aged x6 ; rector of 

Waddington, co. Lincoln, 1598-1^9. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Larke, Richard ; demy of Magdalen Coll. x559^z. 
fellow 156X-7, B.A 10 July, 1562, vicar of North 
Aston 1572, and rector of Crowell, Oxon, 1574, 
canon ctf Wells 1579. See Foster's Index EccL ; 
ft Bloxam, iv. 157. [SO] 

Larke, Robert, of ca Lincoln, pleb. Corpus Christi 
Coll., matric 2x Jan., 1619-90, aged 18; B.A 24 
Feb., 16x9-20, M.A 24 April, 1623. 

Larke, Thomas, demy Magdalen Coll. 1539-42, 
fellow 1542-50, B.A. 9 July, X543. M.A. supL x^49, 
canon of Lincoln 1549. until deprived in 156X, vicar 
of Scopwick, ca Lincoln, 1551. See Foster's Index 
EccL k Bloxam, iv. 84. 

Larke, Thomas; fellow New Coll. 15407 from 
Westminster, fellow of Winchester 1560; died 16 
May, 1582. See O.H.S. L 332. 

Larkham, George, "serv. ," s. Thomas, of East Green- 
wich, Kent, pleb. Exeter Coll., matric 9 April, 
1647, aged 17. B.A X7 Oct. X650; perhaps M.A. 
from Trinity Coll. , Cambridge ; ejected from tbe 
ministry at Cockermouth 1662. for nonconformity ; 
died 26 Dec, 1700, aged 71. See Calamy, u 378; 
& Add. MS. 15,669, p. 108. 

Larkhazn, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Northam, Devon, 
sacerd. New Inn Hall, matric 2 March, 1^7-8, 
aged 14; his father vicar of Northam 1626. See 
Foster's Index EccL [85] 

[ 882 ] 

Gregory Larkworthy. 


Henry Latham. 

Larkworthy, Gregory, s. Richard, of Ashwater, 
Devon, gent Exeter Coll., matric. 16 July, 
1703, aged 17 (as Larkswortby] ; B. A from Trinity 
Coll. 26 May, 1707 ; M. A fl-om Sidney Sussex 
Coll., Cambridge, 17x9 ; baptised at Ashwater 17 
Nov., 1685, vicar of Cannington, Somerset, 171 1, 
and rector of Otterhampton, Somerset, 1734, until 
his death in 1735. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

liamaeus, Paul; M.A Cambridge; incorporated 9 
July, 1611. See O.H.S. x. 358. See Lawrence. 

Lar3nner, See also Lorimer. 

Xiar3nner, Henry, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matri& 26 OcL, 1604, aged ao ; B.A. 3 Feb., 1607-8 ; 
M.A. (?from Brasenose Coll.) S July, 1611, 
then in orders ; rector of Himshaw, Devon, 1617. 
See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lasboroagrh, John, s. Jos., of Newport, 00. Glou- 
cester, paup. Magdalen Hall, matric i June, 
1682, aged x8. [5] 

Lasher, Henry, *' Pharmacopol,*' privilegiatus 13 
Dec, 1698. 

Lasher, Joshua, s. Jos. , of London, pleb. St. John's 
Coll., matric 22 July, 1664, aged 17; B.A 1669. 
M.A 1672; canon of Wells 1674, rector of Nursling, 
Hants, 1688. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lasher, Joshua, s. James, of London, pleb. St. 
John's Coll., matric 14 July. 1665, aged 17; 
B.A 1668, fellow, M.A 22 Nlarch, 1572-3, B.Mcd. 
1676, D.Med. 1679 (subs. "Jehoseua"), regius 
professor of medicine 17x8-29 ; admitted to Merchant 
Taylors' school 1662 ; bom 17 Feb., 1647, married 
a barber's daughter, buried vrithin the altar rails in 
St. Aldate's, Oxford. See RawL ill 256; & Heame, 

ii. 49. 
Lasinby, Edward (Laysinby), s. Christopher, of 
Alford, Somerset, pleb. Wadham Coll., matric 
8 Dec , 1637, aged 15. 

Laslnby, Robert, s. "Rd.," of Westminster, pleb. 
Trinity Coll. , matric 10 June, 1686, aged 15 ; 
fellow All Souls' Coll., B.A. 9 March, X690-X ; 
vicar of Westham. Sassex, 1694, rector of Moulsoe, 
Budcs, 1696, and of St Antholin, London, 1696. 
See Foster's Index Eccl. [lO] 

Laskey, Andrew, of All Souls* Coll., "serv.," 
matric. 26 March, 1659. B.A 1662.; rector of 
Newport, alias Moreby, Devon, x668. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Laskey, John,* of Queen's Coll. in and before 1564. 

Laskey, John, s. John, of Morton Hamstead, Devon, 
pleb. Trinity Coll., matric 8 Mav, 1635. aged 
17 ; RA from ST. Alban Hall 3 Nov., 1638. 

Laskey, MaL (•• Malachias "), of St. Edmund Hall, 
•*ser.," matric 11 April, 1660, B.A 1663. 

Laskey, Nicholas, s. Henr., of Heavitree, Devon, pp. 
Wadham Coll., matric 23 May, 1667, aged vj\ 
rector of Eggesford, Devon, 1674, and of East 
Worlington, Devon, 1687. See Foster's Index 
EccUsiasticus. [IB] 

Lassells, Christopher, of Richmondshire. Trinity 
Coll., matric entrv under date 11 Nov., 1574, 
aged aa See Yorkshire Visitation, ed. Foster, 61. 

Lassells, Francis, of Richmondshire. Trinity Coll., 
matric entry under date 11 Nov., 1574, aged 18; 
brother of Christopher and Roger. 

Lasoells, Gervas, s. George, of Kniveton, Notts, 
sacerd. MAGDALEN HALL, matric 27 June, 1623, 
aged 14 ; brother of John 1621. 

Lasoelles. John, secular chaplxiin, B.Med. and 
admitted to practice 2 April, 1533. 

Lasoells, John, of Notts, arm. fil. nat. max. Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric. 26 June, x62x, aged 17; 
student of Gray's Inn 1623. as son and heir ofGeorge, 
of Kniveton, Notts, esq. ; brother of Gervas 1623. 
See Foster's Grays Inn Reg, [aO] 

Lasoells, John, s. Barth., of Helston, Notts, ppw 
Merton Coll., matric s Dec, 1673, aged 18, 
B.A. 1677; M.A from St. Mary Hall 1680, 
vicar of Ashby-de-la-Launde, x68i, and of Rowston, 
ca Lincoln, 1688. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

[Lassells, Richard, from Richmondshire, Yorks, 
secular priest ; died at Montpellier, France, Sq»L, 
z668, aged 65. See Ath. iii. 818.] 

Lasselles, Roger ; B.A from Brasenose CoLU 20 
June, X576, M.A. March, 1579-80; perhaps of All 
Souls' Coll., sup. licence to preach March. 
1587-8, rector of Kirklington, Yorks, 159a See 
Foster's Index Eccl. & O.H.S. xii. 60. 

Lassells, William, s. Bryan, of Marden, Kent. pkb. 
Magdalen Hall, matric 25 Feb., 1669-70, aged 

Latane, Lewis, s. Henry, of "Jouins Anguienne." 
pleb. Queen's Coll., matric 24 Nov., 1691. 
aged 19 (subs, "paup."); the place names are 
doubtful, but may refer to Jouan in Gujre&iie. 
France. [as] 

Latoh, John, of Somerset, gent Brasenose Colu. 
matric 26 Feb., 1607-8, aged X9 ; bar.-at-bw. 
Middle Temple, 1637 (as son of Thomas, of Lang- 
ford, Somerset) ; buried at Hayes, Middlesex, 
August, X655. See Ath. iii. 399 ; & Foster's Judges 
and Barristers, 

Lateware, Richard ; scholar St. John's Coll. 1580, 
B.A. 28 Nov., 1584, M.A 23 May, 1588, proctor 
1593. B.D. a July, 1504, D.D. 5 Feb., 1^967. 
rector of Hopton, Suffolk, and of Finchley. Middle- 
sex, 1599, chaplain to Lord Mountjoy, lord- 
lieutenant of Ireland, where he was slain 17 or 27 
July, 1601, ap:ed 4X. See Ath, i. 709; Ro&injon, 
L X7 ; Gutch, 1. 566 ; & Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lathbarye, Francis, of CO. Derby, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric. entry under date 7 July. 
1578. aged x8. 

Lathbury, Francis, of co. Derby, gent Baljjol 
Coll., matric i Feb., 1593-4, aged 19. 

Lathbnry, Peter, s. Jos., of Leicester town, plebt 
Brasenose Coll.. matric. 15 Nov., 1672, aged 
18; B.A. from Hart Hall 1676, rector of West 
Stow, Suffolk, 1687. See Foster's Index EccL 

Latbome, Andrew, s. Henry, of Whiston, Lanca* 
shire, pleb. All Souls' Coll., matric. ii Dec, 
1635. aged 18; B.A. 29 Nov., 1637, ordered to 
omciate the cure of Burv. 00, Lancaster, 1645 
(with Mr. Alte). by the Westminster assembly ; 
brother of Paul 1631. See Add, MS. 15.669. 

p. 23. [»X] 

Latbom, Andrew, pleb. Pembroke Coll.. matric 
28 April, 1659, B.A 1662, rector of Freshford, 
Somerset, 160^ See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Latbom, Edward, of Lancashire, arm. Brasenose 
Coll., matric. 14 March, 1605-6, aged x6; bar. -at- 
law, Gray's Inn, x6ii. See Foster's Judges and 

Latbazn, George, s. William, of Watling Street, 
London, gent Magdalen Hall, matric 27 
June, X634, aged 18. B.A 27 Oct, 1636; M.A. 
from Hart Hall 15 June, 1639, vicar of Ealiog. 
Middlesex, 1647, sequestered to the rectory of 
Wavendon, Bucks, 1647. by the Westminster 
assembly. See Foster's Index Eccl. & Add, US. 
15,671, pp. 29, 42. 

Latbaxn, Henry, B.A (?from Brasenosk Cotx.) 
5 July, 1566. [S5J 

Latbazn, Henry ; B.A from Brasenose Coll. 23 
Feb., 1568-9; perhaps M.A from Catherine 
Hall, Cambridge, X571 ; one of these names 
rector of Little Sandal, Yorks, 1588. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

[ 883 ] 

Henry Lathom. 


William Latton. 

Lathom, Heniy, s. Paul, of Sumdish, co. Lancaster, 
minister. St. Edmund Hall, matric z8 March, 
166970, aged 17. 

Latham^ John, secular chaplain, B. Gram., sup. 9 
June. 1527, RA. 8 July, 1527. 

Latham, John ; B.A. from Brasbnosb Coll., sup. 
IS Feb., 1568^ 

Lathom, John, of ca Lancaster, arm. fiL nat 4. 
Brasbnosb Coll., matric aS June, 1616, aged x8 ; 
perhaps B.A. a July. 16x8 ; one of these names 
rector of Wareham St Peter, Dorset, i6az. See 
Foster^s index Bed, 

Lathom, John, of CO. Lancaster, pleb. Brasbnosb 
Coll. matric. 24 Nov., 16x7. aged 17. [5] 

Lathnm, John, arm. Wadham Coll., matric. la 
Fd>., 1651-2; B.A. from Magdalbn Coll. 

29 June, 1655 ; possibly a student of Middle 
Temple 1656, as and son of Thomas who was 
son and heir of Thomas, of Stiflford, Essex. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Latham. John, gent Merton Coll., matric. 25 
Oct, 1659. See Foster's Index BccL 

Lathom. John, s. Paul, of Warminster, Wilts, 
••presb. Lincoln Coll.. matric. 11 Oct. 

i^ a£ed 16; B.A from QuBbn's Coll. 1680, 
rector of Lawton, Cheshire, 1682, etc. See Foster^s 
Index Red. 

Lathom, Moses, s. Samuel, of ' Aldnington.' Wilts, 
pp. Christ Church, matria 6 April, 1693, &C»^ 

Ijfttham, Paul (Ladham); EA. from Brasbnosb 
Coll. 9 July. 1557. [lO] 

Lathom, Paul, s. Heniy, of Whistone, co. Lancaster, 
pleb. All Souls' Coll., matric. 18 Nov., i^i, 
aged 19; B.A. 27 Jan., 1631-2, M.A. 24 May, 
i^, rector of Standish. co. Lancaster, 1649, 
q'ected i66a for nonconforminr ; died 1663 ; brother 
of Andrew 1635; father of Henry 1670. See 
Calamy, it 378 ; & Foster's Index EccU 

Lathom. Paul. pleb. Pbmbrokb Coll., matric 
20 Ju^, 1654. RA. 12 Feb., 1657-8, created M.A. 

30 Oct, 1661, vicar of Warminster, Wilts, x66o, 
canon of Sarum 1672-87; father of John X676. 
See Fasti, iL 254 ; RawL iv. 31 ; Heame, iL 49 ; & 
Foster^s Index EccL 

Latham, Ralph (Lathon), clerk of Magdalen 
Coll. 1553, and instructor of the choristers, fellow 
Brasbnosb Coll., a A. ax Jan., X558-9, fellow 
Baluol Coll. 1559-64, and of Mbrton X7 Jan., 
XS63-4. and 1567-70, M.A. x June, 1565, B.CL. 
sup. 20 April, X569. See 0,H,S, iv. 266; & Bloxam, 

Lathnm, Ralph, of Essex, gent Magdalen Hall, 
matric 27 April, 1604, aged 16 ; bar.-at-law. Middle 
Temple, 1616, as son and heir of William, of Up- 
minster, Essex, esq. ; brother of William X607. 
See Foster's Judges cMd Barristers, 

Lathom, Richard, of co. Lancaster, arm. Brasb- 
nosb Coll., matric. 28 June, 1616, aged 19. [IB] 

Latham, Robert, EA. sup. 4 Dec., X513. 

Latham, Thomas, B.A. 18 May, 1523. 

Lathnm, Thomas, of Essex, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. 16 Nov., 1621, aged 17; B.A. 22 
Fdx, X624-5, M.A. 26 May. 1627 ; one of these 
names bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, X639 (as son 
and heir of Thomas, of Stifford, Essex, gent.) ; 
pertiapsMP. Westminster 16C4-5; frither cl John 
X652. See Foster^s Judges imdBarristers. 

Lathnm, Thomas, g;ent Mbrton Coll., matric. 
aoTuly, 1654, possiblybar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 
X662, at son of the last-named barrister* See 
Foster's Judga and Barristers, 

Lathnm, Wniiam, of Essex, gent MAGDALEN 

Hall, matria xx Dec., 1607, aged x8; bar.-at-law, 

* Inner Temple, x6x9, as and son of William, of Up- 

minster, Essex, esq. ; brother of Ralph X604. See 

Foster's Judges and Barristers, [ao] 

Latham, William, s. Lu& (? Lake or Luke), of New* 
bury, Berks, gent St. Alban Hall, matric. 20 
March, X677-8, aged X7 ; EA. from Baluol Coll. 
x68x, M.A. 1684. 

Lathorppe, Christopher, of ca Lincoln, plelx 
Baluol Coll., matria X9 June, X607, aged x6; 
B.A. 9 May, x6xx. 

Latimer, Robert ; B.A. from Magdalen Hall, sup. 
X2 Nov., X59X, M.A. from Magdalen Coll. 8 July, 
1595, rector of Leigh Delamere, Wilts, X609. See 
Foster's Index BccL 

Latimer, Robert, 'ser.,* s. William, of Malmesbur^, 
Wilts, sacerd. Magdalen Hall, matria 6 Apnl, 
X647, aged 18 ; RA. ax Nov., x6«>, rector of North 
Stoke x6^x, of Rode x6c8, and of Tellisfont (all 
Somerset), 1663, canon of Wells x666. See Foster's 
Index BuL 

[Latimer, William; fellow of All Souls' Colu 
X489, and RA. ; M.A. abroad ; disp. x8 Nov., 
1^13, rector of Saintbury and of Wotton-under- 
^ge, CO. Gloucester, canon of Sarum ; died Sept, 
1545. See Ath, I X47 ; Fasti, I 39 ; & O.H.S. I 

89T [as] 

Latymer, WilUam, of Wilts, der. fit Magdalen 
Hall, matria 23 June, x6ai, aged 15 ; B.A. from 
Magdalen Coll. 7 Feb., x623-4, vicar of Malms- 
bury St Paul, Wilts. 1633 ; father of Robert X647. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Latner, Edward (? Latimer), of co. Gloucester, pleb. 
Lincoln Coll., matria entry under date 17 Dea, 
X579, aged x8 (called Lootner by CAester), 

Latter, Edward, s. Tha, of Penshurst, Kent, der. 
Oriel Coll. , matria 9 March, X7X3-4, aged 16 ; 
BwA. from Worcester Coll. 17x7. 

Lat(t)er, Thomas, B.A. 28 Jan., X528-9. 

Latter, Thomas, s. Tho., of Tunbridge, Kent, pleb. 
Brasbnosb Coll., matria 5 June, X679. aged 17 ; 
B.A. 23 Jan., x68a-3, M.A. X685, rector of Fnlsham. 
Berks, X69X ; father of the next-named. See 
Foster's Index EccL [30] 

Latter, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Penshurst, Kent, 
der. Corpus Christi Coll., matria 4 June, 
X709, aged 16, B.A 21 Jan., X7X2-X3. 

LattOll; Edward, of Berks, arm. St. John's Colu, 
matna x Nov., X594, aged 15 ; bar.-at-law. Middle 
Temple, .X607, as 3rd son of John, of Kingston 
Bagpuxe, Berks, esq. See roster's Judges and 

Latton^ John, of Berks, arm. St. John's Colu, 
matna x Nov., X594, aged x6 ; bar.-at-law. Middle 
Temple, X605, as and son of John, of Kingston 
Bagpuze, Berks, esq. See Foster's Judges and 

Latton^ John, of Oxon, arm. Gloucester Hall, 
matna 12 Oct, x6xo, aged 13 ; possibly a student 
of the Middle Temple x6ia, as son and hdr of 
William, of Kingston Bagpuze, Berks, esq. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

I^atton, Thomas, s. John, of Kingston Bagpuze, 
Berks, arm. St. John's Coll., matria x6 Nov.. 
X683, aged X5. [»5] 

Latten, William, of Berks, arm. St. John's Colu, 
matna 25 Oct, 1589, aged 15 ; student of Middle 
Temple X590, as son and hdr of John, of Kingston 
Bagpuze, Berks, esq. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Latton, William, of Sufiblk, arm. fit nat max. 
Magdalen Hall, matria 26 June, x62x, aged 


[ 884 ] 


William Latton. 


Joseph Lavington. 

Latton, WUKamp s. Tho., of Kingston, Berks, gent 
Wadham Coxx., matric za J1O7, 1670, aged 17 ; 
scholar 1670, EA. 5 May, 1674, fellow 1675, 2A.A 
23 Feb., 1676-7, incorporated at Cambridi^ x68o, 
student of Gray's Inn 1679, captain of a company 
of scholars at the time of the Duke of Monmouth's 
rebellion 1685. See A(A, I p. dii ; Gardiner, 385 ; 

6 Foster's Gra^s Inn Reg, 

LattlS, Ferdinand, s. John, of Milium, CXimberland, 
gent. Queen's Coll., matric 27 Dec, 1689, 
aged 19; bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 1697, bencher 
1724. See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Lande, Erasmus (Lawde), of Bucks, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric. 16 March, 1620-x, aged 18 ; 
B.A 6 July, i6ai, M.A a6 June, 1624, rector of 
Little 'Tey, Essex, 1631, until sequestered by the 
Westminster assembly 1646. See Add, MS. 15.670, 
p. 124 ; & Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lande, John (Lawde); B.A from SiDNBT Sussex 
Coll., Cambridge, 1616-17, M.A i6ao as Land ; 
incorporated 13 July, 1624. vicar of Homing. 
Norfolk, z63a See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Land, John, s. John, of Selford, Devon, gent Balliol 
Coll., matric 18 Feb.. 1709-10, aged 17; perhaps 
vicar of Basildon, Berks, 1734, until his death in 
175& See Foster's Index EccL [5] 

Lande, Simon, s. Lewis, of Tamerton, Devon, sacerd. 
EIXBTER Coll., matric 18 Feb., 1626-7, aged 16 ; 
B.A 26 Jan., i629-3a 

Lande, William, of Boks, pleb. St. John's Coll., 
matric 17 Oct, 1589, aged 16 ; scholar 1590, fellow 
iS93» B.A I July, 1594, M.A 26 June, 1598, 
proctor 1603, BwD. 6 July, 1604 ; licenced to preach 
29 Jan., 1605-6, D.D. x June, 1608; incorporated 
at Cambridge 1626, (s. William) bom at Reading 

7 Oct, 1573, of Gray's Inn 16x5; president of his 
college 1611-21, chancellor of the umversity 1630-41, 
and of Dublin 1633, vicar of Stanford, Northants, 
1607, rector of North Kflworth, co. Leicester. x6o8, 
and of West Tilbuxy, Essex, 1609, rector of Cuxton, 
Kent, x6io, and of Norton x6xo, king's chaplain 
i6xx, canon of Lincoln 16x4, archdeacon of 
Huntingdon x6x5. dean of Gloucester 1616, canon 
of Westminster 1621, rector of Ibstock. co. Leicester, 
1617, chancellor in the coU^ate church of Aber- 
gwiVty (afterwards Brecon) in St David's 1622, rector 
of CricK, Northants, 1623, dean of the chapel royal 
1627, P.C. X627, bishop of St David's x62x. of Bath 
and WeUs X626, of London X628, archbishop of Can- 
terboiy X633. beheaded at Tower Hill on a charge of 
high treason xo Jan., x64^-5. See Atk. iil 117; 
Lansdowne MS, 985, t 66; & Gutch, i. 54a 

Lander, Richard, bora in London, s. "H. Car. 
Matlin, baron de Haltoun." St. John's Coll., 
matric x July, 1670, aged 17; created M.A 20 
Dec, 1670; 4th earl of Lauderdale on the death 
(9 June, X691) of his father Charles (Maitland), 3rd 
earl who married Elizabeth only daughter and heir 
of Richard Lauder, of Hatton, co. Edinburgh. 
See Foster's Peerage, & Fasti, ii. 321. 

Iianglieme, Edward, of Cornwall, pleb. Exeter 
Coll., matric 3 May, x62x, aged X7; B.A 17 
June, X624, M.A X7 June, X629. 

Lan^hame, Frauds (Lougher) ; R A 14 July, 1569, 
M. A I April, X574 (as Loughame), rector of Coshes- 
ton X572, of Hodgeston X578. and of St. Bride's (sdl 
in Pombrokeshire), xj9X. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lanerhame, John; BwD. x^26. SeeLAWSRNS. [11] 

tAWghATuej John, of Cornwall, gent Exeter 
C&LL., matric x6 June, X598, aged 17 ; one of these 
names rector of Corton Dinham, co. Pemtnoke, 
1607. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

I<angrname, John, s. J., of Laugharne, ca Car- 
marthen, gent Jesus Coll., matric 15 Feb., 
x68i-2, agol x6 ; B. A 1685 ; of Bolston, co. Car- 
marthen, M.P. Haverfordwest in 6 parliaments 
X702, untH his death 15 Feb., 1715. See Foster's 
Parliamentary Dictionary, 

Lan^hame, Richard (or Lawgher) ; B.A. ^4 Feb., 

1535-6, vicar of Edmonton, Middlesex, 2560. See 

^Sto^s Index Eccl. 
Lan^hame, Robert, gent Trinity Colu, matric 

9bec, 1659. [1*1 

Lamghame, Rowland, of CO. Pembroke, arm. Ba ase- 

NOSE Coll., matric entry under date 31 May, 

1581, aged 17. 
Lan^hame. Rowland; B.A. from All Souls' 

COLL. 19 June, 1663. 

Lanffliame, William, of New Inn Halu 1572; 
^ow of All Souls' Coll, 1573 : B.C.L. 27 Dec. 
X576; perhaps M.P. St Germans 1588-9. Sec 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Langhton, David (Lawton) ; B.Med. 25 Nov.. X555: 
a coppersmith, "an ignorant, unlettered and incom- 
petent person." See Munk's Roll, I 64. 

Langhton, Edward (Lauton); B.A. sop. Oct, 
X540, M.A sup. March, X543-4. L^O] 

Lannder, John; B.A from Catherine Hall, 
Cambridge, 1664-5, M.A x668 ; inctuporated 11 

June, x^i ; vicar of Dedham, E ss ex, 1672. See 
' oster's Index Eccl. 

Lannder, Robert, s. Thomson, of Famhain, Hants, 
pleb. ST. Alb AN Hall, matric xi May, 1676, 
aged X7; B.A from Pembroke Coll. 19 Feb., 
X679-80, M.A X682; of Shenley, Herts, ckrk, 
licenced (v.a) 22 Nov., x686, to marry Mary Soow 
of same, spinster. 

Lannder, WUliam; chaplain Merton Coll.. RA 
x6 Dec, x^8, M. A 4 Feb., 1539 ; secular chaplain, 
possibly vicar of Lanteglos-juxta-Fowey, ComwaH. 
1562. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus. 

Lanrey, Christopher, s. Edmund, of Bucklawl, Devon, 
sacerd. Wadham Coll., matric 4 July, 1623. 
aged 17; B.A 9 Nov., X627; vicar of Buckland 
Monachonun, Devon, X629, sequestered by the 
Westminsttf assembly to the rectory of Ashpriogtoo. 
Devon, X647. See Foster's Index EccL & Add, 
MS. X5,67i, p. 233. 

Lanrie, Edmund, pleb. Broadgates Hall, matric 
entry under date 1576 (as Edward) ; B. A 2a Felx. 
X581-2 ; vicar of Buckland Monachomm, Devon, 
X589 ; father of Christopher. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiastieus, [2^] 

Lanrey, Edmond. of Devon, cler. fit Broadgates 
Hall, matric xo April, 1610, aged 18 ; &A. xj 
June, X6X3. 

Laverooke, Richard (Levcrocke); RA sup. 27 
June, x^8o. 

Layers, John, s. Philip, of East AlUngton, Devon, 
sacerd. Wadham Coll. . matric 30 June. 1636, 
aged x6 ; rector of Mordcigh, Devon, X651. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Lavinins, Wenceslaus, a Moravian; D.Med. 25 Fdx, 
X586-7; having studied 20 years in Germany, Ftance 
and Italy. S^ O.H.S. x. 379. 

Lavington, George, s. Jos., of MindenbaH, Wilts, 
cler. New Coll., matric X9 Feb., 1705-6, aged 
20; B.CL. 17x3, D.C.L. X732; rectcM- of Heyford 
Warren, Oxon, X7X7-30, canon of Worcester 1^x9. 
rector of St. Michael Bassishaw X730, canon of sL 
Paul's X731, chaplain in ordinary to George IL, 
X730, rector of St Mary Aldermary, and St 'HxKnas 
Apostle X742, canon, treasurer, and andideacoQ 
Exeter 1747. bishop X748, and rector of Sbobroo^ 
Devon, X747, until his death 13 Sept, X762. Sec 
Fosters Index Eccl, ; Guick MS, 640 ; RawJi I 
269, xviii. 6. [^OJ 

Lavington, John, of Wnis. pleb. St. John's Colu. 
matric 18 April, X592, agMi 2a 

Lavington, Joseph, s. Rich., of Stanton Barnard. 
Wilts, pleb. WADHAM Coll., matric 6 April, 
1665, aged 17; B.A from Hart Hall ix Fcbu. 
X668-9; rector of Bleadon, Somerset, 1^5^^ aiMi 
of Newton Longville, Bucks, i68ow See Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

t 885 ] 

Robert Lavor. 


Richard Lawley. 

Lavor, Robert, of Somerset, pldx St. Mast Hall, 
matrk. x Dec., 1609, aged 17. 

Lavor, Thomas, of Somerset, pleb. Hart Hall, 
matxic 5 March. z6ox-3. aged 19. 

Lavor, Thomas. & John, of Evill. Somerset, gent 
ExETSR Coll.. matric. 7 July 1637. aged 16; 
B.A. 13 May. 1641. as John Laver. 

Law, AUen, a. A, of Wells. Somerset, pp. Trinitt 
CoLU, roatria 13 July, 1699. aged 16 ; B.A 1703. 
rector of Huish £piscopi. Somerset, 1710, vicar 
of South Brent, Somerset, 1722. See Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

Lav. Anthonie. s. Edmund, of Scremby, 00. Lincoln, 
pleb. MAGDALeN Hall, matric. x6 April, 1634. 
aged 19; B.A from Magdalen Coll. i Feb., 
1696-7; M.A from Magdalen Hall 13 June, 
1639, vicar of Theddlethorpe All Saints, ca Lincoln. 
1633. See Tosiefs Index £uL [8] 

Lawe, Beimmin. s. Richard, of Woodhoose, Yorks, 
gent. Brasenosb Coll.. matric. 5 April. 1661. 
aged 17 ; student of Gray's Inn 1663. See Foster's 
Grays Inn Reg, 

Lawe, Hierom, s. Rich., of Elland. Yorte. gent 
Universitv Coll.. matric. 33 March. 1666-7. aged 
17 ^ B. A. 1670, M.A. 1673. as * Jerem. Law.* 

Law* John, of CO. Lancaster, pleb. Brasenosb 
Qovi^ . matric 13 June. 1589, aged so. 

Lawe, John. ' ser.' Brasenosb Coll., subs. 15 June. 
1657. B. A. 1661 ; possibly a student of Gray's Inn 
1653. as IS. John, of Blacld>unie, oa Lancaster. See 
Foster's Gra^s Inn Reg. 

Lawe, Jonathan .* B. A from Magdalen Coll., Cam- 
bridge, Z667-8. M.A 167Z ; incorporated xx June, 
1671. rector of Bow Brickhill, Bucks, X671. See 
Foster's Index EccL [lO] 

Lawe, Launcelot ; demy Magdalen Coll. X614-30, 
B.A. 36 July. 1617. M. A x July. x630. fellow 1630- 
35, B.D. 13 June. 1639. rector of Swaby, co. Lincoln, 
1604. See Burrows, 513 ; & Bloxam, v. 46. 

Lawe, Mark. IS. James, of Ashburton. Devon, gent 
Wadham Coll.. matric 3 Nov.. 1636. aged 19: 
B.A. 35 Oct., 1637, M.A 10 June. 1630. vicar of 
Ashburton, Devon. 1639. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lawe, Richard, of co. Lancaster, pleb. Brasenosb 
Coll., matric i^ Dec. 1581, aged 19; (subs, as 
Lowe), RA. 17 June, 158?, M.A. 9 July. 1591 ; 
called Lowe in Brasenose calendar. 

Lawe, Richard, cfent Brasenose Coll.. matric 13 
July, 1653. called Lowe in Brasenose calendar. 

Law, Robert (or Low). Carmelite; B.D. sup. xo Nov., 
xkii. D.D. 18 March, 1530-1. prior of the college 
of the Carmelites, in the north suburb of Oxon. 
provincial of the order xso5-43 ; perhaps vicar of 
Ware, Herts. See Newcourt & FasH, L 53. [18] 

Lawe, Robert, s. Robert, of Exeter. Devon, gent 
Wadham COll.. matric 39 April. X636. aged 18, 
B.A. 5 July. 1636; M.A from Hart Hall 4 
Mav", 1639; per^ps vicar of Hemyodc, Devon, 
and ejected for nonconformity X663. See Ccdamy, 

Law, Robert, s. Rob., of Abbotts Kerswell. Devon, 
gent Trinity Coll.. matric. 33 March, 1665-6, 
aged 17; B.A. from Hart Hall 1669, vicar of 
Ctdmstock and of Northlcw 1670. rector of Brad- 
stone (an Devon) X674 ; father of Wdliam 1713. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Law, Thomas, dcr. fiL Corpus Christi Coll.. 
subs. 10 March. 1656-7, B.A. 1660; M.A. from 
Lincoln Coll. 1663. 

Law, Thomas, gent Queen's Coll.. matric. ax 
March. 1658-9 ; student of Gray's Inn 1659, as son 
and heir of Thomas, late of Whaddoo, Bucks, 
gent See Foster's Gretas Inn Reg. 

Lawe, Thoran*, secular chaplain, B.CaB.L. sup. ay 
June. XSI6. [aol 

Lawe, William, s. Rob., of North Lew. Devon, cler. 
Exbtbr Coll.. matric at May. X713. aged 19; 
B.A from New Inn Hall 1717, rector of Hal- 
well, Devon. 1730-5. See TosMa^s Index Eccl. 

Laweme, John (Laveme or Lorne). B.D. 3 July, 
1536, B^edictine monk of Worcester, one of the 
first prebendaries there 34 Jan., i54i-3, rector of 
Sedgberrow ca Worcester, 1543; died in 155L 
See Foster's Index EccL & FasH, L 74. 

Lawes, George (Lawse), RA. (? from St. Mary 
Hall) 17 Feb., 1573-4. Sec O.H.S. xiL 38. 

Lawes, John, of Wilts, pleb. Mbrton Coll., 
matric xo Nov.. x63i. aged x6; B.A 30 Jan., 
i6a6-7, butler of his college ; buried in the 4th part 
of the outer chapel May. i^ ; admon. at Oxnrd 
xo June following. See Gntckt I app. 307. 

Lawes, Ralph (Lawce or Lawe), B.A xy July, 1531, 
M.A. sup. Nov., 1534. rector of Kingweston, 
Somerset^ i54i-54, restored after 1558. and died 


X564. See Weaver, 





Lawes, Robert, of co. Lancaster, pleb. Brasenosb 
Coll., matric entry under date 30 July, XJ78, 
aged x8 ; B.A. 4 Feb., x579-8o, fellow 1580-1, M.A. 
99 Nov., X583, as Lawe 

Lawes, Thomas (Lawse), M.A 14 March, 1534-5. 
Lawes, Wmiam (Lawce, Lause or Lawjrs) ; fellow of 

Exeter Coix. X531-7, RA. sup. June. X533. M.A. 

X4 Nov.. 1535. vicar of St Gennis. Cornwall. X548. 

See Foster's Index Eccl, & Boose, 34. 

Lawforde, Daniel, of CO. Warwick, pleb. Oriel 
Coll., matric. 30 April, x6x9. aged X5 ; B.A X9 
Oct, X633. M.A 33 Jan., x6a7-8. proctor 1637 
(incorporated at Cambridge 1633), licenced to 
preach 18 Nov.. 1637, B.D. xo Oct, X638, vicar of 
Bisley. CO. Gloucester. 1638, rector of Oare, 
Somerset. 1643. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lawford, John. s. John, of Bristol, gent Trinity 
Coll., matric X9 Dec, x668. aged 18. [SO] 

Lawford, William, & Robert, of Stow Gifford. co. 
Gloucester, pleb. Oriel Coli^, matric 34 Oct., 
X634, aged xy ; B.A i/o May, 1635, M.A. 9 April. 
X638, vicar of Llanrothall, ca Hereford. x66a See 
Foster^s Index EccL 

Lawgham, John, of Somerset, pleb. UNiVERsmr 
Coll., matric i Dec. 1581. aged aa 

Lawgham, Thomas ; B. A 30 May, 153a 

Lawless, John, secular chaplain ; B. A 4 July, X53X. 

Lawley (Sir). Edward, of Salop, arm. fil nat max. 
Brasenose Coll.. matric. 11 Mav, 1604, aged 17; 
student of Inner Temple x6o6. as of Wenlock, Salop, 
late of Lyons Inn. gent (son of Sir Thomas, of 
Wenlock) and knighted o Nov.. X619. M.P. Much 
Wenlock X614, x6ax-3. See Foster's Inns q^ Court 
Rig. [»5] 

Lawley, Fttmcls. s. F^.. of London, hart Pem- 
broke Colu. matric 14 July. x683. aged 17 ; died 
immarried, brother of Richard 1691. and of William 

Lawl ey , George, of Salop, gent. Brasenose Coll. , 
matric. 37 Feb., 1595-6, aged x6; B.A. 3 Dec, 
X599, M.A. X3 Dec, i6oa; fellow of All Souls' 
Coll., B.C.L. X7 Dec, 1608; perhaps M.P. Much 
Wenlock 1604-ix. yst son of Thomas. See Foster's 
Parliamentary Dictionary, 

Lawley, Lewis, s. George, of Wobum, Beds, pleb. 

Balliol Coll., matric 30 May. 1689. aged 16. 

B.A X693. 
Lawley, Richard, s. Fr.. of London. Middx., eq. aur. 

(subs. 'hart'). University Coll., matric 33 

M^. x6ox, aged x6: of Ealing, Middl^ez; brother 

of Frands and of William 1674. 

[ 886 ] 

Richard Lawley. 

1500— 1714, 

John Lawrens. 

Lawley, Richard, s. Tho., of Lmcoln's Inn, London, 
"bar." Christ Church, matric 7 April, 17x4, 
aged 18 ; student of Inner Temple Z713 ; his father 
of Canhall, co. Stafford, bait. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg, 

Lawly, A^iUiani (or Laly) ; RCan.L. from New Ikn 
Hall 30 April, 1555, dean of Ttiam and arch- 
bishop 1573. rector of Athenry and prebendary of 
Laccagh 1572; died 1595. See Atk, ii. 839; & 
Cotton^ iv. 12, 90, 44, 56. 

Lawley, 'William, s. Francis, of Canhall, co. Stafford, 
bart Christ Church, matric. 3 Nov., 1674, 
aged 15; student of Inner Temple 1677; brother 
of Francis 1682. and of Richard 1691. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Lawodde, Fettiplace, of Bucks, pleb. New Coll., 
24 Nov., 1581, aged 11. See also Wood. 

Lanrenoe. Anthony, of CO. Gloucester, pleb. St. 
Alban Hall, matric 12 June, 1618. aged 17 ; of 
Sevenhampton, ca Gloucester (s. Anthony), baptised 
there 2601, died 1643; brother of Francis same 
date. [8j 

Lawrence, Anthony, s. Rob., of Sevenhampton, co. 
Gloucester, gent Oriel Colu, matric. 12 June, 
1668, aged 15 ; B. A 1672, M. A 167J. ; of Seven- 
hampton, an extra licentiate of the oollc^ of phy- 
sicians 1677, buried 1717. See Munk's Roll» L 396. 

Lawrence, Arthur; fellow New College 15^, 
from Winchester, B.A 23 Feb.. 1556-7, died 15587 

Laurence, Arthur ; student of Christ Church 1571 ; 

B.A 12 Feb., 1578-9, M.A 6 March, 1581-2; rector 

of St. Benet Sherehog, London, 1597. See Foster's 

Index Eccl, 
Lawrence, Bartholomew, of co. Lincoln, pleb. St. 

Mart Hall, matric 10 July, 1584, aged 17. 

Lawrence, Charles, of Dorset, gent. New Coll., 
matric 2 Nov.. 1610, aged 19 ; B.A. 9 May, 1614 ; 
perhaps son of Richard, of Winterbourne Steepleton, 
Dorset; baptised 22 Sept., 1589, and buned 90 

Oct., 1662. r^o] 

Lawrence, Christopher, s. Robert, of Dorchester, pleb. 
Queen's Coll., matric 4 Nov., 16^1. aged 18; 
B.A 30 Jan., 1634-5; rector of Odcombe, Somerset, 
and of Langton 24atravers, Dorset, 1656-8, and of 
Winterbourne Came 1658, until ejected for non- 
conformity 1662 ; died 15 May, 1667, buried in All 
Saints, Dorchester. See Calamy^ ii. 123 ; & Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

Lawrence, Cornelius; B.A from TRiNmr Coll., 
Cambridge, i6z8 (incorporated 11 July, 1620), 
"DMed, per IM, Reg, 1636. See Foster's Graduati 

Laurence, Daniel, of Berks, pleb. St. Edmund 
Hall, matric 4 Dec, 16x8, aged 28 ; B.A i July, 

Lawrence, Daniel, s. Joh., of Didmarton, co. Glou- 
cester, minister. St. Edmund Hall, matric 3 
April, 1663, aged 17 ; B.A 1666. 

Lawrence, David, pleb. New Inn Hall, subscribed 
2^ Oct., 1657; B.A. from Lincoln Coll. 1661; 
vicar of Maker, Cornwall, 1669, and of Mevagissey, 
1682. See Foster's Index EccL [15] 

Lawrence, Edward, of Oxon, " Generos.** Christ 
Church, matric 24 Nov., 1581, aged z6. 

Lawrence, Edmund, s. Thomas, of Chilton, Berks, 
sacerd. Hart Hall, matric 7 Nov., 1^4, aged 
z6 ; one of these names vicar of Sheepshed, ca 
Leicester, 1661. See Foster's Index Eccs, 

Laurence, (Sir) Edward, of Dorset, arm. fiL Oriel 
Coll., matric 18 Mav, 1610. aged 16; of Creech 
Grange, in the isle of Purbeck, knighted 17 May, 
164^ (s. Sir Edward, knighted Nov., 16x9, and 
died 13 Jan., 1629), M.P. Wareham 1626; buried 
24 Sept , 1647 ; father of Robert 1635. See Foster's 
Parttamentary Dictumary, 

Lawrence, Edward, of Sussex, gent Hart Hall, 
matric 20 April, 1621, aged 18. 

LawrenoCi Edward, 8. Edw., of Blandford, Dorset, 
gent Wadham Coll., matric 99 March, 1694, 
aged Z7 ; scholar 1696, exhibitioner 1697, EA 
1697. See Gardiner, 384. [20] 

Lawrence, Ellis, of Dorset, pleb. Balliol Coll., 
matric 2 Nov., 1599, aged 15; B.A. from Hart 
Hall 6 May, i6c^. rector of Semley, Wilts, i6a8. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Laurence, Francis, of ca Gloucester, pleb. St. 
Alban Hall, matric. 12 June. 1618. aged 14, E A 
9 May, 1621 ; brother of ^thony 1618. 

Laurence, George, of Dorset, gent UNiVEKsmr 
Coll., matric xz Oct, 160^. ag:ed x6; perhaps ol 
Winterbourne Steepleton, baptised 8 July, 1586; 
brother of Charles 1610, and father of Richard 

Lawrence, George, s. George, of Stepney. Middx. 
pleb. NEW Inn Hall, matric 27 June, 1654, 
aged 19 ; Pauline exhibitioner 1632-40, EA 
3 July, 1636, M.A. 2 Ma^, 1639, " a vioknt 
puritan and a great admirer of the Scotch 
covenant," lecturer of St George's, Botolpb 
Lane, minister of the hospital of St Cross, near 
Winchester, ejected and silenced at the restoraiioo. 
See Ath, iv. 783 ; St, Pauls S,R.^\&, Calamy, m. 

Lawrence, Giles ; scholar of CoRPtJS Christi Coll. 
ij^, from CO. Gloucester ; fdlow Ali« Souls' 
>LL. 1542 (B.C.L.), D.CL. sup. 13 Mardi, 

vicar of Chalgrove, Oxon, 1573. and archdeacon of 
St. Albans 1581-2, vicar of Rickmansworth, Herts, 
1580, tutor to the children of Sir Arthtu Dare;. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, \ Lansdawne MS. 982. L 
64 ; & FasH, L 209. [as] 

Laurence, Giles; B.A. from Magdalen Hall x6 
Feb., 1587-8. 

Lawrence, Guy, gent Magdalen Hall, matric 
10 Nov., 1651 ; B.A. from Christ Chukch 13 
Feb., 1654-5, M.A. 27 June, 1657; perhaps £uber 
of the next. 

Lawrence, Guy, of Thombury, ca Gloucester, der. 
fiL Christ Church, matric 14 July, 1688. aged 
17 ; B.A. 169^, M.A. 1699, as Gmdo ; brother of 
Siamuel same oatc 

Lawrence, Henry. B.A. 7 Feb., X539-90 ; ^^^^ 
Exeter Coll. 1530-43, M.A. 29 Nov., 1532. ia 
holy orders, rector of his college 1541-3 ; died 24 
June, 1545. See Boose, 33. 

Lawrence, James, gent Balliol Coll., matric i 
3 June, 1652. [30} 

Laurence, John ; fellow New Coll. 1498-15101 
from Chertsey, Surrey, B.C.L. 4 April, i5(^ vkar 
of Overton, Wilts, 15x5, until his death 154a. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Lawrence, John, B.A. 31 Jan., X512-3, and anotbs 
B.A. 21 Jan., _i52o-i, ^.A. sup. 11 July, i« 

fellow of All Souls' Coll. 1522, B.CL. 4 Fdi, 
1523-4, Benedictine, B.Can.L. 17 July, XC31, arch- 
deacon of Wilts 1554, until deprimi oefoR x8 
Sept, X564. 

These are evidently two graduates, bat there is 
no means of distinguishing between them. Soe 
Fasti, L 6«; O.H.S. i. 81, 115, 136; Li 
MS, 981, L 25 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Lawrence, John, at Corpus Christi Colu 154S 
(from Somerset), fellow 1548. B.C.L.. sup. z 
one of these names beneficed in ComwaO. 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lawrens, John, student residing in the town Jcl^ 
1562. 'Tutor, Richard Clyffe ; perhaps RA i| 
Dec, 1572 ; one of these names beneficed in Haiaf 
shire. Se^ Foster's Index Eccl, ; & O.H.S. x. 23^ 

[ 887 ] 

John Laurence. 


Thomas Lawrence. 

Laurencey John, of London, arm. fiL nat. max. St. 
John's Coll., matric. 27 May, 1603, aged 14; 
B.A. from Oriel Coll. 29 Oct, 1604 ; M.A from 
St. Edkund Hall 7 July, 1615 ; probably son of 
Thomas ; knighted at Koyston a6 Jan., i6zo, 
created a baronet 9 Oct. , i6a8 ; buried in Chelsea 
church 14 Nov., 1638, as a knight, aged 50 ; father 
of John 1627. 

Lawrence, John, of Wilts, cler. fil. Queen's Coll. , 
matric. 22 June, z6zo, aged 19 ; perhaps M. A. from 
St. Edmund Hall 7 July, 1615, but see preceding. 

Lawrence, John, s. John, of Newton, Oxon, pleb. 
St. John's Coll. , matric. 4 July. 1623, aged 16 ; 
B.A. zo July, 1624 (?as Job); M.A from Glou- 
cester HALL 14 Feb., Z627-8, as John. 

Laurence, (Sir) John, s. John, of Ivor, Bucks, militis. 
St. Edmund Hall, matric. 20 April, Z627, aged Z7 ; 
student of Inner Temple Z631 ; father of iThomas 
i66z. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lawrence, John, subscribed 20 March, Z634-5. [8] 

Lanrencd, John, s. John, of Whitchurch, Dorset, 

gent. Christ Church, matric. 22 March, 1674-5, 

aged 16. 

Lawrence, John, Bart fil. University Coll., 
matric. 24 May, 1604, B.A 26 Feb.. Z697-8, bap- 
tised at Chelsea 5 >fov., Z676; son of Thomas z66z. 

Lawrence, John, is. John, of London, equitis. 
Magdalen Coll., matric. 28 July, Z702, aged 17 ; 
student of Inner Temple Z70Z ; his father perhaps 
lord mayor and knighted 17 June, i66a See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lawrence, John, s. Edward, of Withington, ca 
Gloucester, pleb. Trinity Coll. , matric. Z3 May, 
Z707. aged z9 ; B. A from St. Edmund Hall 22 
Felx, 1710-ZI, vicar of Brockworth, co. Gloucester, 
17x3-26, and of Syde, co. Gloucester, 17Z4-30. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Lanrenoe^ Jonas, B.A from Magdalen Coll. 26 
June, 1034, as Ion ; M.A 6 July, Z637, as Jonas. 

Lanrence, Jonathan, of Dorset, gent. Exeter 
Coll., matric 4 May, 162Z, aged 20; B.A 22 
March, 1622-3 (s. William, of Winterboume 
Steepleton), rector of Haselbury Bryan, and of 
Upway, Dorset, 1648 ; buried there in 1664. See 
Foster^s Index EccL [11] 

Laurence. Paul, B.A from Emmanuel Coll., 
Cambrioge, 1607-8, M.A. z6zi, incorporated 
9 July, i6zz ; perhaps father of another Paul, 
of Cambridge university, who was beneficed in 
Sussex. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lawrence, Philip, " ser." Magdalen Coll., matric. 
26 Oct, i66a 

Lawrence, Richard ; B.A 19 Oct., 1573. 

Xaaorenoe, Richard, of Dorset, gen. HART Hall, 
matric entry under date 2 May, 1581. aged Z9 ; 
probably of Winterboume Steepleton, Dorset (son 
and heir of Richard) ; died 3 Oct, 1625 ; father of 
George 1605, and Charles z6za [15] 

• _ 

Laurence, Richard, of CO. Gloucester, pleb. Oriel 
Coll., matric. 4 Feb., Z6Z9-20, aged 20. 

Lawrence, Richard, s. George, of Steepleton, Dorset, 
gent. MAGDALEN Hall, matric 15 July, 1636, 
aged 18 ; bom 17 July, 1616. See Atk, iii. 452. 

Lanrence, Richard, of Pembroke Coll. ; created 
M.A. 96 May, 1649, by favour of Fairfax and 
Cromwell; perhaps incorporated at Cambridge 
1651 ; rector of Trunch, Norfolk, ejected 1660 ; 
became pastor of a church at Amsterdam, and 
assistant to Nfr. Matthew Mead at Stepney, where 
be died 17 Nov., 1702, aged 75. See Calamy, 
iii. 15. 

Lawrence, Richard, pleb. (subs. " clerici fiL") New 
Coll., matria 16 Nov., 1650, B.A 24 March, 

Lawrence, Richard, ' * ser. " Exeter Coll. , matric 
22 March, 1658-9, B. A 1662 ; one of these names 
rector of Preston Bagot, co. Warwick, 1677, and 
rector of Tarrant Rawston, Dorset, 1688 ; father of 
the next-named. See Foster's Index EccL [20] 

Lawrence, Richard, s. Ric, of Rolton (Tarrant 
Rawston), Dorset, cler. Exeter Coll., matric. 3 
April, 1707, aged 17, B. A 1710 ; M.A from King's 
Coll., Cambridge, 1728, rector of Tarrant Rawston 
1714, and of Tarrant Rushton 1731. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Lawrens, Robert; B.A 13 Nov., 1510. 

Laurence, Robert, subscribed 4 Nov., 1631 ; possibly 
student of Inner Temple 1631, as as. Sir John, of 
Ivor, Bucks, kt and bart. See Foster's Inns 0/ 
Court Reg. 

Lanrence, ^ir), Robert, s. Edward, of isle of 
Purbeck, Dorset, arm. Trinity Coll., matric. 
4 Dea 1635, aged 17 ; of lyneham, Dorset ; 
baptised at Steeple 2 July, 1618; buried there 22 
June, 1666. See Hutchins' Dorset, 3rd ed. i. p. 599. 

Lawrence, Robert, s. Thomas, of Brimsfield, co. 
Gloucester, pleb. Balliol Coll. , matric. 4 May, 
1638, aged 17. See Burrows, 562. L^^l 

Lawrence, Robert, s. John, of Cricklade, Wilts, 
gent EXETER CoLU, matric. 22 Oct, 1669, 
aged 18. 

Lanrence, Roger, esquire, created M.A. z6 July, 
1713, deacon and priest 1714; bom 18 March, 
1670, baptised and bred amone the dissenters, 
adfmitted into the blue coat school 1679, dismissed 
thence 1688, a bookkeeper to a Spanish merchant 
and after to Sir John Lethieullier in London, 
declared himself a convert to the church of England 
and was baptised at Christ Church, London, perhaps 
a nonjuror ; died 6 March, 1735-6, at Beckenham. 
SecRawL i. 198, v. 99; & Gent's. Mag. 1736, 167. 

Lawrence, Samuel, s. John, of London, pp. Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric. 30 June, 1665, aged 18. 

Lawrence, Samuel, s. William, of Chalecott, co. 
Warwick, pleb. Christ Church, matric. 14 Dec, 
1666, aged 17 ; B. A 1670, vicar of Harbury, co. 
Warwick, 1671, and of Shipton Bellinger, liants, 
1689. See Fostef a Index EccL 

Lawrence, Samuel of Thombuiy, co. Gloucester, 

cler. fiL ^HRiST Church, matric. 14 July, 1688, 

CO. Gloucester, 1709, and of Gloucester St Michaels 

aged 16; B.A 1692, M.A 1698, rector of Lassington, 

1721, vicar of Stondiouse, co. Gloucester, 1723; 
brother of Guy same date. See Foster's Index EuL 

Lanrence, Thomas, demy Magdalen Coll. 1531, 
B.A. 17 July, 1531. See Bloxam, iv. 55. [il] 

Laurence, 'Thomas, B.A. 1547-8, fellow Merton 
Coll. 1548 ; one of these names vicar of Lanliveiy, 
ComwaU, 1553. See Foster's Itidex EccL k OM.S^ 

Laurens, Thomas, of Herts, pleb. Trinity Coll., 
matric. entry imder date 12 Dec., 1572, aged 17; 
demy Magdalen Coll. 1576-80, feUow 1580-88, 
B.A 3 Nov., 1582, M.A. 22 June, 1587; one of 
these names bend&ced in Wilts and Berks ; perhaps 
father of Thomas 1636. See Foster's Indiex EccL & 
Bloxam, iv. 20a 

Lawrence, Thomas, of Dorset, cler. fiL Balliol 
Coll., matric. 11 Met/, 1615, aged 17; fellow All 
Souls' Coll. 1618, RA. 9 June, 1618, M.A 16 
May, 1621 (incorporated at Cambridge 1627), B.D. 
13 March, 1628-9, I)«I^> 26 July, 1633, master of 
Balliol College 1637-46, Margaret professor of 
divinity 1638-48, chaplain to the Earl of Pembroke, 
canon and treasurer of Lichfield 1629, chaplain in 
ordinary to Charles I., canon of Worcester 1638-57, 
served the chapelry of Colne, parish of Somersham, 
Hunts, where he died 10 Dec, 1657. See Ath. iii. 
437 ; Burrows, 479 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Lawrence, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Chilton, Berks, 
sacerd. New Inn Hall, matric. 8 April, 1636, 
aged i8. [88] 

[ 888 ] 

Thomas Lawrence. 

iscx) — 17 14. 

Wilfrid Lawsom. 

Xfawrenoe^ Thomas, s. Edvard, of Exeter, Devon, 
gem. £XBTiat CoLi». matric. 5 April, 1639, aged 
15 ; RA. ; M.A. 17 OcL, 16^. See BmrmBS, 562 ; 
Gardiner, 277 ; & Foster's Imdex Exd, 

Lanranoe, Thomas, gent. Mekton Coll., matric. 
17 July. 1649. PanOne exfaibitioaer 1648-56, RA. 
from St. Alban Hall 2 Feb., 1652-3, MA 28 
June, 165c. D.Med. Fadoa; " an apothecary's son in 
London, studied physic and practiced that Caoolty 
in Norfolk; hon. fellow college of physicians 
Dec, Z664. See Munk'sRoU, L 347 ; FasH, vu 187; 

Lawrence, Thomas, "ser." All Souls' Coll., 
niatric. 32 July, 1651. 

Laurenoe, Thomas, s. John, of Chelsea, Middlesex, 
txirt. St. John's Coll., matric. 20 Nov., 1661, 
aeed 16; B.A 33 Feb., 1664-5; M.A. from 
UNiVERsmr COLI. 1668 ; student of Middle 
Temple 1664. supposed to have been boned at 
Chdsea 25 April, 1714 ; Cather of John 1698. See 
Fasti, ii. 302 ; & Foster's Imtu 0/ Court Rtg. 

Lawrenoe. Thomas, s. Arth., of Cubert, Cornwall, 
pleb. Queen's Colu, matric. 4 Dec. 1668, ased 
26 ; RA. 2672. [5] 

Lawrence, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Chiltoii, Berks, 
ppu All Souls' Coll., matric. 14 Dec., 2677, 
aged 26, RA. 2682 ; one of these names rector of 
Bourton-on-Dunsmoor, ca Warwick. 2683. See 
Foster's Index Eul. 

Lanrenoe, Tristram, subscribed 4 Nor. 2624 ; RA. 
from Hart Hall 22 Dec, 2618. 

Lanrence, William ; RA. from Peter House, Cam- 
bridge, 1568-9. M.A. 2572 (incorporated 25 July, 
2572), B.D. 2580 ; possibly a student of Gray's Inn 
2569. See Foster's Grajfs Inn Rtg, & Foster's Index 

Lawrence, William, of oa Gk>ooeflter, gent Queen's 
Coll., matric 29 Oct., 2582, aged 25; of Sherd- 
ington, ca Gloooetter (s. Robert, of Shipton); 
student of Inner Temple 2585, as of Shipton SoUers. 
00. Gloucester, gent. ; made his win in 2638. proved 
1699; father ot William 262a See Foster's Inns 
0/ Court Reg, 

Laurence, William, of M^lts, der. fiL Hart Hall, 
matric 23 April, 2585. aged 2a [lO] 

Laurence, WiUiam, of Dorset, *' cond. gen." Hart 
Hall, matric 20 Dec, 2585, aged aa 

Laurence, WilUam; RA. from New Coll. 24 
May, 2590 ; perhaps 6th minor canon of St. Paul's 
2590, etc Siee Foster's Index EccL 

Lawrence, William, of ca Gtoaoester, gent Queen's 
CoLU, matric 30 March, 2620, aged 26 ; B. A 25 
Oct, 2623 ; student of Inner Temple 2624, as of 
Sherdington, oa Gkxicester. gent. (s. William 2582) ; 
died 28 Aug., 2682, buried at Badgeworth. See 
Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg, 

Lawrence, Wniiam, 2 s. WilUam, of Wrazall, Dorset, 
arm. Trinitt Coll., matric 28 Nov., 1632, aged 
27; bar.-cu-law, Middle Temple, 2642; M.P. Isle 
of Wight Nov. 2656-58, and for Newtown. Isle of 
Wight, 26^ ; appointed a jud^e or commissioner for 
the administrauon of justice m Scotland by Oliver 
Cromwell Oct , 2653 ; buried at Bedfont near Staines, 
Middlesex. 2682 ; fother of William 2666. See Ath, 
iv. 62 ; & Foster's Judga and Barristers. 

Laurence. William, s. Philip, of Ldttle Wenlock, 
Salop, pleb. Magimlen Coll. , matric. 20 May, 
2636, aged 28; B.A. from All Souls' Coll. 
26 Dec, 264a [18] 

Lawrence, William, of Wraxall, Dorset, arm. 
Queen's Coll., matric 4 May, 2666, aged 25; 
student of Gray's Inn 2666 (as son and heir of 
William). See Foster's Grafs Inn Reg, 

Laurenoe, Wimam, & Wnham, of Sberx&igton, CO. 
Gtoooesicr, arm. Trinitt CoLU, matric 6 Nov., 
1685. aged 27; stndent of Middle Tem|^ 2687; 
died 3 March. 2692. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lawrence, William, s. G. (? ** Gul"), of Bewdky. ca 
Worcester, pp. Brasenose Coll.. matric 29 
April. 2703, aged 28 ; RA. ao March, 1706-7. 

Lawson. See LOWSON. 

Lawson, Aaron, s. Aa., of Pinchbeck, co. LincolQ, 

gent UmvERsmr Coll. , matric 25 Feb., 2692-3. 

aged ra [20] 

Lawson, Christopher, ••ser." Universitt Coll, 
matric 25 June, 2657, B.A. 2661. M.A. 1664; 
RD. from Magdalan Coll., Cambridge, 1671; 
Ticar of Bakewell, co. Dexhy. 2668. andof Gaigiave, 
Yorks, Z673. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lawsonn, Edmund, of Yorks, arm. Gloucester 
Hall, matric. 7 Nov., 2595, aged 24; student of 
GraVs Inn 2599. as son of Ralph, of Broagh, 
Yorkshire, esq. See Foster's Gray's Inn R^, 

Lawson, George, of London, pleb. Christ Church. 
matric «>C)ct. 2590, aged 28; RA 20 June, 1594* 
M.A. 7 July, 2597; rectorofGreatHas^ey, Oxford, 
2507, admon. at Oxford 22 July. 2598. as BJL See 
Al West, 6a ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Lawson, (Sir) Gnfrid (Jeffrey), s. William, of Brayton. 
Cumberland, arm. QuEUf's Coll., matric 19 
Oct, 2605, a^ 28 ; 6th bart of Isell 1743. M.P. 
Cumberland m 8 parliaments 2700-5. 2708-35 ; died 
fl^ Aug., 2749. See Foster's Partiamemtarj Dk- 

Lawson, Henry (Lowson). of Cumberland, der. 61 
Queen's Colu, matric 7 June, 2616, aged 18; 
RA. 23 Dec, 2620, M.A. 5 July, 2624 ; one Williaii 
Lowson, vicar of Aikton 159a, and of Wicton, 
Cumberland, 2593. See Foster's Index EccL [25] 

Lawson, James, of Derby, equitis fil ; matric 4 
Mardi, 2585-6, aged 26 ; ** Mr. Case's scholar." 

Lawson, Lancelot (Lowson), s. William, of Huttoa, 
Cumberland, saoerd. Queen's Coll., matric. 4 
Nov., 2632, aged 28. 

Lawson, Peter, of London, pleb. Sx. John's Coll, 
matric 24 Oct., 2597. aged 28; B.A. 14 Dec, 
2602, M.A. 23 June. 1605; buried in the college 
chapel 2619. See RoHnson, i 32. 

Lawsone, Ralph, of ca Durham, arm. Gloucestck 
Hali«, matnc 23 Feb., 2^86-7. aged 15 ; student c^ 
Gra/s Inn 2592, as of Nesham. Yorks, perbaps 
knighted 23 July, 1603. and died 6 Oct, 2623. See 
Raine's North Durham, 237 ; Foley's Records SJ. 
T. 708 ; & Foster's Grays Inn Reg, 

Lawson, Raynolde, of Yorks, arm. Trintit Coll. 
matric entry under date ao Sept., 1^4, agrd iS 
(** Mro. Hindmer tutorigram.") ; possibly a student | 
of Gray's Inn 2578, as Reginald, of Staple Iim. See 
Foster^s Grafs Inn Reg, [SO] 

Lawson, Robert, s. John, of London, arm. St. 
Edmund Hall, matric 27 June, 2687, aged 15. 

Lawson, WiUhd, of Cornwall, gent Queen's Coll, I 
matric 22 Nov., 2628. aged 17 ; probably son of 
William Lawson, of IseU. Cumberland ; knighted 
86 Feb.. 2640-2. created a baronet 31 March, ]684, 
M.P. Cumberland 2659, and 2660, Cockermoa' 
2662-78, died in 2689. 

Lawson, (Sir) Wilfrid, s. WiUiam, of IseU. Cum 
land, arm. Queen's Coll., matric sa Ma 
2680-2, aged 26 ; and bart, student of Gray's I 
2682, M.P. Cockerroouth 1600-5, ^^ '704* ^* 
of Wilfrid 2723. See Fostei^s Grafs Inst Reg. 

Lawson, Wilfrid, as. Henry, of London. 
Univershy Coll. , matric 2^ Nov., 2693. aged 1 
R A. 2697, perhaps vicar of Warkworth, Nocthur 
berland, 2727-32, his &ther cth son of the 2st ' 
Wilfrid Lawson, bart See Foster's Index EccL 

[ 889 ] 


Wilfrid Lawson. 


John Leach. 

Lawson, (Sir) Wnfrid, s. Wilfrid, of ladl. Cumberland. 

barL Queen's Coll., matric. 25 April, 1713, aged 

16; srd barL, student of Inner Temple 1715. F.R.S. 

groom of the bedchamber to George 1.. M.P. 

Boroughbridgc (Feb.), 1718, Cockermouth 1722, 

unta his death 13 July, 1737. See Foster's Inns of 

Court Reg, 
Lawson« William; B.A from Christ Church (circa) 

1551, M.A 30 May. 1555; one of these names 

rector of Sevenoaks. Kent. 1559. See Foster's 

Index Ecd. 
Lawson, William (Lauson or Lanson), of ca Lincoln, 

pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric entry under 

date 23 Dec, 1576. aged 19. 

Lawson, William, of Yorks, pleb. St. Edmund 
Hall, matric 7 Feb., 1583-4, aged 2a 

Lawsonn, William, of Yorks. pleb. Christ Church, 
matric 30 May, 1606, aged 17; B.A. 10 Feb., 
1609-10 ; perhaps rector of Hutton in the Forest, 
Cumberland, 1614, or vicar of Stainton. Yorks, 
1622 ; father of Lancelot 1631. See Foster's Index 
EccL [S] 

Lawson, William, s. William, of Malbam, Yorks. 
pleb. Queen's Coll., matric ^ Dec, 1671, aged 
20 ; perhaps rector of Southvnck, Sussex, 1679. 
See Fosters Indtx Ecd, 

Lawson. William, s. James, of Kirkbaro, co. Lancas- 
ter, pleb. Brasenosb Coll.. matric. 27 March, 
1708. ag«xl 15 *, B.A. 17x1, rector of Radcliffe, co. 
Lamcaster. 1724. See Foster's Index EceL 

Lawton, Charlwood, s. Ralph, of Egham. Surrey, 

genL Wadham Coll.. matric 7 Dec, 1677, 

aged 27 ; har.-at-Iaw, Middle Temple, 1688 ; father 

of Henry. See RawL tl 247 ; & Foster's Judges 

and Barristers. 
Lawton, David and Edward. See Laughton, page 

Lawton, Henry, s. Cbarlewrigbt (Charlwood). of 

Egham. Surrey, arm. Lincoln Coll.. matric. 

4 OcL. 1707. aged 15 ; bar.-at-Iaw. Lincoln's Inn. 

1715. See Foster's Judges and Barristers. [10] 
Lawton, John ; B.A. from Christ Church 4 July, 

Lawton, Robert, s. Andr., of Myvod, co. Montgomery, 

pleb. St. Edmund Hall, matric 30 March, 1666, 

aged 21. 
LaWbOn, Thomas, of Cheshire, arm. St. Alban 

Hall, matric entry under date 1575, aged 17 ; 

bodT.-at-law, Inner Temple, 1584, bencher 1^97, as 

3s. John, of Lawton. Cheshire, gent See Foster's 

Judges and Barristers, 

Laxton, Samud; B.A from New Inn Hall 17 

Oct., 1682. See Loxton. 
Laye, Roger, subscribed 16 April. 16x3. [18] 

Lajrer, Richard, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matric 3 June, 1603, aged 16; B.A. 13 Feb., 
1606-7 (as Lyer). M.A 4 June. 161 1 (as Leir). 
rector of Charlton Musgrove. Somerset. 16x7. as 
Ldr ; father of Thomas Leir X64X. See Foster's 
Index Ecd. 

Layer, William, of London, gent Balliol Coll., 
matric 6 Nov., X590, aged X7. 

Layfield, Charles, s. Edward, of Tewin. Herts, 
SwT.D. St. John's Coll., matric X9 Oct, x666, 
agedx7; B.A. X670. M.A. 1674. B.D. X679, D.D. 
1693; bom 3X Oct, 1649, admitted to Merchant 
Taylors' school. X663, rector of Wrotham, Kent, 
1677. andofCroston, ca Lancaster. X683. canon of 
Winchester 1687. rector of Buriton, Hants, x688, 
and of Chilbolton. Hants, i690-i7X5. See Robinson, 
L 264 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Layfeild, Edmund. B.A. from Christ's Coll., Cam- 
bridge. X6X3-X4, M.A x6x7, B.D. X624, incorporated 
7 Jn^, 1626; perhaps fother of the next SceEasti, 
L 427 ; & Foster's Graduati Cantai, 

Layfield, Edward, of London, clca-. fiL St. JOHN'S 
Coll. , matric 28 June, X620. aged x6 ; B. A. 20 April* 
X624 (incorporated at Cambridge X625), M.A. X3 
May. X628, incorporated at Cambridge X633 (D.D.); 
admitted to Merchant Taylors' school x6x7, rector 
of Ibstock, CO. Leicester, 163a, canon residentiary of 
St. Paul's x6^, archdeacon of Essex X634. vicar of 
All Hallows. Barking. X635, rector of East Hor^iey, 
Surrey. X637, of Wrotham, Kent, 1638, of Chidding- 
fold. Surrey, X640, until sequestered by the West- 
minster assembly in x64^, rector of Come Wakes, 
Essex, 1640^, and of Barnes, Surrey. x66^HBo ; 
bom 8 Jan.. X604-5. buried at All Hallows. Barking, 
xoAug.. x6iBa See Robinson, L 9a; Lansdowne 
MS. 986, 1 244 ; & Add. AfSS. 15.669-7X. [aoj 

Layfield, John, B.CL. from St. John's Coll 14 
Nov., x66i, rector of Chiddingfold, Surrey, 1663- 
1704, and of Grafifham, Sussex, 1674 ; father of the 
next-named. See Foster's Index Ecd. 

Layfield, John, s. Jo., of Chiddingfold, Surrey, cler. 
St. John's Coll., matric x8 March, i685-6. aged 
17; RA. 31 Oct, 1689. 

Layler, Robert See Tavler 1636. 

Layngy Henry, scholar Trinity Coll., Dublin, 1683, 
B.A. x686; incorporated from Trinity Coll., cr. 
BdA. X2 Tuly, X690, B. and D.D. xo July, X713, 
vicar of Winsham. Somerset. 1692, subdean of 
Wells 1698, canon of Wells 1700, rector of Wayford. 
Somerset. X70X, rector of Pottesgrave, and of 
Battlesden, Beds. X708. Archdeacon of Wells X7X6 ; 
fether of Robert next-named, and of Henry 17x5. 
See Foster's Index Ecd. 

Layng, Robert, s. Henry, of Wells (city), der. 
Trinity Coll., matric 28 March, X713, aged x6 ; 
B.A. from Baluol Coll. 17x6. M.A. 17x9. [as] 

Layton, Charles (Laton), eouitis fil. nat min. 
Queen's Coll., matric 2 July, 1658, student of 
Grav's Inn X657. as son of Sir 'fbomas, of Layton, 
Yorks, knight, deceased. See Foster's Gra/s Inn 

Layton, Richard (Leyton), B.CL. 25 June, 1522, an 
advocate of Doctors' Commons 5 June, X53X, a 
visitor of the university of Oxford, rector of Stepnev, 
Middlesex, 1522. canon of St. Paul's X523, aich- 
deacon of Buckingham X534, rector of Sedgefuld, co. 
Durham, x?36, rector oT Harrow-on-the-HiU i^, 
and of Eccleston, ca Lancaster. 154X, dean of Vork 
1539 ; died in X544. See Coote's Civilians, 27 ; 
Lansdowne MS. 980, ff. 38, 41 ; & Foster's Index 

Layton, Thomas (Laitone), of Yorks, gent Trinity 
Coll.. matric. entry under date xo April, X581, 
aged 19. 

Lea. See Lee. 

Leaoh. See also LlSx^HS. [SO] 

Leaoh, Benjamin (Leeche), B.A from Christ's Coll.. 

Cambridge, x6xo-xx ; (incorporated 6 July, 16x1), 

M.A. 16x4 ; rector of St Lawrence Newland. Essex, 

x62X. See Foster's Index Ecd. 

Leaoh, Humphrey, of Salop, pleb. Brasenose 
Coix., matric 13 Nov., 1590. aged 19; B.A. 
from Queen's Coll., Cambridge. 1592-^. incor* 
porated as M. A 23 June, x6o2 (as Leech), bom 
at Ollerton. Salop, vicar of St Alkmund's, 
Shrewsbury, chaplain or pett^ canon of Christ 
Church, Oxford, suspended m 1608, admitted 
to the society of Jesus at Rome x6i8 ; died in 
Cheshire, 8-x8 July. x6ao. See Foley's Records S. /. ; 
Ath. u. 462 ; & Fasti, 1. 298. 

IiO(a)oh, John, fellow of Exeter Coll. iidrj-n^ from 
Devon, B.A. sup. 14 May, X567, M.A. 5 Dec. 1570, 
B.D. 14 Feb., 1575-6, sup. for licence to preiich 
1576, rector of Washfidd, Devon. 1574, of Tallaton 
X576, canon and chancellor of Exeter 1583 ; died 
X6X3. See Foster's Index Ecd. \ Vivian's Cornwall, 
283; & Boose, 4^ 

[ 890 ] 

John Leech. 


Edward LeciIe. 

Leech, JohOt B.A. from Christ's Coll., Cambridge, 
i5m^, M.A. 1570, incorporated 9 July, 1577. See 
Foster's Gradmati Caniab, 

Leaoh, Jolm, of Devon, cler. fiL Exbter Coll., 
matric. 90 Feb., 1595-6, aged x6 ; B.A. 18 June, 
1599; perhaps rector of Broad Oake, Cornwall. 
1613. See Foster's Index EccL 

Leaoh, John, & Tha, of London, gent Magdalek 
Hall, matric. 13 Mardi, 1667-8, aged 17 ; bar. -at 
law, Middle Temple, 1676. See Foyer's Judges ana 

Leaohy John (Leedi), ipuap, Lincoln Coll. , matric 
zi Dec., 1690, B.A. 1694; perhaps rector of Little 
Fransham, Norfolk, 1701, etc. See Foster's Index 

Leatoh, Lake, of Berwick-on-Tweed ; ptivil^iatns 2 
June, 1681, aged 3a ; " Typogr. Theatro." [S] 

Leaoh* Matthew, of Cambridge, pleb. , ' * privil^giatus" 
31 Feb., 1616-17, aged 35 ; servant of Arthur Lake, 
bishop of Bath and Wells. 

Leaohe^ Nathaniel, of Oxon, gent. Hast Hall, 
matna za Dec., 1595. aged zq ; demy Magdalen 
Coll. Z597-1605, B.A zo July, 1600, M.A 27 
March, Z6014, vicar of North Stoke, Ozoo, z6o8, 
and rector of Stoke Talroage, Oxon, z6za See 
BloxaMt iv. 240 ; and Foster s Index Bed. 

Leaohe» Nicholas, s. Nicholas, of Stoke Climsland, 
Cornwall, gent Exeter Coll., matric. za OcL, 
1638, aged 17 ; brother of Walter Z647. 

Leaohy Nicholas, arm. Exeter Coll., subscribed 
Z5 lune, Z657 ; possibly student of Middle Temple 
z6oa (as son sind heir of Nicholas, of Newton 
St Petrock, Devon, esq.); baptised there z Feb., 
Z64Z-3. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Leeohe, Ralph, of Oxon, gent Jesus Coll., matric. 
entry dated 27 Nov., 1581, aged zz ; perhaps scholar 
or fellow St. John's Colu Z583, aCL. z March, 
Z590.Z. [lO] 

Leaohy Richard ; fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge, 
B.A 1667-8, M.A Z67Z (incorporated Z3 Jmy, 
1675). D.D. Z69Z ; licenced (v.c.) Z5 Jan., Z689-90, 
to marry Jane Mascaline, of St Andrew, Holbom, 
spinster (aged 23) ; rector of Winoeby, Z677, and of 
Driby, CO. Lincoln, z68a See Foster's Index EccL 

Leeoh, Robert, of Berks, arm. St. John's Coll., 
matria ao Oct, Z59a, aged z6 ; B.A az Oct, Z596, 
M.A a June, z6oa 

Leaoh. Robert ; R A from St. John's Coll., Cam- 
briq^, z6zz-za (incorporated Z4 July, i6z3)^ M.A 
z6z5, vicar of Abbotsham, Devon, Z615. See Foster's 
Inaex EccL 

Leech, Samuel, s. Dav., of Glossop, oa Derby, cler. 
Lincoln Coll., matric. Z3 March, Z689-90, aged 

Ijeaohi Simon, 8. Christopher, of Tavistock, Devon, 
gent Exeter Coll., matric. 4 March, 1701-a 
aged Z7 ; B. A Z705, M.A Z708, as Simeon. [15] 

I«eaoh, 'Thomas, of ca Oxon, gent. Hart Hall. 
matria za Dec., Z595, aged Z4 ; B.A from Christ 
Church 7 July, z6oo, M.A a8 June, Z603; perhaps 
r^or of Pewsey, Wilts, z6ta, archdeacon of Wilts 
and rector of Minety z6z4, canon of Sarum z6z5. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Leech. Timothy, of St. Mart Hall, sup. for B. A 
a6 Feb., I594-5' See O.H.S, xiL Z93. 

Leaohei (Sir) Walter, of Devon, arm. fiL Oriel 
Coll., matric. a June, z6z7, aged Z7 ; B. A 3 Feb., 
z6z9-ao ; baptised at Exeter z8 Sept, Z5Q9, student 
of Lincoln's Inn z6ao (as son and heir of Simon, of 
Cadldgh, Devon, esq.); his father knighted a6 
Sept, Z635, he knighted at Whitehall z6a6. See 
Fostca^s Inns 0/ Court Reg, 

LeaohOy Walter, s. Nicholas, of Stoke, Cornwall, 
gent Exeter Coll., matric. 9 April, Z647, aged 
z8 ; student of Middle Temple Z648 ; brother of 
Nicholas 1638. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Leaoliey Wmiam (Lekbe), aA 4 Fd>., Z573^ [20] 

Leaorofty Frauds, of Broadgates Hall Z584. See 

Leaoroft, Thomas, & Th., of Wirksworth, ca 
Derby, gent Baluol Coll.. matric. aa March, 
Z7Z0-ZZ. aged Z7 ; B. A Z7Z4, M, A A7Z7, B.Med 

Leadbeater, Roger, "serv.," s. Wmiam, of Don- 
caster, ca Yoric pleb. Baluol Coll. , mathc. 
7 July, Z645. «««* 24. 

Leadbetter, Robert, s. Pm., of Dariton, co. Lan- 
caster, pleb. Brasenose Colu, matric 27 
March, 1699, aged z8. 

Leage, Henry. RA 30 May, Z570; one of these 
names vicar of Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset, 1568, 
tmtil his death Z57S. See Foster's Index EccL [aS] 

Leage, Joseph, of Wilts, gent University Coll.. 
subs. a4 Nov., Z615, aged Z7 ; RA from Baluol 
Coll. Z3 Dec., z6z7, M. A 8 July, z6aa See also 

Leake. See Leeke. 

Leame, John, of Sussex, pleb. Oriel Coll. , matric 
7 Nov., Z595, aged Z7. 

Lear, (Sir) Thomas, s. Th., of Lindridge, parish of 
Bishop Stanton, Devon, eq. aur. Wadham Coll. 
matric. a July, Z687, aged Z5 ; of Lindridge, and 
bart (creation of a Aug., Z683), M.P. Ashburtoo 
Z70Z-5 ; died in Dec, Z705. See Foster's Parlia- 
mentary Dictionary, 

Leate, Richard, of London, gent Exeter Coll. 
matric. z6 Dec., z6o8, aged 16. [SO] 

LeatheSy Thomas, s. John, of Cockermouth, Cum- 
berland, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. a7 March, 
Z708, aged zo ; vicar of Isell, 1719. and rector of 
Plumbland, Cumberland, Z7ai. S^ Foster's Index 

Leaver. See also Lever. 

Leaver, Charles, s. Charles, of Chichester, Sussex, 
der. Trinity Coll., matric 8 July, Z7Z0, aged 
Z7; B.A Z7Z4, rector of Reedham. Norf<^, 1730. 
and of St John's Maddermarket, Norwich. zTas : 
his father rector of Racton, Sussex, Z687. Sec 
Foster's Index EccL 

Leaver, John, "ser.," of All Souls' Coll., matric 
zo Dec. Z658 ; perhaps a A from St. Mary Hall, 
a8 Feb., Z659-60 ; one of these names vicar of 
Bolton-le-Moors, 00. Lancaster, Z673. and Cather 
of Thomas Lever Z690, and of Samuel Lever z693. 
Sec Foster's Index EccL ; & Caiamy, ii 358. 

Leaver, John, pleb. Pebibroke Coll., matric aS 
June, z6co. B.A z66a. [95] 

Leaver, wmiam, s. Charles, of Chichester, Sussex, 
der. TRINITY Coll., matric 8 July, ztzo^ aged 
Z9 ; B. A from New Colu Z7Z4 ; K1.A. from 5t. 
John's Coll., Cambridge, Z7az ; rector of Cranoe 
Z7Z7, and of Stanton Wyvill, ca Leicester, 1721. 
canon of Lincoln Z737. See Foster's Index 

Leaves. See also Lbeves. 

Leaves, John, s. John, of Pendamer, Somst, pp. 
Baluol Coll., matric Z7 March, Z664-5, ^^S^ >^ 
(subs. '* serviens "), B. A z668. 

Leaves, John, s. J., of Crewkeme, Somerset, gent 
Wadham Coll., matric a March, Z709-Z0, aged 
Z7; scholar Z7za, B.A Z713, M.A Z7Z7, fellow 
Z7Z7, vicar of Hockley, Essex, Dec, Z7a3— Mav. 
Z7a5, and rector of Fryeming alias Gingbospiul 
Z733. See Gardiner, 440 ; & Foster's Index 

Leche, Edward, of Cheshire, gent Brasenose 
Coll., matric zo April, Z588, aged z8 ; R A 6 
Feb., Z590-Z (D.CL. fil). student of Gray's Inn 
1593* ^ son and hefr oi Robert, of Cheshize. See 
Foster's Gra^s Inn Reg. [«o] 

[ 891 ] 


ijoo— i7t4. 

Cromwell Lea. 

Leohe, HeoT7» s. John, of Stretton, Cheshire, pletx 
BRASEN06B CoLL., matric. ax June, 1699, aged 
16; B.A. 1703, M.A. 1707, fellow 1707; brother of 
Thomas 1696. See Hearme, it 18. 

Leohe, James, of Christ Church 1550, B.A. z Dec, 
1J53 ; fellow of Mbrton Coll. 1557-67, M. A. 3 
Nov. , 1559. rector and vicar of Dodington, Cheshire, 
1567: diMl 1589, a bene£Eictor of Merton. See 
GtUck, i 5 ; & OM.S, iv. 263. 

Leohe, John, B.A. z6 May, 1528, M.A. 30 Jan., 

Leohe, John (Leeche), of Cheshire, gent Brasenose 
Coll., matric ^ Nov., 1582, aged 17; fellow 
1583-4, B.A. 13 June, 1586. M.A. 4 Nov., 1589. 
See Ath. iL 35a. 

Loohe, John, s. John, of Carden (or Carwarden). 
Cheshire, arm. Brasenose Coll.. matric. 24 
April, 1635, aged z8 ; B.A. 19 June, 1635, perhaps 
created M.A. i Nov., 1642 ; of Carden. a student of 
Gray's Inn 1634. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Leohe, Richard, of Cheshire, arm. fiL nat max. 
Exeter Coll.. matric ao Jtdy. 1621. aged 15; 
RA. 2 Dec. 1624. student of Gray's Inn 1626. as 
son and heir of William, of Crewe, Cheshire, gent 
See Foster's Graj^s Inn Rtg, 

Leche, Robert (Ljch or Liche). of Christ Church 
1550, B.A. ; Nl.A. 30 May, 1555, proctor 1560 and 
1566. B.C.I* 5 Feb., 1560-1, D.C.L. 14 July, 1567. 
chancellor of the diocese of Chester 156a (s. George, 
alderman of Chester) ; died 3 Nov. , 1587 ; buried in 
Malpas church ; perhaps brother of William and 
James, and father of Edward 1588. See Ormerod's 
Cheshire, L 87 ; & Fasti, L i8a 

Leche, Thomas, of Cheshire, gent Brasenose 
COLU, matric 3 April, 1590, aged 15; B.A. 4 
Feb., 1596-7, M.A. 5 July, 16x1. 

Leche, Thomas, s. John, of Chester city. pleb. Jesus 
CoLL», matric 28 May, 1696, aged 16 ; B.A. 1700, 
M.A. 1703, bom at Stretton, and baptised 6 Oct, 
1679 (his &ther of Carden. Cheshu%). domestic 
chaplain to Earl Cholmondeley. rector of Tilston, 
Cbohire, 17ZO. until his deaUi 14 Aug., 1719 ; 
brother of Henry 1699. See RawL v. 62, and xviiL 
10 ; & Foster's index EccL 

Leche, William. B.A. 17 Dec, 1556. M.A. 26 July, 
1560, fellow Brasenose Coll. in and before 1565, 
from Cheshire; perhaps brother of Robert and 
James. [lO] 

Leche, Wniiam, scholar Corpus Christi Coll. 1569, 
RA. Z4jan., 1573-4. 

Leche, William, of Cheshire, arm. St. Edmund 
Hall, matric 26 Nov., 1591, aged 25. 

Lechford, John, gent University Coll., matric 
20 July, 1654. 

Lechmere, Edmtmd. of co. Hereford, gent Brase- 
nose Coll.. matric entry dated 19 April, 1599. 
aged la; B.A. from Hart Hall 21 Feb.. 1602-3 
(s. Thomas) ; died 16150 ; father of Nicholas 1631 ; 
probably brother of Richard and Roger. 

Lecnmere, Edmund, s. Nic, of Hanley, ca Wor- 
cester, gent Trinity Coll.. matric iz May. 
Z665, a^d 16 ; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple. Z671 ; 
died in ztc^ ; brother of Sandys. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers. [18] 

Lechmere, (Sir) Nicholas, s. Edmund, of Hanley. 
ca Worcester, gent Wadham Coll., matric 28 
Jan., z^qp-z. aged Z7 ; scholar i6^z, B.A. Z4 Feb., 
z633^, bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, Z64Z, bencher 
Z65C seijeant-at-law Z689, and a baron of the 
exchequer Z689-1700, knighted vi Oct, Z689, 
attorney-general to the duchy of Lancaster, M.P. 
Bewdky (July). Z648 (l. p.) till 1653, co. Worcester 
z654r5. z656>o, and Z659, pardoned by the king 
z66o; died 90 April, 1701, aged 87; father of 
Edmund Z665 and of Sandys. See Foss* Jw^es ; 
Gardiner, Z05 ; k Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Lechmore, Richard, of ca Hereford, gent Brasid- 
NOSE Coll., matric 23 Feb., Z587-8, aged Z5; 
B.A. a Dec, Z59Z, M.A. 19 July, Z595. 

Lechmere, Roger, of ca Hereford, gent Brasid- 
NOSE Coll., matric zo April. Z599. aged Z4 ; B.A. 
from Hart Hall az Feb., Z602-3, student of Inner 
Temple 1607. as of Fownhope, ca Hereford, gent 
See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Lechmere, Sandys, s. Nicholas, of Hanley Castle, 
CO. Worcester, arm. Christ Church, matric 7 
May, Z669, aged z6 ; of Fownhope, Inr.-at-law, 
Middle Temple, Z674, licenced 29 Oct, Z679, to 
marry Joane Holmes, of Fownhope, co. Hereford, 
widow, and died 1694 ; brother of Edmund Z665. 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers, etc , 

Ledhrooke. See also Ladbrooke. [ao] 

Ledhrooke, Joseph, s. Job., of Knightcote, co. War- 
wick, gent Baluol Coll., matric 6 April, Z709, 
aged 17 ; B.A. 17x2, M.A. Z7Z7. canon of Scuum 
Z7X7. rector of Aston Flamville. co. Leicester. Z7Z8, 
vicar of Scraptoft. co. Leicester. Z733. ^^^^ ^ death 
30 June. Z756. See Foster's Index EccL 

Le^^rd, John, s. Tho., of Bradford, Yorks, gent 
University Coll., matric 22 March, 1666-7. aged 
Z5 ; B.A. Z670, fellow, M.A. 1673, rector of Ardley, 
Oxon. July. 1682— Dec, Z683: will (at Oxford) dated 
30 Oct , Z676, inventory z8 Jan. , Z684. See Foster's 
Index Reel, 

LedAringham, John, of Magdalen Hall z58a 
See Leginghabi. 

Led^nghaxn. Richard, s. Jo., of Exeter dty, pleb. 
WADHAM Coll., matric 4 June, 1674, aged z6 ; 
B.A. ao Jan., Z677-8, M.A. z68o. rector of Butter- 
leigh, Devon, z68z. See Foster's Index EccL 

Ledsham, Henry (Ludsame). fellow of Merton 
COLU ZS69-70, B.A. 26 Tan., iS^^^P* ^^ 7 ^^^» 
z^73, B.D. sup. zz April, Z583, D.D. Z5 July, Z584, 
vicar of Halifax z577-9a, rector of Witham, Berks, 
z S76, of WalUngton, Herts, Z576, vicar of Halifax, 
Yorks, Z585. See Foster's Index EccL & OM,S, 
iv. 27a [as] 

Ledsam, Thomas, of Cheshire, pleb. Brasenose 
Coll., matric 29 Nov.. 1582. aged z8; RA. Z3 
July. Z588. vicar of Buhner. Essex, Z598. and of 
Dedbam. Essex. Z605. etc ; perhaps father of 
William Z6X9. See Foster's Index EccL 

Ledsam, Thomas, of Wilts, pleb. Magdalen Hall, 
matric zz Nov., Z586, aged z6. 

Ledsam, Thomas, of Flints, pleb. Broadgates 
Hall, matric 25 Jan., Z593-4, ^Scd Z4. 

Ledsam, William, of Essex, cler. fiL TRiNmr Coll., 
matric 22 Oct, z6x9, aged Z7 ; B.A. z8 Feb., 

Lee. See also Leigh and Let. [SO] 

Lee« Alexander, of Devon, cler. fiL Broadgates 
Hau., matric \^ March. z6io-zz, aged Z7 ; one of 
theses names vicar of Puriton, Somerset, Z625. 
See YosXia's Index Eccl. 

Lee, Benjamin, s. John, of Stratford Bow, Middlesex, 
pleb. Trinity Coll., matric z6 July, z69a, aged 

Lee, Christopher, derk Magdalen Coll. Z595-Z602, 
B.A. zy May, Z595. sup. M.A. 5 June, 1600. rector 
of Heythrop. Oxon, Z604. See Btoxam, ii 46 ; & 
Fosters Index EccL 

Lee, Christopher, s. Simon, of Crediton. Devon, pleb. 
NEW Inn Hall, matric 16 Nov., Z632, aged z6 ; 
B.A. ^ Mav, 1636. 

Lee Christopher, pleb. New Inn Hall, matric ao 
March, Z650-Z, B.A. Z2 Oct., Z654, M.A. 28 May, 
1657. [»si 

[Lea, Cromwell, s. Anthony, of Burston. Bucks, kt ; of 
St. John's Coll.. compiler of "a dictionary m 
Italian and English" ; died at Oxford 160X. See 
Ath, I 7ZS.] 

[ 892 ] 


Daniel Lee. 

1500— 1714, 

John Lea. 

Lee. Daniel, s. Richard, of Hatfield, Herts, der. 
MERTON Coll., matric. 28 March, 1673. aged z8 ; 
perhaps rector of Headboiime Worthy, and vicar of 
Boldre, Hants, 1687. See Foster's Index EccL 

/LeOy Edward, s. Richard, of Great Lee, Kent (son of 
Sir Richard Lee, lord mavor of London) ; ot Mag- 
dalen Coll. 1498, B.A. ; incorporated at Cam- 
bridge. 1502-3, M.A. 1504. B.D. 1515; D.D. Bologna 
or Louvaine. sud. for incorporation 12 Oct, 1531 ; 
rector of Wdls, Norfolk, cluiplain and almoner to 
the king, rector of All Cannings, Wilts, 15x2, canon 
of Lincoln 15x2, archdeacon of Colchester X523, 
chancellor of Salisbury X529, prebendary of St. 
Stephen, Westminster, 1530, canon of York X530, 
archbishop of York Z53X, until his death 13 Sept, 
1544 ; buried in York minster. See Atk, i. X38 ; 
Cooper, i. 35; Lansdowne MS. 980, t 35; & 
Foster's Index EccL 

Lee, Edward (or Ley) ; B.A. 30 June, 1523, fellow 
Exeter Coll. 1527-30, M.A xo Feb., X527-8, rector 
of Sowton, Devon, 1530, vicar of Bramford Speke 
1529 ; died 1540. See Botue^ 33. 

Lee, Edward, pleb. Balliol Coll., matric. entnr 
under date 1575, as Edward ; B.A. 27 Feb., 1575-0, 
as Edmimd, 

Lee, Edward ; B.A. (?from Merton Coll.) ^ June, 
1575. M. A. 12 June, 1577, as '• Lea." See OM.S. 
iv. 272. [S] 

Lee, Edward, of Northants. gent St. Mart Hall, 
matric. 5 Dec, 1589, aged 17; fellow Merton 
Coll. 1C94, B.A 20 Tune, 1593, M.A. 31 Oct, 
1598 (as Ljca) ; one of these names rector of Gam- 
lingay, co. Cambridge, X613, and of Hardwick, 
Bucks, 1614. See Foster's Index EccL & OM.S, 
iv. 276. 

Leo, Sir Francis ; created M. A. 16 June, 1643. ^^ 

Lea, Francis, arm. fil. nat max. Brasenosb Coll., 
matric. 9 Dec., 1659 

L Francis, s. Ed^a'ard, of Cobham, Surrey, pleb. 
St. John's Coi-L., matric. 10 July, 1679, aged xy; 
B.A. 1683, M.A X9 March, 1686-7, fellow 1679-97, 
a non-juror; admitted to Merchant Taylors' 
school X675, ^^^ '3 March, x66i-2, chaplain to 
Lord Stawell, a licentiate college of physicians X708; 
died 2^ Aug., 1719. See Ath. iv. 7x3; Fasii^ iL 
399 ; Robinson, i. 288 ; & Rawl, ii. 196. 

Lee, Sir Francis Henry ; created M.A 28 Sept, 1663 ; 
then of Ditchley, Oxon, 4th bart (s. Sir Henry). 
M.P. Malmesbury 1660, and x66x, until his death 
in X667 ; father of the next-named. See Foster's 
Parliamentary Diciumary, [lO] 

Lee, Francis Henry, s. **Fr. H.," of Ditchley, Oxon, 
bart Trinity Coll., matria 13 Dec., 1680, aged 
15 ; student of Middle Temple X684 ; bom 23 April, 

1665, died at Chelsea, buried at Spelsbury, Oxon, 
24 June, 1698. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Lee. Geofiry (Ley); demy Magdalen Coll. 1502, 
fellow X505, M.A. x8 June, 15x1. See Bloxam, iv. 

Lee. Geoffrey ; fellow of Corpus Christi Coll. 1517, 
from Durham ; one of these names M. P. Portsmouth 
1529-36. Sec Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Ijee, George, of Devon, gent Baluol Coll., matric 
15 Dec., 1592, aged X5. 

Lee, George, gent Queen's Coll.. matric 14 June, 
1649. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. [IS] 

Lee, George, ''sportulanus Christ Church," s. 
George, of Oxford, pleb. Privilegiatus 22 Sept, 

1666, aged 38. 

Ijee. Godfrey ; M.A. from Trinity Coll., Cambridge 
{per Literas Rtgias) 1675, incorporated 11 July, 

Lee, Henry, of county Kildare. arm. fiL nat max. 

St. John's Coll., matric. 14 May, i6oa, aged 14. 
Lee, Henry; fellow Emanuel Coll.. Cambridge, 

B.A. X665, M.A 1668 (incorporated X3 July, X669), 

B.D. 1675; rector of Titchmarsh. Northants. X678. 

etc ; father of Heniy 170a See Foster's Index 


Lee, Henry, s. John, of Southfket, Kent. " Doct" 
Balliol Coll., matric. 4 July. 1673. aged 16; 
student of Inner Temple 167(6, licenced (v.o.) 13 
Oct. . 1679, to marry Dorothy How, of St Dunstan's- 
in-the-West, spinster; perhaps M. P. Hindon(Dec), 
1697-8, and for Canterbury in xoparliamenU i685-7. 
1689-95. and X698-X7X5, commissioner of the victual* 
ling office X71X ; died 6 Sept, 1734 ; father ci 
Warner X698, and of Henry Lee Warner 1705. 
See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. [iO] 

Lee, Henry, s. H. , of London, pleb. Christ Church, 
matric 3 Nov., 1688, aged 16; B.A. 1692. M.A. 


Lee, Henry, s. Henry, of Lambeth, Surrey, der. 
corpus Christi Colu, matric 4 Feb., 1699-1700, 
aged 16; B.A 1703, M.A. X7 March. 170^. 
B. and D.D. 1724. rector of Tichmarsh, Northants, 
1713, etc See Rawl. iil 328 ; & Foster's Index 

Lee, Hugh, of London, militis fiL Christ Church, 
matric. 5 Dec, 1606, aged 15. 

Lee, (Sir) Humphrey, of Salop, arm. fil. HART 
Hall, matric entry under date 17 Dec, 1576, 
aged 17 ; student of Inner Temple 1578, as H. Lea. 
of Langley, Salop, gent. (s. Richard, of Langley), 
created a baronet 3 May, X620 ; father of Richard 
x6x6. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Lee, Humphrey. See LoWE 1598. [SB] 

Lee, James, s. Charles, of South Lea, Devon, pleb. 
Gloucester Hall, matric zo Feb., 1636-7. aged 

Lee, Jerome; admitted to practice medicine z July, 

X567 or X568, B. Med. sup. 4 April, 1573. 
Lee, John (Leye or Lye) ; RA. 29 April. 1562, fdlow 

of Balliol Coll. 1564. 

Lee, John, of London, pleb. St. John's Coll., 
matric. 25 Oct, 1583, aged xy ; B.A. 29 Nov.. 
1587, fellow. M.A. 2X June, 1591. B.D. 30 June, 
1597, D.D. X June, x6o8, a cadet of Lee, of Uitchley, 
according to Wood ; perhaps rector of Fk«t 
Marston, Bucks, x6ox ; died 29 Oct , 1609. See 
Gutch, L 568 ; & Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lea, John, of CO. Leicester, pleb. Lincoln Coll., 
matric 24 Nov., 1598, aged 16 ; B.A. 17 Feb., 
1603-4. [SO] 

Lee, John, of Hants, pleb. Brasenosb Coll., in.iiric 
entry dated 28 June, 16x6. aged 13 ; D. A. from All 
Souls' Coll. 9 Feb., x62o-x. 

Lee John. s. John, of Abingdon, Berks, gent 
Balliol Coll.. matric ix Oct., 1622, aged 19; 
B.A 19 Oct, X622, M.A. 2 July, 1625 ; one of the 
first scholars of Pembroke Coll. x6aa See 
Gutch, i. 617 ; & Fasti, L 423. 

Lee, John, bom in Surrey, s. Thomas, of London, 
gent. Magdalen Hall, matric 38 Jan., 1624-5. 
aged 17; demy Magdalen Coll. x626-9, ^A 
12 July, 1628, fellow (Winton) X629-33, M.A. 25 
June, 1631, D.D. 2 Aug., 1660, rector of Milton 
next Gravesend X642. of Southfleet, 1660, and of 
Bishopsboume (all in Kent), X662, canon and arch- 
deacon of Rochester x66o, until his death la June. 
1679 ; by the will of Bishop, John Warner, proved 7 
Feb., 1666, he was to use the surname of Warner 
only ; father of Henry Lee 1673. See Fasti, ii. 
237 ; Bloxam, v. X19 ; & Foster s Index Eccl. 

Lea, John, s. John, of Leighton, Beds, plebu Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric 10 Feb., z635-6, aged 23; 
RA. 16 Feb., 1625-6, M.A. 3 Dec, 1628. 

[ 893 ] 

John Lee. 

1500— 1714, 

Stephen Lee. 

Lee* John, & George, of Batbeaston, Somerset, aacerd. 
Exeter Coll. matric. o Sept, 1634, aged 17; 
EA. from Gloucester Hall 24 Oct, 1637 ; and 
perhaps M.A. from St. Edmund Hall 14 Nov., 

Lee, John, s. Richard, of Wolverhampton, ca Leicester, 
sacerd. Merton Coll., matric. xo Oct, 1634. 
aged 14; B.A. 25 Jan., 1636-7, M.A. 8 Feb., 1643-4, 
fdlow 1639. until ejected by the parliamentaiy 
visitors in 1648, vicar of St Peter-in-the East, Oxon. 
See O.H.S. iv. 288 ; & Burrows, 533. 

Lee, John, s. John, of Salisbury, Wilts, sacerd. Brase- 
nose Coll., matric. 24 AprU, 1635, aged 14 ; B.A. 
19 Oct, 1637, as Leigh, and perhaps created M.A. 
I Nov., 1643, as Leigh. See Leigh. 

Lea, John, •* ser." St. John's Coll., matric 13 Nov., 
1650^ B.A. 9 Feb., 1653-4, as Joseph; M.A. 34 
June, 16561 as Joshua. 

Lee, John, "ser." Exeter Coll., matric. 9 Dea, 
1653; B.A. from New Coll. 28 May, 1657; 
perhaps rector of North Stoke, Somerset, 1660. 
See Foster's ImUx Eccl. [8] 

Lee, John. arm. Queen's Coll., matric. 31 July, 
1658, a A. 1663. 

Lee, John, s. Thomas, of Newineton Butts, Surrey, 
arm. New Coll., matric. 6 ^fov.. 1674, aged 19 ; 
B.A. 1678. M.A. z68i ; student of Inner Temple 
1672; brother of lliomas 1671. See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg, 

Lee. J<An; cler. fiL Wadham Colu, matric. 14 
May, 1686. 

Lee, John, s. Tho., of Hartwell, Bucks, bart Trinity 
Coix., matric 28 Jan., 1686-7. aged 19; a captain 
in the army; brother of Lyonell 1692, and of 
William 1704. 

Lee, John, 8. Charles, of London, geot Christ 
Church, niatric. 10 Oct, 1707, ag^ 15; student 
of Inner Temple 1707. See Foster's Inns of Court 
Register. [lO] 

Lee, Joseph, ofca Stafford, plebu CHRist Church, 
matric. 2 May, 1589. aged 15. 

Lee, Joseph, of ca Leicester, cler. fiL University 
Coll., matric. 7 April, 1598, aged 18; B.A. from 
Merton Coix. 16 Dec., 1601 ; M.A. from St. 
Alban Haix 4 July, 1604, rector of Cathorpe, co. 
Leicester ; father of the next-named. 

Lee, Joseph, s. Joseph, of Cathorpe, co. Leicester, 
sacerd. OrielColl., matria 16 March, 1637*8, 
aged 17 ; B.A. 9 Nov. 1641, rector of Cotesl^ch, 
CO. Leicester, 1648. until ejected for nonconformity 
166a. See Foster's Index Eccl. ; Calamy, it 384 ; 
& Add. MS. 15.670, pp. 22-23. 

Lea, Joseph ; B.A. from St. John's Colu 1654. See 

John 1650. 
Lea, Joseph, s. J., of St Martin, Westminster, pp. 

Queen's Coll., matric. 2 Dec., 1701, aged xo; 

a A. 1705, M.A. 1708. [15] 

Lee, Lyonell, s. Th., of Hartwell, Bucks, bart Wad- 
ham Coll., matric. 15 Jan., i69x-2, aged 17; 
baptised 12 Nov. , 1674 ; brother of William 1704, 
and of John 1687. 

Lee, Mathew, s. William, of Northampton town, gent. 
Christ Church, matric. 2^ June, 171^ aged x8 ; 
B.A. 17171 M.A. 1720, EMed. 1722, D.Med. 1726. 
phjrsician to Frederick, Prince of Wales ii739i fellow 
coU^e of physicians 173a. governor of Bridewell 
and Bethlehem hospitals 1^43, a benefactor to West- 
minster sdiool and to Chnst Church ; died a6 Sept, 
1755, buried in the church of Little Unford, Bucks, 
mon. ins. See Al. West, 350; MunMs Roll, ii. 
X19 ; Gutch MS. 181 ; & Rawl. vi 14a 

Lee, Maurice, an Irishman (Ley or Lye), EA. 1545, 
fUlow of Exeter Colu Z547-8,M^ 4Feb., 1547- 
8. See Boaset 37. 

Lea, Moses, plsb. Exeter Coll., matria 14 Oct, 
1631, B.A. 17 Oct, 1631, M.A. 12 June, 1634, 
rector of Biddenden, Kent, 1660, lic e nced 27 Aug., 
i66x, to marry Elizabeth Rogers, of same, widow. 
See London Marriage Licences^ ed. Foster, & Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Lee, Nathaniel, of ca Leicester, pleb. Edmund 
Hall, matric. 24 March, 1609-xo, aged 16; B.A. 
from Magdalen Coll. 38 Oct, 1613; M.A. 
from Magdalen Hall 13 June, 16x6. [ao] 

Lee, Nathaniel, s. Th. , of Darnell Grange, Cheshire. 
anxL Exeter Coll., matric. 14 May, 1678, aged 
X7; student of Linoola's Inn 1^9. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. 

Lee, Obadia. B.A. from Clare Hall, Cambridge, 
1691-2. M.A. x69^. incorporated 7 July, 1696. See 
Foster's Gradualt Cantab. 

Lee, Peter (Ley), ED. X7 Jan., 1519-30, Benedictine 
1530, D.D. 3x July. X532. 

Lee, Richard, B.A. 6 March, 1533-4 ; one of these 
names rector of Shalstone, Bucks, X543. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Lea, Richard, B.A. 16 May, 1579 ; possibly a student of 
the Inner Temple 1580, as of Lee, Cheshire, late of 
Clement's Inn. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lee, (Sir) Richard, of Salop, arm. fiL nat max. 
Queen's Coix.. matric. xo May, 1616, aged x6 ; of 
Langley and Acton Bumell, Salop, and bart (s. 
Sir Humphrey), M.P. Salop 1640 (L.P.), till disabled 
9 Sept., 1642, compounded for his estate; died 
April, x66a See roster's Parliamentary Dic- 
tionary, r^^] 

Lee. Richard, s. Richard, of Delce. Rent, arm. 
University Colu, matric. i June, 1636, aged 15 j 
student of Inner Temple x6^, "colonel, M.P. 
Rochester X640 (L.P.). till secluded in Dec., 1648. 
See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Lea, Richard, s. William, of Lillingstone Dayrell, 
Bucks, cler. Baluol Coll., matiic. 24 March, 
1696-7, aged 17 ; B.A. 1700, M.A. 1703. rector oif 
Great Linford, Bucks, 1699. See Foster's Index 

Lee, Robert (Llde), R A. sup. 14 June, 2561. 

Lee. Robert, s. Henry, of Binfield, Berks, pleb. 
Merton Coll., matric 10 Oct, 1634, aged x6; 
RA. 26 June. 1638. [SO] 

Lee% Sir Robert; created D.Med. 31 Jan., 1642-3, 
knighted 2x Aug., X642. of Warwickshire. See Sir 
Robert Leigh, page 898, 

Lee, Samuel, of Northants, pleb. St. Edmund Hall, 
matric. 24 March, X609-X0, aged x8; B.A. from 
Magdalen Coi-l. 25 Oct.. X613; M.A. from Mag- 
dalen Hall 5 July. x6x6 ; one of these names 
vicar of Chaddesley Corbet, co. Worcester, x64a 
See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Leo, Samuel, as. Samuel, of Fish Street, London, 
haberdasher; of Magdalen Hall X647, created 
M.A. 14 May, 16^, fellow of Wadham Coll. 
X648-57, by the visitors, proctor 1651 ; of Bicester, 
Oxon, educated at St Paul's school, lecturer of 
Great St Helen's, rector of St. Botolph. Bishopsgate, 
until ejected and silenced X662. became minister of 
an independent congreration at Newington Green, 
pastor of Bristol. Rhode Island, X687 ; died at St 
Malo, a French prisoner, about 1691. See Atk. iv. 
345 ; Calamy, i. X04 ; Fasti, ii. iix ; St. Pauts S. 
R. 463 ; Burrows, 476, 562 ; & Gardiner, X72. 

Lee^ Samuel ; M.A. from Queen's Coll., Cambridge, 
incorporated 14 July, X657, rector of Houghton 
Conquest. Beds, X662, etc., etc. See Foster's Index 

Lee, Stephen, of Chatham, Kent, pleb, UNiVBRsriT 
COLL., matric 3 Dec., 1690, aged 17. [88] 

[ 894 ] 

Thomas LEfi. 

1500— i;i4. 

Thomas Lees. 

rector of Edgmond, Salop, 156a ; will at Oxford 
proved i Oct., 1587. 
Lee. William, fellow St. John's Colu 1573, B.A 35 
June, 1577, M.A. 15 June, 1581. See Robinson^ 

i. IS- 
Lee. William, of co. Hereford, minister. St. Mary 
HALL, matric. 13 April, 1586. aged 33. [15] 

Lee, William, of Salop, cler. fiL Brasenosb Coll., 
matric. 96 Jan., 1587-8, aged 18 ; B.A. 15 July, 
1590, M.A 15 Nov., 1593 (as Leigh) ; one of these 
names rector of Shelve, Salop, 1615. See Foster's 
Index EuL 

Lea, William, of Southants, pleb. Lincoln Coll., 
matric. 15 March, 1604-5, aged 18 ; B. A 15 July, 
1608. M.A. aa May, 161 1. 

Lee, William, of co. Gloucester, gent. Hart Hall, 
matric entry dated 17 Nov., 161 5. sq^ed 11. 

Lee, William, s. Roger, of Qyst St George, Devon, 
pleb. Hart Hall, matric. 13 April, 1633, aged 
28 ; one of these names vicar of Burlescombe, 
Devon. 1638. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lea, William ; fdlow of St. John's Coll. 1643-8. 
admitted to Merchant Taylors' school 1638 ; bom 
Aug., 1634. See Robinson t i. 143. [2^] 

Lee. William, gent Exeter Coll., matric. 38 

March, 1655. 
Lea, William, s. Rich., of Adstoke, Bucks, gent 

BALUOL Coll., matric. 15 Feb.. 1666-7, aged 16 ; 

Bw A 1670, M.A 1674. rector of Lillingston Dayrell, 

Bucks, 1677, and of Maids Norton, Bucks, 1685. 

See Foster's Index Bed, 
Lea, William, s. J., of Halesowen, Salop, pleb. St. 

MART Hall, matric. 14 July, Z67Z, aged 17, 

Lee, Thomas (Ley) ; secular chaplain, B.A. 8 July, I 
1533, M.A 28 March, 1524-5. 

Lee, Thomas (Leye); B.A. lo Feb., 1526-7, M.A 5 
Feb., 1532-3, admitted B.Med. and to practice 35 
Feb., 1533-4. 

liOe, Thomas ; B. A sup. April, 1565 ; one of these 
names vicar of Chacombe, Northants, 1567-76. 

liOe. Thomas (Ley), B.A 19 Feb., 1570-z , perhaps 
fellow of Msrton 1577, and har.-at-law, Middle 
Temple, 1577, as son and heir of William Lei^h. of 
Nortnam, Devon; probably father of William 
Leigh, of Uniybrsitf Coll. 1603. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers & OM.S» iv. 373. 

Lee, Thomas, of Kent, gent Lincoln Coll., matric. 
23 Feb., 1583-3. zftsdiZ't bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, 
1600. as of Bedstone. See Foster's Judges and 
Barristers. [5] 

Lee, Thomas, of Bucks, pleb. Magdalen Coll., 

matric. 8 May, 1601, aged 15, demy 1598-1603, 

clerk 1603-4. 
Lee, Thomas; B.A from Queen's Coll., Cambridge, 

1636-7 (incorporated 38 Nov., 1637), M.A 1640. 

See Foster's Graduati Cantab. 

Lea, Thomas, fellow Magdalen Coll., Cambridge, 
B.A 1664-5, M.A 1668. incorporated 14 July, 1674. 
See Foster's Graduati Cantab. 

Lee, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Newington Butts. Surrey, 
arm. New Coll., matric. 19 May, 1671, aged 19 ; 
B.C.L. 1676 ; brother of John 1674. 

Lee, Thomas, s. Joh., of Dorchester, Berks, cler. 

New Coll.. matric. 16 Feb., 1703-4. aged 19 ; 

B.C.L. 1708; perhaps vicar of Chesterton 1713. 

and of Wootton, Oxon, 173a See Foster's Index 

Bcclesiasticus, [10] 

Lea, Walter, of co. Gloucester, pleb. Trinity Coll. , 

matric. 33 Nov., 1588, aged 30; B.A. 16 Dec., 

Lee, Warner, s. Henr., of Canterbury, Kent, gent. 
Balliol Coll., matric. 11 April, 1698, aged 15; 
brother of Henry Lee-Warner. 

Lee, William (Leus), fellow New Coll. 1547-87, from 
Morton in Dinton, Bucks, B.C.L. 33 June, 1555. 

Lee, (Sir) Waiiam. s. Tho., of Hartwell, Bucks, bart. 
WADMAM Coll., matric. 11 Feb., 1703-4, aged 
i| ; bar.-at-law. of Middle Temple, 1710, bencher 
of Inner Temple 1735, K.C., recorder of Wycombe 
X718, and (H Buckingham 1733, serjeant-at-law 
2730; M.P. Chipping Wycombe 1738, until a judge 
of king's bench 1730, lord chief justice, and knight 
8 June, 1737, P.C. 1737, held the seals of the 
chancellor of the exchequer 8 March, 1754 ; died 8 
April foUowing. See Gardiner, 416 ; Foss' Judges ; 
k Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Leedes, Edward, of Sussex. Baluol Coll., matric 

entry under date 1575, aged 19. [^8] 

Leedes, Thomas, of Sussex, militis fiL St. John's 

Coll., matric. 4 July, 1609. aged 15 ; (s. Sir John. 

M.P., but knighted 8 Jan., i6io-ix) ; M.P. 

Steyning 1640 (l.p.), till disabled 33 Nor.. 1643; 

died before Sept, 1645. See Foster's Parliamentary 

Leedes, William; B.A. from Broadgates Hau. 

1579-80, M. A 4 July, 1583 , one of these names 

beneficed in Norfolk. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Leek, Herbert, s. William, of Osberton, Notts, plebu 
Baluol Coll.. matric. 38 June. 1678. aged 17; 
student of Inner Temple 1679. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. 

Leeke, Jasper, of Middlesex, arm. Queen's Coll., 
matric. 14 Oct, 1596. aged 17; probably son of 
Jasper, of Edmonton, Middlesex. 

Le(e)ke, John, secular chaplain, B.A 6 Feb., 1520-T, 
M.A 13 March, 1530-1 ; one of these names rector 
of Purley, Berks, 1544, etc See Foster's Index 
Bcclesiasticus. [30] 

Leeke, John (Leake), s. J., of London, cler. Hart 
Hall, matric. 10 April, 1700, aged 18; Pauline 
exhibitioner 1699-1708. See St. Pauls S.R. 66 ; 
& Rami. V. 361. 

Leeke, Nicholas ; created D.C.L. 36 April, 1706 (as 
Leake) ; probably 4th earl of Scarsdale 1707 (s. 
Richard) ; died 1736. See Foster's Peerage. 

Leek. Samuel, s. Thomas, of Nottingham, clerk; 
admitted pensioner St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 
4 May, 1654, aged 18, B.A 1657-8. fellow. M.A. 
1661 ; incorporated 9 July, 1661, rector of Wickham 
St. Paul, Eissex, 1663, canon of Southwell 167a 
rector of Kilvington 1671, of Hockerton 1681. and 
vicar of Rolleston (all Notts), 1683 ; until his death 
15 Oct, 1687. See Foster's Index Bed. & Mayor, 

Leeke, Samuel. S.William, of Lichborough, Northants» 
gent Lincoln Coll., matric. 38 Feb., 1688-9^ 
aged 15. 

Leeke, Thomas, of Northants, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. 7 Nov., 1595, aged 16. ['S] 

Leeke, Walter (Leake), of co. Hereford, gent Baluol. 
Coll., matnc. x6July, 1631, aged 17; B.A. sup. 
Feb., 1634-5. 

Lees, Edmund, "ser." All Souls' Coll.. sal>. 
scribed 9 Dec., 1653, B.A 14 Feb., 1655-6, M.A. 6 
July, 1658, rector of Ibstock, co. Leicester, 1678. 
canon of Lichfield 1686, and of Peterborough 1687, 
and rector of Norton-jiuta-Twycross 1688, until his 
death about Nov. , 1699. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lees, John (Lesse or Leeisse), a student of Christ 
Church 1563, B. A 35 June, 1566, M.A. 10 Juim!. 
1569, vicar of Cookham, Berks, 1580, rector of 
Gilston, Herts, 1580, canon of St Paul's 159a, 
until his death in 1605, etc. See Foster's IiUex 

Lees, Thomas, s. Tho., of Hulme, co. Lancaster, pleb. 
Gloucester Hall, matric 38 June, 1667, aged 
19 ; B. A from All Souls' Coll. i^i, M.A. 1676. 
rector of Goodneston, Kent, 1678, and vicar of 
Graveney, Kent, x68o; father of Thomas 1793. 
See Foster's Index But. 

[ 89s ] 

Thomas Lees. 

1500— I7I4, 

Charles Leigh. 

Lees. Thomas, s. Wniiam, of Tachbrook, co. War- 
wick, pleb. TBiNmr Coll., matria la March, 
i^4'5t a&cd x6 ; B. A from New Inn Hall 1678, 
M.A. 1681, rector of WolverdingtoD, oa Warwick, 
1684. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lees, Thomas, & Th., of Feversham, Kent, der. 
All Souls* Coll., matric 9 Dec., 1703. aged 16, 
E A 1707 ; M. A from St. Edbcund Hall 1710, vica. 
of Davington 17x3, and rector of Goodneston juxta 
Feversham, Kent, iTaa See Foster^s Index MccU 

LeeveSy John. See Leaves. 

Leeves, Richard, s. William, of Wimbome, Dorset, 
pleb. St. Edmund Hall, matric. 24 March, 1636-7, 
aged 16; BA. 14 Dec, 1641, M.A 5 July, 1644; 
brother of the next-named. 

LeeveSy Robert, s. William, of Wimbome Minster, 
Dorset, pleb. St. Edmund Hall, matric. 16 
No?., 1633, aged 16 ; B.A 9 Dec., 1636, MA 27 
June, 16^, canon of Chichester 1660, rector of Wool 
Lavington, Sussex, z6ii. See Foster's Index EccL 

Leflb, John, fellow of New Colu 1508-17, from 
Midieldever, Hants. EC. L 7 April, 1516, D.CL 
i^ July, 1530, rector of Ashe, Hants, 1533, of 
Biddexiden, Kent, i^, canon of the collegiate 
church of South Mailing, etc., 15311 prebendary of 
St Paul's 1547-57, warden of the college at Maid- 
istone, Kent, vicar general and keeper of the 
spiritualities to Dr. V^ham, archbishop of Canter- 
bury, and master of Sr. Cross hospital, near to 
Winchester, rector of Clopton, Suffolk, 1555 ; died 
19 Aug. , 1557, aged 66. See Fasti, i. 53. [6] 

Leftwiche, Nath., s. Tha, of Chester city, cler. 
Brasenose Coll., matric. ao March, 1706-7, aged 
19, B.A from New Coll. i Feb., 1711-ia; incor- 
porated at Cambridge 1719, and M. A from St. 
John's Coll. (Cambridge) 17x9. 

Legassioke, Henry, s. Heniy, of Modbury, Devon, 
gent Wadham Coll., matric 13 July, 1706, 
aged 17. 

Legassicke, John. s. Jo., of Hempson-parva, Devon, 
pleb. Hart Hall, matric. 36 March. 1686. aged 
18 ; K A 1689. M.A 1693. rector of Little Hemp- 
ston, Devon, 1698. See Foster's Index EccL 

LefiratBy John, commoner Tkinitt Coll. in and 
before 1564. [10] 

Legrgatty John, of Essex, gent Exeter Coll., 
matric 15 Oct, 1585, aged 16. 

Legatt, IJonell, s. L., of Claybrook, co. Leicester, 
der. Lincoln Coll., matnc 14 Nov., 1710, aged 
x8; his father Lionel vicar of Claybrook 1685. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Legatt, Richard (Leiggalt). of Essex, gent. Hart 
Hall, matric entry dated 3 July, 1585, aged 11. 

Legate, Thomas, of Hart Hall, in and before 1568. 

Legatty Thomas (Leiggatt), of Essex, gent Hart 
Hall, matric entry dated 3 July, 1585. aged 13 ; 
student of Inner Temple 1574, as of Homchurch, 
Essex. See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. [15] 

Legatt, Thomas, of Kent, arm. Trinity Coll., 
matric 7 March, 1616-7, aged 14; RA. 14 Dec, 
i630 ; student of Gray's Inn 1622. See Foster's 
Gra/s Inn Reg. 

Legertwood, James, of Aberdeen University; 
MA. by decree 9 Oct, 1713. 

Legeyt, Philip, of Pembroke Coll. 1691. See 

Leggy Andrew, s. William, of Bulford, Wilts, pp. 
Queen's Colu, matric. 28 Nov., 1679. aged 18 ; 
B.A 1683; vicar of Middlezoy, Somerset, 1687. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Legg, Hugh, s. Joh., of Chard. Somerset, paup. 
MAGDALEN HALL, matric 7 April, 1683, aged 18 ; 
RA. 1685 ; vicar of Ashill, Somerset, 1^5. See 
Foster's Index EccL [ao] 

Legg, John ; fellow New Coll. 1513-18, from St. 
Margaret's in Bread Street, London; B.A a8 Feb., 

Leggy John, s. Tristram, of GUlingham, Dorset pl^ 
MAGDALEN CoLL. , matric 38 April, 1637, aged 17 ; 
B.A 3 Nov., 1640 ; perhaps sequestered by the 
Westminster assembly to the rectory of Donhead 
St Andrew, Wilts, 1646. and vicar of Loders, 
Dorset, i66a See Add, MS. 15,670, p. 57; & 
Foster's Index EccL 

JjeggOf Joseph, of University Coll. 1615. See 

Legg, Nathaniel, s. John, of Netherhaven, Wilts, 
gent Exeter Coll., subscribed 33 May, 1704, 
aged 18; rector of Playden, Sussex, 1714. Seie 
Foster's Index EccL 

Legge, Thomas, as. Stephen, of Norwich ; pensioner 
of CfoRPUS Christi Coll., Cambridge. Oct, 1553, 
scholar of TRiNmr Coll. 1555, B.A 1556-7, fellow 
and M.A 1560, fellow of Jesus Coll. 1568. LL.D. 
1575. supL for incorporation at Oxford 1586. (the and) 
master of Gonville and C aius Coll. , Cambridge, 
i573> vice-chancellor 1^87, regius professor of 
Hera-ew in that university circa 1563-73. an ad- 
vocate of Doctors' Commons z6 Mav. 1590. a master 
in chancery about 1595 ; died la July, 16G7, aged 
73. See Cooper, ii 454 ; Fasti, i. 339 ; & Coote's 
Civitians, 60. l^S] 

Legg, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Caerwent, co. Mon- 
mouth, pp. Exeter Coll., matric ai Oct, 1664, 
aged 16. 

Legge, William, of Hants, pleb. St. Mary Hall, 
matric entry under date circa 1581. aged aa 

Legge, CoL William (s. Edward, vice-president of 
Munster). created D.CL. 16 April. 1645. & <^^ 
tinguished royalist, governor of Chester, and of the 
Onord ^rrison. a groom of the bedchamber to 
Charles I. and II.. a volunteer in Sweden, fought 
also in the Low Countries, wounded and taken 
prisoner at the battle of Worcester, escaped in the 
disguise of his wife. M.P. Southampton x66i. untfl 
he died la Oct, 1670 ; buried aoth in the Minories, 
near Aldgate ; father of Geoige, baron Dartmouth. 
See Fasti, it 87 ; & Foster's Peerage. 

Leg9, William, s. G. (? " GuL"), of Isle of Wight, 
Hants, gent Wadham Coll., matric. ai Feb., 
1690-1, aged 16 ; B.A 2698. rector of Greatham, 
Hants, 1703. Sec Foster's Index EccL 

Leglngham, Tohn, of Bucks, pleb. MAGDALEN 
Hall, maltric entry under date 15 April, 1580, 
aged 16. [SO] 

Legingham, Richard, of Wabham Coll. 1674. 


Legoe, John. s. J., of Ludgvan. Cornwall, pleb. 

Exeter Coll., matric 13 May, 1684, aged 17, 

EA 1688. 
Legoe, Thomas, of Magdalen Hall i66a See 


Le Gros. See Gros. 

Le(i)gh, Bamabie, of Cornwall, gent. Gloucester 
HALL, matric. 90 March. 1583-4, aged z6 ; bar.-at- 
law, Middle Tenaple. 1589, as son and heir of 
William, of St Catherine's, Cornwall, gent See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. [SB] 

Leigh, Bamabie, of St, Mary Hall 1590. See 

Le(i)gh, Calverley, s. Ric, of Lyme. Cheshire, arm. 
Brasenose Coll., matric 38 March. 1703, aged 
16; B.A from All Souls' Coll. 34 Jan., 1705-6, 
M.A X710. B.Med. 1716, D.Med. 1790; admon. 
(as D.CL.) at Oxford ao May, 1737. 

Le(i)gh, Charles, bom in Stafford, s. Thomas, of 
Stoneldgh, co. Warwick, bart Magdalen Coll. . 
matric ao May, 1643, aged 17, created M.A z6 
Jan., Z642-3 ; of Leighton. 

I 896 1 

Charles Leigh. 

1500— 1714. 

John Leigh. 

Leigh, Charles, s. William, of Ye Grange, co. Lan- 
caster, gent Brasenosb Coll., inatric 18 July, 
i^* aged 17 ; B.A. 24 May, 1683, D.Med, from 
Jesus Colu, Cambridge (comitiis regiis), 1690. 
See ^M. iv. 609 ; &Kawl.m.a^ 

Leiffh, Hon. Charles, s. Thomas, Baron Leigh, of 
Stoneleigh, ca Warwick. Balliol Coll., matric 
18 May, 1702, aged 16 ; of Leighton, a student of 
Inner Temple 1701, M.P. Warwick Dec, 1710, 
Higham Ferrers (March). 1714, 1715, Bedfordshire 
2722-7, and (Feb.), 1733-4; died 28 July, 1740; 
brother of Edward 1702. See Foster's Parlta- 
mentary Dictionary, 

Lei^hy Christopher, of University Coll. 159s. See 

Leigh, Edmund ; B.A. from Exeter Coll. 3 March, 
IS74-S* fellow 1577 ; died 1579. See Boase^ 

Leighe, Edmund, pleb. Balliol Coll., matric. 
entry under date 1575, B.A. 27 Feb., 1575-6. [5] 

Leigh, Edmund, of co. Lancaster, pleb. Brasenosb 
Coll., matric. 24 Oct, 1600, aged 15; B.A. 20 
July, 1604, M.A. 5 July, i6ii, B.D. 8 July, 1619, 
vicar of Gillingham, Kent, 1629. See* Foster's Index 

Leigh, Edward (Lee), of Cheshire arm. Brasenosb 
Coll., matric. entry under date 31 May, 1581, aged 
16; perhaps bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 1592, as of 
Lyme. Cheshire; (3s. Peter) ; M.P. Wigan 1597-8; 
buried atWinwick 22 Jan., 1608-9. See Foster's 
Parliamentary Dictionary, & TosXe^z Ju4ga and 

Leigh, Edward (Leghe). of Cheshire, pleb. Univer- 
sity Coll., matric. 5 June. 1584, aged 19. 

Leigh, Edward, of St. Mary Hall 1590. See 

Leighi Edward, of co. Warwick, equitis fil. Balliol 
Coll., matric. 20 Jan.. 1597-8, aged 16. See also 
Thomas 1608. [10] 

Lei^h, Edward, of co. Leicester, arm. Magdalen 
Hall, matric 24 Oct., 1617, aged 15; B.A. 17 
Oct, 1620, M.A. 18 June, 1623; perhaps incor- 
porated at Cambridge 1634; biblical critic and 
historian, bom at Sbawell, co. Leicester, 24 March, 
1602; a student of Middle Temple 1624 (as 2s. 
Heniy, of Rushall. co. Stafford, esq.), odled by 
some a knight; M.P. Stafford Oct, 1645 (L.P.), 
until secluded in 1648. a col of a regiment for the 
parliament ; died 2 Jan.. 1671 ; father of Henry 
1649, and of Richard 1666. See Ath, iii. 926; 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary; & Foster's 
Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Leigh, Edward, s. Edward, of Geddington. Northants. 

pleb. St. Alb an Hall, matric. 20 June, 1634, 

aged 16. 
Leififh, Edward, of co. Stafford, gent. Magdalen 

Hall, matric 26 Oct, 1660. 

Le(i)gh, Edward, s. Thomas, of Adlington, Cheshire, 
Brasenose Coll., matric. 26 March, 1669, aged 
18 ; student of Gray's Inn 167a See Foster's Inns 
0/ Court Reg. 

Leigh, Hon. Edward, s. Thomas, Baron Leigh, of 
Stoneleigh, co. Warwick. Balliol Coll.. matric 
18 May. 1702. aged 17; 3rd Lord Leigh; died 
March. 1737 ; brother of Charles 1702. [IS] 

Leigh, (Sir), Francis, of Surrey, militis fiL Trinity 
Coll., matric 8 May, 1607, aged 15; student of 
Inner Temple 1610 (as son and heir of Sir Oliph. of 
Addington, Surrey, kt); knighted 12 Dec. 1617; 
M.P. Surrey 1625 ; buned 17 Dec, 1644 1 father of 
Francis and Wolley 1631. Sec Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. 

Leigh, Francis, of co. Lancaster, equitis fit Brase- 
nosb Coll., matric. 24 Nov., 1609, aged 19; EA. 
29 Nov., i6ia 

Leigh. Francis, subscribed z July, 1613 ; posaUy a 
stuaent of Lincoln's Inn 16x5 (as son aiid beir of 
Sir Frauds, of Newnham, ca Warwick, K.B.); 
created a baronet 24 Dec, z6i8; M.P. Warwidt 
1625 and 1626, created baron Dunsmore 1626, and 
eari of Chichester 1644 ; died 21 Dec, 1653; per- 
haps brother of Henry and Robert z6bi. See 
Foster's Inns of Court R^, 

Leigh. Francis, as. Frands, of Addington, Suirey, 
militis. Queen's Coll., matric 4 Nov., 1631, 
tsKd. 16 ; student of Inner Temple 1633 ; brother of 
Wolley 1631. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Leigh, Sir Francis (Lee), created M.A. 16 June, 1643; 
of Newxtbam, co. Warwick (s. Sir William) ; father 
of Henry and Robert 1621, and Francis 1613. 

Leigh, Francis, s. Tho., of Bezley, Kent, gent St. 
John's Coll., matric 5 July, 1667, aged 16; 
student of Middle Temple 1669 ; perhaps knighted 
z Dec, 1671 ; M.P. Kent 1702-5, and died Nov., 
Z71X ; father of the next-named. See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg. [aX] 

Leigh, Francis, is. F., of London, eqtdtis. Christ 
CHURCH, matric 20 Oct., 171X, aged 18. 

Leighe.Geoige, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll. , matric 
zo March, 1591-2, aged 22 ; B.A. 28 Feb., 1594-5. 

rLe(i)gh Gerard, s. Henry, of London; died 1^61 
Seey^M. L 428.] 

Leighe, Henry, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Colu, 
matnc entry under date 3 Dec, 1575, aged 19; 
perhaps B. A. Cambridge, supL for inoorporation 27 
Jan., Z578-9, of Hart Hall ; one of these names 
rector of Colmworth, B«ls, 1603. See Fostei^s 
Index EccL [aSJ 

Le(ij]gh, Henry, of Cheshire, arm. Brasenose 
OSll., matric entry undo* date 20 March, 1578-0^ 
aged 24; B.A 26 Jan., 1579-80, and perhaps M.A. 
from St. EoMcmD Hall 4 July, 1C82. 

Leighe^ Henry, of co. Derby, arm. Baluol Colu, 
matnc 5 Nov., 1591, aged 17. 

Lei^h, Henry (Leghe), of Cheshire, arm. ^ nat max. 
Brasenose Colu, matric 7 May, 1602, aged z^ ; 
student of Inner Temple 1603, as of Lea Hall, Cbeshxre 
(zs. Sir Richard). See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Leira, Henry (Lee), of co. Warwick, equitis fiL 
HART Hall, matric z8 June, 162Z, aged z6; 
brother of Robert x62Z, and Francis 1613. 

Leigh, Henry, s. Barnab., of Isle of Wight, Hants, 
pleb. Magdalen Halu matric 3z Jan., itxask^ 
aged 18; a A Z4 Feb., Z625-6; M.A. from St. 
Edmund Hall 25 June, Z628, created B.D. {ex 
R^gis gratia) 20 D«:., Z642 (perhaps incorporated 
at Cambridge Z659 <^ M.A.), rector of ShorweU. 
Isle of Wight, z^, etc ; son of Bamaby Lygh 
whom sec See Foster's Index EccL [SO] 

Leigh, Henry (or Lee), of Cambridge UniversHt ; 
B.A. from MAGDALEN Hall. Oxford, 22 Oct., 
Z649 ; M.A Z7 Feb., 1652-3, ddegate of the visitors 
Z647 (is. Edward, of Rush^, co. Stafford, see Z6Z7) ; 
brother of Richard 1666. See Burrows^ 564. 

Le(i)gh, Henry, s. H., of Cheshire, arm. Brase- 
nosb Colu, matric 5 April, z66z, aged Z9: 
perhaps scholar of Christ Church, and died in 
1663. See Gutck, i. 511. 

Lei^h. John (Lygh); lellow of Brasenosb Cou.. 
M.A. 20 June, 1507 : one of these names rector of 
East Laimbrook, Somerset, 1525, and chantry 
priest for St. Leonard in Farley Castle, Z53X. 
See Foster's Index Reel. 

Leighe, John, of CO. Lancaster, pleb. Brasenose 
Colu, matric 22 April, Z586, aged 18; B.A. 5 
June, 1589, M.A. 6 July, Z593. 

Leigh, John, of London, arm. Christ Church, 
matric 29 Jan., 1590-z, aged z6; perhaps RA. 
from Broadgates Hall 15 Feb., zs9a.3; fellow 
All Souls' Coll., M.A. 2 May. 1598, B.D. zo 
June, 161 z ; treasurer of Sarum Z624, until his 
death Z634. See Lansdoume MS, 984, t 213 ; ft 

Fasti, i 343. 

[ 897 ] 

John Leigh. 


Robert Leigh. 

Leighy John (Ley), of Cheshire, gent Christ 
Church, matric la Feb., 1601-3, a^ed 16; B.A. 
93 Oct, 1605, M.A. 30 May, 1608, vicar of Great 
Budworth, Cheshire, canon of Chester 1627, sub- 
dean 1605, Friday lecturer St. Peter's, Chester, 
took the covenant, one of the Westminster assem- 
bly of divines, eta, rector of Ashfield and of Ast- 
bury, Cheshire, 1647, president of Sion CoU. 1645, 
sequestered to the rectories of St. Mary-at-HiU, 
London, 1645. ^^^ of Charlwood, Surrey. 1645, rector 
of Brightwell, Oxon. and of Solihull, co. Warwick ; 
died at Sutton Coldfield z6 May, 1662 ; buried 
there. See AiA, iii 569; & Add, AfSS, 15.669-70- 

Leighy John, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matric 3a May, 1613, aged 16; B.A. 36 Oct, 
1615; perhaps created M.A. from Brasenose 
Coll. i July, 1622, as a B. A. of 4 years' standing. 
See Fadit i. 409. 

Leigh, John, of Southants, arm. Christ Church, 
matric 25 Oct, z6i6, aged 18 ; one of these names 
knighted i Sept, 1628, M. P. Yarmouth 1640 (L.P.), 
till secluded in 1648, re-elected 1660 ; died about 
1666. See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, 

LeUrhe, John, s. Peter, of Ridge, Cheshire, arm. 
BRASENOSE Coll., matric 9 Dec, 1631, aged 19. 

Le(i)9lly John. s. Thomas, of Prestbury, Cheshire, 
arm. Brasenose Coll.. matric 9 Dec, 1631, 
aged 14 ; possibly a student of Gray's Inn 1633, as 
2nd son of Thomas, of Adlington, Cheshire, esq. 
See Foster's Gra^s Inn Reg, [S] 

Lel^lL, John ; created M.A. i Nov., 1642. See also 
JOHN Lee 1635. page 894. 

Leif^ll, John, s. John, of Oughtrington in Lyme, 
Cheshire, gent Brasenose Coll., matric. 2a 
March, 1661-2, aged 17, B.A. 24 Feb., 1665-6; M.A. 
frbm New Inn Hall 1668. 

Le(i)gh. John, s. Rich., of "Ye Legh House, Staf- 
ford, gent University Coll., matric 13 March, 
1667-8, aged 18 ; bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, 1673. 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Leigh, John. s. Edw., of London, gent University 
Coll., matric 15 Oct, 1674, aged 17; student of 
Inner Temple 1673. See Foster's Inns of Court 

LeiKhy John ; BA. from Magdalen (? Emanuel) 
coll., Cambridge, x68o; incorporated 13 July, 
i68a t>-0] 

Lei^rh, John, s. J(ohn), of Isle of Wight, Hants, arm. 
w^adham Coll., matric 12 Nov., 1686, aged 16; 
student of Middle Temple 1689; perhaps M.P. 
Newtown, Isle of Wight. 1702-5, and his father 
M.P. 1679-81. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Le(l)gll, John. s. Thomas, of Adlington, Cheshire, 
ann. Brasenose Coll., matric 19 March, 1686-7, 
aged 18 ; of Adlington, M.P. Bodmin, 1715, 
said to have died in 1735. See Foster's Parlid' 
mentary Dictionary, 

Leigh, Joseph ; B.A. from Sydney Sussex Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1616-17, M.A. 1620; incorporated 11 July, 
i6«3, vicar of Duffield, co. Derby, 1620, and rector olf 
Hanbury. co. Stafford, 1620, and of Egginton, co. 
Derby, 1631. See Foster's Graduati Cantab, 

Leigh, Miles (Lye or Lie) ; at Corpus Christi Coll. 
1558, from Lancashire, fellow 1561, B.A. 25 June, 
1562. M.A- 5 July, 1572. RC.L. 8 May, 1579, 
D.C.L. sup. 2 April, 1582, rector of Dartington, 
Devon, 157a See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Leigh. Moses, s. Moses, of Newcastle-under-Lyme, 
CO. Sufford. pleb. New Inn Hall, matric i 
Ai»il, 1642, aged 16 ; perhaps rector of Berrington, 
Salop, 1660. and vicar of Holy Cross, Shrewsbury, 
1671. See Foster's Index Ecch [18] 

Leighe (Sir). OUi^ of Surrey, gen. fit UmvsRsrnr 
Coll., matric entry under date 10 Jan., i574*5« 
aged 14 ; student oc Lincoln's Inn 1576, admitted 
to Merchant Taylon' school 1573 (s. John of 
Addington, Surrey); bom ax Nov., 15^9, fitted out 
an expedition to Guiana circa 1604, knighted by 
Q. Elizabeth 1604 ; died 14 March, x6ix-i2, buried 
at Addington, Surrey ; father of Francis 1607. See 
RoHnsoH, L X9; Purchas* Pilgrims, iL ; & Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Le(i)gh, Peter; of Brasenose Coll. 1614, B.A. 4 
Dec, 1617, then " eq. aur. fil," rector of Boultham, 
CO. Lincoln, 1619. See Foster's Indix Eccl, 

Le(i)|6rh, Peter, s. Piers, of Lyme, Yorks (sic), arm. 
Oriel Coll., matric 25 Jan., 1638-9, aged 16. 

Leigh, Peter, s. Peter, of Egloskerry, Cornwall, gent. 

EXETER Coll. , matric 28 June, 1662, aged 18. 
Leifirh, Peter, 8. Edw., of Siddington, Cheshire, gent. 

Oriel Coll., matric 13 March, X667-8, aged xS; 

perhaps rector of Aldlord, Cheshire, 1678. See 

Foster's Index Eccl, , [ao] 

Leifrh, P^ter, s. Th., of High Leigh, Cheshire, gent. 
WADHAU Coll., matric 5 June, 1680, aged x6; 
B.A. 1684, M.A. 18 Jan., 1686-7, rector of Lymm, 
Cheshire, 1689, vicar of Great Budworth 1697, etc, 
etc See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Leigh, Philip (Lee), of Cheshire, gen. Universitt 
COLL., matric entry under date xo Jan., X574-5, 
aged X9 ; B.A. 31 Jan., 1576^, M.A. 8 May, 1^79, 
vicar of Great ^ndall, Yorks. X584, and of Elles- 
mere, Salop, 1588, rector of Hotham, Yoiks, x6o6, 
etc See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Leigh, Ralph, s. Rob., of Blackroad, co. Lancaster, 
pleb. Brasenq^e Coll., matric 28 Feb., X709-10, 
aged 19; B.A. 1714; M.A. from King's Coll., 
Cambridge, 1722, rector of Ightham, Kent, X725, 
until his death 28 May, Z760. See Foster's Index 

Leigh, Richard, of Devon, pleb. ExETSR COLU, 
matric 14 Oct., x6o8, aged 18. 

Leigh, Richard, of co. Stafford, arm. Magdalen 
Hall, matric 28 April. x6x5 aged X5; student 
of Inner Temple x6i6, as son of Henry, of Rushall, 
ca Stafford. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, faS] 

Leigh, Richard, bom in Bucks, as. John, of Enneld, 
CO. Stafford, gent. Brasenose Coll,, matric 27 
Jan., x63i-a, aged 17; B.A. ao Oct. X63S. M.A. 
21 Jime, X638 ; incorporated at Cambridge X639. 

Lei^h, Richard, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric 90 

July, x6s8. 
Leigh, Richard, s. Edward, of Rushall. co. Stafford, 

arm. Queen's Coll., matric 23 March, X665-6, 

agedx6; B.A. 1669; 'going to London, became 

one of the plavers belonging to the plavhouse, either 

of King Charles II. or of James, Duke of York * ; 

brother of Henry X64C See Ath. iv. 533. 
Le(i)gh, Richard, s. Tho., of "A. Cestrensis"; 

(perhaps Adlington, Cheshire), arm. Brasenose 

CoLU, matric 28 March, X672, aged 17. 
Leigh, Richard, s. Th., of London, gent St. John's 

Coll., matric 7 July, X692, aged 18. I'®] 

Le(i)gh, Richard, s. John, of Fulham, MiddL 

UNIVERSITY Coll., matric xo Nov., 1697, aged X9 ; 

B.A. X70X ; perhaps rector of Wymondham, co. 

Leicester. 1^08, or of E^tham, co. Worcester, 

171 1. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Le(i)gh, Richard, s. Rich., of Lyme, Cheshire, arm. 
Merton Coll., matric 3 July, 1700, aged 21. 

Leigh, Robert, subscribed i July, X6X3. 

Lei^h, Robert (Lee), of co. Warwick, equitis fiL 
Hart Hall, matric 8 June, X621, aged 17; BA. 
26 Jan., 1623-4, perhaps created D.Med. 31 Jan., 
X642-3 ; knighted 21 Aug. , 1642, student of Lincoln's 
Inn x6x6, as as. Sir Francis, of Newnham, co. War- 
wick, kt. ; brother of Henry 162X, and of Francis 
16x3. See Foster's Insts of Court Reg, 

t 898 ] 

Robert Leighe. 

1500— 1714. 

Urian Leighe. 

UighBf Robert, s. Charies, of Manchester, ca Lan- 
caster, pleb. BrasbnosbColl., matric. 90 Oct., 
1626, aged 17 ; B.A. 7 Feb., 1629-9 '» perhaps MA. 
from St. Mary Hall 36 June, 1633. 

Leigh, Robert, s. Charles, of Wi^n, co. Lancaster, 
pleb. BrasbnosbColl., matna 33 Jan., 1628-9, 
aged 18 ; B.A. 10 Dec., 1631. M.A. 28 June, 1634. 

Leigh, Robert, s. J., of Exeter, Devon, pp. Exbtbr 
coll., matiic. 96 March, 1680, aged 26; B.A. 

Leigh, Samuel, s. Samuel, of Boston, co. Lincoln, 
arm. Merton Coll.. matric. 13 Dec 1661. aged 
15 (perhaps student of Lincoln's Inn 1663, as 2& of 
Samuel, of Rushall, co. Stafford). See AtA. iv. 
478 ; & Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Leigh, Samuel See Ley 1671-3. [8] 

Lei^rh, Samud, s. Edward, of Lincoln city, doctoris. 
Magdalen Hall, matria 14 Dec., 1704, aged 

Leigh, Tbeophilus, s. William, of Adlestrop, co. Glou- 
cester, arm. Queen's Coll., matric. 3 June. 1663. 
aged 15 ; of Adlestrop, student of Midme Temple 
X663. and of the Inner Temple 1665 ; died 10 Feb., 
2734-5. brother of William 1668. and father of the 
next, and of Thomas 27x3. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. 

Leigh, Theophilus, s. Theo., of Adlestrop, co. Glou- 
cester, arm. Trinity Coll., matric X3 April, 
2709, aged 25 ; B. A from Corpus Christi Coll. 
22 Feb., 27x3-3, M.A. 12 March, 2715-6; fellow 
Baluol Coll., ED. 30 April. 2737, D.D. 33 June, 
Z737. master of his college 2736-85, vice-chancellor 
2738-42, rector of Broadwell, co. Gloucester, 27x8 ; 
brother of Thomas 2723. See Foster's Index 

Leigh, Thomas (Lee), of co. Lancaster, arm. Brase- 
NOSB Coll., matria entry under date 32 May, 2581, 
aged 24. 

Leighe, Thomas, of Cheshire, arm. Brasenose 
COLU, matric. 32 May, 2583, aged 14; student of 
Gray's Inn X584. as of Lyme, Cheshire. See also 
Foster's Jnns of Court Reg, [10] 

Leigh, Thomas, of co. Gloucester, arm. Magdalen 
COLL., matric. 38 June. 1594. 

Leigh, Thomas (Leghe), of Cheshire, arm. Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric. — May, 2598, aged 26. 

Leighe, Thomas, of Cheshire, gent Brasenose 
Coll., matric. 36 OcL, 2599, aged 26. 

Leigh, (Sir) Thomas, of co. Warwick, militis. fiL 
Magdalen Coll., matric entry dated 4 Nov., 
2608. aged 23; of Stoneleigh, 3nd hart (s. Sir 
Thomas). M.P. co. Warwick, 2638-0. created Baron 
Leigh, of Stoneleigh. 2643 ; died 33 Feb. , 1672. See 
also Edward 2598. See Foster's Parliamentary 

Le(i)gh, Thomas, of Middx., equitis fil. Brasenose 
(JOLL., matric. 34 Nov., 2609. aged 2^; B.A. 99 
Nov., 2620. M.A. 7 July, 261^. B.D. 20 June. 1634, 
D.D. 2 July, 1634, rector of Walton-on-the-Hill, 
263X, and of Sefton, co. Lancaster, 2633. ^ 
Foster's Index Eccl, [IB] 

Leighe, Thomas, s. Richard, of Ormsldrk, co. 
Lancaster, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric 
24 March, 2625-6, aged 28, B.A. 25 Oct, 2627. 

Leigh, Thomas, 2s. William, of Northam. Devon, 
arm. Exeter Coll.. matric. 18 Feb., 2626-7, 
aged 28; student of Middle Temple 2626. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Ije(i)gh, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Prestbuiy, Cheshire, 
arm. Brasenose Coll.. matric. 9 Dec.. 2632, 
aged 26 ; student of Gray's Inn 2633 (his father of 
Adlington). See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Leigh. Thomas, s. Thomas, of Chard. Somerset, 
pleb. Wadham Coll., matric. 4 Nov., 2636, 
aged 25, scholar 2637. B. A. 25 May, 2642 ; Idtow 
Emanuel Coll.. Cambridge, M.A. 2646 (incor- 
porated at Oxford 8 May. 2649, and 9 July, 2662), 
B.D. 2664; master of Bury St Edmund's school, 
minister of Chard. Somerset, an assistant com- 
missioner for Somerset for the ejection of scandalous 
ministers and schoolmasters, rector of All Hallows. 
Lombard Street. 2658. but ejected for noncon- 
formity ; died at Bethnal Green 7 June. 2684, and 
buried at Clapham. Surrey. See FasH, iL 223, 
250 ; Ath, iv. 234 ; Gardiner, 233 ; Newcourt, iL 
896 ; & Calamy, 1. 84, as Lye. 

Leigh, Thomas, gent. Exeter Coll., matric o 
July. 2652. [ao] 

Leigh, Thomas, s. John, of Stonedall, Essex, gent 
MAGDALEN CoLL.. matric. 24 Nov.. 2662, aged 
26; demy 2662-70. B.A. 2665. M.A. 28 Jan., 
2667-8, fellow 2670-4, incorporated at Cambridge 
2673. See Bhxam, v. 249. 

Leigh, Thomas, is. Thomas, of Hamstead Ridware. 
CO. Stafford, equitis. Christ Church, matric. 26 
July, 1666. aged 24; created M.A. 4 Feb., 2666-7; 
grandson to Lord Stoneleigh. whom he succeeded 
as and lord 2a Feb., 2672 ; died 2720 ; £ither of 
Edward 270a. 

Leigh, Thomas, s. William, of Gloucester city, gent 
UNiYERSiry CoLi^. matric. ao June. 2682, aged 
26; student of Middle Temple 2^. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. 

Leigh, Thomas. " fil min." Thomas, of East 
Wickham, Kent. eq. aur. Queen's Coli«, 
matrid 2 Jfune. 2682. aged 27 ; student of Middle 
Temple 2oiB3. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Leigh, Thomas, s. Th.. of Drpgheda. co. Looth, 
gent. Exeter Coll.. matric. 28 Feb., 2692-3. 
aged 90. B. A. 2 March. 2692-2 ; perhaps sdiolar 
'ntiNiTYCoLL., Dublin, and B.A. 1692, M.A. 1695. 
B. and D.D. 2720. incorporated 24 July, 2723, 
perhaps rector of Hoole, co. Lancaster, 2702. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Le{i)gh, Thomas, arm. Merton Coll., matri& 21 
Feb.. 2692-3. [a6] 

Leigh, Thomas, s. Geor., of Lei^h, ca Lancaster, 
gent BRASEigosE Coll.. matnc. 24 April, 2698, 
aged 26 ; B A. 2702, fellow, M. A 2704. incorporated 
at Cambridge 2707. rector of Stoke Bruem, 
Northants, 2729, until his death ; buried there 5 
Sept, 2752. See Rawl. MS. & Foster's Index 

Leigh, Thomas, s. Alex., of Northenden, Cheshire, 
pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric 22 Nov., 2703, 
aged 27, B.A. 2707. 

Leigh, Thomas, s. William, of London, gent 
Corpus Christi Coll., matric. 26 Jan., 2707-8, 
aged 27; exhibitioner 2707, BA. 27x2, fellow. lA^A. 
9 March. 27x^-5. BD. 24 March. 2723-4, rector of 
Heyford-at-Bndge. Oxon. 2728-44. portioner {2nd) 
of 'Tredington. co. Worcester. 2732. until his death 
27 Jan.. 2743-4. ^'^ 54. See 5A Pauls S. R. 
168 ; Rawl. VI. 280 ; & Foster's Index Eccl 

Leigh, Thomas, s. Rob., of Willeton. Somerset, gent 
BALUOL Coll., matric. 27 Oct, 27x0, aged 27. 

Leigh, Thomas, s. Rob. (? Theodore), of Adlestrop, 
CO. Gloucester, arm. Christ Church, matric. 36 
March, 27x3. aged x6 ; B. A. from All Souls' Coll. 
2726. M.A 2720, B.D. 29 March. 1740-2; rector 
of Harding. aJias Harpsden, Oxford. 2731-64, etc. ; 
bom 26 Dec., 2696, died Feb., 2764. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. [si] 

Leighei Urian, of Cheshire, arm. Brasenose Coll., 
matnc. 32 May, 2583. aged 25 ; a student of 
Lincoln's Inn 2587. See Fosters Inns ef Omrt 

i 899 3 

William Leigh. 

1500— 1714. 

Richard Leir. 

Leigh, William, of co. Lancaster. Brasenose Coll., 
"Oxon Vcnit" 1571, aged 90; fellow 1573-87, B.A. 
10 Dec., 1574. M.A. 39 May, 1578, B.U. 4 July, 
1586. sup. for licence to preach 24 July, 1584, rector 
of Bowden, Cheshire, i582,andof Standish, co. Lan- 
caster, 1586-1659. a justice of the peace, and master 
of Ewelm hospital, Oxon, 1608 ; buried in the 
chancel of his church 28 Nov., 1639. See Ath, vu 
64a ; & CkeiMam Society, vols. 36 and 91. 

Lelghy Wmiam (Leghe), of Cheshire, pleb. Univer- 
sity Coll., matric. 6 March, 1583-4, aged a6. 

Lei^he. William, admitted 96 June, 1590 (one term at 
Cambridge). B. A. from Brasenose Coli« 1593-3 ; 
M.A. from St. Alban Hall 14 June, 1600 ; per- 
haps vicar of St. Helen's, Abingdon, Berks, 1597. 
See Foster's IiuUx EccL & O.H.S, x. 37a 

LeiRh, William, of co. Gloucester, arm. Magdalen 
hall, matric. entry dated a8 Nov., 1595, aged 12. 

Leighe, William, of Devon, arm. fil nat. max. 
University Coll., matric. 29 July. 1603, aged 18; 
bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 16x4 (as son and heir 
of Thomas, of Northam, Devon, and of Middle 
Temple, bar.-at-law, see Thomas Ley 1571, page 
91a). SotFosXa^s Judges and BarrisUrx. [6] 

Leigh, William, s. John, of Kenton, 00. Lancaster, 
pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric. ao March, 1634- 
5, aged 19 ; RA 27 Oct, 1638. 

Leigh, William, s. Charles, of Wigan, co. Lancaster, 
pleb. Brasenose Colu, matric. z6 Oct., 1635, 
aged 14 ; RA. 23 March, 1639-40. 

Leigh, WiUiarn. s. John, of Cranbrooke. Kent, pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matric 27 Nov., 1635. aged 18. 

Leigh, William, s. Theophilus. of Kirkhara, co. Lan- 
caster, gent. Brasenose Coll. , matric. 13 April, 
1638. aged 17. 

Leigh, William, s. William, of Adlestrop, 00. Glou- 
cester, arm. Trinity Coll., matnc. 23 Oct., 
1668. aged 16 ; brother of Theophilus 16^3. [10] 

Lelfrh, William^ s. John, of Wootton GkinviUe, 
JLkjTset, gent. Queen's Coli^, matric. 27 Feb., 
1693-4. aged z6; B.A. 1697, M.A. 1700 (incorpo- 
n\30± at Cambridge 170^) B. and D.D. 171 8, rector 
of Dorchester Holy Tnnity 1707, and of Lytchett 
Matravers, Dorset, 1720. See Foster's Index EccL 

Leigh, William, s. Daniel, of co. Hereford, pleb. 

}i:sus Colu, subscribed 29 June, 1704, aged 17 ; 

B.A 1708. 
Leigh, William, s. Theoph., of London, arm. 

Merton Coll., matric. 26 Jan., 1707-8, aged 16; 


Leigh. Wolley, is. Francis, of Adington, Siurey, 
militis. Queen's Coll., matric. 4 Nov., 1631, 
aged 18 ; died in 1641-a ; brother of Francis 1631. 
Leight. See Light. [XS] 

Leighton, Charles, s. Thomas, of Feckenham, 00. 
Worcester, gent. Trinity Colu, matric. 23 
Jan., i6a&^. aged 17. 

Leighton, Daniel, s. Edward, of Watlesbury, Salop, 
ban. WADHAM Coll., matric. 20 Oct, 1710, aged 
16 ; student of I nner Temple 171 x . a lieut. -colond of 
horse; died in Jan., 1765. See Gardiner, 442; & 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Leighton, Edward (Laygton) ; M.A. sup. 16 Dec., 
1520. proctor 1521, canon of Cardinal Coll. 
1534-30. RD. IS July, 1528, D.D. sup. 5 Feb., 
X531-3, rector of All Cannings, Wilts. 1531, and of 
Cheriton, Hants, 1542 (perhaps canon of West- 
minster 1540), archdeacon of Salisbury 1544. etc. 
See Gutch, L 422 ; Foster's Imdtx EccL \ A Fasti, i. 

Leighton, (Sir) Edward, s. Robert, of Wattles- 
borough, Salop, arm. Christ Church, matric. 
5 Aug., 1668, aged 18; student of Inner Temple 
1669. created a baronet 2 March, 1692-3, M.P. 
Salop i698-i7oa and Shrewsbury (Dec.), 1709-xo; 
died in 17x1 ; brother of Thomas 1668. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lolghton, Francis, s. Edw., of Cardiston, Salop, 
gent WADHAM Coll., matric x8 July, 17x3, 
aged x6 ; scholar 1714. See Gardiner, 45a. [20] 

Leighton, Henry, a Scot ; obtruded himself and was 
created M.A. i Nov., 1642; an ofBcer in the royal 
forces ; teacher of French at Oxford ; was allowed 
a chamber in St John's College; died 28 Jan., 
1668 ; buried in St. Giles, north suburb of Oxford ; 
will at Oxford x8 June, 1669. See Ftuti, ii. 29. 

Leighton, John, s. Ric. , of Roddington, Salop, amv 
TRINITY Coll., matric. 9 July, 17x1, aged 17. 

Leighton, Richard, s. John, of Leighton, Salop, 
gent Christ Church, matric. 3 Nov., 1670, 
aged 18 ; bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, x68o. See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Leighton, Robert, of Salop, arm. Magdalen 
Coll., matric. to Oct, x6oi, aged 17 ; s. Thomas, 
and ancestor of Edward 1668. 

Leight 0X1. Robert, s. Thomas, of Richmond, Surrey, 
arm. uhrist Chctrch, matric. 7 June, 1708, aged 
19; B.A. 31 March. 1715. See AL West, 25a 

Leigh tOXly Thomas ; secular chaplain, B.A. 21 July, 
1522, M.A- XI July, 1530. [26] 

LeiKhton, Thomas, of Salop, gent St. Mary 
HALL, matric. 17 Feb., 1597-8. aged 18; B.A. 
from Exeter Coll. 17 Dec.. x6oi, M.A. 5 July, 
1605, student of Middle Temple 1605, as 4th son of 
Richard, of Coates, Salop, esq. See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg. 

Leighton, Thomas, s. Edward, of Leighton, Salop, 
gent St. Alban Hall, matric. 15 May, 1640, 
aged 17. 

LeiMton, Thomas, s. Robert, of Wattlesborough, 
Salop, gent Chsist Chukch, matric 13 March, 
1667-8, aged 17 ; brother of Edward x668. 

Leighton, William (Leygton), B.A. Cambridge 1526- 
7, M.A. X530; sup. for incorporation Feb., X533-3. 
See Foster's Graduati Cantab, [SO] 

Leighton, CoL William ; created D.C.L. aa April, 
X645, " near of kin to Sir William Leighton. kt" 
See FasH, ii. 88. 

Leightonhouse, Richard, of Derby, pleb. Corpus 
CHristi Coll., matric. 27 Oct., 16x5, aged 17 
(subs. Laughtenhouse), B.A. 15 E>ec.. 1618; M.A. 
firom St. Alban Hall 6 July, X621, sequestered 
from the rectory of Desford, co. Leicester, 1647. bv 
the Westminster assembly of Divines. See AdeU 
MS, 15,671, p. loo* 

Leightonhouse. Walter, s. WUliam, of Kirton-in- 
Lindsay, co. Lincoln, gent Lincoln Coll., 
matric 26 July, X673, aged 16 (B.A. from Mag- 
dalen Coll. , Cambridge, 1676) ; incorporated 14 
May, 1677, fellow 2 June, 1677, M.A. 5 Feb., 1679- 
80; of Charlwood, Surrey, derk, licenced (v.G.) 15 
Aug. , 1683, to marry Hannah Bliss, of St Saviour's, 
Southwark, widow ; chaplain to the Earl of Hunting- 
don, rector of Waddington 1685, and of Washing- 
borough, CO. Lincoln, 1688-1701, vicar of Brace- 
bridge X697, until his death in 1701, aged 45. See 
Ath, iv,^72 ; Fasti, ii. 370; RawL xx, 323; Heame, 
ii. 49 ; ft Cooper's Memorials of Cambridge, iL 175. 

Leile, Tancrrd (veL Leilius), a learned Dane ; M.A. 
from Magdalen Coll. 7 July, 1603. See FetsH^ 
i. 299. 

Leir, Richard, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matric 3 June, 1603, aged x6 (as Layer) ; B.A. 13 
Feb., 1606-7 (as Lyerj. M.A. 4 June, 1611 (as Ldr^ 
rector of Charlton Musgrove, Somerset, 1617 (also 
as Leir) ; father of the next [S8] 

[ 900 ] 


Thomas Leir. 

1500— 17I4* 

Thomas Lennard. 

Lelr, Thomas, s. Richard, of Chariton Musgrove, 
Somerset, pleb. Wadham Coll., matric. 4 June. 
1641, aged 18 ; created R A 16 Jan., z64a>3, rector 
of Charlton Musgrove, 2660-17x2; father of the 
next and of Thomas 1688. See Gardiner, 147; 
Foster's IntUx EccL ; & Burrows, 56a 

Leir, Thomas, s. Tho.. of Charlton Mnsgrove, 
Somerset, cler. Wadham Coll., matric. 4 April, 
1688, aged x6; scholar 1689, B.A 1691, M.A. 1694, 
fellow 1698-1700, rector of Ditcheat, Somerset, 1699, 
until his death in 1790 ; brother of William 1694. 
See Gardiner, 355 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Leir, William, s. William, of Charlton Musgrove, 
Somerset, pleb. Wadham Coll., matric. 31 
March, 1683, aged 18; B.A 1685, rector of Bratton, 
Somerset, z689-x7a6. See Foster's Index EuL 

Leir, William, s. Tho., of Charlton, Somerset, gent 
(subs. cler.). Wadham Coll., matric 39 March, 
1694, aged 19; B.A 1697, M.A 1700, chaplain 
1699-Z700, rector of Charlton Musgrove, 1713, until 
his death 35 March, 1743; brother of Thomas 1688. 
See Gardiner, 384 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Leite, William, of Devon, pleb. ExETBR Coll., 
matric. 33 Oct, z6i3. agedi8. [8] 

Leland, John (or Leyland), E A from Christ's Coll. 
Cambridge. 1533. removed to ALL Souls* Coll., 
Oxford; the celebrated antiquary and author of 
" The Itinerary," chaplain to Henry VIII., rector 
of Poppeling in the marches of Calais 1530, king's 
librarian, king's antiquarian 1533, rector of Haseley, 
Oxford, 1543, canon of King's College, or Christ 
Cbiuxh, Oxford, 1543-5. and of Sarum ; died 18 
April, 1553, buried in the church of St Michael-Ie 
Quern. S<« Atk, i. 197 ; Cooper, i. no; St Pauls 
S. JP. 18 ; & Lansdowne MS, 980, t 108. 

Leland, William, of Northants, pleb. Balliol 
Coll., matric 6 July, 1613, aged 14 (asLelam); 
B.A 35 Feb.. 1 616-7, ^car of Bosham, Sussex, 
1636. See Foster's index EccL 

LeUo, James, s. John, of Whitcote, Salop, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric 37 June, 1633, agcKl 3x ; B.A. 
15 March, 1633-4. 

Lely, Richard, s. George, of Richmond, Surrey, arm. 
Queen's Coll., matric. 7 May, 7713, aged 16; 
tMur.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1719 (his father called 
John). See Eawi. I 383 ; & Foster's Judga and 

Leman, James, M.A. Edinburgh 1609, incorporated 10 
July, i6ia [10] 

Leman, John, gent Lincoln Coll., matric aa 
July, X658, student of Lincoln's Inn 1663, as son and 
heir of John, late of Blagdon, Somerset esq. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lemell, Rowland (Lymell), B.A. z8 July, 1519, M. A 
18 July, 1533. 

Lemetayer, Charles, of London, arm. iiL nat max. 
Christ Church, matric 31 May, 1616. aged 17 ; 
RA 19 Dec, z6i8 (incorporated at Cambridge 
1618), M.A 14 Tune, 1631. receiver general and 
solicitor for the dean and chapter of Westminster 
i6ai, with his father George Limiter. see page 9x5, 
rector of Stone, Kent, 1635. See Al, West, 83 ; & 
Foster's Index EccL 

Lemoine, Stephen, D.D. 1676. See Moine. 

Lemon, William, s. Henry, of Preston, co. Lancaster, 
gent Brasenosb Coll., matric. 14 March, 
1663-3. ^cd 18. [18] 

Lemprier, Hugh, of (PJcrsey). gen. St. Alban 
Hall, matric entry under date 38 Feb., 1580-z, 
aged x6. 

Lempriere, John, s. T., of Jersey, pleb. Merton 
Coll., matric. 18 March, 1688-9. aged X5 ; B.A 
from Pembroke Coll. 1693, M.A 1699, rector of 
GiouviUe, Jersey, 1693. See Potter's Index EccL 

Lempriere, Philip, of Isle of Jersey, gent St. 
John's Coll. matric 16 June, i6zo, aged x8; 
educated at Merchant Taylors' school ; bom Z59X. 
See Robinson, i. 54. 

LeiOSter, Thomas, Carmelite, B.D. 5 July, 15361 
Lenoe, Stephen, student of Christ Church 1571, 
B.A 19 Feb., 1573-4. M.A 6 July. 1576; died la 
March, 1587, aged 34. See Gutck, L 4701 [20] 

Lenoh, Edward, s. Tho., of Grimley, oa Woccester, 
pleb. University Coll., matric 37 March, 1699, 
aged 15. 

Lenoh, John, of CO. Worcester, fit nat max. Brass- 
nose Coll., matric 3 Nov., zdai, aged 17; B.A. 
39 Oct, 1633. 

Lenoh, Ralph, of ca Worcester, arm. fit nat a. 
Brasenose Coll., matric 3 Nov., i68x, aged 15; 
B.A 7 July. 1634 ; fellow of AllSouls' Coll.., axMl 
aCL. 16 Nov., x63a 

Lenoh, Stephen 1574. See Lynch. 

Lendall, Richard, of Berks. Exeter Coll.. matric 
entry under date 3 Dec, 1575, aged 29; RA 16 
Feb., 1576^. [25] 

Lendon, Robert, s. Rob., of Rodiester, Kent, gent 
St. John's Coll., matric x8 Dec, 1671, aged 18 ; 
B.A 1675. 

Lenne, Andrew, of Cornwall, plefa. Exeter Coll., 
matric i Dec, 1587. aged 17; B.A. 9 Juty, 1591 ; 
M.A. from St. Edmund Hall 7 Dec, 1597 ; vicar 
of Cricklade St Sampson, Wilts, 1600^1 ; father 
of the next See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lenn, Andrew, s. Andrew, of Cricklade, Wilts, sacerd. 
New Coix., matric 7 March, 1633-3, aged 17; 
R A 15 Dec, 1637 ; vicar of Cricklade St Sainpscn, 
Wilts, 1641, rector of Cricklade St Maxy i66x. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Lenn, John, matric 3 June, 1614 ; student of Middk 
Temple 16x3, as son and heir of William, of Col- 
worth, Sussex, gen. , deceased. See Foster's Imns »/ 
Court Reg, 

Lennard, Francis, bora at Hnrstmonoeaux, Sussex, s. 
Ridiard, Lord Dacre. Merton Qxyuu, matric 15 
Oct., 1634, aged X5 ; 14th Lord Dacre, M.P. Sussex 
1654-5 ; died 13 May, 1663; father of Thomas 1667. 
and Fhtnds 167^ [30] 

Len(n)ard, Francis, BaronettL fit ORIEL Coll.. 
matric I April, 1656; B.A 33 Feb., 165&-9, M.A 
i66x, B.C.L. from Aix Souls' Coll. 1665. D.C.L. 
1673 ; student of Middle Temple 1658, as yst soa 
of Sir Stephen, of West Wickham, Kent See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lennard^ Francis, bom at Cbevening. Kent. & 
Fr(ancis), Baron Dacre, of Hustmonceaux, Sussex. 
Queen's Coll., matric 11 Oct. 1675. aged 17; 
student of Inner Temple 1676. See Inter's Imxs 
of Court Reg, 

Lennard, John, s. William, of Fovant Wilts, S.TD. 
New Inn Hall, matric x6 Nov., 1633. aged 13. 

Lennard, (Sir) Samuel, s. Steph., of Widiham. Kent, 
bart Trinity CoLi*, matric 4 April. 1690, aged 
z6; 3rd bart, student of Middle Temple 1669^ 
M.P. Hythe 1715, until his death 8 Oct, 1737; 
brother of the next See Foster's ParHamentarj 

Lennard, Stephen, s. Step., of Wickham. Kei^ 
bart. (subs, "baronetti equitis aura.") Christ 
Church, matric 18 June. X695, ^'S^ z^; B.A. 
1699; baptised at West Wickham 6 Dec. 1677. 
died young. See AL West. 339. [3S] 

Lennard, Thomas. "Baron of Dacre Castell in d« 
north." Magdalen Coll., matric 83 Nov.. 
1667 ; created M.A 33 June, 1668 (sod of Ftands 
1634, 14th Lord Dacre), created Eari of Sussex 5 
Oct, 1674. gentleman of the bedchamtxa' toCharki 
II. 1680-5 ; died 30 Oct. 17x5 ; brother of Franoi 


[ 901 ] 

Edmund Lenthall. 

1500— 1714. 

Allen Lester. 

Lenthally Edmund* of OzoD, arm. TRiNmr Coll., 

roatric 23 June, 1593, aged 15. See also John 

Lenthall, Edmund, s. William, of Nurtben, ca 

Warwick, gent Queen's Coll., matric. 90 May. 

1625. aged 16. 

Lenthall, Edmund, gent AllSouls' Coll., matric 
9 Nov., 1657, B.C.L. I April, 1658; bar.-at-law, 
Lincoln's Inn, 1666, as and son of Francis, of city of 
London, esq. See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Lenthall, John (Leynthall), of Oxon, arm. St. 
John's Coll,, matric. 4 Dec., i6oz, aged 15; 
student of Lincoln's Inn 1604. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. 

Lenthall. (Sir) John. s. John (rightly William 1607). of 
Burford, Oxon, arm. Coepus Cheisti Coll., 
matric xa Sept , 1640, a^ed 15 ; student of Lincoln's 
Inn 1640 (as son of William), according to Wood 
"the grand braggadocio and Iyer of the age," 
knighted o March, 1658; M.P. Gloucester Nov., 
2645 (^i**)* ^iU i6s3. Abingdon 2659 (Rumper) and 
2660, till void 33 May (double return) ; one of the 
commissioners on trial of the king but did not sit, 
a colonel under Oliver ; created a baronet 2658 ; 
knighted by Cromwell 9 March, 1657-8, and by 
Charles II. 13 March, 1677, one of the six clerks in 
chanceiry 9 March, 2657, sometime governor of 
Windsor Oistle. high sheriff Oxon, z^ ; died at 
Besselsleigh 9 Nov., i68z. See Atk, iii 609; & 
Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. [8] 

Lenthall. John, arm. St. Iohn's Coll., matric a 
Oct, 2099 : son of William, and grandson of John 

Lenthall, Robert (Leynthall), of Oxon, cler. fiL 
Oriel Coll., xnatric 27 Oct, 2622, aged 24 ; B.A. 
from All Souls' Coll. 8 July, 2629. rector of 
Aston Sandford, Bucks, 2627, and of Great 
Hampden. Bucks, 2643. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lenthall, William (LentaU) of co. Hereford, pleb. 
Balliol Coll., matric entry uixier date 2575, 
aged 29. 

Lenthall, William (Leynthall), of Oxon, arm. St. 
Alban Hall, matric. 23 Jan., 2606-7, aeed 25; 
bar.-at-law. Lincoln's Inn, 2626 (as son of William, 
of Wilcol, Oxon), bencher 2633. recorder of Wood- 
stock and M.P. 2624-5. April-May 2640. 2640 (LP.) 
—1653, Oxfordshire 2654-5, 2656-8. ' Lord ' 2657, 
and a rumper 2659. recorder of Gloucester and 
Woodstock 2637, speaker 2640-5^, and 2654-5, 
master of the rolls 2643-60, a commissioner of great 
seal 1646-8 and 2659-60 ; bom at Henley-on-Thames 
June 2592, died 3 Sept, 2662 ; father of John 264a 
See Atk, iiL 603 ; & Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Lenthall, William, s. William, of London, gent 
Trinity Coll. matric 27 Nov., 2672, aged 26; 
of Latchford and Great Haselev, Oxon ; student of 
Lincoln's Inn 1672; M.P. Wallingford 2679-82, 
Cricklade 2682. See Heame, i. 225; Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, ; & Foster's Parliamentary 
Dictionary, L^^] 

Lenthrop, Peter, of London, pleb. Balliol Coli^, 
matric ao Jan., 2597-8, aged 28; B.A. 5 March 

Lenten, Edward, ss. Edward, of Notley, Bucks, arm. 
Magdalen Hall, matric 22 May, 263a. aged 27 ; 
RA. 24 Oct, 2633. M.A. 25 June. 2636. B.Med. 
^ May, 1639, D.Med. 20 Judy, 2642. See Fastis 
iL 4it. 

Leolin. Thomas, s. " Leoline Williams." of Cantrefi; 

CO. Brecon, pp. jBStJS Coll. noatric. 38 March, 

1679. s^^ ^*o^ 
Leonard, Henry ; D.D. Oxon ; incorporated atCat2i- 

bridge 2522. See O.H,S, L 33a. 

Leonardo, Jerome (Jeronimus), Carmelite ; B.D. sup. 
15 June, 1524. [IS] 

Leonard, Stephen, of ca Worcester, pleb. St. 
John's Coll., matric 24 Nov., 2625, aged 29; 
B.A. 9 Feb., 2627-8, rector of Great Comberton, 
CO. Worcester, 2624. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Leonardo, (Thomas), of ca Clare, Ireland, pleb. 
Magdalen Coll., matric entry under date 2572, 
a^ed 25 ; chorister 2555-8. clerk 1S7073. and chap- 
lain 2573-4 (as Thomas), B.A. x April, 2573. vicar 
of Bedwardine St. John, co. Worcester, 2577, 
rector of Saltfleetby, co. Lincoln, 1589 ; died 2622 ; 
fiather of the next See Foster's Index Eccl, & 
Bloxamt L 25, ii. 42. 

Leonard, Thomas, of CO. Worcester, cler. fit 
Oribl Coll., matric 22 Dec, 2607, aged 29; 
scholar of Brasenosb Coll. 2608, admon. at 
Oxford 5 March, 2626. 

Leonardo, William, of Northants, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric 29 Nov., 2582, aged 26; B.A. 25 
Oct, 2583; M.A. from Gloucester Hall 8 
July. 2586. ED. and licenced to preach 7 March, 
2606-7. D.D. 13 July. 2608. rector of Kirkhampton, 
Cornwall. 2622. &c See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Leonard, WUliam. s. G. (?"Gul"). of Crewkeme, 
Somerset Wadham Coll., matric 20 May, 
2686, aged 29. [ao] 

LoprOTiok, John, M.A. St. Andrew's University, 
N.B., incorporated 24 July, 260a. 

Loprez, James; created D.D. by diplonm 9 Sept, 
2685. sometime professor of divinity in Saumar 
University and warden of the college there, forced 
to leave his country for religion by the king of 
France See Fastis ii. 398. 

Loroby, Nicholas, of (Cornwall, pleb. EXSTSR 
Coll., matric 7 Dec, 2620. aged 26. 

Lorod, John, of Bucks, pleb. St. Alban Hall, 
matric 29 Nov., 2626. aged 28; B.A. 24 April, 
2618. M.A. 29 Jan.. 2620-2; buried in Merton 
college chapel 29 March. 2622-3, admon. at Oxford 
3 May, 2623. See Gutck, i, app. 207. 

[Leslie, John, bishop of the isles in Scotland, of 
Raphoe, and of Clogher in Ireland; died 2672, 
See Atk. iv. 845 ; & Foster's Baronetage.] [a8j 

Lesley, Robert, s. Heiuy, bishop of Down and 
Connor in Ireland. B.A. Trinity Coll., Dublin, 
23 March, 26^-7; M. A. of Aberdeen University 
26 July, 2638; incorporated 23 June, 1639, bishop 
of Dromore 2660. of Kaphoe 2662, and of Clogher 
2672, imtil his death 20 Aug., 2672. See Fasti, L 


L'Esquiro, Scipio, a. Scipio, of London, gent 
Queen's Coll., matric 22 July, 2664, aged 26; 
student of Inner Temple, 2664, as of Long Acre, 
Middlesex, gent. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

L'EsqtXLior. Scipio, s. S. of Balden. Oxon, gent 
Oriel Coll., matric 23 Jan., 2684-5. aged 28. 

Lease, John, of Christ Church 2563. See Lees. 

Losseus, Robert ; 6 years a student of medicine. 

sup. for B.Med. in Michaelmas term 2^72 (memo. 
Robert Lesse. B.A. Cambridge 2563-4, M.A. 2567). 
See Foster's Graduati Cantab. [SOJ 

Lessoy, Thomas, s. Reginald, of Donjratt, Somerset, 
pp. Wadham Coll., matric. 30 March, 2666, 
aged 26 ; scholar 2668, B.A. 2670, M.A. and fellow 
267a, incorporated at Cambridge 2680. canon of 
Sarum 2687-272A, rector of Lydeard St Lawrence 
2687, and of Odcombe. Somerset i7o8> until his 
death in 2724 ; his father rector of Donyatt 2633. 
See Gardiner, 966 ; & Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lostedo, George, scholar, or fellow of New Coll. in 

and before 2564. 
Lester. See also Lbycbster. 
Lester, Allen, s. AL, of Dorchester, pp. Wadham 

Coll., matric 28 March, 2669-70. aged 27 ; B.A. 

25 Feb., 2673-4. vicar of Ufracombe, Devon, 2683. 

See Foster's Index Eccl, 

[ 902 ] 

Nicholas Lester. 

1500— 1714, 

Edward Leveson. 

Lester, Nicholas, a. And., of Abingdon, Berks, pp. 
Trinity Coll., matric. 13 May, 1700, aged 15, 
RA 1704; M.A from King's Coll., Cambridge, 
1730, vicar of Tortington, Sussex. 1709, and rector 
of Ford, Sussex. 173a See Burrows, 524 ; & 
Foster's Index EccU 

Lester, Robert, pleb. Merton Coll., matric 25 
Feb.. 1650-1. postmaster 1651, B.A. i June, 1654. 

LestOOke, Charles, of St. Alban Hall, in and 
before 157a. 

L'Estrange, Hamon. s. Nia, of Hunstanton, Nor 
folk, bart. Christ Church, matric. 14 Nov., 
1706, aged 17: baptised at Hunstanton 19 Nov., 
Z687 ; died at Basle 17x5. 

L*Estrange, (Sir) Nicholas, a. N.. of Hunstanton, 
Norfolk. Christ Church, matric. 23 May, 1677, 
aged 15 ; 3rd bart ; bom 2 Dec., 1661 ; died at 
Gressenhall 18 Dec., 1724 ; father of Hamon. [8] 

Lethbridge, Antony, of Devon, gent. St. Edmund 
Hall, matric. 19 May, 16x5, aged 16 ; student of 
Inner Temple 16x7. of Westaway, Devon. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Rtg. 

Lethbridge, John, s. John, qf Bow, Devon, gent 
Exeter Coll.. matric. x6 Julyi 1625. aged 17; 
rector of Ashprington. Devon, 1639, until seques- 
tered in 1647 by the Westminster assembly. See 
Foster's Indtx EccL & Add, MS, 15.671, p. 233. 

LethbridAre, John, s. Tho., of Jacobstow, Devon, 
pleb. Exeter Coll., matric. 92 March, 1666-7, 
aged 17; B.A. X670, M.A 1673, rector of Jacob- 
stow i68x ; father of Thomas X706. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Lethbridge, Thomas, 8. George, of Jacobstow, 
Devon, pleb. New I)4N Hall, matric. 4 Nov., 
1631, aged 19. 

Lethbridge, Thomas, pleb, Ex^tee Coll., matric 

13 March, X650-X, B.A. 12 Oct, 1654. fellow 1655, 
M.A 29 May, X657, Q.D. 1667, suspended X690, 
restored x694-5 ; died i Sept, 1695; admon. at 
Oxford 14 Oct. following. See GuUk, i. 120; & 
Boase, 72. [lO 

Lethbrid^, Thomas, s. Joh., qf Jacobstow, Devon 
cler. Exeter Coll., matric 7 March, 1705-6 
aged 2a 

Lethbridge, William, "ser." Exeter Coll.. 
matric 28 March. X653. 

Lethen, Benedict. B.A. 6 May, 1534, rector of 
Phillack-withiGwithian, Cornwall, 155a. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Letherborow, Nicholas, of ca Warwick, pleb, 
Magdalen Coll., matric 34 Nov., 1581. aged 17; 
clerk 1585-9. B.A 6 Feb., 1583-4, M.A- 3 July, 
1588, chaplain X589-1612 ; admon. at Oxfotd 27 
June. x6x7. See Bloxam, ii. 45. 

Leyois. See Lewis. [18] 

Leyells, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Penzance, Cornwall, 

gent £)XETER COLL., matric. 6 Dec, 1639, aged 

LeyenS, Peter (Levenes) ; B.A from Magdalen 
Coll. 6 July, 1556. fellow 1557-60, M.A sup. 
Feb., 1559^60, "an eminent physician," taught a 
^mmar school, and practic^ physic See Ath, 
1. 548 ; & Fasti^ i. 149. 

Leyenthorpe, Peter, of Baluol Coll. 1598. See 

Leyenthorpe, Stafford, arm. University Coll., 
matric 19 Nov.. 1650; B.A. from New Coll. 16 
May, 1653 ; M.A from Univkrsitv Coll. 7 July, 
1657, incorporated at Cambridge 1662, vicar ot 
Amwell 16^8. and of Shephall. Herts, 1660, 
licenced 21 July. 1662, to marry Barbara Flexmore. 
of East Greenwich, Kent, spinster ; rector of 
Stevenage, Herts, 1664. See London Marriage 
Licences, ed. Foster, & Foster's Index EccL 

Leyer. See also Leaver. [ao] 

Leyer, John, s. R(obert), of Alkrington, ca Lancas- 
ter, arm. Brasenosb Coll., matric 19 Jan., 
1690-1, aged 15; B.A 1604. bar.-at-law. Gray's 
Inn, 1700 ; brother of Robert same date. See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Leyer, Ralph ; a A. from St. John's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1547-8, M.A 1551, a senior fellow 1559 
(incorporated 29 July, X560), created D.D. 1578 
(brother of Thomas, master of St. John's), rector 
of Washington, co. Durham, 1565. archdeacon of 
Northumberland 1566-73, canon of Durham 1567, 
rector of Stanhope, ca Durham. 1575, master of 
Sherbum hospital 1577 (on the death of bis brother 
lliomas) ; died about March, 1584-5. See Foster's 
Index EccL & Cooper, L 507. 

Leyer, Robert, s. R(obeTt), of Alkrington. oa Lan- 
caster, arm. Brasenose Coll., matric 19 Jan., 
1690-1, aged 18; B.A 1694, bar.-at-law, Gray's 
Inn, 1699 ; brother of John same date. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers. 

Leyer, Samuel, s. John, of Bolton, co. Lancaster, der. 
Brasenosb Coll., matric 7 March, 1692-3, aged 
17 ; B. A 1696, M. A. 1699. rector of Claughton, ca 
Lancaster, 1700; brother of Thomas 169a See 
IF^oster's Index EccL 

Leyer, Thomas, of Brasenosb Coll., B.A. sop. 99 
Mav, 1609, vicar of Leamington, Hastings, 1619, 
ana of Stockton, co. Warwick, 1628, sequestered 
from Leamington 1645 by the Westminster as se m b ly . 
See Foster's Index Ecd. ; Add. MS. 15.669, p. 80 ; 

& o.H.s. xii 291. [as] 

Leyer, Thomas, s. Ja. of Bolton, co, Lancaster, cler. 
Wadham Coll.! matric 9 April. 1690, aged 18; 
brother of Samuel, his father vicar of Bolton-le- 
Moors, CO, Lancaster, 1673. See John Leatsr* 
page 89s. 

Leyerett, William, B.Med., and admittecl to practice 
IX April, 1538 ; an extra licentiate of the coH^fe of 
phvsicians X559, bom at Grantham, oo, Lincoln, 
alderman of Newark, Notts, where he practiced as 
a physician ; buried 17 May, 1579, aged 68, mon. 
ins. See Munk^s RolL 1. 58. 

Leyertdge, John, of Northants, pleb. MAGDALEN 
Hall, matric 19 Jan., 1587-8, aged 13 ; dexnj 
Magdalen Coll. 1589-95. See Bloxam, hr. 33a 

LeyerLsh, Thomas, RA. sup. 8 May. 1523. See 
Cotton's Fasti Ece. Hib. ii 95, bishop dSf Rildare, 
Thos. Leverous. 

Leyermore, WilUam, s. John, of Exeter, merdiant, 
scholar Caius Coll., Cambridge. 30 Mart^. 1616, 
aged 21 ; B. A 1619-20, M.A X623, incorporated 
13 July, 1624, rector of Silverton, Devon. See 
Venn, 131 ; & Foster's Graduati Cantab. [SO] 

Leyersage, Hugh, of Cheshire, arm. Brasenose 
Coll., matric 15 Dec, 1592. aged 19; dispensed 
for B.A from St. Mary Hall 25 Nov., 1596, 
student of Lincoln's Inn 1595. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg^ 

I^eyersedge, Ralph, of Somerset, arm. Broadgates 
Hall, matric. 7 Feb., 1583-4, aged X9. 

Leyersage, Thomas, of Cheshire, arm. Queen's 
Coll., matric 30 Oct.. 1607, aged x6. 

Leyersage, William, of Cheshire, arm. Brasenosb 
Coll., n^atric^ 28 March, 16x7, aged 17 ; possibly 
of Beckton, Cheshire. 

Leyerton, Nicholas, s. Hugh, of St. Merryn, Corn- 
wall, pleb. Exeter Coll., matric. 3 Feb., 1631 -a. 
aged 21 ; B.A. 7 June, 1632, "kept a little school 
pear Padstow.' was ordained and went to Bar- 
bados, became minister of High Headingbam. 
SufTolk, sequestered to the rectory of Ubbeston. 
Suffolk, 1645. by the Westminster assembly, rector 
of St. Tudy. Cornwall, ejected at the restoratioo 
(t66o); died in the Bermudas. See Caiaun, L 
371 ; Add. MS. 15.669. p. 17. fs»] 

Leyeson, Edward, of CO, Stafford, arm. OxiEL 
Coll., matric entry under date circa 1360, aged 

[ 903 ] 


Francis Leveson. 

1500— 1714. 

Thomas Levinge. 

Leyeeon, Frands, of Kent, eq. aur. fil luu. a. 
Queen's Coll., matria 30 May. 16x7, aged 16. 

Leveson, (Sir) John, of Kent, gen. fil Queen's 
Coll., matric. entry under date 10 Jan., 1574-5. 
aged 19; possibly a student of Gray's Inn 1576; 
of Halug, Kent, and of Lilleshall, Salop, knighted 
in 1589, M. P. Bossiney, 1584-5. Maidstone 1597-8, 
and 1601. Kent 1604-11 ; father of Richard 1617. 
See Foster's Gra^s inn Reg, & Parliameniary 

LerOBOn, John, of Kent, militis fit Queen's Coll., 
matric. 17 March, 1597-8, aged 10 ; B.A 6 July, 
160X ; perhaps knighted in Dec, x6xi. 

Leyeson, Richard; B.A from Balliol Coll. 10 
Oct, 1592. 

Lereson, (Sir) Richard, of Kent, eq. aur. fil nat. max. 
Queen's Coll., matric. 30 May. 1617, aged 19; 
of Lilleshall, Salop, and of Trentham, ca Stafford, 
K.B. Feb., 1625-6 (s. Sir John), M.P. Newcastle- 
under-Lyme 2601-5, Salop 1626, Newcastle-under- 
Lyme 1640 J(l.pJ, until disabled 24 Nov,, 1642 ; 
died x66x. See Foster's Parlianuntary Dictionary, 

Leveson, Thomas, of London, gent St. John's 
Coll., matric 8 March, 1604-5, ^^ ^5* ^'^^ ^^ 
these names knighted 16 July, 1621. [6] 

Leveson, William (Leuson); B.C.L. abroad, B.Can.L. 
sup. Aprfl, 1532, rector of St Clement Danes, 
Middloex, 15^, archdeacon of Carmarthen, with 
prebendary of Llanryan (in St David's), 1554. 
vicar of Bompton (portion), Oxon, 1561 ; one of 
these names chancellor of Exeter 1538, prebendary 
1540, and treasurer of Hereford cathedral 1558 ; 
will dated 4 April, 1578, and proved 1583. Bee 
Foster's Jmaex EccL 

Levitt, Everard, s. Everard, of Stanton, co. Gloucester, 
pkb. Pembroke Coll., matric. 28 March. 1705. 
aeed 16; B.A. 1708. M.A. 1712 (as Levett). rectof 
01 Pett 1726, and of Up waltham, Sussex, 1731. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Levett, Henry, a. William, of Swindon, Wilts, arm. 
KlAGDALEN Hall, matric 12 June, 1686, aged x8 ; 
demy MAGDALEN CoLL. 1686-7. fellow of Lxeter 
CoLU 1688-1700, B.A. 1692. M.A. 1694. B.Med. 
1695, D.Med. 1699, fellow college of physicians 
X708, physician to St. Bartholomew's hospital 1707, 
and to the Charterhouse 1713: died July, 1725, 
buried in the chancel of the Charterhouse cbapei, 
mon. ins. See Rawl, vi. 147 ; Bloxam, vi 53 ; & 
A/aofi'i RoU, ii 22. 

Lervltt, Henry, a. Everard, of London, gent New 
Coll., matric 30 May, 1707. aged 18 ; B.A. 1711, 
M.A. 1716, proctori722; vicar of Heckfield. Hants. 
1715, and of Homchurch. Essex, 1722. See Foster's 
Index Bui. [10] 

Levett, James, s. Richard, of Edmondthorp. ca 
Leicester, minister. Corpus Christi Coll., 
matric 19 July, 1662, aged x6; B.A. 15 March, 
1665-6 ; died 21 March, 1667. See Gutckt L 413. 

Levett, John (Leyvett), secular chaplain; B.C.L. 9 
May, 1524. 

Levett, John, of Sussex, gent BIagdalen Coll., 
matric 19 Jtine, 1590, aged 18, subs, as Leavett 

Levett. John, s. William, of Withvham, Sussex, pleb. 
St. Mart Hall, matric 17 March, 1664-5, ^cd 
16; student of Inner Temple 1670, buried in the 
Temp4e church 5 March, 1705-6^ See Foster's 
Inns 0/ Court Reg, 

Levett, John, s. Nic, of Eastbourne, Sussex, der. 
Baluol Coll., matric zz Dec, 1674, aged 16; 
RA. 1678, M.A. 1681 ; rector of Ov^ton, Hants, 
1699-1713, and of Hethe, Oxon, 1699-171X Sie 
Foa^s IneUx Eccl. [IS] 

Levett, John, s. William, of Robertsbridge, Sussex, 
rent Magdalen Coll., matric 10 Dec, 1686; 
B.A. 1690: fellow All Souls' Coll., M.A. 1694; 
died 19 Aug., 1702. aged 35. See Gulch, i 298. 

Levett, Nicholas, s. William, of Petworth. Sussex, 
pleb. Balliol Coll., matric. 16 March. 16^7-8, 
aged 16; B.A. 25 June. 1641 ; rector of Wigginholt- 
with-Greatham 1649, vicar of West Ham 1658, and 
of Eastbourne (all Sussex), i66a See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Levett, Ralph ; B.A. 13 Nov., 1506. 

Levett, Richard, s. James, of Melton Mowbray, co. 
Leicester, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric zx 
May, 1632. aged 19 ; B.A. iz May. Z633. M.A. Z9 
Jan., 1635-6; rector of Newton-in-Aveland, co. 
Lincoln. 16^, and of AshweU, Rutland, Z646. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Levett, Richard, s. Francis, of London, gent. Oriel 
Coll., matric. ax Oct, 1706. aged 15 ; bar.-at-law. 
Inner Temple, 1712. an alderman of the city of 
London, buried in the Temple church 15 Nov.. 174a 
See Foster's fudges and Barristers, [20] 

Levett, Richard, s. Ric, of London, arm. Mag- 
dalen Coll.. matric 8 April. 1712, aged 16; B.A. 
1716; M.A. from All Souls' Coll. z7ao; perhaps 
canon of York 1730, and of Southwell Z733. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Levitt, Robert ; B.A. from Jesus Coll., Cambridge, 
1600-1, M.A. 1604, incorporated 10 Oct, 1605 ; 
vicar of Wode Ditton, co. Cambridge, 1619, icctor 
of Cheveley. co. Cambridge. 1623, until sequestered 
in 1647 by the Westminster assembly. See Foster's 
Index EccL & Add, MSS. 15.670- z. 

Levett, Thomas. Benedictine; B.D. 27 June, Z527; 
perhaps rector of Cattsfield, Sussex, Z545. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Levett, Thomas, of Sussex, gent Magdalen Coll.» 
matric. 19 June, 1590. aeed 14; B.A. from Mag- 
dalen Hall za April, 1595, student of Gray's 
Inn 1595. as of Salehurst, Sussex, gent See 
Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Levete, Thomas, of Yorks, pleb. L1NC01.N Coll., 
matnc 22 June, 1610. aged x6; B.A. 8 Feb., 
1612-3, RC.L. of Orleans University; incor- 
porated iz Feb., 1625-6 : bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 
i6ai, as son and heir of Thomas, of Melton-on- 
the-Hill, Yorks. gent. See Foster's Judga and 
Barristers & Fasti, i. 424. [aS] 

Levett, William, RCan L. 8 Feb., Z527-8. William 
Levett, RD., rector of Stanford Rivers. Essex, Z533, 
wss Newcourt \ another rector of Hurstmonceaux, 
Sussex, Z545, etc See Foster's Index EccL 

Levett, William, s. Arthur, of Petworth. Sussex, gent 
Balliol Coll.. matric 26 Feb., 1640-z, aged x6; 
perhaps created M.A. 16 Jan., Z642-3. 

Levett, William, der. fiL Magdalen Hall, 
matric 28 June, z6c9 ; B.A. from Christ Church 
20 Feb.. Z663-4. M.A. 21 March. 1666-7, B. and 
D.D. 1680, principal of Magdalen Hall 168X-94, 
rector of Benningworth. co. Lincoln, Z672-80, vicar 
of Flore. Northants, Z676-94. dean of Bristol 
Z685; win at Oxford 27 Jan., 1694; died 10 Feb.. 
Z693-4. aged 5a See Fasti, it ^4 ; Foster's Index 
EccL ; & Lansdoume MS, 987, t Z77. 

Levinge, John, gent Lincoln Coll., matric. a 
July, Z658. 

Levinge, Thomas, s. Timothy, of Derby (town), gent 
Baluol Coll.. matric 2 Dec, Z636, agedzy; 
bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, Z64Z. See Poster's 
Judges and Barristers, [SO] 

Levinge. Thomas, s. Tho., of Sheeper, co. Leicester, 
gent Oriel Coll., matric Z9 April, Z672, aged Z7. 

[ 904 ] 

Timothy Levinge. 

1500— I7I4. 

David Lewks. 

Levinge, Timothy, ca Warwick, pleb. Baluol 
Coll., matric. 14 May, 1591, aged 17 ; bar.-ai-law, 
Inner Temple, 1606, bencher i6aa, serjeant-at-law 
flo May, 1636, as of Baddesley Qinton, co. War- 
wick, sometime of Qement's Inn (4s. Thomas, of 
Parwich, Ashbourne, co. Derby), recorder of Derby, 
and M.P. 1621-2, 1624-5, 1625, and 1628-9; father 
of Thomas 1636. See Foster's Judges and Bar- 
Levingre, WiUiam, B.D. Cambridge, incorporated 

1568. See Living. 
LeylngSton, James, of Mbrton Colu, matric 17 
Dec, 1635, aged 16; created M.A.9Sept, 1661, 
then Earl of Newburgh, so created 31 Dec, 1660, 
M.P. Cirencester i66z. until he died 26 Dec« 167a 
See Foster's Peerage. 
LeyiniTlS, Jacobus, subscribed 30 Aug., i63t. 
Leylns, Raptista, gent Magdalen HAtj.. matric 
II Aoril, 1660; demy Magdalen Coll. 1663-4, 
from Nortbants (s. William, of Evenley). aged 19 ; 
B.A. 1663, fellow 1664-83, M.A. 1666. pnxaor 1676, 
B.D. 1677, D.D. 1683. professor of moral | hUosophv 
1677-82, canon of Wells 1675, and rector o( Tolland, 
Somerset, 1680, and of Christian Malfuid, Wilts, 
1682, bishop of Sodor and Man 1685, canon of Win- 
chester 1691 ; died 31 Jan,. 1692-3, buried in the 
cathedral ; father of William i7<^ See Ath, iv. 
882 ; Bloxam, ▼. 255 ; Heame, h. 49 ; & Foster's 
Index EccL f*! 

Levinz, Richard, s. R., of Botley, Berks, sent ST. 
Mary Hall, matric. 27 May, 1669, aged 15; B.A. 
16 Jan., 1672-3, M.A. 1675. 
Levinz, Robert, s. William, of Botley. Berks, gent 
Lincoln Coll., matric 21 June, 1633, aged 18; 
B.A. 4 Feb., 1633-4, M.A. 15 Oct, 1636, created 
D.C.L. I Nov., 1642, captain in the king's service 
in the Oxford garrison, on whose death he engi^ed 
himself for his son, was discovered and hanged at 
the exchange in Ccrnhill 18 July, 1650, aged 35. 
See FasH, ii. 47. 
Levinz, William, s. William, of Evenley, Northants. 
gent St. John's Coll.. matric 23 July, 1641, 
aged 15 ; fellow 1641. B.A. 21 April, 1645, M.A. 8 
Mav, 1649, B. and D.Med. 19 June, 1666, president 
of his college 167^-98, regius professor of Greek 
1665-98, rector of Handborough, Oxon, 1673, ^^ 
dean and canon of Wells 1679 ; bom 25 July, 
1625, died 3 March, 1697-8 ; admon. at Oxiora 29 
Oct, 16^ See Robinson, L 142; Gutch, L 559; 
Fasti, XL 291 ; Lansdcwne MS. 987, 1 201 ; 
Burrows, C47 ; & Foster's Index EccL 
Levinz, WiUlam, IS. Creswell. of London, eq. anr. 
St. John's Coll., matric. 26 Aug., 1688. aged 17 ; 
student of Gray's Inn 1681. migrated to the Inner 
Temple 1689, licenced (v.g.) 3 June, 1693, to marry 
Ann, daughter of Samuel Buck, of St Andrew, 
Holbom, esq., M.P. East Retford (Nov.), 1702-5, 
1705 (unseated Jan.. 1706), and 1708-10, Notts 
1710-22 ; died June, 1732. See Foster's Inns 0/ 
Court Reg. 
Levinz, William, s. Baptista, of Oxford, doctoris. 
Magdalen Coll.. matric 26 Oct., 1703, a^ed 15; 
demy 170^. until his death 3 Nov.. 1706. S^ 
Bloxam, vi. 151. [10] 

Lewger, John, of London, gent Trinity Coll., 
matric. 13 Dec, 1616, aged 14; B.A. 25 Nov., 
1619. M.A. 26 June, 1622 (incorporated at Cam- 
bridre 1625), licenced to preach 30 May. 1632, B. D. 
6 July, 1632, rector of Laverton, Somerset, 1627-35, 
turned Roman Catholic, travelled into Maryland 
with Lord Baltimore ; died in London of a plague in 
1665. See Atk. lit 696 : & Foster's Index Feci. 
LewMr, Philip, s. Thomas Leuger, of Wymondham, 
Norfolk, schoolmaster, admitted sizar GoNViLLE 
AND Caius Coll.. Cambridge. 28 April 1^3. 
aged 16. B.A. 1596-7. M.A. 1600; incorporatedf 14 
July, i6oa, vicar of Harlington, Beds, 1605. See 
Vennt 77 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Lewin, Edmund, s. John, of Broxboume. Herti, gent 
St. Edmund Hall, matric 26 July. 1714, aged 
16, B.A. 1718 ; M.A. from Magdalen Hall qi 
Jan.. 1720-1. B. and D.D. 1738, vicar of StandisA, 
CO. Gloucester, 1724, rector of WestmiU. Hens. 
1727, of Stone, Kent, 1754, chancellor of Ro<diester; 
died 24 July. 1771. See Foster's Index EccL & 
Chester's Wat Abbey Reg. 5a 

Lewin, John, s. John, of Ratcliff, Middx.. gent St. 
John's Coll., matric 7 Feb., 1693-4, aged 15; 
admitted to Merchant 'Taylors' school 1688, born 
Dec, 1678. See Robinson, t 32a 

Lewin, (Sir) Justinian, s. William, of London, gent 
Pembroke Coll., matric. 24 June. 1631, aged 20 ; 
B.C. L. 5 July, 1632, D.C.L. 30 June, i^, ad m i tt ed 
to Gray s Inn 1641, a master m chancery 1641-51 
(? and 1660-72), an advocate 1648, knighted 12 May, 
1661, judge nmrshal in the Scottish expedition 1639, 
commissary and official of Norfolk ; died i Jan., 
1672-3. See Fasti, i. 498 ; Foster's Grafs Inn 
Reg. ; & Waters' Clusters of CkUheler, il 411. [16] 

Lewen, Robert, of " Lacenstrensis " (co. Leicester). 
Lincoln Coll.. matric entry under date 17 Dec. 
1570, aged 18; B.A. 29 Nov., 1582, fellow 1^3-7, 
M.A. 9 July, 1585 ; buried in Balh abbey 16 SepL. 

Lewyn, William, s. John, ol Herts, fellow Christ^s 
Coll.. Cambridge, 1560, B.A. 1561 -2. M.A. 156^ 
proctor 1569, public orator 1^70-1. and LL.D 
1C76, sup. 1582 for incorporation; an advocate 
of Doctors' Commons 7 May, 1576, admitted to 
Gray's Inn 1589, judge of prerogative court of 
CantcdMiry 1576-98, a master in c^mcenr 1595 to 
1598, chancellor of Rochester and M.P. xsC^, 
1588-9, and 1593, prebendary of St Asaph 1577, 
and of Chichester 1581 ; died 15 April. 1598. buried 
in St Leonard's, Shoreditch ; father of Jusdnian. 
See Cooper, il 245 ; Coote's CiviiianSt 52 ; FasH, 
L 222 ; & Burrows, 507. 

Lewin, WilUam, B. A. from Lincoln Coll. 17 July, 

Lewindon, Richard, s. Ric, of Foscott, Berks, gent 
Wadham Coll., matric 5 Feb., 16967, aged 15. 

Lewis, Alexander, s. John, of Hatchbuiy, Wilts, plebi 
Hart Hall, matric. 10 Nov.. 1681, aged 16. 

Lewys, Bamab., s. Bamabee, of Wincacton, Dorset, 
gent Queen's Coll,, matric 10 Sept, 1636, aged 
18 ; student of Inner Temple 164a See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. [aXJ 

Lewis, Benjamin, "serviens,** s. F^., of Worth. 
Dorset, minister, pp. Magdalen Hall, matric 
T4 Dec. 1666, aged 17; B.A. 1670, rector of 
Whaddon, Wilts, 1680 ; his father vicar of Worth 
Matravers 1637. See Foster's index EccL 

Lewes, Charles, s. " Lewis Prichard," of Uangibby, 
ca Monmouth, pleb. jESUS Coi«L., matric 30 
April, 1624, aged 19. 

Lewis, Charles, s. Charles, of Abergavenny, co. Mon- 
mouth, pa jEstJS Coll., matric 10 July. 1665, 
aged 17, B.A. 1669; perhaps vicar of Llandevalley. 
00. Brecon, 1669, ana rector of Llanfoist, co. Mon> 
mouth, 167a See Foster's Index EccL 

Lewis. Charles, s. Hug., of Hendwall, Radnor, gent 
BalliolColl., matric 15 May, 1697. aged 16. 

Lewis, Charles, s. H., of Llangranog, ca Cardigan, 
pleb. University Colu, matric 4 April, 171 2. 
aged 18 ; brother of Hugh same date. [^^} 

Lewes, David; B.C.L. 12 lulv, 1540, fellow of All 
Souls' Colu 1541, principal of New Inn Hall 
1545-8, D.C.L. sup. April. 1548, first principal of 

iEStJS Coix.. 1 571 -2, in advocate 1548, judge of the 
igh court of admiralty. M.P. Stevning Oct.-Dcc. 
1553, CO. Monmouth Nov., 1554 — Jan., 1555. master 
of St Katherine's hotpital, a master in chancery 
and of the court of requests; died in the coUege df 
Doctors* Commons 27 April, 1584. boried at Aber- 
gavenny 24 May foUovring. ^ P<«ter*s Inms of 
court Reg. ; Fasti, i. ii»7 ; A Coote's CiviHmns^ 37. 

[ 90s ] 


David Lewes. 

1500— 1714, 

George Lewis. 

Lewes, David; fdlow of Oriel Coll. 1583, RA. 5 

JoDe, 1583; perhara rector of Uandevalley, 00. 

Brecon, z^ See Foster's indtx BuL 
Lewis, David. •• scr." Jesus Coll., matric. 11 April, 

1660, a A 1663, M.A z666 (as Lewys). 
I^WiS, David, s. D., of Devrnnock. ca Brecon, pleb. 

pp. Jesus Coll., matric 21 Feb., i66i-a, aged 


Lewis, David, s. Rog.. of Llandewi Velfrey. ca 
Pembroke, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 4 Jan., 
1697-6, aged 16, B. A 90 March. 1701-2 ; perhaps 
rector of KiUymaenllwyd, co. Carnarvon, 1712; 
another vicar of Cadoxton-jiucta-Neath. ca Gla- 
inofgan. 1718. etc. . etc See Foster's Index Eccl, 

I^wis, Edmund, equitis fiL Magdalen Coll., 
matric 26 March. 1653. created B.A same day, 
student of Gray's Inn 1655, as son of Sir Thomas, 
of Penmaric, co. Glamorgan, kt See Fester's Grays 
/mm Reg. f »] 

Lewis, Ednmid. s. Ftands. of London, gent Chsxst 
Church, matric. 27 May, 1706, aj^ 19; B.A 
171a M.A. 1713. master of Kilkenny school, 
Ireland. See Al, West, 247. 

Lewes, Edward ; B. A 7 April, 1571, fellow of Oriel 
Coll. 1572, M.A. 26 Jtme, 1574, having been 
aUowed to count all terms and exercises at Cam- 
bridgei See O.H,S, z. 263. 

Lewes, Edward (Lewse), of ca Glamorgan, arm. 
Jesus Coll., matric entry under date 20 Dec, 

, i$77. •«cd 18. 

Lewis* Edward; B.A from Oriel Coll. 20 June. 
1597; M.A. 23 June,. 1605; one of these names 
rector of Abbots Morton, co. Worcester, 1623, and 
another vicar of Chirbury, Salop, 1628. See 
Foster's lnd€x Eccl. 

Lewis* Edward, of Bristol. pleK Baluol Coll., 
madic 28 June, 1604, aged 15. [10] 

Lewis, Edward, of co. Anglesea, pleb. Christ 
Church, matxic 19 June, 1610, aged 20; B. A 29 
Jan., Z611-13. 

Lewis, Edward, s. Edward, of Northop. Flints, pleb. 
Hart Hall, matric Z3 July. Z638. aged 17. 

Lewis, Edward, bom in Berks, zs. Edward, of 
Thean, ca Glamorgan, equitis. Tesus Coll., 
matric. 12 Oct, Z638, aged Z5; brother of William 

Lewis, Edward, s. Tho., of Manadity. oa Radnor, 
arm. Trinity Coll., matric 28 July, z668. aged 
18 ; student of Inner Temple Z67Z. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Lewis, Ellys. of CO. Merioneth, pleb. Jesus Coll., 
matric entry under date 20 Sept, Z575, aged 28. 

Lewis, Ellis, s. " Lewis Ellis." of Dolgelly, ca Mer- 
ioneth, panp. New Inn Hall, matric za March, 
Z680-Z. a^ed z8; B.A from Oriel Coll. Z685; 
vicarof Kilken, Flints, ZToa and rector of Rhuddlan, 
Flints. 1704. See Foster's Index Eccl. [16] 

Lewes, Erasmus, s. Job., of Llanvayer, co. Cardigan, 
pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 22 Feb., 1683-4, aged 
20: B. A z688 ; perhaps vicar of Roch Castle 1692, 
and of Brawdy, ca Pembroke, Z694, rector of 
Bettws Bledrws, and vicar of Lampeter*pont-stephen, 
oa Cardigan, 1695. See Foster's Indiex Eccl, 

Lewis, Erasmus, s. Griffith, of Nantcwnlle, oa Car- 
digan, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 23 Nov., Z714, 
a^ Z9 ; EA. from Magdalen Hall Z7]8 ; 
rector of St Elveis alias Uanelly, ca Pembroke, 
1734, and of Uanelidan (zst portion), oa Denbigh, 
1749. See Foster's Index Eul. 

Lewis, Eubulus, s. John, of Yale, co. Denbigh, pleb. 
Jesus Coll., matric 30 April, 1624, aged Z7 ; B.A 
oFebi. z6a5-6, M.A z< April, 1630, vicarof Den- 
bigh 1633, rector of Newtown. 00. Montgomery, 
164a until deprived 1646. Sea Thomas^ 344; & 
Foster's Index EccL 

Lewis, Evan, of ca Camavon. BrasbnossColl., 
matric Z5 Dec, Z58Z, aged Z9; B.A sup. 27 June, 
Z585 (see Jevan) ; perhaps vicar of Machynlleth, 
00. Montgomery, z6o6, etc See Foster's Index 
Eulesiasticus, [^O] 

Lewis, Evans, of ca Hereford, arm. Brasenosb 
Coll., matric 22 June, Z593, aeed z8; perhaps 
B.A from St. Edmund Hall 26 June, 1596. 

Lewis, Evans, of ca Hereford, arm. Brasenosb 
Coll., matric 22 June, Z593, aged z6u 

Lewis, Evan, RA from Pembroke Coll. Z9 Feb., 

Lewis, Evans, s. R, of Nantmel. oa Radnor, paup. 
Merton Coll., matric 3Z Jan., Z687-8, aced 20; 
EA Z69Z, M.A Z694 (as Evan), vicar o7 Uan- 
hihangle Nantmelan, ca Radnor, z7oa See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Lewis, Felix, of London, geiL Hart Hall, matric 
entry under date Z568, aged 25; LL.B. Douay 
Z568; incorporated Z4 July, Z572, D.CL. 28 June, 
^574 ; prindpal of NEW Inn Hall Z57Z-5, an 
advocate 7 Sept, ZC74; died Z59Z. See Coote's 
Civilians, 5Z ; O.H.S. z. 376 ; & PasH, L 196. 

Lew^S, Francis, of Somerset, der. fil Trinity 
Coll., matric z3Dec, z6t6, aged z8; student of 
Inner Temple z6z7, as of Wincanton, Somerset ; 
brother of Richard z6za See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. \%i\ 

Lewis, Francis, s. Edmund, of Steeple Aston, Wilts, 
pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric 27 Jan., Z625-6, 
aged Z7; a A 8 Feb., Z627-8, M.A. 24 Jan., 
1636-7 ; perhaps vicar of Worth Matravers 1637, 
and sequestered to the rectoiy of Knowle Z646, both 
in the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset (or vicar of Brig- 
stock, Northants, Z640) ; father of Benjamin z666, 
and grandfather of John Z694. See Foster's Index 
Eccl. & Add. MS. zs,670, p. Z83. 

Lewys, Francis, bom in Leicester, s. Samuel, of Ripon, 
Yorks, pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric 25 Nov., 
163Z, aged 17. 

Lewis, Francis, **ser." Pembroke Coll., matric 
6 June, z66o; perhaps B.A. Z9 Feb., Z663-4 (as 
Evanl; one of these names rector of St Mary 
Magdalen. Old Fish Street, London, 1666, and 
vicar of Wymondham, Norfolk, Z667. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Lewis, Francis, s. Tha, of London, Middlesex, arm. 
Trinity Coll., matric 25 June, Z707, aged Z5; 
migrated to New Coll., RCL. 29 Nov., Z709; 
perhaps M.P. East Retford April to August. Z713. 
and Z7Z3-Z5. See Heame, ii 304; ft Foster^ 
Index Eccl. [30] 

Lewis, Gabriel, s. Tho., of Uanishen, co. Glamorgan, 
arm. Jesus Coll., matric Z9 Feb., Z706-7, 
aged Z9. 

Lewis, Geoffrey (or Lewse) ; studentofCHRiSTCnuRCH 
Z56Z, B.A. 22 Oct, Z562. M.A Z3 Feb., Z565-6, 
B.D. z8 Nov., Z570, D.D. 27 May, Z574. 

Lewys, George, of St. John s Coll. in and before 
Z566. B. A 9 July. 1569 ; and perhaps M.A. from 
UNIVERSITY Coll. in or before Z572-3 ; perhaps 
vicar of Harewood, Yorks, Z57Z, etc See Foster's 
Index Eccl. & O.H.S. I 274. 

Lewes, George, of co. Monmouth, pleb. St. Edmund 
Hall, matric z Dec, Z58Z, aged Z9. 

Lewis, George, "ser.," s. Ph., of Llanboydy. co. 
Carmarthen, pleb. pp. Jesus Coll., matric 20 
May. Z664. aged 17. [36] 

Lewis, George, s. G., of Ambrosbury, Wilts, pleb. 
St. Mary Hall, matric 4 March, Z686-7, aged 
zs; B.A. from Hart Hall zo March Z691-2, 
M.A. Z7Z5, vicar of Westerham, Kent, Z706, rector 
of Hever. Kent, Z7Z4. See Rawl. iv. 26Z, xx. 325 ; 
& Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lewis, George, s. G., of AbergwiUy, co. Carnarvon, 
der. Jesus Coll., matric Z4 Efec, Z694, aged z8. 

I 906 ] 

Gilbert Lewes. 

1500— 1714. 

John Lewes. 

Jjewes, Gilbert; RA. from Magdalen Cox^l. 20 
Apnl. 159a. 

Lewis, Godwin, s. • Lewis Jenldn/ of Crayghy, co. 

Glamorgan, pp. Jesus Coll., matric. 10 April, 

1663, <^^ 16 : rector of Neath, oa Glamorgan, 

1671. See Foster's Indac EccL 
Lewis, Griffin (or Lews) ; B.Can.L. — June, 1518. 
Lewis, Griffin ; B.A. 13 April, 1529. 
Lewis, Griffin ; B.A. from Jesus Coll., Cambridge, 

i59S-6» M.A. 1599; incorporated 16 July, t6oo; 

one of these names rector of Liddtard Milicent, 

Wilts, 1604 ; another vicar of Olney, Bucks, 1604. 

See Foster's Index EccL [S] 

Lewis, Harry, of co. Carmarthen, picb. jESUSCOLi^, 
matric. 9 March, 1581-2, aged 90 ; Heniy in 
Mat. Reg, 

Lewis, Henry; B.A. 11 Feb., 1554-5. 

Lewis, Howel, •• ser." Jesus Coll., matric. 9 Aug., 
1658, a A. 1661. 

Lewes, Hugh, student residing in the town in July, 
1563. tutor, — Morgan, of AH Souls'. 

Lewes, Hugh, RA. 7 Feb., 1577-8; one of these 
names vicar of Kevill, Wilts, 1582 ; another rector 
of Catcombe, Somerset, 1587. See Foster's Index 
EccUsiasHcus. [lO] 

Lewis, Hugh, of CO. Carnarvon, pleb. All Soin^' 
Coll., matric 10 Aug., 2582, aged 20 (scbolaris 
Mri. Davis) ; B.A. from Hart Hall, sup. zo Tan., 
1586-7 ; M.A. from St. Edmund Hall 3 June, 
1590, rector of Llanddeniolen, co. Carnarvon, 1598. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Lewis, Hugh, of CO. Hereford, arm. Brasenose 
Coll.. matric. 22 June, 1593. aged 18; perhaps 
B.A. from Lincoln Coll. 26 Feb.. 1594-5. 

Lewys, Hugh, of co. Anglesey, pleb. St. Edmund 
HALL, matric. 24 April. 1601. aged 17 ; B.A. from 
Christ Church 23 Nov., 1605. 

Lewis, Hugh, s. Morgan, of Abergavenny, ca Mon- 
mouth, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 3 Feb., 
1631-2, aged 19; bar.-at-law. Gray's Inn, 164X 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Lewis* Hugh, s. David, of Bryng^^^n, co. Radnor, 
pleb. pp. Baluol Coll., matric. 29 Nov., 1639. 
aged 17. [15] 

Lewis, Hugh, pauper. Jesus Coll., matric. x8 
March, 1657-8, gent (subs, "ser."); B.A. 1661, 
M.A. 1664, perhaps rector of Bishopston, co. Gla- 
morgan, i6i70. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lewis, Hugh. s. H., of Hereford city, pleb. Brase- 
nose Coll., matric. 21 Feb., 1675-6, aged 17, 
B.A. 1679; M.A. from New iNN Hall 13 Feb.. 
1682-3. B. and D.D. 18 Feb., 1709-10, rector of 
Pixley, CO. Hereford, 1682, of llston. co. Glamor- 
gan. i68x. and of Llanvihangel Rogiet. co. 
Monmouth. 1681. canon of Hereford 1690. chaplain 
to Tames, Duke of Ormond. vicar of St Martin 
with chapel of All Saints', Hereford. 1692, until his 
death x Dec.. 1722. See Eawt. ii 262, xviil 16; 
& Foster's Index EccL 

Lewis, Hugh, s. H., of Slimbridge, Devon, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric z6 March, 1698-9. aged 
18; B.A. ^ Feb., 1702-3. M.A. X710, vicar of 
Ottery St. Mary 1713. of Broadhembuiy, Devon, 
1714. See Foster's Index Ecct. 

Lewis, Hugo. s. Robert, of Llanflewin. co. Anglesea, 
pleb. Christ Church, matric 8 June, 1703, 
aged x8. B.A. 1707. 

Lewis, Hugh. s. H., of Llangranog, ca Cardigan, 
pleb. University Coll.. matric 4 April, 1712, 
aged 20 ; brother of Charles same date. [210] 

Lewis, Hugh, s. Tho., of Old Radnor, co. Radnor, 
ann. Christ Church, matric 15 July, 1712, 
aged 17. 

Lewis, Humphrey, created B.A. from Jesus 0>lu 2 
Nov. 1647 ; one of these names vicar of Eglwyslach, 
CO. Denbigh, 1662. See Foster's Index Ecct. 

Lewis, Jacob, s. James, of Exeter. Devon, pp. 
Exeter Coll., matric 30 March, 1680, aged x8. 

Lewis, James, of ca Brecon, pleb. Gloucester 
Hall, matric 22 Nov., 1581, aged 18. 

Lewis, James, of co Cardigan, arm. Oriel Coll., 

matric 9 Feb., 1593-4, aged 19. [2^] 

Lewis, James, of co, Denbigh, pleb^ Jesus Colu, 
matric 22 May, 1601, ag«l 19. 

Lewis, James, of co. Cardigan, equitis fiL Jesus 
Coll., matric 14 March, 1616-7, aged 15; of 
Abemant, co. Cardigan (probably son of Sir John, 
1598). M.P. CO. CSirdigan, i^-5> 1625. 1626, 
1628-9, and April-May, 164a See Foster's Parlia- 
mentary Dictionary, 

Lewes, James, s. George, of Buckland Filleigh, Devon, 
pleb. Gloucester Hall, matric 9 March, 
1637-8, aged z8 ; B.A. la Oct, 1641. 

Lewes, James, amu Merton Colt,, matric. 9 
Dec, 1653. 

Lewis, James, s. James, of Kennarth, ca Carmarthen, 
gent Jesus Coll., matric 22 Feb., 1680-x, aged 
z6; brother of John z686. [SO] 

Lewis, James, s. Edw., of Box, Wilts, pleb. St. 
Alban Hall, matric. 20 Feb., 1710-11, aged 19; 
B.A. from New Inn Hall 28 March. 1715. rector 
of Ditteridge. Wilts. 17x7, vicar of Coleme 1721, 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Lewis, James, s. J. , of Gellydowill, ca Carmarthen, geoL 
Jesus Coll., matric. 19 March, 1713-4, aged 19; a 
student of Inner Temple 17x4. See Foster s Inns of 
Court Reg, 

Lewes, Jason, gent Merton Coll., matric ix 
Apnl, x66o ; died 14 Au|^., 1662. buried next day in 
the Outward Church. S«e GutcA, L app. 909. 

Lewis, Jevan, of oa Carnarvon. Brasenose Cqlu 
matnc 15 Dec, X581, aged 19 ("serv. coU.") ; BwA. 
sup. 27 June, 1585, as Evan, which see. 

Lewys, John, chaplain, fellow of Oriel Coli« 1506. 
until expelled 1510, B.Can.U sup. 5 Migr. 1509, 
aCU a July, 1509. [S»] 

Lewes, John, EA. 19 Dec, 1534. fellow of All SoulsT 
Coll. 1537, M.A. 20 March, 1538-9. 

Lewes, John, student residing in the town in July, 
1562, tutor, Watkin Jones. 

Lewes, John; EA. from Jesus Coli* 31 JaiL* 

Lewis, John, of CO. Anglesey, pleb. St. EDiftmD 
Hall, matric z Dec, 1581, aged 19. 

Lewis, John, of ca Monmouth, gent. Brasenose 
Coll., matric 19 Oct, 1582, aged id [ft^] 

Iiewes. John ; B.A. from St. Mary Hall as Fdx, 

Iiewes, John, of Somerset, pleb. Lincoln Coll., 
matric 4 Dec, 1584, aged 14; EA. ai Nov.. 
1589. M.A. 7 July, 1592, vicar of Catoombe, 
Somerset, 1592. See Foster's Index Ecct, 

Lewes, John; B.A. from St. Edmund Hall 15 
Maix^h, 1595-6, M.A. 14 June, 1599. 

Lewes. John ; B.A. from Christ Chitrch 5 Pcfai, 

Lewes, John, of co. Montgomery, gent Jesus Coll., 
matric 14 Oct, 1597, aged 90; RA. 17 Febt. 

1598-9. [*»] 

[ 907 ] 

John Lewys. 


Owen Lewis. 

Lew^, (Sir) John, of co. Cardigan, arm. fiL Jesus 
Coll., matric. 22 April, 1598, aged 17 ; student of 
Inner Temple 1599, as of Abernant-Bychan, co. 
Cardigan, knighted 29 June, 1604. M.P. co. Cardi- 
gan 2604-11 ; father of James 1617. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Lewis, John, of ca Brecon. Jesus Coll., matric. 
19 Oct, 1599, aged 17 ; perhaps dispensed towards 
RA 8 June, 1604, see O.H,S. xii. 251, and vicar 
of Broenllys, ca Brecon, 1604. See Foster's Index 

Lewis, John, of CO. Carmarthen, pleb. Jesus Coll., 

matric. 7 Dea, 1607, aged 20; RA. 17 Nov., 

Lewis, John, of CO. Brecon, pleb. Jesus Coll., 

matric 19 June, 1610, aged 19 ; B.A. from Christ 

Church 8 July, 1613. 

Lewis, John, of CO. Anglesea, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll., matric. 25 Oct, i6x6, aged 21; B.A. 23 
June, 1617. [5] 

Lewes, John, s. James, of Gwersillt ca Denbigh, 
pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 30 April, 1624, aged 
18; B.A. 13 Feb., 1625-6; bar.-at-law, Lincoln's 
Inn, 1634. See Foster's Judga and Barristers. 

Lewis, John, s. John, of Uysnewydd, co, Carmarthen, 

fnt Jesus Coll., matric. i June, 1636, aged j8 ; 
A. 27 June, 1639, M.A. 15 June, 1642. 
Lewis, John, s. Richard, of Saltford, Somerset, sacerd. 
15t. Alban Hall, matric. 15 May. 1640, aged 18 ; 
perhaps rector of Tellisford, Somerset, 1645, 
though styled aA. See Weaver. 

Lewis, John, pkb. Jesus Colu, matric. 21 July, 

Lewis, John, s. "Tut," of St Clement Danes, West- 
minster, pleb. BrasenosbColi^, matric. 17 May, 
"667, aged 18 ; B.A. 26 Jan., 1669-70; perhaps of 
St Ann, Blackfriars, clerk, licenced 12 April, 1678. 
to marry Ann Altham, of Eastwick, Herts, spinster. 
Sec London Marriage Licences^ ed. Foster ; A 
Foster's Index Eccl. [ 1 J 

Lewis, John, s. Lewis, of Pelland, ca Pembroke, gent 
Queen's Coll., matric. 29 Nov., 1672, aged 17. 

Lewis, John. s. Lewis Edwards, of Brecon (town), 
plch. Jesus Coll., matric. 4 July. 1676, aged 20 ; 
B.A. i68a 

Lewes, John, s. James, of Kennerth, co. Carmarthen, 
pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 2 March, 1685-6. 
aged 17 ; brother of James 1681. 

Lewis, John, 8. Joh. , of Worcester(city), pleb. Exeter 
Coll., matric. 30 March, 1694, aged 18; B.A. 
1697; M.A. from Corpus Christi Coll.. Cam- 
bridge, 1712 (grandson of Francis, vicar of Worth, 
isle of Purbeck, Dorset); born 29 Aug., 1675. 
curate of Acrise, Kent, and rector 1699, vicar of 
St. John Baptist, als. Mergate, isle of Thanet, 
1705, rector of Eastbridge and of Saltwood-cum- 
Hythe, Kent, 1706, vicar of Minster, isle of Thanet, 
1709-46, master of the hospital of Eastbridge. Canter- 
bury ; died 16 Jan., 1746-7 ; wrote a history of the 
isle of Thanet. etc See Rawl. i. 339, iii 134, v. 
385, and xviil 18; Genfs. Mag. 1747, p. 47; & 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lewis, John, s. David, of Llanboidy, co. Carmarthen, 
pp. Jesus Coll., matric. 13 March, 1699-1700, 
aged 18; B.A. 1703. [15] 

Lewis, John, s, Amb., of Kingswood, Wilts. St. 
Edmund's Hall, matria 10 April. 1701, aged 15; 
B.A 1704. rector of Great Chalfield, Wilts, 1713. 
See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lewis, John. s. Lew., of Roath, co. Glamorgan, pleb. 

All Souls' Coll., matric. 26 Aug., 1701, aged 16. 
I<ewis, John. s. Rog., of Canterbury (city), pp. 

Wadham Coll., matric. ai Feb., 1703-4, ag^ 


Lewis, John. y.s. William, of Bristol city, equitis. 
Balliol Coll.. matric. 14 Dec.. 1706. aged 17; 
student of Middle Temple 1709 ; his father perhaps 
knighted 12 Aug. , 1703, and made his will m 1712. 
See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Lewys, Josua ; B.A. from Christ Church 18 Feb., 
^ X614-C. [aoj 

Lewis, Lawrence, a. Moses, of Church Stoke, co. 
Montgomery, cler. Pembroke Coll., matric. 23 
March, 1701-2, aged 10; B.A. 13 March, 1705-6, 
reaor of Burwarton, Salop, 1719. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Lewis, Lewis, of CO. Brecon, gent Jesus Coll., 
matric 4 Feb., 1591-2. aged 17 ; student of Middle 
Temple 1594, as and son of Thomas, late of Brecon 
town. gent. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Lewys, Lewys, of co. Pembroke, pleb. Oriel Coll., 
matric 19 Oct., 1599. aged 18. 

Lewes, Lewis, of co. Carmarthen, gent Jesus Coll. , 
matric 2 Nov., 1621, aged 16; B.A. 13 Feb., 
1622-3. M.A. 7 Julv, 1625. bar.-at-law. Gray's Inn, 
X633, as son and heir 0? William, of Carmarthen 
town, gent See Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Lewys, Lewis, s. Richard, of St Mary's. Anglesea, 
pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 8 Sept, 1634, aged 
ir; aA. 15 Dec, 1637. [as] 

Lewis, Lewis, s. Joh., of Uongelly (Dolgelly). co. 
Merioneth, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric x April, 
1704* aged 18. 

Lewes, Mark, s. William, of Foxton, co. Leicester, 
sacerd. Lincoln Coll., matric 23 June, 1637, 
aged 15 ; B.A. from New Inn Hall 7 May, 1641, 
sequestered to the rectory of Polstead, Suffolk, 1647, 
by the Westminster assembly. See Add, MS^ 
^5.671. p. 150. 

Lewys, Mathew ; M.A. 27 March, 1509. 

Lewis, Maurice; RA. sup. 5 Dec, 1522, secular 
chaplain, aCan.U 8 July, 153a. See Bloxam, ilL 

Lewis, Maurice, s. Maurice, of Angelsey. gent Jesus 
CoLi-., matric. 4 March, 1706-7, aged 17; bar.-at- 
law. Middle Temple, 1717. See Foster's Judges and 
Barristers. \^Q^ 

Lewis, Meredith, of CO. Hereford, pleb. Bkoaixsates 
Hall, matric 16 Nov., 1621, aged 17, B.A. 21 
Oct, 1623. M.A. (Pembroke Coll.) 13 June. 
1626, vicar of Brecknock St. John 1633, and preben- 
dary in Aberguilly, afterwards Brecon, 1637. See 
Foster s Index Eccl. 

Lewis, Miles, s. M.. of Pentyrch, co. Glamoi^an. pp. 
Oriel Coll., matric 14 July, 1676, aged So. 

Lewis, Morgan, of co. Carnarvon, cler. fit Merton 
Coll., matnc 23 April, 1619. aged 16 ; B.A. from 
Exeter Coll. 20 Feb., 1622-3, M.A. 4 July, 1626. 

Lewes, Morgan, s. William, of Abergavenny, co. 
Monmouth, pleb. pp. Jesus Coll.. matric 2a 
March. 1661-2. ajrai 17 ; RA. 1665, M.A. 1668 (as 
Lewis), vicar of Caldicott 1669, rector of Llanwern, 
CO. Monmouth, 1671. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lewis, Morgan, s. Hugh, of Anglesea (town), gent 
Christ Church, matric 9 Feb., 1685-6, aged 18 ; 
B.A. 1689, M.A. 1692, vicar of Chepstow 1693, and 
rector of Roggiett, co. Monmouth, 1694, vicar of 
Llangwm-Dymell, co. Denbigh, 1607, and canon of 
Bangor 1697. See Foster's /«<fcr ^^<r/. [ssl 

Lewis, Nehemiah, s. Samuel, of Shie\vsbuiy, Salop 
gent Brasenose Coll., matric 24 July. i6qic. 
aged 15 ; RA. from St. Alban Hall 18 June. 
1639. ^ 

Lewis, Nicolas, B.A. sup. 1548-9, of Christ Church 

Le'ms, Owen. feUow New Coll. 1553-68, RC.L. ax 

Feb., 15^8-9, turned Roman Catholic, bishop of 

Cassano m Italy 1588, until his death 14 Oct, 1504. 

See^M. il 837; FasH, I 154; & LansdawntUS, 

98a, f. aia. 

[ 908 ] 

Owen Lewes. 

1500— 17 14. 

Thomas Lewis. 

Lewes, Owen. B.A. from Jesus Coll. la Dec. 1583 
(? determined as Owen Hughes from Hart Hall). 

LeW78, Owen. B.A. from Christ Church 3 March, 
1602-3 ! oi^c ^^ these names vicar of Bathampton, 
Somerset, 1620. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lewis, Peter. See Pbtrucius Ludovicus. 

Lewis, Peter, s. Steph. , of Gwyddelwem, co. Merioneth, 
pp. Gloucester Hall, matric. 23 May, 167a, 
aged 20. 

Lewes. Philip, B.A. from St. Mart Hall;3 Dec., 

1640, M.A. 3 Dec, 1649. vicar of Presteign, co. 
Radnor, 1660, canon of Hereford 1671 ; died 1684. 
See Foster's Index EccL [8] 

IiewiS, Pierce, s. P., of " Uanfihingl,** co. Anglesea, 
paup. Jesus Coll., matric. 4 July, 1681, aged 17; 
B.A. 1684, M.A. 1688, rector of lianfachraeth, ca 
Anglesea, 1690, vicar of a moiety of Bangor 2693, 
and rector of Llanfairfechan, co. Carnarvon, 1698. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Lewjs, Rice, B.A. from Magdalen Coll. 5 July, 
1605 ; perhaps rector of Ludchurch, ca Pembroke, 
i6aa See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lewis, Rice, pleb. Jesus Coll., matria 23 July, 

1641, aged 16. 

Lewis, Richard, priest ; B.A. sup. vj Dec., 1558. 

Lewys, Richard, of co. Anglesea, arm. HART HALL, 
matric entry under date 1572, aged 17 ; B.A. 18 
Feb., 1W-4, M.A. 13 March, 1575-6 (incorporated 
at Cambridge 1579) ; B.D. (perhaps) nrom Christ 
Church 6 July. 1584, D.D. 29 June, 1594 (s. 
Lewis ap William ap Tudor, of Egrin, in tne 
parish of Llanaber, co. Merioneth). Sm Cooper^ ii. 
174 ; & OM.S, xii. 38. [10] 

Lewes, Richard, of New Inn Hall, in or before 
1572; perhaps B. A. 90 June, 1575, M.A. 17 June, 

Lewis, Richard (Levds), of Devon, gent. New Coll. , 

matric. 10 Jan., 1574-5. aged 18 ; B.A. 27 Jan., 
1575-6. M.A- 6 July, 1577, B.D. 16 May, 1584. 
Lewes, Richard, of co. Warwick, pleb. Jesus Coll., 
matric 27 Nov., 1581, aged 18; perhaps B.C.L. 
(by accumulation) 14 July, 1603. 

Lewes, Richard, of London, cler. fil Balliol Coll., 
matric 7 June, 1605, aged 18 (subs. "paup. schoL"). 

Lewes, Richard, of Sussex, cler. fiL Brasenosb 
Coll., matric. 13 Dec, 1605, aged 18; B. A. 5 July, 
1609, MA. 9 July, 1612 ; rector of Parham, Sussex, 
2625 ; father of Richard x64a See Foster's Index 
EccUsiasHcMs. [16] 

Lewis, Richard, of co. Cardigan, gent Jesus Coll., 
matric 20 Nov., 1607, aged 18 ; perhaps B.A. tcom 
Hart Hall 6 Feb., x6o9-ia 

Lewes, Richard, of Somerset, der. fit Brasenosb 
Coll., matric 26 June, 1610, aged 17; B.A. 17 
June, 1613 ; rector of Saltford, Somerset, 1615, and 
perhaps of North Stoke, Somerset, 1637; brother 
of Francis 1616, and father of John 1640. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lewes, Richard, of ca Hereford, plebi St. Edmund 
Hall, matric 4 Dec, 16x8, aged X9; B.A. 17 Oct, 
162X. M. A. 2 June, 1624; perhaps vicar of Llanarmon- 
in-Yale, co. Denbigh, X628, and of Llandrillo-in- 
Edeimion, co. Denbigh, 1635-45. See Foster's 
Index EccL & Thomas, 703. 

Lewes, Richard, of co. SaAop, pleb. Hart Hall, 
matric 9 Nov., 1621, aged 17. 

Lewis, Richard, s. Richard, of Parham, Sussex, pleb. 
Magdalen Coll., matric x6 Oct. X640. aged 18; 
rector of Parham i66a See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lewis, Richard, s. John, of Hopton Ucha, co. Mont- 
gomery, pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric 21 May, 
1669. aged xo ; B.A. 13 March. X672-3 ; perhaps of 
St Bride's, London, clerk, licenced (v.c.) 31 Jan., 
x679h8o (aged 30), to marry Elizabeth Cropley, of 
St Saviour's, Southwark, spinster. [ai] 

Lewis, Richard, s. Lewis Griffith, of Uanboidy, co. 
Merioneth, pleb. Jesus Coli«, matric 15 March, 
X671-2, aged x8; B.A. 5 Feb., X675-6; vicar d 
Llanboidy, co. Carmarthen, x68x. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Lewis, Richard, " Bibliopegus," privilegiatus 17 Aug., 

Lewis, Richard, s. Oliver, of Haverfordwest, ca 
Pembroke, pleb. jESUS Coll., matric. iz July, 
1677, aged x8. 

Lewis, Richard, s. Richard, of Netherfaaven, Wilts, 
cler. Hart Hall, matric 15 May, x7oa, aged 
x6 ; his father vicar of Netherfaaven x685-X7a5. See 
Foster's Index EccL [as] 

Lewis, Robert, of co. Merioneth, pleb. Brasenosb 
Coll., matric X3 Nov., 1590, aged x6. 

Lewes, Robert ; M.A. from Oriel Coll. 3 May, 
X636 ; perhaps rector of Nasing, Essex, X641. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Lewis, Robert, s. William, of Llanvaely. Isle of 
Anglesea, paup. Jesus Coll., matric 17 May. 
z68i, aged 19. 

Lewys, Roger, B.C.L. 31 Oct, 1525, secular chap- 
lain, B.Can.L. 26 Feb., 1528-9; one of these names 
vicar of Sturminster Newton, Dorset, 1543, etc, 
etc See Foster's Index EccL 

Lewis, Roger, 8. Ro., of Henllan, ca Pembroke, 
pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 12 April, 1701, aged 
x8 ; peniaps rector of Herbranston, ca Pembroke, 
173a See Foster's Index EccL [SO] 

Lewes, Rowland, of ca Montgomery, plefai Jesus 

Coll., matric entry under date 20 Sept, 1575. 

af ed 19. 
Lewis, Samuel, s. William, of Malpas, Cheshire. 

pleb. St. Edmund Hall, matric 9 July, 1674, 

aged X9 ; B.A. 1678. 

Lewis, Simon, s. Th., of Ratley, oa Warwick, gent 
Trinity Coll., matric. 22 May, x6^. aged 17: 
student of Middle Temple X665. See Foster's Inns 
0/ Court Reg, 

Lewis, Stephen, s. Robert of Gwyddelwem. co. 
Merionetn, pleb. Hart Hall, matric ao Feb., 
1627-8, aged X9; B.A. 22 Feb., X627-8, M.A. 37 
June, X633, rector of Gwyddelwem X643, vicar dT 
Meifod, CO. Montgomery, 1649, etc See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Lewis, Stephen, s. Tha, of Cregina, co. Radnor, pp. 
New Inn Hall, matric 12 April, 1679. aged 
24 ; B;A. X682, vicar of Weobley, co. Heref<^. 
1690, and rector of Holgate, Salop, 1704 ; fiatbcr of 
Stephen 171 x, and Thomas 1704. See Foster's 
Index EccL [36] 

Lewis, Stephen, s. Pet, of St Davids, co. Pembroke, 
cler. Jesus Coll., matric 21 Oct, X697. aged 17 ; 
B.A. 1701, M.A. X704, rector of Pwllcrochon 1705. 
and of Narberth, ca Pembroke, X714, cursal canon 
of St David's 1718. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lewis. Stephen, s. S{tephen), of Weobley, 00. Here» 
fora, cler. Merton Coll., matric 8 Dec, 171 1. 
aged x6 : died before he was of bachelor's standing ; 
brother of Thomas X704. See Rawl. xx. 338. 

Lewis, Thomas, chaplain, B.Can.L. 4 July, 1524. 

Lewes, Thomas, of co. Monmouth, pleb. Glou- 
cester Hall, matric entry under date ao Dec, 
1577' ^^ 14 ! student of Middle Temple 1586. as 
son and heir of William, of Monmouth, esq. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lewys, Thomas, of Beds, der. fil. ; chorister of 
Magdalen Coll. x5pi-6, clerk XIC96-1604, RA. x 
April, X598 ; perhaps M.A. from Christ Church 
24 Oct, x6ox. See Bloxam^ i. 26, it 46U [*^] 

Lewis, Thomas, of ca Worcester, doctoris fit 
Christ Church, matric xx Feb., i59x-a, aged 
x6; perhaps M.A. 24 Oct, x6ox. See preceding 
fSi\rjhAL West, fa. 

[ 909 ] 

Thomas Lewis. 


William Lewys. 

Lewis, Thomas, of ca Brecon , pleb. Jssus Coll., 
natric 8 Nov., 1594, aged 16; B.A. 30 June, t6oi, 
perhaps incorporated at Cambridge 1606, rector of 
Tallachddu 1602, and vicar of Merthyr-Cynog, co. 
Brecon, 1604. See Foster's Indtx Eccl, 

Lewes, Thomas, of co. Cardigan, gent. St. Mary 
Hall, matric. 14 May, 1601, aged 16; perhaps 
RA from All Souls' Coll. 15 Feb., 1609-10, 
M.A 6 July, 16x5, student of Gray's Inn 1604. as 
son and heir of Dianid, of Giomes, ca Cardigan, 
gent See Foster's Grdys Inn Reg, 

Lewis, Thomas, of co. Glamorgan, pleb. Jcsirs 
Coll., matric. 3 May, i6i6, aged 18 ; B. A 8 Dec, 
1619, M.A. x8June, 1623. 

Lewis. Thomas, s. Edward, of Pontwill, co. Breck- 
nock, gent. Jesus Coli«, matric 25 Jan., 1627-8, 
aged 18 ; rector of Llanvigan, co. Brecon, 1635, 
etc See Foster's Imdex Eccl. 

Lewes, Thomas, s. William, of Carmarthen (town), 
gent Jesus Coli«, matric 8 Sept., 1634, aged 
18; B.A. 15 June, 1637, M.A a May, 1640, student 
of Gray's Inn 1634. See Foster's Grays Inn 

Lewes, Thomas, s. Lewis Jones, of St Michael, ca 
Monmouth, sacerd. Pembroke CoLU, matric. to 
Oct, 1634, aged 17; B.A. 26 April, 1637, M.A 30 
June, x64a 

Lewjs, Thomas, admitted St. Peter's Coll., Cam- 
bridge. 3 July, 1645 ; B- A from St. John's Coli«, 
Oxford, 9 March, 1648-9. See Burrows ^ 548. 

Lewis. Thomas, gent Brasenose Coll., matric 
a8 March, 1655. 

Lewis, Thomas (Lewse), s. John, of Staplegrove, 
Somerset, pleb. TRiNiTy CoLt^., matric t6 
March. 1664-5. aged 17 ; B.A. 1668, vicar of 
Sampford Arundel, Somerset, 1683. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Lewis, Thomas, s. William, of Blechingdon, Oxon, 
arm. Trinity Coll., matric. 8 March, 16667, 
aged 14; perhaps rector of Chumleigh, Devon, 
1677, and father of Thomas 17 14. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. [lOj 

Lewis, Thomas, s. " Lewis Edwards," of Trevegloes, 
CO. Montgomery, pp. Jesus Coll., matric aa 
March, 1666-7, aged 2a 

Lewis, Thomas, s. Gabr., of Llanishen, co. Glamor- 
gan, gent Jesus Coli«, matric 9 June, 1676, 
aged 16; B.A. 19 Feb., i679-8a 

Lewis, Thomas, s. Thomas, of St. Pierre, co. Mon- 
mouth, arm. Christ Church, matric 15 Feb., 
1677-8, aged x6 ; one of these names M. P. Mon- 
mouthshire April, 17x3, and X7i5-a2; died 29 
May, 173X Sec Foster's Parliamentary Du' 

Lewis, Thomas, s. " Lewis Thomas," of Llanvapley, 
CO. Monmouth, pp. Jesus Coll., matric xo 
April, 1679, ^^ '® ! ^.Pi. 29 Jan., 1683-4. 

Lewis, Thomas, s. Th., of Old Radnor, co. Radnor, 
gent LiNCX}LN Coll. , matric 4 July, 1682, aged 
17 ; perhaps father of Thomasxi709. [15] 

Lewis, Thomas, paup. Magdalen Hall, matric 
XI Nov., 1686, bom in Worcestershire, a licentiate 
of the college of physicians 1713; died 22 Oct., 
1746. See Munk's Roll, iL 38. 

Lewis, Thomas, s. J., of Llantillio Perlholey. co. 
Monmouth, pleb. JesusColi^, matric 14 June, 
1692. aged 14 ; B.A. 1695, sector of Goytrey 16^, 
of Llanvihangel Rogiet 1705, and of Llanvethenne 
(all ca Monmouth), 1718. See Foster's Index 


Lewis, Thomas, s. Stephen, of Hereford city (King- 
ston 4to.), cler. Corpus Christi Coli* sub- 
scribed 5 July. 1704, aged 15 ; B.A 6 Feb., 17x0- 
XX ; born at Kington, co. Hereford. X4 March, 
1688, priest 1713. kept a private boarding school at 
Hampstead. \fiddlesex, which he left in X737 and 
settled at Chester ; brother of Stephen 17XX. See 
Raiol. V. X29 & 272, & xviii. 33. 

Lewis, Thomas, s. Tho.. of Radnor (town), arm. 
Wadham Coll., matric ac May, 1709, aged 17; 
of Harpton, M.P. Radnor m 8 parliaments 1715, 
until imseated in Nov., X761 ; died in X777. See 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Lewis, Thomas, s, Tha, of Chulmleigh, Devon, 
cler. Trinity Coll., matric 5 March, X713-4, 
aged 19 ; B.A X717, M.A 1720, vicar of Axmouth, 
Devon, X7a2. See Foster's Index Eccl. [aoj 

Lewis, Tobias, of co. Brecon, gent Jesus Coll., 
matric 19 Oct, X599, aged 15 ; B.A. i July, X603, 
student of Middle Temple 1603 as 4th son of 
Thomas, of Brecon, esq., deceased. See Foster's 
Innt of Court Reg. 

Lewes, Walter ; B. A from Christ Church 8 Dec, 
I593i M.A 6 July. xs96. vicar of Talgarth, Brecon, 
1599. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lewis, Walter, of Sssex. pleb. Brasbnosb Coll., 
matric 2 Nov., 1621, aged aa 

Lewis, William ; demy Magdalen Colu x^8, B. A 
4 July, X554. M.A. 20 June, 1558. See Bloxam, iv. 
134 ; & Foster's index Eccl. 

Lewys, William, of co. Anglesea, arm. Hart Hall, 
matric entry under date 1572. afed 90, and another 
aged t6 ; one of these B. A x8 Feb., X573-4 ; student 
of Inner Temple X576, as of Presadneth, co. 
Anglesey. See Fostet' 8 Inn so/ Court Reg, [26] 

Lewes, WtUiam. of London, pleb. Broadgates 
Hall, matric entry under date 98 April, X580, 
aged 19. 

Lewes, William, of oa Monmouth, gent Mag- 
dalen Colu, matric 24 Nov., 1581, aged x8. 

Lewis, William, of co. Monmouth, "cond. gent** 
Skw Inn Hall, matric. 10 June, 1586. aged x6. 

Lewis, William, of co. Anglesea, pleb. Christ 
Church, matric 8 July, 1586, aged 21. 

LewTS, William ; B. A from St. Mart Hall 2$ 
Beb., 1586-7; M.A from Gloucester Hall xt 
March, 1592-3. B.C.L. sup. X9 Oct, 1596. [SO] 

LeWjTSy William, of Hart Hall (from co. Merio- 
neth); B.A 20 April, x6o8 (incorporated at Cam- 
bridge X609), fellow Oriel Coli« 1608, M.A. a 
July, x6x2, provost of bis college x6x7-2i, created 
D.D. 25 May, 1627; incorporated at Cambridge 
1629, master of the hospital of S. Cross x627-43 ^ 
X660-7, canon of Winchester 1626, rector of East 
Woodhav, Hants, X631, lost these preferments in the 
, time of the rebellion and fled beyond seas, but was 
restored on his majesty's return ; died in the hos- 
pital of St. Cross 7 July, X667. See Foster's Index 
Eccl. & Fasti, L 436. 

Lewes, WiUiam, of Northants, pleb. Balliol Coll. , 
matric. 19 June, 1607, aged x6; B.A ax Feb., 


Lewes, William, subscribed i July, 16x3 ; B. A from 
University Coll. 4 July, x6x6. 

Lewis, William, of co. Glamorgan, pleb. Jesus 
Coll., matric. 3 May, x6i6. aged x8 ; R A 7 July, 
1619 ; perhaps rector of Peterstone, co. Glamoigan, 
1639. See roter's Index Eccl, 

Lewis, William, pleb. Balliol Coll.. matric. 20 
Feb., 1627-8, aged 18 ; EA. 2x Feb., x627-8. [SB] 

Lewys, William, s. Richard, of St Maries, co. Mon- 
mouth, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric X3 May, X635, 
aged 17; B.A from Hart HALL3 Feb., X637-8, 
M.A. 6 March. 1640-x ; rector of Portskewett, oa 
Monmouth, 1639. See Foster's Index EccL 

[ 910 ] 

William Lewis. 


Geoffrey Ley. 

Lewis, William, born in Berks, as. Edward, of Thean, 
CO. Glamorg., equitis. Jesus Coll., nuitric. la 
xa Oct, 1638, aged 14 ; his father perhaps knighted 
7 May, 1603 ; brother of Edward 1638. 

Lewis, William, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 9 Aug., 
1658, admitted there z8 March, 1657-8 ; & as son 
of Howel, of Anglesey, admitted sizar St. John's 
Coll., Cambndge, 17 Oct, 1659. aged 19. B.A 
z66i ; fellow Jesus Colu and M.A 1665 (incor- 
Dorated 1669), LL.D. 1679; perhaps rector of 
Llanvaethlu-with-Llanwrog 1661, and of Rhoscolyn, 
CO. Anglesey, 1670, vicar of O^mberton, co. Cam- 
bridge, 1679. See MayoTt 143 ; & Foster's Index 

Lewis, William (Lewse), pleb., subs, as of Somerset 
Exeter Coll., matric. a6 Oct, 1660. vicar of 
Pitminster, Somerset, 1673. See Foster's Index 

Lewis, WiUiam, s. " Lewis Owen," of Dolgelly, co. 
Merioneth, pp. Jesus Coll., matric. 11 March, 
1669-70, aged 18 ; perhaps vicar of Towyn, co. 
Merioneth, 1681. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lewis, WiUiam, s. Job., of Llangeler, co. Carmarthen, 
pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 14 Dec, 1674, ased 



IiewiS, William, s. Sam., of Uandough, ca Glamor- 
gan, pp. Oriel Colu, matric la Nov., 1675, 
aged ao ; perhaps B.A. by decree of convocation 3 
Nov., 1697, M.A. a July. 1698. 

Lewis, William, s. Sam., of Anglesey (town), pp. 
Jesus Coll., matric 17 March, 1675-6, aged 19; 
RA x68a 

Lewis, WiUiam, s. Henr., of Langhorne, co. Car- 
marthen, pleb. Jesus Colu, matric, x8 March, 
1686-7, aged 17 ; B.A. a3 Feb., 1690-1. 

Lewis, WiUiam, s. G. (?"Gul"), of Stoke Gaylard, 
Dorset, arm. Magdalen Colu, matric. 19 May, 
X690, aged i8. 

Lewis, WiUiam, a A from Oriel Colu 1697. See 

WiLUAM 1675. LlO] 

Lewis. WiUiam, s. WiUiam, of Glastonbury, co. 
Radnor, pleb. Jesus Colu, matric. 18 March, 
Z699-1700, aged z8 ; perhaps B.A. 16 Feb., 1703-4. 

Lewis, WiUiam. s. £>av., of Llangollen, co. Car- 
marthen, pleb. Jesus Colu, matric 13 March, 
1700-1, aged 17. 

IiewiS, William, s. Joh., of Dore, co. Hereford, pp. 
Balliol Colu, matric 6 April, 1704, aged 18. 
B.A. 1707 ; perhaps M.A from King's Colu, 
Cambridge, 1716, and D.D. 1739. 

IiewiS, WilUam, s. Ambro., of Llanrwadrus, co. 
Anglesea, cler. Jesus Colu, matric. aa March, 
1704-S, aged 18. 

Lewis, WUliam, s. Maur., of Anglesey, gent Jesus 
Colu, matric 4 March, 1706-7, agcxi 18. [15] 

Lewknor, (Sir) Christopher, created D.C.L. i (or a) 
Nov., 164a; perhaps bar.-at-law, Middle Temple, 
x6a5 (as as. Richard, of West Deane, Sussex, esq., 
deceased), recorder of Chichester 1634, M.P. Mid- 
hurst x6a8-9, Chichester April-May, 1640, 1640 
(up.), tiU disabled a Sept, 164a. sat in the parlia- 
ment at Oxford, knighted 18 Dec, 1644. then a 
royalist colonel; brother of Thomas 1604. See 
Fastis ii. 39 : & Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, 

Lewkenor, Edmund (Lukener), fellow St. John's 
Colu, Cambridge, from Sussex, IC63 ; B. A 1562-3 
incorporated z July, 1^66, fellow of Exeter Colu 
1566^. M. A ai April, 1567 (perhaps s. Edward, 
groom porter, who died in the Tower 1556). See 
Boase^ 45 ; & Cooper^ IL a5x. 

Iiewknor, George (Lukenar), fellow of New Colu 
1560-70, from Tangmere, Sussex, B.A. 34 March, 
1563-4, doctor of medicine. 

Lewkenor, George, subscribed i July, 1614; B.A. 
from Trinity Colu 9 Feb., 1615-6. 

Lewknor, Henry (Lukener), B.A a May, 1569. [aO] 

Lewkner, (Sir) John, s. Richard, of West Deanc 
Sussex, arm. St. John's Colu, matric sApriU 
1639, aged 15; student of Middle Temple 1638. K.R. 
i66z, M.P. Midhurst 1661. untU he died in 1669; 
fiatber of the next See Foster's Inns of Court Heg, 

Lewkenor, John. is. J(ohn). of West Dean, Sussex, 
equitis. Christ Chuech, matric 7 July. 1673, 
aged 15 ; of West Deane, student of Middle Temple 
1675, M.P. Sussex, 1678-9. Midhurst in ^ parlia- 
ments 1679-81, i68<-7, 1689-1705 ; died m 1706^ 
See Ath, iv. 661 ; & Foster's ParUamentarj Dic- 

Lewknor, Sir Lewes, knt., master of the cere- 
monies to James I., M.A. of Cambridge, incor- 
porated a5 Aug. , 1634, student of Middle Temple 
1579 (as son and heir of Thomas, of Shelley. SuffoUc), 
knighted aa April, 1603, M.P. Midhurst 1597-^ 
Bridgnorth 1604-11 ; died in i6ad See Stusex 
Arch. Coll, xxiv. lao; Fasti, I 418; & Foster's 
Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Lewknor, Richard, of Sussex, arm. Hart Hall, 
matric 8 May, 1584, aged 14 ; student of Middle 
Temple 1585, as son and heir of Richard, of 
Downeley, Sussex, esq. ; perhaps father of the next 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lewkenor, Richard, of Sussex, arm. Hart Hall, 
matric. a7 Jan., 1603-4. aged 14 ; B. A from Balliol 
Colu a4Nov., 1606; ofWestbom, Sussex, student 
of Middle Temple 1607. as son and heir of Richard, 
deceased, who was son and heir of Sir Richard, 
chief judge at Chester; M.P. Midhurst i6ai-a, 
1634-5, i6a5. i6a6, and Sussex i6a8-9 ; died in 1635. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, [2S] 

Lewkner, Robert, 3s. Robert, of Acrise. Kent, 
equitis. ST. Alban Hall. matric 27 March, 
1640, aged 17. 

Lewkenor, Thomas, of Sussex, arm. Hart Hall, 
matric. a7 Jan., 1603-4, aged 13 ; student of Middle 
Temple 1607, as and son of Richard, of West Dean, 
Sussex, esq. ; brother of Christopher. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. 

Lewthwalte, John, B.A from Queen's Colu, 
Cambridge, 1599-1600, M.A. i6(^, inooporated 9 
July, 1605. See Foster's Graduatt CanUw. 

Ley. See also Lea, Leb, Legh, Leigh, and Ltb. 

Ley, Alexander, s. Thomas, of Monkleigh, Devon, 
pleb. Gloucester Hall, matric la Dec, 16^ 
aged 18 ; B. A a6 May, 1638, vicar of Monkleigh 
1648-73 ; father of the next-named, and oi John 
1661. See Foster's Index Reel. [SO] 

liey, Alexander, s. Al(exander). of Monkleigh, Devon, 
pleb. Exeter Coll., matric. ^ Dec, 1668. aged 
19 ; B. A 167a, vicar of Monkleigh 1673 * brother 
of John i66z. See Foster's Index EccL 

Ley« Charles, 8. William, of Worcester (city), pp. 
PEMBROKE Coll., matric 18 March, 1685-6, aged 
17; clerk Magdalen Coll. 1689-90, B.A. 1^0. 
M.A from Sidney Sussex Coll., Cambridge, 
1707, rector of Great Sutton 1696. and of Wickham 
Bishops, Essex, 1706. See Bloxam, iL 8a; & 
Foster's Imiex EccL 

Ley, Edward, 1533. See Lee. 

Leye, Edmund; B.A a6 Feb., 1575-6. 

Ley* Edward (Lee) ; B. A from Gloucester Hall 33 
Feb., 1570-1. [»8J 

Ley, Edward. See Lye, 1713. 

Ley, Francis, of Salop, pleb. Hart Hall, matric 
4 March, 1585-6. aged 18. EA 4 Feb., 1589-90; 
M.A from Gloucester Hall 33 Jtme, 1598. 

Ley, Geoffrey ; of Magdalen Coll. 150a. See Lee. 

[ 9" ] 

George Ley. 

1500— 1714. 

Thomas Leycester. 

L^, George, a. Hug., of Tavistock, Deron, gent 
Exeter Colu, roatric. 3 April. 1674, aged 17; 
B.A. 1677. 

Lej, Isaac, s. William, of Woodbarne, Bucks, minister, 
BALLIOL Coll., matric. la June, 1673, aged 16; 
EA. 167a 

Ley, James; KA. from Brasrnosb Coll. 3 Feb., 
1573-4, bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1^84, treasurer 
1610 (as of Wills), M.P. Westbury 1597-^* 
1604— Oct., 1605, Sept, 1609-11, Bath 1614, <u>d 
Westbury 1621, a Welsh judge, serjeant-at<> 
law 1603, lord chief justice King's Bench, Ireland, 
1604-8, and knighted, and a commissioner of the 
great seal, Ireland, April— Nov., 1605, attorney of 
the courts of wards and liveries x6oB, created a 
bart 15 July, 1619, lord chief justice of King's 
Boich 1621, speaker of the house of lords 1621-4, l<>rd 
treasurer 1624. created Lord Ley 31 Dec.. 1624. 
and Eari of Mariborough 5 Feb.. 1626. president of 
the council (s. Henry, of Teffont-Evias, Wilts); 
died 14 March, 1629. See Atk. ii. 441; Foss' 
Judgu ; & Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary ^ etc 

Ley, John ; fdlow of Balliol 1564. See Lee. 

Ley, John, s. Alexander, of Monkleigh, Devon, 
mmister. Oriel Coll., matric. 14 Nov., 1661. 
aged 17 ; B.A. i66a. M. A 1667. rector of Lang- 
ridge, Somerset. 1664. and of Hambledon. Bucks. 
z6^ vicar of Monkleigh. Devon. 1669 ; brother of 
Alexander 1668. See Foster's Index Ecel. [8] 

Ley, John, s. William, of Worcester (city), saoera. 
St. Mary Hall, matric 3 March. 1664-5. aged 
16; B.A. 1668. M.A. 1671. vicar of Eckington. co. 
Worcester, 1671. See Foster's IntUx EccL 

Ley, John. s. Sam, of Flyford, co. Worcester, pp. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. ioOcl. 1704, aged 10; 
EA. X708. rector of Alresford, Essex, 1711. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Ley, Maurice (Lee or Lye) ; fellow Exeter Coll. 
1547-8, B.A. 1545, M.A 4 Feb., 1547-8. SotBoaset 


Ley, Fieter; B.D. i5aa See Lee. 

Ley, Rosse, s. Ina, of London, gent Christ 
Church, matric 25 March. 1697-8. aged 18. B.A 
1791 ; born at Carpenter's Hall 1678. educated at 
Charterhouse, chaplain of St Katharine's hospital 
1704. and to the 4th troop of horse guards 1710, 
rector of St Mathew, Friday Street, and St Peter's, 
Eastcbeap, T715, chaplain to the Duke of Montagu 
1727; died in Wellclose Green 4 Jan., 1736-7, 
buried in St Katherine's-in-the-Tower. See Jfawl, 
fi. 158, iv. 332, and xviii. 37; & Foster's Index 
JScetetiastiems. flO] 

Ley, Samuel, s. Wil., of Worcester city, pp. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric. 8 March. 1671-2. aged 15 ; 
RA 1675, M.A 1678, rector of Flyford Flavell, 
00. Worcester, 1679 ; father of next-named. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Ley, Samuel, s. S., of Flyford. co. Worcester, pp. 
MAGDALEN Hall. matric. 10 Oct. 1707. aged 17, 
R A 271 1 ; M.A. from Catharine Haix, Cam- 
bridge. 17^. 

Ley, Samuel, s. Geor., of Newton-Ferrers, Devon, 
plefac Exeter Coll., matric 6 April. 1709, aged 
17; B.A. 1712. M.A 1717; rector a( Lamorran. 
Cornwall. 1725. and of Dolton, Devon, 1727. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

heje, Simon; EA from Oriel Coll. 14 Feb., 
1575-6, fellow 1578, M. A 12 April, 1581. 

Ley, Thomas 1532. 1C26. and i^7a See Leb. fl8] 

Ley, Thomas, s. Thomas " Leigh," of Monkleigh. 
Devon, pleb. Gix>ucester Hall, matric. 8 April, 
i^. a^d 17 ; B. A 12 Dec, 1639. 

Ley, Thomas, s. John, of Tawstock. Devon, admitted 
scholar of Gonvillb and Caius Colu . Cambridge, 
17 April, 1671, aged 16 ; B.A. 1674. M.A. 1678, 
faworporated 9 Julv. 1678; vicar of Crediton, 
Devon, 1689. See Eawl. xxL ; Foster's Index Ecel, ; 
& Kesji, 374. 

Ley, Thomas, s. J(ohn), of Huish, Devon, paup. 
WADHAM COLI^, matric 31 March. 1691. aged 17; 
B.A. 1694; rector of Meeth, Devon, 1701. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Ley, William ; EA. from Lincoln Coll., 26 March, 

1582. M. A 6 July. X584. 
Ley, William, s. John, of Lymington. .Somerset, gent 

Exeter Coll.. matric 18 Feb., 1626-7. aged 16; 

EA. 26 Oct., 1630 ; perhaps rector of St Nicholas, 

Worcester, 1664. and father of William 1669. [20J 
Ley» William, s. John, of Chester (city), saccrd. 

Christ Church, matric i May, 1637. aged 16; 

B.A 24 Oct. 1640. M.A. « Feb., 1648-9; perhaps 

vicar of Wantage. Berks, of High Wycombe 1664. 

and of Woobum. Bucks, x668. See Foster's Index 

Fxcl, & Fasti, ii. 108. 
Ley, William, s. William, of Worcester (city), minister. 

St. Mary Hall, matric 16 July. 1669. aged 15 ; 

EA from Magdalen Hall 1673. M.A 17 Feb.. 

1675-6 ; rector of St Helen's, Worcester, 1678. and 

of Knightwick. co. Worcester, 1686. See Foster's 

Index Eccl, 
Leyborn, Robert, s. Ant., of London, gent Brase- 

NOSB Cot«L., matric 9 March. 1710-11. aged 17 

(student of Christ Church 17x2): B.A 10 Jan.. 

1714-15. fellow. M.A 1717, proctor 1723, B. & D.D. 

1731 : principal of St. Alban Hall 1736-59. and 

lector of St Dunstan. Stepney. 1729, and of St 

Anne, LImehouse. 1730. until his death at Bath 13 

May. 1759. See Al, West, 257 ; Gutck MS, 184 ; 

& Foster s Index Eccl. 

Leyoester, Alien. See Lester i669-7a 

Leyoester, (Sir) George, of Cheshire, arm. fit UNI- 
VERSITY Coll.. matric entry under date 2 July, 
1578, i^red 13 ; of Toft Cheshire, sheriff 1602-3. 
knighted 6 Aug;. 1C99, at Dublin, by the Earl of 
Essex. M. P. Thirsk 1597 ; buried 4 April, i6xa ; 
brother of Ralph 1578. See Foster's Parliamentary 
Dictionary. [aS] 

Leyoester, John, of Cheshire, pleb. Brasenosb 
Colu, matric. 28 Jan.. 16x9-20. aged 21 ; B.A. 28 
Feb., 1621-3 ; kept school See Atk. ii. 636. 

Leyoester, Lawrence, of Cheshire, pleb. Brasb- 
nosb Coll., matric 15 Dec, 1609, aged 17. 

Leyoester, (Sir) Peter, s, Peter, of Tabley. Cheshire, 
' gent common.' Brasenosb Colu 13 Oct, 1629, 
bom at Nether Tabley 3 March. 1613, of Gray's 
Inn 1633. an antiquary, created a baronet 10 Aug., 
1660; died II Oct, 1678; fother of Philip. See 
Atk, iiL 1173. 

Leyoester, Philip, s. Peter, of Tabley, Cheshire, arm. 
Brasenosb Colu. matric. 16 Oct, 1635, aged t6; 
B.A 2 July. 1639. M.A. 24 Feb., X643-4, fellow 
1643, until expelled as "homicida" 1649; brother 
of Thomas 1638. See Burrows^ 482. 

Leyoester, Ralph, of Cheshire, arm. Univbrsitt 
Colu. matric entry under date 2 July, 1578. aged 
16 ; brother of George 1578. [SO] 

Leyoester, Ralph, of Cheshire, militis fil Brase- 
nosb CoLU. matric 16 June. 1610, aged 16. 

Leyoester, Ralph, arm. Brasenosb Colu, matric 
31 July, 1658. 

Leyoester, Robert, of Cheshire, arm. fit nat max. 
Brasenosb Colu. matric. 13 July, 1660. B.A. la 
March, 1660-3, ^ Leicester. 

Leyoester, Thomas, of Essex, gent Brasenosb 
Colu, matric 22 Feb.. 1604-5. aged 16; RA. 23 
Nov., 1608, M.A 5 July, 16x1. vicar of Albury, 
Heru. 1617. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Leyoester, Thomas (Leicester), s. Peter, of Tabley, 
Cheshire, arm. Brasenosb Colu. matric 4 
May. 1638, aged 17 ; student of Gray's Inn 1640 ; 
died 1652 ; father of Philip. See Foster's Gra/s 
Inn Reg, [SSJ 

[ 912 ] 

Francis Leycrofte. 

1500— I7I4. 

John Lidston. 

Leyorofte, Frands, of London, gent Broadgates 
Hall, matric. 8 May, 2584, aged x6. 

Iieysbury, Robert, Carmelite, D.D. of Cambridge 
1505, sup. for incorporation 30 June, 1506. See 
Foster's GraduaH Cantab, 

Leysman, Henry, ell. of Cambridge, sup. for 
incorporation zo Dec., 1507. 

Leyson, Antony (Lyeson). B.C.L. 8 Oct, 1539. 
liOyson, Evan, s. Morg., of Llangan, co. Glamorgan, 
der. Jesus Coll., matric. la March, 1705-6, aged 

16. X»] 

Leyson, Geoffiy, aC.L., aCan.L. sup. May. 

Leyson, Griffin, aCL. i Aug., 1524, D.C.L. 24 
Jan., 1533-3, advocate 14 March, 1533-4, dean of 
the arches (by Cranmer). and judge of high court 
of admiralty 1540-56. promoted the reformation 
under Edward VI., but relapsed into popery; 
licenced 3 May, 1544, to many Lady Joyce Uam- 
mage, widow ; rector of Wyddial, Herts, 1535 ; died 
1555. See Lansdowne MS, 980, f. 184; Londtm 
Marriage Licences, cd. Foster ; Coote's Civilians^ 
3a ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Leyson, Morgan, s. Evans, of Laleston, ca Glamor- 
gan, pp. Christ Church, matric. ao Mav. 
1675, aged ao ; B. A from Jesus Coll. ao March, 
1678-9, M. A i68a, rector of Llangan, co. Glamor- 
gan. 1686 ; father of the next See Foster's Indtx 

IiOyson, Morgan, s. Morgan, of Llangan, ca Gla- 
morgan, der. Jesus Coll., matric. za March, 
1705-6. aged is; aA 1709, M.A 171a, B.D. 
1719. rector of Longworth, Berks, I7a8. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Leyson, Thomas (Leson) ; a A sup. 16 Dec., 1510, 
chaplain B.Can.L. 3 Feb., 1510-11, B.D. sup. a9 
Tuly, 151a, abbot of the monastery of St Mary of 
Neath, of the Cistercian order, in Glamorganshire ; 
perhaps prebendary of Lichfield i5aa See Fasti, 
1 35. flO] 

IiOyson, Thomas, scholar. New Coll. 1567. fellow 
1569, B.A. detd. 1571-3, M.A i Feb., 1575-6, 
B.Med. 8 July, 1583, proctor 1583, borh at Neath, 
CO. Glamorgan ; practiced at Bath, ' a Latin poet' 
See Ath, ii 37 ; k O.H,S. zii. la 

Leyston, Thomas, s. William, of Strood, Kent, 
gent. St. John's Coll.. matric 16 Dec., 1636, 
aged 18 ; student of Middle Temple 1638. See 
Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg, 

lihwyd, Edward, "antiquary and naturalist"; 
created M.A ai July, 1701, keeper of the Ash- 
molean museum 1690-1709, superior bedel of 
divinity ; died in July, 1709. aged 49 ; admon. at 
Oxford ao April, 171a See Alk, iv. 733 ; Ratol, i. 
404, ii. 76 ; & Heamet it 319. 

LibanTlS, John, s. Wenceslaus, of Moravia, der. 
St. Mary Hall, matric 14 May. 1678. aged 15 ; 
B.A from Peter House. Cambridge. 1683-3, 
M.A 1687, vicar of Ashwell, Herts, 1688 ; his father 
vicar of Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk. 1669. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Llbbard, Nicholas, of Sussex, pleb. Magdalen 
CoLU, matric 35 Oct, 158^; aged 16. See 
Nicholas Lamgford, chonster. 1587-91; & 
Bloxam, I 33. [IS] 

liloe, Robert (? Luys) ; M.A of Cambridge, incor- 
porated la July. 1569 ; perhaps B. A ic^i, M.A 
1544. as Luys. See Foster's Graduati Cantab, 

lilohfield, Clement (Lychefelde), Benedictine and 
aD. ; D.D. sup. 7 Dec, ico7. abbot of the 
monastery of Evesham, co. Worcester, 1513; 
buried in a chapel near to the abbey 9 Oct, 1546. 
See Fasti, L 6. 

Liohfield. Coventiy, '* tonsor," privilegiatus 9 Feb., 

Liohfield, John, subscribed aa June, z6xa 

Liohfield, John, subscribed 11 June. 1613; a A. 
from Exeter Coll. 19 Oct. 1618, M.A 17 June. 
1624 ; perhaps vicar of Good Easter, Essex, 1645, 
and rector of Mashbury, also Essex. 166a. bee 
Foster's Index Eccl, [SO] 

Llohfield, Leonard, s. John, of Oxford city, yeoman 
bedell; privilegiatus xa Nov., 1630, aged a6: one 
of the superior bedells; perhaps claimed the 
rectonr of Hurst, Suffolk, 1645 ; admon. at Oxford, 
a3 Feb.. 1689. See Add, MS. 15.669, p. 203. 

[Llohfleld, Nicholas, 158X See Ath. i. 489.] 

Llokbarrowe, William, of Westmorland, pl^). 
Queen's Coll., matric 30 Oct, 1601, aged ao; 
a A 14 Dec, 1605. M.A 30 June. 1608. 

Lloknold, William, a A sup. June. 1535. 

Ltdoot. John, aA from Baluol Coll. 17 March. 
i6a^. See also Lytcote. [AS] 

LlddeU, John (LedaU). aCan.L. 16 Jan.. 1508-9. 

Liddell, John, s. James, of Darwin Crooke. co. 
Durham, gent St. John's Coll., matric ao 
Nov., 1661. aged 16; brother of Thomas. 

Liddell, Richard (Lyddell), s. Dennis, of LondoQ 
(city), gent Christ Church, matric. 3 June, 
171a, aged 17 ; student of Inner Temple 1713 (bis 
father of Wakehurst, Sussex). See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. 

Liddell, Robert (" Lyddle "), 48. Thomas, of Ravens- 
worth Castle, CO. Uurham. arm. Queen's Colu, 
matric 9 Nov. , 163a, aged 19. 

Liddell, Thomas, s. James, of Darwin Crooke. oa 
Durham, gent. St. John's Coll.. matric ao 
Nov., 1661. aged 17 ; brother of John 1661. [30] 

Lldford, James (Lydford), demy Magdalen Cou. 
1641-7, a A a4 April, 1645. M.A 19 Jan.. 1647-8, 
fellow 16^7-8. from Southants ; rector of Steeple 
Iweme 1057, and rector of Stoke Wake, Dorset, 
1665 ; father of the next See Bloxam, v. 173 ; 
Burrows, 51a ; & Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lldford, Mathew, s. James, of Sandwich Purbeck, 
Dorset cler. Magdalen Coll., matric 37 Oct, 
i68a, aged 19 ; clerk 1685-6, aA. 1686. See 
Bloxam, ii. 81. 

LldgOUld, Charles, fellow of Clake Halu Cam- 
bridge, B.A 1680, M.A 1683. incorporated 10 
July, 1683. rector of Dunsby, ca Lincoln, 1691. 
See Foster's Index Eccl. 

LldflrOTlld, John, s. Nic, of London, pleb. Wadham 
Coll., matric i June, i68a, aged 17 ; Pauline 
exhibitioner 1681-9. B.A 19 Jan.. ^685-6; Goodri<lge 
exhibitioner 1685-6. fellow of Oriel Coix. 1690, 
M.A 9% Jan., 1688-9, vicar of Goudhurst, Kent 
1713. See St, Pauls S, R, 57 ; Gardiner, 334 ; ft 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

LldjTOUld, Richard, s. Nic, of London, pleb. 
Trinity Coli«. matric. a June, 1679, <^S^ '^^ 
exhibitioner 1678-87, B.A. a7 Jan.. i68a-3. M.A. 
1685. rector of Little Wigborough. Essex, 1690, 
and of Waldron, Sussex. 1707. See St, Pauls 
5. ^. c6 ; & Foster's Index Eccl, [SS] 

Lld^uld, Thomas, s. Nic. of London, pl^ 
>Vadham Coll.. matric 14 Jul^. 1676. aged 15; 
scholar 1676. from St Martin's-m-tbe-Fielos. a A. 
1680. fellow i68a, M.A. 6 Feb.. x68a-3, rector of 
Melbury Osmond. Dorset, 1694-170^ rector of 
Rewe, Devon, 1703. and canon of Exeter 1716, 
until his death 15 March, i7a5-6. buried 18th. See 
Gardiner, 31a ; & Foster^s Index Eccl, 

Lldnall, Wimam (LydnaU). aA. 13 Feb.. 1508-9. 
See BiDNELL. page laa. 

Lidston, John, s. John, of Ilsington, Devon. pUb. 
Trinity Coll., matric la Dec, 1634, aged 90, 
a A. 14 Nov., 1636; M.A from ST. Alban Hall 
a8 June, 1630 ; chaplain in the parliament army, 
vicar of St Mellion, Cornwall, 1649, until ejected 
for nonconformity 1660, bom at Combe, near Dart- 
mouth, 18 July, 1613 ; died 3 Sept, Z67Z. 
Calamy, L 355 ; ft Foster's Imdex BeeL 

[ 913 ] 

Martin Liff. 


JOHN Lilly. 

lidyate. See Ltdiate. 

UJL Mania (? Lister or Lufie), B.A. March, i579-8a 
See O.H.S. xil 89. 

Ligham, Peter, chaplain, B.C.L; B.Can.L. 4 July, 
15x3, D.Can.L. ai June, 15x6, an advocate 15x6, 
Ticar of Minster in the isle oi Thanet, resigned 
1539, canon of St. Paul's 1533. See Coote's 
Civilians, 14 ; Fasti, i. 60 note ; & Foster's Index 

Light. See also Lyte. 

Light, Edward (Ldghte), s. Nicholas, of Worcester 
(dtjr). pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric xz May, 
163^, aged 18, B. A. 30 April, 1635. [5] 

Light. Stephen, s. St , of South Petberton, Somerset, 
pleb. WADUAM Coll., matric zo March, 1675-6, 
aged 17. 

Light, William (Leight), is. Richard, of Horley, 
Oxon, arm. Queen's Coll., matric. zz Oct., 
i6a2, aged 15, Bw A 27 Jan., 1624-5. 

Lightbodj, James, of Scotland, " Typotheta.** 
Privilegiatns 96 Oct, 1701, aged 34. 

Lightboume, James, s. James, of Manchester, ca 
Lancaster, gent St. Edmund Hall, matric 3 
May, 1662, aged 15 ; t>ar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 1668, 
bencher 169^ ; licenced 5 Sept, 1679, ^^ many 
Elizabeth Hough, of St. James. Clerkenwell, 
»inster. See Foster's Judges and Barristers & 
London Marriage Licences, ed. Foster. 

UghtfOOte, Antonv, s. Antony, of Glooston. cow 
Leicester, pleb. LINCOLN COLL., matric 13 Dec, 
1633, aged 90 ; created M.A 16 Jan., 1643-3, 
servant to Prince Charies ; student of Gray's Inn 
z6a8. See Fasti, ii. 33; & Foster's Grays Inn 
Reg. [10] 

UghtfootO, Augustine, s. Antony, of Glooston, co. 
Leicester, pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric zi May, 
x64a, aged 17 ; perhaps vicar of Thundridge, 
Herts, Z662, as Anastasius. 

Lightfoote, John, of London (city), der. fiL Lin- 
coln Coll., mMric 5 May, 16x5. aged vj \ 
possibly a studentT^f Gray's Inn Z617, as son and 
heir df Richard, of Stoke Brueme, Northants, der. ; 
brother of the next-named. See Foster's Grays 
Inn Reg, 

Lightfoot, Richard, s. Richard, of Stoke Brewerne, 
Northants, sacerd. Lincoln Coll., matric 97 

fexL, z635-6, ased X7 ; B. A 26 July, X628, rector of 
eimarding, Kent, 1632, of Whinbergh, Norfolk, 
Z647, and of Chadwell. Essex, 1663; his father 
rector of Stoke z6oi ; buried there 28 Nov., X625. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Lightfoote, Thomas, scholar of Corpus Chkisti 
Coll. in and before 1564. 

Lightfoote, WilUam. subscribed z July, X614 ; B.A 
from Trinity Coll. 26 June, z6i6, vicar of 
Legsby, co. Lincoln, Z619. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesicuticus. [15] 

Lightfoote, William, s. Tho. , of Manton, Rutland, 
pleb. Wadham Coll., matric 31 March, Z671, 
aged 18 : B. A from New Inn Hall 1674, rector 
^ Rothwell, Northants, z68z. See Foster's 
Index Feci, 

Ligoe, George, s. Geor., of Ledboume, Bucks, gent 
Trinitt Coll., matric. 7 June, 1671, aged z6; 
student of Lincoln's Inn 1673 (his father as of 
Bnrcot, Bucks, gen., deceased). See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg. 

LUDome, Waiiam ; M.A 28 June. zso6 ; fellow of 
Lincoln Coll.; admon. at Oxford 4 Dec, 

Lilford, John, benedictine, regular chaplain ; B. Can. L. 

Z9june, Z532. 
LUgrave, Dudley, of Bucks, gent TRINITY Coll., 

matric Z9 Sept, z6oo, aged 27. [20] 

Liliat, Thomas, of Christ Church Z547; B.A. 
sup. Z551, M.A. 12 July, z^55. B.D. sup. March, 
Z560-1, rector of Houghton with Wytton. Northants, 
Z562, and of Westley, Suffolk, 1572. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

LillingSton, George, s. John, of Kin^y. Bucks, 
sacerd. ORIEL Coll., matric Z4 Apni, 1641, aged 
z6 ; father of the next. 

Lillingston, John, s. Geo., of Kingsey, Bucks, pleb. 
Jesus Coll., matric 22 Nov., 1672, aged z6; 
B.A Z676, vicar of Ilmer, Bucks, Z677. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Lillingston, William, s. Thomas, of Aston. Sand- 
ford, minister. Merton Colu, matric z6 Dec, 
1670, aged Z7. 

Lillington, George, s. George, of Barbados, gent 
Pembroke Coll., matric. 21 Nov., 1701, aged 16; 
student of Inner Temple Z702. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. [25] 

Lillington, John (Lyllington) ; B.A zz June, Z509. 

Lillington, John (Lyllyngton); a A 5 Feb., Z534-5; 
fellow Exeter Coll. 1535-40. M.A 7 July, Z539 ; 
died 20 April, Z54a See Boose, 34. 

Lillington. John; B.A from Jesus Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 16x2-13, M.A 1616; incorporated 9 July, 
z6i6 (as Lillingston). See Foster's Graduati Cantab, 

Lillington, Joseph, s. Robert, of Dorchester, pp. 

Wadham Coll., matric 30 March, Z669, aged 

Lillinflrton, Thomas; B.A 9 Nov., Z525, as 

Leoyngton, M.A sup. June, Z533. [SO] 

Lillye, Bamabye, "servus Dr. Lillic** Baluol 
Coll., matric 29 Oct, Z585. 

LiUie, Edmund, fellow of Magdalen Coll. Z563, 
from ca Lincoln ; B.A. 24 July, Z564. M.A. zo 
July. Z570, proctor Z573, B.D. Z7 July. Z578, 
D.D. Z5 July, Z580, vice- chancellor Z585 and 
zm, master of Balliol Coll. 1580-Z610, vicar 
of Mucking, Essex, ZC76. rector of Kingston 
Deverell, Wilts. 1576. of Fillingham. co. Lincoln, 
z^Si, vicar of Highworth. Wilts. Z589, archdeacon 
of Wilts z^90-i6o9, rector of Famborough, Berks, 
Z590, until his death 7 Feb., Z609-10; buried 12th 
in St Mary's church, Oxford. See Lansdowne 
MS. 983, f. Z35 ; & Foster's Index Feci. 

Lilly, Edward, s. Steph., of Hethersett, Norfolk, gent 
St. John's Coll.. matric 7 July, Z684. aged z8 ; 
B.A 1688. fellow. M.A 19 March. Z69Z-2, proctor 
Z698, B.D. Z699; admitted to Merchant Taylors* 
school Z674 ; bom Z4 Oct, Z662, admon. at 0«ord 
Z4 Aug.. Z703. See Robinson, L 283. 

Lillie, Emanuel, of co. Gloucester, pleb. ExETBS 
Coll., matric zz Oct, Z583. aged Z4. 

Lilly, Florence. B.A z Feb., Z553-4. [»<] 

Lillye, George, s. William, ("the famous £ram- 
marian")of Magdalen Coll., canon of St Paul's 
Z556, and of Canterbiuy. See Atk. i. 302 ; & 
Lansdotvne MS. 980, f. 297. 

Lillie, John (Lyllie), of Kent. pleb. Magdalen 
Coll., matric entry under date Z57Z, aged Z7; 
B.A 27 April, Z573, M.A z June, Z57C, incorporated 
at Cambridge Z579, dramatist, M.P. Hindon Z588-9, 
Avlesbury Z593. Appleby 1597-8, and for Aylesbunr 
zooz. See Atk. i. 676 ; Coofer, ii 325 ; & Foster s 
Parliamentary Dictionary, 

Lilly, John, B. A from Baluol Coll. 20 April, z6o8. 

Lilly, John, bom at Croydon, co. Cambridge, s. John, 
of Cambridge, musician, admitted sizar of GON- 
viLLE AND CAius Coll. , Cambridge, 20 June, Z663, 
aged z6 ; B. A Z667-8 (incorporated Z3 July, Z669), 
M.A. Z67Z, vicar of Ringmere, Sussex, z68z. rector 
of Lamarsh. Sussex, z69a See Venn, 258; ft 
Foster's Index Feel, 

[ 914 ] 

Nicholas Lillev. 


Martin Lindsay. 

Lilley, Nicholas (Lylley), of ca Worcester, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric. zi Oct., 1583, aged 14. 

liiUy, Nicholas (Lyllc^), of Dorset, der. fiL St. 
Alban Hall, matric. 26 Jan., 1615-6, aged 17. 

Lilly, Richard (Lylly), B.A 22 Nov., 1530, M.A 10 
June, 153c, B. U. sup. ^ May, 1537, rector of Salt- 
fleetby All Saints, co. Dncoln, 1547, and of West- 
well, Oxon. 1554. See Foster's /nJex Eccl. 

XiiUie, Richard, of co. Worcester, pleb. All Souls' 
Coll., matria a Nov., 1631, aged 17. 

Lilly, Robert (Lyllye), demy Magdalen Coll. 1549, 
B.A 1547, fellow 1547-9. and 1553-4, M.A. sup. 
1551-2, usher of the college school 1550-3. rector of 
Babworth, Notts, 1559. See Bloxam, iv. 93; & 
Foster's Index Eccl. [S] 

Lilly, Robert, s. Robert, of Camden, co. Gloucester, 
sacerd. New Inn Hall, roatric. 7 July, 1637, 
aged 15 ; B.A. 9 Nov., 1641. 

[Lilly, William, demy Magdalen Coll. i486, aged 
10; born at Odiliam, Hants, the famous gram- 
marism, and fim master of St. Paul's school 1519-33 ; 
perhaps vicar of Holcote. Northants, 1493-5. father 
of George 1556. See Aih. i. 33 ; St. Pauts S. R, 
17 ; & Lansaawne MS. 979, f. 33.] 

Lilsleyj, William, created M.A. 30 Aug., 2605. See 
also WiLUAM Lisle. 

Limbear, Christopher (Ljrmbear), pleb. Glou- 
cester Hall, matric 34 June, 1653. 

Limbear, Thomas, s. Christopher, of Berry Narber, 
Devon, gent Exeter Coll., matric. 37 May, 
1695, aged 18 ; student of Middle Temple 1696. 
See Foster's inns 0/ Court Reg, [10] 

Limberie* John (Lymberie), of Somerset, gent. St. 
Mary Hall, matric. 36 July, 1605, aged so ; B. A. 
17 Feb.. 1608^9. 

Limbrey. John, s. Henr.,of Hodington, Hants, gent 
New Inn Hall, matric. 38 Feb., 1688-9, aged 17; 
student of Gray's Inn 1690 (his father of Lx>ndon, 
merchant); licenced 15 July. 1696, to marry Martha, 
daughter of Sir John Huband, bart See Foster's 
Grays inn Reg. & London Marriage Licences, ed. 

Llmbe(r)ye, Robert; a A. 9 Feb., 1558-9. 

Limberioke, James ; commoner Trinity Coll. Sa 
and before 1564. 

Limberloke, Thomas ; commoner Trinity Coll. 
in and before 1564. [15] 

Liming, Richard, of Wilts, gent Queen's Coll., 
matric. 19 March, 1601-3, aged 17. 

Limlter, Charles, of London, arm. fiL nat max. 
Christ Church, matric. 31 May. 16x6, aged 17, 
B.A 19 Dea, 1618; incorporated at Cambridge 
1618, M.A. 14 June. 1631, receiver-general and 
solicitor for the dean and chapter of Westminster 
163 1 (with his father George, see below), rector of 
Stone, Kent 1^5. See At. West. 83 ; & Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Lixniter, Christopher; of St. Alban Hall in or 
before 1573. 

Limiter, George, of Kent, pleb. Christ Church, 
matric. 30 Nov., 1580. aged x8 ; B. A 5 Feb.. 1583- 
4. M.A 6 July, 1587. of Westminster (s. Thomas, 
of Kent, etc.), held a post in the office of *' First 
Fruits." receiver-general and solicitor for the dean 
and chapter of Westminster 1607, and in 1631. to him 
and his aonChariet; buried in Westminster Abbey 14 
Jan., 1635-6. See Chester's West. Abbey Reg. 134. 

Limiter. Peter (or Lymitcr) ; priest. RA Ffeb., 1541- 
3, M.A. 36 March. 1544. of Christ Church 1547, 
rector of Gravesend 1549. and vicar of Eastry, Kent. 
1561. See Foster's Index Eccl [aoj 

Limlter, Stephen ; of St. Alban Hall, m and 
before 1573. fellow of All Souls' Coll. 1573, 
B.A 17 June, 1573, M.A 17 May, 1577, sup. for 
licence to preach 7 May, 1583; incorporated at 
Cambridge 1583. 

Linaore, George, s. Geo., of Castle Froome, oa 
Hereford, pp. Baluol Coll., matric. so March, 
1673-3. aged 19, RA 1676; perhaps rector of 
Bampton Brian, ca Hereford, i68f, his father 
rector of Castle Froome 1668. See Fostei^s Index 

[Linaore, Thomas ; fellow of All Soin.s' CoLi* 1484. 
canon of York 15x8. founder of the Linacre lectures; 
died so Oct , 1534, buried in St. P^l's. See Ath, L 
43 ; Cooper, L 30 ; Lansdoume MS. 979, £ 38, 89 ; 
i Muni's Roll, I 13.] 

Lincoln, William, Benedictine; B.D. 3 Dec.. 1537; 
one of these names rector of West Raynham Sc 
Margaret. Norfolk, 1567, but rather too late for 
this man. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lincoln, William; B.A from Benbt (or Corpus 
Christi) Coll., Cambridge, 1601-3. M.A 1605; 
D.D. from Pembroke Coll. 163^; incorporated 
13 July, 1634, rector of Treswell, Notts (east 
portion), 1605, of West Halton. co. Lincoln, 16XS-40, 
and of Scotton, also oa Lincoln, 16x3-37, and perhaps 
canon i63i-4a See Foster's Index Eccl. [AS] 

Lincoln, William (Lyncolne); B.A. from Mag- 
dalen CoLL^. Cambridge. 1637-8 (incorporated 15 
July, 1638). M.A 1631, B.D. 1638. rector of Pantoo, 
ca Lincoln. 1633, until sequestered in 1647, and 
perhaps rector of West Halton, co. Lincoln, 1667-80 
(then D.D.). See Foster's Index Eccl & Add, 
MS. 15,671, p. 339. 

Lindall, William ; B.A from Trinitt Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1631-3, M.A. 1635 (incorporated xo July, 
16372, D.D. 1637. vicar of Blythe, Notts, 1633. 
See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Linde, (Sir) Humphrey, of London, plebw fil. CftRtST 
Church, matric. — Jan., X596-7. aged 17; RA 
7 July, 1600 (as Lynde) ; a student of the Middle 
Temple x6ox (as son and heir of Cuthbert, of 
Westminster, Middlesex, gent); knighted 24 Oct. 
16x3; M.P. Brecknock Feb. -June, x636, asealous 
puritan and an eminently learned man ; died 8 
(or X4) June, 1631^ buried X4th in the chancd of 
Cobhara church. See Atk. it 6ox ; Al. West, 
66 ; & Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Lindley, Arthur, of Yorks, gent. Broadgatbs 
Hall, matria 8 Nov., XC94. aged x8 ; bar.-at-law. 
Gray's Inn, 1607, as son of John, of Luithley, Yorks. 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Lindley, Francis, s. Fr., of Manchester, ca Lancaster, 
arm. Brasenose Coll., matric. 9 May, 1684. 
aged x6; bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 1693. See 
Foster^s Judges and Basrristers. [SO] 

Lindley, WnUam, of Yorks, pleb. Mbrton Coll., 
matnc. a March, 1586-7, aged 19; a A 15 Dec., 
X591, M.A. 7 June, X594. 

Lindsell. Augustin; fellow Clare Hall, Cambridge, 
from Bumstead, Essex, RA. 1595-6, M.A. X599 
(incorporated 8 July, 16x4). D.D. 1631, rector of 
Wickiord, Essex, x6io. and of Molesworth. Hunts, 
x6xo, canon of Lincohi 1613, rector of Haughtoo. 
CO. EHirham, X633. and of Castor, Northants, 1633 ; 
prebendary of Durham 16x9, dean of Lichfield x6a8. 
bishop of Peterborough X633. and of Hereford 1634, 
until his death 6 Nov. , X634 ; buried in his cathedraL 
See Foster's Index EccL & FasH, L 36a 

Lindsey, John (Lynsey) ; RD. 3 April. X517. 

Lindsay, John ; R A from LiNCOt^ CoLi« 99 Jan., 
1638-9. vicar of Blandford Fonim, Dorset, 16^80^ 
and rector of Blandford St. Mary 1673-4 ; father of 
Thomas Lyndesay, see post See Foster's Index 

Lindsay, Martin (Lyndesay); RA. 18 Jan., 1508-9, 
as Marmaduke Bona abas Lindsay; M.A. from 
Lincoln Coll. x6 May, 151 1, D.D. 17 July. 1535, 
▼ice chancellor of the university x537 ; died a March, 
1554. See FasH. i 71 ; & Gutch, il 5a [35] 

[ 91S ] 

Nicholas Lindsey. 

1500— 1714. 

George Lisle. 

Lindsey, Nicholas (Lynsey); Benedictine, D.D. sup. 
5 Not., 1516. 

Lindfley, Richard (Ljmdsey), horn in Middlesex, is. 
Edward, of Boxted, Sussex, arm. Lincoln Coll., 
matria x6 March, 1626^7, aged x8; har.-at-law. 
Inner Temple, 1634. See Foster^s Judgti and Bar- 

Lindaey. Samuel, s. Sam., of Spennithome, Tories, 
der. UNiVERsmr Coll., matric aSSept, 1694, 
aged 17 ; B.A. 1698, M.A. 1703, rector of Clutton, 
Somerset, 1717, rector of Headhonme Worthy, 
Hants, 1734, rector of Shottesbrooke, Series, 1728, 
and of Peauhurst, Kent, 1738 ; his £ather Ticar of 
Ainderbv 1667, and rector of Spennithome, Yorks, 
167a. See Foster's Index Ecel, 

Lindsay, Thoooas, of Wadham Coll. 1672. See 

Ling, Abraham Van, *'Artis Peritus," privilegiatus 
4 July, 1634. aged 39. [S] 

Lingard, Richard; fellow TRiNirr Coll., Dublin, 
x66o. D.D. (ad. eundem Cantab.), 1664; granted 
that he might be admitted D.D. Oxford 15 July, 
x66p, " but whether he was so appears not " ; dean 
of Lismore 1666-70, regius professor of divinity, 
DuUin ; died 1670 ; buried in the college chapel of 
DabUn. See Cotton's Fasti Ece. Hib, i. 169; 
FasH^ 11 317 ; Add. MS. 15.669. pp. 123-7-8. 

Lingen, Edward, arm. Baluol Coll., matric. 
3 June, 1652 ; possibly eldest brother of William. 

Lingen, John, arm. Gloucester Hall, matric. 
17 Feb., 1586^, aged 27 ; " Iste dioebat se futurum 
ex aula Glocestrensi " ; possibly son of Richard, of 
Stoke Edith, co. Hereford. ^ 

Lingen, Richard (Lygen) ; B.A. sup. 3 July, 1508. 

Lingen, Richard (or Lingham) ; fellow New Coll. 
XS3S-55. from Stoke Edith, co. Hereford. B.A. 16 
May, 1542, M.A. zi July, 2546. canon of Worcester, 

Lingen, Roger, s. Rog., of Radbrook, parish Quin- 
ton, ca Gloucester, gent St. Mary Hall, 
matric. 28 June, 1667, aged 15 ; of Radbrook, ca 

Lingen, Thomas, s. Rog., of Quinton, co. Gloucester, 
gent Pembroke Coll., matric. 18 March, 1685-6, 
aged 18; B.A. 1689, BIA. 169a, prebendary of 
IJandnff 1709. vicar of St Melans and Llanedem, 
ca Monmouth. 1716, canon of Hereford 1721. 
See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lingen. William, IS. Henry, of Sutton, co. Hereford, 
equitis. Christ Church, matric. 26 Tulv, 167a, 
aged 90; died s.p. 1676; his father knighted 6 
July, 1645. <^<^ buried 22 Jan., 1661-2. 

Lingham, Leonard (Lyngam), of Rrasenose Coll., 
oiaplain, B.A. 21 July, 1541, M.A. x8 Oct, 1544, 
proctor x^. rector of Marsh Baldon, Oxon, 1549. 
canon of Worcester 1557. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Link, Robert (Lynk) ; B.A. from St. Alban Hall 
10 July, 1578, M.A. 16 June, 1582. O.H.S. xii. 76. 

Linke, Robert (Lynke); B.A. from St. John's 
Coll. xi Feb., 1601-2, M.A. 6 July, 1605; will of 
this or the preceding man at Oxford, proved 7 
March, 16x8, as of St Mary Magdalen parish. [16] 

Lincke. William, of Oxon, pleb. St. John's Coll., 
matric 14 June, 1594. aged 16; B.A. z Feb., 
1599-1600, M. A. 6 Jiily, 1605, then in orders. 

Linney, Reynold, of Cheshire, pleb. Brasenosb 
Coll., matric. 16 June, 1610, aged 19. 

Linton, Samuel (Ljmton), s. Nathaniel, of Worcester 
d^, pleb., pp. Pembroke Coll., matric. 7 June, 
1667, sged 17; B.A. 167Z, rector of Shefford, 
Berks, 1683, vicar of Thundridge, Herts, 1694; 
&uher of Samuel 1713. See Foster's Index EccL 

Linton, Samuel, s. Sam., of Shefiford, Berks, cler. 

Pembroke Coll., matric. a July, 17x3, aged vj, 
Linton, William, s. Tha, of Worcester (dty), pleb. 

Magdalen Halt., matric. x8 Feb., 17x3-4, aged 

z8. [ai] 

Linwood, John, 8. Matth., of Cogenhoe, Northants, 

pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric. a6 March, 1675, 

aged 17 ; B.A. 1678. 

Lion, Exekiel 1704. See Lyon. 

Lion, Stephen, s. J., of "Rouen, France," pleh. 
Oriel Coll., matric. 14 June, X693, aged 18 ; B.A. 
from All SoiTLS* Coll. z^ Feb., X695-6, M.A. az 
F^, Z703-4; vicar of Tudleley Z700, smd rector of 
Mereworth, Kent, Z702. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lippia, Otto, Count of; created D.C.L. Z4 June, 
Z683, called ** Upstat " by Bliu, See PasH, il 39Z. 

Lippia, Rudolphus, Count of: created D.CL. X4 
|une, Z683, called *< Lipstat " by Bliss, See Fasti, 

ii 39Z. [ae] 

Lippenoott. See also LtTPPiNCorr. 

Lippenoott, Arthur, of Devon, arm. Exeter Coll. , 
matric. 8 Nov., Z594, aged Z9. 

Lippinoott, George, s. Tha, of Culmstock. Devon, 

pleb. Wadham Coll. , matric. a April, Z669, aged 

z8 ; B.A. x67a, M.A. z67S. 
Lippenoott, John, of Cornwall, pleb. Exeter 

Coll., matnc. a tuly, X585, aged aa [SO] 

Lippiatt, William (Lipyeatt), of Wilts, pleb. Exeter 

Coll., matric. z6 April, z6x9, aged Z9; B.A. xo 

May, z69o ; M.A. from St. Edmund Hall x8 June, 

1623 (as Lippiate), vicar of Erith, Kent, 1625. See 

Fost^s Index Eccl. 
Lipps, John, s. Edward, of Faversham, Kent, pleb. 

Merton Coll., matric. 7 April, z68a. aged z8; 

RA. X685, M.A. z688 ; vicar of Elham, Kent, x69Z. 

See Foster's Index EccL 

Lipstat. See Lippia. 

Liptrott, Edmund, pld)u Br asenose Coll. , matric. 
Z7 March, Z7Z3-4. 

Liptrott, MHlUsun, s. James, of Nuneaton, ca War- 
wick, pleb. Br ASENOSE Coll., matric. xx Nov., 
X707, aged Z7 ; B.A. Z7xz (as John), vicar of Wol- 
vey, 00. Warwick, Z7Z9. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lisle, Ambrose, s. Edward, of London, arm. Hart 
Hall, matric. 17 July, Z7X4, aged Z5 ; demy Mag- 
dalen Coll. 17x4-33, B.A. X718, M.A. 34 Jan., 
i7ao-x, fellow x7a3-8 ; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 
1735 (bis father of Crux Easton, esq.); died ac 
March, X737-8. See Foster's Judgu ana Barristers 
& Bloxam, vL 188. [S6] 

Lisle, Charles Croke, s. Joh., of Dipton, Hants, arm. 
Hart Hall, matric. 6 Nov., x7oa, aged 18 ; of 
Dibden, and of Moyles Court, Hants ; grandson of 
John x6a6 ; died Sn March X7ax. 

Lisle, Edward, xs. William, of Combury, Oxon, 
equitis. St. Edmund Hall, matric. 6 April, x683, 
aeed 16 ; of Crux Easton, and of Moyles Court, 
Hants, bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, X693 (his father 
of Holt, WilU, ktj, licenced (y.G.ja7 Nov., 1688, 
to marry Mary Pnillips, of St. Dunstan's-in-the- 
West, spinster; died x June (x77a?) ; father of 
Ambrose, and of Edward next-named. See Foster's 
ludges and Barristers, 

Lisle, Edward, s. Edw., of London, arm. Magdalen 
Coll., matric. 34 March, Z710-1Z, aged x8, of 
Moyles Court, Hants ; student of Middle Temple 
Z7Z0 (his father of Crux Easton, Hants, esq.). M.P. 
Marlborough Z737-X1, and Hants 1734-41 : died 15 
Jime, X753 ! brother of Ambrose. See Foster^s 
Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Lisle, George, s. William, of Breamore, Hants, pleb. 
Balliol Coll., matric. 3X Jan., x62k-4, aged x8; 
B. A. x8 June, 1636, B'L A. ax May, x^ ; possiUy 
rector of*^ Rivenhall, Essex, imtil ejected for non- 
conformity 1663. See Calamy, il 3x3. [40] 

[ 916 ] 


George Lisle. 


Laurence Lister. 

Lisle, C6L Gcom, of FaningdoDf Beiks, created 
D.C.L. x6 Apru, 1645 ! ^ royalist oolond, knighted 
21 Dec. Z645, executed (shot) 38 Aug., 1648. See 
Fasti, iL 88 ; SurUis Society, voL 54, zoz ; ft 
Memoirs ofPrinct Ruptrt, iU. 403-7. 

Iiisler John, s. WiUiam, of Wootton, Isk of Wight, 
muitis. Magdalen Hall, matric. 35 Jan., 1635-6, 
^ed 16 ; B.A 14 Feb., 1635-6, bar.-at-law, Middle 
Temple, 1633, bencher 1049, M.P. Winchester 
April-May, 1640, 1640-53 (L.P.), Southampton 
X054-5, 1656-8, and recorder, master of the hospital 
of St Crc^, near Windiester, one of the commis- 
sioners of the great seal 1649-59, one of the com- 
missioners on trial of the king but did not act, 
{)resident of the High Court 1653, one of Cromwell's 
ords 1657, excepted out of act of oblivion 1660, 
shot dead at Lausanne by an Irishman zz Aug., 
Z664 ; brother of Samuel Z64X. See Ath, iii 665 ; 
Fost^s Jud^ and Barristers \ & Foster's Par- 
Hamtntary Dictionary, 

L'Isle, John, gent Corpus Christi Coll., matric 
9 Dec, Z650, scholar by Parliamentary visitors Z648, 
B.A z6 March. z65i-3 ; M.A from Pembroke 
Coll., Cambridge, z66z. See Burrows, 497; & 
Foster^s Index Reel 

L'Isle, Jos. (Josua in M. R. ), ' * ser. " Exbtbr Coll. , 
mamc zz Dec, Z658, B.A. fixmi Gloucester 
Hall z66z (as Joshua), vicar of Little Clacton 
Z665-Z7Z3 (as M.A.) and of Thorpe-in-le-Soken, 
Essex, z666-z7oa See Foster's Index Reel, 

L'Isle, Philip, viscount, Z634. See Philip Sydney. 

L'Isle, Philip, s. William, of EmW, Northants, arm. 
St. John s Coll. , matric z6 March, Z690-Z, aged 
Z7 ; brother of William z683. [61 

L'Isle, Samuel, 3S. William, of Wootton, Hants, equ. 
Trinity Coll., matric. z6 April, Z64Z, aged Z7; 
brother of John Z636. 

L'Isle, Samuel, s. Ric, of Blandford, Dorset, gent. 
Wadham Coll., matric a March, Z699-Z700, 
aged Z7 ; scholar Z70Z, B.A. Z703, MA. Z706, 
Goodridge exhibitioner Z707, fellow Z707, B. and 
D.D. by diploma zo April, Z7^9, ij^arden of his 
college Z739-44, D.D. Lambeth z6 Jan., Z73Z, 
chaplain of the Levant company at Smyrna z7zo-z6, 
and at Aleppo 17Z6, rector of Leven, Yorks, Z718, of 
Holwell, Beds, Z730, and of Tooting Graveney, 
Surrey, Z73i-8, rector of St Mary-le-Bow, etc, 
Z73Z, chaplain to Dr. Wake, archbi^op of Canter- 
bury, Z73Z, archdeacon of Canterbury Z734-48, 
canon Z738, rector of Fetcham 1736, vicar of Great 
Bookham, Surrey, Z738, vicar of Northolt, Middle* 
sex, Z739-49. bishop of St Asaph 1744, and sinecure 
rector of Corwen, co. Merioneth, Z745-8, and bishop 
of Nonrich Z748, until his death ^ Oct, Z749. See 
Foster's Index EccU \ Rawl, li. 87, xviii. 45 ; 
& Gardiner, 404. 

L'Isle, Thomas, " ser." New Coll., matric 33 
June, Z656, B.A z March, Z658-9. 

L'Isle, W(illiam). fellow King's Coll., Cambridge. 
Z584, from Eton, B.A Z588^, M.A. Z593, sup. for 
incorporation July, Z593; ofwilbraham, Cambridge, 
a rare antiquary, an esquire extraordinarv of Uie 
king's body ; died Sept, Z637 ; buried at Walmer, 
Kent See Fasti, i. 365; & Foster's Graduati 
Cantab, [10] 

L'Isle, William, gent Magdalen Coll., matric 
sz July, Z65Z ; possiblv a bar.-at-law. Middle 
Temple, Z659 (as son and heir of Tobias, of Holbom, 
Middlesex), a master in chancery June-Nov., z66? ; 
licenced 9 Nov. , z66z, to marry Elizabeth Aylworth, 
of St. Andrew, Holbom, London, spinster; M.P. 
Brackley Z659, z66o, Z678-9, and z68z ; buried at 
Evenley Z9 July, Z7Z6; fother of Philip and 
William. See Foster's Judges and Barristers & 
London Marriage Licences^ c^ Foster. 

L'Isle, William, s. William, of Evenlej, Nofthants, 
gent Magdalen Coll., matric zc July. 1683, 
aged z6 ; student of Middle Temple z68a ; brother 
cc Philip Z69Z . See Foster's Inns of Court R^. 

liister, Alexander, s. Mart, of York (dty), dodoris. 
Balliol Coll., matric 9 March, Z695-6, acod z6. 
See Foster's Yorkshire Collection, 

Lister, Bishopp (LysterJ, 'ser.' Baluol Coli., 
matric zo March, Z656-7, rector of Dunstable z66a. 
and vicar of Tottemhoc Beds, Z665. rector of Kens- 
worth. Heru, z666. See Foster's Index BccL 

Lister, Charles (Lyster), s. Nic, of Leeds, Yorks, 
' " ^--' '- ' ' z68i. 

S July, 

gent University Coll., matric z^ July, z68i, 
aged z6; &A from St. Alban I^all 

Z683. [15] 

Lister, Christopher ; B. A 7 June, Z567. 

Lister, Francis; B.A from Christ's Coll.. Cam- 
bridge, Z649-50; incorporated 3 May, 1654. fellow 
New Coll. by the parliamentary visitors 2649, 
M.A 30 May, Z654, vicar of Gisbume, Yorks. Z652. 
See Burrows, 533 ; & Foster's Index Bed, 

Lister, Henry, s. Thomas, of Bradford, Yorks, gent 
University Coll., matric 37 March, Z673, aged 
z6 ; baptised at Bradford aa Mardi, z653^ 

Lister, Henry, s. Tha, of Westby, Yorks, arm. 
University Coll., matric Z4 July, Z7zz, aged 17; 
B. A Z7Z5, M. A Z7z8, rector of RadcUife, co. Lan- 
caster, 1730, until his death z8 June, Z734 ; buried 
3zst See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lister, James, s. Rich., of London, pleb. Uni- 
versity Coll., matric zz Feb., Z675-6, aged z6 ; 

aA Z679. [ao] 

Lister, John (L]rtster or Lystre); secular chaplain. 

B.A. sup. Dec, Z539, M.A sup. Michaelmas 1544. 

rector of Pirton, co. Worcester, Z545. See Foster's 

Index Eccl, 
Lister, John (sometime of Cambridge); B. A Z9 June, 

Z564 ; for one of these names see Ath, i 454. 

Lister, John ; RA Z7 Jan., zs7Z-a. 

Lister, (Sir) John (Lyster), of Yorks, gen. fiL Uni- 
versity CoLU, matric Z3 July, Z604. aged Z5 ; 
student of Middle Temple 1606 (as son and heir of 
John, of Kingston-upon-tiull, Yorks, gent ), knighted 
33 May, Z638, twice mayor of Kingston-upoo-Hull 
and M.P. z63z-3. Z634-5, 163^, z636, 1628-9, April 
^May. Z640, and Z640 (L.P.). until his death 93 
Dec, z64a See Foster's Parliamentsry Dic- 

Lister, John, s. John, of Ovenden, Yorks, gent 
Lincoln Coll., matric 34 May, Z639, aged z6. 

Lister, John, s. Richard, of Clitheroe, co. Lancaster, 
pleb. jfsubs. ' pauperis '). Brasenose Colu , matric 
Z3 July, z66z, aged Z9. [a6] 

Lister, John, of Bawtry, Yorks, subs. ' generosus.* 
Merton Coll., matric q July, 1674, aged 17; 
student of Inner Temple Z675 (as son df Thomas) ; 
brother of Thomas z68o. See Foster's Inns 0/ Court 
Reg, & Index EccL 

Lister, Joseph ; B.A from Trinity Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1593-4. M.A z^97 (incorporated zo July, 
Z599). licentiate of medicine Z599, D.Med. Z603. 
Siee Foster's Graduati Cantab, 

Lister, Joseph; B.A from Sidney Sussex Coll.. 
Cambridge, Z614-Z5. M.A z6i8 ; incorporated 14 
Nov. , z636, vicar of North Mundham, Sussex, Z625. 
See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lister, Laurence, BA (? from Brasenose Coll.) 
zo Oct., Z564, sometime of Cambridge, perhaps or 
Midhope, Yorks, elected M.P. Applet^ ri^ 
(by double return), void zz Feb., Z588-9. ^ee 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, I'^J 

[ 917 ] 

Martine Lister. 


Thomas Littleford. 

LiStar, (Sir) Martine (Lyster), of Yorks. arm. fiL 
Txikmr Coll., matria 15 Oct, 1619. aged 17; 
cf Raddive, Bucks, and of Thorpe Emald, co. 
Leicester (s. Michael), knighted 9 July, 1625, M.P. 
Brackley April-May, 1640, and 1640 (L.F.), till 
sedoded in Dec, 1648 ; died 1670, aged 67 ; tather 
of the next See Foster's Parliameniary Die- 
tionary & Foster's Yorkskirt Collection. 

Lister, Martin, s. Martin, of Raddiff, Bucks, knight ; 
pensioner St. John's Coll., Cambridge, la Tune, 
i^SS aged x6; B.A 1658-9, fiellow 1660, M.A 
i66a ; D.Med. Oxford by dip^ma c March, x683-4, 
pcactioed in York 1670, and London 1683, F.K.S. 
Z670-Z, fellow college of physicians 1687, pjiysician 
|q ordinaiy to the queen 1709, until his death a 
Fdx, Z7ZZ-13. a bendactor to the Bodleian library 
and museum ; fotber of Alexander. See Howl, iu 

r; ; FasHt ii. 39Z ; Mayor, zaa ; 9i. MunMs Roll, 

Liater, (Sir) Mathew, of Yorks, gen. fiL Oriel 
Coll.. matric 23 Feb., Z587-8, aged xy; B.A 
5 Feb., Z590-Z, feUow, M.A a July, Z595; D.Med. 
of Baslb UNiVERsnT, incorporated Z5 May, Z605, 
and at Cambridge 1608 ; of Burwell, co. Lincoln 
(s. William, of Thornton in Craven. Yorks), fellow 
oollege of physicians Z607, physician to Queen 
Anne, consort of James I., physidan in ordinary to 
Charles L, and knighted at Oatlands xi Oct, 
X636 ; died Dec, 1656. aged 93 ; buried at BurweU. 
See FasH, i. 307 ; & Munk's Roll, i Z23. 

Listery Matthew, s. M(atthew), of Scrivelsb^, co. 
Lincohi, arm. Christ Church, roatnc, 3Z 
Oct, Z700, aged zy; buried at BurweU z June, 

Lister, Richard (Lytster or Listetter), B.C.L. 28 
Feb., 1518-9, M.A sup. 3Z Jan.. z5a3-4; one of 
these names vicar of Burham, Kent, Z549. See 
Foster's Index EccL [5] 

ham. Bucks, Z549. See OM,S, l ZZ4 ; & Foster's 

Indix Eul, 
Lister, Robert, B.A sup. June, Z55S ; fellow of 

Magdalen Coll. x5s6, M.A xo Tulv, 1562, 

B.CL.. sup. 23 April, zs68, prindpal of Magdalen 

Hall Z570, until his death ; buried in the church of 

Sc Peter-in-the-East, Oxford. 24 July, z6o2 ; will at 

Oxford proved 4 Dec. . z6o2. 
Lister, Robert (Lyster); B.C.L. from Magdalen 

Coll. 8 May, 1579. 
Lister, Samuel, gent Lincoln Coll., matric. 26 

Oct, Z638, aged 15. 
Lister, SamucL s. Christopher, of Nesfield, Yorks, 

pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric. 9 June, 1^6, aged 

28, aA x68a [10] 

Lister, Thomas ; scholar of New Coll. X569, B. A 

28 Jan., zs7>4, M.A sup. 26 June. 1576, perhaps 

rector of Wonston, Hants, X573. or beneficed in 

Yorkshire. See Foster's Index Eccl. 
Lister, Thomas (Lyster), of co. Lancaster, pleb. 

Bbasknose Coll., matric. entry under date 20 

Dot, 1577. aged 18. 
Lister, Thomas, of Yorks, pleb. Queen's Coll., 

matiic. 30 May, x6x7, aged 17. 

Lister, Thomas, xs. Thomas, of Craven, Yorks, arm. 
Qvekn's Coll.. matric. 9 Nov., i^a, aged 16; 
of Wcstby, Yorks; baptised at Gisbume 5 Nov., 
x6i<; student of Gray's Inn X640; buried at 
Gisbume X9 Nov., X642. See Foster's Grays Inn 

Lister, Thomas, s. Th., of Bawtry, Yorks, gent 
LiKOOLN Coll., matric 26 March, x68o, aged 17 ; 
perhaps student of Inner Temple z68o ; brother of 
John 1674. See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg, [15] 

Lister, Thomas, s. Tha, of Westby, Yorks, ann. 
Balliol Coll., matric. x Feb., X705-6, aged xy; 
student of Middle Temple X708; M.P. Clithero 
April, X713 (1713 void), 1715 until his death ; buried 
at Gisbume, 2a May, 1745. See Foster's Parlia- 
menlaty Dictionary ; Fost^s Inns of Court Reg, ; 

6 RawL xxL 2. 

Lister, William, s. George, of York (qty), gent ALL 
.Souls' Coll., matric. 25 Oct, 1639. ag^ X5. 

Lister, William, s. George, of Halifax, Yorks, pp. 
University Coll., matria 29 April, xdyof aged 
X7; B.A 28 Feb., 1673-4. 

Litoott, Richard; B.A from Magdalen Coll. a6 
June, X637, M.A 20 May, X640. See Lytcott. 

Litherland, Edward; EA from Christ's Coll., 
Cambridge, X658-9, M.A X662; incorporated X5 
June, X669. See Foster's Graduati Cantab, [20] 

Litherland, Henry (Ledarland or Lytherlonde), 
secular chaplain. B.Can.L. to June X516, D.Can.L. 
sup. 2 July, X521 ; one of these names vicar of 
Aukborough, co. Lincoln, X529, until his death in 
X532 ; another of these names — the last treasurer of 
Lincoln cathedral X535. 

Litlierland, John ; B. A from Sidney Sussex Coll. , 
Cambridge, X697-8, M.A 1701 ; incorporated 19 
May. X702, rector of Epperstone, Notts, 1702. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Litherland, Robert (Lederland or Lytherlond); B.A 
4 Dec, X5X3. 

Little, Francis JLyttle). of Berks, gent Christ 
Church, matnc. x4Feb., x6zx-ia, aged z6; B.A 

7 July, x6x5, M.A. X9 May, 1618 ; perhaps vicar of 
Kildwick, Yorks, 1631. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Little, John, of Kent, pleb. Brasenosb Coll., 
matric. 2p Nov., 1593, aged 18; B.A. 4 Feb., 
X596-7, M.A 20 May, x6i2, then in orders, pre- 
bendal rector of Brightling, Sussex, x6i2. Sm 
Foster's Index Eccl. [25] 

Little, John, s. George, of Buckingham (town), pleb. 
Merton Coll., matria 4 June, xyoi, aged x8; 
B.A. xa March, 1705-6; perhaps rector of Fam- 
borough, Hants, 1726. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Little, Richard, s. Francis, of Abingdon, Berks, gent 
Pembroke Coll., matric. x8 Ju^. 1634, aged 20; 
B. A 2 June, 1635, M.A 7 April, X638. 

Little, Thomas (LyttyU) ; B. A sup. xy June, 151a 

Little, Thomas, s. Christopher, of Whitnash, co. 
Warwick, pleb. Oriel Coll., matric. 3 July, X708, 
aged xy, B.A. X7ia, M.A from King's Coll., 
Oimbridge, 1726. 

Littlebury, Philp, of co. Lincoln, gent Magdalen 
Hall, matric. 24 Jan., X605-6, aged X9 ; son of 
Thomas, of Stainsby, co. Lincoln. ['O] 

Littleoot, Richard (Lytecote) ; fellow of New Coll. 
15x7-30, from Mere, Wilts, B.A 8 July, X521, MA. 
4 July, xsa5 ; rector of Orcheston St Mary, Wilts, 
1532. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Littlefayre, Thomas, of Queen's Coll. xsSs. See 

Littlefeild, Thomas, of Southants, pleb. Corpus 
Christi Coll. X9 June, 1610, aged x6. 

Littleford, James, s. J., of Littleford, Salop, paup. 
Pembroke Coll., matric. 3X March, 1691, aged 
x8; B.A X694; rector of Hughley, Salop, X708. 
See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Littleford, Thomas, s. Job., of Baninngall, Salop, 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 18 March, 
X669-70, aged x6, B. A X673 ; M.A from Christ's 
COLU, Cambridge, 1688; rector of Hughley, x686, 
and of Quatt, Salop, 1695. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus, [35] 

Littleford, Thomas, s. Joh., of Banningall, Salop, 
pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric. 7 March, 1703-4, 
aged xy ; B. A. 1707. 

[ 918 ] 

George Littlejohn. 


George Littleton. 

Littledolm, George, s. Charles, of Edinburgh, Scot- 
land, der. Baluol Coll., matric. 97 Oct., 17x0, 
aged 15. 

lilttlcdolm, Hog^, of Devon, pleb. St. Mary 
Hall, matria 6 May, z6o8, aged az ; B.A. 23 
June, 26x3. 

Littlcdohn, Jerem., s. Hugh, of Bratton, Somerset, 
pleb. Exster Coll., matric. x April, 1642, aged 
17 ; intruded rector of Bratton, but deprived b^ the 
act of uniformity i66a ; bom ^ Oct, X634, died a 
March, i68a See Calamy^ iii. 169. 

Littles] Ohn, John, s. John, of Hulcote. Beds, der. 
University Coll., matric. 9 July, 1^00, aged 17, 
B.A. 1693; M.A. from Emanuel coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1714; vicar of Mentmore, Bucks, 1697, 
rector of Hulcote, Beds, 170^, and of Salford, Beds, 
1715. See Foster's Index Eul, 

Littlepage, Wnilam, bookseller, privilegiatus 30 
April. 1669 ; adroon. at Oxford la Dec., X679, as of 
St Pteters-in-the-East, bookbinder. [5] 

Littler. Richard (Lvtler), s. Thomas, of Northwich, 
Cheshire, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. 24 April, 
X635, aged 18. 

Littler, Richard, *<ser.*' Wadham Coll., matric. 
21 July, X65X. 

Littler, Robert, of Brasenose Coll. X65X ; M.A. 
29 May, 1651 (incorporated at Cambridge, 165a), 
B.D. 14 Dec., 1658 ; vicar of Deptford, Kent, 1660, 
and rector of Fulmer, Bucks, X673. See Foster's 
Index Eul, 

Littler, Thomas (Lytler) ; B.A. from Queen's Colu 
7 July, X604. 

Littleton, Adam, of Salop, gen. Christ Church, 
matric. entry under date 1574, aged 21 (" Scholaris 
Magistri Browne ") ; rector of Rushbury, Salop, 1579. 
See also Christopher, George and Humphrey. 
See Foster's Index EecL [10] 

Littleton. Adam ; student of Christ Church 1647, 
expellea l^ the parliamentary visitors 1648 ; B. & 
D.D. 12 July, X670 (6s. Thomas, vicar of Hales 
Owen, Salop); bom 2 Nov., 1627, an eminent 
grammarian, and master of Westminster school 
1658, canon of Westminster 1669, and subdean, 
chaplain to Charles H. 1670, rector of Chelsea, 
Middlesex, 1670, served the donative of St Botolph, 
Aldersgate, 1685, and rector of Overton, Hants, 
1683, until his death 30 June. X694, aged 67. See 
Ath, iv. 403; Fasti, it xo8 ; London Marriage 
Licences, ed. Foster ; AL West, X20 ; Burrows, 488 ; 
& Foster's Index Eccl, 

LittletOXl. Adam, s. Edw., of Tamworth. ca Stafford, 
bart Oriel Coll., matric. 13 March, 1705-6, 
aged x5 ; EA. from All Souls' Coll. 19 March, 
X710-X1, fell in a duel, unmarried. 

Littleton, Charles (Lyttelton), s. C, of Hagley, co. 
Worcester, bart Christ Church, matric 26 
May, x6q9, aged 14 ; died x6 Aug., 17x2, buried at 
Over Arley. 

Littleton, Christopher ; student of Christ Church 
1572; a A. 19 Feb., XS73-4, M.A. 27 June, 1577. 
See 0,U,S, xiL 39. 

Littleton, (Sir) Edward, of co. Stafford, militis fil. 
Baluol Coll., matric x Feb., 1593-4, aged 17; 
student of Inner Temple 1595 (^ ^^^ cmd heir of 
Sir Edward, of Pillaton Hall, ca Stafford, gen.), 
knighted 22 Aug., x62x, M.P. co. Stafford, X624-5 : 
brother of Thomas 1594. and father of Edward 16x7, 
and of Walter x6a6. Sec Foster's Inns of Court 
Register* [IS] 

Lit(t)leton, Edward (s. Edward), of Salop, arm. 
Christ Church, matric 28 Nov., x6o6, aged 17 ; 
B.A. 28 April, 1609, created D.C.L. 31 Jan., 16^3; 
then keeper of the great seal and secretary d the 
council to the long, created Baron Littleton, of 
Mounsloe x8 Feb., 164X, bar.-<u-law, Iimer Temple, 
16x7, treasurer x6a4-8, M.P. Bishop's Castle 16x4, 
Leominster X625, 1626, Carnarvon 1628-9, cduef 
justice North Wales 1621, recorder of London 1631. 
and counsellor to the university, solicit(M--general 
1634-40, knighted 6 June, 1635, seijeant-at-law, 
X640, and chief justice common pleas X640, P.C 
X640, first commissioner of the treasury X643 ; died 
27 Aug., 1645, buried in Christ Church cathedraL 
See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary & AtK iiL 

Littleton, (Sir) Edward, of co. Warwick, equ. fiL 
Brasenose Coll., matric 28 March, 16x7, aged 
x8 ; student of Inner Temple x6i8 (as son and heir 
of Sir Edward, of Pillaton Hall. Stafford, kt.), 
created a baronet 28 June, X627, BCP. co. Stafford, 
April-May, 1640, X640 (L.P.) until disabled 1644; 
brother of Wsilter X626, grandfather of Edmund 
x67a See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Littleton, Edward (Lyttleton), s. Humfrey. of 
Naunton, co. Worcester, arm. Lincoln Coll., 
matric 27 JaiL, 1625-6, aged x8. 

Littleton, Edward, s. Adam, of Stoke St Mil- 
bur^h, Salop, gent St. Mart Hall, matric 2 
Apnl, X64X, aged X5 ; EA. 6 July, X644 ; fdlow of 
All Souls' Coll. 1647, M.A 14 Dec, 1648. 
proctor 1656, incorporated at Cambridge 1657; 
rhetoric reader, educated at Westminster school, 
bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1664, a judge in the 
Barbados X670-83 ; brother of Thomas and WHliam 
1638. See Ath. iv. 574 ; Fasti, il 108 ; & Foster's 
Judges cmd Barristers, 

Littleton, Edward, s. Thomas, of ca Salop, bart 
Christ Church, matric X4 Dec, x66o, aged 15; 
brother of Thomas x66c D^^] 

Littleton. Edward, s. Ed., of Pillaton. co. Stafford, 
bart Queen's Coll., matric. 12 July, 1670, aged 
17 ; M.P. ca Stafford 1685-7 ; died 24 Jan., X704 ; 
father of Theophilus. See Foster's Parliamentary 

Littleton, Edward, s. Edward, of ca Salop, pleb. 
All Souls' Coll., matric lojune, 1681, aged X7; 
B.A. x68<, M.A. from Christ's Coll. , Cambridge, 
1690 ; fellow Eton College 2 July, X7a6 ; rector of 
Merston or Marston 1689, vicar of Amberi^ 170X. 
rector of Bignor (all Sussex) 1701, canon of Chiches- 
ter X706, and vicar of Maple Durlmm, Ozon, 1726, 
until his death x6 Nov., X733. See Foster's Index 

Littleton, Fisher, y.s. Walter, of Uchfidd, equitis. 
Queen's Coll., matric 10 June, 1664. aged x6; 
B.A. from All Souls' Coll. ix Feb.. X668-9, M..\. 
1672, RC.L. 1673, D.CL. X678, advocate 1678, 
admiralty advocate X603-4; died March, 1696-7; 
buried in St. Andrew^, HolborxL See Coote's 
Civilians, xoo. 

Littleton, Fisher, s. Edward, of Tamwortfa. ca 
Stafford, bart Pembroke Coll., matiic 31 
March, 1696. aged 17, of Wadham Coll. 1702 ; 
fellow All Souls* Coll. and RA. 1703, M.A 
X709, bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, X708 ; died in 
X74a See Foster^s Judges and BarrisUrs & 
Heame, iL 293-n4-5. 

Littleton, Francis, of co. Stafford, eq. fiL Baluol 
Coll., matric. entry under date X57S, afed x6, 
of Melsho, Salop (s. Sir Edward) ; brother ^ James 
same date [asj 

Littleton, George (Uttillton), B.A. sup. xx March, 
'56^70 ; possibly bar.-at-law, Iimer 'Temple, X583, 
as of Groveley, co. Worcester (son of RogcrT. 
and M.P. Droitwich 15867. See Foster's Jud^ 
and Barristers, 

[ 9^9 ] 


George Littleton. 

1500— 1714. 

Walter Littleton. 

Lit(t)leton, George, of Salop, gent Magdalen 
Hall, matric. 8 May. 16x8, aged 19; B.A. 98 
Jane. z69o. M.A. 15 June, i6a6 (s. Thomas, of 
Stoke Milburgh, Salop), vicar of Long Staunton, 
Salop. 1631. and rector of Munslow. ^op. 1630 ; 
brotner of Thomas 1609, and father of the next- 
named. See Foster's Index Eccl, 


Littleton y George, s. George, of co. Salop, minister. 
Chkist Church, matric. 14 Dec, 1660, aged 17; 
RA. 1664, M.A. 1667. 

Littleton, Gerard, s. Tho.. of Sandford Orcas, 
Somerset, gent St. Mary Hall, matric. 13 
July. 1668. aged 17 ; student of Lincoln's Inn 1668. 
See Foster's Iniu of Court Reg, 

[Littleton, Gerrase (als. Westcot). a violist and also 
singing man, of St. John's Coll. 1656. See Ath, 
L p. xxvi] 

Lit(t)leton, Gilbert, of co. Worcester, arm. Uni- 
versity Coll., matiic. 8 July, 1586, aged 16 (son 
of Gilbert, of Frankley) ; died unmarried ; perhaps 
bfother of Humphrey and John 1576. [S] 

Littleton, Gilbert, of co. Stafford, eq. aur. fil. 
Balliol Coll.. matric 11 May. 1615, aged 19 ; 
RA. 18 Jan.. 1616-7. M.A. 8 July, 1619, student of 
Gray's Inn 1608. as of Holbeck, co. Stafford (s. 
George), rector of Handsworth. co. Stafford. 1636. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, & Foster's Grays Inn 

Littleton, (Sir) Hemy, xs. Thomas, of Hagley, co. 
Worcester, bart Balliol Coll.. matric la 
Sept. 1640. aged 16 ; 2nd bart., taken prisoner at 
the fight of Worcester, and imprisoned in the 
Tower, high sheriff Worcestershire 1655, M.P. 
Lichfield Feb., 1677-8. to Jan., 1678-9, and March, 
1678-9. to July, 2679; died 24 June, 1693. See 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Littleton, Humphrey, of Worcester, gent Christ 
Church, matric entry under date 1574, aged 18 ; 
RA. from Broadgates Hall 9 Feb., 1579-80, 
M.A. 4 July, 158a, vicar of Hales Owen, co. 
Worcester, 1582 ; perhaps brother of Gilbert 1586, 
and of John 1576. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Littleton, James, of co. Stafford, eq. fil. Balliol 
Coll., matric entry under date iS7S* ^S^ *7» 
brother of Francis 1575. 

Lit(t)leton, James, of Salop, arm. Christ CnxntCH, 
matric ^ Oct.. 1612, aged 16; B.A. from Broad- 
gates HALL 3 Feb.. 1617-18 ; fellow All Souls' 
Coll.. M.A. 7 July. i6ai. B.C.L. 32 Jan.. 1624-5. 
D.C.L. 8 Dec. 1635 (3s. Sir Edward, of Henley. 
Salop), bencher Inner Temple 1639, chancellor of 
Worcester, a master in chancery ; brother of 
William 1609, and of John 1624 ; died unmarried 
1645. S^c Foster's Judges and Barristers. [10] 

Littleton, John (Lytyltun), B.Can.L. sup. Dec, 
1532. perhaps rector of Naunton Beauchamp. co. 
Worcester. 1545. canon of Exeter 1546, and 
pr^)endary in collegiate church of Penkndge, co. 
StaffcHtl, 1547. parson of Mounslow, Salop ; made 
his will za Aiig., 1560; ancestor of tne next- 

Littleton, John, of CO. Worcester, arm. Magdalen 
Coll.. matric entry under date 22 Dec. 1576, 
aged 25 ; student of Inner Temple 1580, as of 
Frankley, co. Worcester (s. Gilbert). M.P. co. 
Worcester 1584-5, 1586-7, 1597-8, concerned in the 
rebdlion of the earl of Essex, convicted of high 
treason ai Feb., z6oo-i ; died in prison 25 Jtuy 
ioDowing ; fisither of Thomas i6ia See Foster s 
Imms cf Camrt Reg. 

Littleton, John. 5s. Sir Edward, of Henley Hall, 
Salop, bart, fellow All Souls' Coll. ; M.A. 
from Broadgates Hall 10 June, 1624 (as John) ; 
B.D. from Jesus Coll. 17 Dec, 1631 (as Robert) ; 
D.D. 8 Dec. 1635 (as John), of Gray's Inn in 1638, 
rector of St Geom, Southwark. 1638. vicar of 
Tilehurst. Berks. 1^8, and master of the Temple 
1638. until ejected in 1644 for being in the king's 
army ; brother of James 1612. See Foster's Index 
Eccl, & Add, MSS, i5.669-7a 

Littleton, John, s. Matthew, of Hedsall (Hedsor), 
Bucks, sacerd. Pembroke Coll. , matric. 25 May, 
1627. aged 15. 

Littleton, John(Lvttleton), is. Thomas, of Franckly, 
CO. Worcester, bart Magdalen Coll.. matric 
8 July, 1634. aged 16 ; drowned at Oxford, near the 
college. 9 May, 1635, in trying to save his younger 
brother 'Thomas. See Heame, iii. 83. [15] 

Littleton, Theophilus. s. Edw., of Penkridcfe. co. 
Stafford, gent Balliol Coll.. matric 17 March, 
1702-3, aged 16 ; died unmarried. 

Littleton, Thomas, of co. Stafford, equitis fiL 
Balliol Coll., matric. Nov., 1594. aged 16; 
student of Inner Temple 1598, as of Pillaton Hall. 
CO. Stafford, gent *. brother of Edward 1594. See 
Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Littleton, Thomas (Lytleton), of Salop, gent 
Christ Church, matric ao Jsoi., 1608^. afed 
19; B.A. from Broadgates hall c Dec. 1611, 
M.A. 6 July. 1614 (^. Thomas, of Stoke Milburgh. 
Salop), vicar of Halesowen. Salop. 1621, etc; 
brotner of George 1618; father of Adam 1647. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Littleton, (Sir) Thomas, of co. Worcester, arm. fil. 
Balliol Coll.. matric 22 June. 1610, aged 14; 
B.A. from Broadgates Hall, sup. a July, 1614, 
a student of Inner Temple 1613. as of Frankley, 
CO. Worcester, esq. (s. John), knighted at White- 
hall July, 1618, created a baronet 25 July, 1618. 
M.P. CO. Worcester 1621-2, 1624-5, 1625, 1626, and 
April-May 1640. royalist colonel of the Worcester- 
shire horse and foot, taken prisoner at Bewdley 
and imprisoned in the Tower ; died 22 Feb., 1649- 
50, aged 57. See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, 

Littleton, (Sir) Thomas, s. Adam, of Stoke. Salop, 
arm. Tesus Coll., matric. 15 June. 16^8, aged 
16; ot Stoke Milburgh. Salop, and of North 
Ockendon. Essex. 2nd baronet. ** Points alicLS 
Littleton." bar.-at-law, Inner Temple. 164a; 
licenced 6 Oct, 16^ (then aged 17). to many 
Anne, daughter of Sir Edward Littleton, solicitor- 
general (then a^ed 12); M.P. Much Wenlodc 
1661-78. East Gnnstead April-July 1679, Yarmouth 
[Isle of Wight) Feb. and March. 1681 ; buried at 
North Ockendon 16 April. 1681 ; brother of 
William 1638 and of Edward r64i ; father dl the 
next and of Edward 166a See Foster's Judga and 
Barristers & London Marriage Licences, ed. 
Foster. l^O^ 

Littleton, (Sir) Thomas, s. Tho.. of Wenlock, Salop, 
bart St. Edmund Hall, matric. 21 April. 1665. 
aged 18 ; of Stoke Milburgh. 3rd bart. , bar.-at-law, 
Inner "Temple, 1671, M.P. New Woodstock in 
6 parliaments 1689-1702. and Castle Rising 1702-5, 
Chichester 1705-8. and Portsmouth Dec. 1708-9, 
a lord of the admiralty 1681-2. speaker 1698-1700^ 
treasurer of the navy 1700. tmtil his death i Jan., 
Z70Q-10 ; brother of Edward z66a See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers. 

Littleton. Walter, eq. aur. fil.. kept xa terms at 
Cambridge; B.A. from Lincoln Coll.. Oxford, 
21 Oct. 1626; M.A. from St. John's Coll., 
Cambridge. 1630. LL.D. 1639 (s. Sir Edward 
1594), knighted 23 Feb.. 1661-2, chancellor of the 
diocese of Lichfield and Coventry ; died x68o ; 
brother of Edward 16x7, and fother of the next- 

[ 920 ] 

Walter Littleton. 


Andrew Lloyd. 

I«ittleton» Walter, doctoris fiL Quben's Coll., 
matric 10 Mardi, 1656-7, B.C.L. 1663, bar.-at-law. 
Inner Temple, 1609 (ta of Sarsden, co. Stafford, 

fent.) ; perhaps a master in cfaanceiy i66o-7a See 
oster's Judges and Barristers. 

Littleton. William (Lyttelton), of ca Worcester, 
arm. Oriel Coll., matric. 6 July, 1604, aged 
18 ; student of Inner Temple 1604, as of Naunton 
Beauchamp, co. Worcester, gent See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Littleton, William, of Salopk arm. Broadgates 
Hall, matric. 8 Dec, 1609, aged 18 ; bar.-at-law. 
Inner Temple, 1620, bencher 1638, as of Henley, 
Salop, gent. (as. Sir Edward), serjeant-at-law 
1640; brother of James 1612. See Foster's Judges 
and Barristers, 

Littleton, William, bom in Herts, s. Adam, of Stoke, 
Salop, arm. Jesus Coll., matric. 25 Jtme, 1638, 
aged 15 ; bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1645 ; brother 
of Thomas same date, and of Edward 1641. See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Littleton, William, s. William, of Ludlow, Salop, 
gent. Christ Church, matria zo Dec., 1641. 
aged 15. [S] 

Littlewooke, Edmond, of Berks, pleb. Balliol 
Coll., matric 4 Feb., 1591-3, aged 13, B.A. sup. 
37 Feb., 1600-Z. See O.H,S, xii. 33a 

Livesay, Charies, s. William, of London, gent 
Magdalen Coll., matric 23 May, 1683, aged 15 ; 
demy x68a-8, B.A. 13 Feb., 1685-6, M.A. 1691; 
student of Inner Temple i68a ; rector of St. Stephen, 
Bristol, 1690, canon of Bristol 1693, rector of 
Rushden, Northants, 1694, and of Sutton Bonning- 
ton St Michael's, Notts. 170a. See Foster's Index 
Eccl. ; Foster's Inns of Court Reg, ; & Bloxam, 
vi. 4a 

Livesay, John (or Lous6) ; B.A. 31 Jan., 1576-7. 

Livesey, Porter, s. Ralph, of Uvesey, co. Lancaster, 
arm. Oriel Coll., matric 18 June, 1701, aged 
17 ; a captain, lord of the manor of IJvesey, bom 
4 Oct, 1683, died about 1747. 

Livesay, William, s. William, of London, arm. 
Corpus Christi Coll., matric 6 Nov., x668, 
aged 17 ; student of Inner Temple 1669, [10] 

Living, Henry (Lewing), B.A. 97 Feb., 1577-8- 

Living, William; B.D. of Cambridge; incorporated 
13 July, 1568, vicar of St Bride, Fleet Street, 1559, 
rector of St Swithin 1561, and of St. Mary Abchurch, 
1567 (all in London), until his death in 1582. See 
Fasti, i 183 ; & Foster's Index Eccl. 

Livingstone, James, *bart' See Levingston 

Llewelyn, Cornelius, of Llantau-Major, co. Gla- 
morgan, bookbinder. Privilegiatus 14 Nov., 1710, 
aged 33. 

Llewelyn, Evan, s. Joh., of Buzham. co. Glamorgan, 
pleb. JESUS Coll., matric 31 March, 1701, aged 
IS ; B.A 1704 (as Edward). [IS] 

Llewelin, Evan, 8. J., of Cadoxton-juxta-Neath, pp. 
Jesus Coll., matric 23 March, 1690-1, aged ao; 
B.A. 29 Jan., 1694-5, M.A. 171a, vicar of Aberavon, 
CO. Glamorgan, 1715. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Llewelin, Francis, s. John, of Cowbridge, co. Gla- 
morgan, pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric. 30 March, 
x666, aged 17 ; B.A. 1669, M.A. 167a ; perhaps 
vicar of Cubert, Cornwall, 1686, and vicar of St 
Minver, Cornwall, 1694; father of Francis 17x1, 
and of Simon 1710. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Llewelin, Francis, s. Edw., of Glamorgan (Town), 
pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric 18 March, 166970, 
Bged x6 ; B.A. 28 Feb., x673-4. 

Llewelixu Francis, s. F., of St Minver, ComwaH, 
cler. New Inn Hall, matric 8 May, xyxi* aged 
16 ; B.A. from AllSouls' Coll, aaJ^h., 1714-15; 
brother of Simon .f 

Llewellyn, George (Uudlyn), 8. Martin, of High 
House, parish of Agmondesham, Bucks, D.M^ 
Merton Coll. matric 4 April, X685, aged x6, 
B.A. X690; M.A. from Christ Chitrch 1693 
rector of Pulverbatch, ^Salop, X705; brother « 
Richard 169a See Foster's Index Eccl, [20] 

Llewelin, George, s. Joh., of St George's, co. Gla- 
morgan, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 90 Feb., 
1704-5. aRed 17. 

Llewelyn, Hugh (Llawelyn), of co. PembrolEe, cler. 
fkX. Gloucester Hall, matric X5 Dec. 1592. 

Llewelin, John, of co. Brecon, pleb. QtJEEN's Coll., 
matric II April, 1595. aged ao; perhaps rector 
of Ystradgynlais, co. Brecon, x6oi. See Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

Llewelyn, John, "ser." Jesus Coll., matric ao 
July, 1654, B.A. 1661, created M.A. la Sept, 1661. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Llewellin, John, pleb. Merton Coll., matric 31 
July, 1658. fas] 

Llewellin, Martin, 8. Martin, of London, gent 
Christ Church, matric 35 July, 1636, aged 18 ; 
student 1636, ejected 1648, B.A. 7 July, 1640, M.A. 
4 May, 164^, D.Med. 15 July. 1653. priDcipal of 
St. Mary Hall 1660-4 ; bore arms for the king 
and became a captain, fellow college of physidaos 
X659, physician to the king 1660; licenced 30 July, 
1663, then a widower, to marrv Martha, diat^hter 
of George Long, of Penn, Bucks ; settied at Great 
Wjrcombc 1664. mayor 1671, J. P. Bucks ; bom in 
London la Dec, 1616. baptised aand at Little St 
Bartholomew's, Smithfield ; died 17 Mardi, 1681, 
buried in the chancel of Great Wycombe, mon. ins. ; 
father of George 1685 and of Richard 1690. See 
Ath, iv. 43; London Marriage Licences, «L 
Foster; MunKs Roll, L 393; AL West, X09; & 
Burrows, 488. 

Llewellin, Rees, of co. Cardigan, pleb., pp. Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric 13 Nov., i6ox, aged x8w 

Llewellingv Richard, s. George, of Salop, gent 
Christ Church, matric 9 March, 1676-7, aged 
x6; B.A. 33 Feb., x68o-x, M.A. 1683, vicar of 
Montford, Salop, x69a See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Llewellyn, Richard (Uuellyn). s. Martin, of 
Wycombe, Bucks, D.Med. Christ Church. 
matric. 13 July, 1690, aged 18 ; mobably student of 
Inner Temple 1693, brother of George 1685. See 
Al, West, 3x5 ; & Foster's Inns of Court R^, 

Llewellyn, Robert (Leywelyon) ; B.Can.L. ao Jan.. 

iSoS-fi- {••] 

Llewelin, Simon. 8. Frands, of Cowbridge. ca 
Glam., cler. New Inn Hall, matric k May. 
X710, aged 17, B.A. 18 Feb., 17x3-14; M.A. finwn 
Pembroke Coll., Cambridge, 173^, vicar of 
Cuthbert or Cubert 173a, and of St Mmvcr, Cora- 
wall, 1735 *• brother of Francis 1711. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Llewellin, Thomas; of Jesus Coll. 1669. See 

Lloyd ( ); of All Souls* Coll., creatdd D.CL 

6 April, 1644. 

Lloyd, Alban, 5. Tho., of EvenhaU. Salop, arm. 
Lincoln Coll., matric 15 Dec, 1671, aged 18; 
student of Middle Temple 1671. See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg, 

Lloyd, Andrew, s. A., of Rutland (town), gent 
Christ Church, matric 9 March, i^ity^tt^ aged 
x8 ; B.A. 17 March, 1714-15. fS5] 

[ 921 ] 

AssHTON Lloyd. 

1500— 1714. 

Edward Lloyd. 

UoTdyAsshton, s. Hmnp., of Northop, Flints, ann. 

BRASSNoesCaLL., matric 15 Jan., xjzo-zz, aged 

liojde, Charles, of co. Cannarthen, gent Jesus 

Cou*. matric. Noy., 1581. aged 19 ; B.A. from 

Brasenose Coll. 17 June, 1585. 

Uojd. Charles. M.A. from Jesus Coll. 90 July, 1657; 
perhaps recter of Cascob, ca Radnor, 1664. See 
Foster's Index EuL 

lioyd, (Sir) Charles, s. Fr., of Forest Hill, Oxon, eq. 
aur. Jesus Coll. , matric. aS Nov. , 1679, aged 17 ; 
of Milfidd, ca Cardigan, knighted 24 Nov., 1695, 
and created a baronet z April, 1708. M. P. Cardigan 
1698-1700; diedaS Dec, Z723; his father Francis 
Llqjrd, M.P.. of oa Cardigan, knighted 24 Feb., 
164a. See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, 

liOTd, Charles, s. Price, of Cardigan (town), gent. 
JBSUS Coll., matric. 7 April, i69i3, aged 18; 
student of Inner Temple Z698, as and son of Rice, 
ofLove^rove, ca Cardigan, gent See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. [S] 

Llojd, Daniel, gent JesusColl., matric. 9 Aug., 
1658 ; possibly a student of Gray's Inn 1656, as as. 
Danid, of Llanon, co. Camuuthen, esq. See 
Foster's Grays Inn Reg. 

Lloyd,. Daniel, s. Lewis, of Llangennech, co. Car- 
marthen, gent Jesus Coll., matric. a Aug., X669, 
aged Z7 ; student of Gray's Inn X67Z. See Foster's 
Grays Inn Reg, 

LloTde, David, chaplain, B. A sup. July, 1546. See 
Foster's Index Bed. 

LloydOy David, B.A Z7 Feb., 1575-6. 

Lloyd, David, of ca Carmarthen, pleb. Jesus Coll. , 
matric. a July, 1585, aged z8 ; " schcdaris Mri. 
Case.** [10] 

Lloydj David, of co. Merioneth, gent Jesus Coll., 
manic. 15 Dec., z59a. aged Z9; perhaps B.A. za 
Dea, Z599; MA from Oriel Coll. 33 Oct, Z605, 
RD. zz Feb. (or March), z6za-Z3 (see Floyd) ; 
perfaapsrectorofLeckford, Hants; ulther of George 
16Z7. See Atk. iil Z358. 

Lloyd, David, of co. Denbigh, pleb. Oriel Coll., 
mattic. a6 Nov., z6oa, aged aa 

Lloyd, David, of co. Montgomery, gent Hart Hall, 
matric 30 Oct, z6i3. aged 15; B. A 33 June, z6z5 
(inoorporated at Cambridge z6z6); fellow of All 
OOULS' Coll. 9 May, z6z8, RCL. (?May), z633, 
D.C.L. a6 March, Z638, canon of Chester Z639-43, 
chaplain to the Earl of Derby, rector of Trefdraeth, 
CO. Anglesey, Z64Z-3, of Llangynhafal Z643, and 
vicar of Uanfair Dvffiryn Qwyd, co. Denbigh, Z643, 
and warden of Ruthin 1643, deprived of ms prefer- 
ments on the breaking out of the rebellion, but 
reinstated at the restoration, dean of St Asaph 
z66o, one of the comportioners of TJanwinnan, ca 
Denbigh. z66a ; died 7 Sept, z6^; brother of 
Oliver Z697. See Thomas, 343 ; Foster's Index 
Red. ; & Atk. iii. 653. 

Lloyde, David, of CO. Cardigan, gent jBSUS Coll., 
matric 3 May, z6z6, aged 33. 

Lloyd, David, of co. Cardigan, pleb. JesusColl., 
matric Z4 March, Z616-7, a|:ed 34 ; perhaps B.A. 
5 Feb., z6ao-z, M.A i July, z6a4; one of these 
names beneficed in ca Cardigan. See Foster's 
Index Bed. [&B] 

Lloyd, David, s. Watkin, of Llanbadam-Vaur, co. 
Cardigan, pleb. pp. Oriel Coll., matric 33 
Nov., z639, aged z8 ; RA. Z4 Dec, Z64Z. 

morgaiL See Foster's Index Bed, 

Lloyd, David, *'ser." Merton Coll., matric 04 
June, Z653 ; subs, us of Oriel Coll. pauperis, 
RA 30 Jan., z6s6-7, M.A. 4 July. Z659 (s. Hugh, of 
Pant Mawr, parish of Trawsnrnydd, co. Merioneth), 
an historical writer, rector of Ibston, Oxon, Z658, 
reader of the Charterhouse Z659. chaplain to Isaac 
Barrow, bishop of St Asaph, sinecure rector of 
Llansannan (ist portion) z668, ctusal canon z6^, 
and vicar of Uansantffraid-yn-Mechan, Z670, vicar 
of AbCTgele, co. Denbigh, Z67Z, and of Northop, 
Flints, Z673, and "taught the free school there;" 
rector of Llanddulas, co. Denbigh, Z673, died at Pant 
Mawr z6 Feb., Z69Z, buried zoth at 'Trawsfynydd. 
See Ath, iv. 348 ; Foster's Index Bed. \ Thomas, 
346, 773 ; & Cates' Biographical Didionary, 

Lloyd, David, pleb. jESUS CoLL., matric 30 July, 
Z654. B.A 33 April, Z658, M.A. 35 June, z66i ; one 
of these names beneficed in AnglesHL See Foster's 
Index Bed. 

Lloyd, David, s. Oliver, of Uansanfraid, co. Mont- 
gomery, pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric s July, 
z66i, aged zy ; B.A Z665. M.A 1669. vicar of 
Llansantfifraid in Mechan, co. Montgomery, z67a 
See Foster's Index Bed. [20] 

Lloyd, David, s. Th., of Griffcnstone, co. Pembroke, 
pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 33 May, Z663. aged 
33 ; bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, Z669. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers. 

Lloyd, David, s. Tho., of "Crommy Glame," ca 
Carmarthen, pleb. St. Mary Hall, matric a8 
Feb., Z667-8, aged Z9; B.A Z670, M.A. Z673; 
incorporated at Cambridge Z677 ; perhaps rector 
of LJanychllwyddog, ca Pembroke, z67^, canon of 
St. David's Z684. See Foster's Index Bed. 

Lloyd, David, s. Henr., of Gaily rodyn, ca Cardigan, 
pleb. Jesus Colu, matric. Z4 April, Z67Z, 
aged Z7. 

Lloyd, David, s. D., of Anglesey (town), pp. Jesus 
Coll., matric ao March, Z677-8, aged z8 ; B.A 
z68i, M.A Z684, rector of Llanrhudlad, ca 
Anglesey, Z689. See Foster's Index Bed. 

Lloyd, David, s. Watkin, of Wern, co. Cardigan, 
gent. Christ Church, matric aa April, Z684, 
aged z8. L^5] 

Lloyd, David, s. Hum., of Festiniog, co. Merioneth, 
pauper. St. Alban Hall, matric 3z March, 
Z69Z, aged z8 ; B. A from St. Mart Hall Z694, 
rector of Festiniog Z707. Sec Foster's Index 

Lloyde, David, s. PhiL, of St Darids, co. Pembroke, 
pp. Jesus Coll., matric 3 Dec, Z707, aged Z9; 
B. A 34 March, ZTZz-za, M.A. Z7Z4 ; one of these 
names rector of Kefnllys, ca Radnor, Z7Z7. See 
Fostei's Index Bed. 

Lloyd, David, s. Joh., of Abergelly, co. Denbigh, 
pleb. University Coll., matric ay March, Z708, 
aged 19 ; B. A za March, Z7ZZ-Z3. 

Lloyd, David, s. D., of Llanrwst, co. Denbigh, pleb. 
jESUS Coll., matric 6 March, Z709-ZO, aged Z7; 
B. A Z7Z4. See Thomas, 358. 

Lloyde. Edward, B.D. of Cambridge; incorporated 
iz July, Z586. ? See Floyd. [»0] 

Lloyd, Edward, subscribed 33 April, z6z3 ; B.A from 
Hart Hall 36 Oct, z6z6, incorporated at Cam 
bridge z6z8 as Floyd. 

Lloyd, Edward, of co. Denbigh, arm. HART Hall, 
matric 6 Feb., z6z7-8. aged Z9, B.A. same day; 
kept Z3 terms at Cambridge. 

Lloyd, Edward, B.A from HART Hall 31 Jan., 
Z636-7, M.A Z3 June, Z629. 

Lloyd, Edward, zs. John, of Llanwrda, Salop, arm. 
Lincoln Coll., matric 16 March, 1636-7, Aged 
18; RA 34 Oct, 1638. 

[ 922 ] 

Edward Lloyd. 

1500— 1714. 

Ceorge LloVd. 

Lloyd, Edward, s. Edward, of Dodleston. Cbeshirt, 
arm. Brasbnosb Coll., matric. 99 Jan., 1639-40, 

Lloyd, Edward, ** ser." Jssus Coll. , matric 9 Dec. , 

Lloyd, Edward, s. Isaac, of Llaneglas, co. Mont- 
gomery, pp. Jesus Coll.. matric. 17 April, 1668, 
aged 17; one of these names M.P. Montgomery 
1678-9 (by double return) till void i April, 1679. 
See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary^ 

Lloyd, Edward, s. David, of Tuythin, Flints, gent 
Tesus Coll., matric 24 April, 1668, aged 18 ; 
bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 1678; licenced 21 Sept, 
1676, to marry Elizabeth Atwood, of St Andrew, 
Holbom, spinster. See Foster's Judges and Bar" 
risters & London Marriage Licences^ ed. Foster. 

LlOYd, Edward, s. Tho.. of Halghton, Flints, cent 
JESUS Coll., matric 16 July. 1669, aged 15 ; bar.- 
at-law. Inner Temple, 1677. See Foster's Judges 
and Barristers, [5] 

Lloyd, Edward, B.A. from Jesus Coll. 15 Feb., 

Lloyd, Edward, s. John, of Edgware, Middx., gent 
Christ Church, matric 18 July. 1682, aged 16 ; 
RA 14 Ma^, 1686, M.A (by diploma) 28 June, 
1694, chaplam Magdalen Coll. 1605-7, rector of 
Candlesby, and of Gunby, co. Lincoln, 1697, until 
his death in 1702. See Bloxam, ii. 170 ; & Foster's 
Index Eeci. 

LlOTd, Edward, s. Edw., of Oswestry, Salop, gent 
Jesus Coll.. matric 17 Nov.. 1682, aged 18. 

Lloyd, Edward, of Salop, gent Jesus Coll., matric 
23 May, 1683 ; possibly bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, 
1691, as son and heir of Marmaduke, late of 
Drenswydd, Salop, esq., deceased. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers, 

Lloyd, Edward, s. Mich., of Llanynis, co. Denbigh, 
pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 16 March, Z684-5, aged 
z6 ; E A z688. [10] 

Lloyd, Edward, s. E(dward), of Kidwelly, co. Car- 
marthen, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric, 28 March, 
1688, aged 17 ; B.A 1691, M.A 1694, rector of 
Cricdeth als. Merthyr St Catherine. 00. Carnarvon, 
1694. See Foster's Index Ecci, 

Lloyd, Edward, 8.Joh.,of Llanvair, co. Denbigh, pp. 
St. Mary Hall, matric 31 March, 1699. agied 19 ; 
B.A from Christ Church 1703; M.A. from 
Corpus Christi Coll., Cambridge, 17x6, curate 
of Great Mongeham 1706, rector of Ripple 1712, 
and of Betteshan^er 1716, curate of Wumer 1724. 
all in Kent ; buned 17 April, 1741. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Lloyd, Edward, s. Samuel, of Plasmadoc, ca Denbigh, 
gent BalliolColl., matric 3 Dec, 1705, aged 
18 ; one of these names rector of ^enechtyd 1723-31. 
and of Llanychan, co. Denbigh, 1725-30, canon of 
St Davids 1731. See Fosters Index Ecel. 

Lloyd, Edward, s. Dav., of Llanarth. ca Cardigan, 
arm. Jesus Coll., matric 12 Mardi, 1711-12, 
aged z8. 

Lloyd, Edward, s. Tho., of Gallyllynn, co. Monmouth, 
paup. Mbrton Coll., matric 13 Nov., 1714, 
aged 19. [IS] 

Lloyd, Erasmus, s. Richard, of Ystraddile, ca 
Cardigan, gent St. Alban Hall, matric 27 
Nov., 1640, aged z8 ; brother of Thomas same date 

Lloyd, Erasmus, s. Ric , of Uanrys^d, co. Cardigan, 
gent Jesus Coll.. matric 22 Niay. 1690. aged x8. 

Lloyde, Evan. B. A 27 Jan.. 1575-6. 

Lloyd, Evan, of oa Denbigh, equitis fit nat max. 
Oriel Coll.. matric 26 Nov.. z6oa, aged 16. 

Lloyd, Evan. RA from Magdalen Coll. 9 July. 

Z603. and canott of Bangor z6z6-96. 



Lloyd. Evan, fellow of All Souls' Coll. , B. A. Z3 Feb. , 
Z628-9, M.A 24 April, Z630; perhaps vicar of 
Steventon, Berks, Z632-6, and of Holywell, Flints, 
1635, until ejected ; sinecure rector of Ysoeifiog, 
FUnts, 16^1. See Thomas, 496 ; ft Foster's Index 

Lloyd, Evan. B.A from Christ Church 8 July. 1635. 

Lloyd, (Sir) Evan, s. John, of Yale, ca Denbigh, 
arm. Christ Church 12 Sept, 1640, aged 18; 
created a baronet 2Z June. Z647 ; died Oct, 

Lloyd, Evan, s. John, of Cwerfin. ca Cardigan, 
pleb. Jesus Coll.. matric zz May. z665, aged 

Lloyd. Evan, s. Bevis, of Carreg-y-pennill, ca Den- 
bigh, arm.' Jesus Coll., matric 3Z May, z666, 
a^d Z7; student of Inner Temple z668. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. [AS] 

Lloyd, Evan, s. Hen., of Bettws, co. Denbigh, pp. 
Gloucester Hall, matric zz Nov., z67a aged 


LlWyd, Evan, s. Ev.. of Llandyssil. co. Cardigan, 
pleb. Jesus Coll.. matric 22 Oct. Z708. aged 
z8; B.A zyza (as Evans), MA. Z7Z5, B.D. Z723 
(as Evans Llwyd), rector of St Martins als. Carnx, 
Oxon, Z720-9, rector of Braunston, Northants, 
Z728, until his death in 1733 ; admon. at Oxford 9 
Feb., Z732-3. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lloyd, Evans, s. William, of Tanio, ca Carmarthen, 
pleb. Jesus Coll.. matric 26 March. Z7Z3, aged 
z8; B.A 2z Feb.. Z7Z6-Z7. M.A. Z7Z9; one of 
these names vicar of Llansantffi:aid-yn-Mecfaan 
Z725. and of Garthbdbio. co. Montgomery. Z729. 
and of Kinnerley, Salop. Z735. See Thoicas, 631 ; 
ft Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyd, Foulke, gent Uniyersitt Coll.. matric 20 
Nov.. Z650; student of Inner Temple Z65Z. as sod 
and heir of Humphrey, of Bertsham. ca Denbigh, 
esq. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lloyde, Francis, of co. Carnarvon, gent Hast 
Hall, matric entry under date Z579, aged za. 

Lloyd, Francis, s. Humf., dean of St. Asaph. Oriel 
Coll., matric. Z3 March, Z667-8, aged Z7: B.A. 
Z67Z, M.A Z674, rector of Criccieth als. Menhir, 
CO. Carnarvon, z67^, vicar of Llanrhaiadr in 
Kinmerch, co. Denbigh, Z677, prebendaij of 
Bangor Z679, and rector of Liandrynog. ca 
Denbigh, 1682, archdeacon of Merioneth Z683. 
with rectory of Llandudno, co. Carnarvon, Z683; 
died in zyza ; brother of Richard Z673. Siee 
Thomas, 414, 420 ; ft Foster's Index EccL [SI] 

Lloyd, Francis, s. J., of Llangondale. 00. Carmarthen, 
gent Oriel coll., matric 3 Dec, Z669, aged 

Lloyde, FVands, s. Marmaduke, of Crickadam, oa 
Brecon, arm. St. Edmund Hall, matric Z4 
April. Z671. aged z6; bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, 
Z678 ; licenced 25 Nov.. Z678, to marry Anne 
Hackett, of Chalfont St Peter's, Bucks, wkiow; 
buried in the Temple church Z3 March, Z703-4. 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers & London Mar" 
riage Licences, ed. Foster. 

Lloyd, Francis, 8. William, of Llandebie. ca Car- 
marthen, gent Jesus Coll.. matric 6 April. 
Z677. aged z6. 

Lloyd, Fulco ; B.A from Christ Church Z4 Nov.. 

Z629. M.A 5 June. Z632, rector of Evenec^^. 

ca Denbigh. z64a See Foster's Index Eccle- 

siasticus, [M] 

Lloyd, Geffry, secular chaplain, B.Can.L. la July. 

Lloyd, Geflfiry. RA Oct, Z539. 

Lloyd, George, of co. Cardigan, arm. LmoOLN 
tk)LL., matric 7 Nov., z6oo, aged 25. 

[ 923 ] 

George LloVd. 

1500— i7i4. 

tlUGH Llovd. 

Uoyd, George, of Southants, pleb. Hart Hall, 
matric. 90 June. 1617, aged 18 (subs, as " Floyd"); 
B.A. from Brasenose Coll. ^ May. 1621. M.A. 6 
July, 1626 (s. David, vicar of Leckford, Hants), 
educated at Wykeham's school, Winchester, rector 
of Wonston, als. Wonsingtoo, Hants ; lather of 
Nicholas 165a. See A/k. iii. 1258. 

Lloyd, Grifiin, of co. Merioneth, pleb. jESUS COLL., 
matric. entry under date 9 Dec, 1579, aged 19; 
B.A. 7 July, 1580, M.A. X July, 1583. 

LlOTd, Griflin, s. John, of co. Merioneth, gent. St. 
John's Coll., matric 18 March, 1669-70, aged 18; 
iellow Jesus Colu, B.A. 1673, M.A. 1676, B.D. 
1684, prebendary of Uandaff 1679. rector of Bodfari, 
Flints. 1683, vicar of Llansantffraid-yn-Mechan , 
ca Montgomery, 1682-93, sinecure rector 1689, 
prebendary of Sl Asaph 1695. See TAomaSt 354 ; 
ft Foster's Index EuL 

Lloyd, Griffin, s. Hen., of Bwygyliche, co. Carnarvon, 
pleb. Jesus Colu, matric 18 Feb., 1691-3, aged 

Lloyd, Griffith, chaplain of New Coll. in and before 
1564 (as Floyd), B.C.L. 30 April, 1573, D.C.L. 3 
July, 1576 (s. Hugh Llewellin Uwyd, of Llanlbyr, 
00. Caridigan), and principal of Jesus Coll. 1573- 
86, fellow All Souls' Coll., regius professor of 
dvil law 1577-86, chancellor to the bishop of Oxford, 
M.P. ca Cardigan 1586 ; died in Doctors' Com- 
mons 36 Nov., 1586 ; buried in St. Bennet, Paul's 
Wharf ; will at Oxford 14 July, 1587 ; brother of 
Thomas 1564, and perhaps of Richard 1581. See 
FasH, L aoi ; ft Coote's Civilians, 53. [5] 

Llold, Gruffith, of co. Radnor, gent Jesus Coll., 
matric. 3 July, 1585, aged 17 ; " scholaris Mri. 

Lloyde, Griffith, of co. Cardigan, pleb. jESUS Coll., 
matnc 15 May, 1584, aged 19 ; perhaps B. A. from 
New Inn Hall 9 Dec, 1587, B.C.L. 35 June, 

Lloyd, Griffith, of ca Cardigan, gent. Oriel Coll., 
matric 13 July, 1594, aged 17 (subs, as Floyd) ; 
perhaps sup. for B.A. from Jesus Coll. 7 Feb., 

LlOTOTGruffith, of CO. Merioneth, pleb. LINCOLN 

coll.. matric. 9 Feb., 1593-4. aged x8. 
Lloyd, Griffith, s. Ben., of co. Carnarvon, pleb. 

Jesus Coll., matric. 18 March, 1669-70. aged 18 ; 

subs, as "Griffin Floyd"; B.A. 1673, M.A. 1676. 

B.D. 1684. [10] 

Lloyd, Griffith, s. Hug., of Grimley Llanrwst, co. 
Denbigh, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 37 March, 
1690, aged 16 ; B.A. from St. Mart Hall 1704, 
as Lhwyd ; headmaster Llanrwst grammar school 
1709, rector of Llanddoget, co. Denbigh, 1709. See 
Thomas, 68 ; ft Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyd, Griffith, s. Lewis, of Llanarmon, co. Carmar- 
then, dor. Jesus Coll., matric. 26 March. 1713, 
aged 17; BuA. 1716, M.A. 1719; one of these 
names vicar of Llaiifawr, co. Merioneth, 1723. See 
Foster's Indtx EccL 

Uoydf Hastings, s. Joh., of London, Middlesex, 
gent Christ Church, matric 16 March, 1713-3, 
aged 17; B.A. 1716, M.A. 1710. rector of High 
Oere, Hants, 1733, canon of Wells 1734. See 
Foster's Index EecL 

Lloyd, Henry, of co. Carmarthen, pleb. All Souls* 
Coll., matric 10 July, 1584, aged 17 ; B.A. from 
St. Alban Hall ao May, 1587. 

Lloyd, Henry, of co. Merioneth, pleb. jESUS Coll., 
matric 19 Oct., 1599, aged 18 ; B.A. from Oriel 
Coll. z6 Oct., 1602; M.A. from Hart Hall 
86 June, 1605 (? as Floyd) ; perhaps beneficed in 
Pembrokeshire See Foster's Index Eccl. [15] 

Lloyd, Henry, s. John, of Llanbedr, co. Merioneth, 
pleb. Jesus (Joll., matric 35 Jan., 1637-8, aged 
ao; B.A. 37 Feb., 1627-8, M.A. 14 May, 1633. 


LlOYde, Heniy, s. John, of Chester (city), 
Jesus Coll., matric i June, 1636, aged 15. 

Lloyd, Henry, "ser." Christ Church, matric 
II Dec, 1651. 

Lloyd, Henry, cler. fit CHRIST CHURCH, matric 
8 Dec. 1658 (subs, as Floyd). B.A. 1661, as Lloyd, 
and perhaps vicar of Llanwnog, co. Montgomery, 
1670. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyd, Henry, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 23 March, 
1683-4. B.A. 1687. M.A. 169a [aoj 

Lloyd, Hugh (Lloide) ; fellow of New Coll. 1562-78 
••from Carnarvon, co. Bangor," B.A. 23 Jan., 
1565-6, B.C.L. 24 Nov., 1570, D.C.L. 9 July, 
1588, chancellor of Rochester 1578, vicar of CfharU 
bury, Oxon, 1579. chief master of Wykeham's 
school, near Winchester, where he was educated, 
canon of St. Paul's 1584, rector of Islip, Oxon, 
1588; died 17 Oct, 1601 ; said to be brother of 
John 1542, but rather of John 1577. See Ath,\, 
710 ; Newcouri, i. 188 ; O.H.S, I 360 ; Gutch, i. 
30^ ; & Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyd, Hugh, of CO. Cardigan, gent Jesus Coll., 
matric 8 Nov., 1594. aged ao ; B.A. 34 Nov., 
1596, M.A. 7 July, 1603 (as Lloyd), B.D. 9 July, 
1613 (as Floyd) ; perhaps vicar of Llanfynydd, co. 
Carmarthen, 1601, etc. ; another of these names 
archdeacon of Worcester 1633-9 ; made his will 5 
June. 1633, proved 8 Sept, 1639. See Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

Lloid, Hugh, of CO. Radnor, minister. St. John's 
Coll., matric 10 May. 1605, aged 32 ; perhaps vicar 
of Boughrood, co. Radnor, 1596. See Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

Lloid, Hugh, of CO. Radnor, minister. St. Alban 
Hall, matric 10 May, 1605, ^^d 30 ; this man 
may be identical with either of the two preceding 

Lloyd, Hugh, of CO. Cardigan ; servitor of Oribl 
Coll. about 1607, B.A. 13 Nov., 1611, M.A. 30 
June, 1614, then in orders, fellow Jesus Coll., B.D. 
I July. 1634. D.D. 26 June, 1638, sinecure rector of 
Denbigh 1637, and rector of Himant, ca Mont- 
gomery, 1638 until sequestered, reinstated at the 
restoration, canon and archdeacon of St Davids 
1644, rector of St Andrew 1617, and St Nicholas, 
in Glamorganshire, 1626, rector of Llangattock, ca 
Brecon, 1661, prebendary and bishop of Llandaff 
1660 until his death 7 June, 1667. See Ath, iv. 834, 
iil 336«. ; Foster's index Eccl. ; & Thomas, 74a 

Lloyd, Hugh, of CO. Montgomery, gent ALL Souls* 
Coll., matric 30 Oct.. i6ia, agol 14. [?^] 

Lloyd, Hugh, subscribed 23 April, 1613; perhaps B. A. 
from Hart Hall 27 Feb., 1616-7. 

Lloyd, Hugh, subscribed 11 Nov., 1614; perhaps 
B.A. from Uniyersity Coll. 26 July, 1617. 

Lloyd, Hugh; RA, from Jesus Coll., Cambridge, 
1631-a (mcoiporated B.A. 11 July, 1634), M.A. 
1635, B.D. (per Literas Regias) 1642, as Floyd ; 
peifnaps vicar of Ivor, Buclu, 1634 ; one of these 
names a plimdered minister, to be resettled in the 
church of Fordham. co. Cambridge, 1645. ^^ 
Foster's Index Eccl, & Add, MS, 15.669, p. 33a 

Lloyd, Hugh, s. Rees, of Llanbadam, co. Cardigan, 
pp. Jesus Coll., matric ao Oct, 1676, aged 17; 
B. A. from St. Mary Hall 1680 ; vicar of Dul- 
verton, Somerset, 1683-90, of Llanfihangel-ystrad, 
and of Trefilan (both co. Cardigan), 169a See 
Foster's Index Eccl, [SO] 

Lloyd, Hugh, s. John, of Denbigh (town), pp. Jesus 
Coll., matric 36 Feb., 1700-x, aged 18; B.A. 19 
March, 1704-5, M.A. 1709. 

Lloyd, Hugh, s. Evan, of Halldn, Flints, cent 
CHRIST Church, matric 13 April, 1709, aged 17 ; 
B.A. 1713, M.A. 1716; vicar df Luuuisa, Flints, 
X716, and of Mold 1718-49, rector of Llangynhafyl, 
ca Denbigh, 1730-40, canon of St Asaph 2735-40, 
See Thomas, 356 ; & Foster's Index Eccl, 

I 924 ] 

ttuMFRY Lloyd. 


John Lloyd. 

Lloyd. Hmnfiry, of Brasbnosb Coll. ; B.A. 1547, 
M.A. sup. 1551; "in much esteem for his great 
knowledge in British antiquities " (son and heir of 
Robert, of Denbigh); died about 1570, buried in 
the church of Whitchurch, co. Denbigh. See 
Lansdowni MS, 981, t 87 ; AtA. L 382 ; & Fasti, 
I 232. 

LlOTd, Humphrw; RA. from Christ Church 3 
Nov., i6ia; M.A. 15 June, 1615, incorporated at 
Cambridge z6i6; one of these names rector of 
Erbistock, co. Denbigh, i6a6. See Foster's ImUx 

Ll07d, Humphrey, of co. Montgomery, pleb. Hart 
HALL, matric. 15 May, i6z8, aged 20; B.A. 12 
Feb., i6i7;i8 (sic); vicar of Bettws, co. Mont- 
gomery, 1626. See Foster's Indtx EccL 

Lloyd, Humfrey, s. Richard, of Ruabon, co. Denbigh, 
doctoris. Jesus Coll., matric. 25 Jan., 1627-8, 
aged 17, B.A. from Oriel Coll. 23 Jan., 1629-30; 
fdlow 1631, M.A. 12 May, 1635, created D.D. 12 
Sept., z66z ; canon of York 1660, vicar of Ruabon 
1647 (deprived), and 1660-73 ^^ ^ father's death), 
vicar of Northop, Flints, 1661, ciu^ canon of St. 
Asaph x66i, dean 1663, vicar of Gresford 1673, 
bishop of Bangor with archdeaconries of Bangor 
and Anglesey 1673-89, canon of Bangor 1676, sine- 
cure rector of Llanrhaider-in-Kinmerch, co. Den- 
bigh, 1679, and of Llandinam, co. Montgomery, 
2683 ; died 18 Jan. , 1688-9 ; brother of Samuel 1626, 
and of John 1621, father of Francis 1668, and 
Richard 1673. See Ath, iv. 873; Thomas, 243; 
Burrows, 536 ; FclsH, ii. 258 ; Lansdawnt MS, 987, 
fi 105, 122 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

lAoydf Humphrey, s. Fran., of Llandjrmock, co. Den- 
bign, der. Jesus Coll., matric. 12 March, 1705-6, 
aged 17; B.A. 1709, M.A. 1712, B.D. 17x9; vicar 
of Oakley, Bucks, 1721, rector of portion of 'Treding- 
ton, 00. Worcester, 1726, and of Elkstone, co. 
Gloucester, 1727, until his death in 1779. See 
Foster's Imdex EccL [5] 

LlOTd, Israel, s. William, of Ludlow, Salop, pleb. 
MAGDALEN HALL, matric. 28 Jan., 2624-5, aged 


Lloyd, James, subscribed 2 July, 1613. 

Lloyd, Tames, ofco. Cardigan, pleb. Oriel Colu, 
matric. xi April, 1617, aged 20 ; B.A. 5 Feb., 

Lloyd, James, s. Dav., of London (city), gent 
Queen's Coll., matric. zo Oct, Z695, aged Z4. 

Lloyde, Jenkin, of co. Montgomery, arm. Balliol 
Coll., matria entry tmder date 20 Dec, Z577, 
aged Z7. [10] 

Lloyd, Jenkin, s. John, of Varedreff, co. Cardigan, 
gent Jesus Coll., matric. 4 Dec., Z640, aged 16; 
created M.A. 14 April, Z648, created D.D. zaSept, 
x66z (rector of Llandissill, co. Cardigan), seques- 
tered to the rectory of Uangoedroore, co. Cardigan, 
Z646, by the Westminster assembly, vicar of Llan- 
vihangel-Ystrad, co. Cardigan, z66z, rector of 
Llanychllw3rddog, ca Pembroke, 1663. See^/>l. 
!▼. 673 ; Burrows, ja^ ; Fasti, iL 258 ; Add, MS, 
15*670, p. 225 ; & Foster's Indtx EccL 

Lloyd, Jenkin, s. Edm., of Wick, ca Glamorgan, 
pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 23 March, z6^-3, 
aged zo ; B.A. Z696, rector of Llamnihangel alias 
Michaelstone juxta Cowbridge Z70Z, and of Coy- 
church, CO. Glamorgan, Z705. See Foster's Index 

Lloyd, Johathan, s^'Rob., of Leicester (citv), gent 
JESUB Coll., matria s8 Mar, Z696, ageci Z7; one 
John Lloyd vicar of Great Ashby, co. Leicester, 
X715. See Foster's Indix EccL & JOHN, & A. 270a 

Lloyd, John, B. A. 8 Nov., 2542, feUow of All Souls' 
Coll., B.C.L.. z6July, 2554, D.C.L. (sup. 9 Dec.. 
2562), 29 Feb., Z564-5, sm original fdlow of Jesus 
Coll. Z57Z, appointed dean of St Asaph 4 April, 
2559, deprived 3 Nov. following, an advocate Z566, 
aiudge of the admiralty ; died 20 Feb., Z607. See 
Funeral Certificates Lancaster and Cheshire \ 
Record Society, it Z35-6 ; Ormerod's Cheshire, i. 
264; DucareTs MS, Hist, Doctors Commons {^q,\ 
p. 96 ; FasH, i 265 ; Lansdoume MS, 980, f. 282 ; 
Coote's Civilians^ 47; Thomas, 24a; & Guick, 


Lloyd, John, B.A. sup. Michaelmas term, 257a [15] 

Lloydde, J(ohn), of Oriel Coll. in or before 257a. 

Lloyde, John, of CO. Denbigh, gent St. Edmund 
Hall, matric. entry uncter date 22 Dec., 2576, 
aged 26. 

Lloyd, John, of city of Denbigh, pleb. New Coll., 
matnc. entry under date 20 Dec., 2577, ami 29; 
scholar 2577, and fellow 2579, B.A. 6 AprU, 2582, 
M.A. aojan., 2584-5, proctor 2592, B.D. 5 July, 
2592, D.D. 20 Nov., 1595, •' an excellent Grecian ;" 
perhaps of London, clerk, licenced zz Aug., ZC96, 
to marry Isabell, daughter of Richard King, of St 
Sepulchre, London, spinster; vicar of writt^ 
Essex, 2598, until his death 2603 ; brother of Hugh 
2562. S€« Ath, L 738; & London Marriage 
Licences, ed. Foster. 

Lloyde, John, of co. Carnarvon, gent Hast Hall, 
matnc. entry under date 20 Dec., 2577, aged 24. 

LlOTde, John, of CO. Anglesea, pleb. St. Edmund 
Haix, matria entry under date 20 Dea, 2577, aged 
28. [ao] 

Lloyd, Tdm, of co. Cardigan, arm. Lincoln Coll., 
matric. 4 Feb., 2592-2, aged z8; B.A. from St. 
Edmund Hall 26 Feb., Z594-5; one of these 
names vicar of Llandrillo, co. Merioneth, Z604, 
treasurer of Bangor Cathedral with rectory of 
Llanvihangle-y-Traith, co. Merioneth, 2622. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Lloyd, John, of Flints, gent. St. John's CbtL., 
matric. ao Oct, 2592, aged 16 (subs. Floyd) ; RA. 
2 March, 2^94-5, dispensed towards M.A. 30 April, 
1597 1 possibly a student of Lincoln's Inn 25^ 
See Foster's Itins of Court Reg, 

Lloyd, John, of Anglesey, gent Christ Church, 
matnc. 26 Oct, 2599, aged 18 (subs, as Flofd); 
B.A. 28 June, Z603; M.A. from OriEL Coll. 2 
July, z6o8, rector of Llaneilan z6z6, and of 
Llandegvan with Beaumaris, co. Anglesey, 2620; 
brother of Richard z6z2. See Fasti, L 442 ; & 
Foster's Index EccL 

Lloyd, John, of ca Denbigh, pleb, Christ Churcr, 
matnc. 27 Feb.. 2603-4, »ged z8 ; RA. 28 June, 
2607, M.A. 22 June, 2620. rector of Llanbedr- 
Dyfeyn-Clwydd. co. Denbigh, 2625. SeeW/. WesL 
72 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Lloyd, John, of co. Cardigan, gent Jesus Coll., 
matric. 3 May z6z6, aged \f^ [aS] 

Lloyd, John, of Salop, pleb. Balliol Coll. , matric. 
zs Oct, 2620, aged 29 (subs. Floyd) ; RA. 20 Feb., 
2022-3, ^'^ 33 June, 2625 (as Lloyd); one of 
these names rector of Stratfield Ttizgis, Hants, 
2634. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lloyd, John, ofco. Denbigh, cler. fit Jesus Coll., 
matnc. 2 Nov., 2622, aged 29; B.A. 23 Feb., 
2622-^, M.A. 22 June, 2625; perhaps rector of 
Marchwiell, co. Denbigh, 2648, canon of St Asqjh 
2660, warden of Rutmn 2663, and ardideacon of 
Merioneth 2663, and rector of Uandudno, ca Car> 
narvon, 2666, sinecure rector of TJg««^tnnn (rst 
portion) 266a (died 2668) ; and perhaps brother U 
Hompbrey 1628. See Thomas, 252, 396. 

[ 925 ] 

John Lloyd. 


John Lloyd. 

L^OTdt John, 8. John, of Uanwrda, Salop, ann. 
LiNOOLN COxx., matric. 16 March. 1626-7, aged x8 ; 
a A. 15 Dec, 1629, M.A. 4 July. 1633; brother of 
Jodmi z697« 
Llojd, John ; M.A. or RD. of DuBUK University ; 
mcorporated 10 July. 1627, and at Cambridge same 
Iiloyd, John. s. Thomas, of LlangunUo, co. Cardigan, 
sacerd. jESUS Coll.. matric 25 Jan., 1627-8. 
Lloydy John, 4s. Jenkin, of BfrthUoyd. co. Montgomery, 
arm. Jesus Coll.. matric 3 Feb., 1631-2, aged 
zo (sobs, as Floyd) ; B. A. 21 June, 1633, M. A. 3 
MXf, 1636; perhaps of All Souls' Coll.. D.D. 
3 Aug.. 1660, '* chaplain to the king^ in his exile," 
canon of Windsor z8 Ju^, 1660. unul his death 9 
April, 1671. See Fasti, iL 236. 
XJOTO, John. 8. WilUam, of Trevile p), co. Merioneth, 
gent. Hast Hall, matric z6 Sept, 1634, aged 
17 ; RA. fl6 April, 1637 ; stodent of Inner Temple 
1644. SeeYosia's Inns 0/ Court Jieg, [5] 

Lloyd, John. s. John, of Llangeler, co. Carmarthen, 
pl^ Jesus Cgul,, matric 9 April, 1641, aged 17. 
LlOTd, John. gent. Pembsoke Coll.. matric 2a 

Feb., i65[>>x. 
Lloyd, John ; M.A. IhMn All Souls' Coll. D.D. 2 
Aug. . 1660. ** chaplain to the Idng in his exile," canon 
of^^ndsor x8 July, 1660 ; died 9 April, 1671. See 
John 1633. See Fasti, iL 236. 
LloTd, John. ann. Uniyersitt Coll., matric 15 

Jmie, 1651. 
Uoydy Jchn, pleb. MteTON Coll.. matric xo 
Marofa, X6567. B.A. 12 Oct, 1650; fellow Jesus 
Coll.. M.A. 1662. B.D. 15 March, 1669-76, D.D. 
1^4. principal of his college 1673-87, vice-chancellor 
x66a-5 (s. Morgan, of P^taine, 00. Carmarthen), 
precentor 1673. and treasurer of Llandaff cathedral 
X670, rector oiLandawke, co. Carmarthen, 1668-87, 
of Langwm 1671, and of Burton, co. Pembroke, 
x673,b&iop of St Davids Oct. 1686, until he died 
X2 ¥tb., 1086-7. probate at Oxford 21 Feb. See 
AtJk, iv. 870 ; & GuUh, I pp. 578. 586-7. flO] 

Llpydy John, '*ser.," 8. William, of London, pleb.. 
pp. E3CBTES Coll., matric 28 Mat, 1661, aged 19 ; 
B.A. from Gloucester Hall x8 fan., 1664-5. 
UOTd, John (or Floyd), s. George, of Wonston, Hants, 
minister. Wadham Coll., matric 13 Nov., 1662, 
aged z8 (as Floyd); scholar 1663-9, KA, 1666, 
M.A. 18 Feb., X668-9. vicar of Holyrood. South- 
ampton, 1675 ; brothor of Nicholas 1652. See AtA, 
tv- 7^ ; Gardiner, 245 ; ft Foster's /mdex EccL 
Uoydy John, s. John, of Kenswyn (?), co. Merioneth, 
arm. Jesus Coll., matric i Apnl, 1664, aged 15; 
student of Inner Temple 2664. See Foster's Inns 
Uoyd, John. s. Lewis, of Uangunnock (Llangynicke), 
CO. Carmarthen, arm. Jesus Coll., matric 2 
April, 1664, aged 15. 
Uoyd (Sir) John, ••bart," s. John, of Forrest, co. 
Carmarthen, bart Jesus Colu, matric. 29 0«t, 
z668, aged 17 ; created M. A. 9 July, x66o, a student 
of lincohi's Inn 1671 (as Floyd), and bart.; died 
in 1^4. See Foster's inns 0/ Court Beg, [IS] 

lilQyd. John, s. John, of Brecknock, pp. Christ 
Cburcb, matfic 17 May, x670b aged x8, &A. x6 
March, 1673-4; perhaps rector (^ Eas^, alias 
Qoeenhope 16791 of Bangor Is-y-Coed jor Mona- 
chomm). Flints, 1683, until deprived 1087, rector 
and vicar of Nannerch, Flints, 1688. See Foster's 
Index Feci* 
y.lnydy John, s. Hugh, of Foxhall. ca Denbigh, gent 
JBSUS Coll., matric xi Nov., X671. aged 19; 
student of Middle Temple 167a; perhaps licencad 
(v.G.) xo April, 1683, to many Anne Moore, of St 
Gilet-fn-the-Fields, sphister. See Foster's Inns of 
Ctfwrt R^, 
XJOjd, John. s. Roland, of Mallwyd, ca Merioneth, 
pp. Gloucester Hall, 28 Jane, X673. aged 24. 

Lloyd, John, s. Lewis, of Rhewcydog, co, Merioneth, 
gent Oriel Coll., matric 15 Oct, 1674. aged 

Lloyd, John. s. Edw., of Llanbedr, co. Denbigh, 
pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 24 March, 1674-f, 
aged x8 ; student of Gray's Inn X677. See Foster s 
Gra^s Inn Reg, [aO] 

Lloyd, John, s. Rees, of Lovesgrove, co. Cardigan, 
gent St. John's Coll., matric. 26 March, x^5, 
aged X7 ; bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, X687. see 
Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Lloyd, John, s. Th., of Uangaddock, ca Carmarthen, 
gent Jesus Coll., matric 6 April. 1677. aged 

Lloyd, John, s. Hugh, of Trawsfynydd, co. Merioneth, 
pp. New Inn Hall, matric 2 Nov., 1677, aged 
xo ; one of these names rector of Trawsfynydd 
1696-7. See Foster's Index EccI, 

Lloyd, John, s. Sim. , of Llanynys, co. Denbigh, der. 
Jesus Coll., matric 10 May, 1678, aged 16 ; vicar 
of Llanynys 1686. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lloyd, John, s. Thomas, of Kennarth, ca Carmar- 
then, pauper. All Souls' Coll. , matric 2^ Nov. . 
1681, aged x6 ; B.A. v\ Feb., 1685-6, vicar of 
Uangan 1690, and of Llanllwni, co. Carmarthen. 
X694. ^nctYG&Xxx*^ Index Eccl, [25] 

Lloyd, John, s. J., of Uanvcil, co. Merioneth, pleb. 
Jesus Coll., matric. 6 July, 1682, aged 16 ; B.A. 
21 Feb.. X686-7; perhaps rector of Llangar. ca 
Merioneth, 1689-91. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyd, John, s. Hug., of Corwen. co. Merioneth, 
paup. Jesus Coll., matric 24 March, x682-«, 
aged ao ; B. A. 23 March, 1688-9, vicar of Gwyddel- 
wem 1691-8, and of Uandrillo (all in co. Merioneth) 
X6Q8-1702. See Foster's Index Ecd, 

Lloyd, John, s. Marmaduke, of Whittington, Salop, 
gent Jesus Coll., matric 22 March, X687-8, 
aged 17 ; B.A. 1601, M.A. X694 ; one of these 
names rector of Wickenby, co. Lincoln, 170a 
another rector of Berrington, Salop. 17x6-43. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyd, John, s. Elis, of Llanvayr, ca Denbigh, gent 
JESUS Coll., matric 5 July, 168^, aged 17 ; bar.- 
at-law, Inner Temple, X697; his father of Plas 
Einion, co. Denbigh, esq., deceased. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers* 

Lloyd, John, s. J., of CO. Carmarthen, arnt Jesus 
Coll., matric 22 Oct, X690, aged 19. [SO] 

Lloyd, John, s. Ellis, of Oxford (city), gent Beasb- 
NOSE Coll., matric 8 Dec, 1691, aged x6. 

Lloyd, John, s. Joh., of Llangorse, co. Brecon, cler. 
Jesus Coll., matric 30 April, X697, aged x6, B.A. 
x March, X700-X ; M.A. X704, vicar of St I>avid's 
als. Llanvaes, co. Brecon, 1706 ; his father vicar of 
Langorse X673. ^^ Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyd, John. s. J., of Merioneth (town), arm. Jesus 
Coll., matric 7 April, 1698, aged 17. 

Lloyd, John, s. Tho., of Brecknock (town), pp. 
JESUS Coll., matric xa July, X698, aged x6. 

Lloyd. John, B. A. from Jesus Coll. ax April, x^oo, 
M.A. x6 March, 1704-c, incorporated at Cambndge 
X707. See Foster's Index Eccl, & JoHATHAN. [35 J 

Lloyd, John, 8. Rob., of Uan^emiew, 00. Denbigh, 
pp. St. Mart Hall, matnc. 27 June, X700, aged 
x6 ; B. A. from Chkist CmmcH 1704 ; perhaps 
rector of Uandulas, ca Denbigh, X7a3. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Lloyd, John, s. James, of Clapham, Sussex, der. 
Gloucester Hall, matric 19 July, X707, aged 
x6; mignited to Brasenose Coll. X707, B.A. 
X71X, mTa. from King's Coll., Cambridge, X794, 
rector of Maresfield, Sussex. X788. and vicar of 
Chiddingley, X737 ; his father viear of Rustinston, 
and rector, of Clapham. Sttsses, Z69X. Sac Kami, 
iv. x68 ; & Foster's Index Eccl, 

[ 926 ] 

John Lloyd. 

1500— 1714. 

Pierce Llovd. 

Lloyd, John, s. RIa, of Hereford (city), pleb. 
BrasenoseColl.. matric. 31 March, 1710, aged 
17 (subs, as Floyd) ; B.A. 29 Jan., 1713-4. M.A. 
from Magdalen Colu, (Cambridge, 1725 ; per- 
haps rector of Berrington, Salop, 1716-43, another 
vioLTof Boughrood, RadncM-, 1719-20, and rector of 
Cregina, Radnor, 1724-53. See Foster^t Indtx 

Lloyd, Jonathan, s. John, of Shrewsbury, Salop, gent. 

CHRIST Church, matric 21 April, 1642, aged 15. 
Lloyd, Jonathan, of Jesus Coll., 1696. See 


Lloyd, Joshua, s. John, of Llanwrda, Salop, arm. 
Lincoln Coll., matric. 16 March, 1626^. aged x8 ; 
B.A. a8 Jan., 1629-30 ; brother of John 1627. 

Lloyd, Joshua, s. Andr., of Aston, Salop, gent 
Jesus Coll., matric. 14 March, 1662-3, aged 16. 

Lloyd, Lewis (or Floyd), B.A. from Oriel Coll. 23 
Feb., 15967, M.A. 2 July, 1608; perhaps vicar of 
Whitford, Flints, 1617, and rector of Christleton. 
Cheshire, 162a See roster's Index Eccl, [6] 

Lloyd, Lewis, "ser." New Inn Hall, matric. 11 
Dec., 1658. 

Lloyd, Lewis (? Floyd or Flood), s. Rob., of Festiniog, 
CO. Merioneth, pleb., pp. Jesus Coll.. matric. 
S July, 1667, aged 19 ; one of these names vicar of 
Caerleon, of Whiston, and of Christchurch alias 
Trinity, co. Monmouth, 1663. See Foster's Indm 

Lloyd, Lewis, s. Ow., of *' Uangatuelin Lroe," pleb. 
Jesus Coll., matric 9 April, 1685, aged 17 ; B.A. 
z688, M.A. 1691. 

Lloyd, (Sir) Marmaduke, of co. Pembroke, gen. fil. 
Oriel Coll., matric 19 Oct, 1599, aged 14, B.A. 
28 June, 1603 ' of Milfidd, co. Cardigan, bar.-at- 
law, of Middle Temple, 1609 (as son and heir of 
Thomas, of St Davids, co. Pembroke), puisne 
judge court of sesssion, county palatine of Cheshire 
i62<, knighted 7 April, 1622. See Foster's Judges 
and Barristers, [3L0] 

Lloyd. Marmaduke, s. Francis, of Twickenham, 
Middlesex, gent. Balliol Coll. , matric. 4 May, 
169^, aged 15 ; student of Inner Temple 1698 ; 
buned in the 'Temple church 14 Feb., 1703-4. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Lloyd, Martin, s. Lewis, of Carmarthen, pp. JesU9 

Coll., matric 17 May, 167a, aged 16 (subs, as 

Lloyd, Matthew, M.A. from Jesus Coll., 3 July, 

Lloyd, Mathew, subscribed 23 April, 1613, B.A. from 

Hart Hall 26 Oct, x6i6. 

Lloyd, Maurice, B.A. 16 May, 1525, B.C.L. 21 June, 

1535- L**] 

Lloyd, Maurice, of co. Carmarthen, gent Jesus 

Coll., matric 26 Oct, 1582, aged 17 (subs, as 

Moris Lloyd). 

Lloyd, Maurice, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 17 
March, Z653-4 ; one of these names vicar of 
Bucknell, Salop, 1674, etc See Foster's Index 

Lloyd, Meredith, s. David, of Comber, co. Cardigan, 
pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric. 4 March, 
1694-5, aged 19; perhaps rector of Llanwenog, 
CO. Cardigan, 1717. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyd, (Sir) Nathaniel, is. Richard, of London, eq. 
aur. Trinitt Coll., matric 9 April, 1685. aged 
15; fellow All Souls' Coll. 1689, B.C.L. 
169Z, D.CL. 1696, incorporated at Cambridge 
1710, advocate 1696, admiralty advocate 1704-14, 
king's advocate 1715-27 ; knighted 29 May, 1710, 
master of Trinity HaU, Cambridge, 1710-35, and vice- 
chancellor 17Z0, bom in Dutdiv Land, Savoy, 29 
Nov., 1669 ; died at Sunbury 30 March, 1741. See 
Coote's CiviUofu, 87; & iS/. PaufsS. iP. 58. 


Lloyd, Nicholas, cler. fil Hart Hall, matric 15 
May, 1652 ; scholar of Wadham Coll. 20 Oct, 
1653, asof Wonston, Hants, aged 19; B.A. 16 J an., 
1655-6, fellow 1657-7A, M.A. 6 July, 1658, university 
rhetoric reader 1665 (s. George Lloyd), admitted to 
Winchester school 1644, lent lecturer at St 
Martin Carfax 1664, and rector 1665-70, chap- 
lain to Bishop Blandford, author of "A Geographical 
Dictionai^," rector of St Mary Newington, Surrey, 
1673, until his death 27 Nov., 1680 ; iMiried in the 
chancel ; brother of John Lloyd 1662. See AtA. L 
p. Ixvii ; Gardiner, 198 ; & Foster's Index EccU- 
siastieus, [^^] 

Lloyde, Noye, of CO. Gloucester, arm. Brasenose 
COLL., matric 5 Sept, 1584. aged 15. 

Lloyde, Oliver, of ca Montgomery, arm. St. Mart 
Hall, matric 25 Jan., 1588-9, aged 18 ; fellow of 
All Souls' Coll., B.C.L 22 Nov., 1597, D.C.1^ 
8 July, 1602, advocate 22 Nov., 1609. rector of 
Oynnogvawr, co. Carnarvon, 1615, chancellor of 
Herefoni, canon of Windsor 1615, dean of Here- 
ford 1617, tmtil his death in 1625 ; unde to the 
next-named. See Gutch, i 573 ; Coote's Civilians, 
70 ; Fasti, L 296 ; & Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyd, Oliver ; B. A. from St. Edmund Hall 6 Ju^, 
1621; fellow All Souls' Coll. 1624. B.C.L. 
June, 1627 (incorporated at Cambridge 1634), 
!.L. 8 Dec, 1635, ejected from his fellowship t^ 
the parliamentary visitors 1648 or 1651, restored 
z66o ; died in London 17 March, 1662 ; brother of 
]>sivid 1612. See Ath, iii 653 ; Burrows, 474 ; ft 
O.H,S, xil 399. 

Lloyd, Oliver, s. Charles, of Bletherwick, ca Radnor, 
pp. Jesus Coll., matric 30 April, 1678. aged 

Lloyd, Owen (Uoide), of Hart Hall 1568, B.A. 15 
Feb., 1571-2, MJL 5 Oct, 1573. L*»J 

Lloyd, Owen, of Anglesey, pleb. Queen's Coll., 
matric 10 Nov., 1621, aged 16 (subs, as Floyd); 
perhaps B.A. from Jesus Coll. 26 Feb., 1624-5, 
rector of Llanengan, ca Carnarvon, 1643. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lloyd, Owen, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 18 March, 
1657-8, B.A. 1661 ; of CO. Merioneth, admitted a 
pensioner of St. John's Coll., Cambridge, a6 
June, 1665 (seeA/<yw, p. 171), M.A. 1665, incor- 
porated at Oxford zx July, 1665, rector of Ltan- 
fechan, 1670, and of Lianwyddelan, ca Mont- 
gomery, 1670. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lloyd,Owen, s. Hugh, of Trawsfynydd, co. Merioneth, 
pleb. pp. Oriel Coll., matric. 15 March. 1666-7, 
aged 17; B.A. 1670, rector of Llanaber, oa 
Merioneth, z68i. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lloyd, Owen, s. John, of Uangwnadle, co. Carnarvon, 
pp. Gloucester Hall, matric 10 April, 1674, 
aged 16 (as Floyd) ; B.A. from St. Mary Hall 
28 Feb., 1677-8, M.A. 1686 as Llovd. 

Lloyd, Owen, s. Joh., of Llanrhaidr, ca Doibigh* 
gent Jesus Coll., matric. 14 Dec, 1702, aged 
18 ; B.A. 1706, rector of Kegidog St George, ca 
Denbigh, 17x2. See Foster's Index EccL [30] 

Lloyd, Owen ; B.A. from Trinity CoLU, Cambndge, 
1704-5, M.A. 1708, incorporated 14 July. 1712, 
rector of Uansadwm 1707, of Llandyfrydog 1708. 
and of Uanddeusant 1713, and of Llangefni (ail in 
Anglesey), iTS^i chancellor and canon of Bangor 
1741-7. See roster's Index Eccl. 

Lloyd, Pearse. See Pebres and Peter Floyd. 

Lloyd, Peter, subscribed 16 June, i6ia 

LlOTd, Philip, s. Joh., of Langorse, co. Brecon, cler. 

Jesus Coll., matric 21 May, 1713, aged 18, B.A. 

18 March, 171&7; M.A. from King's Coll., 

Cambridge, 1721. 
Lloyd, Pierce, s. P., of Penrose, co. Anglesey, gent 

Jesus Coll., matric 17 Dec, 1669, aged 16; 

student of Lincoln's Inn Z67Z. See Foster's Inns 

of Court Reg, \%t\ 

[ 9V ] 

Pierce Lloyd. 

1500 — 1714. 

Richard Lloyd. 

Llojd, Pierce, s. Tha. of Kitsfidd, co Montgomery, 
gent Balliol Coll.. matric 21 June, i^, 
aged 15 ; ber.-at-law, Inner Temple, x68a. See 
Foster^s Judges amdBarrisUrs. 

Lloyd, Rees, of co. Cardigan, arm. Lincoln Coll., 
matric. 10 Oct, 1594, aged 17. 

Lloyd, Rice, of ca Cardigan, pleb, Okiel Colu. 
matric. 18 Jtme, 1610, aged 20; B.A. 36 Nov., 
1610; perhaps rector of Cregina 1619, Disserth 
1633. and of Gladestry (all ca Radnor), 2637. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Lloyd, Rice, s. Richard, of Ruabon, co. Denbigh, 
doctoris. Balliol Coll., matric. 20 April, 1633, 
aged 18 ; B.A 4 May, 1633 ; fellow of All Souls' 
Coll., M.A 16 Jan., 1635-6, created B.D. i or 2 
Nov., 1643 ; brother of Samuel 1636, and of 
Humphrey 1638. 

Lloyd, Rice, gent. Oriel Coll., matric. 31 July, 
167Z, aged 16 (subs. Price). L^l 

Lloyd, Richard ; fellow of Merton Coll. 1563-8, 
fe. A. 29 April, 1562, M.A. K July, 1566 ; buned in 
the cemetery. See Gutch, £ app. 207; & OM.S. 
vr. 366. 

Lloyd, Richard, of co. Cardigan, gent Christ 
Chi;rch. matric. 17 Nov., 1581, aged 19 ; student 
1579. B.A 30 Jan., 1581-2, M.A. 10 Feb., 1584-5, 
rector of L&ngeitho, co. Cardigan, 1588 ; perhaps 
brother of Griffith and Thomas 1564. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Lloyd, Richard, of co. Merioneth, pleb. Oriel 
Coll.. matric 4 Feb., 1591-2, aged 18 (as Floyd) ; 
B.A. z6Dec, 1595; M.A from Lincoln Coll. 6 
July, 1598, B.D. 18 March, 1605-6. D.D. 1617, 
rector of Llangwm, co. Pembroke, 1601, vicar of 
Macbjmlleth, co. Montgomery, 1602. rector of 
Llanwchyllyn 1603, of Trawsfynydd, co. Merioneth, 
x6o6. a cursal canon of St Asaph x6xi, vicar of 
Uangemiew 1609, of Abergele 1611, of Gresford 
1613. of Ruabon 1615-42, and rector of Marchwiel 
(all CO. Denbigh), 1615, sinecure rector of Llan- 
sannan (2nd portion) 1617, and of Ysecifiog, Flints, 
1621 ; died at Ruabon about 1642 ; father of Rice 
1632, of Scunuel 1626, and of Humphrey 1628. 
See FasH. I 373 ; THOMAS, St, Asaph \ & Fosters 
Index Eul, 

Lloyd, Richard (Lhoyd), of co. Anglesey, pleb. 
Oriel Coll., matric. 3 April, 1612. aged 17 ; B.D. 
7 May. 1628 (5s. David, of Henblas in Llangristiolis, 
in Anglesey) ; rector of Sunning, Berks, and vicar 
of Tylehurst, deprived and several times imprisoned, 
taught a private school at Oxford for several 
years and died there June, 2659, buried at Sl 
Petals in the Bayley ; brother of John 1599. of 
William 16x2; father of Richard 1639, and William 
1639. See Atk, iii. 472 ; & Fastis i. 441. 

liloyd, Richard, of co. Brecknock, pleb. J Esus Colu , 
matric. 3 May, 16x6, aged 18. [10] 

Uoyd, Richard; B.A. from Christ Church 29 
Nov., 162a 

Uoyd, Richard; EA from Hart Hall 7 Feb., 

XJoyd, Richard, s. Hugh, of Nantmel, 'Devon* 
(Radnor), pleb. Exeter Coll., matric 13 Dec.. 
1623, aged 20 (as Floyd); B.A. '31 Jan., 1625-6, 
M.A zo July, 1628. as Lloyd ; perhaps knighted 7 
Oct., 1642. as of Denbigh, and M.P. co. Radnor 
x66i. until his death in 1676. See Foster's Parlio' 
mentary Dictionary. 

LJoyd^ Richard, 4s. John, of Llanrhaiadr, co. Denbigh, 
militis. Jesus Coll., matric. 30 April, 1624, aged 
28; B.A. 9 FeK, 1625-6, M.A. zo July, z^, 
peiiiaps incorporated at Cambridge Z637 ; rector of 
LJanhychan, co. Denbigh, Z633. and of Clocaenog. 
ca Denbigh, 1633. See Foster's Index EccL [1ft] 

Llojrd, Richard, arm. Wadham Coll.. matric. 25 
June, Z624, aged 17 ; perhaps EA. 7 Fdx, 1623-4. 

Lloyd, Richard, s. Thomas, of (Stratfidd) Turgis, 
Hants, sacerd. Pembroke Coll., matric za 
Mav. Z626, aged z8 (subs, as Floyd) ; brother ol 
William Z626. 

LlOTd. Richard ; RA from Trinitt Coll., Cam- 
briage. Z628-9. M.A. Z632. incorporated Z632 or 
Z635 ; one of these names rector of Tibberton. co. 
Gloucester. Z638. See FcuH, i. 477; & Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Lloyd, Richard, s. Richard, of Sunning, Berks, 
sacerd. Oribl Coll., matric. entry dated 25 
March, Z639, aged za ; B.A. frt>m Jesus Coll. 25 
Oct. Z642. 

LlOTd, Richard, gent LINCOLN COLL., matric. xx 
Nov., Z650 : B.A 2 Feb., Z653-4. 

Lloyd, Richard, "ser." Christ Church, matric. 
27 Nov., Z65X [ao] 

Lloyd, (Sir) Richard; fellow of All Soin^* Coll., 
B.C.L. 25 June, z65f. D.C.L. a Dec., Z662; 
admitted to Gray's Inn Z655, advocate z66^, ad- 
miralty advocate 1674-85, chaincellor of the diocese 
of Llandaff, and of the diocese of Durham, knighted 
at Whitehall 16 Jan., Z676-7, dean of the arches 
1684-6, a judge of the high court of admiralty Z685-6 
(2S. Andrew Lloyd, of Aston, Salop). M.P. Durham 
city Z679-8Z, z68i, and 1685, until his death 28 
June, z686, aged 52, M. I. St Bennet Paul's wharf ; 
father of Nathaniel. See FctsHt ii. 262; RawL 
xviiL 48 ; Le Neve's Knights, xi^ ; Coote's Civilians, 
87 ; & Lansdcwne MS. 985, L 268. 

Lloyde, Richard, s. Erasmus, of Llanhrystid, co. 
Cardigan, gent jESUS CoLL., matric. zz May, 
X665. aged z8. 

Lloyd, Richard ; St. Mart Hall, matria Z4 July, 
1665. aged 17 ; B. A Z669. 

Lloyd, Richard, s. Tho., of Emstrey. Salop, gent 
St. Mary Hall, matric. 4 March, Z669-70, aged 
z8 ; B A Z673, M.A 1676, rector of Petton, Salop, 
Z691. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyd, Richard, s. Humphrey, bishop of Bangor. 
Oriel Coll., matric. 17 Dec., 167^, aged z8; a 
student of Gray's Inn 1675 (as Floyd), registrary ol 
Bangor; brother of Francis Z678. See Foster's 
Grays Inn Reg, [Z%] 

Lloyd, Richard, s. Rich., of Arlington, co. Denbigh, 
gent Jesus Coll.. matri& zo July. Z675, aged 
Z7; student of Gray's Inn, Z678. See Foster's 
Gray's Inn Reg. 

LlO^rd, Richard, s. Merideth, of Llanbadam, co. Car- 
digan, pp. St. John's Coll., matric. Z4 July, 
z^6, c4»^ 19! perhaps B.A. from St. Mary 
Hall 8 July, z68o, and vicar of Llanrhisted, ca 
Cardigan, Z684. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lloyd, Richard, s. Hug. , of Llanrhaiadr, co. Denbigh, 
gent Jesus Coll.. matric. 20 March, Z677-8, 
aged z8; perhaps bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, Z685. 
See Foster^s Judges and Barristers. 

Lloyd, Richard, s. R., of Pentridge, Dorset, cler. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. 5 June, Z679, ^^ 17 ; 
B.A. from All Souls' Coll. 22 Feb., 1682-3; 
M.A. frt>m New Inn Hall Z685, rector of Winter- 
bourne Zelstone 1708. and vicar of Great Canford, 
Dorset, Z623. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lloyd, Richard, s. Edm., of London, gent Oriel 
Coll., matric 25 March, Z702-3. aged Z5 ; bar.-at- 
law. Inner Temple, Z7za. See Foster's Judges and 
Barristers. [SO] 

Lloyd, Richard, s. Rich., of Kerry, in Munster. gent 
Balliol Coll., matric. 4 July, 17Z0, aged Z7, B.A. 

[ 928 ] 

Richard Lloyd. 

1500 — 1714. 

Simon Lloyd. 

Lloyd, Richard, s. R, of St Asaph, Flints, gent. 
Jesus Coll., matric. ri March, 1712, aged 17 ; 
B. A 9 Feb. , 171 5-16, M. A. 1718 ; perhaps rector of 
Llanfarynmahr 172a, and of Llanvihangle, 00. Mont- 
gomery, 1723, rector of Knoddn. Salop, 1727, vicar 
of Kinnerley, Salop, 1754-9. SeeTHOMAS, Si, Asaph, 
6^1 ; & Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyd, Richard, s. David, of Kilkenny, 00. Cardigan, 
gent Jesus Coll., matric. 23 Nov., 1714, aged 
Z7 ; B.A 1718 ; one of these names M.P. Cardigan 
(May) Z739-41 ; died 16 July, 1757. See Foster's 
Parliamentary Dictionary, 

LlO jde, Robert ; student residing in the town in July, 
1562. Tutor, — Jones, of St. John's Coll. 

Lloyd, Robert, of ca Denbigh, pleb. St. Alban 
Hall, matric xa April, 1583, aged x6; B.A 4 
April, 1587, M.A 3 June, 159a 

Lloyd, Robert, of co. Radnor, gent Jesus Colu, 
matric. a July, 1585. aged 21, Mr. Case's scholar ; 
possibly B. A from New Inn Hall, 10 July, 1588, 
and B.C.L. 25 June, 1589. [5] 

Lloyd, Robert, of ox Carnarvon, pleb. Christ 
CHimcH, matric 29 Oct, 1585, aged 90; B.A 
from TRiNmr Coll. 6 July, 1588 ; M.A from 
Christ Church 10 July. 1591 ; perhaps RD. 
from St. Mary Hall o June. 1602. and rector of 
Halkin, Flints, i<94, vicar of Wrexham 1598. of 
Chirk 1615. of Uanwrst (all co. Denbigh), 1620, 
vicar of T .lanasa 1615, and of Cwm. Flinu, 1625, 
rector of Uand^il, 00. Montgomery, 1635, vicar 
of Nannerch, Fhnts, 1629, canon of St Asaph 1624, 
etc See Thomas, St, Asaph, 477, etc ; & Foster s 
Indix Eccl. 

Lloyd, Robert, of co. Denbigh, pleb. Gloucester 
HALL, matric 2a Nov., 1588, aged ao: perhaps 
B.A from Hart Hall 4 Feb., 1591-3, as Floyd. 

Lloyde, Robert, of co. Montgomery, pldx Oriel 
Coll., matric 14 Oct, 1597, aged 17 (subs, as 
Floyd); perhaps B. A from All Souls' Coll. 17 
July, x6oi ; chaplain New Coll., M.A 39 May, 
1605 ; one of these names beneficed in Oxfordshire 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyde. Robert, of Salop, gent Exeter Coll., 
matric 31 Oct, 1600, aged 16 (subs, as Floyd) ; 
B.A from Jesus Coll. xo May, 1604, M.A xo 
Feb., 1606-7. 

Lloyd, Robert, of ca Denbigh, pld>. Christ 
Church, matric a6 June, i6(^, aged ao ; B. A 30 
April, x6io ; perhaps vicar of T«lanfair«Dyf&yn' 
Clwd, and of Llanrwst, ca Denbigh, x6aa See 
Foster's Index Eccl, [10] 

Lloyd, Robert, B.A from Trwity Coll. ai June, 
16x3 ; perhaps M.A from Hart Hall a6 June, 
x6x6 ; one of these names rector of Trawsfynydd, 
CO. Merioneth, 1618. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyd, Robert, of co. Denbigh, gent Oriel Coll., 
matric 37 Oct, 1615, aged 15, B.A 13 Dec, 1617; 
perhaps M.A from Jesus Coll. 18 April, i6ax 
(incoiporated at Cambridge 1627). proctor 1628; 
possibly student of Inner Temple 1619, as of 
Ruabon. ca Denbigh, gent See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg, & Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyd, Robert, B.A. from Jesus Coll. a June, 1627, 
M.A 33 June, 1630. 

Lloyd, Robert, s. Robert, of Chirk, co. Denbigh. 
Jesus Coll., matric ao June, 1628, aged 19 ; B.A 
II July, 1628; perhaps vicar of Bettws-yn-Rhos 
1628, and rector of Llanhychan, ca Denbigh, 1633. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyd, Robert, s. Thomas, of Llanhawon, 00. MoDt- 

Xsmery, gent Pembroke Coll.. matric 26 
pril, 1662, aged 20 ; B A. X665. student of Gray's 
Inn 1663. See Foster's Grafs Inn Reg. [15] 

Lloyd, Robert, s. John, of Horsmonden, Kent, ffem. 
BRASENOSE CoLL., matric 14 Julv, 1665. 9£^ i^: 
possibly a student of Middle 'Teinple 1668, his 
father as of Westminster, gent See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg, 

Lloyd, Robert, & David, of ca Anglesey, der. 
Jesus Coll., matric ao March, 1683-4, ac;ed x8 ; 
B.A 1688. 

Lloyd, Robert, a. William, of Llansanfraid, oa Mont- 
gomery, pleb. Jesus Coll.. matric 95 Fdx» 
1688-9, aged 17, B. A 1603 ; M. A from All Souls* 
Coll. 1696. rector of riirnant ca Montgomery, 
1716. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lloyd, Robert, s. Evan, of Nantglvn, co. Denblgfa« 
pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 14 Jan., i7oa-3, aged 
19 ; B.A from St. John's Coll. 1706^ CX9] 

Lloyd, Robert, s. R(obert), of Aston, Salon, arm. 
Magd. Hall, matric 5 April, 1707, aged 18, of 
Aston ; a student of Inner Temple 1708 ; died un- 
married 7 Jtme, 1734. See Foster s Inns of Court Reg, 

Lloid, Roderick, of CO. Cardigan, pleb. New Coll.. 
matric 24 Nov., 1581, aged 17; fellow of Ali. 
Souls' Coll., B.A 15 Feb., 1586-7. B.CL. 13 
July, 1591, sup. for DC.L. 27 June, 1599, registrar 
of the university ; died 21 April, 1609 ; will at 
Oxford proved 20 July following. See Gutch, L 993. 

Lloyd, Roderick, of ca Merioneth, pleb. Jesus 
Coll.. matric. 9 Feb., 1503-4. aged 20; B.A supL 
38 March, 1590, M.A 26 June, 1602. 

Lloyd, Roger, s. Joh. of Haverfordwest, ca Pembroke, 
pleb. Jesus Coll. matric i July, 1670, aged 16 ; 
B.A from Bkasenose Coll. 1674, MA. 1677, 
rector and vicar of Tenby St Mary 1682, rector of 
Yerbeston 1686. of Llawrenny 1688, and of Burton, 
CO. Pembroke, 1691. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyd, Roger, s. Peirs, of Anglesey (town), gent 
JESUS Coll., matric 16 May, 1678, aged ao; 
B.A. 19 Jan., 1681-2. 

Lloyd, Rossindale, s. Foulk, of Fox Hall, ca Denbigh, 
gent Tesus Coll., matric 20 Feb.. 1704-5, aged 
17; B. A 3 March, 1708-9, M.A 16 Jan., 1711-ia, 
B. and D. D. 17 Mav, 1723. For verses on the death 
of Rosindale Lloyd, M.D., who died at Wrexham 
a Sept, 1754, see Genfs, Mag, 1735, p. 103. [25] 

Lloyde. Rowland, of Salop, gent Bkasenose Coll., 
matric 22 April, 1586, ag^ 18. 

Lloyd, Rowland, s. David, of Cerrigmawra, co. 
Monensis (Cerrigceinwen, ca Anglesey), pleb. 
Jesus Coll., matric 11 Jan., 1637-8, aged 33; 
B.A 33 Feb., 1627-8 ; perhaps rector of Llanlhrfini, 
00. Carnarvon, 1661, of Uaneilian, als. St HiUary. 
1661, and of Llangefni, 00. Anglesey, 1669. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyd. Samuel, s. Rkshard, of Ruabon, 00. Denbigh, 
S.'T.D. Jesus Coll., matric 9 June. i6b6, agied 
18 ; B. A 5 Julv, 1626, M.A 11 July, 1638, vicar 
of Steventon, Berks, 1630, rector of Penifoes, ca 
Montgomer]r, 1632, vicar of Gresford, oa Denbigh, 
1635-73, \mtil his death in 1673 ; sinecure rector of 
Llansannan (and portion) 164^, and of dcain. 
Flints, 1644, rector of Aldford, Cheshire, 1663; 
brother of Humphrey 1628, and of Rice z6^ 
See Thomas. St. Asaph, 397 ; & Foster^s Index Reel. 

Lloyd, Samuel, s. Tho., of Hales Owen. Salop, pp. 
Pembroke Coll., matric 14 April, 1671, aged 16 ; 
B.A 1674. 1^9] 

Lloyd, Simon ; R A from Trinttt Coll. , Cambridge, 
1609-10, as Floyd ; incorporated as M.A 3 Mar, 
1615; perhaps vicar of Llansilin. ca Denbigh, 
i6i<. and rector of Newtown 1617, vicar of Bettws. 
CO. Montgomery, 1627, sinecure rector and vicar of 
Llanynys. co. Denbigh, 1640, deprived but reinstated 
1665. (at the restoration), canon of Bangor 1667, trea- 
surer of Bangor and rector of Llanvihangel-y-trarth, 
CO. Merioneth, 1670, archdeacon of Merioneth and 
rector of Llandudno, co. Carnarvon, 167a ; died 4 
Dec , 1675, buried at Llanynys ; father of John z^tQl 
See Thomas, St. Asaph, 430 ; & Foster's/i^dr Eccl. 

[ 939 ] 

Simon Lloyd. 


Thomas Lloyd. 

liojd^ Staooa ; RA. from Jesus Colu 96 March, 

1645 » I^^ <6 terxni at Cambridge, 
lioyd, Simon, s. Robert, of Llanelidan, ca Denbigh, 

pp. Christ Chuhch, matric 9 July, 1673, aged z6. 

LlOTd, Stephen, of co. Radnor, gent. St. Ma&y 
Hall, matric. 19 Oct, 1599, aged 2a 

UoTd, Stephen, s. Ric. , of Wimbome, Dorset, cler. 
Baluol Coll., matric. 36 Jan., 1713-14, aged 
x6 ; B.A. from All Souls' Coll. 1717 ; M. A 
from Emanuel Coll. , Cambridge, 1725, rector of 
Winterboume Zelstone, Dorset, 1733. as Stephen 
Bowdidge Lloyd. See Foster's /nJex EccL 

Lloyd, Thomas (Floyd) *. fellow ALL Souls' Coll. 
1510, BwCL. sup. 31 May, 1510, B.Can.L ao 
Fd>., 15x3-14, D.Can.L sup. la July, 1519, 
probabhr beneficed in Pembrokeshire. See Foster's 
Initx Red, [5] 

Uojd, Thomas ; B.C.L. from All Souls' Coll. 39 
reb., 1533-4, chauntor of St. David's 1534-47, and 
probably beneficed in Pembrokeshire. See Lans- 
imau MS, 979, t 124 ; PasU^ L 63 » & Foster's 
Index EccU 

Lloyd, Thomas, B.C.L. 31 Oct, 1525, secular 
chaplain. B.Can.L sup. 12 July, 1529, probably 
beneficed in Pembrokeshire. S»ee Fosters Index 

Lloyd, Thomas, of Cardigan, arm., in or before 1564, 
aged 30 : a singing man of Christ Chusch, 
and perhaps student 1569, B. A 7 July, 1573, M. A 
7 June, 1575; canon of Hereford 1572, vicar 
Uanvihan^ Gdindrod or (Y-Creuddyn), co. 
Cardigan, 1574, canon and treasurer of St. 
David's 1574, rector of Llangunllo, oa Cardigan, 

1577, precentor of Brecon 1583, rector of Nolton, 
CO. Pembroke, 1585, and of Lanfair Orllwyn, co. 
Cardigan. 1588 ; died 8 March, 1612-13 ; father of 
Maimaduke 1599, and brother of Griffith 1564, 
See Foster's Indae EccL 

Lloyde, Thomas, of co. Cardigan, pleb. jESUS 
Coll., matric. entry under date 20 Sept, 1575. 
aged 17, as Floyd ; B.A. 37 March, 1576 (as 
Lloyd), perhaps vicar of Penryn, 00. Cardigan, 
1594. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lloyd. Thomas ; B.A. from St. Mary Hall 12 July, 
1570. MA. ao March, 1582-3. [10] 

Lloyde, Thomas, of ca Glamorgan, pleb. Brase- 
NOSE Coll., matric entry imder date 8 Dea, 

1578. aged 14 ; B.A 37 Oct, 1579, M.A 39 
March, 1583. 

Lloyde, Thomas, of co. Gloucester, arm. Brase- 
NOSB Coll., matric. under date xa Dea, 1580, 
aged 17. 

Llold, Thomas, of co. Carmarthen, gent Jesus 
Cci-L., matric i Nov., 1581, aged 17 ; perhaps 
M. A. 3 July, 1585. 

Lloide, Thomas, of ca Montgomery, gent. Brase- 
NO6E Coll., matric 3 Maroi, 1581-3, aged 17. 

Lloyd, Thomas, of co. Cardigan, arm. Brasenose 
Coll., matric 8 Dec, 1587, aged 17. [16] 

Lloyde. Thomas, of Wilts, gent Merton Coll., 
matric 36 June, 1590, aged 17. 

Lloyd, Thomas, of co. Brecon, pleb. Jesus Coll., 
matric 4 Feb., 1591-3, aged 18. 

Lloyde, Thomas, of Flint, arm. Brasenose Coll. , 
matnc 10 Oct., 1594, aged 16, B.A 7 July, 1598 ; 
brother of William 1594. 

Lloyd, Thomas, of co. Carmarthen, pleb. Jesus 
Colu, matric 14 Oct, 1W7, aged 17; B.A. 30 
June, 1601, and perhaps B.C.L. 14 July, 1603. 

Lloyd, Thomas (Lhuide), of co. Gloucester, cler. fit 
St. Alban Hall, matric. 3 March, 1603-4, ^g^ 
17 ; B. A 6 May, 1607, M.A 3 July, 1610, as Lloyd, 
then in orders ; perhaps rector of Mongewell, Oxon, 
16L4. See Foster's /m^ iSf^/. [aoj 


Lloyd, Thomas, of London. Christ Church, 
matric 7 Nov., 1606, aged 18; perhaps B.A from 
Oriel Coll. 24 Jan., 1606-7, M.A zx July, i6ia 

LlOTde, Thomas, of Southants, der. fit Broadgates 
hall, matric 13 Nov., 1619, aged 19, as Floyd ; 
E.A. 10 May, z63a MA. x Feb., 1633-3, as Lloyd. 

Lloyd, Thomas; B.A from Hart Hall a8 June, 
1630, M. A 33 June, X633. 

Lloyde, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Bristol dty, pleb. 
St. John's Coll., matric 4 July, 1633, aged x6; 
B.C.L. X7 April, 1630 (incorporated at Cambridge 
X634), D.C.L. X3 June, 1639, rector of Rolwright, 
Oxon, X635 ; one of these names rector c^ Great 
Whitcombe, co. Gloucester, 1639. ^^ Foster's 
Index Eccl. & Add, MS. 15,670, p. 87. 

Lloyd, Thomas, s. David, of Nantgimlle, ca Car- 
digan, pleb. Hart Hall, matric 8 July, 1635, 
aged 30 ; B.A. x Feb., 1636-7. [aij 

Lloyd, Thomas ; B.A. from Hart Hall 37 June, 

Lloyd, Thomas, s. Hugh, of Narberth, 00. Pembroke, 
sacerd. Jesus Coll., matric 34 July, 1635; 
his fSather rector of Narberth 1617. See Foster's 
Index Bui, 

Lloyde, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Whitminster, co. 
Gloucester, arm. Magdalen Hall, matric 37 
April, X638, aged X7. 

Lloyd, Thomas, s. Richard, of Ystraddile, ca Car- 
digan, gent. St. Alban Hall, matric 37 Nov., 
Z640, aged 16 ; brother of Erasmus same date. 

LlOTd, Thomas pleb. Jesus Coll., matric z8 
March, 1657-8. [80] 

Lloyd, Thomas, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 9 Aug., 
1658, B.A 39 Jan., 1661-3. 

Lloyd, Thomas, pleb. Nbw Inn Hall, matric. 3x 
March, 1658-9. 

Lloyd, Thomas, s. Edward, of Kinnerley, Salop, pp. 
HART Hall, matric X3 July, x66i, aged 17. 

Lloyd, Thomas, s. Th., of Cardigan (town), pleb. 
St. Mary Hall, matric. zo AprU, X663, aged X9. 

Lloyd, Thomas, s. Morgan, of Uanbalk, co. Car- 
marthen, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 18 March, 
X664-5, aged 15 ; B.A 1668, M.A 167X, probar 
tionary fdlow ; died a Nov., 1673. See Gutch^ \, 
S90. [3S] 

Lloyd, Thomas s. Joh,, of Anglesey (town), pp. 
Gloucester Hall, matric. 39 March, 1673, aged 


Lloyd, Thomas s. Peirs, of Penrose, co. Anglesea, 
gent Jesus Coll., matric. 3 Julyi 1674. aged x8 ; 
perhaps student of the Inner Temple 1674, as of 
Lixroy, co. Anglesey. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Lloyd, Thomas, s. T., of Grove, co. Pembroke, gent 
University Coll., matric X4N0V., X676, agedx8; 
B.A 1680. 

Lloyd, Thomas, s. Th., of Llangadock, co. Carmar- 
then, gent. Jesus Coll., matric. 6 April, \(fn* 
aged x5 ; possibly student of Gray's Inn, 1679, as 
of Dan-y-ralt, 00. Carmarthen, esq. See Foster's 
Gray Sinn Reg, 

Lloyd, Thomas, s. Job., of Cowbridge, co. Glamorgan, 
paup. Jesus Coll., matric x5 Nov., 1678. a^^ed 
18; B.A 1683 ; perhaps vicar of St. Bride's Major, 
CO. Glamorgan, X700. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyd, Thomas, s. Tho., of Evenhall. Salop, arm. 
Trinity Coll., matric X4 March, 1678-9, aged 18. 

Lloyd, Thomas, s. Th. , of Llangathen, co. Carmar- 
then, gent Jesus Coll., matric X7 Dec, i68x, 
aged 18. 

Lloyd, Thomas, s. Th., of Wrexham, ca Denbigh, 
gent Jesus Coll., matric 35 Feb., X688-9, aged 
15; B.A. X50ct, Z690, M.A. a8 May, 1695. 

[ 930 ] 

Thomas Lloyd. 


William Lloyd. 

lAoydf Thomas, s. Rich, of Anglesea (town), paup. 
JESUS Coll., matria 13 March, 1688-9, aged z8 ; 
B. A. from St. Mart Hall 3 April, 1693. 

Lloyd, Thomas, s. John, of "Gurich," co. Denbigh, 
gent Jesus Coll., matria 16 Jan., 1702-3, aged 
18 ; B.A. 1706, M.A. 1709, vicar of Llandrillo-yn- 
Rhos, CO. Denbigh, 1718, and of Llansannan 1726, 
and rector of Lkindogget (all co. Denbigh) 17^5. 
rector of Llysfaen, co. Carnarvon, 1737. Seie 
Thomas, Si. Asa^, 397 ; & Foster's fnaex EccL 

Lloyd, Thomas, s. Moig. (Rob. in 410.), of Llanr- 
naidr, co. Montgomery, arm. Jesus Coll., matric. 
7 March, 1705-6, aged 16. 

Lloyde, Walter (senr. ), of co. Gloucester, arm. Brase- 
NOSE Coll., matric. entry under date 12 Dec., 
1580, aged z8 ; B. A. sup. 27 April, 1583. 

Lloyd, Walter, of co. Cardigan, gent Lincoln 
COLL., matric 7 Nov., 1595, aged 15. [S] 

Lloyd, Walter, s. Dav., of Llanbadam, co. Cardigan, 
pleb. Brasenosb Coll., matric. 6 July, 1697, 
aged 19. 

Brecknock, 00. Brecon, gent See Foster s Inns of 
C<nirt Reg, 

LlOYd, Watkin, gent Oriel Coll., matric. xo 
March, 1656-7. 

Lloyd, Watkins, s. David, of *• Wamnewiih," co. 
Cardigan, arm. UNiVERsmr Coll., matric. 14 
July, Z711, aged 19; student of Inner Temple 1706 
(as of Wemsewydd). See Foster's Inns of Court 

Lloyd, William ; B. A. 9 May, 1524, M K, sup. 21 
Oct, 1527. [10] 

Lloyd. William (or Floyde); B.A. n Feb., 1574-5, 
M.A. 12 June, 1578. 

Llold, William, of co. Montgomery, pleb. Brase- 
nosb Coll., matric. 5 March, 1584-5. aged 20; 
B.A. from Jesus Coll. 7 Dea, 1^88. M.A. 9 June, 
1591, cursal canon of St Asaph 1587, sinecure 
rector of Llanrhaiadr in Mochnant, co. Denbigh, 
1590, rector of Llanfechan, co. Montgomery, 
i59o-x6oa See Foster's Index EccL ; & Thomas, 
St. Asaph, 523. 

Lloyd, William, of co. Brecon, gent Jesus Coll., 
matric. 23 Oct, 1590, aged 18 ; possibly a student 
of Gra/s Inn 1594, as of Towey, co. Brecon. See 
Fosters Gray's Inn^Reg. 

Lloyd, William, of Northants, cler. fil. St. Alban 
HALL, matric. 30 Oct, 1590, aged 14, subs, as 

Lloid, William, of Salop, gent Gloucester Hall, 
matric. 12 March, 1590-1, aged 21 ; perhaps bar.- 
at-law, Gray's Inn, 1600, as of Bettws, Salop, and 
as Floyd, als. Lloyd. See Foster's Judges and 
Barristers. [15] 

Lloyde, William, of (? Flint) Wales, arm. Brase- 
nosb Coll., matric. 10 Oct, 1594, aged 18; 
perhaps student of Lincoln's Inn 1596, as of 
Flints ; brother of Thomas 1594. 

Lloyd, William, of co. Cardigan, arm. LINCOLN 
Coll., matric. 10 Oct., 1594, aged 14. 

LlOYd, William (or Floyd) ; RA. from St. Edmund 
Hall 7 July, 1602, M.A. 30 June, 1607, then in 
orders; perhaps rector of Llangyniew, 00. Mont- 
gomery, 1617. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyde, William, of CO. Merioneth, pleb. Oriel 
COLL., matric. i July, 1603, aged 18 (as Floyd) ; 
B.A. ftom Hart hall 11 Feb., 1606-7 (as Lloyd), 
rector of Trawsf3niydd, co. Merioneth, z6iz. See 
Foster^s Index EccL 

Lloyd, William (Lhoyd), of co. Anglesey, pleb. 
Oriel Coll., matric. 3 April, 1612, aged 18; 
B.A. zo Feb., 16x5-6, M.A. 17 Oct, 1618, then in 
orders, rector of Llaneilian, ca Angles^, 1620; 
brother of John 1599, and of Richard z6z2. See 
Fasti, i. 44Z ; & Foster's Index Eccl [ao] 

Lloyd, William ; B.A. from Exeter Coll. 97 May, 

Lloyd, William, of co. Merioneth, pleb. Hart Hall, 
matric. o Nov., z6ai, aged Z7; B.A. 6 Feb., 
Z623-4 ; M. A. from Jesus Coll. 2 June, Z627. 

Lloyd, William, s. Thomas, of Ttirgis, Sonthants, 
sacerd. Pembroke Colu, matric. 12 May, i6a6, 
aged 22 (subs, as Floyd) ; B.A. frx>m Hart Hall, 
zi Feb., Z630-Z, M.A. 29 Oct, Z633; brother of 
Richard Z626. 

Lloyd, William, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. x 
March, Z632-3, n.A. next day. 

Lloyd, William, s. John, of Pentraith, oa Anglesnr, 
pleb. Corpus Christi Coll., matric. ao March, 
1^34-5* ^m:^ 18 (subs, as Flovd) ; B.A. from Jesus 
Coll. 23 Jtme, Z638 ; M. A. from Corpus Chbisti 
Coll. zo June, Z64Z, rector of Trefdra^h, ca 
Anglesey, Z657. See Foster's Index Eul. [a5] 
Lloyd, William, s. Thomas, of Woodford, Northants, 
sacerd. Jesus Coll., matric. 23 Oct, Z635, aged 
Z5; B.A Z7 Oct, Z638, M.A. 2 July. Z64Z ; 
perhaps vicar of East Stoke, Notts, Z642, and 
sequestered to the rectorv of Woodford, Northants 
(2 moieties), Z645, by the Westminster assembly, 
but ejected for nonconformity in z662. See Add, 
MS. Z5.669, p. 52; Calamy, iii 50; & Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

Lloyd, William, s. Richard, of Sunning, Berks. 
sacerd. Oriel Coll., matric 25 March, Z639, 
aged zz ; fellow Jesus Coll., B.A. 25 Oct, Z642, 
M.A. 9 Dec, Z646 (incorporated at Cambridge 
Z659), B. and D.D. a Julv, Z667, prebendary of 
Ripon z66o, rector of Bradnekl, Berics, z654, king's 
chaplain z666, canon of Salisbury Z667, vicar of 
St. Mary. Reading, z668, vicar of LlanJEsiwr, 00. 
Merioneth, archdeacon of Merioneth and rector of 
Llandudno, co. Carnarvon, z668, canon dL St 
Paul's Z672-5, vicar of St Martin's-in-tbe-Fields, 
Westminster, Z676 ; one of the 7 bishops committed 
to the Tower bv James W. 8-Z5 June. z6M. lord 
almoner to WiUiam IH. z688, the Hoose of 
Commons petitioned the king z8 Nov., ZToa. to 
remove him from this office by reason that ne and 
his son had unduly influenced a Worcestershire 
election ; dean of Bangor Z672, bishop of St Asaph 
Z680-92, (together with the following livings which 
he held in commendam : vicar of Uanyfydd z68o, 
rector of Llanarmon-in-Yale, ca Denojigh, z686. 
rector of Eastyn or Queenhope, Flints, Z683, and 
of Llan3mn^ech, Salop, Z685, and of Whitibrd, 
Flints, z68o. rector of Elangor Monachorum, Flints. 
Z690, of Marchweil, co. I^nbigh, Z69Z), bishop of 
Coventry and Lichfield Z692, and of Worcester 
Z700, until he died 30 Aug., Z7Z7, aged 9Z ; lather 
of William Z687. See Ath, i. p. zxxviii. iv. 
7Z4 : Rawl. MS. ; Gardiner, 212 ; Lansdarwne 
MS. 987, f. 402 ; Chester's West, Abbey Reg. 5 ; & 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lloyd, William, gent Merton Coll., matric. 
zo March, Z655-6, B.A. z6 March, z6<5-6, M.A. 
4 March, z66o-z ; perhaps incorporated at Cam- 
bridge z66z ; one of these names beneficed in 
Pembrokeshire. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lloyd, William, s. John, of Kyswyne, co. Merioneth, 
gent St. John's Coll.. matric Z3 March, Z667-8, 
aged z6 ; B.A. Z67X, M.A. Z674. 

Lloyd, William, s. Dan., of Llanstephen, oa Car- 
marthen, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 2 March. 
Z675-6, aged z6 ; B.A. Z679, M.A. Z682 ; vicar of 
Laugluume, and of Llansadwm, 00. Carmarthen. 
z69a See Foster's Index Eccl, [30] 

C 931 ] 

William Lloyd. 


William Lock. 

Llojd, William, s. Tba, of Uanbadam, co. Cardigan, 
pleb. JesusColx., matric. 38 Feb., 1677-8, aged 
18; RA. x68i ; vicar of Llanilar, oa Cardigan, 
X687. See Foster's Indtx EccL 

LlOTd, WiUiam, der. fiL jESUS CoLU, matric. d6 
March. 1686; a A 1689^ 

UoTd, William, s. William, bishop of St Asaph. 
Jesus Coll., matric 14 Dec., 1687, aged 13 ; B.A 
from Christ Chukch 15 March, 1691-a, M.A 
1695, D.D. Lambeth 99 Nov., 1705; rector of 
Saimingwell, Berks, 1699-1705, vicar of Blockley, 
ca Worcester, 1700-5, of Harwell, Berks, 1703-13, 
rector of Ripple, co. Worcester, i705-X9. vicar of 
Kintbury, Berks, 17x3, and rector of Fladburv, co. 
Worcester, 17x3-19, prebendary and chancellor of 
Worcester 17x4-18. See Heanu, L 75 ; HawL vi. 

Lloyd, William, s. William, of Halton, Flints, gent 
Brasenose Coll., matric. 8 Dec, x69a, aged x6 ; 
student of Inner Temple X696. See Foster's Inms 
of Court Reg, 

Llojd. William, s. Rog., of IJanervil, co. Montgomery, 
pleb. New Inn Hall, matric 8 Feb., 1696-7, 
agedaa [5] 

Lloyd, WiUiam, s. Tho., of Carmarthen (town), pp. 

Meston Coll., matric 16 April, 1698, aged x8 ; 

B.A. 16 March, 1703-4. 
LlOTd. William, s. William, of Llandogett, ca Den- 

oign, pp. Jesus Coll., matric 13 March, 1699- 

1700, aged 15 ; a A X7a4. 

Lloyd, William, s. Joh., of London (city), gent 
Christ Church, matric 5 March, i70x-a. aged x6 ; 
B.A. 1705. M.A. 1708 ; rector <^ Stowe Nine 
Churches, Northants, 1790-54, preacher in the chapel 
of FlazW, ca Gloucester, died nth and buned 
there x6 July, 1754, aged 69, mon. ins. See Foster's 
Index Ecel. 

Lloyd, William, s. John, of Abergelly, oa Denbigh, 
gent Jesus Coll., matric 8 June, X703, aged x8; 
perhaps B.A xc Oct, X707. M.A 9 July, X710 ; 
possibly bar.-at-law. Gray's Inn, X7x6, and bencher 
X733. ^^ Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Lloyd, William, s. Tha, of St Asaph (town), ca 
Denbigh, gent jESUS Coll., matric ix Feb., 
X703-4, aged xy; perhaps B.A. from New Inn 
Hall 18 March, 1707-8, but see neitt entry. [10] 

Lloyd, William, s. David, of Merioneth (town), pp. 
Christ Church, matric 23 Feb., X7P3-4, aged 17 ; 
perhaps B.A. from New Inn Hall x8 March, 
X707-8, bat see preceding entry. 

Lloyd, William, s. Joh., of Llanvnys, oa Denbigh, 
der. Jesus Coll., matric xo March, X708-9, aged 
17 ; Ek A X7xa, M.A. 17x5 ; perhaps rector of 
Llanhydian 173X, and of Llanfwrog, oa Denbigh, 
174X. See Foster's Index Ecel, 

Loane, Nathaniel, gent Queen's Coll., matric 24 
June, 16C3 ; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, x66a (as 
son and neir of Arthur, of London, gent.), licenced 
7 Aug., 1663, to marry Elizabeth Brett, of St 
I Faith, London, spinster. See Foster's Judges and 
Barristers & London Marriage Licences^ ed. Foster. 

Lobb, George, **ser." Exeter Coll., matric xi 
April. 1660, B.A. X663; M.A. from King's Colu, 
Cambridge, 1667; rector of Nymet Rowland, Devon, 
1665, and vicar of Milton Abbot, Devon, s668. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Lobb, John, 8. John, of Warkggan, Cornwall, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric la May, 1637, ageai7: 
aAx5 Oct, 164a [15] 

ILobb. Richard, arm. fiL nat max. Exeter Coll., 
matric 98 March, x6<3 ; perhaps M.P. St. Michael, 
Cornwall, 16^, and lather of the minister of Fetter 
Lane cfaapeL See Foster's PetrUamentary Die- 

Lobley, John, s. J., of • Shuffle,' Yorks, clcr. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric 30 June. x687, aged x8 ; one 
of these names vicar of Chesterfield, co. Derby, 
1681. See Foster's Index EccL 

Loohard, Thomas, xs. Hugh, of Woollerton, Salop, 
arm. Trinity Coll., matric 9 June, X626, aged 
19; a student of Gray's Inn X627. See Foster's 
Grays Inn Reg. 

Looel, Roger, M.A of Cambridge, incorporated xx 
July, x^x ; perhaps intended for Roger Morrel, 
B.A. from St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 1576-7. 
MA X580, B.D. X587. See Foster's Graauati 

Looke, Christopher, s. Christopher, of Totnes, Devon, 
pp. Exeter Coll., matric 3 April, 1674, aged 
X7; B.A from New Inn Hall 1677, vicar of 
Bishops Teignton, Devon, 1685, until his death in 
17x8. See Foster's Index Eul. [20] 

Look, Edward, s. Edward, of Hockworthy, Devon, 
pleb. Baluol Colu, matric. x8 Feb., X709-XO, 
aged x8 ; B. A X7X3, vicar of Aylisbeare, Devon, 
xyaS. See Foster's Index EccL 

[Look, Henry, "a divine poet," X597. See Atk. L 661.] 

Looke, James, of Southants, gent Brasenose CoLJ«, 
matric X4 March, X616-7. aged 18. 

Looke, James, bom in London, is. Thomas, of Essex, 
arm. University Coll., matric. 4 Apnl. ioa8, 
agedx6; B.A xoFeb., 1630-1, student of Gray's 
Inn i6aa. See Foster's Grays Inn Reg. 

Looke, John, gent Christ Church, matric 27 Nov., 
165a, student X652-84, B.A. X4 Feb., 1655-6, M.A. 
39 June, 1658 (mcorporated at Cambridge 16O3), 
B.Med. 6 Feb., X674-5, "the philosopher, bom at 
Wrington, Somerset, 99 Aug., X632, Greek lecturer 
at Christ Church x66x, reader m rhetoric i66a, 
and censor of moral philosophy X663, a student of 
Gray's Inn X656 (as son and heir of John, of Pens- 
ford, Somerset), F.R.S. 1670, secretaiy to the pre- 
sentations X673, a commissioner of appeals and of 
trade and plantations 1696-1700 ; died at Oates in 
Essex, 28 Oct., X704, buried in High Laver church. 
See Ath. iv. 633 ; RawL ii. 3a, iii X48 ; AL West. 
X39 ; & Foster's Grays Inn Reg. [36] 

Look, Mathew, s. M(atthew), of London (city), arm. 
Queen's Coll. , matric. xa May, 1687. aged X5 ; 
bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, X697. See Foster's 
Jud^ and Barristers. 

Look, Peter, of Hants, pleb. Broadgates Hall, 
matric entry under date 158X, aged 17 ; B.A from 
Christ Church 24 Jan., X585-6; M.A. from 
Oriel Coll. 3 July, X588, student of Gray's Inn 
IC89, as of Newport, Isle of Wight, gent See 
I^>ster's Grays Inn Reg. 
Looke, Peter, s. P., of Sutton, Somerset, pleb. 
' Christ Church, matric xx May, X670. aged X7 ; 

B.A. X9Feb., X673-4. 
Looke, Thomas, of Magdalen Hall, matric. 2 July, 
X585 ; possibly bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, x6oo, 
bencher x6aa. See Foster's Jtidga and BarrisUrs. 
Looke, Thomas, B.A. Trinity Coll., Dublin, 22 
Jan., 1639-40 ; incorporated 3 March, 1641-2. [SO] 
Looke, William, of Somerset, "gen. cond." MAG- 
DALEN Coll., matric 10 Dec, X585, aged 22. 

Looke, William, "scr." Christ Church, matric 
ao July, 1654; perhaps rector of Charmouth, 
Dorset, X664, and of Askerswell, Dorset ; father of 
the next-named. See Foster's Imlex EccL 

Look, William, s. William, of Askerswell, Dorset, der. 
Wadham Coll., matric. 3 April, 1693, aged x8 ; 
B.A from St. Mary Hall X696, rector of Huish 
Champflower, Somerset, 1701, of Askerswell 1703, 
and of Chilcombe, Dorset, X704, bom 5 June, X674; 
died 8 May, 1722, M.I. Askerswell See Gardiner ^ 
380 ; & Foster's Index Ecei, 

[ 93? ] 


Zachary Locke. 

1500 — I7I4, 

John Loder. 

Looke, Zachaiy, of London, gent Magdalen 
Hall, matnc. entry under date ao Dec., 1577, 
aged 18; B.A. March. 1579-80, M.P. Ipswich 1593, 
and Southwark 1601. See Foster's ParliamnUary 

Looker, John, s. Stephen, of London (city), gent. 
Merton Coll., matric. ai April, 1711, aged 18; 
bar.-at-Iaw, Gray's Inn, 1724. bencher 1744 (his 
father of St. Helen's, London, and clerk of the 
leathersellers' company), admitted to Merchant 
Taylors' school 1707, bom 27 Aug., 1693. author 
and critic. F.S.A, clerk to the leathersellers' com- 
pany 1719. and of the clockmakers' company 1740 ; 
died 30 May, 1760. See HawL iii. 217 ; Foster's 
Judges and Barristers ; Robinson, iL 20 ; & Guich 
MS. 642. 

Lookett, Charles, is. Henry, of Ruan, Cornwall, 
S.T.D. Lincoln Coll., matric. ao May, 1636, 
aged 15. 

Lookett, Giles, of Dorset, gent Christ Church, 
matric. 23 Oct, x6oi. aged 17; B.A. from Hart 
Hall 22 Oct.. 1604. M.A. 10 Jime, 1607. rector of 
Charlton Mackrell, Somerset, 1609. See Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

Lookett, Henry, of Dorset, cler. fil. Trinity Coll. , 
matric. 30 C)ct, 1607. aged 17; B.A. from Hart 
Hall 3 June, 161 1 ; M.A from Lincoln Coll. 
8 July. 1614, B.D. 26 June, 1630, D,D. 5 July. 1630, 
rector of Ruan Lanyhome. Cornwall, 16x7. vicar of 
Blisland. Cornwall, i6a6. and prebendary of Exeter 
Z628. See Foster's Index Eccl [5] 

Looket, Henry, s. Giles, of Charlton Mackrell. 
Somerset, sacerd. ORIEL Coll.. matric. 30 Oct, 
1635, aged 16. 

Lookett, Richard, s. Samuel, of Whitchurch, Somer- 
set, pleb. Merton Coll., matria 17 April, 1635, 
aged 16, B.A. 2 June, 1638 ; M.A firom ST. Mary 
Hall xo May. 1641, rector of Corscombe, Dorset, 
1643. See Foster's Index EccK 

Lookett, Samuel, of Dorset, gent. CHRIST Church. 
matric 23 Oct, 1601, aged 16; B.A. from Hart 
Hall 22 Oct. 1604. M.A. 10 June. 1607. rector of 
Kingweston. Sussex. z6ii. vicar of Whitchurch 
Canonicorum 1619, "tmtil deserted by him " before 
April, 1645. and rector of Corscombe, Dorset, 
1632; father of the last-named. See Add. MS, 
15,669, p. 63 ; & Foster's Index Eccl. 

Looket, Samuel, B.A. from Hart Hall 17 Dec., 

Lookett, Stephen, s. William, of Corscombe. Dorset, 
sacerd. Merton Coll., matric. 11 Feb.. 1624-5. 
^ed2i. B.A 16 Feb.. 1624-5; M.A. from Lincoln 
Coll. x6June, 1627; brother of William 161 1. 

Lookett, Timothy, s. William, of West Monkton, 
Somerset, sacerd. Lincoln Coll.. matric. x 
June. 1636, aged 18; B.A. 4 Feb., 1639-40, M.A. 
27 Feb., 1642-3, rector of Thurloxton, Somerset, 
1645, of Aisholt, Somerset, x668, and of Cleyhanjger, 
Devon, 1671. See Foster's Index Eccl. [Ill 

Looket, >^lliam, of Somerset, pleb. University 
Coll.. matric. entry under date 10 Jan.. 1574-5. 
aged 18; B.A. 11 Mav, 1575. M.A 11 March. I577-8, 
rector of Warmwell 1576. and of Corscombe. 
Dorset, 1580; father of Stephen x625, and of 
William 161 x. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Looket, William, B.A from Merton Coll. 16 Dec, 
161 1, M.A from Lincoln Coll. 7 July. 1614, 
rector of West Monkton, Somerset. 1644 ! brother 
of Stephen X625. See Foster s Index Ecd, 

Lookey, Thomas, of London (city), gent Christ 
Church, matric. 16 March, 1620-1, aged 18; 
student 1621, B.A. x8 May, 1622. M.A. 20 June, 
1625, B.D. 12 June, 1634, created D.D. 29 Nov., 
1660, canon 1665. tutor, deprived by the ^rlla- 
mentary visitors X65X, vicar of East Garston. Berks, 
x6 . —33. canon of Chichester x639-5i, Salisbury 
x66o, Bodley's librarian 1660-5; died 29 Tune, 
1679, will at Oxford i June, 1677. See Al. West. 
87 ; Burrows, 488 ; FeuH, it 242 ; & Lamdmone 
MS. 987, f. 19U 

Lookey, William. 8. William, of Uffington. Berks, 
pleb. New Inn Hall, matric. 1 April, X631, aged 
20; B.A 29 June. 1631, M.A. 20 June, 1634. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. [X 5] 

Lookey, William, s. Joh., of Barking, Essex, gent 
Pembroke Coll., matric. 6 March. iTok^^ *g«l 
16 ; B, A X7X0, M,A. X713. 

Lookhart, John. y.s. William, of London (city), 
equitis. St. Edmund Hall, matric. 90 Feb., X679- 
80, ^ed 16 ; of Lee, co. Lanark ; died ia 1707. 
See Foster's Baronetage^ 

Looksmith, William, of co. Gloucester, gent St. 
Alban Hall, matric. 29 Nov., 1605, aged 17; 
B.A 20 Feb., X608-9. M.A 6 July. 1612, student of 
Gray's Inn 1616, as of cltv of Gloucester, gent. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg^ 

Lookton, John, s. J., of Ginge, Berks, gent Pem- 
broke Coll.. matric. 2 Dec., X706, aged 16; R A. 
171Q, M.A. 1713, vicar of Combe, Hants, 1736. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lookwood, John ; B.A. from Queen's Coll.. Cam- 
bridge. x6^i-8, M.A. 1625; incorporated 10 July, 
1627, vicar of Towcester, Northants. 1634, deprived 
Z650, wounded at the battle of Naseby. See Baker's 
Northants, ii. 328. [aO] 

Lookyer, Giles (Lokier), of Somerset, pl^ Balliol 
Coll., matric. 24 Nov., 161 5, aged 18. 

Lookier, Nicholas, s. William, of Glassenbory, 
Somerset, pleb. New Inn Hall, matric. 4 Nov., 
163X, ajged 20 ; B. A 14 May. 16^ (incorporated at 
Cambridge. 1635, M.A from Emanuel Coll. 
1636). as M.A. of 12 vears' standing he was created 
B.D. 5 June, 1654, fellow of Eton College 21 Jan., 
1649-50, provost 1659, deprived at the restoration ; 
preacher at St Pancras, Soper Lane, ejected from 
rectory of St Bennett Sherehog in 1662 ; died at 
Woodford. Essex (a wealthy man). 13 March, 1684, 
buried at St. Marv. WhitechapeL See Atk, ir. 162; 
Calamy, i. 102 ; & Fasti, ii. 185, 

Lookyer, Nicholas, s. Nic, of Honiton, Devon, pp. 
Exeter Coll.. matric. 17 Dec. 1695. ^^ <S: 
B.A, 1699. vicar of Luppitt. Devon^ 1705. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lookyer, William (Lokier), of Somerset, pkb. 
Queen's Coll., matric. xo Oct, 1604, aged 17; 
B.A. sup. 25 June, 1608. See O.H.S. xii 282. 

Loder, Charles, s. John, of Berks, gent Trdhtt 
Coll., matric 9 Sept, 1685. aged 17. [^'1 

Loder, Francis, s. John, of Hatford. Berks, plelx 
Merton Coll.. matric 16 March, 1637-8, aged 15; 
B.A. 9 March, 1641-2. 

Loder, Francis, s. F., of Lechlade, co. Gloucester, gent 
St. Edmund Hall, matric X3 Dec, 1670. aged 
17 ; B.A. X674 (incorporated al Cambridge 1675), 
M.A. 1677. re-incorporated at Cambridge 1678^ 

Loder, John, s. Robert, of Harwell, Berks, pleb. 
Oriel Coll., matric 22 Nov., 1639, a^d 17; 
student of Gray's Inn 1646, as Lowder. SeeFoster's 
Grays Inn Reg. 

Loder, John. s. J., of Welford. Berks, gent Christ 
Church, matric 23 Felx, 1682-3. aged 19; BJL 

[ 933 ] 

John Loder. 

1500— 1714. 

William Loftus. 

Loder, John, s. J., of Morton, co. Gloncester. St. 
BouuND Hall, matric 34 March, 1693-4, aged 
17; BlA. firom Gloucester Hall 1698. MA. 
14 Feb. , 1701-2, rector of Napton-on-the-Hill, co. 
Wanridc, 1703. See Foster's ludtx Eccl. 

Loder, John. s. John, of Stanford. Berks, der. 
Tbinity Coll., subscribed 18 May, 1697, aged 17. 

Loder, Robert. B.A sup. Jime, 1537. 

Loder, Robert, s. Robert, of Harwell, Berks, gent 
Pembroke Coll., matric. 4 Dec, 1635. aged 17. 

Loder, Seymour, s. Rob., of Lechlade, co. Gloucester, 
gfnL St. Edmund Hall, matric. 28 Feb.. 
1709-10, aged 17; B.A. 1713, M.A 1716, rector of 
H'mton Waldrish, Berks, 1717, and of Kencott, 
Oxon, 172a. See Foster's Index Eccl, [5] 

Loder, Thomas, s. John, of Welford, Berks, gent 
Br ASENO6E Coll.. matric 8 Feb., 1669-70, aged 
17; RA. from Queen's Coll. 1675; perhaps M. P. 
Great Bedwin, Wilu, 1685-7. See Foster's Parlia- 
mentary Dictionary, 

Lodge, John, 8. William, of Bolton-Ie-Sands. co. Lan- 
caster, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric 19 Oct, 
1671, aged 19; B.A. 1675. 

Lodge, Joseph, s. Christopher, of Wolsingham, co. 
tmrbam. pleb. University Coll.. matric. 19 
July. 1662. aged 17 ; B. A 1666, M.A. 1669. incor- 
porated at Cambridge 1678, vicar of Bisley. co. 
Gloucester. 1680, rector of Imham. cow Lincoln. 
1683. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lodge, Miles, of Yorks. pleb. ST. John's Coll.. 
matric entry under date 20 Dec, 1577, aged 14* 
RA. II Nov.. 1591. 

Lodge, Sidney, s. Tho.. of Drayton, Oxon. minister. 
Pembeokb Coll., matric 20 Feb., 1666-7. ^m^^ 
i& L^O] 

Lodge, Thomas (Loge). B.A. 15 July. 152a 
Lodge, Thomas ; B.A. from Trinity Coll. 8 July. 
'577. M.A. sup. 3 Feb.. 1580- 1, D.Med, of AviG- 
WON University, incorporated 25 Oct.. 1602; 
possibly a student of Lincoln's Inn 1578, as of 
London ; licentiate of the college of physicians 
1610 ; died in the parish of St. Mary Magdalene, 
Okl Fish Street, Sept, 1625. See Muni's Roll, 
I 155 ; Atk, K. 38a ; & Foster's Inns of Court 
Lodge, Thomas, of Notts, gent. St. Alban Hall. 
matric 16 Oct. 1601, aged 18. 

Lodj^, Thomas, of co. Lincoln, pleb. Magdalen 
Coix., matric. 22 June, 16x0, aged 18; B.A. 6 
July, 161 1. M.A. x6 May. 1614. rector of Drayton. 
OxoQ. 1619; father of the next See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Lodge, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Drayton, Oxon, 
sacerd. New Inn Hall, matric 11 March, 
<^3S-6> ^cd i< ; B.A. 22 June, 1639, M.A. 5 May. 
1642 ; father of Sidney. [IS] 

Lodge, Thomas, s, Tho.. of Bristol (city), gent St. 
u)MUND Hall, matric 20 April, 1688, aged x8 ; 
B..\. 25 Feb.. 1691-2. M.A. 1694, rector of Newing- 
ton Bagpath. co. Gloucester, 1707 ; father of the 
next See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lodge, Thomas, s. T., of Cromhall. co. Gloucester, 
cler. OsiEL Coll., matric 18 March, X712-3, 
aged 15; B.A. x March. 17x6-7. M.A. 1720. rector 
of Little Sodbury. co. Gloucester, 1724. and of 
Hazdton. ca Gloucester, 1727. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Lodge, William, s. William, of Bolton, co. Lancaster, 
pp. Queen's Coll.. matric 9 July, 1674. aged 
X7; poliaps vicar of Dalton-in-Fumess. co. Lan- 
caster, X707. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lodge, William, s. John, of York (city), pp. Uni- 
VEKsmr Coll., matric 19 March. 1685-6. aged 
17 : EA. 1689. rector of Sapperton, co. Lincohi, 
X693. See ¥<Me^% Index Eccl, 

Lodlngton. See also Luddington. [20] 

Lodyngton, Henry ; B.A. from LINCOLN COLL. 26 

Feb.. 1594-5, rector of Bratleby, co. Lincoln, 1598. 

See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lodlngton, Marmaduke, of ca Lincoln, gent 
Lincoln Coll. . matric. 19 April, x^88, aged 14 ; 
B.A. 24 April. 1592. M.A. sup. xo Feb., 1594-5. 

LoddingtOn, Nicholas, of co. Lincoln, pleb. St. 
Mary Hall, matric entry under date 28 May, 
1580, aged x8. 

Lodingrton, Robert, of co. Lincoln, pleb. Lincoln 
Coll.. matric 8 June. 1604, aged x6; B.A. from 
Corpus Christi Coll. 13 Feb.. 1606-7; fellow of 
Brasenose Colu. M.A. 6 Feb.. 1609-10. principal 
of New Inn Hall 1621-6. rector of Hotham. 
Yorks. 1626. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lodlngton, Robert, of CHRIST Church 16x7. See 
Luddington. [25] 

liOdlngtOXI, Samuel, s. Samuel, of Bracebridge, ca 
Lincoln, arm. Christ Church, matric. 28 July. 
1665. ^^ i^ • bar.-at-law. Innor Temple, 1673. 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Loding^n, Thomas, of co. Lincoln, gent St. 
Mary Hall, matric entrv under date 27 March. 
I579« ^cd 14. B.A. 3 Nov., 1582 ; fellow of 
Lincoln Coll. 1582-1605. M.A. 7 July. 1585, 
B.D. 4 March, 1593-4. licenced to preach 12 March, 
1^96-7 ; perhaps rector of Nortn Wingfield, 00. 
Derby. 1603. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

LodingtOXI, Thonuis. of London (city), pleb. 
Christ Church, matric 12 June. 1584. ageci 19 ; 
B.A. X4 June. 1585, M.A. 15 May. 1588 ; admon. 
(as Luddington) at Oxford a^ May. 1593. 

Lodlngton, Timothy, s. Tim., of Canwick. co. 
Lincoln, pleb. Lincoln Coll.. matric 29 March. 
1^1 Aged 17. 

Loddlngton, Walter, of Balliol Coll. 1617. See 
Luddington. [SO] 

Lodln^on, William, of CO. Lincoln, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Ft all. matric entry under date 20 Dec, 
1577. aged 17 : B.A. 27 May. 1579. 

Loe. See also Lowe. 

Loe, William. B.A. from St. Alban Hall 5 Nov., 
I597i M.A. 14 June. 1600; B.D. from Merton 
Coll. 8 June. x6x8. D.D. 8 July. x6i8. vicar of 
Churcham. co. Gloucester. x6oo. master of the 
college school in Gloucester, and canon x6o2. and 
subdean 1605. chaplain in ordinary to James I. and 
pastor of the English church at Hamburgh 16x8-24. 
curate at Putney, and vicar of Wandsworth. Surrey, 
1631 ; buried in Westminster Abbey 2x SepL, 1645. 
See Ath. iii. 183 ; Chester's West. Abbey Eeg. 139 ; 
& Foster's Index Eccl. 

Loeman, Moses, of Merton Coll. 1654. See 


Loftus, Dudley. B.A. Trinity Coll.. Dublin. 19 
Jan.. 1637-8; incorporated 9 Nov.. 1639. and at 
Cambridge 1640; M.A. fiom University Coll. 
20 Oct.. X640 (s. Sir Adam, of Rathfainham castle, 
Dublin, vice-treasurer of Ireland, etc). M.P. Naas 
1642-8. Kildare and Wicklow 1659, Bannow x66x. 
and Fethard, co. Wexford. 1692-5. senior master of 
the chancery in Ireland, vicar-general of that king- 
dom, and judge of the roval court of prerogative 
and faculties. D.C.L ; died in June. 1695. See 
Ath. iv. 428; & Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Loftus, Thomas, of London (city), pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric 9 May. 1589, aged 16 ; demy Mag- 
DALEN Coll. 1590-7. 6. A. 8 Feb.. 1593-4. M.A. 
17 Oct.. 1598. fellow X599-1617. aD. 27 Oct. 1608; 
will at Oxford proved 23 June, 16x7. See Bloxam, 
iv. 231. [86] 

Loftus, William, of Yorks. pleb. Oriel Coll.. 
matric. 9 Feb., 1593-4. aged 19; B.A. 23 Feb., 

[ 934 ] 

John Logan. 


Thomas London. 

Logan, John, cler. fiL Balliol Coll., subscribed 7 
Nov., 1655; perhaps incorporated 8 Dec., 1665, as 
M.A of Olasgow, vicar of Chesterton, Oxon, 1677, 
and rector of Narborough, 00. Leicester, 1678 ; 
perhaps father of Richard 1707 ; one AmiweU Logan 
vicar of Moulton, ca Lincoln, 1639. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Loggan, David, of Dantzic, ''chalcQgraphiis.'* Privi- 
legiatus 9 July, 1672. 

Loggan, John, s. David, of Oxford (city), gent 
xiiiNiTY Coll., matric. 90 Aug., 1688, aged 16; 
demy Magdalbn Coll. 1689-1700. B.A. 169a, 
M.A 1695, fellow 1700-X7, B.D. 27 Jan., 1707-8, 
rector of blvetham, Hants, 1705-17, of Ade, Nor- 
folk, 1710, vicar of Hartley Wintney, Hants, 
17x1-18, rector of Hanwell, Oxon, 1717. See 
' Bloxam, vL 75 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Loggine, Edward, of Oxon. gent Trinity Coll., 
matric. 30 Jime. 1615. aged 17 ; B.A. 4 Feb., 
x6x8<9. M.A. 26 May. 1623 (as Loggins), rector of 
Westcote, ca Gloucester, 1630. See Foster's Index 

Loggin, Edward, gent. Hart Hall, matric. 31 
July, X671, aged 16; bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 
X679, as of Westcott, ca Warwick, gent See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers, [6] 

Loggin, Humphrey, s. Joh., of Swalcliff. Oxon, 
cfer. Christ Church, matric. 2a Feb., 1710-ix, 
aged 18 ; brother of John 1715. 

Loggin, John, s. J., of Swalcliffe. Oxon. gent New 
Coll., matric. 26 July, x68x. aged lo; B.A. 1685, 
M.A. 14 Jan. 1688-9. ^<^^ °'^ Swalcliffe, rector of 
Marston Sicca, ca Gloucester. 1698-173X ; father of 
Humphrey and of John 1715. See Foster's Index 

Loggin, Richard, s. John, of Weston, co. Gloucester, 
cler. Trinity Coll., matric. 4 March. 1706-7, 
aged 17 ; B.A. X7X0, rector of South Newington, 
Oxon, 17x8. vicar of Beoley, oa Worcester, X724. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Loggine, Robert, of Oxon, pleb. Trinity Coll., 
matric. 24 Jan., x6xx-i2, aged x8 ; student of 
Inner Temple X613, as of LitUe Tew, Oxon, gent 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

liOgglll, Robert, s. William, of Swekley, Oxon, gent. 
'TRINITY Coll., matric 22 March, 1638-9, aged 
x6. [10] 

Loggin, Robert, s. R., of Clifford Chambers, ca 
Gloucester, gent New Coll.. matric. xi May, 
1677. aged X9; B.C.L. X684. chancellor of Sarum, 
vicar of Adderbury, Oxon. X706-22. See Heamct L 
159, 220 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Loggillt William, s. Robert, of Clifford, co. Glouces- 
ter, gent New Coll. matric. 28 Feb., 1667-8, 
aged 20; student Middle Temple x668. See 
Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg, 

Loggins, William, s. William, of Butlers Marston, 
CO. Warwick, gent Brasenose Coll., matric 
4 Dec, x66i, aged X7. 

Lole, William, s. John, of Welford, Northants, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric. 2 July. x6a4, aged X9; 
B. A 6 July, 1627, M.A. 24 April, X630, vicar of 
Longborough. co. Gloucester. 164X. and rector of 
Pirton, ca Worcester, 1643. See Yosxvc'% Index 

Lomas, John; B.A from Emanuel Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1653-4, M.A 1657 (as Lomax), incorporated 
14 July, X057. See Foster's Graduati Canted, [15] 

Lomas, John, s. William, of Hartington. co. Derby, 
pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric. xa July, 1713, 
aged X9; B.A. X717, M.A. X720; pernaps vicar of 
Orton-cum-Twycross. co. Leicester, X722, and of 
Sibbertoft, Northants, X723. See Foster's Index 

Lomax, Henry, of St Peter House. Cambridge i[ 
incorporated 4 Aug.. 1648, M.A same day, feUo^r 
of Oriel Coll. 1648, by the parliamentary visitors 
chaplain to the lord general of Ireland, and therefore 
had leave of absence for a year. See Burrows, 537* 

Lomax, Joshua, s. Joh., of London, pleb. Bras&i 
nose Coll. 26 March, 1697, aged X9 ; & A. 1700, 
B.C.L. 4 Mardi, X705-6; student of Lincoln's 
Inn 1705 (as son of Joshua of Lincoln's Inn, esq.), 
M.P. St Albans 1700-1, 1708- xo. and (Dec), 
17x7-22 ; died ix Dec., 1724. See Foster's Pcsrlia^ 
mentary Dictionary, 

Lomax, Thomas, s. James, of HOton-Over, co. Lan- 
caster, pp. Brasenose Coll., matric 13 March* 
Z707-8. aged x6 ; B.A. 28 Feb., X7XX-X2. 

Lombard, Danid, s. John, of Anjou, Finance, der. 
St. John's Coll., matric 7 July* i^> aged x6; 
scholar x69^, fellow 1697, B.A. X698, M.A. by 
diploma x6 March. X701-2. B.D. X708. D.D. 17x4; 
admitted to Merchant Taylors' school X689, born 10 
April. X678, at Angiers ; chaplain to the Princess 
Sophia and to the embassy at Hanover X701, rector 
of Lanteglos, Cornwall, X7x8, until his death 31 
Dec. X746. See RawL iv. 135, & xviiL X50; 
Robinson, L 324 ; & Foster's Index EccL [ao J \ 

LombardOy Mark (Lumbarde) ; B.C.L. sup. Michael- 
mas term 154a 

Lombard, Nicholas (Lambard, Lumbert, or Lorn* 
barde) ; fellow of Magdalen Coll. X567. B. A. 9 
July, X567, M.A. 24 March. X57X-2; will at Oxford 
(as Longbarde) proved 3X Aug.. 1575. 

Lombard, Robert (Lumbarte) ; B.Can.L. sap. ax 
June, 1505. See Cotton, L X38. 

Lomo, Francis, der. fil. Exeter Coll., matric 7 
April, 1698, aged X7 ; B.A. X701, M.A. 1704. 

LomO, John, 8. Jo., Exeter, Devon, pleb. Exeter 
Coll.. matric xo March. 1669-70. aged 17 ; B.A. 
X673. M.A. X676 ; rector of All Hallows, Goldsmith 
Street, ^eter, x68o, canon of Exeter 170X ; father 
of the last-named. See Foster's Index EccL [li5] 

London, George, Benedictine; B.D. sup. July, 1539. 

[London,John. M.A. ; fellow of New Coll.; registrar 

of the university, died in 1508. See Hist, Reg. Umiv. 

Oxon, 44.] 

London, John ; fellow of New Coll. X503-X8, from 
Hambledon. Bucks. B.C.L. 29 July. 15x2, D.C.L. 
28 Feb., X5x8<9; warden of his college 1526-43, 
advocate 15x9, rector of Ewdme. Oxon, X509, canon 
of York X5X9, of Lincoln X522, of Windsor 1540* 
and treasurer of Lincoln cathedral xsaa, dean of the 
cathedral church of Osney, near Oxford, and of the 
collegiate church of WaUingford in Berks, 15^. aixl 
master of the hospital of St John's 154X ; died in 
the Fleet X543. See Lansdawne MS, 980, C 35 ; 
Fasti, I 47; Coote's Civilians, X5; & Foster's 
Index EccL 

London, John ; B.A. from Magdalen Coli. sx 

iuly. x6i2, M.A. xo July, 16x8 ; vicar of St Peter, 
lereford, 1616, rector of Badger 1622, and of 
Wheathill, Salop. X624. See Foster's Index EccL 

London, John, "ser." Christ Church, matric 23 
July, X656; BA. from Gloucester Hall 1663; 
vicar of Sutton Bishop, Hants, 1672. See Foster's 
Index EccL £90] 

London, Nicholas; Benedictine, BwCan.L. sop. la 
Nov., XSX3. 

London, Ralphe, s. Ralphe. of Hampton Poyle, Ozoo, 
pleb. St. John's Coll., matric 6 July, 1638, aged 
17 : a A from New Ink Hall 5 May, 164a. 

London, Richard. BC.L. 4 July, X513. 
London, Richard, ED. 9 July, 1534. 
London, Roger, Benedictine, B.D. xy Oct, 1534. 
London, Thomas, B.A. sup. 5 May, 1515, secotar 
chaplain, M.A. 13 Feb., X524-5. £SC] 

[ 935 ] 

Thomas London. 


Richard Long. 

London, Thomas, Cistercian. B.D. 36 May, 154a 

Lone, Nathaniel, of Wilts, pleb. Christ Church, 
matric. 8 Dec, 1581, aged 16. 

]jOne, Nathaniel, of Queen's Coll., 1653. See 

Longe, Barnabas, s. Christ, of Pontefract. Yorks, 
gent. University Coll., matric, 2a May, 1663. 
aged 15 ; RA. 26 Jan., x666^ ; M.A. from Mag- 
dalen Coll. 1669, B.D. 1677. D.D. 1684, vicar of 
Selbome. Hants. 1680, chancellor of T,'apfjaff x68i, 
canon of York x68a, archdeacon of Cleveland 1683, 
canon of Southwell 1683, rector of Fyfield. Hants, 
Z683-4, and of Oddlngton, ca Gloucester, 1684, 
ontO he died 11 April, 1685 ; buried at Adderbury, 
Oxon ; brother of Christopher. See Fasti, ii 304 ; 
ft Foster's Index Eccl, 

hong^ Benjamin, s. Henry, of London, pp. Trinity 
coll., matric. 14 Dec 1677, aged 17 ; RA x68x, 
rector of Screnby, co. Lincoln (X683J, licenced (v.G.) 
18 July, X683, to marry Elizabeth Yarwood, of St. 
Martin-in-the^Fields, Middlesex, spinster; vicar of 
Horiey. Surrey, 1690, and of Clavering with Langley, 
Essex. X701. See Foster's /ndex Eecl, [S] 

Idmg^ Charles, s. Charles, of Compton, Wilts, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric 10 May, X703. aged xy ; 
B.A. X707, M.A. X710, B. and D.D. xyao. vicar of 
Cbievdey, and of Eaton Hastings, Berks, 173c. 
See Foster's /le^fer i5a:/. 

LonM, Christopher, s. Ch., of Pomfrett, Yorks. pleb. 
University Coll.. matric 7 April, i^x, aged 16 ; 
Bl A. 1674. M.A. 1677 ; brother of Barnabas. 

Lon^, Edmund, secular chaplain, aCan.L. sup. 17 
JaxL, X530-I. 

LonXCj Edward, s. Gifford, of Rood Ashton, Wilts. 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric 7 Feb., x69a-3, 
aged z6 ; student of Lincoln's Inn 1625, made his 
win in 1644. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Jjonjg^ef Ellis, of CO. Lancaster, pleb. Brasenose 
Coll., matric. 22 Feb.. X604-5, aged 17; B.A. 23 
Feb., 1608-9. B.Med. sup. 15 June, 1631. Sec 
0./f,S. xii. 285. ^ ^ o ^^^^ 

Lon^, Ellis, genL St. Mary Hall, matric 26 
Nov.. x6so; perhaps B.A. 10 July, 165X, M.A. 5 
July, 1654. as John. 

Lon^, Geoigc, arm. Wadham Coll., matric 14 
Nov., x65a 

Ixmg, George, s. •• Leislebone." of Stratton. Somerset, 
arm. Wadham Coll., matric 28 June, 1662, 
a^ed x8; of Downside. Somerset; student of 
Lincoln's Inn 1662 ; died in X705. aged 62 ; father 
of William X694. See Foster's fnns of Court Reg, 

Lon^, Gifford, of Wilts, gent Magdalen Hall, 
matric 6 July, X593. aged xy ; of Rood Ashton, 
sheriff of Wilts, 1624. M.P. Westbury X625; 
made his will in X635; father of Edward X623. 
See Foster's Parliamtntary Dictionary, 

Lon^, Henry, of Wilts. genL Gloucester Hall. 
matric entrv under date 3 Aug., X578, aged X2 ; 
student of Lincoln's Inn X582 (as of Trowbridge. 
Wiks). probably of Whaddon and Smeihwick. 
Wilts, and of Priston, Somerset (son of Henry, of 
Whaddon) ; bom x8 April. XS64 ; his will dated 
x6xa ; father of the next-named. See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg. [IS] 

Lon^, Henry, of Wilts, arm. Jesus Coll., matric 
ao Nov.. X607, aged x8 ; died before 1621. 

Longre, Henry. $, Robert, of Foulden. Norfolk, gent ; 
admitted scholar of Caius Coll.. Cambridge, 14 
April. X64X. aged 17; B.A 1644-^. M. A. March. 1647; 
incorporated 30 May. i6co ; fellow of Oriel Coll. 
by the parliamentary visitors X648, and M.A 29 
July, 1650 (as William); delegate of visitors X649. 
vacated 1652, rector of Barrow, Suffolk, x6S2. Sec 
Burrows, 538 ; Venn, 908 ; & Foster's Initx EccL 

Longe, Hugh ; feUow (Elton) of Brasenose Coll. 
1557-65 &om ca Gloucester. B.A. 4 Dec, 1559, 
M.A. sup. s June, 1565. 

Long, Humphrev, "ser." Christ Church, matrio. 
25 Nov.. 1656. See Henry Long, Al. West, 143. 

Longf (Sir) James (subs. " Bart"), s. J., of Draycott. 
Wilts, hart (rather arm. ). Balliol Coll. , matric 
1 Feb., X698-9, aged 17; sth bort ; M.P. 
Chippenham X70S-X3. Wootton Bassett 17x5-22, 
Wiltshire X727. until his death 16 March, 1729. 
See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. [20] 

Longe, John ; B.A. sup. 11 March, 156970, and 
perhaps B.D. 29 Nov., X58«. 

Longe, John, of Wilts, gent. St. Alban Hall, 
matric 8 March, 1604-5, aged 17; a A. 15 Dec, 
x6o8. See Thomas 1602. 

Longe, John, of WUts, pleb. Magdalen Hall. 
matric 2x June, 16x6, aged X7. 

L0]1|^, John, s. Thomas, of Cheverell parva. Wilts, gent 
St. John's Coll.. matric X3 Nov.. x6a9, ag^x7 ; 
of Uttle Cheverell and Melksham. Wilts, sheriff 
1668. bar.-at-law. Lincoln's Inn. X640, and died 
s. p. See Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Longe, John. s. Richard, of Bristol (city), gent. 
Lincoln Coll., matric 25 Nov., 163X, aged 

17. [as] 

Longe, John, as. John, of South Wraxall, WQts, 
arm. Pembroke Coll., matric 31 Oct, X634, 
aged x^ ; of Wraxall, died 23 Feb., X652 ; brother 
of William 1634. 

Long, John; B.A. from St. Mary Hall 10 July, 
X651. M.A. 5 July. X654. See Ellis. 

Long, John, gent Hart Hall, matric 22 June. 
X692; fellow Corpus Christi Colu, B.A. 1696, 
M.A. 22 Feb., x69o>i7oo. B.D. 7 March. X708-9. 
(is. John, of Monkton, Wilts), vicar of Meysey 
Hampton, co. Gloucester, xyais, until his death 
in 1748. See RawL iii. 337 ; & Foster's Index 

hongf KingsmeU. of Southants, gent St. Alban 
Hall, matric a March. X603-4. aged X5 ; student 
of Lincoln's Inn x6o8. as of Somerset, gent. See 
William same date Sec Foster's Inns of Court 

LOXI^, Sir • Ldleboune,' is. WUUam, of Stratton, 
Somerset, arm. Magdalen Hall, matric. 4 
Dec. 1629. aged x6, RA. i Feb.. 1630-1 ; bar.-at- 
law. Lincoln's Inn, 1640, treasurer 1656. a master 
of requests, recorder of London, and knighted by 
CromweU 15 Dec. 1656. acting speaker house of 
commons for 7 days 9-16 March. 1659, M.P. Wells 
(ciTM October). 1645-53, 1654-5. Somerset 1656-8, 
Wells 1659. until his death ; died 16 March, 1658-9 ; 
father of George 1662. See Foster's Judges and 
Barristers, [30] 

Long, Michael, of Bucks, pleb. Lincoln's Colu, 
matric entry under date 17 Dec, 1579. aged 

Long, Nicholas, s. Thomas, of dty of Exeter, 
minister. Exeter Coll., matric. i April, 1664, 
aged 16; brother of Thomas same date, and of 
Richard 1671. 

Lox^e, Polydor. of Somerset, gent Magdalen 
Hall, matric 27 Oct., 1592. aged 16; s. Thomas, 
of Beckmgton. Somerset ; married and had issue 

Loxijpe, Richard, of co. Gloucester, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll.. matric. 26 June. 1618, aged 17; B.A. 24 
April. 1619. M.A. 26 Jan.. 1621-2 ; one of these 
names beneficed in Wilts, and another in Somerset 
See Foster's Index Eccl. 

LonflT, Richard, s. Richard, of Exeter. Devon, pleb. 
Exeter Coll.. matric. 24 March. 1642-3. aged 
17; perhaps RMed. from Magdalen Coll. 24 
March, 1658-9. [35] 

[ 936 ] 

Richard Long. 


John Longford. 

LoxifiTt Richard, s. Tho., of Exeter (city), minister. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 15 July, 1671 ; B.A. from 
Oriel Coll. 1675, M.A. 99 Jan., 1677-8, vicar of 
Dawlish 1679, rector of Plvmptree 1680. and vicar 
of Broad Cljrst (all Devon), 1689. canon of Exeter 
1690 ; brother of Nicholas and Thomas 1664, and 
father of Richard 1709. See Foster's Index EccL 

ZiOng, Richard, s. R(ichard), of Hatt, Wilu. gent 
Queen's Coll., matric. 8 May. 1707, aged 17; 
student of Middle Temple 1706 (his father of Box). 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

liOIlgrt Richard, s. R., of Broadclyst (Broadless), 
Devon, cler. Balliol Colu, matric. 12 April, 
1709, aged 19, B.A. 1712. 

liOnge, Robert, of Dorset, gent Maodalbn Hall, 
matric. I July, 1603. aged 18. 

liOng, Robert, of Wilts, cler. fiL Magdalen Hall, 
matric I Feb., i6ai-9, aged 16; one of these names 
M.P. Devizes March — ^June, 1626, and 1628-9, and 
perhaps Midhurst, Sussex, April — May, 164a See 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, [6] 

IiOIlffy Robert, s. Francis, of S3miondsbury (Simsbiuy), 
Dorset, pleb. Trinitt Coll., matna 13 April, 
1632. aged 19 ; B.A. 4 May, 1632. 

IiOIIj9r> Robert, s. Rob., of Simington, WHts, pleb. 
St. Alban Hall, matric. 12 July, 1672, aged 17, 
postmaster Merton College, died of smallpox 21 
Oct., 167c, buried next day in the outward church. 
See Gutckt L app. 211. 

Long, Robert, s. James, of Melbury Sampford, Dorset, 
arm. Trinity Coll., matric. 5 July, 1689, aged 

Loilff, Samuel, s. John, of Dorchester, Dorset, pleb. 
^MBROKE Coll., matric. z July, 1664. aged 18. 

Lon^, Thomas; B.A. 13 Dec.. 1512, 14. A. sup. 20 
May, 1514, secular chaplain, B.Can.L. sup. 9 June, 
1527. [10] 

Loxigre, Thomas ; B.CL. 30 June, 1516, B.Can.L. 9 
Dec, 1531. 

Longe, Thomas, of Bucks, cler. fiL Queen's Colu, 
matric. II April, 1589. aged 15, B.A. i March, 
1594-5; fellow of All Souls' Coll., M.A 17 June, 
z6oo. vicar of Eynsham, Oxon, 16x7. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Longe, Thomas, of Wilts, gent St. Alban Hall, 
matric 25 June, 1602, aged 15. See John 1605. 

LonfirOy Thomas, s. Thomas, of Kingston. Somerset, 
pleb. New Inn Hall, matric 17 April, 1635, 
aged 19 ; B.A. 29 May, 1638. 

Lon?, Thomas, s. Richard, of Exeter, Devon, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matnc 5 April. 1639, aged 17; 
B,A 29 Nov., 1642. B.D. 20 Sept, iS3o, "a 
writer," rector of St. Laurence Clist, Devon. 1652, 
canon of Exeter x66i, died 1700; father of the 
next and of Nicholas, and of Richard 1671. See 
Afh. iv. 485; EawL iv. 124; & Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus, [^S] 

LonfiT, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Exeter (dty), minister. 
Exeter Coll.. matric z April, 1664, aged z5 ; 
B.A. from Corpus Christi Coll. i Feb., 1667-8, 
M.A. 20 March, 1670-1, rector of Whimple, Devon, 
1676, canon of Exeter z68i ; brother of Nicholas 
same date. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lon^r, Thomas, s. Tho., of Chippenham, Wilts, gent 
St. Edmund Hall, matric 7 July, Z676, aged 

Lonor, Thomas, s. William, of Bath, Somerset, gent 
Quken's Coll., matric. 20 May, 1708. aged 16; 
B.A. 29 Feb., 1711-12. M.A. 1714, rector of Little 
Oakley, Northants, 1719. See RawL xviiL 52; & 
Foster's Index EccL 

liOng, Timothy, "ser." Queen's Coll., matric 24 
June, 1653, EkA. 21 March, 1656-7. 

Long, (Sir) Walter, s. Walter, of Whaddon. Wnts, 
arm. Magdalen Hall, matric 12 June, 1640. 
aged za; of Whaddon, and baronet, student of 
Lincoln s Inn 1644, M. P. Bath 1679-81 ; died s. p. 
2 May. Z7ZZ. See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg, 

Long, Walter, equitis fiL nat min. Christ CntntCH, 
matric 20 July, 1654, B.A. 3 Feb., 1656-7 ; 
perhaps son of Walter, of Wilts, who was knighted 
26 May, 1625. T^^] 

Long, Walter, s. Walter, of Wraxall. WHts (sic), 
gent TRiNmr Coll., matric 1 April, 1664, aged 
15; of Wraxall, M.P. Calne, 1700-1; died s.p. 
I73ii aged 84. See Foster's Parliamentary Dic- 

Longe, William, of Devon, gent MAGDALEN Hall. 
matric 25 Jan., 1588^, aged 18. 

Lonffe, William, of Southants, gent St. Alban 
Hall, matric 2 March, 1603-4, aged x6. See 
KiNGSMiLL, same date 

Long, William, gent. Magdalen Hall, matric 
23 Nov., 1632, aged z8 ; B.A. 6 Feb., 1632-3. 
M.A. 20 Oct, 163c, rector of Priston, Somerset 
Z638. See Foster's Index EccL [aS] 

Longe, William, zs. John, of South Wraxall, Wilts, 
arm. Pembroke Coll., matric 31 Oct, 1634, 
aged z6 ; of Wraxall. WUts ; baptised at Chaldfield 
Z615 ; his will dated 1647 ; brother of John 1654. 

Longe, William ; M.A. from ORIEL Coll. 29 July, 
1650. See Henry. 

Longe, William, of Corpus Christi Coll.. matric 
Z2 Nov., 165Z. 

Loxig, William, s. William, of Sutton, Wilts, gent 
Christ Church, matric 17 Dec, 1680. aged 17; 
student Inner Temple 168a; buried in the 
Temple church 21 Oct, 1683. See Foster's Aurr 
0/ Court Reg, 

Lon^, William, s. David, of Kenn, Devon, gent 
Exeter Coll., matric. 10 April, 1690, aged 17 ; 
student of Middle Temple 1691. Sec Foster^s Inns 
0/ Court Reg. [SO] 

Long, William, s. George, of Downside. Somerset, 
arm. Wadham Coll.. matric 9 June. 1694. 
aged 15 ; of Downside, student of Lincoln's Inn 
1694, steward of the Duchy of Cornwall ; died in 
Z73a See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Rqt, 

Longbotham, John ; B. A. from Brasenosb Colu 
16 May, 1633. 

Longbotham, Richard, of Yorks, pleb. Univer- 
sity Coll., matric 27 April, 1604, aged 17. 

Longorafb, Robert, 8. R.. of Wilford. Wilts, paop. 
St. Alban Hall, subscribed 30 April 1669, agwi 
18 ; B.A. 1 March, 1672-3 ; vicar of Portsea, Hants, 
1691 ; father of the next See Foster's Index RccL 

Longorafb, Robert, s. Rob., of Broughton. Hants, 
cler. St. John's Colu, matric za Fdx, 1699- 
Z700, aged 15 : RA. 1703. [35] 

Lon^den, Geor^, of co. Derby, pleb. Magdai^en 
Hall, matnc 25 Jan., 1599-1600. aged 19; 
perhaps rector of Hayton, Notts, i6aa See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Longdon, John ; B. A 4 Feb., 1514-5. 

Longden, Robert, s. T., of "Gloucester dty." gent 

Christ Church, matric 4 April. 1691, aged x6 ; 

B.A. Z694. 

LoiX^don, William, of Somerset, pleb. Lincoln 
COLL.. matric entry under date ao Dec. 1577. 
aged 2a 

Longfield. James, pleb. Brasenosb Coll., matric 
Z7 March. 1713-4; B.A. 1717. [«0] 

Loxigford, John, 8. Nicholas, of Withington. co. 
Gloucester, pleb. CoRPi« Christi Coll., matric 
2 Dec, Z631. aged 19 ; B.A. 24 Jan., 1631-a. NCA. 
90 Nov., 1^34. 

[ 937 ] 

John Longford. 


Laurence Lord. 

Lon^ord. John. s. Sam., of Fosoott, oa Gloucester, 
eent Queen's Coll., matric. 9 March, i??^-^ I 
RA. 1700. M. A. 171a ; vicar of Hanmer, Flints, 
1739, until his death in 1765. See Foster's Indtx 

Longford, William. See Langpord 1533 and 1690. 

Lon^ordy William, s. Ric, of London, gent. Mer- 
TON Coll., matric. 27 June, X711, aged 18; student 
of Middle Temple 1715. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. 

Longland, Edward ; fellow of New Coll. 1536-43, 
fromlCinkt, Salop, B.A. 19 June, 154a 

Longland, Fhmds; B.A. sup. Dec, 1536. [6] 

Lonj^land, John (Langlond); demv Magdalen 
U)U*, fdlow and M.A. ; Benedictme; RD. sup. 
z6E>ec, 1510, D.D. 9 Feb., 1511-12 ; principal of 
Magdalen Hall 150C-7, chancellor of the univer- 
sity 1532-47, rector 01 Woodham Ferrers, Essex, 
1504-17, the king's confessor and lord almoner, 
canon of Lincoln 1514. and of Windsor 1519, dean 
of Salisbury 15x7, bishop of Lincoln 1521 ; died j 
May, 1547, aged 74. See Atk, i. 161 ; FasH, xl 
465 : O.H.S. X. 64 ; Lansdowm MS, 980, f. 61 ; & 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Longland, John, of Brasenose Coll. ; R A. — Feb. , 
1541-2; canon of Lincoln 15^1. deprived 1^54. for 
marriage, restored 1559, archdeacon of Buckingham 
X544, until the accession of Q. Mary, restored 15^9 ; 
died m 1589, buried at Tmgwick, Bucks. See 
Fasii, L 113. 

Longrland, Thomas, s. Robert, of TattcrshaD, co. 
Uncoln, currier; admitted sizar of St. John's 
Coll.. Cambridge, 19 May, 1648, aged x8, B.A. 
1651; M-A. from TRINITY Coll., Cambridge 

! incorporated 20 Sept, 1660); B.D. from St. 
OHN's Coll., Cambridge, 1662, re-incorporated la 
uly, 1664, vicar of North Stoke. Oxon, 1662. See 
Fasti, iL 280 ; Mayor, 89 ; & Foster's Index EccL 
Lonffman. James, s. Thomas, of Winford. Somerset, 
^cb. >Iew Coll., matric. 24 May, 1633, aged 
21; a A. 6 June, 1633, M.A 16 Jan.. 163^-6, B. and 
D.D. 23 June, 1666. rector ofAynho, Northants. 
164^ until his death, buried there 24 Oct, 1677. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, ; & Add. MS, 15.^, 
pp. 14X, 237. 
Loiunnan. Roger, M.A.; RCan.L. sup. Jan., 
1^5-6. flO] 

Lonffmore, John, pleb. Balliol Coll., natric. 9 
Nov., 1650, B.A. 29 Jan., 1652-3, M.A. 4 July, 
Long(tte)vile, Edward, s. Arthur, of Bradwell, 
Backs, gent MAGDALEN Hall, matric. 27 Nov.. 
1635, aged 16 ; student of Inner Temple 1638. See 
Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. 
L<m5(u)eville, (Sir) Henry, of Bucks, arm. fil. 
MAGDALEN CoLL., matric. 2 Tuly, 1591, aged x6 
(s. Sir Henry, who was knighted 9 July, X603) ; 
baptised at Wolverton 6 Sept., X575 ; knighted 23 
Jo^, X603 : buried 17 May, x62i. 
Long<u)eTiU, Henry s. H(enry). of Cosgrave, 
Northants, gent ORIEL Coll., matric 26 Feb.. 
X685-6. aged 16 ; bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, X694. 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 
Long(ii)eylll, WiUiam, of Christ Church, arm. 
raatnc 25 July, X655 ; created M.A 28 Sept., T663 ; 
bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, x66o. and treasurer X695 
(as of Alvescot, Oxon, esq. ). only son of Sir Thomas, 
of Bradwell, Bucks ; perhaps a six clerk in chancery 
X660-78; died X72X. See Foster's Judges and 
Barristers, [1»] 

liOn^wortllv See also Langworth. 
Longworth, Edward, s. Ri., of Garstang, co. Lan- 
caster, arm. Brasenose Coll., matric. 26 Oct, 
1714. aged 18 ; student of Inner Temple X7X4. Sec 
Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg, 

Longrworthe, Hugh; a A. la Nov., 1527, M.A. 
sup. June, 1532. 

LonfinKTOrtll, John ; incorporated as M.A Cambridge, 
15 July, X572. See Langworth, page 881. 

LoxiArworth, John, of Northants. gent Magdalen 
0>LL.. matric. 26 June. x62x. aged 20; demy 
1617-28, B.A. 14 July. X621. M.A. 26 June. X624, 
fcdlow 1628-33 ; B.D. 24 Julv. X633. vicar of Sel- 
boume, Hants, x63^. until deprived ; restored. 
X660-78. rector of Akeley. Bucks, X67X-8 ; father of 
Peter X67X. See Bloxam, v. ^\\ &, Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus, [20] 

Longrwortll, John. cler. fil New Coll., matric. 
25 Oct, X659, B.C.L. x666. 

Longrwortll, Peter, s. John, of Selbome, Hants, 
minister. HART Hall, matric. 14 April, 1671, 
aged x6 ; chorister Magdalen Coll. X668-9. clerk 
X672-9 ; B.C.L. X677, rector of Longworth. Bucks, 
1678-9. went to Jamaica X679. See Bloxam, L 94, 
it 76 ; & Foster^s Index Eccl, 

Lonsdall. John, pleb. Brasenose Coll., roatria 
XX AprU, x66o. B. A X663. rector of Farley Hunger- 
fordi Somerset. X665, canon of Wells 1669. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lonsdall, Richard, s. Job., of Ecdeston. ca Lap- 
caster, gent Oriel Coll.. matric. 5 April. 1704, 
aged X9: student of Lincoln's Inn X705. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lookar. See also Lucar. [25] 

Lookar, John; B.A. from UNiVBRsmr Coll. la 
Feb., X587-8. 

Lookar, William, of Hants, gent Universitt 
CoLU. matric. x6Nov., X582, aged X7; bar.-at-law, 
Inner Temple, X595, as of Basingstoke, HanU, 
late of Lyons Inn, gent See Foster's Judges and 

Loope, Andrew, of Dorset, gent Hart HalL, 
matric. X7 June, 1597. aged X7. 

Loope, Thomas, of Dorset, pleb. LINCOLN COLL., 
matric. 23 April. 16x9, siged 18. 

Lorde, Edward, of Oxon. pleb. Magdalen Coll., 
matric. entry under date X571, aged ao (as Edmund) ; 
demy X568-7?, fellow 1575-86, B. A. xx June, X577, 
M.A 5 April. 158 X. see Bloxam, iv. 172; puritan; 
vicar of Wookton. co. Warwick, X585-9X, a prisoner 
in the Fleet X59X, master of the hospital at Warwick. 
See Bloxam, iv. 172 ; Brook's History of the 
Puritans, I ^y; \ kYoaXefs Index Eccl, [SOJ 

Lorde, Henry, of Oxon, pleb. Magdalen Hall. 
matric. entry under date X5 April, X580. aged 17. 

Lorde, John. s. Thomas, of Roberts Bridge. Sussex, 
sacerd. St. Alban Hall, matric. 22 Oct.. X630, 
aged X5 ; demy Magdalen Colu X63X-8, B. A 22 
April, X634, M.A 31 Jan.. X636-7, vicar of Sale- 
hurst. Sussex, X640, prebendal rector of Brightling, 
Sussex, X663 ; father of John x666. See Bloxam, v. 
129 ; & Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lord, John. s. George, of Wickersley, Yorks ; hus- 
bandman (agricolae), admitted sizar of St. John's 
Coll.. Cambridge. 29 Oct, X659. aged 18, B.A 
X663-4. M.A 1667 ; incorporated X3 July, X669. 
vicar of Comberton, co. Cambridge, X678. Sec 
Mayor, X43 ; & Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lord, John, s. Job., of Robertsbridge, Sussex, minister. 
St. Edmund Hall, matric. 19 Oct, x666, aged 

Lord, John, s. J., of Haselton, co. Gloucester, pleb. 
Lincoln Coll., matric. 2 Nov.. X683. aged 17; 
B. A. X687. M.A. 169a See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lord, Laurence, s. L.. of Fritwell. Oxon, gent 
Exeter Coll., matric 23 March, 1682-3, aged 

17. £»•] 

[ 938 ] 

Robert Lorde. 


Robert Lougher. 

Lorde, Robert; B.A. disp. 16 Oct. 1518. 

Lorde, Sampson ; B.Caii.L. a8 Feb.. 1518-9. 

Lord, Samuel, s. Rob., of Leicester (city), gent. 
Trinity Coll.. matric. a8 May. 1696. aged 17; 
B.A. 18 Jan., 1699-1700, M.A. 1702, vicar of Nave- 
stock, Essex, 1703, rector of Corringbam, Essex, 
1714. See Foster's Index Bccl. 

Lord, Theophilus, s. Robert, of Cropredy, Oxon, 
pleb. New Inn Hall, matric. 29 March, 1633, 
aged 16 ; B.A. ao Oct. 1635. M.A. 29 May, 1638. 

Lord, Thomas; B.A. from Broadgates Hall 7 
Feb., 1585-6 ; perhaps rector of Warbleton, Sussex, 
1604. See Foster's Index Ecci, [6] 

Lorde, William, s. Henry, of Brookethorpe, co. 
Gloucester, pleb. Magdalen Coll., matric. sa 
Feb., 1627-8. aged so; B.A. 10 Dec, 1630. vicai of 
Brookethorpe, 1633. ^^ Foster's Index EccL 

LorMUf Richard (Lorgam or Lorgon); fellow of 

Oriel Coll. i C19, from Pembrokeshire, principal 
1534, reader of divinity at Magdalen Coll., 

of St. Mary hall 1531-30, M.A. 33 July, 1533, 
proctor 1537, RD. 31 Jan., X531-2, D.D. 9 " 

admon. at Oxford z8 May, 1536. See FasH^ i. 99 ; 
& OM.S. I Z38. 

Lorimer, Henry, of Exeter Coll. 1604. See 

Lorymer. Peter ; B.A. from Oriel Coll. 16 May, 
1594. M.A. 6 July, 1599. 

Lorlmer, William ; B.A. 13 Oct., 1507, fellow of 
Merton Coll., 1509, M.A. 10 Oct, 1511, 
" medicus et uxoratus." See O.H.S. L 55, iv. 348. 

-Lorkyn, Thomas; B.A. from Emanuel Coll., 
Cambridge, 1600-1, M.A. 1604 ; incorporated 30 
Aug., 160C, rector of Tolland, Somerset, 1633. and 
of Stoke Hammond, Bucks, 1634. See Foster's 
Index EccL ' [11] 

Lorte, Geom, 8. Henry, of Bristol (city), gent 
Merton Coll., matric 10 Dec., 1641, aged ij ; 
created B.A. 15 April. 1648. M.A. 16 Nov., 1648, 
chaplain 1648. See Burrows, ^33. 

Lort, George, s. George, of Pembroke (town), gent 
Jesus Coll., matric. 7 April. 1698, aged x6 ; bar.- 
at-law. Gray's Inn, 1707, bencher 1738 ; brother of 
John 1698. See Foster s Judges and Barristers, 

Lorte, jfohn ; of CO. Pembroke, gent jESUS Coll., 
matric. 30 Nov., 1607, aged 17 ; student of Middle 
Temple 1610, as 3s. Roeer, of Stacpoole, co. Pem- 
broke, esq. See Foster s Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Lort, John, s. George, of Pembroke (town), gent 
Jesus Coll., matric. 7 April, 1698, aged x8; 
student of Gray's Inn 1699; brother of George 
1698. See Foster's Gra^s Inn Reg, [15] 

Lorte, (Sir) Roger, is. Henry, of Stackpoole. ca 
Pembroke. Wadham Coll., matric. 3 Nov., 
1636, aged 18; B.A. 11 June, 1637, "the poet,'* 
student of Middle Temple 1637 ; licenced % May, 
Z633, to marry Hester Annesley, daughter of 
Francis, Lord Mount Norris; created a baronet 
15 July, 1663, and died about 1664; brother of 
Samson 1636. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, ; 
Ath, iiL 333; & London Marriage Licaues^ ed. 

Lort, Roger (Llortt), s. Rog., of Stackpoole, ca Pem- 
broke, bart Jesus Coll., matric. 4 Nov., 1670, 
aged 15. 

Lorte, Sampson, B.Can.L. a8 Feb., 151&-19. See 

Lorte, Samson, ss. Henry, of Stackpoole, oa Pem- 
broke, arm. Wadham Coll., matric. 3 Nov., 
1636, aged 17; perhaps elected M.P. P«nbroke 
1659. hj double return ; brother of Roger 1696. 
See Foster's Par lia wsin t ary Dictionary, 


Lorte, Thomas, of oa Pembroke, gent Glouces- 
ter Hall, matric. entry under date 3 Aug., 1578. 
aged 19 ; B.A. 14 Feb., 1581-3. M.A. 3 June, 1584 ; 
odmon. at Oxford 34 Nov.. 1596. L^^] 

Lort, Thomas, s. Samson, of Eastmore, 00. Pembroke, 
arm. Trinity Coll., matric. 38 July, 1668, aged 
90; student of Lincoln's Inn 1673. See Foster^s 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Loshe, Edward [Loyshe or Loscbe), of Queen's 
Coll., B.A. z8 March, 1530-1, M.A. 25 Feb., 
'5^4* B.D. 13 De&. 1535, canon of Ca rlisle 

L08h, John (Loysche or Loche), of Queen's Coll., 
B.A. sup. 39 March, 1506, M.A. 7 Feb., 1506-9, 
D.D. 17 July. 1525- 

Loskay, John (or Loskyee). a A. 3 Feb., 1533-3. 

Loss, Frederic gent Christ CmntCH, matric 
March, 1658-^ [f 

Loton, Edward, arm. Pembroke Coll., matric. 
March, 1653-4. 

Loton, John, ''ser." Brasenose Coll., matric. 

June, 1657; perhaps of Deptford, Kent, derk, 
icenced 16 June, 1663 (aged about 34), to marry 
Damaris Buckenham, of same, widow. See London. 
Marriage Licences^ ed. Foster. 

XiOttisliam, Hugh, of Somerset, pleb. Brasrnosk 
Coll., matric. 14 Feb., 1588-9. aged 16; student 
of Middle Temple 1591. as son and heir of William, 
of Long Ashton, Somerset $ee Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg, 

Lonflrh, John (Lowghe or Lowhe), B.A. 7 Dec., 1538, 
M.A. 34 July, 1541 ; fellow of Queen's Coll. 
1543 ; one of these names rector of Ford, Sussex, 
1548 ; another rector of Killymaenllwyd, co. Car- 
marthen, 1 551. See Foster's Index EccL 

LoUAThe, Thomas, of Westmorland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll.. matric. xi April, 1617, aged 15; B.A. 23 
Tan., 1630-1, M.A. 5 July, 1634, B.D. 9 May, 1^3 
(as Lloyd), licenced to preach 1633. ['^] 

Lougher, John, "Doctoris fiL nat max.," B.A. 23 

{^•« 15^-4* late of St. Mary Hall; student of 
Middle Temple 1594 (as son and heir of Robert, 
of Tenby, co. Pembroke), M.P. Pembroke 1601. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

LOTUrher, John. s. Watkin. of Tythegstone, co. 
uiamoi^gan, arm. Jesus Coll., matric. 16 March, 
1665-6, aged 19 ; B.A. 1669, M.A. 1673, rector of 
Sully 1670, vicar of St Donats 1673, of Penmark, 
and of Llantrissaint (all co. Glamoiganj, 1684, 
canon of Llandaff 1679. See Foster's Index EccL 

LotLgher, Richard (Lusher), of oa Glamorgan, pleb. 
Jesus Coll., matnc. entry under date 9 Dec:, 
1579, aged 18. 

Looff ner, Robert (Lowgfaer). sometime fellow of All 
Soi«.s'CoLL. ; B.C.L. 9 July, 1C58. D.CL. X9Fdx, 
^^St an original fellow of jESUS Coll. 1571, 
advocate Doctors' Commons 1566, principal of 
New Inn Hall 1564-70, and 1575-80, regius 
professor of civil law 1566-77. canon 1561. and chan- 
cellor of diocese of Exeter, official of the con siM oiy 
and vicar general in spirituals to the archbishop of 
Yoric, rector of Stockleigh Pomeroy 1561, of Aveton 
GifTord 1563, and of Aldrington (all Devon), 15^, 
archdeacon of Totnes 1563, M.P. Pembroke 157a, 
tmtil he died at Tenl^ 3 June, 1^3 ; father of 
John 1C94. See Fasti, i. 165; Waters' Clusters 
of Ckichdrv, ii. 71^; Coote's Civilians, 47; Liens' 
aowne MS. 983, t 39 ; Foster's Index EccL ; & 
Gutch, I 569. 

Lougher, Robert (Lughar). of St. John's Coll. in 
or before 1581 ; B.A. from Brasenose Coix. 19 
Tan., 1585-6, vicar of Puddletrenthide 1601, rector of 
Mapowder, Dorset, 1603. See Foster's Index EccL 

Longher, Robert ; B.C.L. from Jesus Coll. ii Oct, 
1031, as Lowther, whom see. [S6] 

[ 939 ] 

John Lous£ 

1500 — 1714. 

Richard Lovelace. 

Loose, John (or livesay) ; RA. 31 Jan.. 1576-7. 
Lore, Anker, s. Bartho]., of Woodstock, Oxon, pleb. 

Merton Coll., matric. 6 June, 1634, aged ai ; 

ixobably identical with next man. 

Love, Anker, s. Barthok>roew, of Woodstock. Oxon. 
pkb. Me&ton Coll., matric. 17 Oct, 1634, aged 

Love.Bamabas. s. Nicholas, of Winchester, Hant5, 
StT.D. New Coll., matric. 8 May, 1635, aged 
x8 ; RC.L. 9 June. 1642, rector of Wonsington, 
aiias Wonston, Hants, x66o, vicar of Chen ton, 
Wilts, 1673; brother of Nicholas 1626. See Foster's 
/mUx EccL 

Love, Benjamin; student Christ Church 1643-8; 
B.A. 17 De&, 1646; died 27 April, 1649. See 
Gutch, L 51X ; & Al. West. 119. [5] 

Love, Charles, s. Nic., of London (city), gent 
Merton Coll., matrik. ao Nov., 1707, aged 17; 
B.A. 1711, M.A. 1715. 

Love, Christopher, s. Christopher, of Cardiff, co. Gla- 
morgan, pleb. New Inn Hall, matric 29 July, 
1635, aged 17 ; B.A. a May, 1639, M. A 26 March, 
1642; according to Wood^ "a sedulous preacher 
Dp of treason and rebellion," preacher to the 
garrison of Windsor Castle, minister of St. Anne, 
Aldersgate, a recruiter or member of the assembly 
of divines, rector of St Laurence, Old Jewry, con- 
cerned in the return of Charles U. , found guilty of 
high treason and beheaded on Tower Hill vi Aug. 
1651 ; lather of the next. See Ath, iii. 278. 

Love^ Christopher, s. Christopher, of London (city), 
mmister. B&asbnose Coll.» matric. 30 March, 
1666, aged 17. 

Love, Edward, of co. Warwick, pleb. Magdalbn 
Hall, matric. ax June, 1616. aged 17; demy 
1618-30, B.A II Dec.. 1619, M.A 3 July, 1622, 
chaplain 1630-1, B.D. 24 July, 1633; rector of Tal- 
benny, co. Pembroke, 1634, canon of Lichfield 1634, 
until his death about x668. See Bloxam, v. 82 ; s 
Foster's lnd^x EccL 

Love, John, of Southants. gent St. Edmund Hall, 
matnc. 11 Oct., 1605. aged 19; student of Middle 
Temple 1606 (as son and heir of Richard, of Basing 
Froxheld, Hants, gent); died in 1628; fisUher of 
next See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. [10] 

Love, John. s. John, of Froxneld, Hants, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric. 27 Oct., 1637, aged 17; 
B.A. 8 July, 1641 ; rector of Greatham, Hants, 
1661, etc. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Love, Nicholas, of Hants, pleb. New Coll.. matric. 
13 Dec, 15^. aged 20 ; B.A. 7 April, 1592. M.A. 
16 Jan., 1595-6, B. and D.D. 5 July, 1614 (3s. John, 
of Froxfidd, Hants), rector of Cbawton 1601, of 
Meonstoke 1604. and of Wonston (all Hants), 1615, 
warden of Wykeham's College, Winchester, chap- 
lain to the kinp^, prebendary of Winchester 1610, 
ontil he died m 1630; father of Barnabas and 
Nicholas next-named. Sec Fasti, i. 358 ; & Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

Love, Nicholas, s. Nicholas, of Winchester, Southants, 
doctoris. Wadh AM Cou^, matric. 3 Nov., 1626, 
a^eid 16; created M.A. 31 Aug., 1636, "the regi- 
cide." bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1636, bencher 
1648, recorder of Basingstoke 1643, a six clerk 
in chancery Jan. and Feb., 1644, ^'^^ Winchester 
1645-53 (^i**)' '* Rumper 1659," a commissioner on 
trial of the king, but did not si|[n the warrant, 
excepted out of the act of oblivion, fled to the 
comment; died at Vevey, Switzerland, 5 Nov., 
168a, buried there, M.L ; brother of Barnabas. 
Sec Foster's Judges and Barristers & Gardiner, 76. 

Love, Nicholas, s. Nicholas, of Petersfield, Hants, 
pleb. Magdalen Coll., matric. 10 Oct, 1634, 
aged 19; B.A. 7 July, 1636. rector of 'Tirwick, 
1640. and vicar of Ro^te, Sussex, 1666. See 
Foster's Index Eutaiasticus, 

Love, Richard, of Hants, gent St. Mast Hall, 
matric. entry under date 1575, aged 16. [16] 

Love, Richard, of Northants, gent Magdalen 
Hall, matric. 19 April, 1583, aged 13; demy 
Magdalen Coll. 1585-8, B.A ao Jan., 1590-1, 
fellow 1591-1618, M.A. 4 July. 1594. B.D. ao July. 
1604, licenced to preach i Dea, 1613, rector of 
Ardley, Oxon, 161 5, etc See Bioxam, iv. aa5 ; ik. 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Love, Richard, s. R. , of Gretham, Hants, gent Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric. a7 May, 1661, aged 19; 
student of Inner Temple 1661. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. 

Love, Robert, Carmelite, and provincial of England, 
D.D. of Cambridge, sup. 30 J ime, 1506, for incor- 

Love. Walter, s. Steph., of Axminster, Devon, pp. 
WADHAM Coll., matric. 16 May, 1679, aged 19; 
B.A 17 Feb., i68a-3. 

Love, William, chorister Magdal£N Coll. 1586, 
demy 1589-94; B.A. from MAGDALEN HALL 19 
Oct, 1594, M.A. 5 July, 1603. See Bioxam, L aa. 

Loveday, Joseph, s. James, of Bradenham, Berks, 
pleb. Gloucester Hall, matric. a4 Nov., 1698. 
aged 19 ; B A 170a, rector of Hedsor, Bucks, 1715. 
and of Taplow I7a3. See Foster's Index Eccl. [21] 

Lovedaji Mathew. pleb. ; matric. ao March, 1634-5, 
aged 35. • • serv. ;" father of the next 

Lovedaj, Matthew, s. Matth., of Oxford (city), 
pleb. Oriel CoLU, matric. 8 March, i66i-a, aged 
15 ; B A 1665. bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, 1673 » 
father of the next See Foster's Judges and Bar- 

Loveday. Matthew, s. M., of Oxford (city), gent 
Christ Church, matric. 15 April, 1684, aged 16 ; 
died there in 1687. 

Loveday, Moses, s. William, of Evesham, ca 
Worcester, pp. Balliol Coll., matric. 11 March, 
1706-7, aged 16; B.A 1710, vicar of Evenley, 
Northants, 1715. until his death, buried there 6 
June, I7a3. See Foster's Index Eccl, l^^] 

Loveday, Thomas, s. Th., of London (city), gent 
Baluol Coll., matric. 13 Aug., 1713. aged 16; 
B. A 1717. M. A 16 March, 1730-1. 

Loveday, William, of Northants, gent MAGDALEN 
Hall, matric. a6 June, i6ai, aged 18. 

Loveden, John, of Berks, pleb. St. John's Coll., 
matric. 5 May, 1598, aged 16. 

Loveden, Thomas, of Berks, gent St. John's Coll. , 
matric. 8 July, 1586, aged 17 ; B.C.U 8 July, 1606 

L0V€J0y, George, s. George, of Wickham, Bucks, 
pleb. Trinity Coll., matric 18 Nov., 1631, 
aged 18, B A 18 Tune, 1634 \ bellow Merton 
Coll. 1633-47, M.A. aa Feb., 1639-40, rector of 
Threxton, Norfolk, 164a See Foster's Index EecL 

Lovelaoe, John, is. Richard, Baron Hurley. Christ 
Church, matric. i< June, 163a, aged 16 ; and 
Baron Lovelace, of Hurley ; died 1^0 ; father of 
the next-named. ['^] 

Lovelaoe, John, is. John, Baron Huriey. Wadham 
Coll., matric. a5 July, 1655. created M.A 9 Sept, 
1661 ; 3rd Baron Lovelace, of Hurley, M.P. Berks 
1661-70, captain of the gentlemen pensioners 1689, 
chief justice in Eyre on this side or Trent ; died a7 
Sept, 1693. See Fasti, ii. a5a; & Foster's Par- 
liamentary Dictionary, 

Lovelaoe, (Sir) Richard, of Berks, arm. fit Merton 
Coll., matnc. 7 Feb., i^3-4i aged 16 ; (s. Richard 
and ^ndson of John who aied 1558J, knighted at 
Dublm 5 Aug., 1599. M.P. Berks 1601, /S>ingdon 
1604-11. Windsor 1614. and Berks i6ai-a. created 
Baron Lovelace, of Hurley, Berks, 30 May, 1637 ; 
died 1634 ; father of John 1633. See Foster's Par* 
liamentary Dictionary, 

I 940 ] 

Richard Lovelace. 

1500 — 1714. 

Thomas Lovet. 

liOvelaoe, Richard, is. William, of Woolwich, Keot* 
arm. uloucester Hall, matric. 27 June, 1634, 
aged 16 ; created M.A 31 Aug., 1636, incorporated 
at Cambridge 1637, "afterwards eminent for his 
valour and poetry," spent all his estate in the royal 
cause and died in Gunpowder Alley, Shoe Lane ; 
buried in St. Bride's z6^8. See Berry's KetU, 475 ; 
Ath. iii. 460 ; & FasHt 1. 491. 

Lovelaoe, Robert, of Berks, gent. Brasbnose 
Coll., matric. 8 Dec., 1587, aged 15. 

Lovelaoe, Robert, B.A from St. John's Coll. 
1610-11. and M.A from Corpus Chkisti Coll., 
Cambridge, 1614 ; incorporated 10 July, 1621, 
vicar of Standon. Herts, 1617, and of Wormley, 
Herts, 1630. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

liOVelaoe/William, s. William, of Canterbury, Kent, 
arm. Trinity Coll., matric. 8 June. 1671, aged 
17 ; student of Inner Temple 1672-5 ; died in 1^9. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lovelaoe. William, s. Joh. , of Bruton, Somerset, pp. 
Hart hall, matric. 9 July, 1709, aged 18 ; B.A. 
17131 vicar of Carhampton, Somerset, 1716. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. [5] 

liOVeledge, William, 8. Nicholas, of Westminster, 
Middlesex, pleb. Christ Church, matric. 34 
Feb., 1631-3, a^ed 19; B.A. 4 June, i6«, M.A. 11 
April, 1638, vicar of Daventry, Northants. until 
sequestered in 1645 by the Westminster assembly. 
See Alumni West, Z03 ; ft Add, MS, 15,669, p. 

IiOVellng, Benjamin, s. William, of Castle Martin, 
CO. Pembroke, pp. Lincoln Coll., matric. 8 
July, 1690, aged 17, B.A 1694 ; M.A from Clare 
Coll., Cambridge, 1697, author of 'Quakerism a 
Complication of Heresy,' vicar of Banbury, Oxon, 
rector of Pangboume, Berks, 1718 ; brother of 
John, Thomas, and William* See Rawl, iiL 
J34 : ft Foster's Index Eccl, 

Loyeling, John. s. William, of Castle Martin, co. 
Pembroke, cler. Jesus Coll., matric. 14 Dec., 
X703, aged ao; B.A. 1707, vicar of Cottesbrookes, 
Northants, 1708 ; brother of Benjamin, Thomas, 
and William. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lovelizig, Matthew (Louelin), s. William, of Warren, 
CO. Pembroke, sacerd. Jesus Coll., matric. ao 
June, 1633, aged ao; B.A. i^ Feb., 1625-6, vicar of 
Warren, 1639 ; his father vicar of the same 1597. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Loveling, Thomas, s. William, of Castle Martin, co. 
Pembroke, cler. Lincoln Coll., matric. 17 Dec., 
X703, aged 19 ; B. A from St. Alban Hall 1709, 
vicar of Warren and also of Castle Martin, co. 
Pembroke, 17x8 ; his father vicar of the same 1673 ; 
brother of Benjamin, etc. See Foster's Index EccL 

liOVellng. William, s. William, of Castle Martin, co. 
Pembroke, cler. Trinity Coll., matric. 19 
March, 1695-6, aged 18, B.A 1699; brother of 
Benjamin, eta See RawL iv. 3aa [11] 

Loveliis, Thomas, of Exeter Coll. 1639. See 
Levelis, page 903. 

XiOTell. Benjamin; B.A from Merton Coll. 11 
April, 1627; M.A from St. Edmund Hall 8 
July, 1630, rector of Preston Bagott, co. Warwick, 
1636 ; licenced 15 Dec. , 1660 (then of Leckhamsted, 
Budcs. derk. widower, aged 52), to marry Grace 
Williams, of Low Layton, Essex, widow ; rector of 
Tooting Graveney, Surrey, 1661, vicar of St Albans 
St. Stephen's 1663, and of Marlborotigh St Mary, 
Wilts, 1665, vicar of Langley Abbots, Herts, 1664, 
of Great Missenden. Bucks. 1670, and rector of 
Bow Brickhill, Bucks, 1671; father of Robert 
1650. See London Marriage Licences^ ed. Foster, 
& Foster's Index Eccl. 

liOvell, Charles, s. William, of Peckham, Surrey, 
gent Merton Coll., matric. 26 March, 1686, 
aged 17 ; B. A 1693. 

Lovell, Edmund, s E(dmund), of Wells, Somerset, 
pp. Trinity Coll.. matric. 25 June. x68o. aged 
16; B.A from St. Alban Hall 1684, rector of 
Pitney Lorty, Somerset, (M.A) 1699, until his 
death 20 Nov., 1721 ; father of Edmund 1717. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, [15] 

Lovell, George, of Dorset, pleb. Lincoln Coll., 
matric. 2a Oct, 1619. aged 16; B.A. 19 Feb., 
1622-3; M.A from Hart Hall 2x June, 1625, 
rector of Chettle, Dorset, 1638. See Foster's Index 

liOvell, John ; B. A 4 June, 1537 ; one of these names 
beneficed in Essex; another M.P. Clifton-Dart- 
mouth-Hardness 1563-7. See Foster's Index 
EcclesiasticuSt eta 

Lovell, John, of Somerset, pleb. Hart Hall, matria 
entry under date 17 Dec., 1576, aged 17. 

Lovell, John, s. j., of Evercreech, Somerset, pleb. 
WadhamColl., matric. 4 April, x688, aged 18; 
B.A 1691, rector of Portishead, Somerset, 1700^9. 
See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lovell, Nathaniel, of Oxon, pleb. St. Edmund 
Hall, matric. 27 Oct., i6ao, aged 17 ; RA from 
Queen's Coll. 9 July, 1624; M.A from St. 
Edmund Hall 25 June, 1628. L^^l 

Lovell, Nicholas; B.A from Peter House, Cam- 
bridge, 1622-3, M.A 1628 ; incorporated 15 July, 
1628. See Foster's Graduati Cantab, 

Lovell, Richard, s. Richard, of Oxford (city), pleb. 
Magdalen Coll., matric. i^ Nov., 1635, aged 16; 
B.A. 15 Dec., 16^, M. A ao June, 1640 ; rector of 
St Peter, Sandwich, Kent, 1639. 

Level, Robert ; B.A from Christ Church 16 Dec.. 
1650, M.A ai June, 1653 (s. Benjamin, rector of 
Lapworth, co. Warwick), "an excellent botanist," 
professed physic and had some practice therein at 
Coventry, where he died, buried in the church of 
the Holy Trinity 6 Nov. , 169a See Burrows^ 568 ; 
Ath. iv. a96 ; & FasH, il 160. 

Lovell, Robert, s. Robert, of Milcombe, Oxon. i^eb. 
New Coll., matric. 3 April, 1669, aged x6, and 
from Brasenosb Coll., 16 July following, BJL 


Sir Thomas, high steward of the universities 

of Oxford and Cambridge. See Cooper^ >• 30.] [**] 
Lovell, Thomas (Lowell or Louwell) ; B. A 33 May 

i5ai. fellow Merton Coll. 1533-58, M.A 5 July, 

1536. See O.H.S. 357. 
Lovell, Thomas, of Oxon, pleb. , of Magdalen Hali. 

in or before 1573, aged ig ; B«A, 3 July. 1573, M.A. 

3 Julv, 1577; vicar of Bloxham, Oxon, 1579, etc. 

See Foster s Index EccL 
LovelOOke, Thomas, s. Ric., of Newbury, Berks, 

gent Pembroke Coll., matric. 7 Dec.. 1708. 

aged 16. 

Lover, Benjamin, 1599. See Glover. 

Lovett, Francis, of Northants, gent St. Edmund 
Hall, matric. aa Oct, 1591, aged 15. fO] 

Lovett, John, bom in Bucks, is. Robert, of Tavistock, 
Devon, equitis. Exeter Coll., matric. 34 March, 
1636-7, aged 15; student of Lincoln's Inn X638L 
See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Lovatt, John, s. J., of Clayton, co. Stafford, pWx 
Brasenosr Coll., matric. ao March, 170^, aged 
18; B.A 1706. 

liOVet, (Sir) Robert, of Bucks, gen. fit Trinitt 
Coll., matric. 8 Nov., 1594, aged 14; student of 
Middle Temple 1600 (as only son of Francis, of 
Liscombe. Bucks), knighted aa Nov., 1606. sberifT 
of Bucks 1608 ; died 1643 ! father of John 1637. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lovet. Thomas; fellow of Christ's Coll., Cam- 
bridge; B.A 1664-5. M.A. 1668. incorporated 11 
July. 1676; vicar of Beddingham. Sussex, 1670, 
rector of Taplow, Bucks, 1681, canon of Ely 1693, 
until his death in 1698. See Foster^s Index BccL 

[ 941 ] 

William Lovett. 

15CX) — 1714. 

Michael Low. 

Ixrrett, William, of co. StafTord, pleb. St. Mary 
Haix, matric. 8 Nov., 1583, aged 18. 

liOVibond, Edward, of Isle of Wight, gent Hart 
Haix, matric. 37 May, 1608, agni 16 ; student of 
Lincoln's Inn 16x1 (s. Thomas). See Foster's Ihtu 
of Court Reg, 

IjOtIxi^, John, gent St. John's Coll., matric. la 
Apnl, 1679; probably student of Middle Temple 
x68z. as son and heir of John, of Westminster, esq. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

XOTin^, John, gent Oriel Coll., matric. 33 May, 
1683, a A 18 Jan., 1686-7. 

liOWOOOk, Aaron, s. William, of Nasbrook (Knares- 
borough), Yorks. gent University Coll., matric 
90 Ai»il, 1708, aged 16; B.A. 17 JazL, 1711-ia, 
Ml A. 1714, vicar of Wellingborough, Northants, 
1718, and of All Saints', Nonhampton, 1733. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. [5] 

lK>wde, James ; fellow of Clarb Hall, Cambridge, 
B. A 1659-60, M. A 1663 ; incorporated 13 July, 
1669, rector of Esington, Yorks, 1679. and of Set- 
trington 1684, chaplain to John, Eari of Bridg- 
water. See Fasti, ii. 313 ; Moss' Celebrities of the 
Yorkshire Wolds, 98 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

XiOWde, Ralphe, s. Edmtmd, of Aighton, 00. Lan- 
caster, husbandman ; admitted at Emmanuel Coll. , 
Cambridge, 4 May, 1606, and Gonville and 
Caius Coll. (Cambridge). 13 Oct., 1608, aged x8, 
B.A 1609, M.A 1613 (incorporated 4 July. 1618), 
B.D. 1633, rector of Blaken^, x63i, andof Wiveton, 
Norfolk, 1634. See Foster's Index Eccl. & Venn, ixo. 

IiOWde, William, s. James, of Kirkham, ca Lan- 
caster, gent Christ Church, matric 39 April, 
1678, aged x6 ; B.A 9 Feb., 1681-3, M.A 33 Jan., 

liOwdeli, William ; fellow New Coll. 1536, from 
Lombard Street, London, B.CL. 9 March, 1533-4; 
died 1546. 

I^owe, Arthur (Looe) ; B.C.L. 30 May, 1530, canon 
of Lincoln 1538, of York 1^54, and of Lichfield 
1554 '* perhaps rector of Stockport, Cheshire, 1538; 
another bene6ced in Northamptonshire, Yorkshire, 
etc See Foster's Index EccL « Baker's Northants, 
i 679. [lO] 

IjOwe, Charles, s. Tho., of Bormill, Salop, pleb. 
Bmjjol Coll., matric. 3 April, 1669, aged x8; 
B.A 1673. 

IjOWe, (Sir) Edward, gen. fiL New Coll., matric 
17 Dec, 1654, B.C.L. i66x, D.C.L. 1667, an 
advocate 1669; perhaps bar. -at-law, Middle Temple, 
1658 (as 3rd son Jonn, of Middle Temple, esq., 
deceased), knighted at Whitehall 31 Jan., 1673-3. a 
master in chsmcery 1673, until his death in Niay, 
1684. See Fasti, it 399 ; Coote*^ Civilians, 93 ; & 
Fostei's fudges and Barriilers, 

liOWe, Edward, master of the choristers and organist 
of Christ Church. Privilegiatus 19 Aug., X667. 
professor of music i66x, until his death ix July, 
1683, buried in the divinity chapel ; will at Oxford 
proved 4 Aus., 1683. See Gutch, i. ^xq; Ath. L 
pi zxvi ; & Waters' Chesters of Chichele, I 3x5-6. 

liOWe, Fyfield (or Fitzfidd). s. Gab., of Ozleworth. co. 
Gloucester, eqnitis. Lincoln Coll., matric. 5 
May, X673, aged x8 ; his grandfather knighted 33 
March, 1618, and his fother 3 Aug., 1660; died 

^ liOWe, Francis, s. Francis, of Prestbunr, Cheshire, 
pldx Brasenose Coll. , matric. 34 March, 16367, 
a^ed 18; B.A. 33 Nov., 1640, incumbent of 
Marple. Cheshire, 1649-63, rector of Taxal 1663, 
until his death ; buried there x8 Oct, 1673. See 
Earwaker, ii 546 ; & Foster's Index Eccl. [15] 

liOe. George, s. G. , of Hales Owen. co. Worcester, pp. 
New Inn Hall, matric. x8 March, X669-70, aged 
17 ; B. A 1673, rector of Claverton, Somerset, i^. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

LoW9, Henry, s. H. , of London (city), gent Christ 
Church, matric. 4 Feb., 1678^, aged x6; B.A 

Lowe, Hierom. See Laws 1666-7. 

^Lowe, Humphrey, of Cheshire, pleb. Brasenoss 
Coll., matric. 13 Oct, 1598, aged aa 
Lowe, Humfrey. of co. Worcester, gent Hart 
Haix, matric 9 Nov., X638, aged X7; possibly a 
student of Inner Temple X639. as son and heir of 
Huniphrey. ofCatmore. Hades Owen, Salop, gen. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. [aO] 

Lowe, Humphrey, s. Tho.. of Bromsgrove, 00. 
Worcester, gent Queen's Coll., matric 9 
March, X695-6, aged X7; student of the Inner 
Temple X697. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

V Lowe, John (or Lawe) ; fellow Brasenose Coll. 1573, 
B.A 3 Feb., 1573-4. M.A 4 July, XS77. rector of 
Witcmimpton, Dorset, 1577. See Foster's Index 
Lowe, John, s. Michael, of Pipe Ridware, 00. Stafford, 
gent Queen's Coll., matric 17 April, 1635. aged 

^ Lowe, John, s, Ralph, of Wfhwick. co. Lancaster, 
pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric 33 Feb., X666-7, 
aged x6. 

Lowe, John, s. Francis, of Gray's Inn. London, gent 
Christ Church, matric 5 Aug., x668. aged X7; 
bar. -at-law. Gray's Inn. X676 (his father also a bar- 
rister 164X. was son and heir of Humphrey, of St 
Albans. Herts, gent ) ; licenced la April, 1677, to 
marry Winnifride Glanvile, of Broad Hinton, Wilts, 
spinster, and also 30 May. x68a. (v.G.) then a 
widower, to marry Frances Stapylton, of Chelsea, 
Middlesex, spinster ; dead before 3 May, X707, his 
son Francis administrator. See Foster's Judges and 
Barristers & London Marriage Licences, ed. 
Foster. [25] 

Lowe, John, s. Jer., of Bridgenorth, Salop, pp. All 
Souls' Coll., matric xx Dec, x668. aged X7; 
B. A 1673, vicar of Brace Meole, Salop, 1679. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 
Low, John, subscribed 35 Nov., 1693. 

Lowe, John, s. "Iser," of Nutsfield ( ? Knutsford), 
Cheshire, pleb. Queen's Coll. , matric. 17 March, 
1703-3, aged 19. 

Lowe, Jonathan, B.A Glasgow University, incor- 
porated 39 April, 1676. rector of Hedgerley, Bucks, 
1680, and of Bamingham, Yorks, X685. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Lowe, Joseph, of Salop, gent Queen's Coll., 
matnc 30 June, 1615, aged 16 ; student of Gray's 
Inn, x6x7, as son of Thomas, of Highley, Salop, 
gent S06 YosXex's Inns of Court Reg, [SOJ 

^Lowe, Joseph, 8. Geo., of Chelford, Cheshire, pleb. 
Brasenose Coll., matric 7 April. X698, aged X9 ; 
B. A X3 Feb., x70X-3, M.A 1706, vicar of PrSjtbury, 
Cheshire, X733. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lowe, Lawrence, is. John, of Shaftesbury, Dorset, 
eq. aur. Magdalen Hall, matric 13 Nov., 
1674, &S^ i^ ! liis father knighted X9 April. 1661. 

Lowe, Leonard, s. Pet, of Hope. co. I)erby, pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matric x8 March, X669-70, 
aged 19; EA. X673, rector of Sapcote, co. Leicester, 
1685. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lowe, Mark, secular chaplain. B.A. 3 July, 1535, 
M.A. 33 May, 1538. 

Lowe, Michael, equitis fit Christ Church, matric. 
33 May, i6ia, aged 15; bar. -at-law. Middle Temple, 
1618, as son of Sir Thomas, of city of London, 
alderman ; brother of Timothy 1613. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers. [^^1 

Low, Michael, gent Merton Coll., matric 35 
Oct. 1659, student of Gray's Inn x66x (as of co. 
Stafford, gent.), licenced 34 Nov., 1663, to marry 
Mary Hardwin, of St. Dunstan-in-the-West. London, 
spinster. See Foster's Grafs Inn Reg. & London 
Marriage Licences, ed. Foster. 

[ 942 ] 

Nathaniel Lowe. 

1500— 1714. 

Robert Lowman. 

Lowe, Nathaniel* s. Robert, of Hampstead, Herts, 
pleb. Christ Church, matria 14 Nov., 1623, 
aged 19 ; B.A 7 Feb., 1623-4. 

Lowe, Nicholas. 1591-2. See Lower. 

Lowe, Richard, of BrasenoseColl. 1581. See La we. 

Lowe, Richard (Loe). of co. Warwick, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric. 11 July, 1600, aged z6. 

Lowe, Richard, s. Humphrey, of Capemore, Salop, 
gent Queen's Coll., matric. 3 June, 1647, aged 
15 ; student of Inner Temple, 1647. See Burrows, 
543 ; & Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. [5] 

Lowe. Robert (or Lawe), B.A. 23 Feb., 1528-9, in 
holy orders. 

Lowe, Robert, B.A. from Christ Church 7 Nov., 
165a See Burrows, 488. 

Lowe, Robert ; fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge, 
B.A. x66x-2, M.A. 1665^; incor^rated 13 July, 
1669, rector of Ingham, buffolk, 1670: licenced 27 
Nov., 1671, to marry Sarah Knight, spinster, step- 
daughter of George Lowe, of Lincoln s Inn. See 
London Marriage Licences, ed. Foster ; Foster's 
Index Eccl. ; & Robinson, i. 218. 

Lowe, Roger, of ca Hereford, pleb. Trinity Coll., 
matric. 29 Jan., 1500-1, aged 11. 

Low, Samuel, fellow Magdalen Coll., Cambridge, 
B.A. 1651-2, M.A 1655 ; (incorporated xo July, 
1655), B.D. 1662, rector of High Laver, Essex, 
1662. See Foster's Index Eccl. [lO]^ 

Lowe, Samuel, s. J oh., of Clent, co. Stafford, pp. 
Pembroke Coll.. matric. 24 March, X674-C, aged 
x8; one of these names M.P. Aldeburgh (Nov.), 
1718, until his death 25 July, 1731. 

IiOWe, Samuel, of Henr., of islandf of Jamaica, gent 
Christ Church, matric. 21 April, 17x0, aged x6 ; 
student of Middle Temple 1711. See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg, 

Lowe, Thomas, of Salop, gent Broadgates Hall, 
matric. 9 Feb., 1593-4, aged 19. 

Lowe, Thomas, s. Edward, of Middlewich, Cheshire, 
pleb. Brasenose Coll. , matric. 22 March, 1660-1, 
aged 18; B.A. X662, M.A. x8 Jan., 1664-5; ^^^^ o^ 
these names rector of Selbam, Sussex, 1667. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lowe, Timothy, equitis fiL Christ Church, matric. 
23 May, x6i2, aged i^ ; brother of Michael 1612, 
and perhaps sons of Timothy, of Kent, knighted 23 
July, X603. [15] 

IiOWe, Timothy, s. Tim., of Gloucester (city), arm. 
Oriel Coll., matric. x5 June, 171 1, aged 17; 
student of Gray's Inn 1712. See Foster's Grays 
Inn Reg. 

Lowe, WUllain; B.A. from St. Alban Hall X597. 
See Loe, page 934. 

IiOwe, William (Loe), of ca Warwick, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric. 23 June, 1621, aged 18, 
B.A. 9 July, 1624 ; M.A. from Emanuel Colu, 
Cambridge, 1636; one of these names rector 
of Aston-in-Oun, Salop, 1637, another vicar of 
Masham, Yorks, 1639. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lowe, William (Loe), s. William, of Milton, Oxon, 
gent Trinity Coll., matria 4 April, X691, aged 
x6 ; student of Middle Temple 1698. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. 

Lowe, Wright, s. George, of Oxford (city), arm. 
Hart Hall, matric. 29 March, 1667, aged 14 ; 
a student of the Inner Temple 1668. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. [aO] 

Lowell, lobn (Lewell or Luell) ; B.C.L. 2 Dec., 1529. 

Lowen, John, bom in London, s. Daniel, of Northall, 
Herts, gent. Christ Church, matric. 29 Nov., 
1633, aged 19 ; student 1633-48 ; B.A. 4 July, 
1637, M.A. 30 June, 1640, createid B.C.L. i Nov., 
1642, D.C.L 7 Aug., x66o; of Gerpins or Gerber- 
ville, near Rainham, Essex, bar.<ai-1aw, Gray's 
)nn, X655, an advocate 1664 ; died at Rainham 
about 1677. See Al. West. 105 ; Faiti, ii. 231 ; 
Foster's Judges and Barristers'; & Cccte's Chiltams, 

Lower, Alexander, of Cornwall, arm. Gloucester 
Hall, matric 11 April, x6o6, aged 18 ; student of 
Middle Temple 16 10, as 5s. Thomas, of Winnowe, 
Cornwall, esq. ; brother of Sir Nicholas and Sir 
WUliam. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

"Lower, Edward, of Somerset, pleb. St. Aiaan 
Hall, matric. entry under date 28 Feb., 1580-1, 
aged 16. 

Lower, (Sir) Nicholas, of Cornwall, arm. fit Exeter 
COLI^, matric. 4 Feb.. 1591-2. aged x6; of Clifioa 
in Landulph, Cornwall, (3s. Thomas, of Winnow, 
Cornwall), sheriff X633, knighted i June, 16x9: 
died X7 May, 1655; brother erf Alexander and 
William. [asj 

Lower, Richard, gent Christ Church, matric. 
27 Feb., 1650.1, student X649, B.A. 17 Feb., 1652-3, 
M.A. 28 June, 1655, B. and D.Med. 28 June, 1665 ; 
(s. Humphrey, of Tremeere, Cornwall), baptised at 
St Tudy 29 Jan., 1631, F.R.S. 1667-78. an eminent 
physician and an anatomist, fellow of college of 
physicians 1675 ; died in London 17 Jan., 1690-1, 
buried in the church of St Tudv, ComwalL See 
Atk. i. p. L note, and iv. 297 ; Al. West. 132 ; & 
Munk's Roll, i. 379. 

Lower, Hiomas, esq. (posthumous son of Sir William); 
created M.A. x6 Jan., 1642-3; M.P. East Looe 
1640 (L.P.) until disabled Jan., 1644 ; died X5 Feb., 
1660-1, buried in St Clement Danes. See Pasii^ ii. 
33 ; & Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Lower, (Sir) William, of Cornwall, gen. fil. Exeter 
Coll., matric. 10 June, x 586, aged x6; ofTreventy, 
CO. Carmarthen, astronomer; student of Middle 
Temple 1589 (as son and heir of Thomas, <^ 
Winnow, Cornwall, esq.); knighted at Theobalds 
IX May, i6q3; M.P. Bodmin i6ox, Lostwithiel 
z6c4-xi ; died X2 April, 16x5 ; brother of Alexander 
and Nicholas ; father of Thomas X643. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg., etc. 

[Lower, Sir William, s. John, of St Winnow ; rograHst* 
perhap^ knighted 4 July, X604 ; died 166a. See 
Ath. ilL 544.J 

Lowfield, William (Loffield) ; RA. from New Coll. 
25 Oct, 1590, M.A. 3 July, 1593, chaplain ; licenced 
to preach from All Souls' Coll. 23 Jan., X604-5, 
B.D. sup. 5 Dec., x6o6, rector of Woolston, co. 
Gloucester, 1596. See Foster's Index EccL [SO] 

Lewis, Antony (Loveys), s. Thomas, of Kingswear, 
Devon, sacmL Exbt£R Coll., matric. 27 Nov., 
1640, aged 17 ; vicar of Henyock, Devon, 1663. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

LowiS, Richard (Levels), of Devon, gent New 
ColLn, matric. entry under date 10 Jan.,_x574-c, 


aged x8 ; see Lewis ; student of Inner Tempi 

1576, as of Ugbear, Devon. See Foster's Inns of 

Court Reg. 
Lowis, Robert (Lovds), of Devon, arm. Broadgates 

Hall, matric. 25 June, X596, aged x8 ; student of 

Lincoln's Inn X598, as of CornwaU. See Foster's 

Inns of Court Reg. 
Lowman, Fortescue, s. F., of Cadeldgh, Devon, 

pleb. New Inn Hall, matric. a March, 1675-6. 

aged 18. 
Lowman, Fran/ds, of Devon, gent Exeter Coll., 

matric. 6 July, 1587, aged x8. ['^J 

Lowman, John, of Devon, pleb. Queen's Coll., 

matric. 38 April, 16x5, aged 17; RA. 23 Oct, 

16x7 ; M.A. from St. Edmund Hall x July, i6ao, 

vicar of Sutton Bishop, Hants, 1623. See Fosttf's 

Index Eccl. 
Lowman, Moses, "ser." Merton Coll., matric. 

20 luly, 1654 ; chorister Magdalen Coll. 1655-7, 

B.A. 13 Oct., 1657, clerk X659-60, M.A. ax June, 

1 660. See Bloxam, i. 77. 

Lowman, Robert, s. Francis, of city of Winchester, 
gent New Coll., matric. x6 July, 1679, aged 


[ 943 ] 

Francis Lowndes. 


Lancelot Lowther. 

LowndeSy Fnmcis. s. Francis, of London (city), pleb. 
St. John's Coll., matric. 3 July. 1640. aged x8 ; 
fellow 1643. B.C.L. 4 Aug.. 1646 ; bursEu- by par- 
liamentary visitors 1648. ddegate of visitors 1647. 
See BuTTcwst 54^* 

LowndeSy John. s. Ralph, of Middlewich, Cheshire, 
gent BRASENOSB COLL., matric. 90 March, 
1673-4, aged 16 ; student of Gra/s Inn 1674. See 
Foster's Imns of Court Reg, 

Lownee, Joyllffe. of co. Worcester, pleb. Hart 
Hall, matric. 14 June, 1594. aged 19. 

Lownee, Ralph; B.A. 37 March, 1573, sup. as 

Lownes, Ralph, of Cheshire, pleb. Brasenosb 
Coll., matric. 8 Dec.. 1609. aged 16. [5] 

Lovndes, Ralph, s. John, of Mobberley. Cheshire, 
pleb. E^ASENOSE Coll., matric. aa March. 1677-8, 
aged 19; rector of Ecdeston, Cheshire. See 
R<twl. xxi. p. 5* 

Lownds, Robert; B.A from Christ Church 14 
Oct. 1609 ; M.A. 30 June, 161 a. 

Lowndes, Robert, s. William, of Westmorland, 
arm. Gloucester Hall, matric. 14 July. 1695. 
aged 14 ; student of Inner Temple 1696. S^ 
Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Lownes, Samuel, pleb. Magdalen Coll., matric. 
X AprO, 1656, chorister 1656. demy 1658-60, 
EA a June. 1659. M.A. a6 April. 1663. B.!). 96 
June. 1673, vaSbtT of the collie school 1660-3, 
fellow 1660-74, from Middlesex ; vicar of Obome. 
Dorset. 1665. until his death July. 1674 ; one of the 
same names vicar of Ingham. 15 Oct. 1675. and 
of Cameringham, 00. Lincoln, 13 Feb., 1676-7. 
See Bloxam, i. 79, v. 337 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Lowndeey Thomas, of Cheshire, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. entry under date 10 Jan., 1574-5. 
aged 33. [10] 

Lowndes, Thomas, of co. Stafford, pleb. Trinity 
Coll.. matric. entry under date 30 March, 1578-9, 

Lownds, Thomas, of Bucks, " Servus Mri. Hawley, 
Principalis." Gloucester Hall, matric. 4 Dec., 
x6oi, aged 18. 

Lowse. John (Lous^, or Livesay); EA. 31 Jan., 

Lowse, William, of Somerset, pleb. Magdalen 

Hall, matric entry imder date 15 April, 1580, 


IK)W80I1, Heniy 1616, and Lancelot 1631. See 
Lawson. page 889. [15] 

Lowthe, John, of New Coll. 1538-43. from Sawtrey, 
Hunts (y.s. Edmund) ; scholar of Winchester 
College 1534. B.A sup. April. 1540; LL.B. of 
Corpus Christi Coll., Cambridge. 1545, vicar 
of Louth, CO. Lincoln, i549t of Chew Magna, 
Somerset, 1553, canon of Lincoln 1560-80, of 
Lichfield 1561, master of the hospital of St John 
the Baptist at Bath 1563, chancellor of the diocese 
of Gloucester 1563, archdeacon of Nottingham 1565, 
rector of Gotham. Notts. 1567, and of St Mary. 
Nottingham. 1569-73. canon of WeUs 1570. rector 
of Hawton, Notts. 1574-89 ; his will dat^ 39 July, 
i^. proved at York la Sept following. See 
Cooper, ii 93. 

I^IWth, William, s. William, of London (city), pleb. 
St. John's Coll.. matric. a July, 1675, agea 15 ; 
EA 1679. fellow, M.A 1683. B.D. 1688; admitted 
to Merchant Taylors' school 1673. bom 3 Sept. 
1660, author of a " Commentary on the Prophets," 
rector of Overton 1694, and of Buriton, Hants, 1699, 
prebendary of Winchester 1696, until his death 17 
May. 1733 ; father of Bishop Lowth. See Atk, iv. 
712 ; Rewl. it 333. xviii. 55 ; Heame, it 49 i-k 
RoHmson, L 377 ; & Genfs. Mag, 1787, ii. ioa8. 

Lowther, Christopher, of Westmorland, militis fiL 
Queen's Coli^ , matric. 30 May, x6o6, aged 19 ; 
B.A. 31 March. 1609-10 (s. Sir Christopher, knighted 
13 April. 1603). rector of Lowther; bix)thM' of 
Richard 1603. See Foster's Yorkshire Collection, 

Lowther, Christopher, bom in Ireland, s. Lancelot, 
of Addingham, Cumberland, sacerd. Christ 
Church, matric. x6 Dec.. 1646, aged 18. student 
1646-8; B.A. from Magdalen Hall ii June, 
1649 ; M. A. from St. Mary Hall 39 May, 1653. 
See Al, West. 135 ; & Burrows, 488. 

Lowther, (Sir) Christopher, s. Jo., of Stockbridge, 
Westmorland, bart Queen's Coll.. matric 3 
Nov.. 1685, aged 19; 3rd bart.. bar. -at law, Middle 
Temple. 1690 ; died s.p. a Oct. 1731 ; brother of 
James 1688. See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Lowther, Gerard, of Cumberland, arm. fiL nat max. 
Queen's Colu, matric. 7 June, 1605, aged 15; 
bar.-at-law. Gray's Inn. 16x4. as of Penrith, Cum- 
berland. gent ; perhaps chief justice common pleas 
Ireland, and lord chancellor 1654. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers & Foster's Yorkshire Col- 

Uction, rax] 

Lowther, (Sir) James, s. John, of London (city), bart 
Queen's Coll.. matric 17 Dec.. 1688, aged 15;' 
jar.-at-law. Mididle Temple, 1713. bencher 17I4; 
4th bart. M.P. Carlisle (in 5 parliaments); 1694- 
170a. Appleby (May) 1733-7. Cumbertand (in 9 
parliaments) 1708-33, and 1737. until his death a 
Jan.* 1755. See YosXer's Judges and Barristers & 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Lowther, (Sir) John, (and) bart. Baluol Coll., 
matric. 39 Oct, 1657 (s. Sir Christopher), M.P. 
Cumberland in 9 paruaments Jan., 1665-81, 1685-7, 
1689-1700. lord or the admiralty 1689 ; baptised at 
St Bees ao Nov., 1643; buried there 17 Jan., 
i70i?-6 ; father of Christopher 1685, /md of James 
1688, and probably ist cousin of Richard 1657. 
See YosXia^s Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Lowther, John, s. Robert, of London (city), arm. 
Trinity Coll., matric ai May. 1664. aged 17; 
of Lothbury, London, a Dantric merchant, a 
commissioner of revenue Ireland ; died 1697. 

Lowther, (Sir) John. s. J., of Hackthorp. Westmor- 
l^d, arm. Queen's Coll.. matric. la July. 1670, 
aged 15; bar.-at-law. Inner Temple. 1677 (as of 
Lowther), and bart. on the death of his grandfather 
1675. P'C. 1689. lord lieutenant CumTCrland and 
Westmorland, ist commissioner of the treasury 
1690, M.P. Westmorland in 7 parliaments (March) 
1677-0, 1681, 1685-7. 1689, until created Baron 
Lowther and Viscount Lonsdale 1696, privy seal 
1690; died 10 July. 1700. aged 45; half-brother 
of William 1685. See Foster's Judges and Barristers 
& Foster^s Parliamentary Dictionary. [^S] 

Lowther, John, s. Ralph, of Acworth Park, Yorks, 
arm. university Colu. matric. 37 Feb.. 1700-1, 
aged 16 ; M. P. Pontefract 1733. until his death at 
Bath I July, 1739. See Foster's Yorkshire Col- 

Lowther, Lancelot, "eq. aur. fil.*' ; BA. from 
Oriel Coll. 14 May. 1614, M.A. ax Jan.. 1616-7 
(3s. Sir Christopher), rector of Lone Marton. West- 
morland, and died in i66x. See Foster's Cumber- 
land and Westmorland Visitations, pp. 85-6. 

Lowther, Lancelot, EA. Trinity Colu, Dublin; 
incorporated 11 Oct., 1634; M.A from Christ 
Church so June. 1635 (s. William, of Ingleton, 
Yorks). rector of Kirkby Thore. Westmorland, 
1639. and of Workington, Cumberland, 1634, 
which he had deserted in 1645. though in the 
following year he was sequestered by the West- 
minster assembly to the vicarage of Addingham, 
Cumberland ; brother of Robert 1631, and father of 
Christopher 1646. See Add. MSS. x5.669-70-7i ; 
& Fastt, i. 418. 

[ 944 ] 

Richard Lowther. 

1500 — 1714. 

Humphrey Lucas. 

Lowther, Richard, of Westmorland, gent Queen's 
Coll., matric. 14 May, i6oa, aged x8, B.A aa 
Feb., X604-5. ^hen "cq. fiL" ; of St. Giles, Cripple- 
gate ; bar.-at-law, Grav's Inn, 16x4 (as son of Sir 
Christopher, of Lowther, kt), a justice of the 
peace tor Middlesex, M.P. Berwick-upon-Tweed 
1636, Appleby April-May, 1640; died in April, 
1659 ; buried in Lothbury church ; brother of 
Christopher 1606. See Foster's Judges and Bar- 

Lowther. Richard, Baronetti fiL Queen's Coll., 
subscribed 7 Nov., 1655; of Mauds Meatum, 
Westmorland, student of Inner Temple 165^ (as 
son of Sir John, of Lowther, Westmorland, knight), 
M.P. Appleby i689-9a See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. 

Lowther, Richard, arm. Balliol Coll., matric. 
39 Oct, 1657 ; EA from University Coll. x66i, 
M.A X9 Jan., 1663-4 (probably a son of Sir 
William, of Swillington, and first cousin of Sir John, 
admitted to Balliol on the same day), rector of 
Swillington 1664, until his death ; buried there a 
Aug., 1702, aged ^9; brother of William 1656. 
See Foster's Yorkshire Collection, 

Lowther, Robert; EC.L. from jESUS COLL. it 
Oct, X631 (s. William* of Ingleton. Yorks), rector 
of Ingleton, and of Bentham, Yorks, 1660, seques- 
tered; rector of Bewcastle» Cumberland, X663; 
chancellor of Carlisle 1666 ; brother of Lancelot 
1624. See Foster's Index Reel. 

Lowther. Robert, s. John* of Lowther, Westmor- 
land, bart. Queen's Colu. matria a Feb., 
1678-9, aged t6 ; student of Middle Temple X678, 
M.P. Westmorland X705-8; brother of William 
1677. ^>&t Voiitt'i Inns 0/ Court Heg, [5] 

Lowther, Robert, s. Ant., of Walthamstow, Essex, 
arm. Queen's Coli«., matric. 39 April, 1689, 
aged x6; student of Middle Temple X690; his 
father of Marske, Yorks, esq. See Foster's Jnn$ of 
Court Hef. 

Lowther, William, arm. Balliol Coll., matric. 
33 J^Xt X656; student of Gray's Inn 1655 (as 
son and heir of William, of Swillington, Yorks), 
knighted 30 Dec. , x66x (the same day as his father) 
sheriff Yorkshire 168 1, M.P. Pontefiract 1695-8; 
died 7 Dec.. X705, aged 66; brother of Richard 
1657. See Foster's Gra/s Inn Reg, 

Lowther. William, s. John, of Lowther, Westmor- 
land, bart Queen's Colu, matric 15 Dec., 
i^7> Aged 17 ; bar.-at-law, Middle Temple, 168 c ; 
licenced ao Dec., 1687, to marry Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of William Rawlinson, of St Andrew, Holbom ; 
brother of Robert 1679. ^^ Foster's Judges and 
Barristers & London Marriage Luencest ed. 

XiOWther, William, s. Christopher, of Appleby, 
Westmorland, pp. Queen's Coll., matria 4 
Feb., 1678-9. aged 16. 

Lowther, William, 8. Joh., of London, city, arm. 
Queen's Coll., matric. 3 Nov., 1685, aged 17; 
student of Middle Temple 1682 (his fiather of 
Lowther, deceased), M.P. Carlisle xdoa, until his 
death shortly before 26 Nov., 1694; half brother 
of John 167a See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Lowthian, George, "serv.." s. John, of Kirk 
Oswald, Cumberland, pleb. Queen's Coll., 
matric. 14 Dec., z66o, aged x8; RA 1665, rector 
of Whitfield, Northumberland, x666. See Foster's 
Index Bed, [11] 

Lowthian, Utricus, s. Geo., of Kirk Oswald. Cum- 
berland, pp. Queen's Coli^, matric. 99 March, 
1698, aged 17 ; rector of Whitfield, Northumber- 
land, 1703 (as Eutritius); perhaps intended for 
Uhric. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lowthroppe, John, of Yprks, pleb. CHJtiST 
Church, matric. 15 Oct, i6oa, aged 16. 

Lowthrop. John, s. Edward, ricar of Wharram 
Percy, Yorks, admitted sirar of St. John's Coll., 
Cambridge, 28 June, X641, aged 18; "spent 3 
years in his majesty's service " ; B.A. from Jesus 
CoLi«, by convocation, 14 March, 1645-6. See 
Mayor^ 61. 

Lowthorpe, John; EA. from St. John's Coll., 
Cambridge, X679-80, M.A. 1683. incorporated 
10 July, 1683, indicted for misdemeanour in 
Sept following, etc. ; rector of Coston, co. Leices* 
ter, X687. See Fasti, ii. 388; & Foster's Index 
Bed, [ISl 

Loxam, Ralph, pleb. St. Mary Hau., matria ao 
Nov., 165a 

Loxam, Robert, s. Edw., of Kirkham. co. Lancaster, 
pleb. Trinity Coix., matric. x6 April. 1709. aged 
18 ; B.A. 17x2, M.A. 17x5 (as Loxham), rector of 
Workington, Cumberland, 1734, aiid vicar of Poul- 
ton-le-Fylde, ca Lancaster, 1736, until bis death 
in X770. S€« Foster's Index EccL 

Lozdale, Nicholas, s. Nicholas, of Boningsde, Salop, 
pleb. New Inn Hall, matric. x June, 1703. aged 
18; B.A. 17 March, 1706-7; MA. firom jESUS 
Coll., Cambridge, 17x3, vicar of Seighford 178^ 
and of Ronton, co. Stafford, 1727. See Fosters 
Index Bed. 

Lozdale, Thomas, s. Th.. <^ Loxbridge, Westmor* 
land, pp. Trinity Coll., matric 19 May, X693, 
aged 17 ; RA. 25 Feb., X696-7, vicar of Seighfoird 
170^. rector of I'ixall 1719, and vicar of Leek (all 
CO. Stafford) 1725. See Foster's Index Bed, 

Loxham. See Loxam. [20] 

Loxton, Samuel, s. Frana, of Wrils» Somerset, pp. 
Corpus Christi Coix.. matric. 24 March. X678-9, 
aged x6; B.A. from New Inn Hall i68a, as 

Lnoar. See also Looker, page 938. 

Luoarre, Cyprian; scholar or fellow of New Coll*. 
in or before 1564, student of Lincoln's Inn X568 ; 
bis son Anthony a student of Middle Tenmle x6x2 ; 
his father then described as of Blackford, Somerset, 
esq. See Foster's Inns of Court R^, 

Lnoar, Mark; scholar New Coll. 1570, B.A. 04 
May, XS74. 

Luoar. William (Ltdcer); a A. 15 Feb., 15x0-20, 
M.A. sup. XI July, X5ai. \^^\ 

LuoaSy Antony, s. George, of Fenton« co. Lincoln, 
arm. Corpus Christi Colu, matric. z June, 
X676, aged X7 ; father of George 1701. 

Luoas. Antony, s. Ant, of South Petberwyn, Corn- 
wall, pleb. Trinity Coll., matric x^ March. 
Z677-8, aged X7 ; B.A. 1681, rector of Ribbesford, 
00. Worcester, X689. See Foster^s Index Bed, 

LuoaSy Charles, s. Henry, of Guilsborougfa, Nortbants, 
gent. Lincoln Coix., matric. 2 April, X669, aged 
17 ; studept of Lincoln's Iim z67a See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

LuoaSy George, s. Anth., of Weston, Rutland, aniL 
St. John's Coll.; matric. ax Aug., 170X, aged 17 ; 
student of Middle Temple 1702; his father ol 
Fenton, oa Lincoln. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Luoas, Henry, s. John, of Gtlsborough, Northants, 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 30 April, 1635. 
aged 17 ; bar.-cit-law. Middle Temple. 1648 ; buried 
in the Temple church 21 July, 1663; &ther of 
Charles 1669. See Foster's Judga and Barristers^ 

Luoas, Henry, s. Henry, of Banbury, Oxon. pl^ 
Trinity Coll., matric. 17 July, 1695, aged z6; 
B.A. X699, rector of Great Wdlston, Bndu, 1704. 
See Foster's Index Bed. JSl] 

Luoas, Humphrey. B.A. from Queen's Coll., Cam- 
bridge. X648; M.A. from Magdalen Hall id 
Tuly. Z65X ; one of these names vicar of Irthling- 
borough All Saints, Northants, ejected for ixmcoo- 
iormity 166a. See Calamy, iii 36. 

[ 94S ] 

John Lucase. 


Davenport Lucy. 

Lnoase, John, B.A. 17 July, 1527, M.A. 24 April. 
1533. then beneficed; perhaps rector of Patney, 
Wilts. 153a. See Fosters Index Eccl. 

Laoas, John, scholar of Corpus Christi Coll. , 1576^, 
EA x6 0ct, 1579. M.A. i4Tan., 1583-4; perhaps 
curate of Wicken Boonant. Eissex, licenced 27 Oct., 
1586. to marry Elizabeth, daughter of Inomas 
Barbor. of Wymbishe, Essex, spinster; rector of 
Layer Breton. Eissex, 1588. See London Marriage 
Licences^ ed. Foster, & Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lucas, John, of Berks, pleb. Trinity Coll. , matric. 
27 Nov., z6i8, aged i8;.B.A. 27 June, 1621, M.A. 
16 April, 1624. 

Lucas, John ; fellow New Coll. 1628, from Froyle, 
Hants, B.A. 10 April, 16^0, M.A. 15 Jan., 1633-4, 
sub-warden 1648, expelled by parliamentary visitors 
same year ; cme of these names rector of Milton- 
next-Gravesend, 1663-78; died in 1681. See 
Burronn, 529 ; & Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lucas, Michael, of co. Montgomery, pleb. jESirs 
Coll., matric. 20 Nov., 1607, aged 15. [5] 

Lucas, Onesiphonis, s. Jo. , of Stapenhill. co. Derby, 
minister. St. Alban Hall, matric. 29 Oct, 1669, 
aj^ 10; B,A. 1673. vicar of Stapenhill 1677: 
his father vicar in 1647. See Foster's Index 

Lucas. Richard, B.A. 19 Nov.. 1527; possibly student 
of Gray's Inn 1532. See Foster's Grays Inn Reg, 

Lucas, Richard, of Yorks. pleb. St. John's Coll., 
matric. entry under date 1575, aged 14; "ser.," 
EA. 9 March, x58x-2. 

Lucas, Richard, s. Rich, of Presteign, ca Radnor, 
pp. jESi;sCoLL., matric. 3 March, 1664-5, ^^ 
16; B.A. 1668. M.A. 1672 (incorporated at Cam- 
bridge 1677), B* ^^^ 'D.'O. 1691. bcMcame blind as his 
fatbo- before him, master of Abergavenny free 
school, rector of St. Stephen's. Coleman Street, 1678, 
lecturer of St Olave. Southwark, 1684. canon ojf 
Westminster 1697. until he died. 29 June. 1715 ; 
buried in Westminster Abbey. See Ath. iv. 722; 
RawL i 215. iii. 376, xxL 10; Chester's West, 
Abbey Reg. 283; Lansdowne MS, 987, f. 384; & 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lucas, Richard, s. Joh,, of Weston Haddon, 
Northants, pp. Merton Coll., matric. 12 June, 
1700, aged 15; B.A. 1704. vicar of Cold Ashbv, 
Northants. 1706. See Foster^s Index Eccl, [lO] 

Lucas, Robert, s. John, of Burton, Westmorland, pp. 
Queen's Coll., matric. 6 Maroh, 1693-4, aged 20. 

Lucas, Thomas, of Lx>ndon. pleb. Merton Coll., 
matric. entry under date i^, aged 12 ; " scholaris 
mri. Wilson." 

Lucas, Thomas, of London (city), pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matric. z Dec., 1581. aged 17; B. A. from 
All Souls' Coll. 6 May, 1583, M.A. 8 July, 

Lucas, Thomas, of Berks, pleb. Magdalen Hall, 
matric. 2Z June, 1616, aged 15. 

Lucas, Thon&as, s. James, of Burton, Westmorland, 
pp. Queen's Coll., matric 18 July, 1673, aged 
17. [15] 

Lucas, Thomas, s. Th., of Hollowell, Northants, 
gent Lincoln Coll., matria 26 June, 1674, aged 
17; B.A. 1678. 

Lucas, Thomas, s. Tho., of Farthinghoe, Northants, 
pp. Lincoln Coll., matric. i April, 1699, aged 
18; B.A. 170a. 

Lucas, Thomas, s. Geor. . of Uandevadoc, co. Gla- 
morgan, pleb. Jesus Coll.. matric 13 March. 
X699-1700, aged 18 ; B.A. 1703 ; rector of Cadoxton- 
JQxta-Barry, and of Merth)nr Dovan, co. Glamorgan, 
1706. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lnoas. William; feUow New Coll. 1542-50, from 
Wallingford, Berks, B.A. 1545. 

Luoas, William, s. William, of Woolverton, Bucks, 
gent Exeter Coll., matric a Dec, 1636, aged 
16 ; B.A. IX June, 1640 (incorporated at Cambridge 
1640), created M.A. i Nov., 1642; student of Gray's 
Inn 1642. See Foster's Grays Inn Reg, [20] 

Lucas, William, "ser." New Inn Hall, matric 
20 July, 1654. 

Luoas, William, s. Humphr., of Newton, co. Lincoln, 

cler. Magdalen Hall, matric 13 March, 1683-4, 

aged 17 ; B. A. from Brasenosb Coll. 1687, M. A. 

Luoe, Edward, '*ser." s. Richard, of Honiton Qyst, 

Devon, pp. Exeter Coll., matric 28 Feb., 

1667-8, aged 21. 
Luoe, John, s. William, of Launceston, Cornwall, pleb, 

(subs, gent.) Pembroke Colu, matric 23 March, 

170Z-2, aged 17 ; B.A. 1705. 

Luoe, Richard, "ser." Christ Church, matric a 
Oct., 1652; perhaps vicar of Chardstock, Dorset, 
i66x. See Foster's Index Eccl, [aS] 

Lnok, Jeremiah, s. John, of Mayfield, Sussex, sacerd. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. 20 Oct, 1626, aged 19; 
his father vicar of Mayfield 1610-24. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Luoke, Robert, s. Thomas, of Newport, Isle of Wight, 
gent Christ Church, matric 2 July, 1692. aged. 
18; B,A. 23 March, 1696-7, M.A. 1700; bom at 
Newport 10 June, 1^4, master of Barnsuple school 
1699, vicar of North Down, 1713, and vicar of 
Buckland Brewer. Devon, 1744. until his death in 
1749. See Al. West. 222 ; Foster's Index Eccl, ; 
& Rawl. vi. 71, xviL 364^. 

Luoke, Thomas, B.A. 30 March. 1574, feUow of ALL 
Souls' Coll. 1578, M. A. 22 June, 1579. 

Lnok, Timothy, "ser." Wadham Coll., matric 2a 
March, 1650-1, scholar 1654. aged 17, as of Canons 
Asbby, Northants, RA. 17 Dec, 1655, fellow 1658. 
M.A. z July, 1658. admon. at Oxford 6 Dec, 1^5. 
See Gardiner, 190. 

Lnokyn, Charles, y.s. William, of Messina Hall, 
Essex, "equitis" (subs. *'Bart"|. MertonColl., 
matric. I March, 1711-12, agea x8; B.A. 9 Feb., 
1715-16, M.A. 17x8, rector of Pebmarsh 1716, and 
vicar of Messing, Essex, 1718. See Foster's Index 
EcclesiasHcus, [^^1 

La(o)k7ll, Edward, of Essex, gent Gloucester 
Hall, matric. zo Dec, 1591, aged 24. 

Lu(o)kin, Thomas, of London, gent. Gloucester 
Hall, matric. 15 Feb., 1606-7, aged 15 ; bar.-at- 
law. Inner Temple, 1617. See Foster's Judges and 

La(o)k7ll, Walter, of Essex, gent Trintit Coll.. 
matric 22 Oct, 1591, aged 20; student of Inner 
Temple 1593, as of Baddow, Essex, gent. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Lll(0)kine, William, of Kent, pleb. LINCOLN COLL. , 
matric 10 Nov., 1615, aged 17. 

L'a(o)k7n, William, s. Paul, of Canterbury (city). 
Christ Church, matric. 17 March, 1701-2, aged 
17 ; B.A. 1705, M.A. 1708. [»5] 

LuOT, Antony, s. William, of Sherborne, Oxon, plebw 
Corpus Christi Coll., matric 7 Dec, 1627, 
aged 15. 

Lnoy, Charles, B.Med. of Cambridge, incorporated z 
June, 1513. 

Luoy, Davenport, s. Foulke, of Henbury. Cheshire, 
equitis. Trinity Coll., matric ix.Feb., 1674-5, 
aged x6 ; of Charlecote, co. Warwick ; died 1690 ; 
perhaps brother of William z69a. 

[ 946 ] 

Francis Lucr. 

1500 — 1 7 14. 

John Ludd. 

Luoy. Francis, eq. aur. fiL Trinitt Coll., matric. 
5 May, 16x5, SLged 15; bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 
1693 (as 6s. Sir Thomas, late of Charlecote, 00. 
Warwick, kt, deceased), licenced Dec., 1630, to 
marry Elizabeth, daughter of BeviliMolesworth, of 
Hoddesdon, Herts, spinster; M.P. Warwick 1624-5. 
1635, 1696, 1628-9 ; brother of George 1607, Thomas 
x6oi, Richard 1607, and William 1613. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers, 

Lnqy, Geoige, of Southants. militis fiL CORPUS 
CHRIST! Coll., matric. 30 Oct, 1607, aged 14; 
B.A. 21 June, 1610, student of Gray's Inn 1609 (as 
son of oir Thomas) slain in France ; brother of 
Francis, etc See Foster's Gray's Inn Reg. 

LUOJ^, George, 5s. Thomas, of Chaldicott, ca War- 
wick, equ. Queen's Coll., matric 4 June, Z641, 
aged 15 ; brother of Robert, etc 

Luoy, George, s. Tho., of London (dty), arm. St. 
Edmund Hall 24 March, 1670-1, ag«l 17 ; bar.- 
at-law. Inner Temple, 1678 (as of Clerkenwell), 
licenced i Tune, 1677 (then widower), to marry 
Anne Wilshere, of St. Mary-le-Bow. London, 
spinster ; perhaps buried in the Temple diurchyard, 
Monday, 16 Nov., 1724. See Foster's Judges aud 
Barristers & London Marriage Licences, ed. 

Lnoie, Kingsmill, arm. Christ Church, matric 
15 Oct., 1649, bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1654; 
probably son of William, 1613, bishop of St 
Davids, and if so, then father of Kingsmill, next- 
named. See Foster's Judges and Barristers. [8] 

Luoy, Kingsmill; s. K., of Castle Car^, Somerset, 
arm. Queen's Coll., matric 14 Apnl, 1671, aged 
15; B.A. 1674, B.C.L. 1677. See Foster's Judges 
and Barristers. 

Luoy, Sir Kingsmill, 2nd bart, 1667, created D.C.L. 
Aug., 1677; of Facombe, Hants, F.RS., a 
student of Lincoln's Inn 1667 (as son and heir of 
Sir Richard, of Broxboumebury, Herts), licenced 13 
May, x668, to many Theophila, daughter of George 
Lord Berkeley, then aged about 19; M.P. Breck- 
nock 1661, Andover (Jan.), 1^2-3, until his 
death in 1678. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Luoy, PlajTters, s. Richard, of London (city), gent 
'TRINITY COLU, matric 18 June, 1675, aged 15; 
student of Lincoln's Inn 1676. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. 

Lucy, (Sir) Richard, of London (city), militis fil. 
Magdalen Coll., matric 19 Jtme, 1607, aged 15; 
B.A from Exeter Coll. 4 July, x6ii ; of Brox- 
boume, Herts, student of Lincoln's Inn 1608. as 
of Southants, gent (s. Sirlliomas), knighted 8 Jan., 
1617-18, and created a baronet ix March, 1617-18. 
M.P. Old Sarum Jan., 1647-53 (L. a), Herts 1654-5, 
Z656-8 ; died 6 April, 1667. brother of Hiomas i6ox, 
and 6i William 1613. father of Kingsmill 1677. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Lucy, Richard, s. Hiomas, of Chaldicott, ca War- 
wick, militis. Queen's Coll., matric 17 Oct, 
1634, aged 14; of Charlecote, M.P. Warwickshire 
1653, 1654-^, 1656-8, 1659, A"^ Yarmouth (Isle of 
Wight) i6w>. and 1661, until his death in 1678; 
brother of Robert, etc See Foster's Parliamentary 
Dictionary. [lO] 

Luoy, Richard, der. fil Trinitt Coll., matric X2 
May. 1651 ; B. A from Queen's Colu 30 June, 
1653 ; M.A. from St. Alban Hall 7 Feb., 1662-3, 
prebendary of Brecon 1662, and treasurer 1663, 
prebendary and chancellor of St. David's 1663, 
rector of Si. Florence, co. Pembroke, 1663, and of 
Aber Edw, co. Radnor. 1665, and vicar of Llangaro- 
march, co. Brecon, 1676, until his death 12 ^pt, 
1690. aged 55. See Lansdowne MS. 987, f. 191 ; & 
Foster's Index Bed, 

Luoy, Richard, of Christ Church, arm., matric 98 
March, 1655. See Kingsmill 1649. See AL West, 

Lucy, Robert. 3& Thomas, of Chaldicott, co. War- 
wick, equitis. Magdalen Coll., matric 6 July, 
1638, aged 15; of Charlecot, died 1658, brother of 
Spencer and Richard 1634, and Thomas and Geocge 

Lucie, Spencer, 8. Sir Thomas, of Chariecote, co. 
Warwick, kt ; created D.Med. 18 Nov., 1643; of 
Charlecote, a royalbt colonel, died in 1648, brother 
' of Robert, etc. See Pastil ii. 68. 

Luoy, Spencer, s. William, bishop of St Davids, 
Queen's Coll., matric 2 Aug., i66x, aged 17; 
B.A. 30 Oct, 1662, M.A. 1665, vicar of Penbryn, 
CO. Cardigan, i66p, and canon and treasurer of 
cathedral church of St Davids 1669. vicar of Keny, 
ca Montgomery, 1672, until his death in JaiL, 
1690-X ; will at Oxford, proved 14 July, 1691. See 
PasH, iL 281 ; & Foster's Index Red. [18] 

Luoy, (Sir) Thomas, of Hants, equitis fiL Magdalen 
Coll., matric 8 May, i6ox, aged ic ; of Charle- 
cote, ca Warwick, student of Lincoln's Inn 1602, 
as of Southants, gent (s. Sir Thomas), M. P. 1614, 
1621-2, 1624-5, 1^5' i^^* Z628-9, April — ^Ikiay, 
1640. and idio (L.P.), imtil his death in Dec, 1640; 
brother of Francis 16x5, etc, father of Spencer, 
Robert, and Richard 1634, Thomas and George 1641. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Lucy, Thomas, 4s. 'Thomas, of Chaldicott ca War- 
wick, equ. Queen's Coll., matric 4 June, 1641, 
aged 17 ; of Charlecote, M.P. Yarmouth. Isle of 
Wight, Dec, 1678— Jan.. X678-9, 1678-9, Warwick 
1679-81, and i68x ; died 1684, brother of Richard 
x6^, and Robert, etc. See Foster's ParliawuHiary 

Luote, Timothy; RA. 96 April. 1567, M.A. from 
UNn'ERSiTT Coll. in or before X572. 

Lucy, Timothy, of BsoADGATBS Hall in or before 

Luoy, Timothy, of Essex, gent Baoadgatbs Hall. 

matric 7 bee, 1604, aged X5. [^Oj 

Luoey, William, of Oxon, pleb. Magdalen Hall. 
matric 17 Nov., 1581, aged 16. 

Luoy, William, <^ Hurstboume (" Husband*^, Hants. 
8. Thomas, knt ; B.A. from TRiNmr Coll. t8 
Nov.. X613; admitted of Caius Coll.. Cambridge. 
12 June, 16x5; M.A. 1616, B.D. 1623, D.D. 
a student of Lincoln's Inn i6xa, rector of Burgh 
Clere 16x9, and of High Clere, Hants, xfox, antil 
sequester^, bishop of St. Davids x66o, until his 
death 4 Oct, 1677 ; brother of Richard 1607, and 
Thomas i6ox, and father of Spencer x66x. See 
Venn, 130; Foster's Index Bed. \ Ath. ilL xzay; 
& Lansaoume MS. 986, f. 210. 

Luoy, William, s. Geo., of Loveston, ca Pembroke, 
gent Queen's Coll., matric 14 July, 1682, aged 

Lucy, William, s. Fulke, of Caldicote. co. Wanridc, 
gent Magdalen Hall, matric 3X May, 1692, 
aged x6; B.A. 1696, M.A X699, B. & D.D. by 
diploma i Oct. 1723; vicar of Kilton. Somerset, 
Z703, canon of Wells 1709. rector of Tolland 
Somerset, 17x4, rector of Hampton Lucy, ca War- 
vrick, Z72X, until his death, buried there 5 March, 
Z723 ; perhaps brother of Davenport Seie RawL 
xviii. 6x ; & Foster's Index EccL 

[Ludbye. Richard, priest in Gloucester Hall ; will 
at Oxford proved 17 Feb., X567.I [^9] 

^ Ludd, John, s. John, of Canterbury, Kent, gent. 
^ffAGDALBN COLL.. matric 27 June. 1634. aged xy; 
chorister 1634. B.A. 10 May. 1638, M.A. 25 June. 
1641 ; clerk 1638, until expelled by the puritans 
1648. See Bloxam, i. ex. A schoolmaster at Can- 
terbury 1645, against wnom artides were exhibited 
to the Westminster assembly. See Add. MSS. 

[ 947 ] 

Robert Luddington. 

1500 — 1714. 

James Ludwell. 

Luddington. See also Lodington. 

Luddington, Robert, of ca Worcester, gent. 
Chbist Church, matric. ia March. 1616-7, aged 

SI, EA. 26 June, 1617 ; M.A. from Magdalen 
ALL 6 July. 1621 (as Loddington) ; rector of 
Shrawiey, co. Worcester, 162a See Foster's Index 

Luddington, Robert, s. Sam., of Tenbury, ca Wor- 
cester, pp. Mekton Coll., matric. x April 1680, 
aged 17; RA 4 March, 1683-4; vicar of Chelmarsh, 
Salop, J700, and of Middleton Scriven, Salop, 1716. 
See Foster's Index Bed. 

Lodington, Stephen, bom at Carlton Scroojse, co. 
Lincoln, s. Stephen, doctoris et archidiaconi. 
Chsist Chusch, matric. 22 July, 1664, aged 18 ; 
EA 1668. M.A 1671 ; canon of Lincoln 1674. 
rector of Potter Hanworth, co. Lincoln, 1677, until 
his death 1689. See AU West, 159 ; & Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Luddington, Walter, of co. Worcester, pleb. 
BaluolColl., matric. 12 Dec., 1617. aged 17, 
EA 8 June. i6ai ; M. A from Broadgates Hall 
16 April, 1624. [S] 

Luddington, Wlliam, of co. Worcester, pleb. 
BaluolColl., matric 12 Dec., 1617, aged 17; 
EA sup. 2 July, 1621, from St. Edmund Hall. 
See O.H.S. xil 402. 

Ludford, James, s. John, of Ansley, co. Warwick, 
gent Queen's Coll., matric. 15 Nov., 1672, 
aged 16 ; B.A. 1676, M. A 1679. 

Lndford, John, s. J. , of Ansley, co. Warwick, gent. 
Queen's Coll., matric. 14 April, 1671, aged 17 ; 
bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, i68a See Foster's 
lodges and Barristers. 

Ludford, Simon, B.Med. and admitted to practice 27 
Nov., 1554. D.Med. 29 July, 1560, "practising in 
London ; originally a Franciscan friar and after- 
wards an apothecary in London," an ignorant, un- 
lettered, and incompetent person," a fellow of the 
colkge of physicians 1563. See Munk's Rollt i. 64 ; 
& O.H,S, i. 222. 

Ludford, Thomas, s. J., of Ansley, co. Warwick, 
gent Queen's Coll., matric. 7 June, 1676, aged 
16; demy Magdalen Coll. 1678-82, B.A. 1680, 
M.A 13 Feb., 1682-3, fellow 1682, until his death 
1687. [10] 

Ludford, William, demy Magdalen Coll. 1564-7, 
EA 7 June, 1567, M.A. 27 May, 1570. See 
BloxaMt IV. 164. 

Ludgater« John, s. Robert, of Manorbier. co. Pem- 
broke, sacerd. Edmund Hall, matric. 31 Jan., 
1633-4. aged 19. 

Ludgater, Owen, s. E., of East Dean, Sussex, gent 
'rkiNnr Coll., matric. 20 March, 1688-9, aged 15 
(subs. Eugene) ; B. A 1692, vicar of Epsom, Surrey, 
16^. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Ludlam, John, s. James, of Leicester (town), pleb. 
Bkasenosb Coll., matric. 5 April, 1661, aged 16, 
B.A 1664*, incorporated at Cambridge, M.A from 
Clake Hall 1669 ; incorporated at Oxford 13 
July. 1669, vicar of Enderby, co. Leicester, 1668. 
See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Ludlam, John, B.A. from Sydney Sussex Coll., 
Cambridge, 1676-7, M.A. 1680 ; incorporated 13 
July. i68a [15] 

Ludlam, Robert (Lodlam), of co. Derby, pleb. St. 
John's Coll., matric. entry under date 1575, aged 

Ludlow, Adam, s. Geo., of Morehouse, Salop, gent 
Baluol Coll., matric a June, 2674, aged z6. 

Ludlowe, Edmond, of WUts, militis fil. Brasenosb 
Coll., matric. zo June, 1610, aged 14; B.A iz 
Dec., z6zz ; of Kingston Deverill, student of Inner 
Temple z6zo (as 3rd son of Edmund, of Hill 
Deverel, Wilts, kt). M.P. Hindon Dec.. z64< 
(l.p.) by double retimi ; baptised at Hill Deverill 
25 June, ZW5, his will provwl 23 Nov., 1666 ; half 
brother of Henry 1591, and whole brother of Henry 
Z607. Sec Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Ludlow, Edmund, s. Heiuy, of Maiden Bradley, 
Wilts, equitis. Trinity Coll., matric. zo Sept, 
Z634, Vii^jsA vj\ B.A Z4 Nov., Z636, student of 
Inner Temple Z638 ; ••the regicide,' M.P. WilU 
Z646-53 (L.P.). Z659, and z66o, till void z8 May, 
parliamentary colonel and one of its prime officers, 
became major-general, governor of Wardour Castle, 
lieutenant-ffen^al of the armv in Ireland, and 
sometime lord depmty, excepted out of the act of 
oblivion but escaped ; died in exile at Vevay in 
Switzerland Z693, a^ed 76. See Foster's Inns 0/ 
Court Reg. & Fastit 1. 487. 

Ludlowe, George, s. Henry, of Tadley, Southants, 
gent St. Alban Hall, matric. 25 Nov., Z636, 
aged z6 ; brother of William same date. L20] 

Ludlowe, Henry, of Wilts, arm. Hart Hall, 
matric. 22 Oct, Z59Z, aged Z4. B.A 17 Dec., Z594; 
of Hill Deverill, Wilts, and after of Tadley, Hants; 
student of Middle Temple 1395 (as son of Edmund, 
of Hill Deverill, Wilts, esq.), M.P. Andover z6oz, 
Ludgershall Z604-1X ; half-brother to the next man; 
father of George and William Z636. See Foster's 
Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Ludlowe, (Sir) Henry, of Wilts, militis fiL Brase- 
NOSE Coll., matric. 16 Oct, Z607, aged Z5; B.A 
6 Feb., Z609-X0; a student of the Inner Temple 
z6zo, as of Maiden Bradley, Wilts, gent (s. Sir 
Edmund), licenced 6 Jan., z6ii-z2, to marry 
Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Phillips, of Whit- 
church, Dorset, esq. , deceased ; M. P. Heytesbury 
z6z4. Z621-2, Z624-5, Wilts Z640 (L.P.) until his 
death; burieid in St Andrew's, Holboni, z Nov., 
Z643 ; half-brother of the last-named, and father of 
Edmond Z634. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. ; 
Fasti, i. 487 ; & London Marriage Licences^ cd. 

Ludloe, Moses. " ser." Christ Church, matric. 3Z 
July, Z658 ; perhaps vicar of Wolferlow, co. Here- 
ford, Z678. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Ludlowe, Robert, 2s. Henry, of Maiden Bradley, 
Wilts, eq. aur. Magdalen Coll., matric. Z2 
July, Z636. aged Z5 (subs, as of Christ Church) ; 
died a prisoner of war Z643. 

Ludlowe, Roger, of Wilts, gent. Balliol Coll., 
matric. z6 June, z6io, aged Z9; student of Inner 
Temple Z613, as of Warminster, Wilts, gent, (son 
of Thomas, of Dinton and Bayclifife) ; baptised at 
Dinton 7 March, Z59a See Foster's Inns of Court 

Reg. [as] 

Ludlow, Thomas, gent. Wadham Coll., matric. z6 
June, Z692. student of Middle Temple Z693, as son of 
Edmund, of Ealing, Middlesex, gent See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Ludlowe, William, s. Henry, of Tadley, Southants, 
gent St. Alban Hall, matric. 25 Nov., Z636, 
aged Z7 ; of Clarendon Park, Wilts, M. P. Z656-8, 
and Old Sarum Z659 ; brother of George, same date. 
See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Ludlow, William, s. Edmond, of Clarendon Park, 
Wilts, gent. Balliol Coll., matric. 7 May, Z706, 
aged z8 ; B. A 23 March, z709-za 

Ludwell, James, s. Rob., of Bruton. Somerset, gent 
Wadham Coll., matric. zz May, z686, aged Z5; 
RA 27 Feb., Z689-90, M.A. Z693, chaplain Z692-4. 
See Gardiner^ 347. 

t 948 3 


John Ludwell. 

1500— 1714. 

Richard Lumley. 

I«TldweU. John, 3. Robert, of Bruton, Somerset, pleb. 
WAOHAM Coll., matria xa July. z66i, aged 17 ; 
8diolari66a, EA. 2665, M.A. zo Match, 1667-8, 
fellbw 1671, RMed. 1673, D.Med. 1676, pnucticed 
at Oxford ; liceoced (y.g.) 35 April, 1689, then a 
widower, to many Mary Bowell, of Oxford, spinster; 
died 23 Jan. , 173^, buned in the chancel of St Mary, 
Oxon. See Gardtntr^ 240 ; & Heame, i. 189. 

Ludwell, John. 8. J., of Oxford (dty). doctoris. 
Lincoln Coll., matria 6 April, 1709, aged 15; 
B.A 1712; M.A. from Wadham Colu 1715. 

Luff, Henry, s. George, of Ashill, Somerset, paup. St. 
John's Coll., matric. 4 July, 1718, aged 17; 
scholar and fellow Corpus Christi Coll., B.A 
I7i6, M.A 1730, B.D. 1720 \ perpetual curate of 
Warborough, Oxon, rector of Goadby Marwood, co. 
Leicester, 1743-56. See RawL L 332 ; & Foster's 
IntUx EccL 

Luffe, John, of New Colu 1508. See Lbfpb. 

Luffa, John, s. John, of Langford, Somerset, pleb. 
New Inn Hall, matric. 30 June, 1634, aged z6 ; 
B. A 26 April, 1637, M.A. 16 Jan.. 1639-40, seques- 
tered to the rectones of Street and Walton, Somerset. 
Z646, and of Chew Magna, Somerset, 1647, and 
was ejected from the vicarage of Aylesbury, Bucks, 
1662, for nonconformity ; father 01 the next-named. 
See Add. MSS. 15,670-1 ; & Calamy, i. 397. [5] 

Luffe, John, s. John, of Aylesbury, Bucks, minister. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. 4 Dec., i66r, aged 14; 
B.A from Trinity Colu 1665 ; M.A from St. 
Mart Hall 1668, a and D.Med. 1673, regius 
professor of medicine i68x. unril his death 7 Sept , 

1698, aged 5^ ; will at Oxford proved 14 Dec., 169^, 
admon. 19 Jan., 1731; his son Wilson buried m 
Merton college chapel 9 Dec., 1709. ^c&Gutch, L 
app. 215; 9c Fasti, il. 336. 

Luffe, John. s. Joh.. of Sherboum, Dorset, gent 
Hart Hall, matric. 14 Feb., 1705-6, aged 18; 
B.A. 1709; M.A. from King's Colu, Cambridge, 
X715, vicar of Abbotsbury, Dorset, 171a, and of 
Bury, Sussex, 1720. rector of Marston or Merston, 
Sussex, 1723. See Foster's Index EccL 

Luffe, Martin, B.A March, i579-8a See LiFPE. 

Luffe. William; B.A from Magdalen Hall 4 
July, 1580, M.A 16 May, 1583, vicar of Bcxley, 
Kent, 1591. See Foster's Index EccL 

Luffingrll&2U, Jonathan, s. Rich., of Fretheme, co. 
Gloucester, minister. Magdalen Hall, matric. 
34 April, 1668, aged 18; B.A 27 Jan., 1671-3. 
M.A 1674. [10] 

Luffln^rll&Ul, Richard, of co. Gloucester, minister, 
fit Broadgates Hall, matric. 36 Feb., 
1612-3. aged 22; B.A 20 June. 1616, rector of 
Fretheme, co. Gloucester, 1630 ; father of Jonathan. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Luffiughaxn, Thomas, s. Jon., of Rockhampton, co. 
Gloucester, cler. Hart Hall, matric. 3 Nov., 

1699, aged 17 ; B.A. 1703, B.C.L. 1706, rector of 
Little Oakley, Northants, 1713. See Foster's Index 

LuflkiUn, Thomas, s. John, of Colchester, Essex, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric. 17 Dec., 1700, aged 20; 
B.A Z704, M.A X707 ; bom at Colchester 22 Feb., 
1678-9 (his father an apothecary), rector of Frating. 
Esisex, 1709-40, and of the donative of Berechurch 
and Layer-de-la-Ha3re i7xi-4a See JfawL xviii. 
63; & Foster's Index EccL 

Lufton, John, of St. John's Colu ; B.CL. 9 Nov., 
i6ao, created D.C.L. z or a Nov., 164a ; admitted 
to Merchant Taylors' school 16x0, hotn 33 March, 
1599; sinecure rector of Uandrillo-yn-IUios, co, 
Denbigh, 1635, rector of Ibstock, 00. Leicester. 
1635, unto sequestered 1646 by the Westminster 
assembly. See Add» MS. X5,670, p. 198 ; Thomcis, 
550 ; Eodinson, I 64 ; & Foiiit il 43. 

Luggy Adam, s. James, of Tiverton. Devon, plcbw 
BaluolColu, matric. 18 July. z68o, aged 16; 
B.A. Z684, M.A. 1687, proctor z6oi, rector of 
Brattldiy and of Fillingham, ca Uncom, 1697. See 
Foster's Index EccL [ISj 

Luffge, Emanuel, of Pembroke Colu 1657. See 
^Manuel Lugge.' 

Luffge, George J B.A. from St. John's Colu, Cam- 
bridge. 16X4-X5 (incorporated ix Julv, 16x5), M.A. 
16x8. See Foster's Gradmati Cantai, 

Lugge, Manual, pleb. Pembroke Colu. subscribed 
xsJune, X657, rector of Berkswell, co. Warwick, 
X663; father of Samuel Se&Yo&Xci's Index EccL 

Lugge, Robert ; organist St. John's Colu. B.Mus. 
5 July, x6^ ; " went beyond seas and changed his 
religion for that of Rome. ' See FastL i. 500. 

Lugg, Samuel, s. Manud. of Barkswell, ca Warwidc, 
ckr. Magdalen Hall, matric. 7 March. 16178-9. 
aged X7 ; B.A. x683. [20] 

Lugg, Thomas, s. Laur.. of ca Gloucester genu 
AVadham Colu, matric. 5 March. X690-Z, aged 
16; B.A 1694. 

Luggard, William, of ca Hereford, pleb. Brase- 
nose Colu, matria 38 Jan., X59X-3, aged 19. 

Luggur, John, a A sup. i July, X5X7. 

Lugger, Nathaniel, s. William, of St Mal^ (Maple). 

Cornwall, pp. Exeter Colu, matric 30 March. 

Z704-5. aged X5 ; baptised 16 April, X689 ; brother 

of the next. 

Lugger, William, s. G. (?"Gul"). of St. Mabyn 

(Maple), Cornwall, gent Pembroke Colu , matric. 

37 March, X699, aged X5 ; baptised 6 May. 1683; 

brother of the last. [asj 

Luke. See also Luck. 
Luke, John, of Trinity Colu. B.A xx Dea, X564« 

M.A. X4 Feb., X564-5, vicar of Llandefeilog X568. 

and of Llangunnor, ca Carmarthen, X570. See 

Foster's Index EccL 

Luke, John, eauitis fiL et haeres. Christ Cbitrch. 
matric. 36 Nov., X650. B.A. 38 Feb., 165X-3, M.A 
ax June, 1654, incorporated at Cambridge 1658 
(s. Sir Samuel, of Cople, Beds, knighted xx May. 
x6c^ and M.P.) ; baptised at Hawnes, Beds, 8 
April. x632. 

Luke, John; B.A from Sydney Sussex Colu, 
Cambridge, x653-3, M.A X656 (incorporated X4 
July, X657), fellow, B.D. X663, D.D. X676, fdlow 
Christ's Colu (Cambridge). X683, Lingaxd profes- 
sor of Arabic X685. rector oif Manningford Abbas, 
Wilts, X683. and of Rayleigh, Essex. X693. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Luke, Nicholas, captain in parliamentary army, 
created M.A 38 Jan., 1655-6 for services in sup- 
pressing the late insurrection at Salisbury. [30] 

LuUay,^ Robert, of Yorks, pleb. St. Alb an Hall, 
matna entry under date 1575. aged 18. 

Lumley, Augustine, s. Tbo.. of Kirkbride. Comber- 
land, cler. University Colu, matria 3 May. 
X689, aged x6. 

Lumley, (Sir) Tames, f. Martin, of Greenwich, 
Kent, bart Curist Church, matric. 15 March, 
X7X3-4. aged 17 ; 4th bart ; died unmarried ix 
Dec., X77X. 

[Lumley, John de. Lord Lumley, high steward of 
the University 1559-1609. See AtA, i. 383; & 
Cooper, ii. sxou] 

Lumley, John, 


Queen's Colu. matric , 

3A Tune, X653, B. A 4 July. X657, vicar of Alnham 
X063, and rector of iCirkham, Northumberland. 
x67a See Foster's Index EccL [35] 

Lumley, Richard, "ser." Christ Chinch, subscribed 
Michaelmas term X656. 

[ 949 ] 

John Lumsden. 

1500—1714. Alexander Lutterell. 

' LuBSdOllt J<^^ (Lumisdea), a Scot, der. fiL 

MxsTON Coll., matric. 14 March, 1616-7, aged 

, 16; BlA. sup. z Feb., 1618-9. See (XAS, xii. 

Lvnde, Hemy. of Cnmberlaod, pletK Merton 
Coll., matria 24 Nov., 1581, aged 19; B.A. 
from Queen's Coll. ii Feb., 1584-5. 

Land, Henry ; B. A. from Christ's Coll. . Cambridge, 
i^5-6t M. A. 1684 ; incorporated 14 July, 1684. 

Lanlrar, Wol^s^uig (or Bueker), of Christ Church 
1561, B.A. 22 C^, 1562. 

Lnnn, Ld>beos. s. Jobn. of Evesham, co. Worcester, 
gent Christ Church, matric. 22 Jubr, 1664, 
aged 17 ; B.A. 1668, M. A 1671, vicar of SaUbrd 
Piion, ca Warwick, 1674, and of Beckford, co. 
OoDcester, 1677. See Foster's Index EccL [S] 

Lnnsfbrd, Thomas, of Sussex, arm. University 
Coll., matric 22 May, 1601, aged 15 ; of Wylie in 
East Hotbley, Sussex (son of Sir John) ; oied at 
Greenwich^ where he was buried 4 Nov., 1637; 
£uker of CoL Sir Thomas LunsCord, knighted 28 
Dec, 1641, lieutenant of the Tower, and died in 

Luntley, J(^m ; B.Can.L. ai Jan., 1520-1 ; archdeacon 
of Cardigan 1534 ; his will proved 17 Nov., 1542. 

Lappinoott. See also Lippincott. 

Luppinoott, John, s. J., of Alverdiscott, Devon, gent 
Christ Church, matric 7 April, 1704, aged 18 ; 
B.A. 1707, rector of Horwood, Devon, 1717. See 
Foster's IiuUx BuL 

Lnpsett, Thomas ; B. A disp. 29 March, 1520, M. A 
19 June, 1521 (s. William, of London, goldsmith), 
having studied 4 years in Paris and Ojdbrd, became 
Cardinal Wolsey's rhetoriclecturerin 1519, governor 
or tutor to Thomas Winter, nephew or natural son 
of CanUnal Wolsey; served the chapel of St. 
Nicholas in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, 1533, rector 
of Great Mongeham. Kent, 1526, and of St Martin, 
Lndgate. 1526, rector of Cheriton, Hants, 1530, 
canon of Sarum ; died 1530. buried in St Alphege, 
London WalL See Lansdmone MS, 979, 1 Z03 ; 
St. Pauls S.R, 18; Foiii, L 51, 55. 73; Atk. i. 
69 ; h. Cooper, i 4a [10] 

Lapton, John, 8. Sam., of t<ondon, pp. St. Alban 
Hall, matric 30 Oct, 1679, aged 22, B.A. 1683 ; 
curate of St Mary, Whitec&pd, Middlesex ; 
licenced 24 Aug., 1685. to marry Alice Hall, of 
tame, spinster ; 55 years master oli the free school 
It Hackney; died 10 Nov., 1741, aged 85. See 
LoHdoH Marriage Licences t ed. Foster. 

Lnpton, WUliam, s. Tho. , of Bentham, Yorks, der. 
Queen's Coll., matric 30 March, 1694, aged 18, 
EA. 1697 ; fellow Lincoln Coll. 1698, M. A. 1700, 
B.D. 14 Feb., 1708-9, D.D. 13 Feb., 1711-12 *, born 
at Bentham i June, 1676 (where his father was 
PTcior 50 years), rector of Rjcbmond, Yorks, 1705, 
le ttm e i of St Dunstan's-in-the-West 1711-26, canon 
of Durham 1715, preacher of Lincoln's Inn 1^14, 
afternoon preacher of the Temple ; died at Tunbndge 
13 Dec, 1726, buried there See EawL xviil ^, 
I aoo^. 

Lnsan, John Henry, s. H., of France, paup. 
PeicbrokeColl., matric 6 July, 1687, aged 17; 
derk NEW Coll., B.A. 1691, M.A. 1694 (as Henry 
Lussan), chaplain. See Aih, iv. 5845 ; EawL 
ii. 15. 

Lasoombey Ambrose, s. Tho., of Stockenham, 
Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll., matric 14 Oct., 

- 1709. aged 19 ; B.A. 1713- 

LnsoomDO, Henry, of Devon, pleb, Exeter Coll., 
matric z Dec, 1587, aged 19 ; B. A 9 July. i59r, 
M.A 15 May, 1594, rector of Thurleston, Devon. 
1597. See Foster's Index EccL [IS] 

LuBCOmbe, Henry, of Devon, gent Broadgates 
Hall» matric 14 FeU, x6xz-z3, aged 2a 

Lusoombe, Henry, s. H., of Rattery, Devon, arm. 
Hart Hall, matric 17 Nov., 1707, aged 18. 

Lnsoomby Hugh. pleb. Exeter Coll., matrk:. 
10 Nov., 1592, aged 17 ; B.A 28 June, 15961. 

LtlSOOmbey John, s. Isaac, of Diptfbrd, Devon, 
pleb. Balliol Coll., matric 30 March, 1666, 
aged 18. 

Lusoombey John, s. J., of Diptford, Devon, der. 
Wadham Coll.. matric 17 March, 1691-a, aged 
18; B.A. 1695, rector of Bradston 1690, and of 
Belstone, Devon, 1701. See Foster's Index BccL 

LUBOOmbe, Richard, subscribed 4 Nov., 1614 ; B.A 
from Exeter Coll. 12 Feb., 16x7-18. [ai] 

LuBOOmbey Richard, s. John, of Stokenham, Devon, 
p. p. Balliol Coll., matric X3 Mardi, 1667-8, 
aged 18. 

Lush, Robert, s. John, of Donhead, Wilts, plebw 
Gloucester Hall, matric 14 July, 1635, aged 

Lush, WiUiam, s. Ric, of Gillingham, Dorset, pp. 
Wadham Coll., matric 12 July, 167a, aged 17 ; 
buried in the doister of Wadham x Oct, 1675. 
See Gardiner, 296. 

Lnshingtojl, Thomas, of Kent, pleb. Broai>- 
GATBS Hall, matric. 13 March, X606-7, aged 17 ; 
B.A. from Lincoln Colu, (detd.) 161 5-10, M.A. 
XX Mav, x6z8 ; B.D. from Pembroke Coll. 6 
July, ira7, D.D. 22 June, i^, chaplain to Richard 
Corbet, bishop of Oxford, canon of Sarum 1631, 
vicar of Barton-Turf, and of Neateshead, Norfolk, 
1633, of Felixstowe, and of Walton, Suffolk, 1636, 
rector of Bumham St Mary, and Margaret All 
Saints, Norfolk, 1640. chaplain to Charles I. ; lost 
his spiritualities during the rebellion, but re- 
instated at the restoration ; died at Sittingboume, 
Kent 32 Dec, 1661. aged 72. See Ath, 111526; 
& Foster's Index Eccl. [28] 

Lusltanla, Peter, of (or Petrus de Campo Portu- 
galiensis), Minorite, B.D. sup. X5 June, 1506, D.D. 
sup. 29 June, 1C09. 

LuBSJier, Richard, of Surrey, arm. Christ Church, 
matric. 17 Oct, 1600, aged 14; student of Inner 

* Temple X603. as of Sholand, Surr^. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. 

Lussher, Thomas, of Sussex, gent Magdalen 
Coll., matric xo Feb., X592-3, aged 14; demy 
1593-1600, B.A 27 May, 1597, M.A xo July, 
x6oo. See Bloxam, iv. 234. 

LutOy Robert, s. William, of Gilsborough, Northants, 

AU West. 109. 

Lnte, William, student of Christ Church X593, 
B.A 2o Oct, 1597. M.A 4 June, 1600, vicar of 
Ravensthorpe, I^rthants. 1604-31, and of Guils- 
borough 1626-31 ; father of Robert See AL West, 
64; & YosXei's Index EccL [SO] 

Luther, Thomas, s. Antony, of Dbddinghurst, l^sex, 
gent Christ Chihich. matric 29 March, x6^2, 
aged 18; student of Lincoln's Inn 1674. ^^ 
Foster's Inns of Court Rep. 

LuUey, John; B.A. 13 May, 1538, M.A 6 Dec, 
1 541, vicar of Whitdiurch Canonicorum, Dorset, 
1548, and of Thurleston, Devon, X560. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Luttrell, Alexander, s. Thomas, of Dunster Castle* 
Somerset, arm. Lincoln Coll., matric 24 Nov., 
1637, aged xc 

Lutterell, Alexander, s. Francis, of Dunster, 
Somerset, arm. Christ Church, matric 23 
Mav. X677, aged X4; of Dunster Castle, student 
of Middle Temple x68o, became a colonel, M.P. 
Minehead in 7 parliaments (Oct ), X690-X708 ; his 
will proved 32 Oct., X7x I ; brother of Francis. See 
Foster's Inns of Court R^, 

I 950 ] 

Andrew Luterel. 


Richard Lybbe. 

Luterely Andrew, of Somerset, gen. Bsoadgates 
Hall, matria entry under date a^ July, 1579, aged 
18 ; (s. Nicholas, of Henbury, SomersetT. stwfent 
of Gra/s Inn 1580 ; buried at Hartland. Devon, 26 
Aug., 1625 ; brother of Thomas 1579. See Foster's 
Grays Inn R^, 

Luttrelly Edward, s. Nicholas, of Hartland, Devon, 
gent. Exeter Coll., matric. 9 March, 1637-8, 
aged 17, B.A 13 Oct, 1641 ; baptised at Hartland 
26 March. i6ao ; his will dated x8 Time, 164a, and 
proved 14 Sept following. See Vivian's Devon 

Lutterel, Francis, s. F., of Dunster Castle, Somerset, 
arm. Christ Church, matric. 15 March, 1675-6, 
aged 17; of Dunster Castle, colonel, M.P. Mine- 
head in 6 parliaments 1678-81, 168^-7, 1689, until 
his death in July, 1690 ; brother of Alexander 1677. 
See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, 

Lnttrelly George, of Somerset, arm. Lincoln 
Coll., mathc. 14 Oct, x6o8, aged 18 ; student of 
Gray's Inn 1614, as son of George, of Dunster, 
Somerset ; brother of John next>named. See 
Foster's Gray's Inn Reg, 

Luttrell, John, of Somerset, arm. LINCOLN Coll., 
matric. 14 Oct. z6o8, aged 17 ; brother of George 
and Thomas 1597. [5] 

Luttrell, John, of Dorset, arm. Exeter Colu, 
matric. ip Dec, 16x5, aged 18; B.A. 10 June, 
16x8, student of Middle Temple 16x9, as son and 
heir of John, of Mapperton, Dorset, esq. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lutterell. Robert (Lotterel), B.C.L. 8 July, 1532, 
B.Can.L. sup. Nov., X533. 

Luttrell. Southcott, gent Exeter Coll., matric. 
XI July, 1690 (s. Southcott of Santon Court, 
Devon) ; bom 29 Sept., X672 ; died 7 July, 

Luterely Thomas, of Somerset, gen. Broadgates 
Hall, matric. entry under date 23 July, x C79. aged 
17 ; student of Gray's Inn 1580 ; baptised at East 
Quantoxhead 15 March, X561-2 ; brother of Andrew. 
See Foster's Grays Inn Reg, 

Lutterell, Thomas, of Somerset, arm. Lincoln 
Colu, matric. 14 Oct, 1597, aged X5 ; B. A 3 Julv, 
1599. M.A 8 July, X602; of Dunster Castle (s. 
George), student of Lincoln's Inn x6ox, M.P. 
Minc^ead i62<; buried 7 Feb., 1643-4; brother 
of George and John. S^ Foster's Infts of Court 
Reg, [10] 

Lutterell, Thomas, s. T., of Carhampton, Somerset, 
gent Balliol Coll., matric. xo Nov., 1685, 
aged 17, B.A. X689; fellow ALL SouLS' Coll., 
M.A. 1693, RMed. X703. See Alumni West, 

Lnttrell, Walter, of Ireland. Hart Hall, matric. 
entry under date 1572. 

Latwyohe, Edward, of Salop, gent Brasenose 
Coll., matric. 14 Feb., 1588-9, aged 16; student 
of Lincoln's Inn X589. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Lutwrche, Edward, s. E(dward), of Easthope, 
Salop, eq. aur. Balliol Coll., matric 3 July, 
1688, aged x6 ; student of Inner Temple 1684, as 
son and heir of Edward, late of Gray's Inn, serjt- 
at-law (who was knighted 14 Nov., 1684) ; brother 
of Thomas 1692. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

liUtwyohe, Stockett, of Salop, minister. St. John's 
Coll., matric. 5 March, 160X-2. aged 28; student 
of Inner Temple X594 (as of Lutwyche Park, Salop, 
gen.), canon of Licimeld x6oi, rector of Swinner- 
ton, CO. Stafford, 1604. See Foster's Inns of Court 
Reg, & Foster's Index EuU [18] 

Lutwyohet Thomas, s. Edward, of Newlock. Salop, 
eq. aur. Christ Church, matric. 4 July, 1692, 
aged 17 ; bar. -at-law. Inner Temple, 1697, treasurer 
1722, Q.C & K.C. ; M.P. Appleby 17x0-22, Calling- 
ton 1722-7, and for Amersham Feb., 1728, until his 
death 13 Nov., 1734, buried in the Temple church 
24th; brother of Edward x688. See Foster's /aM^f^sx 
and Barristers ; Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary \ 
& Al, West. 222. 

liUX, Robert, chaplain, R A 3 July, X5X4. 

LuXy William, s. William, of Ipplepen, Devon, pp. 
Balliol Coll., matric. 12 March, 1674-5. ^^ 
18; B.A 1678. M.A X682; vicar of Kenton, Devon, 
1689. until his death in X7X5 ; father of the next 

Lux. William, s. William, of Kentcm, Devon, cler. 
Balliol Coll. matric. 8 April, 17x2, aged tj ; 
B.A. X7X5, M.A. X7x8. See Rawl, xxL 13. 

Lnxford, Edward, s. Edward, of Kejrmer, Sussex, 
pleb. Magdalen Coll., matric. 14 July, X705, 
aged 18 ; vicar of Chiddingley 1728. and rector 
of Chalviujgton, Sussex, X737. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus, [20] 

LtLZmoore, John, s. J., of Bratton. Devon, gent 
Exeter Coll., matria 7 April, 1685. aged 17, 

Luxton, Barnard, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matric. 30 May, X594, ageid X7; student of Lincoln's 
Inn X597. as of Winkleigh, Devon. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Lnzton, Robert, s. Sdpio, of Winkleigh, Devon, gent 
Exeter Coll.. matric. 8 April, X636, aged z8 ; 
B.A. 24 Oct, Z639, M.A 25 June. 1642. 

Lazton, \^^lliam, X694. See Lupton. 

Luzanoy, Hippolytus du Chastelet de ; created M.A. ' 
from Christ Chihich 27 Jan. , 1675-6 ( Cat. Gradi. ) ; 
vicar of Dover Court. Essex, 1678-X702, and of 
Harwich, and of South Weald, Essex. 1702, until 
his death in 17x3. Sec Yo&\x£^ Index Reel, \ Fasti, 
ii' 350 ; & Rawl. iv. p. 2. L^^l 

Lybbe, Anthony, s. Ant, of Whitchurch, Oxon, gent 
Pembroke Coll., matric. X4 March. 1662-3. ^gcd 
17 ; B.C.L. from St. John's Coll. X669 ; rector of 
Checkendon, Oxon, X670 ; father of Richard 1702, 
and of the next See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lybbe, Antony, s. Azl, of Checkenden, Oxon, der. 
St. John's Coll., matric. x6 March, X696-7, a^xi 
17 ; brother of Richard X702. 

Lybbe, Charles, s. Anth. , of Hardwick, Oxon, gent 
Magdalen Hall, matric. i^ Dec., 1667. aged xj; 
B.A 167X, M.A. X674. B.Med. 1679, D.Med. 1682; 
brother of the next-named. 

Lybbe, James, s. Ant , of Hardwick, Oxon. arm. St. 
Johns Coll., matric x July, 1672. aged x/ ; RA. 
X3 March, X67S-6, M.A. 1679 ; brother of the la«- 

Lybbe, John; secular chaplain, B.Can.L. 19 Feb., 
XS27-8 ; possibly rector of Great Chevcrel, Wilis, 
1529, provost of Glasney. in Cornwall, X546. and 
rector of Moreton Hampstead, Devon. 1554, master 
of Heytesbury hospital XS57. See Foster's /$tdex 
Ecclestasticus, C^] 

Lybbe, John (Libb), of Oxon, "gen. cond." Bkoad- 
GATES Hall, matric. 4 March, 1585-6, aged 17. 

Lybbe, John (Ubb). s. Richard, of Hardwick, Oxon, 
pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric. 30 Tune, 1626. 
aged 15; B.A. 23 Jan., 1629-30, M.A. 23 Oct, 

Lybb, Richard, arm. Queen's Coll.. matric xo 
Dec., 1658, B.A. i66x, a student of the Innca: 
Temple x66x, as of Hardwicke, Oxon; perhaps 
brother of Charles and James and father of the 
next-named. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lybbe, Richard, s. Rich., of Whitdiurch, Oscon, arm. 
TRiNiTy Coll., matric. 7 July, X692, aged 19 ; 
B. A. from St. John's Coll. X696, student of Ixmer 
Temple 1699. See Foster^s Inns of Court Reg, 

i 951 ] 

RiCHAkD LvBBfi. 

ijoo— 1714. 

Samuel Lydiatt. 

Ljbbe, Richard, s. Antony, of Checkendon. Oxon. 
cfer. Magdalen Haix, matric. zz May, zyos, 
a^ed 18 ; brother of Antony Z696-7. 

Lybte, William, chaplain ; B.A. 3 July, Z506. 

Ljhbin, John (Lebyn or libinins). of Corpus Christi 
Coll. Z54Z, firom Somerset, B.A. 3 Nov., ZS44, 
USkm 1547, M.A. sap. April, Z548. 

Lydall, Edward, of Berks, gent St. John's Coll., 
matric. zo Oct, Z589, aged Z5; a student of Middle 
Temple Z59Z, as son and heir of Thomas, of 
Reacling, Berks, gent ; brother of Richard Z593. 
Sec Foster's Insu of Court Reg, 

Lyddall, John, s, George, of Stanton, Wilts, pleb. 
St. EDMin^D Hall, matric. 9 March, Z631-3. aged 
17; B.A. (not found), M.A. Z9 Jan., 163^; 
one of these names canon of Hereford x66o. his ndll 
dated 6, and proved 90 Oct, Z679. See Le Neve's 
FasH, L 505. [S] 

Lydall, John, s. John, of Ipsden, Oxon, gent. 
TuNmr Coll.. matric. X4 March, z^9-4o, aged 
14; B.A. z6 Feb., X643-4, feUow, M.A. a April, 
1647. fellow Z648; died Z3 Oct., Z657, aged 33. 
boned in the college chapel; brother of Robert 
1635. See FeuH, il Z03 ; Guich^ L 534; Burrows, 

Lydally John, s. Robert, of Didcott, Berks, gent 
Merton Coll., matric 27 May, 1680, aged 16; 
student of Inner Temple z683 ; brother of Richard 
1683. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Ljdall, John, of Oxford (city), doctoris fiL Merton 
Coll., matric. 99 March, Z694, aged zy ; B.A. 
Z697, M.A. Z7(^. B.Med. Z7Z0; died 99 Nov., 
Z7X1, aged 36. will at Oxford proved za Jan., Z7ia ; 
brother of Kichard Z684, and of Robert Z695. See 
Gntck,\, 7Z. 

Lydall, Richard, of Berks, gent Magdalen Coll. , 
matiic. 6 July, ZS93 aged Z5; RC.L. from St. 
John's Coll. a July, ZS99, bar.-cit-law. Middle 
Temple, Z603 (^ ^s. Thomas, of Reading. Berks, 
gent), and perhaps knighted 28 Au£., 1617; brother 
of Edward, and perhaps father of Thomas. See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

I*7dall, Richard, s. John, of Uxmore, Oxon gent 
OiiiL Coll., matric. Z9 Jan., Z637-8, aged Z7; 
B.A 93 Oct, Z64Z; fellow Merton CoLU Z64Z, 
M.A 3 July, Z647, B.Med. 3 Julv, Z656, D.Med. 
^ July, Z657, wairden of his college Z693-Z7Q4, 
jonior linacre reader z6co, and senior Z653 ; served 
m the king's army during the civil wars ; died 5 
Mwdi, Z703-4 ; wiD at Chrfbrd proved az March 
fonowing ; brother of William 164Z : lather of 
Jolm Z694, and of Richard Z684. See Ath, i. p. 
cxri ; Al. West. zo8 ; Gutch, i. 30 ; Burrows, 552 : 
& O.H.S, iv. Z7a [ID] 

Lydall, Richard, s. Rob., of Dudcote, Berks, gent 
PwraRGKE Coll., matric. 7 Dec, Z683, aged Z7 ; 
brother of John z68o. 

Lydall, Richard, s. R(ichard), of Oxford (city). D.Med. 
Mkrton Coll., matric az March, Z683-4. aged 
15; bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, Z69Z ; brother of 
Robert 1605, and of John z694. See Foster's 
Jitdg^ andBarristirs. 

Lyddall, Robert, s. Antony, of All Cannings, Wilts, 
pl^ Magdalen Hall, matric 4 Dec, iSag, 
aged 18, B.A. 95 Oct, Z639 ; M.A. from Magda- 
len Coll. 4 June, Z63S, rector of Letcomb Bas- 

Lydj^, Robert, s. John, of Ipsden, Oxon, gent 
Jwwtt Coll., matric 04 July, 1635, aged 17 ; 
nother of John Z640. 

Lydall, Robert, s. Ric, of Oxford (city), D.Med. 
Merton Coll., matric z6 Oct, Z695, a^ed z6; 
demy MAGDALEN Coll. Z697-Z705, B.A. Z609, 
M.^ Z709, B.D. Z7Z0, fellow Z705-95, librarian 
1709, vice-president Z790. vicar <^ Chesterton, 
Oxon, 1707, rector cS Wytham, Berks, zyza. and of 
Stanlake, Oxon, Z794, until his death 90 Feb., 
Z74Z-9; brother of Richard z6a^ and John Z694. 
See Bloxam, vi Z39 ; & Foster's Index Eul, [18] 

Lydall, Thomas; bom in London, s. Richard, of 
Minl^, Hants, militis. St. John's Coll., matric 
Z3 l4ov., Z&19, aged Z7; bar.-at-law. Middle 
Temple, Z637 ; his lather knighted 98 Aug., Z6X7. 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Lydall, William, s. John, of Uxmore, Oxon, gent 
Brasenose Coll., matric 96 Nov., Z64Z, aged 
Z4; B.A. from Corpus Christi Coll. 9 Feb., 
z6^6-7, scholar Z648 ; expelled by the parliamentary 
visitors ; brother of Richard Z638. See Burrows, 495. 

Lydall, William, "chirurgus," privilegiatus 97 Sept, 

Lyddy John, of Magdalen Coll. Z634. See Ludd. 

Lyde, Allin, of Devon, pleb. Queen's Coll., 
matric 30 May, Z589, aged 99 ; perhaps father of 
Richazti Z693. [ao] 

Lyde, Nicholas, of Devon, gent. Exeter Coll., 
matric 7 June, z6xi. aged 16 ; student of Middle 
Temple z6z4, as son and heir of Allen, of Berry 
Pomeroy, Devon. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lyde, Nicholas, s. Nic, of Lovington, Devon, gent 
Baluol Coll., matric 9 April, Z669, aged zy. 

Lyde, Richard, s. Allan, of Berry Pomeroy, Devon, 
gent Queen's Coll., matnc Z4 Feb., Z699-3, 
aged zy, B. A. 99 June, Z696 ; M.A. from Baluol 
Coll. 98 April, Z699. 

Lyde, Richard, gent Balliol Coll., matric Z5 
Oct, Z63Z. B.A. Z7 Oct, z^i, M.A. zz June, Z634 
(as George). 

Lyde, Robert (PLjrddeor Lynde), (query created) B.A 
from New Inn Hall zs Apnl, Z648. [as] 

Lyde, Tristram, admitted to practice in surgery 8 
July, Z609. 

Lyde, William, B.A. 3 March. Z563-4. 

Lydfordy James; B.A. from Magdalen Coll. 94 
AfMril, Z645, M.A. Z9 Jan., Z647-8. See Lidford. 

Lydham, John; B.A. from St. Alban Hall 96 
Jan., Z6067, vicar of Leysdown, Kent 1614. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Lydyat« Christopher, pleb. New Coll., matric 4 
Marcn, Z659-3. [SOJ 

Lydiat, John, s. Thomas, of Swaldiffe, Oxon. gent 
New Coll., matric 93 March, z68iB-9, agedzy; 
B.A. z6o9, fellow, M.A. Z696, vicar of Highfield or 
Heckfiefd, Hants, Z705, rector of Newnton Long- 
ville, Bucks, Z709, and rector of East Angmering, 
Sussex, Z7zz; died 90 JazL, Z74Z. See Gutch,\ 
93Z ; & Foster's Index Eccl, 

Liddyate, Richard, s. Samuel, of Shenington, Oxon, 
pleb. NEW Coll., matric entry dated Z9 Aug., 
1634, aged Z3 ; fellow Z641, B.C.L. 90 Feb., z646^ ; 
died 9Z Nov., z669. See GuUk, i 939 ; & Bur- 
rows, 599. 

Lydiatt. Richard, s. Thomas, of EpweU, par. 
Swaldiffe, Oxon, gent New Coll., matric 30 
May, z6po, aged zy ; B.C.L. Z697. rector of Saham 
Tony, Norfolk, Z703, and of Lighthome, co. 
Warwick. Z7zs ; brother ofSamuel next named and 
father of Richard Z729. See Foster's Index EccL 

Lydiatt, Samuel, s. Tho., of EpweU, Oxon, gent 
New Coll., matric 3 Oct, Z70Z, aged Z9 ; RC.L. 
Z708, D.C.L. Z7Z9, vicar of Lillington Z709, and of 
Hampton in Arden, ca Warwick, Z7Z3, brother of 
Richard z69a See Foster's Index Bed, 

[ 952 ] 

Simon Lydiatt, 

1500— 1714. 

Richard Lygen. 

Lydlatty Simon, s. John, of London (city), pp. 
Christ Church, matrie. 6 April, 1677, a^ z8 ; 
B.A. 1680, M.A. 1683, incorporated at Cambridge 
1697, master of Felstead free school 1690; died 
1713- See Rami, tL 61, zviii. 68. 

Lydlatt, Thomas (Lidiat), of Oxon, pleb. New 
Coll., matria 38 Jan., 1501-3, aged 19; fellow 
1591, B,A. 3 May, 1595. M.A. 5 Feb., 1598-9(8. 
Christopher), rector of ^Ukerton, Oxon, 16x3, until 
his death 3 April, 1646. See Ath. iii. i8c ; Rawl, 
zviil 333 ; Htanut L ^97 : Gutcht L 3x3 ; & Foster's 
Index Reel, 

Lydrat, Timothy (Lidyat), s. William, of Alkerton, 
Oxon, pleb. BRAsenose Coll., matrie. 30 Oct, 
Z635, aged x6. B.A. 3 July, 1639 ; M.A. from New 
Coll. 33 April, 1643. 

Lydrat, William, pleb. New Coll., matrie. 16 

Nov., 1650, B.C.L. 38 April, 1654. 
Lye. See also Ley and Ltgh. [8] 

Lye, Edward, s. Tho. , of Totnes. Devon, dtt. Har r 
HALL, matrie. 38 March, 17x3. aged 18; B.A. 
Z716, M. A 1733, incorporated at Cambridge 1734 ; 
baptised 6 Sept, 1664, F.S.A. xx Jan.. 1749-50, 
vicar of Little Houghton, Northants, 1730, and of 
Yardley Hastings 1737. until his death 16 Aug., 
X767 (his father vicar of Broadhempton, Devon). 
See Rawl, xviii. 7X ; & Foster's Index Reel, 

Lye, Hugh (Lie), of Somerset, pleb. Lincoln Coll., 
matrie. entry under date 1575, aged 14; "gram- 

Lye, John, of Somerset, cler. fiL Exeter Colu, 
matrie. 35 May, 1593, aged x8; B.A. 19 Feb., 
1595-6 ; perhaps M.A. from All SotJLS' Coll. a 
^Ay> 159^. and B.D. 10 June, x6ix. 

Lye, John, of Somerset, pleb. Lincoln Coll., 
matrie. 13 March, X617-8, aged 17. 

Lye, Nathaniel, s. Giles, of Gloucester (city), pleb. 
BRASENOSE Coll., matrie. 18 March, X664-5, aged 
16. B.A. 1668, M.A 1671; D.D. from Jesus Colu, 
Cambridge, 1693, rector of Cowley, co. Gloucester, 
1673. and of Kemerton 1675, canon of Bristol i6qx, 
archdeacon of Gloucester with rectory of Dursley 
17x4, canon 1733, until his death 34 Oct., 1737, 
aged 9a See Foster's Index RccL [10] 

Lye, Richard, of co. Leicester, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matrie. entry under date 15 April, X580, 
aged 30 ; B.A. 6 Feb., X583-3. 

Lye, Samuel, s. Humfr., of Ardley, 00. Stafford, 
paup. Magdalen Hall, matrie. oa June, 1687, 
aged x8. 

Lye, Thomas, of Wadham Coll. 1636. See Leigh, 
page 899. 

Lye, Thomas, s. Edw., of Crookhome, Somerset, pp. 
Wadham Coll., matria 37 July, 1673, aged x6; 
B.A. X676. 

Lye, Thomas, s. Samuel, of Gloucester (city), gent 
PEMBROKE Coll., matrie. 37 April, x6q8, aged 17 \ 
B.A 170X, M.A. X704. vicar of Broad Hempston, 
Devon, 1705, and of South Petherton, Somerset. 
X706. See Foster's Index RccL [15] 

Lyell, Richard ; fellow of All Sotjls' Coll. 1537, 
B.C.L. 3 April, XS30, D.C.L. 17 Feb., X537-8, 
advocate 15^8. a religious commissioner appointed 
by Edward Vl. , canon and precentor of Wells X553, 
custos or master of the hospital of St. John the 
Baptist, Chester. See Foster's Index RccL & 
Coote's Civilians, 34. 

Lyford, Edward (Liford), s. William, of Peasmore, 
Berks, minister. Magdalen Hall, matrie. 13 
Dec., 1633, aged x6; demy Magdalen Coll. 
X634-34, B.A. 7 Dec, 1636, M.A 30 June, 1639. 
rector of Peasmore, 1637 ; brother of William 
X615. See Bloxam, v. 2x4 ; & Foster's Index 

Lyfofd, Henry, s. Jdm, of Stanford Dingley, Herks, 

fnt New Coll., matrie. 5 Aug., 1668, aged x.8 ; 
A. 1673, M.A r4 Jan., X675-61 
Lyford, John, B.A. from Magdalen Coll^ 16 I>ec, 
X597, M.A. a6 June, 1603; perhaps fother of 

Lyford, John, s. John, of Stanford Dingley, Berks, 
gent St. Edmund Hall, matrie. 14 Nov.. x66x, 
aged x6 ; brother of Heniy. C^^] 

Lyford, Obadiah, bom in Warwick, s. John, of 
Virginia, sacerd. New Inn Hall, matrie 4 K^ov. , 
X631, aged 16. 

Lyford, Thomas, s. Th., of Offen, Hants, gent. St. 
John's Coll., matrie. 35 June, X691. aged 17. 

Lyford, William, RA. a6 Feb.. X578^, rect<^ of 
Peasemore, Berks ; father of the next-named and of 
Edward X633. 

Lyford, William, of Berks, der. fiL Magoai^en 
Hall, matria 38 April. 1615, aged 17 ; demy M ag- 
DALBNColu 16x7.20. B.A. 15 Dec., x6i8. fellow 
x6ao-33, M.A. 14 June, x63X (incorporated at Cam- 
bridge 1633), fellow Pembroke c5olu 1634, B. D. 
13 May, X63X, sup. for licence to preach 5 July. 1631 

J son William, rector of Peasemore, Berks), rector of 
^easemore 1633, vicar of Sherborne, Dorset, X632 ; 
oneof the Westminster assembly of dirines; died 3 
Oct, 1653 ; brother of Edward 1633. See yf /A. iii. 
345 ; Bloxam, ▼. 76 ; Foster's Index Bed, ; & 
Gutch, i. 617. 

Lyford. William, der. fiL Magdalen Halx., matrie 
87 Nov., 1653, demy x653-6 (perhaps son of the 
preceding], vicar of Buckland Abbas, Dorset, 1662, 
until his oeath in X678, buried there. See Bloxam,' 
V. 8x7 ; & Foster's Index RccL C^^J 

Lygh. See also Leigh and Ltb. 

Lygh, Bamabe (Ligh), of Hants, gent St. Mart 
HALL, matrie. 33C)ct, 1590. aged x8; student of 
Lincoln's Inn 159X. as of the Isle of Wight ; father 
of Henry Leigh x6^, see page 896. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Lyffh, Christopher, of 00. Gloucester, der. fiL 

UNIVERSITY Coll., matrie. 3 June, 1593. aged x8 ; 

B.A. from Magdalen Coll. 3x Feb.. X595-6. 
Lygh, Edward, of Hants, pleb. St. Ma&y Hall, 

matrie. 33 Oct., 1590, aged X5; B.A. ax Feb., 

X595-6 ; probably brother of Barnabe. 

Ly^n, Edmund (Ligon). s. William, of Madresfield, 
CO. Worcester, arm. Lincoln Coll., matrie. t6 
July, x66x, aged x6 ; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple. 
X673. See Foster's Judges and Barristers. [SO] 

Lygron, George, B.Can.L. 8 May, X53X. 

Lygron, Henry, of co. Worcester, arm. Hart Hall, 
matrie. 38 April, 1593. aged 15 ; probably 3Td son 
of Richard, of Madresfield ; brother of John X599. 

Lyffonn, Henry, of co. Worcester, arm. Exeter 
COLL., matnc. 4 May, X604, agedx8; student of 
Inner Temple X604, as of Powick, co. Worcester. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Lyffon, Hugh, B. A. sup. April, X570, student of Gray's 
Inn X571, as of Staple Inn. See Foster's Gra/s 
Inn Reg, 

Lygon, Hugh, of CO. Gloucester, gen. BalliolCoix,, 
matrie. entry under date 3 May. 1581, aged 16. 

Lygon, John, of co. Worcester, arm. Brasenoss 
Colu, matrie. 4 May, 1599, aged 17; of Arle. co. 
Gloucester, student of Middle Temple 1600, as -^ 
son of Richard, of Beauchamp Court, co. Worcester, 1 
esq., deceased; brother of Henry, X59a. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, [3 ej 

Lygon, John, s. William, of Malveme, ca Worcester,! 
militis. Lincoln Coll., matrie. 13 Dec, 1633,1 
;ed X7 ; student of Middle Temple X637 ; brother 
William 1631. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 
Lygren, Richard (Ungen) ; B. A. sup. 3 July, z5o8. 


[ 953 ] 


Richard Lygon. 


Thomas Lynford. 

Ljffpn, Richard (Ugoo). of co. Worcester, militis fiL 
Ballidl Coll., matric. 6 July, 1613, aged 19; 
bora March, 1594, soa of Sir William and brother 
of the next. 

LjgpJlf (Sir) William (Ligon), of ca Worcteter, militis 

lil. Christ Chukch, matria aa Feb.. 1604-5, 

aged 15 ; of Madres5eld (son of Sir William), 

knighted 9 Jan., x6io-iz ; feitber of John and of 

William next*named. 

Lygon, Wflliam. 1. William, of Madresfield, co. Wor- 
cester, militis. Lincoln CoLi«. matric. 25 Nov., 
1631. aged 18 ; died ao Jan., t68o; brother of John 
1633, and father of Edmund 1661. ' 

Lygon, William, s. WUliam. of Madresfield, co. Wor- 
cester, arm. Balliol Coll., matric. 18 March, 
1708-9, aged 17 ; died 17161 

Lyles, Richard (Ules) ; B.A from Pembroke Coll., 
Carohridge. 1580-1, incorporated 11 July, 1585. See 
Foster's Graduaii Cantab, [ S J 

Lymbe, Nicholas, of London (city), pleb. ST. John's 
Coll., matric. 6 July, 1582, aged 17; fellow 158a, 
B.A. iz Oct., 1586. fdlow, M.A. a June, 1090, B.D. 
4 Dec., 1596 (s. Thomas), admitted to Merchant 
Taylors' school 1574, vicar of St Giles, Oxford, 
rector of Great Chalfleld, Wilts, 1593, wfll at 
Oxford (as Lymbye) proved 4 April, 1606, etc. See 
JfoitMsam, i. aa ; & Foster's /mUx EccL 

Lymbye, Robert, B.A. 9 Feb., 1558-9. See also 


Lymiter, Peter (or Limitre), priest; B.A. Feb., 

X54x-a, M.A. a6 March, 1544, of Christ Church 

xu? ; rector of Gravesend 1549, and vicar of Eastry, 

Kent, X561. See Foster's Index Eccl. , and Liuiter , 

- page 9x5. 

Lymer, Cornelius, of London (city), pleb. Christ 
Church, matric. xi March, 1602-3, aged a- (torn) ; 
RA sup. 14 May, x6o6, M.A. 7 Feb., 1608-9. 
Lynam, Richard, subscribed a July, 1613 ; B. A. from 
Queen's Coll., a8 Feb., 1616-X7, M.A. 3 Feb., 
x6x9-ao ; vicar of Quethiock, Cornwall, i6a8. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, [lO] 

Lynch, Anthony (Linch), s. Willfam, of Newbury, 
Berks, panp. Wadham Coll., matric xa Dec., 
1689, aged 17; derk x69a, B.A 1693; vicar of 
Codioote, Herts, 1703, and rector of Shelden, 
Hants, 1704. See Foster's Index Eccl, 
Lynoh, Ayimer ; B.A from Jesus Coll., Cambridge, 
16^3, M.A. 1626; incorporated xi July, x6a6, 
created RD. 16 JaxL, x64a-3; canon of Lincoln 
1641, vicar of Preshute, Wilts, 1643, until sequestered 
by the Westminster assembly in 164^, canon of 
Sarum 1660, rector of Poole, Dorset, i66a. of Tatten- 
faill. ca Stafford, i66a, and of Langley Burrell, 
WUts, 1663 ; died in 1600. See Fasti, il 36 ; Add, 
MS. X5,67i, p. 30 ; & Foster's Index Eccl, 
Lynohe, Gervase, of Corpus Christi Coll. 1534, 
from Kent; fdlow 1537, B.A. 15 Feb., 1538-9, 
MA 18 March, 1540-1 ; rector of Witton in town 
of Droitwich IC46, and of Elmstone, Kent, 1550, 
and of Little Hinton, Wihs, 1565. See Foster's 
Index Eccl, 
Lynch, Henry; fellow of NEW COLL. ta March, 
iS05-6> from St Augustine's, dty of London, B.A. 
25 June, xsxo ; died 15x3. 
Lynone, James, s. James, of White, Wilts, gent 
Brasenose Coll. , matric. 28 Nov. , X634, aged x6. 
Lynohe, John, of New Inn Hall; B.Can.L. 30 
April, X555 (perhaps rector of Littleton on Severn 
1561, and canon of Wells 1564), bishop of Elphin 
1584-16x1. See.^/>1. XL 850; Fasti, i 147 ; Cotton, 
hr. xa5 ; & Foster's Index Eccl, [16] 

Lynohe, John ; B.A from Jesus Coll., Cambndge, 
x6ii-xa, M.A. 16x5; incorporated 14 July, x6i8, 
chaplain to the Bishop of Salisbury, and canon of 
Sarum 16x9, vicar of Aldbume, Wilts, i6ao, rector 
of Harrietsham, Kent, 1630^ tmtil sequestered by 
the Westodaster assembly in x6djS. See Fasti, t 
384 ; Fostcar's Index Bed, ; biAdd, MS, 15,670, p. 17a 

Lynoh, John (Linch), s. Samuel, of Fittleton, Wilts, 
gent Magdalen Hall, matric. 31 March, 1637, 
aged 161 

Lynohe, John, gent Brasenose Coll. matric. 19 
July, 1659. 

Lynohe, John, s. James, of New Sarum, Wilts, gent 
Balliol Coll., matric. 16 March, 1687-8, aged 
16 ; student of Middle Temple, 1690. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, t*^l 

Lynch, Roger (Linch), s. Antony, of Nevrbury, Berks, 
pleb. New Coli^, matric. 13 April, 163a, aged 
19 ; B.A 7 June, x63a, M.A 4 June, 1635. 

Lynch. Stephen (Lench), of All Souls' Coll. ; B.A* 
19 Feb., i573-4( M.A. xx June, 1577, chaplain; 
sup. for licence to preach 7 May, 1583 ; will at 
Oxford proved 8 Feb., X59a-3. 

Lynch, Stephen ; student of Christ Church im^ 
B.A 19 Feb., X573-4, M.A. 6 July, 1576, rightly 
Lencb, see page 901. 

Lynde, Humfrey ; B. A from Chaist Church x6oa 
See LiNDE, page 9x5. 

Lyndesay, John, of Lincoln Goll. x6a9. See 
Lindsay, page 9x5. [as] 

Lyndesay, Thomas, s. Jfohn), of Blandford, Dorset, 
minister. Wadham Colu, matric. xa July, x67a, 
aged x6 ; scholar 1673, B. A 1676, M.A \\ March, 
1678-9, B. and D.D. by diploma 5 Juil^, 1693, 
fdlow X679, rector of Woolwich X684, chaplain to 
Henry Capel, a lord iustice of Ireland 1693, dean 
of St Patrick's, Dublin, 1694, bishop of Killaloe 
1695-7, of Raphoe X713, and archbishop df Armagh 
17x4, until his death 13 July, X7a4. See Atk, iv. 
738; Heame, L 187, iL 49; FaUi, ii. 567; Drake's 
Blackkeatk, X64 ; & Gardiner, a96. 

Lyndon, Edward, s. John, of Ireland, arm. Wadham 
Coll. , matric. xo July, 1689, aged X7 ; exhibitioner 
1689-90 ; student of Lincoln's Inn 1691 (his father 
a Judge of king's bench, Ireland). See Gardiner^ 
360 ; & Foster^ Inm 0/ Court Reg, 

Lyndon, Stephen (Lindon), s. Jo., of West Alvins^on, 
Devon, pp. ExETER Coll., matric. orj May, 
x68o, aged x8. 

Lyne, John, s. Barthol, of Blackwell, co. Worcester, 
pleb. Wadham Coll., matric. 10 April, 1635, 
aged 15. 

Lyne, John, s. Fish, of Oxford (city), paup. Balliol 
Coll., matric. 6 July, X687, aged 17 ; B.A. 
1691, M.A I March, 1693-4. vicar of Brixworth, 
Northanu, X704. and rector of Lamport 1719. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, [30] 

Lyne, Richard, of Southants, gent Baluol Coll., 
matric. IX July, 1606. aged 19; student of Middle 
Temple 1608, as son and heir of Richard, of Ring- 
wood, Hants, gent See Foster's Inns of Court 

Lyne, Richard, s. John, of Liskeard, Cornwall, pp. 
Christ Church, matria a3 March, X674.5, aged 
14 ; RA xy March, x678^ (as Line), rector of 
Pangbourne, Berks, x688, also as Line. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lynehill. Edward, s. Thomas, of Lynehill. ca 
Stafford, pp. Christ Church, matria 3 March, 
1693-3, aged ao ; B. A 1696. 

Lynford, Thomas, fellow Christ's Coll. , Cambridge, 
B.A. 1670-X, M.A 1674 (incorporated xi Jmy, 
1676), ED. X689; of St Bennet Gracechurpb, 
London, clerk, licenced 35 Nov., 1689, to many 
Elizabeth Dillingham, of St Giles-in-the-Fiekls ; 
*• lately the ingenious prevaricator of Cambridge," 
rector of St Edmund, Lombard Street, chaplain in 
ordinary to William III. and Q. Mary, canon of 
Westmmster X700, archdeacon of Barum or Barn- 
staple X709, until his death xi Aug., 1734. See 
London Marriage IJcenca, ed. Foster ; Fastt, iL 
355 ; & Foster's Index Eccl, 

[ 9S4 ] 

William Lyng. 


Lytton LYTtOI^. 

Lyng, M^lliam (Ling), s. John, of Norwich, gent 
Admitted scholar of Gonvillb and Caius Coll., 
Cambridge, 17 Feb., 1612-13, aged 14; B.A z6i6, 
M.A 1620 (incorporated 12 July. 1623), B.D. from 
Sidney Sussex Coll., Cambridge, 1027, rector of 
Girton, co. Cambridge, 1629, mitil sequestered 1646 
by the Westminster assembly. See Venn, 124; 
Foster's Graduati Cantafi. ; & Add. AfSS, i5.670-£« 

Lynn, Frands, B.A. from Christ Church 6 July. 

Lynne, Thomas, s. Marmaduke, of Salisbury, Wilts, 
doctoris. Trinity Coll., matric. 26 June, 1640, 
aged 15 ; his father 5th son of John, of Bassingboume, 
CO. Cambridge, LL.D. Cambridge, 161 8, an advocate 
1628, diancellor of the diocese of Salisbury, see 
Coote's Civilians, 77. 

Lynold, Edmund, B.A. from MAGDALEN CoLL. 24 
April, 1599, M.A. 7 July, 1603, then in orders. 

Lynold, John, of CO. Worcester, pleb. Trinity 
Coll., matric. 25 Jan., 1609-10, aged 14; student 
of Inner Temple 1613, as of Chadwick. ca 
Worcester, gent. See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg, 

Lyon, Esekiel, M.A. of Bordeaux University ; in- 
corporated 16 May, 1704, and at Cambridge 1704 
(as Alex.), vicar of Stanway, co. Gloucester, 1689, 
and of Sherborne, St John's. Hants, 1699, rector of 
EUesfield, Hants, 1703. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Lyon, John, of Oriel Coll. in or before 1572, 

[Lyon* William, of Cheshire, vicar of Naas in Ireland, 
and chaplain to Arthur, Lord Grey de Wilton, lord 
lieutenant of Ireland; bishop of Ross 1582, and 
commendatory of Cork and Cloyne 1583, until his 
death 4 Oct, 1617 ; buried in Cork cathedral; 
father of the next See Ath, ii. 859.] 

Lyon, William, s. (William), Bishop of Cork, Ireland. 
St. John's Coll., matria x6 June, z6io, aged 17 ; 
B.A 2 July, 1611. 

Lyonell, Richard, B.A sup. 3 June 1513. [ID] 

LyonhiU, Thomas, secular chaplain, B.Gram. z 
Aug., 1524. 

Lyons. Robert (Lyens). B. A disp. 8 Nov., 1518. 

Lysiman, George, of Dantric. Corpus Christi 
Coll., matric. entry under date 22 Dec., 1573. 

Lysley, John, of CO. Warwick, arm. University 
Coll., matric. 7 April, i^, aged 18; perhaps 
rector of Hartlebury, ca Worcester, 1624. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Lysons, Daniel, s. D(aniel), of Gloucester (city), 
gent Christ Church, matric. lo May, 1689, 
aged z6 ; of Hempstead Court, co. Gloucester, 
student of Inner Temple z69a See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg, [*•] 

Lysons, William, s. William, of Westburv, 00. 
Gloucester, pleb. Exeter Coll., matric 30 
March, 1677, aged 16 ; bar.-cit-law, lincoln's Inn, 
1694. See Yo&\xx'^ Judges and Barristers, 

Lyster, John, s. Richard, of Rowton, Salop, gent 
Balliol r:0LLi, matrio. a6 Feb., Z640-Z, aged 


Lyster, Richard, s. Thomas, of Shrewsburr, Salop, 
gent Christ Church, matric. 3 July. 1708, 
aged 16; oi Rowton Castle. Salop, student ot 
Inner Temple 1708, M.P. Shrewsbunr 1722-3, 
<737'-34« Salop, Dec., 1740, until his death 13 Apru, 
1766; brother of Thomas 171a See Foster's 
Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Lyster, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Rowton. Salop, 
equitis. Brasenose Coll., matric i July. 1664, 
aged 17; bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 1673; died 
unmarried. See Foster's fudges and Barristers, 

Lyster, Thomas, s. Rich., of Eyton, Salop, arm. 
Wadham Coll., matric 14 July. 1682. aged x6; 
of Rowton Castle, student of Middle Temple 1683 ; 
died 7 March. 1701-2; father of Richard 1708. 
See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg, [aoj 

Lyster, Thomas, s. Tho.. of Rowton, Salop, rant 
Trinity Coll., matric 9 May, 17x0, aged 17, 
B.A 3 March, 1713-4; M!.A from King's Coll., 
Cambridge, 1726, rector of Neenton 1721, and of 
Westbury (dexter portion), Salop, 1722. until his 
death in 1772 ; brother of Richard 1708. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

LytOOtte, John, s. Richard, of Burcote, Oxon. gent 
Magdalen Hall, matric ix July, 1623. ^^^ ^^ : 
B.A. from Baluol Coll. 17 March, 1626-7, as 

LytOOtt, Richard, s. Richard, of Burcott. co. Glou- 
cester, gent Magdalen Hall, matric 10 Oct, 
1634. aged z6 ; demv Magdalen Coll. 1655-43, 
B.A 26 June, 1637, M.A 20 May, 1640; bore arras 
against the king as a lieutenant of a foot company 
under the Earl of Essex, taken prisoner at Banbury. 
Se* Bloxam, v. 135. 

Lyte. See also Light. 

[Lyte, Henry, s. John, of Somerset ; died 1667, aged 
'fi ; buried at Charlton Mackarell ; father of 
Thomas, a genealogist See Atk. ii. 22, 649.] [aS] 

Lyte, Thomas, s. Tho., of Martock, Somerset, gent 
Trinity Coll., matric 18 March, 1671-2; aged 
16; B.A. 29 Jan., 1675-6. M.A 1678, rector of 
Bleadon. Somerset, 1682. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Lyth, WiUiam, s. William, of Lee, Salop, pldx 
Hart Hall, matric 7 July, 1674 ; aged 15 • B. A 

Lythall, Thomas, of co. Stafford, pleb. Lincoln 
Coll., matric. 20 Jan., 1608-9, ^S^^ i9* 

Lytlefayre, Thomas, of co. Durham, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matric x8 June, 1585, aged 18. 

Lytton, John (Litton) ; B.A. from Merton Coll. 

L March, 1579-80, M.A 4 July, 1582. rector of 
ipworth, ca Warwick, 1584. See Foster's Index 
EuL [30] 

Lytton. Lytton ("Tha" in Mat. Reg.), is. Geor^ 
Strode, of Oresford (Gtiersfelt), co. Denbigh 
equitis. Brasenose Coll., matric ao March, 
1706^, aged 18; of Knebworth, Herts; assumed 
the surname of Lytton in lien of Strode, and died 

C 9S5 

Vab, Junes, of Sarrer, gent Magdalen Coll., 
matrit 9 Feb., 1587-8. aged 16; demy 1586^. 
B.A. S Feb., 1593-4. fellow 1594-1633, M.A. 17 
Oct. loS, proctor 1606. B.C.L. lup. 4 July, 1609 
(as Uabb^, secretary to Sir loha Dieby, ambai- 
tador to Spain, a lay prebendaiy of Wells 1613 ; 
died al Abbotsbniy. Done), about 1643. See Ali. 
at S3 ; Bleiawt. iv. aa6 ; ft Foster's Indtx Bed. 

Kab, JcdiD, of London (cily), gent. Macdalen 

Feb, i 

. May, , 

. . 583, aged 15 
-7 (as Mabbe), rector oil Bulpl 
" 's W« Eccl. 

. . Bulphan, Essex, 

e Foster's laitx £ccl. 
Habanoke, Jobn. of Surrey, pleb. Magdalen 
" ■■ ' -natric. enliy under date 2a Dec, 1576, aged 

9. John, of Bradford, Doiset, pleb. 
.,, maliic. I Apnl, i^t, agedTy: 
B.A, 13 May. 1634. vicar of Preston, Dorset, 166 

See Foster's Index Eicl. 

Kal>er, Robert (Maben, or Mabbe), fellow of New 

Coll, 1560-63, from Frampton, Doisel, B.A. 36 

SIt, »s63- "='or of Bradford Peverell, Dorset (as 
eaber). 1563, uatfl his death in 160a. See Fosler'a 
fHdac Eat. [B] 

Uabot, Richard (Mahatt). RA. of Cambridge 1509; 
incorporated 10 May, 1509, M.A 16 May, 1511, 
■■sun (as B,D.)for D.D. 34 June, ijao," rector of 
Utile Billing. Nonhanis. 1591, and vicar of St. 
Grwory, Northampton, 1533. Sue Foster's Inda 
£icl k O.H.S. i, 66. 

Habyil, John, s, Aleiander, of tauncells, Cornwall, 
geoL TKiNrnf COLL.. matric. 98 March, 1683, 
aged 17 ; B.A. 16B6. 

HaoBlTtbe, William, of Thinitt Coll. 1597. See 

[MaoCarmaotaaii, MeneUus ; dean of Raphoe, and 
bishop 7484: died May, 1515. See Alli. iL 708.] 

MaoCarty, Charles (Carly). ofi:ork, Munsler, aim. 
BmOADCATES HAU., matric. 3 Feb., 1 601 -a, aged 
14; perhaps Connac M'Carty, created Viscount 
Mnskerrr and Baron of Blarney 15 Nov., 1618, and 
died aoFeb, 164a [10] 

■aoCartnev, George, s. G.. of Ireland, eent. 
CmuST CtCtTBcH. raatric 36 No». , 1689, aged 17 ; 
■ttidentDfIniterTeinplei69i, as ysL son of George, 
of Bclliut. See Foster's /mo of Court Rig. 

■oDonald, (Sir) Donald, s. Donald, of Duntelin, Isle 
of Skye, Scotland, bart. Ckrist Church, matilc. 7 
Nov., iTia, aged 75; jtbharL, died unniamed 173a 

XaodOVall, Andrew, s. A., of London (dty), gent 
Ckkist Church, matric. 5 July, 1681. aged 16; 
student of Middle Temple i63i, as ion and heir of 
Andiew, of St.-Martin's-in-lhe-Plelda. See Foster's 
Imu 0/ Caart Rig. 

MaodOWall, Richard, s. And., ofSboredilch, London, 
gent (snbs. "ann,"). UmVMlsrtvCOLi., matric 
7 May, 1713, aged 16 ; student of Middle Templo 
171+ ^/xYoaadHnmeJ Court Rig. 

Haoe^Charla; B.A. from St. John's Coli., Cam- 
bridge, 1677-8. M.A. 1681 ; incorporated 13 July, 
16B1. rector of Dunnington, Yorks, 1681, and of St 
Saviour's, York, 168a. See Foster's Index Eul. 

Haqham, Ellas, s. Nath., of Derby (town), cler. 



Hall, t 

[ 9SS \ 

1703; his father vicar' of Derby a. 'WerburBli 

166385. See Foster's /«/«£«/. [!«] 

Maobam, John, of Dorset, pleb. LINCOLN CoLl., 

matric. 33 April, 1619, aged 18; B. A. i March, 

., - . -iricd at Bongate ij ^ 

171B; brother of Thomas. 

Haobell, John, of Surrey, genL TRiNrrr Coll., 
matric 15 Oct, 1619, aged 17; perhaps aludenl of 
the Inner Temple i6ifl, as of Wendover, Baakt, 
geiL See Foster's Inns ef Court Rig. 

Maobell, John, s. J(ohn), of Wendover, Bucks, arm. 
Queens Coli., matric 15 Dec, 1676, aged iB: 
student of Inner Temple 1679; licenced (Nor., 
1681, to marry Susannah, daughter of Ralph Holt, 
of Stoke Lyne. Oion ; father of the next. See 
Foster's Inns e/Cotirt R^. [a©] 

Maobell, John, s. JtA., of Wendover, Bucks, gent 
MAGDAI.EN CoLi_, matric 13 Oct, 1703 aged i6' 
demy 1703-13, B.A. 1706. M.A, 1709, fellow 1713-17. 
See Bloxam, vl 151. 

Haobell, Thomas, a. Lancelot, of Cracltenthorpe, 
Westmorland, gent. QuseN'b COLt., matric c 
Feb., 1663-4. aged 16; B.A. 1668. feUow. M.A. 11 
March, 1671-3, ■• Ibe anliquaiy," F.R.S., rector of 
Kirby Thore 1677, and minister of Temple Sowerby 
church, chaplain in ordina-- — '~i— '— " -' — 
buried at Kirby Thore 5 _ 
Hugh. See Foster's IntUx EccL 

Haobln, Edward, ofco. Gloticester, arm, BkaskhosB- 
CoLu, matric iS June, 1603, aged 16 ; bar.-at-law. 
Middle Temple, 1611, as 4th son of Thomai, tt 
Gloucester, esq. %iiKYtxMe^iJuigttand Barrutm. 

Haohen, Calton, s. JoK, of Bensington, Oioi 
Maqdalen Hall, metric 9 Nov., 167a, aj, 

Haobon, Gilbert, I, Tho„ of Durham (cilr). 

Lincoln Cou- , matric 19 March, 1686.7, aged 17 : 
student of Lincoln's Inn i6Bg; buried 1b SL 
Oswald's, Durham, Dec, 1703, See Foster's /xu 
of Court Reg. [aij 

Kaobln, Heiuy, of eo. Gloucester, gent Magdalzn 
Coll., malnc. entryunder date aa Dec, 1576, and 

Si demy 1575-85. B.A. i March, 1583-3. atuteit 
InnerTcmple, 15S3, as of Cijekler, co. Oloneester. 
See Thomas Machin 1585. See Blmtawt, iv. aoo '. 
4 Foster's Innt ef Court R^. 




William Maddarde. 

Maohon, John, of Yorks, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. a6 Feb., 1590-1, aged 19; B.A 
from Magdalen Coll. 7 Feb., iS93"'4» (*• 
John, of Machon Banke, near Sheffield), vicar of 
Aston, CO. Warwick, 1603, ^^ °^ Ridgley, co. 
Stafford, 1620, canon of Lichfield 1631. master of 
the hospital of St. John's de Forbrage, in Stafford, 
2632, and perhaps vicar of Hartbum, Northants, 
i&^ ; died about 1640 ; father of John z6ai. See 
Foster's VisitaHon 0/ Durham \ & Foster's Index 

Maohon, John, s. (John), of co. Stafford, minister. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. s6 June, 1631, aged 18 ; 
B.A 7 Feb., 1623-4, M.A. 15 June, 1626, master of 
Christ's Hospital in Sherborne, county palatine of 
Durham; died Dec., 1679; father of Thomas, 1655. 

Haohen, John, s. Roger, of Penkhull, co. Stafford, 
pleb. New Inn Hall, matric. i April, 1642, 
aged 17. 

Maohlziy Thomas, B. A 14 Dec., 1557, M.A. sup. 2a 
Oct, Z562. 

Haohen, Thomas, of CO. Gloucester, gent. Magda- 
len Coll., matric. a July, 1585. aged 17; demy 
2585-6, fellow 1586-94, B.A 27 June, 2587, M.A, 

5 May. 2592, student of Lincoln's Inn 2589, M.P. 
Gloucester 1614, and mayor; died 2614. See 
Henry 1576. See Bhxamt iv. 224; & Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, [5] 

Haolieil, Thomas, s. Henry, of Badgworth, ca 
Gloucester, gent. Lincoln Coll., matric 29 
Jan., 2637.8, aged 29. 

Haohoil, Thomas, s. (John 2621), minister. Hart 
Hall, subscribed 7 Nov., 2655, B.A 2a Feb., 
2658^, M.A 31 May, 2662 (incorporated at Cam- 
bridge 2663), residing at Sherbourne in 2666, chap- 
lain to Prince Rupert, master of the hospital of 
St John Baptist. Lichfield, 2671, and canon of 
Lichfield 1671: died 27 Feb., 1672-3; father of 
Gilbert 2687. See Foster's Index EccL 

Uaoliyve, Donatus, Augustinlao friar, B.D. ao 
Jan., 2531-2. 

Maoy. See also Massey. 

Haoie, David, s. John, of Weston, Somersft, gent 
Wadham Coll.. matric. 28 March. i63a, aged 
28 ; B.A. 2686. vicar of Abbotsbury, Bristol, 2^, 
and of Weston-juxta-Bath, 1698, until his death in 
Z701. See Gardiner ^ 338 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

llacey, George, of Devon, pleb. Christ Church, 
matric 2 July, 1585. aged 15; B.A. 8 Feb., 1588-9. 

Haoy, Henry, of Devon, pleb. Broadgates Hall, 
matric. 21 July, 1606. aged 17 ; M.A. from Wad- 
BAM COLU 5 July. 1614 (then in orders), rector of 
Sbafton St Rumbald, alias Cann, Dorset, 1612, 
and rector of Temple or Abbas Combe, Somerset, 
2614*36; father ot Henry and John 2634. See 
Foster's index Bed, & Gardiner ^ 2a. 

Kaoiey Henry (Masy), s. Henry, of Temple Combe, 
Somerset, sacerd. Wadham Coll., matria 7 
Dec, 263a, aged 17; B.A. from St. Edmund 
Hall 3 May, 1636; perhaps rector of Patney, 
Wihs, 1658, until ejected 266a for nonconformity ; 
hrocber of John 1634. See Calamy^ iH. 370; 

6 Foster's Index Bcci. 

Maoy, John (MasI or Masyc), B.A. 15 Feb., 2533-4, 
vicar of Weston-juxta-Bath^ Somerset, 254T. See 
Foster's Index Eeel. 

Xaoy» John (Masy), s. Henry, of Temple Combe, 
^merset, sacerd. Wadham Coll., matric. 16 
May, 2634, aged 15 ; B.A. ao Feb., 2635-6, M.A. 
JIB April, 2640 ; sequestered to rectory of lieadley, 
Stnrey, 1645, by the Westminsteir assembly ; 
■ 6f He ^ ^ " 

broCher tif Henry ^63a. See Add. MS. z 


MaoiOy John (Masy), s. John, of Wedhampton, Wilts, 
minister. UNiVERSiry Colu, matric 26 March, 
2665-6, aged 25 ; B.A. 2670 (as Massey]^, rector of 
Roughton, CO. Lincoln, 2673-80, and of Coningsby, 
CO. Lincoln, 2680-a. See Foster's Index EccL 

Maoie, William (Masey or Masye), B.A. 25 Feb.. 


[Mackenzie, Sir George, of Rosehaugh, co. Ross (s. 
Simon, of Lochslyne, M. P. ) advocate Edinburgh, 
2659, king's advocate 2666-86 and 2688, p.c.W.IIL, 
M.P. Ross-shire 2669-74, and Forfarshire 2689, 
until his death 8 May. 1692 ; father of the next. 
See Fasti, ii. 421 ; & Foster's Scots M.P.'s.] 

MoKenzie, George, 0.5. George, of co. Ross, Scot- 
land, Equitis. University Coll., matric ay Oct., 
270a, ag^ 26 ; died young. 

ICaokerell, Maokareth, and Maokemes. See 
Makerell, Makareth, and Makernes, page 
962. [ao] 

MaokeSy Edmund, s. E., of New Sarum, Wilts, gent. 

Trinity Coll., matric ao March, 267a-3, aged 

Maoket. See also Mockett. 
Maokety Richard (Makeyt) ; fellow of New Coll. 

2505-a4, from Ryde, Isle of Wight, B.C.L. ay June, 

25x3, chaplain 25a2. 

Ma(0)kett9 Thomas; B.LL. & D.LL. sup. 6 March, 
2507-8, vicar of Coleme, Wilts, 2509, See Foster's 
Index EccL • f a»] 

Maoketty William, s. William, of Luccombe. Isle 
of Wight, pleb. Magdalen Coll., matric a8 
Jan., 2630-x, aged 29 ; demy 1630-6. B.A 21 Feb., 
2630-2, M.A. 27 Dec, 2633. See Bloxam, ▼. 234. 

Haoklen, John, of Salop, pleb. St. Alban Hall, 
matric ao Oct , 2592, aged 3a 

Maoklen, John, s. George, of Bedstone, Salop, pl^ 
Brasbnose Coll., matric 20 Oct, 2634, aged 28 ; 
B. A 7 April, 1638. 

Maoklier, David; created M.A 37 June, 2674, 
" captam of a prefectorian company belonging to 
the king of Sweden." See Fasti, ii. 346. 

Ma ok worth, Bulkly, s. Thomas, of Betton, Salop, 
arm. Magdalen Coll., matric 3 Nov., 1672, 
aged 27 ; of Buntingsdale, died 28 Feb., 2730-2 ; 
brother of Humphrey. 

Maok worth. Herbert, 2s. Hump., of London (city), 
equitis. Magdalen Coll., matric 23 Oct. 2704, 
aged 15; cr. D.C.L. 8 July, 2756; of Neath, co. 
Glamorgan, a student of the Inner Temple 2708 (his 
lather of Neath) ; M. P. Cardiff 1739, until his death 
20 Aug.. 1765 ; father of Heri)ert 2753, see and 
Series, p. 896. See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. [SO] 

Maokworth, (Sir) Humphrey, s. Thomas, of Shrews- 
bury, arm. Magdalen Coll., 22 Dec, 2674, 
aged 27; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, i6Sa (his 
father of Betton, Salop) ; kni^rhted at Whitehall i§ 
Jan., ]68a-3; M.P. co. Cardigan 2700-5. 2710-13, 
and Totnes 1705-8 ; died a5 Aug., 1737 ; brother of 
Bulkley ; fathec of Herbert and KingsmilL See 
RawL i. 372 ; & Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Maokworth. Kingsmill, y.s. Humph., of London, 
equitis. Christ Church, matric 23 Oct, 2704, 
aged 24 ; student of Inner Tbmple 2708 (his fother 
of Neath, co. Glamorgan) ; baptised at Neath a 
Oct, 2688. 

[HaoMahon, James ; bishop of Deny 2507 ; died 25r7. 
See Ath, ii. 72a ; & Foster's Inns 0/ Court Regi^,] 

[Iffaoraih, Matthew : bishop of Qonfert 248a ; died 
2507. See Ath. ii. 696.] 

Maouhle, John ; M.A St. Andrew's UNivERsmr ; 
incorporated 27 April, 2633, vicar of Stockbury 
2632, and of Hoo St Werburg. Kent, 2638. See 
Foster's Index EccL [SB] 

Xaddarde, William, of Ireland, gent Jesus CoLU, 
matric I Nov., 2582, aged 26. 

[ 957 ] 

Richard MaddeI^. 

1500— t}^t4. 


Jfadden, Richard. B.A. 1642. See Maden. 

lladdeil, Thomas; M.A Trinity Coll.. Dublin, 
1670; incorporated at Cambridge. 1670, and at 
Oxford 18 July. 1674. 

Kaddens, John, s. Lewis, of Blandford, Dorset, pleb. 
Wadham Coll., matria 20 Nov., 1683, aged 18 ; 
B.A. 1687, M.A. 1690, as Meddens, which see. 

HaddlflOn, Nathaniel, s. Humph., of Overingham, 
CO. LJncohi, gent Oriel Coll., matric. 26 July, 
x666, aged 17 ; student of Gray's Inn 1668. See 
Foster's Gray's Inn Reg. 

Kaddooks, Ancell (Madockes), of 00. Gloucester, 
gent. Bkasenose Colu, matric. 3 Dec, 1602, 
aged 17. [5] 

Maddocks^ (Sir) Benjamin, of Wadham Coll., arm. 
fiL , matnc. 20 July, 1654 ; of Wormley, Herts, created 
a baronet iz July, 1674 (s. Benjamin, of Boughton, 
Kent), founded an exhibition m the college ^ will 
dated 25 Feb., 1714, and proved 19 Feb., 1716-7 ; 
died 14 Dec., 1716. See Gardiner, 203. 

tfadookSy Cosmey; B.A. from Magdalen Coll. 
30 May, 16x4, M.A. zo July, 1618 (sup. as 
' ' Cosmeius Rice als. Maddocks ") ; vicar of Chipping 
Norton, Ozon. 1624, rector of Abberston 1627, 
smd vicar of Itchen Stoke, Hants, 1634, until 
sequestered in 1646 by the Westminster assembly. 
See Foster's Index Eccl. & Add. MSS. 15,670-1. 

HaddookSy Edward (Madox). s. Richard, of Tefont, 
Wilts, gent Merton Coll., matria xi Oct., 
»7oS» aged 17. 

Hadocks. George, of co. Gloucester, gent Brase- 
NOSeColu, matric. 3 Dec, x6o3, aged 16; B.A. 
II July, 1606 ; student of Inner Temple X607, as of 
Wollaston, ca Gloucester, gent Se« Foster's Inn^ 
0f Court Reg. 

Kaadooks, George, s. PbiL, of Uandaff (town), cler. 
All Souls' Coll., matric. 4 March, 1705-6, aged 
18, B.A 1709; M.A. from St. Edmund Hall 
17x2; vicar of Llanover, co. Monmouth, X715, 
rector of Peterstone super Ely, co. Glamorgan, 
X718, canon of Landaff 1722, and of Sarum 1731, 
chancellor of Llandaff 1737-44. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus. [lO J 

Maddooke, James, "ser." Brasenose Colu 
matric. 20 July, 1654; B.A. 19 Jan., x6s7-8 ; vicar 
of Ellaston, co. Stafford, X662-17XS ; perEaps father 
of James X70X. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

ICadOOkS. James, s. Jo., of Wolstanstow, Salop, 
cler. St. Edmund Hall, matric. 9 July, 1677, 
aged 16; B.A. i68x; rector of TrusUiorpe, co. 
Uncoln, 1688. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Maddooke, James, s. J., of Tennison, Co. Stafford, 
cler. Magdalen Hall, matric 16 May, X701, 
aged X9 ; E A. 1705. 

Uadooke, John, of CO. Gloucester, gent Brasenose 
Colu , matric ix May, 1604. aged 17. 

Madockes. lohn, of Salop, pleb. Christ Church, 
matric 8 June, x6c4, aged x8. [15] 

MadookSy John, of co. Glamorgan, gent Jesus 
Coll., matric 25 Oct, i6xx, aged 17 ; B.A. 4 July, 
16x5 (mcorporated at Cambridge 1618), M.A. 9 
Tuly, 16x9. 

Xaddookes, John, s. Th., of Uandaff, co. Glamorgan. 
pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 10 April, 1674, aged 

1%% a A. X677. 

Uaddookes, John (Madox), s. J., of Kilmington, 
Somerset gent £xetbr Coll., matric. 9 March, 
i68a-3, aged vj. 

UadOCke, John, a. Edm., of Tiddenham, co. Glou- 
cester, gent Magdalen Hall, matric. 5 Feb., 
1685-6, aged x8. 

Haddocks, Philip, s. Tho., of St Andrews, co. 
Glamorgan, minister. Jesus Coll., matric. xx 
May, X665, aged xt; rector of Rode, Somer5et, 
x68i, and of St Michael [alias Michaelstone), with 
St Bride super Ely, 00. Glamorgan^ x69a See 
Foster's Index EccL [20] 

Maddooks, Richard (Mathocks); B.C.L. from ALL 
Souls' Coll. 21 May, X563 ; periums rector of 
Llangunllo, co. Cardigan, 1567. See Foster^s 
Index Eccl. 

Maddook, Richard ; B.C.L. sup. April, 1565, after 6 
years' study. 

Maddooks, Richard (Madox), fellow of ALL Sotn^' 
Coll. 157X, B.A. x Dec, X57X, M.A. 25 Nov., 
'S7St proctor X58X ; sup. for licence to preach 8 
Feb., 158 1-3; perhaps canon of Hereford 1599. 
See Fasti, i. X99 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Maddooks, Richard (Madox); B.C.U 2 Feb., 

MaddaokS, Richard, of CO. Stafford, pleb. Balliol 
Coll., matric. a6 June, x6oi, aged x6', B.A. 7 
Feb., X604-5, M.A. XX Dec, X607; one of these 
names rector of Pleasley, ca DCTby, X613. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. [25] 

Maddocks, Richard ; student of Chkist Church 
]6xi, B.A. ax June, X615, M.A. x8 June, x6x8. 
See Al. West. 8x. 

Maddocks, Richard (Madox), s. And. , of Kilmington, 
Somerset, gent Queen's Coll., matric 86 Nov., 
x68oi aged x8. 

Maddocks, Robert (Madox), of Oxon, pleb. jESUS 
Coll., matric — Oct, X593, aged X7 ; B.A. from 
Christ Church 5 March, X597-8. 

Maddocks, Theophilus ; B. A. from Christ Chihich 
7 July, 1593. 

Maddock, Thomas (Mavdoke or Maddoke) ; B.A. X7 
Jan., X53X-3, rector of Himant, co. Denbigh, 1537, 
vicar of Llandyssil X540, rector of Llanwyddelan, 
and vicar of LJanllwcnaiam (all co. Montgomery) 
X57a See Thomas, 334 ; & Foster's Index Eccl. 

Maddock6S, Thomas ; B. A. from Brasenose Coll. 
9 March, X564-5, M.A. 8 July, X572. [31] 

Madooks, Thomas, of Middx., arm. Magdalen 
Coll., matric 8 May, x6ox, aged 15; demy 
1600-4. See Bloxam, iv. 26x. 

Maddocks, Thomas, s. Lewis, of Llangonwyde, ca 
Glamorgan, gent jESUS Coll., matric xa May, 
X626, aged X9 ; B.A. 5 July, X626, M.A. 30 Apnl, 
X639 ; perhaps vicar of Marshfield, co. Monmouth, 
1640, and rector of Merthyr Dovan, co. Glamorgan, 
1640, canon of Llandaff x66o. vicar of St. Llythians, 
CO. Glamorgan, x66i, rector of St. Andrew, co. 
Glamorgan, x66x. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Maddocke, Thomas, s. James, of Densan, co. Stafford, 
pp. Magdalen Hall, subscribed x8 July. X702, 
aged x8 ; B.A 1706 ; perhaps vicar of Swinohead, 
CO. Lincoln, X7X5. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Madooks, William. B.A. from Magdalen Coll. az 
Feb., X586-7; M.A. from ST. Edmund Hall 3 
June, X59a [35] 

Maddock, William (Maducke), "ser." Christ 
Church, matric xo Nov., X654, B.A. 15 Oct., 
X657, M.A. 3 July, x66o. 

Madocke, William, s. G. (?"Gul"), of Gloucester 
(city). St. Mary Hall, matric 99 March, X667, 
aged x8. 

Mad(d)ockes. A^^lliam, s. Joh., of Uandymog, co. 
Denbigh, pleb. St. Edmund Hall, matnc 17 
May, X667. aged 17 ; B. A. from New Inn Hall 4 
March, X670-X, rector of Llangwyfan, ca Denbigh, 
1683. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Madcn, Jc^n (Medon and Meydon), secular chaplain, 
B.A. 9 Nov., X5a5, M.A. 24 June, 1533, vicar of St 
Ives, Hunts, X546. See Foster's Index EceL 

Maden, Richard, B.A. from Magdalen Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1643-3; incorporated xo June, X648; M.A. 
from New Inn Hall xo June, 1048; perhaps vicar 
of Rothler, co. Leicester, 1653. sise Fosters Index 
EccL & F4uH, il 109. [ftO] 

Mader, Ralph, 1513. See Molder. 

[ 958 ] 


1506—1714. HartsTongue Mainwaringe. 

Hadfirwioke, Edward, s. William, of Yapton, Sussex, 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric 27 Oct., 1637, 
aged 17 ; RA. 8 July, 1641. 

Had^wioke, Henry, of Southants, pleb. New 
Coll., matric. 13 Oct, 1609, aged 19; B.C.L. 11 
April, 1616, rector of AUington, Wilts, 1624. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Hadewloke, John (Magdgwicke), of Hants, pleb. 
Hart Hall, matric. 3 May, 1616, aged 14. 

lladryn, GriflSn, of co. Carnarvon, gent HART 
Hall, matric. entry under date 1573. 

lladrin, Hugh, of co. Carnarvon, pleb. Jesus 
Coll., matric. 7 Dec, 1621, aged 18; B.A. 26 
Feb., 1621-a, M.A. 1 July, 1624, rector of Newtown, 
CO. Montgomery, 1633. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Madrine. Maurice, B.A. 6 July, 1573. rector of 
MiserdiBn, co. Gloucester, 1576. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus. [5I 

Madrixiy Thomas, arm. Jesus Coll., matric. 9 
Aug., 1658, student of Lincoln's Inn 1659, as son 
and heir of Thomas, of Madryn, co. Carnarvon, 
esq. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Madryn, wmiam, of St. Edbiund Hall, B.A. 
sup. 3 Dea, 1605, bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 
16x5, as son and heir of John, of Llanwnda, co. 
Carnarvon. See Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Madstard. William, of co. Worcester, pleb. St. 
Mary Hall, matric. 24 April, 1618, aged 18 ; 
B.A. from Lincoln Coll. 10 May, 1620, rector of 
Oldbury, Salop, 1639. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Hadestard« WiUiam, "serv." Magdalen Coll. 
matria 7 Dec., 1650, B.A. 14 March, 1653-4, 
demy 1654-9, M. A 12 June, 1657. See Bloxam, v. 
218. [10] 

Magjgre, Thomas (or Maggys); B.A. 12 Nov., 1527, 
vicar of Midsomer Norton, Somerset, between 
1528-54. See Weaver's Somersetshire IncumbenU, 

Hagott, John (or Maget), clerk Magdalen Coll. 
1517, B.A. June, 1518, chaplain 1520-1, B.Can.L. 
sup. July, X532, chantry priest Steeple Lavington, 
Wilts, 15^, vicar of Bierton, Bucks, 1544. See 
Bloxatn, ii. 125 ; & Foster's Index Eccl, 

llagson, Francis; B.A. from Pembroke Coll., 
Cambridge, 1609 ; incorporated as M. A 14 July, 
16x2, rector of Windermere, Westmorland, X627. 
See Fosters Index Eccl, 

[Ha^p^re, Nicholas, prebendary of Ldghlin and 
bishop X490-X5X2. See Ath, i. 15.] 

Mahatt, Philip, of Southants, pleb. Hart Hall, 
matric. 30 June, 1615, aged 16 ; B.A. 27 April, 
r6i9 ; M.A from New Coll. 6 May, 1622, pre- 
bendal rector of Compton Bishop in Wells X620, 
vicar of East Brent, Somerset, 1622. See Foster's 
Index Eccl, [151 

Mahon, Lucas, s. Nia, of Roscommon, Ireland, arm. 
Christ Church, matric a Nov., 1683, aged 18 ; 
student of Inner Temple 1688, as Luke. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Hai^r, John, of Devon. Exeter Coll., matric. 
10 Oct, 1607, aged 19. See also Major. 

Maimbonr^ Tbeodoms, s. Th.. of Paris, gent 
Mbrton Coll., matric. 9 Dea, 1681, aged 20; 
derk Magdalen Coll. 1685-6, RA. 1685. See 
Bloxamt ii 81. 

iCaine. See Matnb. 

Mainsforth, Thomas, •• Pater," RD. snp. — Dec.. 

1539. [ao] 

Xainwaring, Ambrose (Maynwaring), of Salop, 
gent St. John's Colu, matric 8 May, 1601, 
aged 29, 

Hainewaringy Anthony, s. Joh., of Drayton, co. 
Stafford, gent Queen's Coll., matric 12 Mardi, 
1708-9, aged 18; perhaps B.A from ST. John's 
Coll., Cambridge, 17x2; incorporated 31 March. 
1717, from TRiNnr Coll. (Cambridge), M.A. 6 
July, 1717, rector of Hominghold, ca Ldcester. 
1723. See Foster^s Index Eccl. 

Hainwaring;. Arthur (Mannering). eq. fiL nat miit 
RA. from BRASENOSB Coll. 7 July, 1598, M.A. 15 
June x6oi; perhaps of Ightfiekl, Salop (s. Sir 
George) ; knighted ix May, 1603 ; M.P. Huntingdon 
X624-6 ; perhaps brother oif George 1602, of Henry 
1599. and of Thomas 16x6. See Foster's Parlia- 
mentary Dictionary, 

Mainwarin^T, Arther (Maynwaring), s. Charies, of 
Ightfield, Salop, arm. Christ Church, matnc 
23 Nov., 1683, aged 15; student of Inner Temple 
1687, auditor of the imprest ; M.P. Preston Dec. 
Z706-X0, West Looe 17x0, until his death 13 Nov., 
1712. See Rawl, iv. 304; Foster's ParlimenUtry 
Dictionary ; & Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Mainwarinff, Charles (Manvrayring), s. Charies, of 
Middlewich, Cheshire, pleb. Brasenosb Coll., 
matric 29 Jan.. X639-40, aged X9. [25] 

Mainwarin^, Charles (Man waring), eq. aur. fiL 
Queen's Coll.. matric 9 I>ec, 1653. 

Mainwaring, Edmund (Manwaring). of Cheshire, 
arm. St. Alban Hall, matric entry under date 
28 Feb., X580-X, aged x6. 

Malnwaring, Edmund (Manering), of Cheshire, 
gent Brasenosb Coll., matric 29 Nov., 1594, 
aged 15, B.A. 27 Nov., 1598; MJL from All 
Souls' Coll. 8 July, 1602, B.C.L. X4 Dec, 1605, 
D.C.L. sup. 24 Nov., x6io, and created 10 Oct, 
1629 (s. Sir Randle, of Over Peover), a civilian 
belonging to the king^s council in the north, chan- 
cellor of the diocese of Chester 1642 ; brother of 
Thomas same date, and of Philip i6xa See FcuH, 

Mainwayrillfire, Edmund, s. Edmund, of Brenley, 
Cheshu^, pleb. UNiVERsmr Coll., matric 22 
Nov., X633, aged x6. 

Mainwarln^, Edward (Ma3mewaringe), of Salop, 
gent Magdalen Hall, matric entry under date 
22 Dec, 1576, aged X9 ; student of Inner Temple 
1579. as of Ightfield, Salop (son of Sir Arthur). See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. [SO] 

Mainwarlnge, Edward (Maynwaringe), of ca 
Stafford, gent Magdalen Hall, matric 8 Nov., 
1594. aged 17 ; of Whitmore, ca Stafford ; student 
of Middle Temple X59S (as son and heir of Edward, 
of Whitmore, co. Stafford, esq.), sheriff 1646; 
M.P. Newcastle-under-Lyme i62< ; died 1647. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Mainwarlng, George (or Manering), of Devon, 
gent Exeter Coll., matric entiy under date 
3 Dec, 1575, aged 2x. 

Hainwaring, George (Maynaring), of Salop, equitis 
fiL Brasenose Coll., matric 19 Nov., 1602, 
aged IS ; dispensed towards B. A. X4 May, X605 ; 
perhaps brother of Arthur X598, and of Henry 1599, 
and Tliomas 1616. See O.H,S, xii. 26X. 

Mainwaring, George (Mannering); B.A. (?from 
Broadgates Hall) 24 Feb., 1619-20 ; M.A. from 
Merton Coll. 24 March, x^5-6, rector of 
Barthomley, Chshire, 1639 ; ejected from the rectory 
of Malpas in 1662 for nonconformity. See Foster^ 
Index Eccl, ; & Calamy, i 338. 

Ha(i)nwarlng, George ; created M. A. i Nov., 1642, 
• • an officer m the king's army." [S5] 

Ma(i)nwaringe, Hartstongue, s. Edw., of Wybun- 
Dury, Cheshire, cler. Brasenosb Coll., matric 
9 July, Z675, aged x6 ; B.A. from Hart Hau. 

[ 959 ] 

Henry Mainwartng. 


Christopher Maire. 

Xalnwaring, Henry, of Cheshire, ana Hart 
Hall» matric. entry under date ao May, 1580, 
aged 17. 

]Ca(i)]iwarixige« (Sir Henry), of Salop, equitis fiL 
Brasenosb Coll., matric. 37 April, 1509, aged 
23, and again 14 July, 1603, B. A. 15 July, 1603 ; 
pertiaps created D.Med. 31 Jan., 1643-3; the 
nmons sea captain (s. Sir Georee); student of 
Inner Temple 1605 (as of Ightfield, Salop, gent), 
lieutenant of Dover Castle, knighted 30 March, 
1617-18, M.P. Dover 1631-3 ; buned in CamberweU 
church, Surrey, 15 May, 1653 1 perhaps brother of 
and of George 160a, and of Thomas 

Arthur x , 

1616. §ee Foster's Parlianuntary DUHonaryx 
Nichols' Collect, Topog, et Cental, UL 165; & 
Fastis iL 48. 

ICainwaringe, John, of Salop, der. fiL Brase- 
NOSB Coll., matric. 10 Oct., 1594, aged zS. 

]Cainewarixi£r> (Sir) John, is. Thomas, of Peover, 
Cheshire, bait. Brasbnosb Coll., matric 3 
Jane, 1671, aged 15 ; 3nd bart, bom 8 May, 1656, 
M.P. Chester in 6 parliaments 1689, until his death 
4 Nov., 1703 ; brother of William 1674, and father 
of Roger and Thomas 1697. See Foster's Parliu' 
mentary Dictionary, 

][a(i)nwaringe, John, s. Adam, of Little Ness, 
Salop, pleb. Christ Chihich. matria 14 Jan., 
1700-1, aged 17, R A 5 March, 1704*5. [5] 

Xainewaring, Joseph, of Malpas, Cheshire, pleb. 
BRASEK06E Coll., matria 39 March, 1673,8. A. 

Mainwarln^, Kenelm (Manwayring) ; B.A. from 
St. Johic^ Coll., Cambridge, 1618-10, M.A 
1633; incorporated 9 July, 1623, rector of Graves- 
end, Kent. 1637, collated to a prebend of Win- 
chester i660k but never installed. See Fostei's 
Index Reel, 

Hainwaringe, (Sir) Philip, of Cheshire, militis fit 
Brasbnosb Coll., matric. 39 Aug., 1610, aged 
21 ; B.A. 8 Feb., 1613-13 (4s. Sir Randle. of Over 
Peover), a student of Gray's Inn 1609, secretary to 
Earl of Strafford, lord-lieutenant of Ireland; M.P. 
Borouehbridge 1634-6, Derby 1638-9, Morpeth 
April-May. 1640, Newton, co. Lancaster, lunc, 
i66c. until his drath 3 Aug., i66r, then of Baddiley 
Court, Chester. See Foster's Parliamentary Dic- 
tionary Sl Foster's Crays Inn Reg. 

Xftinwaringe, Randle (Rodolphus), of Cheshire, 
arm. Brasbnosb Coll., matric 13 June. 1589, 
aged ic ; M.A from Pembroke Coll.. Cambridge. 
1593. incorporated 10 July, 1^93, perhaps student 
of Gray's Inn 1593. vicar of Worie, Somerset. 1598, 
rector of Tidbum St Mary. Devon, 1618, and 
vicar of Sidmouth 1613. canon of Exeter 1613. 
See Weaver's Somerset Incumbents & Fosters 
Grays Inn Reg. 

Xainwarlnge, "Randall." s. Philip, of Baddiley. 
Cheshire, arm. Brasbnosb Coll.. matria 28 
April. 1637, aged 16 ; student of Gray's Inn 1638 ; 
brother of Thomas 1637. See Foster's Cray's 
Inn Reg. [10] 

Xaln waring, Richard (Manweryng) ; fellow of All 
Souls' Coll. 1546. B. A 1547-8, perhaps vicar of 
Drayton, Salop. 1554. another rector of South 
Ockendon, Essex, 1555. then M.A. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

]Ca(i)nwaring, Robert, of Salop, pleb. Balliol 
Coll.. matric. 6 Nov., 1590, agecfao; B.A from 
St. John's Coll. i July, 1594. vicar of Winslow, 
Bocks. 1597-1648. See Foster's Index Bed, & 
Add. MS. 15.671, p. 359. 

]Ca(i)nwaringe, Robert, of co. Lancaster, pleb. 
Brasbnosb Coll.. matric 8 Pec., 1609, aged 15 ; 
RA 9 Feb., 1613-13. 

Ktainwaring. Roger, clerk All Souls ' Colu, B. A. 
Feb., 1607-8, M. A 5 July, 1611, B. & D.D. 3 July, 
Z635 ; rector of St Giles-in-the-Fields Z616-35, 
chaplain in ordinary to Charles L, rector of Stan- 
ford Rivers, Essex, 1638-41, dean of Worcester 1633. 
rector of Muckleston, co. Stafibrd, 1630, and of 
Mugginton, co. Derby, 163 1, bishop of St. David's 
z6^, until silenced in 1640 ; died at Carmarthen z 
July, 1653, buried in the collegiate church of Brecon. 
See Atk, iv. 810; Lansdawne MS, 985, t doo; 
Foster's Index Eccl, \ & Add, MS, 15,071, p. 234. 

Hainewarlng, Roger, s. John, of Peel, Cheshire, 
barL Brasbnosb Coll., matric. 39 Nov., 1697, 
aged 15; student of Middle Temple 1700; died iz 

iune, 1707 ; brother of Thomas same date. See 
ostcr's Inns of Court Reg, [15] 

MainwarinfiT* Thomas (Manwarynge or Maneryng) ; 
B.A. 17 July. 1525, M.A 3 Dec., 1538; rector of 
Twinstead, Essex, 1539. See Foster s Index Eccl, 

Mainwaringy Thomas (or Mainering); B.A 33 
Nov., 1567, M.A ZK June, Z570, incorporated at 
Cambridge 1573 (as RA). 

Hain waring, Thomas (Manering), of Cheshire, gent 
Brasbnosb Coll., matric. 39 Nov., Z594, aged 
14: B.A 37 Nov., Z598, M.A 18 March. z6oi-3, 
B.D. 34 Feb., 1608-9. created D.D. 3r Aiu^.. 1636; 
rector of Uley. co. Gloucester, 161 1, and of Weldon, 
Northants. 1614; brother of Edmund same date 
and of Philip i6ia ^nctYosXvtt Index Eul, 

Mainewaringe* (Sir) Thomas (Maynewaringe), of 
Surrey, eq. aur. nl. Brasbnosb Coll., matria 3Z 
May, 1616, aged 17; RA 6 }une, 1616, created 
D.C.L. 30 Dec., 1643; bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 
1626 (as son of Sir George, of Ightfield, Salop) ; 
perhaps a master in chancery 1643-7, recorder of 
Readmg ; perhaps brother of Arthur Z598, etc. 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers & Fastis iL 43. 

Mainewaringy Thomas, of Cheshire, gent. Brasb- 
nosb Colu, matric. 3 Nov., Z621, aged z8; B.A 
89 Oct., 1633 ; one of these names vicar of 'Tilton, 
CO. Leicester, 1626. See Foster's Index Eccl, f ao] 

Hainwaringe, (Sir) Thomas, s. Philip, of Baddiley. 
Cheshire, arm. Brasbnosb Colu, matric. 38 
April, 1637, aged 14 ; student of Gray's Inn 16^8, 
born 7 April. 1623, sheriff of Chester "in the reign 
of Oliver " 1657. created a baronet by Charles 11. 
33 Nov., 1660, M.P. Cheshire z66o; died 38 June, 
1689, buried in the chancel of church of Over 
Peover; brother of Randal 1637. See/ti!^ iii. ZZ73, 
iv. 364 ; & Foster's Cra^s Inn Reg, 

Hainwaring, Thomas (Maynwaring). s. Th., of ' 
Llandovery, co. Carmarthen, gent JBSUS COLL., 
matric. 8 Dec., 1676, aged 19. 

Mainewaring, (Sir) Thomas. IS. John, of Peel, 
Cheshire, rart. Brasbnosb Coll., matric. 39 
Nov. , 1697, aged 16 ; 3rd Iwirt. , born at Peel 7 Aug. , 
1681 ; died 30 Sept, 1726; brother of Vtsxgtx same 

Hainwaringe, William (Maynwaringe). of Salop, 
pleb. Brasbnosb Coll., matric. 10 Oct., 1594, 
aged 18; dispensed towards B.A. 14 Dec., 1599, 
from St. Mary Hall; rector of Wistaston, 
Cheshire, 1607. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Malnewaring, William, s. Th.. of Peover. Cheshire, 
barL Brasbnosb Coll.. matric. so Feb.. 1673-4. 
aged 15 ; bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn. 1691 ; licenced 
(y.o.) 34 Nov., 169a, to marry Frances Hennage, of 
Chelsea, Middlesex, widow, aged 3x ; buried at 
Peover 19 Feb., 1697-8 ; brother of John Z67Z. See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers, [^S] 

MairC), Christopher (Mayer), of co. Durham, gent 
Oribl Colu, matric. 33 April, Z586, aged Z7 (s. 
Christopher) ; buried at Monk Hesledoui co. Duixiam, 
Z9 De&, Z603, 

[ 960 \ 

William Mair. 

iScx)— 1714. 

Daniel Malden. 

Hair, Wmiam. M.A Aberdtcn. inoorporated (St. 

John's CotJ,), Cambridge, 1676, and at Ozfoid 14 
uiy, 1676. 

Maistera. See also Masters. 

Haisters, George, of St. John's Colu 1575. See 

Maister, James, of Hart Hall 10 or before 1568. 

Haisters, Joseph, Dleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 
10 March, 165&7, chorister Magdalen Coll. 
1659-60, bom at Kingsdown, Dear Ilchester, Somer- 
set, 13 Nov., z6io, pastor of the Baptist church of 
Pimiers Hall at ois death 6 April, 1717 ; buried in 
Bunhill Fields. See Calamy. 1. 246 ; & ^ioxam, i. 
83. [»] 

Haisters, Thomas, of St. John's Colu 1575. See 

Haisterson. See also Mastebson. 

Haisterson , Edward, of Cheshire, arm. Br ASENOSE 
Coll., matria 28 March, 1595, aged 16. 

Haisterson, Henry, B.A from Christ's Colu 
Cambridfife, 1625-6, M.A 1629, fellow of St. John's 
Colu, Cambridge, B.D. 1636, D.D. 1648, incor- 
porated 12 July, 1653, rector of Naniwich, Cheshire, 
and died 1671. Set Fasti, ii 179; & Foster's 
Graduati Cantab, 

Haisterson, Thomas, 8.Tho., of Nantwich, Cheshire, 
gent Oriel Colu, matric. 4 April, 1679, aged 
16 ; buried at Nantwich 13 SepU, 1712. [lO] 

Hajor. See also Mayor. 

Hajor. Edmund, gent Magdalen Halu matric. 
18 Ma^, 1658, B.A 22 May, 1658, M.A 7 Aug., 
1660, licenced 21 Dea, 1674. to marry Susan Holt, 
of Stoke Lyne, Oxon ; rector of Turwe&ton, Bucks, 
1671, and of Whitchurch, Oxon, 1672, until his 
death 17 Oct. , 1685. See London Marriage Licences^ 
ed. Foster, & Foster's Ind4x EccL 

Hl^or, Edmund, s. Richard, of Woodstock, Oxon, 
pleb. Christ Church, matria 8 Dec, 1685. 
aged 19. 

Hc^j or, George, "scho. cler." Privilegiatus z Feb., 

HaJor, John (or Maior), B. A sup. 18 Nov., 1515. See 
Atk. i. 1x3. [15] 

Major, John (Maiger), of Devon. Exeter Colu, 
matric. 16 Oct, 1607, aged 19. 

Hid or, John, "ser." Magdalen Colu, matric 25 
Oct., 1659, chorister 2660-1. See Bloxam^ i 85. 

HaJor, John, "ser.." s. John. ofAshburton, Devon, 
pleb. pp. Exeter Colu, matric. 9 Nov., 1661, 
aged 17 ; vicar of Cadbury, Devon, X669. See 
F(OSter's Index Eccl, 

HaJor, John, s. Peter, of Foy, Cornwall, gent. Bxstbr 
Colu, matric. 2 March, 1701-2, agMl 18; student 
of Middle Temple 1702. See Foster's Jnns of Court 

Hl^ or, Joseph, s. William, of London (city), gent 
St. ^mund Hall, matric 4 Dec, 1687, aged 17 ; 
bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 1695, licenced 31 Dec, 
1694, to marry Mary, daughter of George Pochin, 
of St Margaret Moses, Loudon, Salter, ^e Foster's 
JudM ana Barristers & London Marriage Licences, 
ed. Foster. [20] 

Hid or, Peter, s. P., of St Peter-port, Isle of Guernsey, 
gent Exeter Colu, matric 9 March, 1676-7, 
aged 14. 

Hid or, Richard, of Bucks, pleb. St. Edmund Hall, 
matric entry tmder date zo Jan., 1574-5. aged 19; 
vicar of Water Stmtford, Bucks. 1592, rector of 
Foxcote, als. Foscott, Bucks, 1703. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

H^Jor, Thomas (or Maior). student of Christ CutntCH, 
Z563, B.A. 16 Jan., 1567-8, M.A. 16 Dec, 1C70, 
rector of Combe Rakigh 1571, and vicar of Yar- 
combe, Devon, 158a ^e Foster's Index Eccl, 

Hl^or, Walter (or Maior), secular chaplain, RCaiLL, 

Hl^OW, John, s. Renatus, of France, paup. Merton 
Colu, matric. 3 July, 1689, aged 19; B.A. from 
St. Edmund Hall 18 March, 1699-1700, M.A. 14 
June, Z700, as Majou. [^'J 

Hakarethe, John, student residing in the town in 
July, 1562. Tutor : Thomas Godall. 

HakWythe, William, of CO. Warwick, pleb. 

Trinity Colu, matric 16 Dec, 1597, aged id. 
Hakepeaoe, John, gent Trinity Colu, mairic 

12 Dec, 1654. a A. 4 May, 1658. rector of Morton 

Bagot, CO. Warwick, z66o. See Foster's Imdex 

Hakepeaoe, Laurence, of Northants, gent Brasb- 

NOSE Colu, matric 3 April, 1601, aged 15; B.A. 

5 July, 1603 (s. Abel). bar.-at-Iaw, Inner Tenaple, 

16x2, as of Chipping Warden, Northants. See 

Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Hakepeaoe, Richard, 8. Tho , of Breverston, 
Northants, pleb. Lincoln Colu, matric 16 July, 
z668, aged 17 ; B.A. 1672, M.A. 1675. L'^l 

Hakerell, Richard, M.A. sup. 28 April, 1513. 

Hakerell, Thomas, MA. 8 March, 1507-8. 

Hakemes, John, s. Joh., of Brigstock, Northants, 
gent WADUAM Colu, matric zi Dec, x668, 
aged 16; B.A. 1672, M.A. 1675. 

Halaxn, Daniel ; subscribed 21 June, 1633. 

Halapert, Hugh, gent, born in " ^Ennoniensis " (Le. 
Hannoniensis. or Hainault), Flanders ; Queen's 
Colu, matric under date 1580; doubtless of the 
same family as Charles Malapert, the learned 
Tesuit, poet and mathematician, who was bom at 
Mons, m Flanders, 1581. [35] 

Halbone, John, " scr." St. Alban Halu matric 
27 Sept, 1659. 

Halbon, Samuel, gent New Inn Hall, matric a6 
May, 16^1 ; B.A. 29 May, 1651 ; 3 years of Har- 
vard College. New England; one of these 
names rector of Bungay, Suffolk, ejected 1660, 
became a pastor to a church in Amsterdam. See 
Calamy, iiL 256. 

Halbon, Thomas, s. Tho., of Bridgvil, Cheshire, pleb. 
Br ASENOSE Colu. matric 27 March, 1708, aged 
19 ; B.A. 171 1, as Edward. 

Halby, Henry, of Ireland, equitis fiL New Colu, 
matric. i^ June. 1582, aged 13; one Nicholas 
Malby knighted 1575. 

Halcher, John, s. J., of Wootton, Ojcoo, gent 
New inn Hall, matric 7 April, x688, aged 15 ; 
student of Inner Temple 1691, as son and heir d 
John, of Clififord's Inn, gent , deceased. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, [|kO] 

Halcher, Richard, of Northants, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric 13 Dec, z6i6, aged z8 ; B.A. from 
Magdalen Colu 7 July. 1620; M.A. fix>m 
Queen's Colu, Cambridge, 1626; incorporated 
ZI July, 1626, rectorof Clay Coton, Northants, z^6w 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Halcher, Thomas, "ser." Oriel Colu, matric 27 
Feb., 1650-1 ; perhaps rectorof Saxby, ca Leicester, 
1661. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Halden, Benjamin, s. John, of Cleobury Mortimer, 
Salop, minister, pp. (subs, "pauperis"). Christ 
Church, matric 26 April. 1662. aged Z5 ; B. A. 
1666. M.A. 1668, vicar of Ramsbiuy, Wilts, 1680, 
rector of Sundridge, Kent, Z685. See Foster's 
Index Eul, 

Halden, Daniel; B.A. from Queen's Colu, Cam- 
bridge, Z640-Z (? M.A. z664h D.Med. Oxfocd 14 
July, 1649, "hath engaged blmsdf and shed blood 
for the parliament" See Pasti, ii. zaa. 

[ 961 ] 

John Malden. 


Richard Mallory. 

Kftl'IftTlj John, of Salop, yacerd. (p. p.) fiL Pembroks 
Coll., matric a6 Oct, 1658, a^ea x6 ; served the 
core or donative of Newport, Salop, from which he 
was ejected in 1668 ior nonconformity; died 23 
May, x68i, aged 6a See Calamyt iii. X49* 

Xalden, Joseph, s. J., of Greenstreet, ca Worcester, 
pp. Christ Church, matric 96 Nov., 1669, aged 

Kalet, Baldwin, s. B., of St Audrv, Somerset, arm. 
Exeter Coll., matria 93 March, 1699-1700, aged 
16: B.A. 1703. M.A 1708 (as Baldwin Childe), 
rector of Street. Somerset, 1718-58, vicar of Doulting, 
Somerset, 1735-68 ; brother of William 1698. See 
Gardiner, 399. 

Kalet, Edward, gent Wadham Coll.. matric. 30 
March, 1666; possibly student of Middle Temple 
1669. as son and heir of Edward, of Exeter, gent 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, \ & Gardiner, 

Kalletty Edward, s. William, of Murcott, ca Glou> 
cester. pp. St. Mary Hall, matria 30 March. 
1666, aged 17. [5] 

Kallet, Francis, of Somerset, eq. amr. fiL Baluol 
Coll., matric 15 Dec, 1615, aged 15; B.A 11 
Jane, 1619 ; brother of Thomas i6z6. 

Ilallett, Gawen, of Somerset, arm. Christ Church, 
matric 10 June, 1586, aged i^ student of Middle 
Temple 1595, as aul son of iliomas, of Enmore, 
Somerset esq. ; brother of John 1588. See Foster's 
inns of Court Reg, 

Xalett, James ; M. A of Cambridge (sop. for incor- 
poration 5Feb., 1506-7; and also a May following 
as ED.), B.D. 1509, (D.D.) vicar of Bumham, 
Backs, 1504, rector of Lees Magna, Essex, 1514, 
canon of Windsor 1514 ; canon 15x4, and precentor 
of Lincoln Cathedral xm, master of the hospital 
of St Giles at Great Wycombe, Bucks; executed 
at Chelmsford 1543-3. See Fasti, L aa; Cooper, 
L 83 ; & Lamdowne MS, 980, f. 34. 

Malet, John, of Somerset, arm. Balliol Coll., 
mauic 17 May, 1588, aged 14; B.A 38 Jan., 
1590-1 ; perhaps of Enmore, Somerset; M.P. 
mth 1624-5; died 10 April, 1644; brother of 
Gawen 1586. See Foster^s Parliamentary Dic- 

Kallett, (Sir) John, s. Thomas, of Westminster, arm. 
University Coll., matric. 18 Jan., 1637-8, aged 
i^; of St Audries, Somerset; bar.-at-law, Middle 
Tdnple, 1641 (his father a bencher, and after a 
justice of king's bench), rector of Bridgwater, and 
Knighted ao Feb., 1667; M.P. Minehead (Aug.) 
X66679, Bridgwater 1681 ; buried 8 April, 1686. 
See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary & Judges 
and Barristers. [lO] 

Ka^et, John, s. Mich., of Fyfield, Berks, gent. St. 
John's Coll., matric 14 July, 1683, aged 15; 
B.A 1686. 

Kallet, Richard, Augustinian, student at Oxford and 
Cambridge ; B.D. as March, 151X-13. 

Kalet, Thomas (or Mallette] ; B.A x Feb., 1533-4, 
rector of North Wraxali, Wilts, 1535, and of 
Charlinch, Wilts, 1536. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Xalet, Thomas, of Somerset, eq. aur. fil. Balliol 
CcMLL., matric 15 March, 16x5-6, aged x6; B.A 
30 April, X619 ; brother of Francis 1615. 

Malletty Thomas, a. Tho.. of Honybome, ca Glou- 
cester, pp. New Inn Hall, matric i July. 1669. 
aged X7 ; RA from Merton Coll. 1675, M. A 5 
Feb., 1675-6, rector of Whitney, co. Heieford, 1677. 
See Foster's Index Eccl. [15] 

Hallett. WilUaro, pleb. Christ Church, matric 
25 July, 1655. 

ICalletty William, s. Hug., of Iddesleigh. Devon, 
gent Exrter Colu, matric. Z4 May, 2696, aged 

Halat, Wiman, 8. B(a]dwin). of St Audi«y, Somerset, 
arm. Wadham Coll., matric 14 April, 1608, 
aged z6 ; student of Middle Temple 1700 ; brother 
of Baldwin zyoo. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Maleverer, Henry (Malyveiy), & A ay Jmie, 1530, 
B,C.L. sup. June, z535« B.Can.L. za July, 

Male verer, John; fellow Magdalen Coll., Cam- 
bridge, B.A. 16667, M.A 1670; incorporated 9 
July, Z673, vicar of Long Sutton, ca Lincoln, Z684. 
See Foster's Index Eccl. [ao] 

Malham, Francis, s. Hen., of Colne, ca Lancaster, 
pleb. Brasenosb Coll.. matric 37 March. Z696, 
aged Z7, B.A 1699. 

Haling, Christopher, of Orikl Coll. Z587. See 

Malins, WiUiam, a. Mart., of Tysoe, co. Warwick, 
pp. Oriel Coll., matric. 6 Feb., 1673-3, aged 
zy ; B.A Z676, M.A Z679. 

ICally John. s. Rich., of Bouldon, Salop, pp. St. 

Alban Hall, matric 5 May, 1673. ^^S^ ^7* 
Mall. Thomas, of Baluol Coll. Z619. See 

MAULE. [25] 

Diallaoke, John ; fellow All Souls' Coll. in 
and before Z564, B.C.L. Z9 April, ZS65. See 
O.H.S. i. 358. 

Mallaok, John, arm. Exeter Coll., subscribed 
z5 June, z6^7 ; student of Lincoln's Inn X659, as 
son and heir of Tohn. of Taunton, Somerset, 
merchant; baptised at Axmouth 8 Aug., Z634; 
died in Ireland 1706; brother of William. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Mallaok, Rawlin, s. Ro^.. of Exeter (dty). arm. 
Wadham Coll. , matnc. 33 May, X667, aged xy ; 
of Cockington, Devon, M.P. Ashburton March, 
z677-^8, Totnes Z689-90 ; buried at Cockington 
zi Aug., Z69Z. See Foster's Parliamentary 

Mallaok, Rawlin, s^ Edw., of Rostoo, Cheshire, 
gent Hart Hall, matric a6 March. Z697. aged 
Z5 ; admon. at Oxford 38 Oct. 170Z. 

Mallaoky Richard, s. Richard, of Axmouth. Devon, 
gent. Exeter Coll., matric 39 April, Z693, 
aged x6 ; baptised 37 March, 1675. student of 
Middle Temple 1693 ; buried at Axmouth 8 Sept. 
Z734. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. [SO] 

Mallaok, Roger, s. Roger, of Exeter, Devon, arm. 
Exeter Coll. . matric. la July. 1639. aged x6 ; of 
Cockington. Devon ; baptised at St. Kerrian, 
Exeter, ax Sept, x^z ; died at Bath z6 June, 
Z657 ; buried in the abbey ; father of Rawlin Z667. 
See Vivian's Devon Visitations. 

Mallaok, William, gent. Exeter Coll., matric 
\ April, Z658 ; (s. John), baptised at Axmouth 30 
Jan., Z638-9. vicar of St. Pancras. Devon, Z665, 
and rector of Farway. Devon, z668 ; died Z693 ; 
brother of John Z657. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Mallinson, John, s. John, of Rastrick. Yorks, pleb. 
Magdalen Coll., matric 3 Feb., Z635-6, aged 
Z7 ; scholar, R A. Z7 April, Z630, vicar of Melling. 
CO. Lancaster, ejected Z663 for nonconformity; di^ 
May, 1685. See Calamy, il 369. 

Mallory, George, RA from Christ Church 30 
April, 17x6, M.A z July, X7X9 (s. George, vicar of 
Laraughbrian. Maynooth, co. Kildare) ; died at 
Mobberley, Cheshire, 9 April, Z73a. 

MallorY| Philip (Malorie), s. Thomas, of Mobberley. 
Cheshire, dean of Chester. Corpus Christi Coll. . 
matric. 38 May, Z634, aged zy ; B.A from St. 
Mart Hall 36 AprU, Z637, M.A z6 Jan., 1639-40, 
vicar of Norton, co. Durham, Z64Z ; fairother of 
Thomas Z634. See Foster's Index Eccl. [S5] 

Mallory, Ridiard (Malary). B.A. z July. Z5za 

[ 962 ] 

Thomas Mallorie. 


John Man. 

Hallorle, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Davenham, Cheshire, 
sacerd. New Coll., matric 15 Oct, 1634, aged 
19; B.A. 7 May, 1628. M.A. 17 Jan., 1631-2, D.D. 
I Dea 1660, rector of Easington, Oxon, z6^, and 
of Northenden, Cheshire, 1635, ejected 1643-4 
during the civil war. re-instated 1663, canon of 
Chester i66o-a. and of Lichfield 1660-71 ; perhaps 
vicar of Deptford St Nicholas, Kent, 1644-59, and 
deprived of the lectureship of St. Michael, Crooked 
Lane, 1662. See Earwaker, i. 292 ; Foster's Indix 
EccU \ & Calamjft i. 167, and ii 326. 

liallory, Thomas, s. Tho., of Mobberley, Cheshire, 
gent Gloucester Hall, matric. 13 April, 1679. 
aged 19 ; B. A from Bsasenose Coll. 1682, rector 
of Mobberley 1684, deprived 1690 ; bom 3 June, 
1657 ; died 1713. 

llallowes, Benjamin, s. William, of Dinder, co. 
Hereford, cler. Brasenose Coll., matria 90 
March, 1683-4, B.A 1687, M.A 169a 

Mallowes, William, s. Thomas, of Farsiield, Norfolk, 
pleb. BRASENOSE CoLL., matric. 8 May, 1635. 
aged 20; B.A 3 Dec., 16^5, vicar of Weybread, 
Suffolk, 1645, and of Little Birch, co. Hereford, 
1664; perhaps father of Benjamin. See Foster's 
Index keel. & Add. MS. 15,670, p. 105. 

Malpas, Thomas. RA from Magdalen Hall iz 
July, 1616, rector of Pedmore, co. Worcester, i6ai. 
See Foster's Index Eccl. [5] 

Halpas, William. B.A from Catherine Hall, 
Cambridge, 1663; incorporated 19 Jan., 1663-4; 
M.A. from Christ Church 23 Nov., 1664. 

Malfby, John, s. John, of Buckland, co. Gloucester, 
sacerd. Magdalen Hall, matric. 31 Jan., 1622-3. 
aged 15 ; B.A. 14 Feb., i6«-6 ; his father rector of 
Buckland 1591-1632. See R)ster's Index Eccl. 

Maltby, Thomas, B. A i June, 1519. 

Halthus, Austen (Maulthus), s. Robert, of Reading, 
Berks, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 31 Jan., 
1622-3, aged 15; B.A. 14 Feb.. 1625-6, M.A. 25 
June, 1628: admon. May, 1668; brother of the 

Malthus, Robert (Maulthus), of Berks, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric. 23 June, 1621, aged z8 ; 
B.A 24 Oct., 1622, M.A 7 July, 1625; curate of 
St. Mary Aldermanbury, 1627, of West Moulsey. 
Surrey, 1642 ; vicar of Northall, Herts, 1643-58. 
by the Westminster assembly ; father of Thomas 
1649. See Foster's Index Eccl. \ Add. MSS. 
15.670-X ; & CcUamy, ii. 46a [lO] 

Malthas, Thomas, sacerd fit Corpus Christi 
Coll., matric. 10 Feb., 1648-9, B.A 3 March, 
1651T2, M.A 4 April, 1655, scholar by the parlia- 
mentary visitors 1649, ejected 1660, vicar of Alfris- 
ton, Sussex, z66i, ejected the following year for 
nonconformity. See Calamy, iiL 310 ; Robinson^ i 
145 ; Burrows^ 497 ; & Foster's Index Eccl. 

Maltlms, William, of Yorks, pleb. University 
Coll., matria entry under date 2 July, 1578, aged 

Malthns, Zerubabel (Maulthus) ; B.A. from Merton 
Coll. 7 Dec., 1613, M.A 12 June, 1616 (son of 
Richard, of St Olave's, Southwark), admon. to his 
father i and 23 June, 1633. rector of Tarrant 
Rawston, Dorset, 1631. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Malton, Christopher; &A. from Christ Church 
15 June, 1544, M.A 1547, vicar of Pevensey. 
Sussex, 1550, rector of Holcott. Northants, 1551. of 
Lilley, Herts, 1551, of Maids Morton, Bucks, 
X554, and of Sywell, Northants, 1560. archdeacon 
of Cleveland 1564, until his death in March, i569-7a 
See Foster's Index Eul. & FasH, L 135. 

Malvern, Thomas, Benedictine, B.D. i July, 1511. 

Malvern, William (alias P^ker); aCL. *'sup 
17 April, 1507, for leave to use a *' Toga Talari 
vd cometo, vulgariter a Typett," D.CL. sup. 
99 Jan., 1^-8, B. and D.D. sup. 5 May. 15x5, 
a Benedictine monk, abbot of St Peter's church 
in Gloucester, 1514, and so continued until the disso- 
lution of his church. See FasH, i. 33. 43. [16] 

Malyn, Ferdinando; fellow of Magdalen Colu, 
B.A 36 July, 1563. 

Malyn, John (or Malim), of Oxon, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll., matric entry under date 1571, aged 17 ; 
chorister 1571-5. See Bhxam, l 10. 

Manne, Abraham, of ca Lincoln, cler. fiL Brase- 
nose Coll., matria entry under date 31 May, 
X581, aged 30; B.A from Queen's Coll. 5 Feb., 
1^83-3. then in orders ; M.A. 8 July, 1585, reaor 
of Henley-on-Thames, Oxon, 1585; fiather of the 
next S^ Foster's Index Eccl. 

Man, Abraham, of Oxon, cler. fil. Magdalen 
Coll., matria z6 June, i6zo, aged ao; demy 
1603-13, B.A 10 June, 161 1, MA 9 July, 1614. 
See Bloxam, v. 3. [20] 

Man, Bartholomew, of Kent, gent Corpus Christi 
Coll., matric. 31 May, i6z6, aged z6; B.A 8 
Feb. , 1619-30, M. A 34 April, 1633, rector of Wenvoe, 
CO. Glamorgan. 1641. See Foster's Index Bccl. 

Man^ Charles; B.A from Sidney Sussex Coll., 
Cambridge, 1693-3. M.A 1696; incorporated 14 
July, 1696, rector of Terrington, Yorks, 1721* See 
Foster's Index Eul. 

Man, Daniel, s. William, of London (dty), gent 
Christ Church, matria 18 Dec, 1683. aged 17; 
B.A 1686. M.A 1689, bar.-€U-law, Inner Temple. 
1693, astronomy professor in Gh-eshara college 
1687-91, succeeded his father as sword bearer to the 
lord mayor of London April to August, 1705; 
buried in the Temple church Friday, 8 Nov. , 1733. 
See Foster's ludges and Barristers &.AI. West. 194. 

Man, Edmund, bom in York, s. Edmund, of London 
(city), gent. Wadham Coll., matria 6 May, 164a, 
aged 17 ; exhibitioner 1641-3. St. Pauls S. E. 4a. 

Man, Edward, y.s. William, of Canterbury (dty), 
equitis. St. Edmund Hall, matria ai April, 
1665. aged 16; fellow All Souls' Coll., B.C.L. 
1671; will at Oxford 31 Oct, 1673; his father 
knighted in Feb., 1641. See GuUk, i. 394. [as] 

Man • Fran. Mar.,' s. Danid, of (Wivall?), Oxon, arm. 
St. John's Coll. , matria 5 July. 1709. aged 16. (4ta 
reg. ) ; this entry seems doubtful, refer to the sur- 
name of March, compare it also with Mann. 

Mann, George, s. George, of London, gent Christ 
Church, matria i June. 168 1. aged 17 ; student of 
Middle Temple 1683. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Man, Gideon de, of Montmartin, fiL nob. ; M.A. Cam- 
bridge, incorporated 9 July, i6oa See Fasti, i. 2S6, 

Man, Henry, scholar of Corpus Christi Colu z8 June, 
1530, aged 30. from Lancashire ; sup. for R A. ao 
June, 1531, B.D. 3 May, 1539, D.D. 7 July, 1539; 
Carthusian prior of Sheen 1535, vicar of St Mary, 
Chester, 1543-6, dean of Chester 1541, bishop of 
Man 1546, until his death 17 Oct, 1556, buried in 
the chancel of the church c^ St Andrew Under- 
shaft See Lansdowne MS. 980. f. aao ; AUL ii. 
773 ; Fasti, L 110; & Foster's Index Eccl. 

Manne, Henry, s. Gilbert, of Chichester, Susex, pleb. 
Christ Church, matria 38 March, 1643. aged 15. 

Man, John, fellow of New Colu 1539-41. from Lay- 
cock, Wilts ; B.A. 31 Mav, 1530, secular chaplain 
after studying 5 years, B.Can.L. 34 April, 1535, 
southern proctor 1540, "being detected of heresy 
was expelled New Coll^," principal of White 
Hall, 1547. warden of Norton 1563-68, rector of 
Hawkeswell, Essex, 1530, canon of Lincohi i56t« 
dean of Gloucester 1565, ambassador to Spain 1567; 
died 18 March. 1568-9, buried in the chancel of St 
Ann's, Aldersgata See O.H.S, Iv. 166 ; Gutch, tL 
149 ; Fasti, i. 100 ; Ath. L 366 ; LoMsdnam MS. 
981, f. 71 ; & Foster's Index Ecck [31] 

C 963 1 

IFaiiim ill from Hearn 

John Man. 


Bernard Mander. 

]£aii, John (or Mane), fellow of Nbw Coll. 1531-3* 
from Writtle. Essex ; B. A 90 July, 1533* M.A. 13 
Febi, 1537-8, B.CL. 3 June, 1540, rector of Great 
Horwood 1551. of Broughton 1553. and of Adstock 
(all Bucks) 15^9, until bis death 1565. See Ath» L 
367 ; & Fosters IfuUx EccL 
Xann, John. s. John, of Tewkesbury, co. Gloucester, 
pleb. Pembroke Colu, matric z8 Nov.» 1636. 
aged aa 
Kanne, Richard, of Northants. pleb. Balliol 
Coll.. matric. 24 Nov.. 16x5. agol 14; B.A from 
Trinfty Coll. zo May. 1619, M. A a6 June. 162a, 
rector of Stockerston. ca Leicester, i^. vicar of 
Great Comord. Suffolk. 1630 ; sequestered by the 
Westminster assembly to the rectory of Danbury, 
Essex. 1646. until ejected for nonconformity m 
1662. See Foster's Index Eccl\ Add, MS, 15,670. 
p. 108 ; & Calamv, iL 195^ 
Xan, Robert. B.A from Emanuel Coll.. Cambridge. 
1619-20; (incorporated 10 Oct. 1622), M.A 1623, 
fe4ncorporated 13 July, 1624, rector of Tooting 
Graveney. Surrey. 1629. See Foster's Index Eccl, 
Kan, Thomas, of co. Warwick, pleb. Chsist 
CmniCH. matric. 13 Oct.. Z59&, aged 16; B.A 
16 Dec.. 1602. M.A 2 June. x6o6, B.D. 96 July. 
1617. licenced to preach 14 May. 1622; per- 
haps rector of St Olave's. Silver Street, London. 
163I-40, and canon of Wells x635-4a See Foster's 
Index Eccl, [5] 

Kan Thomas, subscribed 2X Oct. 16x4; B.A from 
Nrw C0LI-. 2 May. 1617; M.A 17 Jan.. X620-X. 
ED. 23 March. 1631-2 ; perhaps vicar of Bisbrook. 
Rutland. 1627. and canon of Wells i635-4a See 
Foster's Index Bfcl, 
Xann, Thomas, pfeb. New Inn Hall, matrk. 21 
March, 1658 9 ; possibly bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 
1667 (as of Yoxford, Suffolk, arm.) ; buried in the 
Temple church 2 Nov., 1669. See Foster's fudges 
and Barristers. 
Man, Thomas; fellow of Jesus Coll., Cambridge. 
EA X674-C MA« X678 (incorporated 8 July, x68x), 
D.Med. X667, rector of Elmdon. co. Warwick, 169X. 
See Foster's Index Eeel. and Afunk's Roll, \. 044. 
Man, Wniiam, of Lincoln Coll. ; created M.A. a 
July, I5i5» sup. 26 July. X523, for B.D. as an 
Augustinian ; one of these names rector of Ripple, 
Sun^, X536. another archdeacon of Bangor 1554. 
See Fosters Index £ceL & O.H.S. i. 8a 
Man. William ( or Mann) ; of Christ Church 1551, 
EA. 26 Jan.. X554'5. M.A 20 Oct.. 1558 ; one of 
these names vicar of Rickmansworth 1559. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. [lO] 

Man, WiUiam ; chorister CORPUS Christi Coll. 

1564. B.A 15 Nov.. X570. 
Xann, William, s. Joh.. of Tewkesbury, co. Glou- 
cester, gent. Pembroke Coll.. matric. 4 May. 
x666, a^d x6 ; B.A 8 Feb., 1669-70. M.A 1672 ; 
perhaps student of Gray's Ian 1^2. See Foster*i8 
Gra/s Inn Reg. 

Xanaton. See also Mannington. 

Xanaton, Ambrose: M.P. ; created D.C.L. az 
March. 1643-4 ; of Trecarrei, Cornwall (s. Peter, of 
Manaton, Cornwall, esq.),, bar.-at-law. Lincoln's 
Inn, 1627. a master of chancery extraordinary, 
recorder of Launoeston. M.P. Bossiney X62X-2, 
Trcgooy i6a^-c, Launceston April-May. 1640, and 
X640 (L.P.), tilldisabled Jan., X644, sat in the par- 
Bament at Oxford; died x June. X65X. buried in 
South Petherwyn. See FasH, it 66; & Foster's 
Parliamentary Dictionary. 
Xanaton, Ambrose, s. Am'br. . of Trecarry. Cornwall, 
«rm. Exeter Coll., matric. 15 Feb., 1666-7. 
aged 19 ; of Kilworthy. Devon, student of Gra/s 
Inn x666, M.P. Newport, Cornwall. Feb., 1670, to 
Jan., x67^. X678-9. 1679-81. and i68x. Camelford 
X689H96, lavistock March. 1696, until his death 
jnne. 1696^ See Foster's Parliamentary Die- 
I t'mary. [15] 

Manaton* Ambrose, s. Fran., of Manaton. Cornwall, 
gent BALLIOL Coll., matric x8 March. X708-9, 
aged x8 ; of Launceston. bar.-at-law. Gray's Inn, 
17x2. See Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Manaton., Arthur, s. Antony, of St Pinnock, Corn- 
wall, sacerd. Exeter Colu, matric. x April. 
X642. aged 16 ; perhaps father of the next-named. 
See Antony Mannington page 966. 

Manaton, Francis, s. Arth. . of Southall. ComMralL 

Trinity Coll.. matric. 8 March, x68o-x. aged x6; 

B.A from St. Mary Hall 1684; father of 

Sampson 17x2. 
Manaton, Sampson, s. Arthur, of Cornwall, gent 

Exeter Coll., matric. 25 Feb., 1669-70, aged 18; 

student of Gray's Inn 1671 (his father of Manaton). 

S» Fwter's Gray's Inn Reg. 

Manaton, Sfiunpson, s. Fran., of Southill, Cornwall, 
gent Balliol Coll. , matria 8 April. 17x2, aged 
18 ; B.A. 17x5, M.A X718, B. and D.Med. X724 ; of 
Stratton. Cornwall, baptised there 10 Nov., 1696, 
died 28 Feb.. 1772. [ao] 

Manbrid^, Nicholas, X53a See Alanbrigg. 

Manbey, Francis, of co. Lincoln, gent Magdalen 
CoLi^.. matric. i Dec., X58X. aged X5; student of 
Gray's Inn X584 (as son and heir of Francis, of 
Elsham, 00. Lincoln), admon. (CP.c) 16 Dec., 
1596. See Foster's Grays Inn Reg. 

Manby, George (or Mansbye); B.A. 20 Julv, X533, 
M.A 23 Jan., X537-8. vicar of Friskney, co. Lincoln, 
1543; perhaps son of William, of Maltby, co. 
Lincoln, and brother of Leo. See Foster's Index 

Manby, John ; B. A from Clare Hall, Cambridge, 
X615-X6, M.A X619 (incorporated X3 July. X619), 
B.D. x6a6, fellow of St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 
D.D. X636 ; one of these names vicar of Rothbury. 
Northumberland. 1628. rector of Cottenham, co. 
Cambridge. X646, until sequestered in 1646 by the 
Westminster assembly. See Foster's Index Eccl. & 
Add. MSS. IS.670-7X. 

Manby, Leo (or Mansbye) ; demv Magdalen Coll. 

X542. B.A. 13 June, X544, fellow 1544-6; perhaps 

brother of George. See Bloxam, iv. 98. [25] 

Manby, W. (Manbee)^ of co. Lincoln, arm. Lincoln 

Coll.. matric. entry dated 3X May, X583, aged ix ; 

probably WiUiam. son of Francis Manby. of 

Elsham. CO. Lincoln. 
Manohester, Edward. Benedictine; B.D. 9 March. 

X536-7 ; secular priest and a monk of St Bernard. 

resumed bis patronymic (Pedley) on the dissolution 

of bis monastery. See Fasti, i. X03. 
Manolmroh, Thomas, subscribed 2^ April. 1613. 
Manoo, Robert, chaplain, B.Can.L. sup. 2 June, 

151 1. 
Mander* See also Maunder. [so] 

Mander, Benjamin, s. Bernard, of Cropredy, Oxon. 

cler. Magdalen Hall, matric. 27 March, X685 ; 

demy Magdalen Coll. 1686-93; B.A 1689, M.A. 

169X. fellow 1693-X703 ; vicar of Offcburch. co. 

Warwick, X695, and of Tubney, Berks, X702. until 

his death X704. See Bloxam, vi. 51 ; & Foster's 

Index Eccl. 
Mander, Bematd, s. John, of Black well, co. Wor- 

cester, pleb. Wadham Colu. matric. 9 March, 

1637-8. aged x6 (erased in both Mat. Reg. and subs. 

book) ; B.A. 19 Nov., 1642. M. A 12 July, X645 ; 

vicar of Cropredy, Oxon, X657. rector of Chipping 

Warden, Northants. 1668. until his death, buried 

there i June, 1703; father of Bernard, and of 

lliomas X673. See Foster's Index Eccl. 
Mander, Bernard, s. B., of Chipping Warden, 

Northants, minister. St. Edmund Hall, matric. 

I July, i^, aged x6 ; B. A from Wadham Coll. 

1^4, M.A. from St. Mary Hall 23 Jan., 1676-7 ; 

rector of Drayton, Oxon. x683-9^ ; brother of 

fndex Ecc 

[ 964 ] 

Thomas 1673. ^^ Foster's Index Eccl. 


Daniel Mander. 


Edward Manninge. 

Hander, Daniel s. Job, of Bodiham, Sussex, minister. 
Trinity Colu, matric. 13 Dec., 1667, aged 15 ; 
B.A 1671. 

Hander, *' Hamcus," s. H., of London (city), gent 
St. John's Coll., matric. 39 March, 1705, aged 
17: B.C.L 2 June. 171 1 (as Maunder), chaplain 
17x3 ; admitted to Merchant Taylors' school 170^, 
bom 31 Jan.. 1687-8, baptised at St Mary Wool- 
noth 5 Feb. following as son of Valentine Maunder, 
citizen and vintner of London ; canon of Lichfidd 
1714-62. vicar of Kirkby Moorside. Yorks, 1714-^6, 
and rector of Hasketon, Suffolk, 1756, until his 
death in 1762. See Rawt. iii. 34, .xviii. 79 ; 
Robinson^ it 11 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Mander, James; B.A. from Pembroke Colu 18 
June, 1639. 

liander, John, s. William, of Banbury, Oxon, pleb. 
St. Edmund Hall, matric. 14 July, 1626, aged 
x8 (as Job) ; B. A 2 June, 1627, as John Maunder, 
who was vicar of Chaccomb, Northants, 1632-47, 
and rector of Slapton 1632. Soe Foster's Indix 

liander, Richard, 8. William, of Morchard-Crwys, 
Devon, pleb. Balliol Coll., matric. i March, 
1677-8, aged 17; B.A. 1681, M.A 1684; rector of 
Wemworthy 1707, vicar of Cadbury 1709, and 
rector of Broad Nymeti (all Devon), 1713. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. [5] 

Hander, Robert; B.A. from Magdalen Coll. 17 
Feb., 1626-7. 

Mander, Roger, s. Roger, of Bricknoller, Somerset, 
pleb. pp. Balliol Coll., matric. ^ March, 1666, 
aged 17; B.A 1669, M.A. 1672 (mcorporated at 
Cambridge 1675), ^'D. 1680, D.D. 1688; master 
of his college 1687-1705, vice-chancellor 17004, 
rector of Riseholm, co. Lincoln, z68o, and of 
Spetlisbury, Dorset, 1684, rector of Duloe, Corn- 
wall, April, 1704, until he died 21 Dec., 1704, will 
at Oxford, proved 15 June, 1706. See Gutch^ L 
X03 ; & Foster's Index Eccl, 

Mander, Thomas, arm. Balliol Coll., matri& 
29 Oct., 1657; student of Inner Temple 1656, as 
of Famell, Disvon, gent, See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. 

Mander, Thomas, s. Bernard, of Chipping Warden, 
Northants, minister. Mbrton Coll., matria 2 
May, 1673. aged 15; clerk Magdalen Coll. 
1677-81, B.A 1677, M.A 2(Ei Feb., 1679-80, chap- 
lain 1681-90, vicar of Tilmanstone 1697, and rector 
of Little Mongeham, Kent, 1715 ; brother of 
Bernard 1670. See Biajfam^ ii. 77; & Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

Mandevill, Robert, of Cumberland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matric. 25 June, 1596, aged 17; B.A 17 
June, 1600; M.A. from St. Edmund Hall 6 
July, 1603, vicar of Abbey Holme, alias Holm 
Cultrara, 1607, until his death in 16x8. See Ath. it 
251 ; & Foster's Index Eccl, [lO] 

Mandrell. See Maundrell. 

Manfield, Charies, s. Henry, of Hereford (town), 
p. p. CfHRiST Church, matric. 19 July, 1673, aged 
x6 ; B. A from Bkasenose Coll, 1677, M.A 1680, 
vicar of Kenchester, co. Hereford, x68i, and rector 
of Ullingswick 1688. See Foster's Index EccL 

Manfield, Richard (Mannfylde) ; M.A 3 Feb., 

Manfield, Thomas (Mawndefylde) ; fellow of ORIEL 
Coll. i^ijL-aa, from Dorset, B.A ^x Jan., x5X2-x^ ; 
M.A of Cambridge, sup. 9 April, X5x6, for m- 
corporation ; B. D. 17 AprU, i^, fellow Eton 
Collie 7 Dec, 152X ; one of these names B.A 
Cambric^e X502-^, M.A 1506, D.Med. I5xa Sk 
Foster's Graduah Cantab, 

Manfield, William (Mandefylde or Mannfykle) ; B. A 
sup. 30 Jan., X516-7. [18] 

Maniford, John, s. Henry, of Long Burton, Dorset, 
pl«b. New Inn Hall, matria 24 May, X639, 
aged 15. 

Manisty, Samuel, pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric 
26 Oct, i66o, bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 1671, as son 
of Nathan, of Watford, Herts, esq. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers, 

Manley, Edward, of Northants, gen. fiL nat. max. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. 16 April, x6o3. aged 
15; student of Middle Temple 1602, as son and 
heir of Robert, of Broughton, Northants, esq. See 
Poster's Inns 0/ Court Reg, 

Manley, George, arm. fil. nat, max. Pembroke 
Coll., matnc. 28 June, 1659, B.A 28 May. 166a 

Manley, John; B.C,L from Magdalen Hall 
ax May, X640, a student of Gray's Inn 1633 (as 
son of Laurence, of Spratton, Northants, esq.), 
vicar of Spratton 1669. until his death, buned 10 
April, 1684. See Foster's Index EccL ; Foster's 
Gray's Inn Reg, ; & Fasti, i. 515. [ZO] 

Manley. Richard, 2s. Richard, of Westminster. 
Miodlesex, militig. Pembroke Coll.. matria 
aS Tune, 1633, aged 17; B.A 29 April, 16^4, bar.- 
at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1642 ; his father knighted 
87 Jan. , x6a8. See Foster's Judges and Bannisters, 

Manly, Robert, "serv." Exeter Coll., matric. 21 
Juhr, 1653 ; perhaps rector of Moreton Hampstead 
X663, or Powderham x6^, and vicar of Halberton 
(all Devon), 170a See Foster's Index EccL 

Manley, Stephen, s. George, of Yalding, Kent, gent 
Brasenose Coll., matria 14 July. X665, aged x6, 
B.A. 24 Jan., x670-x. 

Manley, Thomas, of Cheshire, gent, Brasenose 
Coll., matric. entry under date ao Dec.. 1577, 
aged X5, 

Manley, WiDoughby, a. Edward, of Bramky, co. 
Stafford, gent Trinity Coll., matric ao March, 
1634-5, aged X7 ; student of Middle Temple X635. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, [^5] 

Manlove, Richard (MenloveJ, pleb. Brasenose 
Coll,, matria 23 July, X656. 

Manners, Edward, 3rd Earl of Rutland 1563, created 
M.A Cambridge 10 Aug., X564, and at Oxford Oct, 
1566, K.G. 1584 ; died 14 April, 1587, See 
Cooper, ii. X3. 

Manners, Francis, of Notts, equitis fil Unxversity 
Coll., matric. \% Feb., x6oo-i, aged X7; perhaps a 
student of the Inner Temple 1602, as of Belvoir 
Castle, CO. Leicester, esq. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg, 

Manners. George, 7th Eari of Rutland (1632), M.A 
of Cambridge ; incorporated 90 July, X598. knighted 
at Dublin Castle 12 July, 1599, by the Earl of 
Essex, M.P. Nottingham X588-9. ofco. Deiby 1593, 
Grantham 1604-ix, co. Lincoln 16x4, 1621-2, 
Grantham x624-^ and X625 ; died 29 March, 164 c, 
aged 6x. See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

ManTn)er8y Henry, of Northiunberland, gent 
QUEEN'S Coll., matric 4 Dec, 1607, aged X7. 
See Raine's North Durham, 231. [SO] 

Manners, Roger, 5th Earl of Rutland; M. A. from 
Corpus Christi Coll., Cambridge, 20 Feb.. 1595. 
incorporated xojuly, X598 ; of Gray's Inn X599, etc ; 
died 26 June, x6z2 ; buried at Biottesford^ co. Lei- 
cester. See Fasti, i. 280 ; & Foster's Peerage, 

Man(n)ing, Charles, s. William, of Harberton. 
Devon, pleb. HART Hall, matric 23 May, 
X707, aged 17; B.A. 23 Jan., 17X0-XX, M.A. 1713, 
vicar of Wormington X714, and of Cranley 17 15, 
rector of Thorpe Malxor (all Northants), 1719. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Manning. Edward (Manynge), of Kent, gent 
Queens Coll., matric. 21 Nov., 1595, aged 17; 
student of Gray's Inn x6o6, as of St Mary Cray, 
Kent, gent. (s. Edward) ; died xi Feb., X640, aged 
64 ; brother of Samuel X59X. See Foster's Gray's 
Inn Reg. 

Manninge, Edward, pleb. St. John's Coll., matric 
20 Feb., X648-9, B.A 6 March, X65X-2; scholarof 
Wadham Coll. by the parliamentary visitors 1648. 
See Burrows, 562 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

[ 965 ] 

Edward Manning?. 


Edward Mansell. 

Manning, Edward, arm. Queen's Coll., matric 
19 July, 1659 ; possibly bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 
1668, as son and beir of Edward, of Felston, Wilts, 
arm. See Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

lUnnln^, Pyands, s. Tbo., of London, gent. 
TiiNiTT Coll , matric 8 March. 1688-9, aged 15 ; 
student of Middle Temple 1690, and of the Inner 
Temple 1693. See ^/A. iv. 690; & Foster's 
i»mso/ Court Reg, 

Vannillg, George, chaplain, B.A. xa March, | 

Xannlnge, Henry, of Kent. arnL All Souls' 
Coix., matric a8 Nov.. 1581, aged 23; fellow 
1576, RCL. 4 July, 1583, D.C.L. 30 April, 1589, 
incorporated at Cambridge 1584. an advocate 1596, 
chancellor of the diocese of Exeter (s. Henry, 
manhaU of the household to Henry VI 1 1., Edward 
VL, Queen Mary and Elizabeth) ; died 1614. See 
Coote's Civilians^ 64 ; & Fasti, L 249. 

Xasningey James, of Salop, pleb. St. Mart 
HAtx, matric 17 Feb., 1597-8, aged 17; B.A. 23 
Oct, 1601, M.A. 30 June, 1604. [5J 

Xaoninffe, James ; subscribed 25 June, 1613 ; 
pos^^ student of Middle Temple 1613, asof Downe, 
Kent See Foster's Imns 0/ Court Reg, 

tfanninge, John, of Cheshire, pleb. Brasbnosb 
Coll., matric 14 Feb., 1588-9, aged 19. 

Xannlnge, John, of Oxon, pleb. St. John's Coll. . 
matric 16 Nov., 1621, aged 19; ELA. x8 Nov., 

X&xining, John, s. Owen, of Northampton (town), 
pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric 90 Feb., 1679-80, 
aged 17. 

Vannlnge, Philip, of Kent. pleb. Magdalen 
Coll., matric 95 Oct., 1589, aged 16; chorister 
1589-91 ; B.A. from Magdalen Hall 28 Feb., 
1594-5* rector of Long Newnton. Wilts, 161a. See 
Bioxam, L 23 ; & Foster's /ruiex Bed, [lO] 

Kanninge, Richard, pleb. Magdalen Hall„ matric 
25 July, 1655 ; B.A from Christ CHURCH 12 Feb., 
1657-8. M.Al 3 Julv, 1660, vicar of Chalgrove. Oxon, 
1666, and rector of Little Shelford, ca Cambridge, 
16761 See Foster's /psdex Ecel, 

lUinninge, Samuel, of Kent, gent Magdalen 
Hall, matric 15 Oct. 1591, aged 15; B.A. a8 
Feb., 1594-C ; student of Iiiner Temple 1596. as of 
St Mary Cray, Kent ; brother of Edward 1595. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Xannlng, Samuel, s. John, of Cotton End. Northants, 
pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric. 21 Feb., 1661 -a, 
ased 18; B. A. 1665, M.A 1668. vicar of Preston, 
Northants. x668, rector of Newton Blossomville, 
Bucks. 1677. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Manning, Samuel, s. Joseph, of Shambrook, Beds, 
pl^ Magdalen Coll., matric 30 May, z666, 
aged 19 ; B.A. 18 Jan., i669-7a 

Vanning, Thomas (or Mayning) ; demy Magdalen 
Coll.. matric 1533, fellow 1536. B.A. 11 July, 
1536, supL Jan., 1545-6, for leave to practice 
roedioDC See Bloxam, iv. 55. [15] 

Hanning, Thomas, s. John, of Abbotsbury, Devon, 
gent WADHAM Coll., matric. 28 Jan., 1630-1, 
aged 17; scholar 1631, B.A. 5 Feb., 1634-5, M.A. 
a Dec, 1637, fellow 1637. See GartUnert 105; 
k Burrows, 56a 

Vanning, Thomas, s. Francis, of Stinchcombe, co. 
Gloucester, paup. St. Edmund Hall, matric. 
6 Nov., 1713, aged 14 ; B. A. 1717 ; perhaps vicar 
of Odiham with Grewell, Hants, 1731, etc See 
Foster's Index EuL 

Manning. William, «• ser." 8. William, of Oxford 
(city), pleb. Exeter Coll. , matric 10 July, 1643, 
aged 17; M.A 25 June, 1657; perhaps vicar of 
St. Lawrence Wootton, Hants, z6|6, rector ot 
Risbancles, Suffolk, 1659, and of Ewhurst, Hants. 
1665; father of the next See Burrows^ 500; & 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Hanning, William, s. William, of Wootton St 
Lawrence, Hants, cler. Hart Hall, matric 
17 Oct, 1673. aged 19; B.A. from New Coll. 
1677, M.A. 1680. vicar of Marshfield, co. Gloucester, 
2681, and of Bedmmster, Somerset 1686, rector ti 
Worting, Hants, 1689. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Mannlngham, Edward, of Christ Church 1555, 

B.A. ^ July, 1558; fellow of Merton Colu 
1559, M.A. suj 
0,H,S, iv. 264. 

.A. sup. 24 April, 1561 ; died 1562. See 


Manning ham, John, &A. from Magdalen Coll., 
Cambridge, 1595-6; incorporated 12 July, 1597; 
possibly bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 1605, as son 
and heir of Robert, of Fen Drayton, co. Cambridge, 
gent , deceased. See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Mannlngham, Thomas, s. Richard, of Michelmersh, 
Hants, minister. New Coli^, matric 12 Aug., 
1669, aged 18; B A 1673. fellow, M.A. 15 Jan.. 
1676-7. D.D. Lambeth ai Dec, 1691. rector of 
East Tisted. Hants, 168 1 (and canon of Winchester), 
preacher of the rolls, lecturer at the Temple church, 
lector of St Andrew's, Holborn, 1691, chaplain in 
ordinary to William and Mary, rector of Great 
^aseley, Oxon. 1708, canon ol Windsor 1693, and 
dean 1700, bishop of Chichester 1709, until hit 
death 25 Aug. , 1722, aged 73 ; buried in St Andrew, 
Holborn. See Atk. iv. 535; Rawl, i. 30; Heamt, 
iu 61 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Mannington. Se? also Manatom. 

Mannington. Antony, B.A. from Exeter Colu 
21 June, 1613. M.A. 12 June, 1616 (s. Antony), 
rector of St. Pinnock, Cornwall. 1617, until bts 
death, buried there 12 Jan., 1656; father of Arthur 
Manaton 1642, see page 964. See Foster's Index 

Hanington, Peirce, of Cornwall, arm. Broadgatbs 
Hall, matric 14 Feb., 1611-12, aged 18; of 
Combeshead, Cornwall ; son of Samson. [ 25] 

Mannington, Thomas, pleb. Magdalen Colu, 
matnc. 5 May, 1615, aged 21 ; B.A. sup. 25 June, 
1616, vicar of Bodiharo, Sussex, 1624. See Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

Mannington, William, s. Edward, of Norton, 00. 
Radnor, gent St. Mary Hali^ matric 15 
March, 1643-4. aj^ed 17. 

[Manowrier, William (or Mannoury). a Frenchman ; 
admitted to practice in surgery 12 July, 1625, and 
also 25 May, 163 c. See Fasti, L 460.] 

Mansell, Antony, s. Richard, of St Ismad, co. Car- 
marthen, arm. Jesus Coli-., matric. 8 Sept, 
1634, aged 19; B.A. 17 Dec, 1635, as MaunseU. 

Mansell, Christopher, s. Ed., of Cosgrave, Northants, 
gent Lincoln Coll., matric. 28 March, 1704, 
aced 17 ; B.A. 1707, M.A. 1710, rector of Long 
Newton, co. Durham, 1719 ; brother of Edward 
1677. See Foster's Index Eccl, [so] 

Mansell, Edward, created B.D. i (or 2) Nov., 1642 ; 
perhaps vicar of Stoneleigh, co. Warwick, 1632. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Mansell, Edward, s. Edw., of Cosgrave, Northants, 
gent. Lincoln Coli*, matric 9 Nov., i^, 
aged 16 : B.A. 1681, M.A. 1684. reaor of Rockland 
St. Mary and St. Margaret, Norfolk, 1685, and 
vicar of Ecclesfield, Yorks. 1693, until bis death 27 
July, 1704 ; brother of Christopher. Sec Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Mansell, Edward, s. Tha, of Cardington, Salop, 
pleb. Baluol Coll., matric 25 Feb., 1680-1, 
aged 17. 

[ 966 ] 

Francis Mansell. 


Thomas Mansell. 

Va^SOU, Francis, of co. Cannarthen. gent Jesus 
Coll., matric 20 Nov., 1607, aged z8; B.A ao 
Feb., 1608-9, M.A 5 July, 161 1 ; fellow ALL Souls' 
Coll., B. and D.D. 3 July, 1634. rector of Easing- 
ton. Oxon, 1630, and of E^mlev chapel, Kent, X63Z, 
the famous royalist principal of Jssus Coi^L. z690-i, 
luid again 1630 until deprived in 1648, restored 
1660, resigned 1661 (s. Sir Francis, bartj. pre- 
bendary of St Davids, treasurer of Llandan z6^i ; 
died I May, 1665 ; half broker of John i6t^. bee 
Cuick, I 585; Burrows, 503 ; Foster's Index ^ccl, ; 
& Add, MS, 15,670, pp. 31, 75. 125. 

Mansell, George (Manxell), of Christ Church 1555. 
B.A. 24 Nov., 1^58 ; possibly student of Inner 
Temple 1563, as ofLlandewi, 00. Glamorgan. See 
Foster's Inns of Court I^eg^ 

Mansell, Henry, of co. Glamorgan, equitis fil. 

Bkasenose Coll., metric. 22 May, 1601. aged 14; 

student of Lincoln's inn z6o6; brother of Lewis 

1601. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 
Mansell, John ; demy of Magdalen Coll. 1556, 

fellow 1557-74, from Bucks, B.A 27 June, 1558, 

M.A. 10 July, i|62, rector of Lansallos, Cornwall. 

1566. See O.H.S, i, 235; Bloxam^ iv. 152; & 

Foster's Index EccL 

Mansell, John, of Bucks, gent Magdalen Hall, 
27 Oct , 1592, aged 17 ; student of Middle Temple 
1594 (as son and heir of Thomas, of Chicheley, 
Bucks, gent), of Thorpe Malsor, Northants, by 

Eurchase; died 9X Bromley, Kent, 19 Oct, 1625; 
rother of Thoiqas 1594. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg, [8 

Mansell, John, of Bucks, pleb. Magdalen Hall 
12 Dec., 1600, aged 15 ; demy Magdalen Coll. 
1603-10, B.A 24 Jan., 1606-7 ! M.A from Trinitt 
Coll., Cambridge. 1609, incorporated 14 June. 
1610; reqtor of Calverton. Bucks. 1609, and of 
Hurstmonceaux. Sussex, 1616 (s. John, of Haver- 
sham, Bucks) ; buried at Calverton, 19 Oct, 1640 ; 
brother of Samuel 1594. See Bloxam, v. 9q; & 
Foster's Indes( EccL 

Mansell, John, 5s. Francis, of Mudlescombe. ca 
Carmarthei), militis. Wadham Coll.. matric 
15 June, 1627, aged 15; student of Gray's Inn 
1624; half-brother of FYancis 1607. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Mansell, John. s. Thomas, of Stony Stratford, 
Bucks, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 3 May, 
1662. aged 17 ; master of Beacbampton school. 
Bucks, 1660-75, rector of Furtho 1675-97, and of 
Cosgrave, Nojrthants 1697, until he died 31 Jan.. 
1729-30, aged 86 ; buried at Cosgrave. See Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

Mansell, John, s. Edw., of Kidwelly, co. Carmarthen, 
pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 19 March, 1713-4, 
aged 17 ; B.A. 1717, M.A 1721, vicar of Pembrey, 
CO. Carmarthen, 1728. See Foster^s Index Eccl. 

Mansell, (Sir) Lewis, of co. Glamorgan, militis fiL 
Brasenosb Colu, matric. 30 Jan., 1600-1, aged 
16; student of Lincoln's Inn 5 Feb., 1602-3. and 
perhaps knighted 23 July, 1603 (s. Sir Thomas, 
created a baronet 22 May, 1611), became 2nd bart 
in 1631. and died in 1638 ; brother of Henry z6oi. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, [lO] 

Mansell, Owes (Maunsell) ; B.C.L, 26 March, 

Hansell, Peter (Munsell). of Dorset, gent. Brasb- 
NOSE Coll.. matric. 8 Dec., 1587, B.A. 9 July, 
1591, M.A. 4 July, 1594. student of Middle Temple 
1594, as son and heir of John, late of Weymouth 
and Melcombe Regis, gent, deceased. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Mansell, Peter (Mounsell), s. John, of Cardiff, co. 
Glamorgan, gent Christ Church, matric 20 
May, 1636. aged 18 ; B. A from All Souls' Coll. 
17 Dec., 1641. 

Mansell, Reginald (Leonard in Mat. Reg.), of co. 
Gloucester, pleb. Magdalen Coll.. naatric. 4 
Feb.. 1591-2. aged 14; demy 1591-1600, BwA. sup. 
7 June, 1602. See Bloxam, iv. 232. 

Mansell, Hichard (Maunsell), of ca Woroester, gent 
St. Mart Hall, matric. ^ Oct., 1590, aged 20 ; 
B.A. 2« Feb., 1596-7, M.A. 17 June, x6oo. as 
Mansell [XB] 

Mansell, Richard (Maunsell); B.A. from Corpus 
Christi Colu 19 March, 1601-2, then in orders. 

Mansell, Richard, s. Richard, of Burton, oa 
Worcester, sac pp. Balliol Coll., matric. 25 
Oct, 1639, aged 17; B.A. 20 April, 1643, c"*^*^ 
M. A. II March, 1646-7 ; an officer in parliamentary 
army, one of Fairfax's guard. See Fasti, it 96. 

Mansell, (Sir) Robert (Maunsell), of co. Glamorgan, 
militis fil Brasenosb Colu, matric. 8 Dec., 
Z587> aged 18 (s. Sir Edward, of Margam. ca 
Glamorgan) • kmehted by the Earl of Essex at Cadix 
1596 ; of Gray's Inn 1625, " then of the booorable 
council of war established." and again 163a. tbeo 
vice admiral of England temp, James I.. M.P. 
King's Lynn 1601, co. Carmarthen 1604-ix and 
1614, CO. Glamorgan 1624-5 ^^id 162c. and 1628-9. 
Lostwithiel 1626 ; died "very aged. See Foster's 
Parliamentary Dictionary & Fbstei^ Grays Inn 

Mansell, Robert, s. Samuel, of Charlton Kings. 00. 
Gloucester, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric 31 
Maroh, 1637, aged 17 ; B.A. from j£SUS Coil^ 23 
June. 164a See Burrows, 566. 

Mansell, Samuel, of Bucks, gent MAGDAtfN 
Hall, matric 25 Jan.. 1593-4. aged la ; B.A. 33 
Feb., 1597-8 ; of Cosgrave. Northants^ baptised 15 
Sept, 1581, bar. -at-law. Middle Temple. 1608. as 
son and heir of John, of Haversham. Bucks, gent 
See Foster's fudges and Barristers, [20] 

Mansell, Stephen, s. Nicholas, of Stourbridge. 00. 
Worcester, pleb. Hart Hau^ matric 13 Dec, 
1622, aged 19. 

Mansell, Thomas, MA. 16 July. 1554; possibly a 
student of the Middle Temple 1557. as son and 
heir of Richard, of Chicheley, Bucks, and buried 
there 8 April, 1582. and if so. father of John 1592, 
and of the next-named. See Fostcfs Inns of Court 
Rig. ^ 

Mansell, Thomas, of Bucks, gent Macqalen 
Hall, matric 10 Oct, 1594, aged 14; student of 
Gray's Inn 1599, as of Chicheley, Buqks, gent, 
baptised 7 April, 1577, captain in the fleet, ancestor 
of the Thorpe-Malsor mmily ; brother of John 
1592. See Foster's Grays Inn Reg, 

Itansell, Thomas, of Somerset, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matric 22 Jan,, 1601-2. aged 18, B.A. 3 
Dec, 1605; M.A. from St. Edmund Hall 7 
July, 1608, 

Mansell, Thomas (Maunsell), of Oxon, pleb. Lincoln 
Coll., matric 16 May, 1617, aged 16. [as] 

Mansell, Thomas, s. Busse^. of Briton Feny. cc 
Glamorgan, arm. jEsus Coll., matric 10 April 
1663, aged 1^; buried in Westminster Abbey 23 
Dec, 1684. See Chester, 212. 

Mansell, (Sir) Thomas, s. Edw.. of Margam. ca 
Glamoigan. bart Jesus Colu. matric 7 March, 
1684-5, aged 17 ; 4th bart., created baron Mansell. 
of Margam, i Jan.. 17x1-12, comptroller of the 
household of Q. Anne, P.C. 1704, a commissioDer 
of the treasury, and a teller of the es^iequer. 
M. P. Brecon, Feb. , 1678— Jan. , 1678-9. undulydected 
1678-9 Cardiff in 3 parliaments 1689-98, and co. 
Glamorgan in 6 parliaments (Dec), 1699-1711 ; died 
10 Dec, 1723. See Foster's Parliamentary Dic- 
tionary & Chester's Westminster AMey Reg. 261 

r 967 1 

Thomas Mansell. 

15CX)— 1714. 

John Mapletoft. 

Ibnselly Thomas, s. Th., of Shipton. ca Woroester, 
gent. Trinitt Coll.. matric. 6 April, 1693, aged 
15, BwA. 1696 ; M. A from New Inn Hall i^, 
vicar of Lamborne, Berks, 1705, and of Chipping 
Camden, co* Gloucester, 1709. See Foster's Index 
Mansell, Walter, of CO. Carmarthen, arm. Okiel 
Coll., matric. aa May, 1601, aged 13; B.A 15 
Jply, 1603. student of Lincoln's Inn 1605. See 
Foster's Inns ofC<mrt Reg. 
Xansell, Walter, s. Richard, of Yscoed, ca Carmar- 
then, genL All Souls' Coll.. matric z6 March, 
i^r7-3, aged 17 ; B. A 9 Dec. , 1641. 
iCailsneld, Francis, of co. Derby, pleb. Christ 
Chusch, matric. 33 Nov., 1581, aged 23; B.A 
7 Feb., 1582-3, M.A 2 July, 1586. 
Xansfeildy Henry, s. Charles, of Hereford (city), cler. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. 4 March, 170^-6, aged 17. 
Uansfeild, John, of co. Leicester, cler. hL Brase- 
NOSB Coll., matric. 16 June, 1615. aged 15 ; B.A. 
from Lincoln Coll. 28 Jan., 1618-19. [^] 

Mansfield, Nathaniel, pleb. Corpus Christi Coll., 
Biatric 27 Feb., i65o»i, B.A 6 March, 1650-1 
admitted to Magdalen Coll., Cambridge, 18 
May. 1647); M.A from Peter House, Cam- 
bridTC, 1654. ejected from Armitage chapel, co. 
Stafford, 1663, for nonconformity ; £ed at Walsall. 
See Calamy^ iii. 228. 
Kansfeild Thomas, of co. Leicester, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Coix., matric. 20 June, 1606. s^ed 18. 
Kansfeildy Thomas, s. Robert, of Leake, Notts, arm. 
Magdalen Coll.. matric. 19 May, 1681, aged 17: 
possiUy student of Inner Temple 1682, as son and 
beir of Richard, of Little Leake, Notts, esq. See 
Foster's inm of Cauri Reg. 
Xanship. John, s. Samuel, of Locking, Somerset, 
pleb. brAsenose Coll., matric. 9 Dec., 1631, 
aged 18, B.A. 13 Feb.. 16^-4 ; M.A from Lincoln 
Coll. 30 Jan., 1640- 1, vicar of Compton Dando, 
Somerset, 1643, <^ rector of Guildford, Surrey, 
from which be was ejected in 1662 for noncon- 
formity ; an extra licentiate of the college of 
physicians 1663, brother ol Samuel 1634. and father 
of the next-named. SeeMunA'sRoli/i.3,6&; Weaver, 
p. 961 ; & Calamy, iii. 304. [lO] 

Xanshlp, John. s. J., of Guildford, Surrey, pleb. 
Corpus Christi Coll., matric. 10 Nov., 1676, 
aged 16; B.A 1680. fellow, M.A. 21 Feb., 1683-4, 
KMed. 18 Feb., 1687-8; admon at Oxford 16 
Jan.. 1705. 
Xanslup, Samuel, s. Samuel, of Locking, Somerset, 
pleb St. Alban Hall, matric 17 Oct, 1634, 
aged 16 ; brother of John 1631. 
XanUe, Richard, s. Th. , of Llanbedr, ca Radnor, 
p. p. Jesus Coll., matric. 16 July, 1675, ajjed 19 ; 
one of these names rector of Bicknor English, co. 
Gloucester, 1710, and father of the next See 
Foster's Index Reel, 
Mantle, Thomas, s. Rich., of Blacldey, co. Gla- 
morgan, cler. Jesus Coll., matric. 7 June, 1699, 
aged 17, a A 1703; M.A from Trinity Hall, 
Cambridge. 1720, vicar of Longhope 1718, and 
rector of Abinghall, co. Gloucester, 1722. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 
Xantell, William ; B.A. 9 Nov., 1525, M.A sup. June, 
1533 ; one of these names vicar of St Martin's, 
Salisbury. 1556. Sec Foster's Index Reel. [18] 
Hanton, John. s. John, of Peterborough. Northants, 
pleb. Magdalen Coll.. matric. 10 Oct., 1634, 
aged 17, R A 26 April, 1638 ; incorporated at Cam- 
bridge 1653, vicar of Compton Dando, Somerset, 
Z641-3. See Index to Bishops' Certificates R.O. & 
JOHH Manship 163Z. 
Kanton, Robert, s. Nath., of London (city), arm. 
Corpus Christi Coll., matric. 21 Oct., 1664. 
aeed 16; B.A. 1668, rector of Withcote 1677, and 
of Houghton-on-the-Hill (both ca Leicester) 1706. 
See Foster's Index Reel. 

Hanton, Thomas; B.A from Broadgates Hall 
31 Oct, 1582 ; M.A from CHRIST CHURCH 9 July, 
1584, rector of Elme 1585, and vicar of Woolavineton, 
Siomerset, 1586. canon and chancellor of Wells 
1590, until his death in 1592. See Foster's Index 

Hanton, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Whimple, Devon, 
pleb. Wadham Coll., matric. 11 March, 1635-6, 
aged 15 ; B. A from Hart Hall 15 June, 1639 ; 
(perhaps incorporated at Cambridge as M.A. 1653, 
see John); created B.D. from Wadham Coll. 
90 April, 1654 (incorporated at Cambridge 1658), 
and also created D.D. 19 Nov., 1660, preacher at 
Colyton, Devon, and minister of Stoke Newington, 
chaplain to Oliver Cromwell, rector of St Paul's, 
Covent Garden (1654), z66i ; ejected for noncon- 
formity St Bartholomew's day 1662, chaplain in 
ordinary to Charles li. ; died 18 Oct, 1667. See 
Aih. iii. 1134; Fasti, ii. 185; Gardiner^ 129; 
Foster's Index Reel. J & Calamy, L 175. 

Manwood, Charles, of Kent, eq. Balnei. fil. Lin- 
coln Coll., matric 13 Oct., 1615, aged 16; B.A 
II May, 1618, student of Inner Temple 1615 (as 
4th son of Sir Peter, of St. Stephen's, Canterbury, 
kt, and grandson of Sir Roger, late lord chief 
baron, etc) ; slain abroad ; brother of Roger 1607, 
and Thomas 161 1« See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Kan wood. Peter, IS. Roger, of Canterbury, Kent, 
arm. Queen's Coll., matric. 4 Nov., 1631, aged 
18 ; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 1642. See 
Foster's fudges and Barristers. [23L] 

Manwode. Robert (or Manhood), Benedictine, B.D. 
sup. 25 March, 1506. 

Dianwood, Roger, " Militus de Balneo. fil" Lin- 
coln Coll., matric. 23 Oct., 1607. aged 15 ; B.A 
25 Jan.. 1609-X0, student of Inner Temple 1610. as 
son and heir of Sir Peter, of St. Stephen's. Canter- 
bury, etc. , aforesaid ; brother of Charles 1615. and 
Thomas 1611. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Manwood, Thomas, eq. fiL ; B.A from Lincoln 
Coll. ^ June, 161 1, student of Inner Temple 16x0 
(as 2nd son of Sir Peter, of St. Stephen's, etc. ) ; 
died 22 Sept. , 1613 ; buried at Samveres in France ; 
brother of Charles and Roger. See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg. 

Many down, William, Benedictine, B.D. sup. 27 
Nov., 1518. [25] 

Maplet, Henry, of Cumberland, der. fiL Queen's 
Coll., matric 22 Oct., 1619, aged 18, B.A 23 
Oct, 1619 ; M.A. from Oriel Coli«. 26 June, 
1622 ; admon. at Oxford 19 Feb. following. 

Maplett, John, s. John, of London (city), gent 
Christ Church, matric. 24 Feb., 1631-2, aged 20; 
student 1632, B.A 8 July, 1634, created M.A 17 
April. 1638, proctor 1643, D.Med. 24 July, 1647, 

J)rincipal of Gloucester Hall 1660-2, practiced his 
acuity at Bath and Bristol; died 4 Aug., 1670, 
aged 55 ; buried in S.S. Peter and Paul, Bath. See 
Ath. ill. 90b; FcLsti^ i. 506; Al. West. 102; & 
Burrows, 488* 
Uapletoft, John ; fellow Trinity Coll., Cambridge, 
B.A 1651-2, incorporated 11 Jidy, 1654, M.A 
1655, D.Med. 1667 (re-incorporated 13 July, 1669), 
and D.D. comitiis Regiis 1690, expelled fiom his 
fellowship by the parliamentary visitors, but 
re-admitted 1660 ; a student of Gray's Inn 1652, as 
of Margaretting, Essex, gent., where he was born 
15 June, 163! (s. Joshua), physic professor in 
(jresham CoU. 1675-9, F.K.S. 1676. priest 1682, 
rector of Braybrooke, Northants, 1683, vicar of St. 
Lawrence Jewry. London, 1686, lecturer of Ipswich 
1684, and of St. Christopher's, London, 1685, 
president of Sion College 1707 ; died 10 Nov., 1721, 
aged 90; buried in the chancel of St Lawrence 
Jewry. See Foster's Gray's Inn Reg. ; AL West, 
130 ; FoiHt ii. 313 ; & Foster's Index Reel. 

i 968 ] 

Joshua Mapletoft. 


Francis Marchant. 

llapletofty Joshua ; B.A. from Clare Hall, Cam- 
Dridge, 16x3-13, M.A 16x6 (incorporated 15 July, 
1617), B.D. 1^3, vicar of Margaretting, Elssex, at 
his death in 1635 ; father of John 165a. See 
Ntwcouri & Foster s Graduati Cantab, 

Haplisden, Francis, s. Francis, of Canterbury, 
innkeeper. Siiar of St. John's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 27 Aug., 1664, aged 17 ; B.A 1667-8, 
M.A. 1673; incorporated 5 June, 1673. See 
Mayor^ 164. 

Maplesden, George, s. Edward, of Marden, Kent, 
pleb. St. Maky Hall, matric. 36 Nov., 1624, 
aged 19; bar.-at-law, Middle Temple, 163a. See 
Foster's Judges & Barristers, 

Haplesden, Gervase, of Kent, pleb. St. Alban 
Hall, matric. la Dec., 1600, aged 16; student of 
Middle Temple i6oa, as son and heir of Edward, 
of Maidstone, Kent, gent ; father of the next. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Haplisdeily John, s. Gervase, of Maidstone, Kent, 
gent Merton Coll., matric. 13 April, 1627, 
aged 17 : &A. 3 Dec., 1638, fellow 1630, M.A 11 
Nov., 1634. [5] 

Hapowder, Antony. 8. Narcissus, of Holdsworthv, 
I>evon, gent Exeter Coll., matria 9 March, 
1637-8. aged z8 ; baptised thore 24 Nov., 16x9', 
admon. 4 July, 1641. 

Harbeok, John (or Merbeck) ; supl. for B.Med. 1550; 
organist of St. George's chapel, Whidsor ; father of 
the next-named. See Fastis i. 13a 

Harbeoke. Roger, student of Christ CHimcH 1553 ; 
B.A 26 Jan.. X554-5, M.A. 28 June, 1558, and canon 
1565, senior proctor 1562-1564, first public orator 
1564-5, provost of Oriel Coll. 1564-6, B.Med. 
and licenced to practice i July, 1573, D.Med. 2 
July, 1573, prebendary of Ewithington in Hereford 
cathedm 1559, admitted to Gray's Inn 1589, chief 
physician to Queen Elizabeth, fellow of college of 
physicians about 1^78, and registrar 1579. until his 
death July, 1605, miried in St Giles, Cripplegate. 
See MunKs Roll, i 75 ; Fastis ii. 194 ; & Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

Marble^, Thomas, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matnc. 13 Nov., 1601, aged 19. 

Harbnll, James (Marble, Marbyll, or Merble), at 
Corpus Christi Coll. 1528, from Hertford; B. A 5 
Dec., X529, fellow, M.A sup. — May, 1533. [lOj 

Harbnll, William ; fellow of All S0UI.S' CoLL. 1506, 
B.C.L. ^ Feb., 1508-9, D.C.L. sup. 25 Nov., 151^ ; 
canon of Hereford X529, his will dated 10 March, 

Harbury, Anthony, s. Francis, of St Martin's, 
London, sacerd. Brasenosb Coll., matric. ao 
Oct. 1626, aged 18; B.A. from Pembroke Coll. 
32 Feb., 1627-8; his fiather rector of St Martin 
Vintij, London. 1605, until his death in 16x1. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Harbnry, Charles (Marberye or Marburie) ; B. A 18 
March, 1569-70 ; student of Gray's Inn 1571. See 
Foster's Gray's Inn Reg, 

Marbury, Edward; M.A from TRiNmr Coll., 
Cambridge, x6o6; incorporated 11 July, 1606; 
perhaps parson of St James, Garlickbithe, 1613, 
and licenced ro Nov., 16x7, to marry Margaret, 
daughter of Henry Cave,, late of Ingarsby. co. 
Leicester, esq., deceased; rector of St. Paul's 
Wharf, London, 1632, until sequestered in i64< 
by the Westminster assembly. See Add. MS, 
15.669, p. sx ; Foster's Index Eccl. ; & London 
Marriage Licences^ ed. Foster. 

Harbnry, Erasmus (Merbury), ofco. Lincoln, "verb! 
dei minister fiL" Brasenosb Coll., matric. la 
April, i6x6, aged 19 ; B. A 6 June, 1616, M. A 9 
Jmy, X619; brother of Jeremoth. [15] 

Marbnry, Humfry (orMerbery); B.A B.Can.L. 

sup. 14 May, 1506 ; disp. 10 March, X5ac>-x, *' he 
is to pay ao pence towards building the chapel of 
Smythgate," died rector of White Roding, Essex, in 
I5a5. See Newcourt & O.H.S. i. 45. 

Harbury. James, s. Thomas, of Marbury, Cheshire, 

arm. Brasenosb Coll., matric 9' Dec., 1631, 

aged 17 ; B. A 30 April. 16^5, M.A ax June, 1638. 

rector of Davenham, Cheshire, x66^, vicar of Over. 

' also Cheshire, 1680. See Foster's Index Bed. 

Harbnry, "Jeremoth** (Merbury), of ca Lincoln, 
verbi dei minist fiU Brasenosb Coll.. matric. 
XI June, 1619, aged 18 ; B. A from Exbtkr Coll. 
a3 JaiL , x6a2-3 ; brother of Erasmus. 

Marborye, John (Merburye), gent BrAsbnosb 
Coll., matric 10 May, X631, aged 17. 

Harbnry, Thomas, of Brasenosb Coll. 1697, RA 
5 May, 1631. M.A 6 Feb., i63|'4: possibly a 
student of Gray's Inn X636, as of Chester, esq., 
perhaps M.P. Cheshire 1656-8 (2s. Thomas, of 
Marbury) ; died 27 Jan. , 1667-8. See Foster's Grays 
Inn Reg. & Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, 

Marburie, WiUiam, of Cheshire, arm. Brasenosb 
Coll., matric 22 June, i6zo. aged 16 ; B.A. 9 
July, x6i2 ; student of Lincoln's Inn i6x^. as son 
and heir of Thomas, of Marbuxy, Cheshire, esq. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, [ai] 

Marbury • William, is. Thomas, of Marbuiy, Cheshire, 
arm. Brasenosb Coll., matric 16 July. x66i. 
aged 17. See Ormerod's Cheshire, \, 738. 

Maroelliue, George; B.A from Queen's Coll.. 
Cambridge. 16x9-20; incorporated as M.A. 12 
July, 1623. 

Maroer, James, s. Hen., of Clithero, 00. Lancaster, 
pleb. Brasenosb Coll., matric a6 JaxL, i677-8, 
aged 19 ; B.A. i68x, as Mercer. 

Maroh. See also Marsh. [as] 

Marohe, Edward, of Kent "CondL Gen.** Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric 30 Oct, 1584, aged 16, 

Maroh, Hemy, s. Fran., of London (city), gent 
Wadham Coll., matric 16 April, 1698, aged 161 

Maroh, Humphrey, s. Joh., of Newcastle (city), der. 
St. Edmund Hall., matric 16 March. 1694-5. 
aged x6; B.A 1698, M.A. 1701. 

Maroh, John; B.C.L from St. Edmund Hall 27 
Nov. , 1632 ; possibly a student of Gray's Inn X636. 
from Barnard's Inn, barrister, 1641. See Ath. !▼. 
374-5 ; & Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Maroh, John (or Marsh), gent Queen's Coll.. matric 
15 June. 1657 ; B. A from St, Edmund Hall x66i, 
M.A 1664 (incorporated at Cambridge i^i), ELD. 
03 March, 1673-4, a long time vice-prindpsd of his 
hall; bom at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, vicar of 
Embledon, Northumberland. X672. lecturer of St 
Nicholas church, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 1676* and 
▼icar 1679. until he died 2, and buried 4 Dec. 1693: 
See Ath. iv. 37^ ; ffeame, ii 60 ; Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus ; & JOHN Marsh, p. 973. [SO] 

Marohe, Richard, of Merton Coll. in and befoie 

Marohe, Richard, s. William, of Chilston. Devon. 

pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. 24 Feb.. 1622-3, 

aged 2a 
Maroh, Robert (Mch), student residing in the town in 

July, 1562. 

Maroham. See also Markham. 

Maroham, Anthony, B. A X July, 1568. [S5] 

Maroham, Henry, of Oxon, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll.. matric. 2 July, 1585, aged 13 ; chorister 
1583-9. See Bloxam, i. 22. 
Marohant, Francis, s. James, of Kilmersdon, Somcf- 
set, gent St. Edmund Hall, matric. i July. 1691, 
aeed 18 ; B.A from St. Mary Hall x6oc. ricar 
of Alderminster. ca Worcester. 1698. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

[ 969 ] 

James Marchant. 


Robert Markham. 

Xaroliaxit. James, s. Thomas, of Tisbury. Wilts* 
pleb. Hast Hall, matric 14 July, 1708. aged 
18, EA 1713; fellow Exeter Coll. 1714-31, 
M.A Z715. See Boose, 89. 

Karoliailt. John, s. Hen., of Hasleton, 00. Glou- 
cester, pleb. Pembroke ColUi matria 15 June, 
1714, ag«d 19 ; a A 1718. 

Itaroliailty Robert See Merchant. 

Marohant, Thomas, s. Th., of Hatch, Wilts, paup. 
Magdalen Hall, matria 9 July, 1689, i^ed 17 ; 
R A 90 March, 1693-4, M. A 1700, vicar of Tisbury, 
Wihs, 1699, rector of Pentridge, Dorset, 1714, 
prebendary in Chumleigh collegiate church, Devon, 
1712. See Foster's Imaex Red, 

LelCaroliant}^ Thomas, s. Tho.. of Guernsey, gent 
Pembroke coll. , matric. 4 May, 1714. aged 18. 

Xaroliaxit. Wniiam, s. Wmiara, of Isle of Guernsey, 
gem. ORIEL Coll., matric x6 Oct, z668, aged 
Id. t6] 

Le Karoliant. wniiam, s. G. (?GuL), of Isle of 
Guernsey, piek. Pembroke Coll., matric. 4 
May, i^, aged 17. 

Le HaroliaXit, V/ilUam, s. William, of Guernsey, 
gent QuEEKS Coll., matric 3 April, 17x0, aged 
x8 ; B. A from Pembroke Coll. 1715, M. A 1718, 
bar.-at-law, Inaer Temple, Z79a See Foster's 
Jmdgu and Barristers. 

Harden, Alan, of Kent, pleb. Broadgates Hall, 
matric entry under date 23 July, 1579, aged 30. 

Harden, William, of London, pleb. Hart Hall, 
matric entry tmcer date 1574. aged 17 ; student of 
Iimer Temple i;78, late of Clifford's Inn. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. [10] 

Haret. See also Marriatt. 
][aret, Joshua, of Gersey, pleb. Brasenosb Coll., 
matric 16 Ck:t., 1607, aged 17. 

Xaret, Philip (Manet), of Merton Coll. ; E A sup. 

14 Jan., 1597-8. See O.H.S. xiL aia. 

Xargas, "Joannes Baptista." s. Steph., of Paris, 
gent. Queen's Coll., matric x8 Dec, X67X, aged 

Xargetflon, Thomis, cler. 61 St. Mary Hall, 
matric 26 Nov., 1550. B.A x8 Feb., X650-X, M.A 

15 June, i6S3> B.Med. Montpellier 10 March, 
16567, and D.Med, of tmiversity of Orange x8 
March. 16567; incorporated X4 July, X657 (admitted 
to Trinity Coll, Dublin. 5 May. 1647), son of 
James, of Yorkshire. See Munk's Roll, i 380 ; & 
Fasti, u. 904. [IS] 

ICarham, Robert (Karam or Massam) ; B. A 4 July* 
X513, M.A 12 Juns. 15x6. 

Xariffold, John, s. William, of Leciffomerie, Salop, 
pld>. Lincoln Cdll., matric. ao June, X633, ag«l 
18, B. A 3^ Feb. , 1697-8 ; perhaps rector of Waver- 
ton, Cheshire. x6c6, until ejected x66a, for non- 
conformity. See Foster's IncUx Reel. & Calamy, L 

343- * 
Kari^ld, Samuel. & John, of Waverton, Cheshire, 
mmister. Brasbndse Coll., matric. 3 July, x67a, 
aged x6 ; his father rector of Waverton X656. See 
Foster's Index Red 

Marinell, Philip, pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric 9 
Dec, X653, B.A 54 Oct. X657. fellow, M.A ax 
June, x66o ; admon at Oxiford ax May, 1669. See 
Fasti, n. 224. 

tfarlng, John; demy Magdalen Coll. 1509, fellow 
XS05. M.A 7 Fdi, x5o8^. B.D. disp. 7 April, 
X519, vice-president X590-3, rector of Tubney, Berks, 
1533-6, vicar of Flidon X52634. See Bloxam, iv. 

47. [ao] 

Marlniere. James dc la, Baron of Montmartin, etc. ; 
created MA. 9C Aug., X624, prefect or master of 
the horse to the kbg of France. See Fastis L 419. 

]£aries, Jasper, of 00. Worcester, pleb. Baluol 
Coll., matric x6 July, 1621, aged 90; B.A X9 
Oct., X699. M.A 5 July, X630, sequestered to the 
vicarage of Raunds, Northants, X645. by the West- 
minster assembly ; father of Richard X664. See 
Add. MS. X5,669, p. X37. 

Maris, John, s. PhiL . of Rumsey, Hants, pleb. Hart 
Hall, matric X9 June, X696, aged X9. 

Maris, Richard, s. Jasp.. of Clifford, co. Gloucester, 
minister. St. John's Coll., matric. 99 July. X664, 
aged x6 ; B.C.L. X67X, D.C.L. x689. vicar of Run- 
ham, Norfolk, x686. and of Martham, also Norfolk, 
X694. See Foster's Index Reel. 

Marke, George, of Cornwall, gent. EXBTER Coll.. 
matric 99 Feb., X593-4, aged 20. [aS] 

Marker, Frederick, s. Anth., of Totnes, Devon, pleb. 

Exeter Coll., matric. xx Dec, 1663. aged x8; 

RA X667, vicar of Stokenham. Devon. X674; 

licenced xo Feb.. X675-6, to marry Elizabeth Earle, of 

Totnes, spinster. See London Marriage Licences, 

ed. Foster ; & Foster's Index Red. 
Marker, John. s. Henry, of Ottery St Mary. Devon, 

pleb. Trinity Coll.. matric 19 March. X668-9, 

aged 17 ; B.A. from Hart Hall X679. 

Marker, Josias, of Devon, pleb. ExETER Coll., 
matric 99 Nov., 1594, aged X9. 

Marker, Richard, s. Henr., of Ottery St. Mary. Devon, 
pp. Exeter Colu. matric 16 March. 1694-5, 
aged X7 ; B.A. 1698. M.A 170X, vicar of Bradford, 
Somerset, X7xx. See Foster's Index Reel. 

Markham, Anthony; &A z July, X568. See 
Marcham. [SO] 

Markham, Charles. 8. Samuel, of Eastwell. Kent, 
cler. Merton Colu, matric x6 April, X706, aged 
x6 ; B.A 9 Feb., 17X0-XX. 

Markham, Francis, of London (city), pleb. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric 6 Nov., x6x8, aged X7; 
student of Christ Church x6x7. ejected; B.A 
from Magdalen Coll. 9 May. x699 ; M.A from 
Magdalen Hall 9 July. X694; admitted to 
Merchant Taylors' school x6xo; bom Nov. i6ox, 
rector of Greait Creaton. Northants, X696. Set 
Robinson, I 64 ; & Foster's Index Reel. 

Markham, Francis, s. Abraham, of Tumby Woodside, 
CO. Lincoln, gent Christ Church, matric 91 Oct, 
X649, agedx8: B.A X7 Dec, X645, M.A 9 Dec, 
X647. See Burrows, 488. 

Markham, Henry (Merkam) ; B.A. — Feb., X595-6, 
M.A 91 June. 1599. rector of Saltwood, Kent, 1540, 
and of Swineshead, Htmts. x^8. canon and pre- 
centor of Lincoln X549. See Foster's Index Reel. 

Markham, Henry, of Magdalen Coll. X585. See 
Marcham. [ss] 

Markham, John ; B.A from Magdalen Coll. 95 
Feb., X5867. 

Markham, John, of Northants, militis fil Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric 9 Dec, x6i9, aged 13; 
student of Gray's Inn x6x4 (as son and heir of 
Anthony, of Sedgebrook. co. Lincoln, kt. ) ; perhaps 
vicar of Fotherby, co. Lincoln. x6i8. See Fosters 
Index Reel. & Foster's Gray's Inn Reg. 

Markham^ John, bom in Northants, s. Thomas, of 
Oxford city, pleb. Oriel Coll., matric 4 July, 
1634, aged x6 ; B.A. 7 July, X637. 

Markham, Richard (or Marcame) ; demy Magdalen 
Coll. 1558-67, B. A x6 Oct., 1567. See Bloxam, 
iv. X59. 

Markham, (Sir) Robert, ** Baronetti ffl." Wadham 
Coll., matnc 6 June, x66o; and hart (s. Sir 
Robert), of Sedgebrooke, Notts, M.P. Grantham, 
March 1678 — January X678-9, Newark-on-Trent 
X678-81 ; died xx Aug. or 97 Oct., x69a See 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, [*0] 

[ 970 ] 

Timothy Markham. 


Shakerley Marmion. 

Xarkham, Timothy, s. Thomas, of DonninFton, 
Salop, cler. Christ Church, matric 36 May, 
1^3*^^ 16 i B*A 12 Feb., 1696-7, M.A. 1699; 
rector of Staunton-upon-Wye, co. Hereford, 1714. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

If arkham, William ; B. A sup. a8 March, 1571, fellow 
of Lincoln Coll. 1573-4; perhaps rector of Oving, 
Bucks, 1575. See Foster s IntUx EccL 

Ifarkliain, William, of Bucks, pleb. Merton 
Coll., matric. 10 Nov., 1621, aged 17. 

MarMnton, Nicholas (Marchinton), of co. Derby, 
pleb. Merton Coll., matric 7 May, 1596, aged 

Markland, Abraham, s. Mich., of London (dty), 
pleb. St. John's Coll.. matric. 14 July, 1663, 
aged 17; B.A. 1666, fellow, M.A 11 Feb., 1668-9, 
B. & D.D. 1692; admitted to Merchant Taylors' 
school 1658, (as 2S. Michael, druggist), bom in 
Dionis Backchurch 25 June, 1645. rector of Brixton, 
Isle of Wight, 1674. of Easton 1677, of Houghton 
1678. and of Meon Stoke (all Hants), 1684, canon 
of Winchester 1679, and master of the hospital of 
St. Cross 1694, until his death 29 Julv, 1728 ; fathtr 
of the next. See Atk. iv. 710 ; Heame, ii. 57 ; 
Robinson, L 244 ; Rawl. v. 122 ; & Foster's Index 
EccUsiasticus, [S] 

Markland, George, s. Abra., of Winchester, doctoris. 
St. John's Coll., matric. 30 June, 1696, aged 17 ; 
fellow, B.A. 1700; admitted to Merchant Taylors' 
school 1689, bom 18 Nov., 1678. See Robinson^ L 

Markley, Philip, of co. Hereford, gent. Corpus 
Christi Coll., matric. 8 March. 1604-5, aged 19. 

Markl^, Thomas, of Pembroke Coll., "ser." 
matric. i April, 1656 ; B. A 6 June, 1659. 

Markley, Thomas, s. T. , of Winchcombe, co. Glou- 
cester, cler. Oriel Coll., matric. 6 April, 1677, 
aged 14 ; B. A 1680 ; vicar of Longdon. co. Wor- 
cester, 1691. See Foster's Index ^l, 

Marks, Hugh; B.A. from Magdalen Hall ti 
March, 1572-3. [10] 

Markes, J., of Oriel Coll. in or before 1572. 

Marks, John, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matric. entry under date 3 Dec., 1^75, aged 18; 
B.A. 13 March, 1575-6, M.A 14 March, 1578-9; 
one of these names rector of Gayton. Northants, 
1583, until his death, buried there 17 March, 
1633, aged 8t ; Gayton is however in the gift of 
Sydney Sussex ColL . Cambridge. See Foster's Index 

Markes. John, s. William, of South Petherton, Somer- 
set, cler. Lincoln Coll., matric. 5 Oct, 1674, 
aged 18 ; brother of William 1673. 

Marks, Peter, of Cornwall, gent Queen's Coll., 
matric. 15 May, 1607, aged 17. 

Marks, Robert (Markys) ; B.Can.L. sup. 21 April. 
1513, B.C.L. sup. 28 Oct, 1513. [IS] 

MarkCL Robert ; B.A from Merton Coll. 5 July, 
i6o6, M.A. 23 June. 1609, created D.D. 31 Jan.. 
1642-3. vicar of South Petherton. and also of 
Merriott, Somerset. 1617, canon of Bristol 1619 ; 
perhaps father of William 1642. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Markes, Robert, "ser." EXETER Coll., matric 
25 March, 1659. 

Marks, Stephen (Markes or Markis) ; fellow of 
Exeter Coll. 1549-56. B.A sup. 1552, M.A xi 
Julv, 1554, RD. sup. 10 Oct, 1559, rector of his 
college 1555-6, one of the original fellows of 
Trinity Coll. x556-6a See Boau, 38 ; & Guieh, 
i 518. 

Marks, Thomas, s. Fr., of South Petherton, Somerset, 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 6 April, 1666, 
aged x8. 

Marks, William ; B.A. from Wadham Coll. 9 July, 
1642, vicar of South Petherton, Somerset, 1660, 
then M.A ; father of John 1674, and of the next- 
named. See Foster's Index EccL \j^^\ 

Markes, William, s. William, of South Petherton, 
Somerset, minister. Lincoln Coll.. matric 14 
March, 1672-3, aged 18 ; brother of John 1674. 

Markwiok, Edward (Merkewyke or Marckwyk) ; 
B.A. — Feb., Z541-2, M.A 22 Jan., 1544-5. fellow 
of Merton Coll., 1546. See O.HS, iv. 26a 

Markwiok, Nathaniel, s. James, of Croydon. Surrey, 
pleb. St. John's Coll., matric 14 July, 1682, 
aged 18: B.A 1686, M.A 1690, B.D. x Feb., 
1695-6 (as Markwith), admitted to Merchant 
Taylors' school 1677; bom Apiil, 1664, vicar of 
Westbury, Bucks, 1692-4. and of St Mary Magda- 
len, Taunton, 1696. canon of Wells 1699, vicar of 
East Brent, Somerset, 1703, antil bis death 20 
March, 17^ See Robinson, L 193 ; Foster's l9uLex 
EccL ; & RawL iii. 141, xvii. 2^. 

Markwiok, William (or Marckyycke). RA. ; M.A. 
sup. Oct, 1544. 

Marler, Thomas (or Marter) ; B.A from Trinity 
Coll. 9 July. 1600, M.A. 2c May, 1605. B.D. 6 
July, x6i8. rector of Lidiard Tregoze, Wilts, 1612, 
archdeacon of Sarum 1626-43. ^^^ Foster's Index 

EccL [as] 

Marler, Toby, of Somerset, cler. SL Balltol Coll. , 
matric 15 Dea, 1592, aged 2* ; B.A 5 July, 1595 
vicar of Creech St Michael, Somerset, 1627, until 
bis death 1641 ; he succeeded on the death of his 
father (David who had been vcar 1565-1627). See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Marley, Nicholas, Benedictine, B.D. 9 May, 1538, 
canon of Durham 1541, deprived 156a 

Marley, Stephen (Merley), Bfcnedictine, BwD. 23 
May, 1530, canon of Durham 1541, deprived 1572. 

Marlow, John (Marlawe or Marlio), fellow of Merton 
Coll. 1524, B. A sup. 18 Mar, 1532, M.A. 5 April, 
1527, B.D. sup. 1542-3, sub-varden of bis college, 
treasurer of the cathedral c&urch of WeJls 1543. 
canon of the king's chapel ol St Stephen's within 
the palace of Westminster 1512; died Oct, I543> 
See Fasti, L 77 ; & 0,H,S, iv 253. 

Marlow, John, s. J., of AishW, co. Leicester, plebi 
Lincoln Coll., matric a4Vov., 1692, agcxi 16; 
EA 1696, M.A 1699. [SO] 

Marlow, Robert, s. William, if Wokingham. Berks, 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, nutric 9 March, Z637-8, 
aged 17. 

Marmion, Edmund, of Northaits, ajm. Gloucester 
Hall, matric 23 March, 15)8-9, aged 15 ; BwA. 17 
Dec, 1602, M.A 30 June, ik>6, baptised at Aynho 
ai July, 1583. rector of Ejnesburv, Hunts, 1614. 
imtil sequestered in 1645 by the Westminster 
assembly ; brother of the natt See Foster's Index 
EccL A Add, AfSS. I5,66c7a 

Marmyon, Shakeriey, of Noithants, arm. TRiNrnr 
Coll., matric 29 Jan., i59*-i, a^ed 15 ; student of 
Inner Temple 1597, as of Burley-on-the-HiU, 
Northants. late ot Clifforcfs Inn (s. Thomas, of 
Aynho, Northants). baptisd at Aynho 23 Nov., 
1575 : father of Shakerle> See Foster's Ituu oj 
Court R^. 

Marmion, Shakerley, of Northmts, arm. fiL nat max. 
Wadham Coll., matric i^Feb., 1620-1, aged 18 ; 
B.A I March, 1621-2, N.A 7 July, 1624; a 
dramatic poet, baptised at iynho 21 Jan. , 1602-3, 
educated at Thame free sclool, served in the Low 
Countries and against the Sots, fell ill at York and 
died in London 1639, buried at St. Bartholomew, 
near Smithfidd. See Atlu u 647. [Sftj 

[ 971 ] 

Thomas Marmion. 


Thomas Marsden. 

Karmlon, Thomas, of Chkist Church i<5o, B. A 
96 Jan., 1554-5. bar. -at-law. Inner Temple. 1568; 
boned at Ayn'bo 24 Aug., 1583 ; father en Edmund 
and Shakerley 1591. See Foster's Judges and 

, Samuel, *'ser.'' Wadham Coll., matric. 
31 May. 1655. 

, Richard, pleb. Pembroke Coll.. matric. 38 
March, 1666. 

Karowe, Edmund, of co. Gloucester, gent. Erase- 
NOSE Coll.. matric. 17 May, 1596. aged 32; B. A 
3 Feb. 1596-7. 

Harow, Edward (Marrow), RC.L. from New Coli^ 
14 OcL . 1633. incorporated at Cambridge 1634 (3s. 
Eidward, 01 Berkswell, co. Warwick, knight), aged 
13 in 1615 ; brother of Francis and Thomas. [5] 

Karow, Francis, s. Edvrard. of Berkswell, co. War- 
wick, equitis. New Coll.. matric. 19 Oct. 1634. 
aged aa; B.A 15 Oct.. 1635. M.A 13 June, 1639; 
brother of Thomas and Edward. 

Karow, Humphrey (Marrow) ; MA from Pembroke 
Coll. 9 Dec, 1647. 

XaroWy Thomas, s. Edward, of Berkswell. co. War- 
wick, militts. Lincoln Coll.. matric. xi Jan., 
i6aa-3. aged 17 ; B.A from Pembroke Coll. 19 
Oct., 1634. M.A. I June. 1697; brother of Francis 
and Edward. 

Karrelly Hercules, of Magdalen Hall, in or before 

JCarriatt, Edmund, of Berks, gent. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. 23 Oct, 1590, aged x6. [10] 

Marriaty Ephraim, of Northaots, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll. , matric. 18 March. 1607-8. aged 17 ; B. A 
13 Dec. 1611. MA 30 June, 16x4. 

Marriott, John. s. Richard, of Dummer, Southants. 
sacerd. New Coll., matric 19 Oct. 1637, aged 
19 ; B.C.L. 9 June. 1634. vicar of Morebath, 
Devon. 1641. See Foster's Index EccL 

Xarryatt, John. der. fil Merton Coll.. matric 
iz April. 1660. B.A. 1663. 

Karlett, John. s. Th.. of Alscott. ca Gloucester, 
gent St. John's Coll.. matric. 14 Nov.. 167a. 
aged 17 ; nther of Richard 1697, and William 

]Car(r)iott, John. s. Joh.. of Haddenhara. Bucks, 
gent St. Edmund Hall, matric 7 Feb., 1672-3. 
aged 16; B.A 1676, M.A 1679. [15] 

Karret, Richard (Marrat). B.A 23 Feb., 1556-7 T 
perhaps rector of Uanwame, co. Hereford, 1576. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

ICarriot, Richard, of Berks, pleb. Lincoln Coll., 
matric 4 Dec. 1584, aged 13 ; B.A ix July, 1590, 
M.A 10 May. 1594. 

]Car(r)iat, Richard, of Northants, cler. fit Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric 14 Jan.. 1596-7, aged 19; 
B.A from Magdalen Coll. 27 Nov., 1600; 
perhaps rector of Dummer. Hants, 1600-24 ; father 
of John x6a7. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Karriett, Richard. 8. Tho.. of Preston. 00. Glou- 
cester, gent Trinity Coll., matric 8 April, 
1682. aged 17 ; B. A 1685. M.A 1688 (as Mariett). 
rector of Whitchurch, co. Warwick, 1688. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Marriott, Richard, s. John, of Alscott. co. Gloucester, 
gent Christ Church, matric. 15 April, 1697, 
aged 16 ; student of Middle Temple 1697 ; brother 
of William 1709. Sec Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Harriott, Robert, of New Coll., 1608. See 
Merribt. [ai] 

JCarriott, Robert, s. Tho., of Hill Morton, co. War- 
wkk. pleb. Wadham Coll., matric 3 June, 
1666, aged 17 ; B. A 1667. 

Harriot, Thomas ; RA from Catherine Hall, 
Cambridge, 1649-50. M.A 1653 ; incorporated la 
July, 1664. See Foster's Graduati Cantab. 

Harriott, Thomas, of Northants. gent Balliol 
Coll.. matric vj Feb.. 1603-4. aged 16 ; student 
of Middle temple 1608 (as 2nd son Anthony, of 
Ashton, Northants. gent.), vicar of Daventry. 
Northants ; died 21 March, 1615-16 ; buried there 
next day. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. & Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Harriott, Thomas, of New Coll. 1608. See Mer- 

RioTT. [as] 

Harriett, William, of Northants. gent Lincoln 
Coll.. matric. 15 June. 1604. aged 18; bar.-at-law, 
Gray's Inn. 161 x. See Foster's Judges and Bar' 

Harriat, William, of Berks, arm. Gloucester 
Hall, matric entry dated 12 Oct, 16x0. aged xx ; 
student Middle Temple x6x7, as son and heir of 
John, of Remenham, Berks. See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg. 

Hafrit, WiUiam. of London (city), pleb. St. John's 
Coll., matric. 20 March. x6x7-B, aged x8. 

Hariett, William, s. Joh. , of Alscott. co. Gloucester, 
arm. Wadham Coll., matric 7 March. X705-6, 
aged X7; RA. from St. Mary Hall X709. as 
Mairett ; brother of Richard 1697. 

Harris, Hugh; B.A from All Souls' Colu. sup. 
8 July. X59a [SO] 

Harris, William, "ser." Lincoln Coll., matric. 
2 Oct, 1652. R A 9 July, X656. 

Harsden, Christopher, s. Mil. of Pivscott. 00. 
Lancaster, cler. Brasenose Coll., matric X5 
June, x68o, aged X7 ; perhaps R A from St. John's 
Coll., Cambridge, X683-4. archdeacon of Sodor 
and Man X700, drowned at sea X701. 

Harsden, Gamaliel, cler. fiL Brasenose Coll., 
matric 26 July, X65X (s. Ralph, X607) ; B.A 
Trinity Coll., Dublin, x March, X654. fellow 
1654. M.A May. X659, turned out of his fellowship 
at the restoration, minister of ChapeMe-Brears, 
Yorkshire, ejected X662 for nonconformity ; taught 
philosophy at Hague Hall. Holland, became pastor 
of the church at Woodkirk ; died 25 May, t68x, 
aged 47. See Calamy, iii. 43(6. 475. 

Harsden, James ; B. A 21 April. 1573. 

Harsden, James, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric 
2 April, i6sx. [as] 

Harsden, Ralphe. of co. Lancaster, pleb. Brase- 
nose Coll.. matric. X3 March. t6o6-^. aged ax; 
B.A 24 Oct. x6xo, minister at Coley. Yorks ; 
perhaps sequestered to the rectory of West Kirby, 
Cheshire. X646, by the Westminster assembly; 
father of Gamaliel See Add. AfSS. X5.670-X. 

Harsden, Richard, pleb. Brasenose Coll. . sub- 
scribed 7 Nov.. 1655, B.A. 4 June, X659, M.A. 8 
July. 1662. incorporated at Cambridge X663. rector 
of Slaidbum. Yorks. x66a See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Harsden, Richard, s. Robert, of Pendleton, co. 
Lancaster, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric la 
July, x66x. aged x8. 

Harsden, Richard, 8. Robert, of Clithfroe, co. Lan- 
caster, minister. Brasenose Coll., matric 26 
May, 1664, aged x8 ; RA 23 JaiL, X667-8 ; brother 
of the next 

Harsden, Thomas, cler. fiL Brasenose Coll., 
matric ao July, X654, B.A 9 Feb., 1657-8, M.A. 4 
July, 1661, said to be RD. Cambridge, bom at 
Qitheroe, co. Lancaster, ax Dec, X637, master of 
the great school at Chester, holy day preacher to 
the dean and chapter of Chester, curate at Doddle- 
ston. Cheshire, chaplain to the English merchants 
at lisbom. vicar of Walton-on-the-Hill. co. Lan- 
caster, X66VX720. one of the king's preachers in the 
duchy of Lancaster, chaplain to Hall, bishop of 
Chester ; died 25 April. X720. aged 88. See A/h. 
It. 606 ; FasUt ii. 249 ; & RawL v. 190, xviiL 83^. 

[ 972 3 

Thomas Marsden. 


Samuel Marshe. 

Harsdeily Thomas, s. Thomas, of Bolton, oa Lan- 
caster, gent Christ Church, matric. x8 March, 
1664-5, ^^ 17 1 B-A. 1668, M.A. 1671. 

Xarahy Edward (Marsche or Mersh), B.A. 19 Feb., 
1543-4, rector of Wootton, Isle of Wight, 1547, etc. 
See Foster's /nd€X Eccl. 

Jiarsh. Edward, eq. aur. fiL TRINITY COLL., matric 
II July, 1690; possibly son of Thomas Marsh, 
knighted 1661 and buricKl 31 Dec., 1677, see Cass' 
History South Mims,^ See THOMAS MARSH 1664. 

Harshe, Francis, of Essex, sent Hart Hall, 
matric. entry under date ao May, 1580, aged 17. 

Harshe, Francis, of Devon, gent Broadgates 
Hall, matnc. 12 Dec, 1600, aged ai. [S] 

Harsll, Geoige. s. J., of Milton Abbas, Dorset, cler. 
Balliol Coll., matric 15 Dec, 1691. aged 16. 
B.A. 1695; M.A. from King's Coll., Cambridge, 
1706, vicar of Milton Abbas 1700, rector of Athel- 
hampton. Dorset, 1706. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Marsll, Henry (or Mersh). B.A., "B.Med, supd. 2a 
Jan. , 1513-4, as having studied ao years in physics, 
astronomy, and the art of medicine," admitted to 
practice 36 March, 151^ ; created D.Med, by papal 
bull, and Incorporated as such 3 March, isai-a. 
See O.H.S, L 90 ; & FasH, 

Harsh, Henry, s. John, of Kingstone, Kent, gent 
Magdalen Hall, matric 31 July, 1661, aged 18. 

ICarshe, James, of London (city), gent. St. Mart 
Hall, matric 18 June, 1610, aged 16, BwA. a July, 
t6ia ; fellow Merton Coll. 16x3. MA. a June, 
16x7 (incorporated at Cambridge 1623), B. and 
D.D. aa June, 1630. licenced to preach 16 July, 
1635, rector of Gamlingay, co. Cambridge, 1^0-2, 
vicar of St Dimstan-in-the-West, London, 1631, 
rector of Chingford, Essex, 1632. vicar of Cuckfidd, 
Sussex, 1638, chancellor 1642. and archdeacon of 
Chichester 1639, sequestered by the bouse of com- 
mons 1643. ^^^ ^^ before 1646. See O.H,S. iv. 
279 ; Lansdoume MS, 085, f. ^ ; Add, MS, 15,670, 
p. 178 ; & Foster's Index Eca. 

Harsh, John, M.A. of Cambridge, incorporated 11 
July, 1592 ; perhaps B. A from Christ's Coll. 
1571-2, M.A. 1575, another RA. from Caius Coll. 
I575'6. See Cooper^ ii. 242; Venn^ 18 subs. 
Mersse ; & Foster's Index Eccl, [10] 

Harsh, John, B.A. from Trinity Coll., Cambridge, 
1623-4, M.A. 1627, incorporated 10 July, 1627. 
See Al, Wat, 88. 

Harshe. John, s. John, of Stow-cum-Membris, Bucks, 
sacerd. TriniTV Coll., matric 7 May, 1624, 
aged 16 ; B.A. from St. Edmund Hall 31 Jan., 

Harsh, John, doctoris fiL University Coll., 
matric 28 March, 165^, B.A. 4 April, 1655, kept 
some terms at Cambridge ; one of these names 
rector of Haughton, co. Durham, 1661-4. See 
Foster's . Index Eul, & JOHN MARCH 1657, 
page 969. 

Harsh, John, or March, of Queen's Coll. 1657. See 
March, page 969. 

Harsh. John, s. Joh., of Clive, Salop, pleb. p. p. 
St. Mary Hall, matric 10 May, 1667, aged 18, 
B. A. 24 Jan., 1670- 1. [15] 

Harshe, John, s. Fr., of Dunstable, Beds, gent 
University Coll.. matric 5 May, 1673, aged 18, 
RA. 15 Feb., 1676-7. 

Harshe, John, s. John, of Leighton-Buzsard, Beds, 

gent University CoLl.. matric s May, 1673, 

aged 17, B.A* 15 Feb., 1676-7. 
Harshe, John, s. J., of Hutton-Panndl, Yorks, p.p. 

University Coll., matric 15 Dec, 1682, aged 17, 

B.A 1686. 
Harsh, John, 8. Ric. of Faversham, Kent, gent 

Pembroke Coll., matric 13 May, 1700. aged 15; 

bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 1706, treasurer 1747. 

See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Harsh, Knight, s. Sebast, of Wival Court, Ozon, 
pleb. Merton Coll., matric 28 March, 1688, 
aged 15. [ao] 

Harshe, Narcissus, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric 
25 July, 1655, B.A. 12 Feb., 1657-8 ; fellow 
Exeter Coll. 1658-1673, M.A 1660. B.D. 1667. 
D.D. 1671, incorporated at Cambridge 1678, 
principal of St. Alban Hall 1673-8 ; bom at Han- 
ningworth, near Highworth, Wilts, 20 Dec, 1638, 
vicar of Swindon 1662-3, canon of St Asaph 
1690-1, provost of Trimty ColL, Dublin, 1678, 
vicar of Gresford 1686-90, canon of St Asaph 1690, 
bishop of Ferns and Leighlin 1682, archbishop of 
Cashel 1690, of Dublin 1694, and of Armagh 1702, 
until his death 2 Nov., 1713. See Thomas, 
St. Asaph, 25^; Ath, i. p. xxxv. and iv. 498; 
Fasti, il 109 \Heame, iL 60 ; Boctse, 73 ; & Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

Harsh, Nicholas, of London (city), gent St. Makt 
Hall, matric 11 May, 1604, aged 15. B.A. 7 Nov., 
1606 ; fellow Merton Coll. 1607, M.A. 9 March, 
1611-12 ; died 12 July, 1612. See 0,H,S, iv. 278 ; 
& Gntch, L 24. 

Harsh, Nicholas, M.A. Cambridge, incorporated za 
July, 1608; B.A. from King's Coll., Cambridge. 
1579-80, B.D. 1606. rector of Battlcsden, Beds, 
1602-26. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Harsh, Philip, s. Th., of West Quantoxhead, Somer- 
set, cler. Baluol Coll. , matric 27 March, 1675, 
aged 15 ; B. A. from All Sotn^' Coll. i^^ 

Harshe, Poole, of co. Gloucester, pleb. Oriei. 
Coll., matric 9 Nov., 1621, aged 17. f^S] 

Harsh, Ralph (Mershe or March), B.A. 28 Jan., 


Harshe, Richard, of London (city), pleb. Lin- 
coln Coll., matric 19 Jan., 1587-8, aged 

Harshe, Richard ; RA. from Queen's Colu, 
Cambridge, 1604-5, MA. 1608; incorporated la 
Julv, 1608. created D.D. 31 Aug., 1636, chaplain to 
archbishop Laud, and to Charles I. , prebendary of 
Southwell 1626. and of York 1634. vicar of BirstaU, 
Yorks, 1614, and Halifax 1638, until sequestered 
from both i6a6 by the Westminster assembly, and 
rector of Rucldng, Kent, 1640, until sequestered 
1645, archdeacon of Yorks, West Riding, 1641, 
dean of York 1644, installed 1660; died 13 Oct, 
1663. See Fasti, i. 495 ; Lansdoume MS, 986, £. 
50 ; Foster's Index Eccl, ; & Add, MSS, i5,669-7a 

Harsh, Richard, doctoris fiU Christ Church* 
matric. 7 Dec, 1650, B.A. 14 Feb., 1653-4. See 
Al, West, 134. 

Harsh, Robert (Mersche or March) ; fellow of All 
Souls' Colu 1517, M.A. 4 June, 1522, vicar of 
Upchurch, Kent, 1530, and of Bearsted, Kent. 
1544- See Foster's Index EccL [30] 

Harshe, Robert (Mershe), of 00. Carnarvon, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric 7 June, 1605, aged 17 ; 
B.A. 21 Oct, 1608, MA. 9 July, 1617, rector of 
Llandyfrydog 1616, and of Eglwyssail, ca Anglesey, 
1627. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Harshe, Samuel, of London (city), pleb. Magdalen 
Coll., matric 24 Nov., 1581, aged 15. B.A. 26 
April, 1585; M.A. from Lincoln Coll. 28 March, 
1588, R I). 28 June, 1598, " had a cure a distance 
from Oxford," rector of Finchara^tead, Berks, 
1592, canon of Sanim 1594. See Foster's Index 

Harshe, Samud; subscribed 16 April, 1613, B.A. 
from Trinity Coll., 26 June, 1616, M.A. a8 
March, 1620 (incorporated at Cambridge 1623), 
proctor 1625, B.D. 17 Dec, 1620, created D.D. 31 
Aug., 1636, rector of Patney, Wilts, 1639. canon of 
Sarum. See Foster's Index Eccl, & Fasti^ i, 494. 

[ 973 ] 

Samuel Marsh. 

1500— 1714. 

Manasses Marshall. 

Xarsll, Samuel, s. S., of Wootton-Glanville, Dorset, 
1^. Baixiol Coll., matric. a6 Feb., 1699-1700, 
aa^ x8, B.A. 1703 ; this or the next man vicar of 
Worth Matravers, Dorset, 1714-46. See Foster's 
Index JSccI, 

Marslly Samtsel, s. Joh., of Milton Abbas, Dorset, pp. 
Balliol Coll., matric. 15 March, 1702-3, aged 17 ; 
B.A. 17 March, 1706-7. 

Harsh, Sebastian, s. William, of Oxford (city), pleb. 
Queen's Coll., matric. 16 Dec., 1664, aged 15; 
B.A. from HART Hall 1668, M.A. 1671, vicar of 
Ambrosden 1671, and of Bixbrand, Oxon, x68a. 
See Foster's ImUx EuL 

Xarslie, Thomas, of London (city), pleb. Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric. 24 Nov., 1581, aged 14; 
EA. 25 May, 1585, student of Lincoln's Inn 1584. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Marsh, Thomas, pleb. Pembroke Coll,» matri& 
22 F^, 1650-1; one of these names vicar of 
Timberscombe, Somerset, 1654, etc See Foster's 
Index EccL [5] 

Varshe, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Hackney, Middx. 
arm. (eq. aur. in subs. book). Wadham Coll., 
matric. 09 April, 1664, aged 15. See Edward 1690. 

Xarshally ( ), of Devon, pleb. St. Alban 

Hall, matric. entry under date ao Dec, 1577, 
aged 17. 

Xarshally Alexander, of Devon, pleb. Balliol 
Coll., matric 16 Julv, 1621, aged 20; B.A. 27 
Jan., 1624-5 (subs, \iartial). rector of Loxbeare, 
Devon, 1628. See Foster's Index Bed. 

HarshaU, Anthonv ; fellow of New Coll., 1562-67, 
from Daylesford, ca Worcester, B.A. 27 May, 

JfarshaU. Basil, pleb. Merton Coll., matric 25 
Febu, 1650-1, B.A. 6 July, 1653. [10] 

Xarshall, Benjamin, s. Ben., of London (city), gent. 
Christ Church, matric 2% March, 1609-1700, 
aged 17; student 1701, B.A. 1703, M.A. 1706, 
rector of Naunton. co. Gloucester, 171 1, canon of 
Lichfield 1728, rector of Allesley, ca Warwick, 
174a See Rawl, i. 398 ; St Pauls S, i?. 66 ; & 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

JfarshaU, Edmund, s. Fr., of Hallow, co. Worcester, 
minister. University Coll., matric. 21 May, 
1669, aged 17; RA. 16 Jan., 1672-3, fellow, M.A. 
^675 ; will at Oxford proved 27 June, 1684. 

Harshall, Edward, s. Joshua, of London, gent. 
^lasenose Coll., matric. 6 April, 1692, aged 15 ; 
student of Inner Temple 1689. See Foster's /iinj of 
Court Reg. 

Varshall, Ellis, cler. fit Magdalen Hall, matric 
z8 March, 1657-8. B.A. i66x, as Eliezer. See 
Jeremiah and Josiah. 

Varshall, Eustace. B.A. from St. Alban Hall 26 
Jan., X580-1. M.A. 2 July, 1583, fellow Exeter 
Coll. 1584-6, rector of Langtree, I>evon, 1585. 
See Beau, 49 ; & Foster's Index Eccl. [15] 

V&rshall, Foulke, of CO. Leicester, pleb. ST. John's 
Coll., matric. ix Oct.. 1583, aged 17; vicar of 
Ashwell, Herts, X598. Sec Foster's Index Eccl. 

Marshall, Francis, s. John, of Martley, co. Worcester, 
sacerd. Balliol Coll., matric 15 June. 1632, 
aged x8 ; B. A. 3 July, 1636, rector of Great Whitley 
X650, and vicar of Gnmley and Hallow, co. 
Worcester, i66a See Foster s Index Eccl. 

HarshaU, George (Merschell), B.Granim. sup. 26 
April, X521 ; one of these names rector of Cookley, 
SoffiDlk, 1554. See Foster's Index EccL 

Marshall, George, M.A. St. John's Coll., Cam* 
bridge, 20 years (B. A. X625-6; M.A. X629), incor- 
porated and created B.D. 9 Feb., x648-9. chaplain 
to the garrison of Oxford under the parliament, 
refused to take the degree of D.D. X2 Jan., 1649- co, 
warden of New College, Oxford, 1649, until his 
death 3 Nov., X658. buried in the chapd, inventory 
at Onord 16 Nuirch, 1659; one of these names 
rector of Toft-next-Newton, co. Lincoln, 1633-5. 
See Fasti, ii. 1x4 ; Burrows, 534 ; & Foster^s Index 

Harshall, Henry, B.A. xx July, X520. raO| 

Marshall, Henry, secular chaplain. B.Can.L. 9 Dec, 
X532 ; one of these names vicar of Westham, Sussex. 
X541, and chantry priest in Chichester Cathedral 
X546. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Marshall Hugh, B.A. from Oriel Coll. 7 Tune, 
x6oo, M. A. 6 July, X603, vicar of Andover, Hants, 
x6xx. See Yosxe^i Index Eccl. 

Marshall, Jeremiah, cler. fiL Maodalkn Hall, 
matric. 20 Nov., X650, B.A. 13 June, 1653. See 
Ellis and Josiah. 

Marshall, John ; fellow New Coll. 1549-59. from 
Daylesford, co. Worcester. B.C.L 8 July, 1556, 
usher or and master of Wykeham's school, near 
Winchester ; canon of St Peter's church at L'isle in 
Flanders, at which place he died 3 April, X597. See 
Fasti, i. 149 ; &. Ath. i. 658. 

Marshall, John, of Devon, gent. Hart Hall, 
matric entry under date X567. aged X7 ; student of 
Middle Temple X57X (as as. John, of Teigngrace, 
Devon) ; perhaps canon of Exeter 1577. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Res. & Foster's Index Eccl. [aSJ 

Marshall. John, of St. Alban Hall, in or before 
X572, B.A «> June, X575, M.A. 6 July, 1577; 
inventory at Oxford 6 Nov. following. 

Marshall, John; B.A. frx>m Christ Church, 9 
July. x6oo; formerly ofTRiNiTT Coll., Cambridge 
See O.II.S. X. 371. 

Marshall, John; B.A. from Merton Coll., 15 
Nov., X609, M.A xo July, x6x2; one of these 
names rector of Bassingham, co. Lincoln, 16x4. 
See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Marshall, John, of Cumberland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matric x6 Dec, x6o8, aged X6; B.A. X7 
Dec, x6i2, M.A. 2 July, x6i6. then in orders; 
one of these names rector of Skirpenbeck, Yorks, 
X646. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Marshall, John, bom in Durham, s. Walter, of 
Husband, Southants, cler. New Coll., matric 
I Dec, X643. aged X9 ; fellow 16^5-8. B.A. 4 May, 
1647. M.A. 23 Aug., x66o; died X670; his father 
vicar of Hurstboume Priors X631. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. ; & Burrows, 529. C^] 

MarshaU, John. s. Sa(muel). of Dodford, Northants, 
minister. Hart Hall, matric x6 March. 166^-4, 
aged x6; B.A 1667, M.A. 1670; his father vicar 
of Dodford, X64X. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Marshall, John, s. John, of London (city), gent. 
Lincoln Coll., matric 27 Tune, X673, aged X5; 
student of the Middle Temple X676. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. 

Marshall. Joseph, s. Jos., of Exeter (city), Devon, 
pleb. Exeter Coll., matric. 26 March, X696, 
aged x8. 

Marshall, Joshua, s. Henry, of Fulham, ca Lincoln, 
cler. university Coll., matric X4 July, vjw, 
aged X5; B.A. from Brasenose Coll. X7X5 (as 
John), rector of Salmonby, co. Lincoln, X726 ; tiis 
frither rector of FuUetby, co. Lincoln, X704. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

MarshaU, Josiah. cler. fil. Magdalen Hall, matric 
3x May. x66o, B.A. xo March, X663-4. See Ellis 
and Jeremiah. [85J 

Marshall, Manasses, of co. Cork, Ireland, pleb. 
St. John's Coll., matric x6 Jtme, x6xo, aged ao 
B.A. 22 Oct, x6xa. 

[ 974 ] 

Nicholas Marshall. 


John Marsham. 

Marshall, Nicholas. "servusMro. James. Bibliothec." 
Privilegiatus 18 June, 1610, aged 18 ; B. A from St. 
Edmund Hall. 4 March, 1613-4, M. A 23 June, 
16x7, vicar of Ursewick, co. Lancaster, i6ai. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Marshall. Richard ; Dominican, B.D. 10 Oct, 1527. 
See 0,n S. i. 147. 

Marshall, Richard (Marsehall or Martial), scholar 
Corpus Christi Coll. 1532-38, from Kent, B.A 
5 Dec., 1537. fellow 1538, M.A. 5 Oct, 1540, 
student of Christ Church. B.D. sup. Oct, 1544. 
D.D. 18 Julv, 1552, vice-chancellor for part of 
1552, dean of Christ Church 1553, deprived 1559, 
prebendary of Winchester 1554, deprived 1561, 
chaplain to Lord Arundell, " went with the times," 
canon of St. Paul's, deprived 1561. See Lansdcwne 
MS. 981, f. 2^ ; Gutch, it 133. 141 ; FojH, L 136 ; 
Al. W€si, s ; & Foster's Index Bed, 

Marshall, Richard, B.A. 2 Dec, 1556. 

Marshall, Richard, " ser.," pleb. Pembroke CoLL. , 
matrio. 18 Feb., 1643-4, aged 16. [5] 

Marshall, Robert, B.A. 13 Dea, 15x2; M.A. 27 
June, 1516. 

Marshall, Robert, fellow Exeter Coll. 1520. B. A 
7 Feb., 1529-30 ; perhaps rector of Nymet rracey, 
Devon, 1536. See Boase, 33. 

Marshall, Robert, of co. Derby, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. 23 June 1621, aged 20. 

Marshall. Robert, bom in Kent, s. John, of 
Hollana, co. Lancaster, pleb. Brasenose Coll., 
matric. 17 Oct, 1634, aged 20; B.A 13 May, 1639; 
one of these names sequestered to the vicanu^e of 
Halstone and Newington, Kent, 1645, hy the West- 
minster assembly. ^ Add, MSS. i5,669-7a 

Marshall, Samud. s. James, of Exeter (city), pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric. ^ March, 1666, aged 18 ; 
B.A. 1669, M.A. 1672, vicar of Fremington, Devon, 
1673. See Foster's /ff^er^rr/. [10] 

MarsnaU Samuel, s. Sam., of Gloucester (aty), 
pleb. Balliol Coll., 13 March, 1667-8. aged x8. 

Marshall. Samuel, s. Rich., of Churchover, co. 
WarwicK, der. St. Alban Hall, matric. 6 April, 
1682, ageid 18 ; BwA 168^ ; brother of William 1683. 

Marshall, Thomas, Benedictine, B.D. 10 Dec, 151 1, 
D.D. supld. 28 April, 1515; one of these names 
rector ot Litton, Somerset, 1500, and vicar of St 
Gabriel, Fenchurch Street, London, 1527-9. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Marshall, Thomas, demy Magdalen Coll. 1518, 
fellow 1519, B.A. disp. 30 April, 1519, M.A. 28 
March, 1522, B.D. 23 Jan., 1531-2 (rector of Tur- 
weston, Bucks, and of Bugbrook, Northants), 
rector of Little Greenford, Middlesex. 1522-3, and 
vicar of St. Bride. Fleet Street. 1554-91 canon of 
Southwell 1547, canon of Lincoln 1547-8, and arch- 
deacon 1554, until his death in 1558. See Bloxam^ 
iv. 51 ; Ulcer's Northants^ t 126 ; Lamdounu MS. 
980, f. 263; & Foster's Index Eccl. 

Marshall, Thomas, Dominican; M.A disp. 4 Feb., 
1528^ Sec O.H.S. i. 147. [18] 

Marshall, Thomas ; B.A. 8 or 18 April, 1562, fellow 
of Lincoln Coll. See Ath. I 724. 

MarshaU, Thomas, of Essex, gent Balliol Coll. , 
matric. 17 May, i^, a^ed 18; student of Inner 
Temple iwi, as "late ot Oxford University." See 
Foster's Inns 0/ Court Re^. 

Marshall, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Barkley, co. 
Leicester, pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric. 23 Oct, 
1640, ^ged 19 ; scholar 1641-8, B.A. 2x May (or 

2 July), 1645. l^ request of the chancellor because 
e had served 10 months with the regiment of the 
Earl of Dover; created B.D. i July, 1661, fellow 
1668, D.D. 28 June, 1669: rector of his college 
1672-85, preacher to the English merchants at Rotter- 
dam and Holland, chaplain in ordinary to the king, 
rector of Bladon, Oxon, 1670-82, dean of Gloucester 
x68i ; died 19 April. 1685, will at Oxford, proved 23 
Nov., 1685. See Ath, iv. 170 ; & Burrows, 507. 

MarshaU, Thomas, pleb. Exeter Colu, matric 
10 March, 1656-7; B.A. i66a 

Marshall, Thomas, paup. schol., s. Alexander, of 
Tiverton, Devon, p.p. Exeter Coll., matric 
7 July, 1669, aged 18. [20] 

Marshall, Thomas, s. Ralph, of London (city), gent. 
Christ Church, matric. 29 June, 1688, aged 17 ; 
B.A 1692. 

Marshall, Walter; fellow New Coll., B.A 28 
April, 1652, fellow of Winchester ; vicar of Hursley. 
Hants, ejected for nonconformity 1662, pastor of 
a congregation at Gosport See Calamy^ ii. 37a 

Marshall, Wamer; B.A. from Queen's Coli^. 
Cambridge, 16x7-18, M.A 1621, incorporated 13 
Ju?y, 1624; rector of Castor, Northants, 1629. 
caiion of Peterborough 1625, until his death, buried 
in St Andrews, Holbom, 15 Feb., 1631-2. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Marshall, William (or Mershall); B. A 8 July, 1520-1 ; 
was beneficed, perhaps rector of Bodington, and of 
Higham 1525^ vicar of Sulgrave (all Northants), 
1 540-7. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Marshall, William (Mershall or Martial); fellow 
Merton Coll. 1541, RA 18 Feb., 1541-a. M.A 
1545-6. proctor 1551, B.C.L sup. i June 1559; 
principal of St. Alban Hall 1547. until expelled 
as a papist in 1567, acting vice-chancellor 1555, 
buried in Merton college chapel Oct, 1583, probate 
at Oxford 7 Oct, 1583. See O.H.S. L 203, iv. 259; 
& Gutch, I app. 206. [as] 

Marshall, William; B.A 17 Dec, 1577; one ot 
these names vicar of Ncwbottle, Northants, 1587, 
buried at King's Sutton 28 March, 1651. See 
Baker's Northants, L 662. 

Marshall, William, of co. Worcester, pleb. Lincoln 
Coll., matric i Feb., 1581-2, aged 18; B.A. 14 
Dec, 1585, M.A. 7 June, 1592. 

Marshall, William, of Oxon, pleb. Gloucester 
Hall, matric. 23 Feb., 1598-9, aged 21. 

Marshall, William, incorporated 17 Dec, 1646; as 
M.A from Sydney Sussex Coll., Cambridge; 
perhaps B.A. from Trinity Coll. 1642-3, and 
M.A 1646. See^/. West. 114. 

Marshall, William ; B.A. from Magdalen Hall 
13 June, 1653, M.A. 2 May, 1656; one of these 
names vicar of Awre, co. Gloucester, 1658. See 
Foster's Index EccL [SO] 

Marshall. William, s. Rich., of Churchover. co. 
Warwick, cler. St. Alban Hall 21 March, 
Z682-3, aged 15, a A 1686 ; brother of Samuel 

Marshall, William, ^up. Wadham Coll. . matric 
12 March, 1693-4, B.A. 1697, M.A. 1700, rector of 
Ashprington, Devon, 1706 ; buried there 1757. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Marsham, Ferdinando, 45. Thomas, of London 
(city), gent. St. John's Coll., matric 12 Oct, 
1627, aged 15 ; created M.A. i Nov. 1642, 
admitted to Merchant Taylors' school 162a, 
esquire of the body to Charles L and II. ; died 7 
Nov., 168 1, aged 71; brother of Sir John next- 
named, and of Robert 1623. See Robinson, L 

Marsham, (Sir) John, of Middlesex, gen. fiL St. 
John's Coll., matric 22 Oct, 1619, aged 16; 
B.A. 17 Feb., 1622-3, M.A 5 Julv, 1625, student of 
Middle Temple 1627 (as 2S. of Thomas, of London, 
esq., deceased), "the critic," bom in the parish of 
St Bartholomew, London, 23 Aug., 1602, one of 
the six clerks in chancery 1638, until sequestered 
by the pariiament, but restored in x66o, compounded 
for his estates, M.P. Rochester 1660, knighted i 
July, 1660, created a baronet 12 Aug., 1663; died 
96 May, 1685, aged 92 ; father of John 1655, and 
Robert 1666. See Ath. iv. 172 ; Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. ; & Foster's Peerage, Earl Romney. 

[ 975 ] 

John Marsham. 


Charles Martyn. 

Jlarsham, (Sir) John, of Queen's Coll., subscribed 
7 Not., 16^. as arm. fiL nat max. ; and bart. ; 
student of Middle Temple 16^ (as is. of John, 
ci Coxton, Kent, esq.), died 31 Dec, 169a ; brother 
of Robert 1666. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Marsham. Robert, s. Thomas, of London (city), 
gent ST. John's Coll,, niatric. 4 July, 1633, 
aged 17 ; student of Middle Temple 1635 ; brother 
of Ferdinando and John 1619. See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg, 

Marsham, (Sir) Robert, 8. John, of Cuxton, Kent 
bart St. John's Coll., matric. 19 Oct, x666, 
aged 18 ; 4th bart 1696, student of Middle Temple 
1669, one of the six clerks in chancery, knighted 
Jul^, 1681, M.P. Maidstone 1698, till unseated on 
peution 24 Oct. 1703; diied as July, 170^; father 
of the next-named. See Foster's Parliamentary 
Dictionary & Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Marsham, (Sir) Robert, s. R., of Bushey Hall, Herts, 
hart St, John's Coll., matric. 9 Aug., 1701, 
aged 15; 5th bart, M.P. Maidstone in 4 parlia- 
ments 1708. until created Baron Romney 25 June, 
1716, governor of Dover Castle ; died a8 Nov., 
1724. See Foster's Peerage, 

Marshileld, Matthias, s. John, of Bristol. Somerset, 
gent St. John's Colu, matric. 13 Nov., 1639. 
aged 17. [S] 

Marson, John, of co. Worcester* pleb. New Coll., 
matric <3 Nov., 1601, aged ai ; B. A from CHRIST 
CmntCH 28 June. 1603, M.A 17 May, 1606, and 
chaplain ; vicar of Cassmgton, O^con. 1607. rector 
of Puttenham, Herts, 1621, See Foster's Index 

Marston, Benjamin, s. Jo,> of Wistanstow, Salop, 
pleb. St. Alban Hall, matric. 9 April, 1685, 
aged 17 ; rector of Bitlerlev, Salop, 1703 ; father of 
John 1708. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Marston, Edward, s. William, of Llawsen, co. 
Leicester, p. p. CHRIST CHURCH, matric 33 
April, 1^5. aged 16; perhaps B.A from Queen's 
Coll., Cambridge. 1678-9, and vicar of Little 
DalbjF. 00. Leicester, 1687, as Edmund. See 
Foster's Index Eul, 

Marston, Francis, bom in Oxon. s. John, of Putten- 
ham, Herts, gent Christ Church, matric 16 
Dec, 1635. aged 16; B.A a May, i6a6. M.A. 27 
June. 1628. sequestered to the vicarage of Fumeaux 
Pelbam, Herts, 1645. by the Westminster assembly 
and to the rectory of Old Romney, Kent, 1645. 
See Add, MS, 15.669, pp. 24, 128. 

Marston, Gabriel, of Yorks, gent Trinity Coll., 
matric ao Oct, 1598. aged 15; Masion in Mat. 
Reg, ^ "^ [10] 

Marston, John ; KA. from Corpus Christi Coll. 
23 Feb., 1592-3; possibly a student of Gray's Inn 
1594, as of Preston, Yorkshire. See Foster's Grays 
Inn R^. ; but see Atk> i. 762 in the account of 
John Marston, a writer of comedies and tragedies. 

Marston, John, of co. Warwick, gent Brasenose 
Coll., matric 4 Feb., X59X-2. aged 16; B^A 6 
Feb., 1593-4, dramatist, student of Middle Temple 
1^92 and 1601 (as son and heir of John, of dty of 
Coventry), died 2^ Jtme, 1634 ; buried by his father 
in the Temple church under the stone, Oblivioni. 
Sacrmm, See Aih. L 762 ; Foster's Inns of Court 
Reg, ; & Fastit i 262. 

Marston, John, clerk Magdalen Coll. 1629-33, 
B.A 30 Jan., 1629-30, M.A 25 Oct, 1632, incor- 
porated at Cambridge 1633, rector of St. Mary 
Magdalen. 1631. and vicar of St Mary of Bredin, 
1637, both in Canterbury. See Ath, iv. 586; 
Bhxam, ii. 61 ; & Foster's Index Eccl, 

Marston, John, s. J., of Gloucester (city), gent 
Christ Church, matric 16 Oct, 1674, aged 15. 

Marston, John, s. Benj., of Bitterley, Salop, der. 
All Souls' Coll., subscribed la March, 1707-8, 
aged 16 ; B.A from New Inn Hall 1711. [15] 

Marston, Nicholas (Marson); student of Christ 
Church 1561, B.A i Feb., 1564-5. M.A 9julv, 
1567, B.D. sup, May. 157a, and also 19 March, 
1574-5. vicar of St Gluvias, Budock, Cornwall, 
1571, rector of Clehedon, Devon, 157a, canon 
residentiary of Elxeter 157a. and archdeacon of 
Cornwall 1^74. rector of Exboume 157a, and of 
Moreton Hampstead 1581. vicar of St Marv 
Church (all Devon) 1598. See Foster's Index Eccl, 
& FasH, i. 196. 

Marston, Richard, of Yorks, pleb. Oriel Coll., 
matric. 23 July, 1596. aged 17 ; B,A from Mag- 
dalen Hall 14 June, x6oo. 

Marston, Thomas, of Salop, gent Broadgates 
Hall, matric 24 Oct, 1595. aged 17; student of 
Middle Temple 1605, as son and heir of William, of 
Middleton, Salop, gent See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. 

Marston, Thomas, s, Je. (or Jo.?), of Ascott, Salop. 
Balliol Coll., matric 3 July, 1676. aged 17; 
RA 1680. M.A 1683, rector of Cainbam, Salop, 
1685. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

]£arston, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Cainham, Salop, 
cler. BALUOL Coll., matric 11 Oct, 1714, aged 
16; RA X718, vicar of Cainham 1722. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. [aOj 

Marston, Vincent (Merston) ; B.A from St. Alban 
Hall 16 Feb., 1570-1, fellow of Exeter Coll. 
I57*77» M.A I July, 1573, rector of Lezant, 
Cornwall, 1577, and canon of £xeter 1577, rector of 
Lanreath, Cornwall, 1583. See Boase» 46; & 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Martial. See Marshall. 

Martill, John, of Ireland, pleb. Gloucester Hall, 
matric entry under date 10 Jan., 1574-5, aged 2a 

Martin, Abednego, s. Richard, of St Marychurch, 
Devon, pleb. Gloucester Hall, matric 18 
June, 1630. aged 17 ; B.A. 28 Jan.. 1633-4. 

Martin, Alexander, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric 
19 April, 1588. aged 16 ; demy Magdalen Coll. 
1^88-90, fellow 1590-1608, B.A 13 Feb., 1592-3, 
M.A 8 Feb., 1596-7, licenced to preach 18 Jan., 
1605-6. B.D. 18 March, 1605-6. rector of Shawell, 
CO. Leicester, 1606. See Bloxam, iv. 229 ; & 
Foster's IncUx Eccl, [aS] 

Martin, Amos, 8. Thomas, of Crewkeme. Somerset, 
pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric 30 June, 1687, 
aged 15, B. A 16^1 ; one of these names student of 
Lincohi's Inn 1690 (as son and heir of Amos, of 
London, gent ). See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Martin, Anthony, of Dorset, gent St. Mary Hall, 
matnc entiy under date 28 May, 1580, aged 15 ; 
B.A from Corpus Christi Coll. 5 Dec, 1584; 
one of these names vicar of Battersea, Surrey, 169a 
See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Martine, August, pleb. Balliol Coll., matric 14 
Nov. 4 1651 ; perhaps rector of Broadwell, co Glou- 
cester» 1675. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Martini Bartholomew, of Devon, gent Exeter 
Coll., matric 26 March. 1601, aged 16; B.A 14 
June, 1604, M.A 7 May, 1607. 

Martyn, Bartholomew, s. John, of Steeple Ashton, 
wilts, gent Oriel Coll., matric 7 April. 1682, 
aged x8 : B. A 1685, M.A 1688, vicar of Steeple 
Ashton, 1688. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Martyn, Charles, s. William, of E.xeter. Devon, arm. 
Christ Church, matric 27 Nov., 1705. aged 17; 
bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, 171 1 ; his father of 
Holnicote. Somerset See roster's Judges and 
Barristers, C*^^] 

Martyn, Charles, s. John, of Westminster, Middx., 
gent Queen's Coll., matric 11 April, 1706. 
aged 18; student of Inner Temple 1706. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

\ 976 ] 

Christopher Martin. 


Henry Martin. 

Martin, Christopher, of Dorset, gent UNiVERSiTy 
Coll., matric. 50 Oct, 1584, aged 14. 

ULartyn, Christopher, of Somerset, arm. Broad- 
gates Hall, matric. 10 Nov. , 1615, aged 17. 

Hartin, Christopher, & William, of Blisland, Corn- 
wall, paup. Christ Church, matric. z July, 
1684, aged 19. 

Hartin, Clement, B.A from Queen's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1578-9, M.A 158a, incorporated 11 July, 
1585 ; one of these names canon ot Lincoln Coll. 
1575* CLnd rector of Tydd St Giles, ca Cambridge, 
1579. See Foster's Index EccL 

]£artin, Danid, **ser." Magdalen ColIm matric 
22 Feb., 1650-1. [S] 

ULarten, Edmund, s. Th., of Rousham, Oxoq» gent 
University Coll., matric. 13 July, 1675, aged 
16, B. A 1679 ; fellow Merton Coll. 1680, M.A. 
Z683. RMed. 1686, D.Med. 1689. warden of his 
college 1704-9 ; died in Dorsetshire, buried in the 
outer chapel of his college 7 July, 1709, probate at 
Oxford 12th. See O.H,S, iv. 170 ; & GuUk, I, app. 

Marten, Edmund, s. Joh., of Lavington. Wilts, clcr. 
New Coll., matric. 17 Dec., 1706, aged 18; 
B.C.L. 1713, D.C.L. 1718; bom at Lavington 
Episcopi 31 March, 1688, rector of Somerton, 
Oxon, 1713-19, of Angmering 1719, and of Wool- 
beding, Sussex, 1732, morning preacher Grosvenor 
chapel 1731, canon of Windsor 1733, (married Miss 
Hawkins Feb. 1734.-5)1 prebendarv of St Paul's 
1730. vicar of Twidcenham, Middlesex. 174c -9, 
master of St. Oswald's hospital in Worcester 1746, 
dean of Worcester 1746. until his death 8 Oct., 
1751. See RawL v. 366, xviiL 87 ; & Foster's Index 

Martin, Edward, of Corpus Christi Coll. 1517 
from Surrey ; B.A. 13 Dec., 1520, fellow 1522, M.A. 
14 July, 1524, B.D. 23 June, 1531; one of these 
names vicar of Fenny Stanton, Hunts, 1564. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

' Hartin, Edward; sizar of Queen's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1605, B.A 1608-9, M.A. 1612, fellow 
z6i6, B.D. 1621 (incorporated zo Julj, 162Z), 
D.D. per Lit, Reg. 1631, master of his college 
163 X, domestic chaplain to Archbishop Laud, vicar 
of Oakington Z626, and rector of Conin^on, ca 
Cambridge, 1630, rector of Uppingham, Rutland, 
Z631, of Houghton Conquest, Beds, Z638, and 
of Doddington, co. Cambridge, dean of Ely 21 
March, 1661-2, deprived of all bis preferments " by 
the committee of religion ;'* died 25 April, Z662, 
burial in his college chapeL See Fasti t i. 400; 
Foster's Index Eccl, ; & Add. MS, Z5,67i, p. 
Marten, Edward, s. Edward, of Petworth, Sussex, 
pleb. Merton Coll., matric. Z5 June, Z638, aged 
Z5 ; B.A. 25 June, Z64Z. [10] 

Uartin, Edward, gent. St. Tohn's Coll. , subscribed 
z8 March, 1657-8; possibly a student of Inner 
Temple Z656, as of Petworth, Sussex, gent See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Uartyn, Francis, s. Fr., of East Stower, Dorset, pleb. 
Trinity Coll. , matric. 5 March, 1683-4. ^*^ ^ ! 
rector of South Oidbury , Somerset, z686 . See Fost^s 
Index Eccl. 

Martin, George; B.C.L. sup. April Z543, rector of 
Bourton-on-the-Water, co. Gloucester, Z553. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Hartyn, George, of Devon, gent Broadgates 
Hall, matric. 3 March, 1597-8. aged Z7, RA Z9 
Nov., z6oz ; M.A. from Hart Hall 3 July, 1604, 
incorporated at Cambridge Z615 (as B.Aj, rector 
of Petrockstow, Devon, Z607. See Fosters Index 

Martin, George, s. Thomas, of Wigan (town), gent. 
Christ Church, matric 6 April, z666, aged 17 ; 
B.A Z669, M.A Z672, vicar of WoWerley, co. 
Worcester, Z682-95, of Shrivenham, Berks, Z694-6, 
rector of St Mildred Poultry, London, Z697-1732. 
canon of LincoUi and of Norwich z695,- died 30 
Jan., Z72a-3, aged 74. Sec Foster's IncUx Eccl. 

Martin, Gerrard, gent Wadham Coll., matric. 6 
Nov., z688, aged z8 ; student of Lincoln's Inn Z690, 
as son and heir of William, of East Pennard, 
Somerset StecTosiec'sInnio/ Court Reg* [1«] 

Martyn, Giles, s. John, of Yercombe, Devon, gent • 
WADHAM Coll., matria Z7 Dec., Z670, aged z8; 
student of Middle Temple Z679L See Fosters Ihms 
of Court Reg. 

Martin, Gregory, an original scholar of St. John's 
Coll. Z557, from Macksheld, Sussex, B.A 28 Nov., 
Z560, M.X 3 July, ZS64, tutor to Philip, after Earl 
of Surrey, retired to Douay, a public i)rofes$or and 
divinity reader in the coWe at Rheims ; di-d aS 
Oct, Z582, buried in the church of St. Stephen, 
Rheims. See Ath, i 487 ; Foley's Records SJ, ; & 
Gutch, i. 538. 

Martin^ Gregory ; R A from ExETER COLL. 26 Oct 
z6e2, M.A 26 June, Z615. 

Martyn, Henry, of Broadgates Hall in and before 

157a. [ao] 

Martin, (Sir) Henry, of London (city), pleb. fit New 
Coll., matric. 24 Nov., Z581, aged Z9, schokir 
Z5ao, fellow 1582, B.C.L. 15 June, 1587, D.CL- 5 
June, Z592 (s. Anthony, of London) ; a student ot 
Gray's Inn Z581, an advocate 1596, official to the 
archdeacon of Berks, M.P. Wttton 1586-7, Wootton 
Bassett z6c4-iz, St Germans 1625, 1626, Oxford 
university z628^, St Ives April to May, 1640. 
chancellor diocese of London Z616-27, knighted 2Z 
Dec. , z6i6, judge of high court of admiralty 1617-41, 
of Lincoln's Inn 1623. dean of the Arches Z624-34. 
judge of the prerogative court of Canterbury 1624, 
until his deatn 26 Sdpt, 1641, buried at Longwortb, 
Berks ; father of Henry 1617. See Atk. lii. Z7 ; 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary ; Foster's Inns 
ef Court Reg, ; Coote's Civiliasss^ 79 ; & Lansdcmme 
AfS. 985. f. 2a 

Martin. Henry, of Somerset, gent Trinttt Coll.. 
matnc. 2 July, 1585, aged 15 ; bar.-at-law. Middle 
Temple, Z598, as 5s. Adam, of Hinton St George, 
Somerset, gent »5e Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Martyn, Hemy, of co. Warwick, pl^. St. Alban 
Hall, matnc. ^ Nov., z6x5, aged x6; B.A from 
Gloucester Hall zs Dec.. z6i8, as Merton. 

Marten, Henvy, of Oxon, militis fil. Unxversitt 
Coll., matric. 3Z Oct, zdzy, aged Z5; RA. 24 
Jan., z6z9-20, "regicide"; student of Inner Temple 
Z620 (as son and heir of Sir Henry, of Shrivenham, 
Berks), "which his un^^odly son Harry squandered 
away, M.P. Berkshire April-May, Z640, and 
Z640-53 {L.P.) a rumper Z659, colonel in the parlia^ 
mentary forces, governor of Reading, one of the 
commissioners on trial of the kinpr and signed 
warrant, excepted out of act of oblivion ; died in 
Chepstow Castle 9 Sept. 1680, aged 78. See Ath. 
iii. Z237; Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary \ & 
Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg, 

Martin, Henry ; B. A from Trinity Coll., Z7 Dec., 
Z629 ; possibly student of Middle Temple Z63Z. as 
2S. of Richard, of Risdon, Somerset gent. See 
Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg, [aS] 

Martyn, Henry, s. Edw., of Awbum, Wilts, gent 
Pembroke Coll. , matric Z3 March, 1683-4, aged 
z8, B.A Z687: M.A from Oriel Coll. Z690; 
bar.-at-law, Middle Temple, 1692. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers. 

Martin, Henry, s. Tho., of Northmore, Oxon, pldx 
Christ Church, matric. 26 Oct, Z704, aged Z7; 
B.A Z708, M.A Z7ZZ. 

[ 977 ] 

Hugh Martyn. 

1500— I7I4. 

John Martin. 

H&Ttjn^ Hugh; KA. 16 Feb., 1519-90, M.A. a8 
Oct, 1533, B.D. 99 Nov., 1530. 

Martin, Hugh ; fellow of All Souls* Coll. i 573, 
B.A xo March, 1574-5 ; possibly a student of Lin- 
coln's Inn 158 1, as oif Sometset See Foster's Imms 
ofComrt R^. 

Ka^ln, Hugh; fellow of Pembroke Hall, Cam- 
brid^ B.A. i67X<a, M.A. 1675; incorporated 13 
July. 1675, 

Ifartin, Isaac, of oa StaiTord. cler. fit Broadgatrs 
Hall, matric. 13 March, i6x& 19. aged 21 ; rcotor 
of Great Bolas, Salop, 1628. See Foster's Indtiv 

Kartin, Jannes ; M.A 31 March, 1592 ; one of these 
names rector of Moreton, Essex, 1532, See Foster's 
Index EccL [Sj 

Martyii, James, of Wilts, pleb. Magdalen Colu, 
nutria 17 June, 1597. aged x8. 

ICartin, James, of CO. Stafford, ckr. fU. Christ 
Church, matric 26 Oct., 1604. aged x6; R.A. 
from Broapgates Hall 2 June. 1608. M.A. 28 
April, 16x1. incorporated at Cambridge 161 2 ; one 
of these names vicar of Preston, co. LAUcaster, 
x62L See Foster's Index BccL 

Kartin, James, s. Thomas, of Northmore, Oxon, 
p^ St. John's Colu. niatri& 4 July. 1623. aged 
17; B.A 30 Jan.. x626-7, M.A 7 July. 1629; one 
of these names rector of Edgefield, Norfolk, x66o. 
See Foster's Indtx EccL 

KartiQ, James, created M. A 9 Dec. 1642. "A certain 
J.M. a Scot, varia leripsitUmp. EUt.Reg:* ( Wood.) 

Marty n, James, s. Edw., of Clifton. Devon, p.p. 
Exeter Cotx.. matric 14 July, X671. aged 18; 
B.A from Hart Hall 1675, rector of Stowford, 
Devon, 1675. See Foster's Index Ecel, [10] 

Martin, James, s. William, of Warwick jtown), cler. 
Baluol Coll.. matric 16 March. X686-7, agedx6. 

Martin, James, s. Joh. . of Stepney. Middlesex, pleb. 
Corpus Christi Coll.. matric. 23 Nov.. X709, 
aged x8. B.A 17x5 ; M.A from New Coll. 17x6; 
perhaps rector of Heythrop. Oxon, 1724. etc See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Martin, •• Jeremie," s. * Jeronimi,' of Bath, Somerset, 
pleb. St. Alban Hall, matric X4 Nov., X623, 
aged 19 ; RA 8 Feb.. X625-6. M.A (? restored) — 
Oct. 163a 

Martyn, John, chaplain. B. A 13 June. X512. 

Martyn, John. B.A. 3 July, X5X4. M.A sup. 15 April. 
1^x6. B.CaxLL. 4N0V.. X5a5; one of tnese names 
died rector of Chipping' Ongar, Essex, 153a See 
Foster's Index EccL [16] 

Marten, John, chaplain. Christ Chitrch. &A x6 
May. 1542. M.A 6 June. X543; one of these names 
vicar of Frodsham, Cheshire, X547. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Martin, John. B.A 7 May. 1544 ; one of these names 
lector of Puttenham, Surrey, X549. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Martyn, John, fellow Exeter Coll. 6 Dec. 1559. 
B.A. 1553 ; perhaps vicar of Somerton, Someisct, 
1554. *See Boose, 39 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Marten, John, of Oxon, pleb. Trinity Coll., 
matric. entry under date 3 April. 1579, aged x8. 

Marten, John, of co. Gloucester, pleb. Corpus 
Christi Coll.. matric. 3 .Apiil, 1590. aged x6. 

Martin. John, of Oxon, pleb. St. John's Coll., 
matcic 28 June. 1594. aged X7 ; bar.-at-1aw. Inner 
Temple. X607, bencher 1694, as of Kirtlington, 
Oxon (o.s. Richard, of Witney), licenced 29 Dec, 
1615, to marry Anne Cile. of St Bride. London, 
widow ; died 1639 ; father of John x6^4. See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers & London Marriage 
LictnceSt ^* Foster. [^^J 

Martyn, John, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Colu, 
matric xa Oct, 1599. aged 17; perhaps B.A. from 
All Souls' Coll. 27 Feb., X605-6; M.A from 
Broadgates Hall x8 May, 1609 ; one of these 
names vicar of New Windsor, Berks, z6ta See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Martine, John, of co. Worcester, pleb. UNiVBRsrnr 
C'OLi« . matric 27 Jan. . 1603-4, aged 21 ; B. A 23 
April. X607, M.A x8 Tan., xoxo-xx ; perhaps rector 
of Brimpsfield, co. Gloucester, x6i6. Sec Fostex't 
Indtx EccL 

]£artyn, John, of Somerset, arm. fit nat max. 
Trinity Coll.. matric 7 July. X620. aged x6, 
B.A x8 Feb., x622-3 ; M.A from ORIEL Q:>LL. xa 
Nov., X627, 

Hartyn, John, s. George, of Exeter. Devon, gent. 
WADHAM Coll.. matric 30 June, X626. aeed 16; 
bar.-at-law. Middle Terapic, X635. Sec Foster's 
Judges and Barristers^ \M^ 

Martin, Tohn, s. John, of Witney, Oxon, arm. 

Queens Colu, matric 24 Oct, 1634. aged x6; 

bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, X64X. See Foster's 

Judges and Barritfers, 
Martin, John, s. jDsia. of Berkhampstsad, Herts, 

sacerd. Magdalen Halu matric 20 Feb.. X634-5, 

aged X9. RA 27 March. X635 ; M.A. from St. 

Edmund Hall 30 June, 1638. 
Marten, John. s. Thomas, of Isle of Wight, Hants, 

sacerd. Brasenosb Colu. matric X7 July, X635, 

aged X7; B.A 24 May. 1639, rector of Yarmouth, 

Isle of Wight, ejected i66a, for nonconformity. 

See Calamy, it 287. 

Martin, John, s. John, of Meere, Wilts, pleb. 
Trinity Colu, matric xy March. 1636-7, aged 
17 ; B. A from Oriel Colu 25 Feb., X640-X, vicar 
of Compton Chamberlayne, Wilts, X645. until 
ejected, but reinstated at the restoration, rector of 
Melcomb Horsey. Dorset, 166 1, canon of Sarum 
x668, chaplain to Charles. Earl of Nottingham, 
1675, refused to take the oath of allegiance to 
William and Mary ; died at Compton Chamberlayne 
3 Nov., X693 ; biiried in the chanceL See Atk, iv. 

Martyn, Jptm. s. Antony, of West Ashton. Wilts, 
gent "rRiNiTy Colu, matric. X3 Oct. X637, aged 
18 ; student of Middle Temple X646. See Foster s 
Inns of Court Reg, I SO J 

Martyn, John, as. Edward, of Westoncott. Wilts, 
arm. Magdalen Hall, matric. 2 March. 1637-8. 
aged X7; B.A x8 Nov., 164X. sequestered to the 
rectory of Langley Bunrell, Wilts, 1647, by ihe 
Westminster assembly. See Add, MS, 15.67X, 
pp. 59. 8x. 

Martyn, John. s. John, of Cockington. Devon, gent 
Exeter Colu. matric 9 March. X637-8, aged 18 ; 
B. A and fellow 1642-57, delegate 01 visitors X647, 
created M.A 14 April, X648. student of Lincoln's 
Inn X64X. See Burrows, 500; Boose, 67; & Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. 

Martin, John, s. Thomas, of Barton. Westmorland, 
pleb. Queen's Colu, matric 23 Nov., X638, 
aged 17. 

Martin, John, s. Thomas, of Langonby, Cumberland, 
pleb. Queen's Colu, matric. 8 May. X640. aged 
x6; RA 8 Feb.. 1643-4. and perhaps M.A x July, 

Martin, John. s. Thomas, of Willington, ca Lincoln, 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 17 Jujhr. x64o, 
aged X7; perhaps B.A from Queen's C5olu 2x 
March. X643-4. and M.A x July. X646. [S6] 

Martin, John ; incorporated as M.A Cambridge 14 
July. X657, either M.A from Trinity or St. John's 
Colu 1649. 

Martin, John. pleb. Merton Colu, matric. 27 
Feb.. X648-9; RA from Corpus Christi Colu 
17 Dec, X653, M.A x8 March, X655-6. See 
Burrows, 532. 

[ 978 ] 

John Martin. 


Richard Martyn. 

Martin y John, s. William, of Warwick (town), pp. 
Trinity Coll., matric. 36 Nfay, 1664, aged 17. 

Uartexiy John, s. Tho., of Rousham, Oxon, pleb. 
St. Mary Hall, matric 33 March, 1666-7, »ged 
16 ; B.A. from Trinity Coll. 1671, M.A. 1673. 

Martin, John. s. John, of Isle of Guernsey, pleb. 
Trinity Colu, matnc. 14 March, 1667-8, aged 16 ; 
B.A 167a 

Martin, John, s. Joh., of Rye. Sussex, gent St. 
Mary Hall, matric. 30 March, 1669, aged 18. 

Martin, John, s. William, of Buckland. Dorset, ppu 
Wadham Coll., matric. 12 July» 1670, aged 18; 
B.A 1674. [*] 

Martin, John, s. John, of Tfsbury, Wilts, cler. 
University Coll., matric. 2 June, 1671, aged 18 ; 
B. A from HART HALL 1675 ; perhaps vicar of 
Bishops Lavington, Wilts, 1674 ; father of John 1628. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Martyn, John. s. Tho., of Plymouth, Devon, gent. 
P&MBROKB Coll., matric 29 March, 1672, aged 
15; B.A. 1675, ^'A 1678, a licentiate of the 
college of physicians 1683. See Munk's RoU^ i. 

Martyn, John, s. Aug., of Upperswell, co. Glou- 
cester, cler. Trinity Coll., matric. 2 March, 
1674-5, aged 17; B.A from Magdalen Coll. 
1678, M. A. 1681 ; perhaps rector of Shipton Moyne, 
00. Gk>ucester, 1677. See Foster's Index EccL 

Martyn, John, s. William, of Plymouth. Devon, gent 
Exeter Coll., matric 14 May, 16196, aged 16 ; 
student of Inner Temple 1698. See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg. 

Martin, John, s. Jo., of Sherborne, Dorset, gent 
Exeter Coll., matric. 9 April, 1690, aged 17; 
fellow 1693-5, B.A 1696, vicar of Long Burton 
1696, rector of Lillington 1712, and of FoUce (all in 
Dorset) 17x3, until his death, buried there 26 Sept., 
X717. See Boose, 84 ; & Foster's Index EccL [10] 

Marten, John, s. Joh., of Lavington, Wilts, cler. 
Merton Coll., matric 8 April, 1698, aged 15 ; 
B.A. 1701, MA. 1709, B.Med. 1715, IXM«1. 1716. 

Martine, John. s. Henr., of London (city), pleb. 
Merton Coll., matric 20 March, 1698-9. aged 
16; B.A. 3 Nov., 1702; M.A. from ST. John's 
Coll., Cambridge. 17x2; possibly a student of 
Middle Temple 19 Feb., 1702-3, and migrated to 
the Inner Temple 1708. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Martyn, Joseph, of Devon, arm. fiL nat. 2. Wadham 
Colu, matric o Nov., i6ai, aged 22; B.A 21 
Feb., 1624-5, M.A. iz June. 1627, B.C.L. and 
D.C.L. 27 June, 1633, an advocate 1634 ; fiatherof 
Richard 1659. See Coote's Civilians, 79. 

Martin. Joseph, s. William, of Bristol (city), pleb. 
St. John's Coll., matric 16 Feb., 1668-9. aged 
16 ; one of these names of London, merchant 
knighted 22 July, 1712. M.P. Hastings 1710-14, 
and died 16 Aug., 1729. See Granger, ii. 214. 

Martine, Josias. s. Josias, of Berkhampstead, Herts, 

• sacerd. TRINITY Coll., matric 12 May, 1637, 

aged 18. [IS] 

Martin, Leicester, s. Rob., of Leigh, oa Worcester, 
pleb. Balliol Coll., matric 12 Dec, 1679, 
aged 17; M.P. Suffolk (Dec), 1707-8; died n 
Oct, 1732. See Foster's Parliamentary Die- 

Martin, Matthew, s. Robert, of Leigh Court, ca 
Worcester, arm. Christ Church, matric x 
April, 1669, aged 17 ; B. A 1672. 

Martin, Nathaniel, subscribed 11 Nov., 1614. 

Martin, Michael ; E A. from Exeter Coll. 8 July^ 

Martin, Miles; B.A. Trinity Coll., Dublin; in- 
corporated — Feb., i64X-fl. [ao] 

Marten, Nathan, s. John, of Windsor. Berks, sacerd. 
Lincoln Coll. , matric. 17 April, 1632. aged e8 ; 
B.A. 12 May, 1632 sdiolar Peter House, Cam- 
bridge, 30 June, 1628. 

Martyn, Nicholas, of Dorset, pleb. New Coll., 
matric entry under date 1572. aged 19; scholar 
1571, B.A. 14 May, 1575, M.A< 17 Jan., 1578-9; 
one of these names rector of Bleadon 1586, and of 
Rimpton, Somerset, 1589. See Foster's Index 

Martyn, (Sir) Nicholas, of Devon, arm. fil Broad- 
gates Hall, matric 8 March. 1610-xi, aged 17 ; 
ofOxton, Devon, student of Middle Temple 1613 
(as son and heir William, of EUeter, esq.), knighted 
15 Feb., 1624-5, sheriff Devon, 1639. and M.P. 
June, 1646 (L.P.), until secluded in 1648; died 
25 March, 1653. aged 60. See Foster's Parliawun- 
tary Dictionary. 

Mart3m, Nicholas, s. William, of Exeter (city), 
gent Trinity Colu, matric. 19 Dec, 1668, 
aged 17 ; student of Mkldle Temple 1670. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Martin, Nicholas, s. Rob., of Cannings, WBts, p. p. 
Trinitt Coll., matric 17 March, 1675-6, aged 
19; B.A. 1679; chaplain Corpus Christi Coll., 
M.A. 1683, vice-principal of Hart Hall and of 
St. Mary Hall; vicar of Chute, Wilts. 1680; 
died 5 Oct, 1705; buried at Sl Peter-in-the-East, 
Oxfonl ; will at Oxford proved 13 Oct., 1705. See 
Heame, i. 52-3 ; & Foster's Index EccL [2'] 

Marten, Peter, s. P., of Lymm, Cheshire, pleb. 
Brasenosb Coll., matric 25 FeU, 1677-8, aged 
19, B.A. i68x. 

Martyne, Richard. M.A. 8 Dec. 1511 ; one of these 
names rector of Wilton St. Marv, Bread Street, 
Wilts, 1509, See Foster's Index EccL 

Martin, Richard (Mertyne); fellow Exeter Coll. 
1C20-3, B.A. 14 March, 1523-4. in orders. See 
Boase, 31. 

Martin, Richard (or Marten) ; EA. 19 June, 1531, 
M.A 22 Nov., 1533, B.Med. and admitted to 
practice 13 July, 1538. 

Marten, Richard; fellow of Exeter Coll. 1530-8. 
BA. sup. Dec, 1532 ; one of these names rector of 
Oare, Somo^et, 1554. etc See Boose, 34; & 
Foster's Ind4X EccL [SO] 

Martin, Richard ; scholar of Trinitt Coll. in and 
before 1564. 

Martin, Richard ; scholar Trinity Coll, 1576, RA. 
13 June, 1580, M.A 12 Dec, 1583; one of these 
names rector of Goathurst, Somerset, 1595. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Marten, Richard (Merton). of Devon, "gen. con." 
Broadgates Hall, matric 10 Dec, 1585, aged 
15 ; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 1602, Lent Reader 
161 5 (as son and heir of William, of Exeter). M. P. 
Barnstaple 1601, Christchurch 1604-iZt reccnler ctf 
London (on the death of Sir Anthony Benn), in 
Sept, 1618, until his own death 31 Oct of the same 
year ; buried in the Temple church. See Atk. u. 
250 ; & Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, 

Martin^ Richard, of Dorset, pleb. St. Alban Hall,, 
matnc 8 July, 1586, aged 14. 

Martyne, Richard, s. William, of Tallant, Devon* 

pleb. Gloucester Hall, matric 15 Feb., 1632-3. 

aged 19. [s^ 

Martyn, Richard, s. Thomas, of Exeter, Devon. gent« 

WADHAM Coll., matric 99 May, 1635. >S^ i^ ; 

B.A. 31 Oct. 1636, M.A. 3 July, 1639. 

Martin^ Richard, doctoris fil Wadham Coll., 
matnc. 22 March, 1658-9 (s. Joseph 1620). 

Martyn, Richard, s. Joseph, of Exeter (city), gent. 
Exeter Coll., matric 28 May, 1666, aged 18. 

[ 979 ] 

Robert Martin. 


Thomas Marten. 

Kartilly Robot, chaplain, B.Can.L. sup. s May, 
1513 ; one of these names rector of AH HalSows-on- 
the- Wall, London, 1533, and of St. Alpbage 1544. 
Sec Foster's Imdtx EicL 

Marti Dy Robert, of Cheshire, pleb. Brasbnose Coll. , 
roalnc 27 April, 1599, aged 90; B.A 96 Oct, 

Xartyn, Robert, s. Antony, of London (city), gent 
Balliol Coll., matric. 18 Feb., 1705-6, aged 16; 
bsr.-at-law. Inner Temple, 1713 ; his father of 
Chippenham, Wilts, ^e Foster's Judges and 

Uartyily Roger, s. Edward, of Steeple Aston. Wilts, 
pkb. All Souls' Coll., matric 16 Dec., 164c, 
aged 16. 

Xartyn, Sanrael, s. John, of Steeple Ashton, Wills, 
gent. Exeter Coll., matric. 14 July, 1676, aged 
18 ; student of Middle Temple 1677. See Foster's 
inns cj Court Rtg. [8] 

UartiDy Samuel, s. John, of Durham (city), cln. 
Lincoln Coll. matric. 14 April, 1686, aged 18 ; 
EA. 11 Feb., i689-9a 

Uartln. Samuel, s. Sw, of Leicester (city), paup. 
Lincoln Coll., matric. 17 Nov.. 1692, aged 18; 
B A. 1696; perhaps vicar of St. Enoder, Cornwall, 
1700; laiher of Samuel 17 19. See Foster i Indt* 

Vartin, Stephen, ^'ser." Magdalen Hall, matric 
31 July, 1658. 

Karten, Thomas. M.A. and proctor of Cambridge, 
allowed to be inccrpcraied April, 151 5 ; perhaps 
B A 1506, M.A 1509 ; one of these names beneficed 
in Wilts. Sec f osters Indtx Ecci, 

Hartyn, Thomas ; B.A. 30 June, 1523 ; one of these 
names beneficed in Norfolk. See Foster's Index 
EuUsuLsiicuu [10] 

' Xartin, Thomas, y.s. John, of Cerne, Dorset, gent. ; 
fellow New coll. 1538-53, from Wmchester 
school, D.C.L. of Bourges University; incorporated 
^ July* '555* ^"<1 a< Cambridge 1587, an advocate 
i«5. chancellor to the bishop of Winchester, 
omaal of the archdeaconry of Berks, a master in 
chancery, M.P. Saltash Oct. -Dec., 1553 (and 
cerhaps 1559). of Hindon April- May, 1554. and 
Nov., 1 554. to Jan.. 155c, and OcL-Dec, 1555. of 
Uidgersliall 1558, and of Dorchester 1563-7; died 
n84. Sec Atk, I 500; Fasti, i. 148; Cootes 
Civilians, 39; Lamdaume MS, 98a. fl*. 52-54; 
^o^r, ii. 76 ; Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary ; 
& Gutckt i. 197. 

Martin, Thomas (Morton or Mar ton) ; fellow Exeter 
CoxjL. 155a, B.A. 9 Dec., 15^ ; one of these names 
beneficed in Essex. See Bocit, 39 ; & Foster s 
Index EccL 

Hartin, Thomas ; B.A 23 March, 1568-9. 

^ Hartin. Thomas, of Oxon. pleb. Trinity Coll., 
matnc. entry under date 12 Dec., 157a, aged 18; 
(Mra Chamberlaine tutori dial.) ; BA. 3 March, 
'^73-4 ; possibly bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 1584. See 
roster's Judges and Barristers, 

Hartin. Thomas, of Dorset, pleb. St. Marv Hall, 
matnc. entry under date 28 May, 1580, aged 19; 
one of these names rector of Broadway, Dcrset, 
1592. See Foster's //tdfifjr £r</. (18] 

VartiD. Thomas, of Dorset, pleb. ST. Alban Hall, 
matnc 8 July, 1586, aged 16; called Mertsn m 
Mat. Reg, 

Martin, Thomas, of Lcndcn (dty), gent Trinity 
Coll., matric. 22 June, 1593, aged ai. 

Martin, Thomas, of Cheshire, p!eb. Queen's Coll., 
matnc 26 Oct., 1599, aged 17; B.A. from Brasb- 
nose CoLU 15 Fcbu, 1603:4, M.A. 7 July, 1608 (as 

Martin, Thomas, of Kent, pleb. Corpus Christi 
Coll., matric 12 Nov., 1602, aged 18; one of 
these names vicar of Lympne, Kent, 1616, etc See 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Harti n. Thomas, of Devon, cler. fiL Exeter Coll., 
matric 8 Feb., 1604-5, ^m^ 19; B.A. a6 Oct., 
x6o8, M.A. 4 June, 161 x. [aO| 

Martin, Thomas, of ca Cambridge, genL New 
Coll., matric 14 Oct, 1608, aged 19; B.A. 29 
April, 161 2, M.A. 35 Jan., i6i^-6. incorporated at 
Cambridge x6i8; stuctent of Middle Temple 161 5, 
as 2S. of Henry, of Steeple Morden. ca Cambridge, 
esq. See Foster's lnn% of Court Reg, 

Martin^ Thomas, of Somerset, pleb. Queen's Coix., 
matric 16 June, i6to, aged 17. 

Martin, Thomas, subscribed 4 Nov., 1614. 

Martin^ Thomas, of Devon, gent Wadham Coll., 
matnc 21 Feb., 1616-7. aged 13; B.A. 5 July. 
1619. M.A. 28 May, 1622 ; died 10 Sept., 1627, 
buried in St Peter's, Bath. See Wood & Gardiner, 

Martin, Thomas; B.A. from St. Alban Hall ro 
Dec, 1621. (as] 

Martina, Thomas, is. Mathei, of Barton, ca Cam- 
bridee. arm. Lincoln Coli«, matric 13 D:c» 
1622. aged 14. 

Martin, Thomas; B A. from Hart Hall 4 July. 
1622. See WiLLiA»f. 

Martin, Thomas, s. Richard, of Winchester. Hants, 
gent Jesus Coli«, matric 22 Aug.. 1631. aged 
16; B A. from New Coix. 20 Oct, 1635. M.A. 13 
June. 1638; rector of Winchester St Michael 1640, 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Martyn, Thomas, s. William, of Kingworth. Corn- 
wall, gent. Exeter Colu, matric 12 July, 1639, 
aged 16. 

Martin, Thomas; B.A. from St. Alban Hall 10 
Nov., 164a fSOl 

Martin, Thomas, s. John, of Sherborne. Dorset, pleb. 
Pembroke Coll., matric. 16 April. 1641. aged 14; 
M.A. 8 March, 1652-3, or 26 March. 1653. 

Martin, Thomas, s. Edward, of Pebworth, ca 
Gloucester, pleb. New Inn Hall, matric i April, 
1642, aged 16. 

Marty n, Thomas, gent Christ Church, matric 
10 Nov., t654t B.A. 4 Feb.. 1657-8. M A. i56o 
(incorporated at Cambridge 1664). B. D. 1669 : on^ 
o( these names beneficed in Essex. Se« At, Wetf, 
142; & Foster's Index Eccl, 

Martin, Thomas, gent Exeter Coll.. matric 29 
March, 1656; B.A. from Christ Church 1659. 
M.A. 1662; perhaps rector of Sampford Orcas, 
Somerset, 1661. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Marty n, Thomas, gent Exeter Coll., matric 2 
May, 1659. fSS] 

Martin, Thomas, s. Tha, of Worcester (city), gent. 
Trinity Coll., matric. 8 March, 1666-7. aged iS. 

Martin, Thomas, s. William, of Ashling. Sussex, 
minister. Queen's CoLU, matric 27 May. 1660, 
aged i%\ B.A. from New Inn Hall 1673, M.A. 
1676. See Foster's Indtx EccL 

Martin, Thomas, s. William, of King^s Mills, so. 

Leicester, pp. Merton Coll.. matric to July, 

1672, aged 16; B.A. 1676, as Martyn. 
Martin, Thomas, s. Tho., of Lychet Dorset, pp. 

Exeter Coli^, matric 7 May, 1675, aged 17; 

B A. ac Jan., 1678-9. M.A. 1682. 
Martin, Thomas, s. Richard, of Kirkham, co. Lan- 
caster, pleb. BrasenoseColl., matric lo Jun^, 

T687. aged 17; B.A. from Hart Hall 1692. fftO] 
Marten, Thomas, s. Tho. , of St Gennys. Cornwall, 

pleb. Br asenose Coll. , matric x8 March, 1696-7. 

aged t8; B.A. from St. Mary Hall 1700; 

perhaps rector of Halwell, Devon, 1705. See 

Foster's Index Eccl. 

[ 980 ] 


Thomas Martyi*. 


Thomas Marwoode. 

Hartyn, Thomas, a. Tho., of Plymouth, Devon, gent. 
Pkmbroke Coll., matric. 39 March, 1707, aged 
17 ; B. A. 1710, bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 1714, a 
Welsh judge ; died 17 May, 175a 

Martin, Thomas, s. Tho., of Abingdon, Berks, pldi. 
Pembroke Coll., matric 14 Nor., 1710, aged z6; 
B.A. I7i4> M.A. 1790; perhaps Ticar of Green- 
borough, Bucks, 1738. See Foster's Index EccL 

HartiXL, Thomas, s. T(homas), of Wilcott, Oxon, 
gent Trinity Coll., matric 15 March, 1710-11, 
aged 17; student of Middle Temple 1713. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Martin^ William, of London, pleb. New Coll., 
matnc entry under date 1572, aged 18 ; scholar 
1571-2, B.A. 28 Feb., 1575-6, M.A 27 Oct, X579, 
B.C.L. sup. 5 Nov., 1584, D.C.L. sup. 35 June, 

** '597. 

HartTIl, William, of Devon, gent Broadoates 
Hall, matric entry under date circa 1581, aged 
18 ; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 1589 (as son and 
heir of Nicholas, of Exeter), recorder of Exeter 
160^ ; buried in church of St. Petrock, Exeter, 19 
April, 1617 ; father of Nicholas 16x1. See Ath, ii. 
199 ; & Foster's Judgu and Barristers, [S] 

Hartyn, William, of Devon, arm. Broadoates 
Hall, matric 10 Nov., 1615. afi;ed 17; student of 
Middle Temple 1617, as 2s. William, of Exeter, 
esq. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Hartyn, William, of Wilts, gent Exbteb Coll., 
matric 13 Dec, 1615, aged 18. 

]£arten, WiUiam ; a A. from QuEEH's Coll., 
Cambridge, 1624-5; incorporated as M.A. 9 Nov., 

]£artin, William, s, John, of Bangor, ca Carnarvon, 
pleb. Hart Hall, matric 21 June, 1622, aged 
20 ; perhaps B. A (as Thomas) 4 July, 1622, rector 
of Llanfair-Pwllywingyll, 00. Anglesey, 1628, and 
vicar of Bangor 1629. See Fosters Index EccL 

Hartyn, William, s. William, of Exeter, Devon, 
gent Corpus Christi Coll., matric 97 Nov., 
16^, aged 15. [10] 

Hartin, William, s. Thomas, of Witn^, Oxon, pleb. 
Mbrton Coll., matric 3 July, 10^, aged 15; 
B.A. 7 May, 1639. fellow 164a, ana del<^;ate of 
visitors 16^, M.A. 18 Majr, 1648, rector of^ 
Chichester St Peter, ejected m 1662 for noncon-* 
formity ; died 3 Aug. 1686. aged 66 ; buried in 
Witney churchyard. See Calamy, iiL 316 ; O.H.S, 
hr. 988; 8l Burrows t 523, 

Xartln, William, s. John, of Sherborne, Dorset, gent 
Wadham Coll., matric 17 March, 1636-7, aged 
x8; perhaps B.A. from Trinity Coll. 3 July, 

Hartin, William, s. William, of Lon£ Combe, Oxon, 
pleb. BalliolColl., matric 10 Mav, 1638, aged 
x6; B.A. X Feb., X64X-9, created M.A. 2 Dec, 

Marten, William, pleb. UNiYBRsmr Coll., matric 
17 Jtuy, X640, aged x6; B.A. 3 Dec, X646, M.A. 

Hartin. William, s. William, of Lee, Kent, pleb. 
St. John's Coll., matric 23 July, X641, aged 
16. [ISl 

Ifartin, WiUUm, "ser.,- s. WiUiaro. of Warwick 
(town), p. p. Trinity Coll., matric i May, 
x668, aged X7; B.A. from St. Alb an Hall 

Harten, Vniliam, s. Edm., gent. BRA8BNO6E Coll., 

matric 24 Oct, X673. aged 17; B.A. 1677 ; M.A. 

firom Hart Hall x68o ; one of these names rector 

of Eastwell, Kent, x68a, etc See Foster's Index 

Hartyn, William, s. Ant., of Hilperton, Wilts, p. p. 

Pembroke Coll., matric 26 Feb., 1677-8, afred 

22; B.A. 1681, vicar of Sutton Benger, Wilts, 

X682. See Foster's Index EccL 

Marten, WilUam, s. H., of Longworth, Berks, gent. 
MsRTON Coll., matric X2 July, X692, ami 15; 
B.A. 1697, M.A. 1702; perhaps rector of Ipstone 
1709, and of Cuxham, Oxon, 17x8. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Hartyn, William, & Nic, of Heavitree, Devon, arm. 
Exeter Coll., matric. xi Oct, 1608, aged 17 ; 
student of Middle Temple X700; his Catber of 
Oxton. See Foster's Imis of Court Reg, [^O] 

Martin, William, s. Job., of Newton (cum Scales, 
4ta), ca Lancaster, pleb. Brasbnosb Coll.. 
matric 2X March, X703-4, aged X9; B.A. 1707 
M.A. i7xa 

Xartindale, Edward, s. Edw., of Colshin. CO. 
Warwick, pleb, Wadham Coll., matric ax 
Oct, X664, aged X7. 

Martyr, Peter, " Protestant Reformer," Doctor (D.D.), 
of Padua ; incorporated X547-8, canon of Christ 
Church x^5o. R^us professor of divinity X548-54, 
" Augustiman " ; died at Zurich X569. See 
Lansdamu MS. 981, t X4 ; & Ath, L 326k 

Marvin. See also Mervin. 

Marvin, Edmund (Marwyn). at Corpus Christi 
Coll. X532. from Hampshire. feDow X536. B.A. 
c Dec, X537, M.A. 4 March. X54X-2, prebeddftry of 
Winchester X554. archdeacon of Surrey, I556, 
deprived by Q. Elizabeth, rector of Bramshot, 
Hants. 1549, and of Sutton, Surrey, X554. See 
Foster's Index EccL & Fasti, L 114. [aS] 

Marwell, Richard, RA. supd. 99 March, 1506. 

Marwell, Richard, of Dorset, cler. fil. Broad- 
gates Hall, matric x Dec, 1609, aged x8; B.A. 
X7 June, 16x3, M.A. ax June, x6x6. rector of Radi- 
pole, Dorset, 1617. See Foster's Index Bed. 

Marwood, (Sir) George, of Yoiks. gen. fit Lincoln 
Coll. ax March, 16x6-7, ^S^ 16; of Little 
Buskebv, Yorks (s. Henry), high sheriff X65X, 
M.P. Malton X659. and Northallerton. July, x66o 
(by double return — not decided), created a baronet 
3X Dec, x66o; baptised at Stokesley 98 April, 
1604 ; died X9 Feb. , X679-80 ; father of Henry, 
next-named. See Foster's VorMsAire Collection. 

Marwood, (Sir) Henry, arm. fA, Lincoln Coll., 
matric a Oct, X652. student of Ora/s Inn, X653 
as son and heir of George, of Little Busby, Yorks. 
esq.), and baronet, high sheriff Yorks X675. M.P. 
Northallerton X685-7; died x Nov., X7a5, aged 90. 
See Foster's Grays Inn Reg, 

Marwoode, James, s. John, of Culliton. Devon, 
gent Exeter Coll., matric. 2 Dec, i6^x, aged 
23 ; B. Med. 23 Jan. , x633*4 ; baptised at Colyton 27 
Feb., x6os. [SO] 

Marwood, James, s. John, of Colliton, Dovon. 
gent £^eter Coll., matric 30 March. 1677, 
aged x8 ; B.A. x68o, M.A. 1683, U.Med, abroad; 
of Sutton, Devon ; died 27 Oct, X722; buried in 
Widworthy ; half-brother of John 1668. 

Marwood, John. s. Thomas, of Honiton, Devon, 
gent. Exeter Coll., matric i April, X642. aged 
x8 ; D.Med. Leyden ; baptised at Honiton 6 Nov., 
X623, (^d buried there x8 Sept.. X685. 

Marwood, John. s. John, of Culliton, Devon, pleb. 
Exeter Coll.. matric 4 Dec, x668, aged 17 ; of 
Beer, Devon, said to have been buried at Colyton 
X3 'Dtc, X687; half-brother of Jamca 1677. and 
father of Robot. See Genealopst, ii. N.s. X7. 

Marwood, Robert, s. Joh., of Bear. Devon, gent 
Exeter Coll., matric 26 Oct.. 1694. aged xo ; of 
Cookshayes, Devon ; died X3 July, X733, buried in 
Widworthy church. 

Marwoode, Thomas, of Devon, pleb. Exeter 
GoLL., matric 8 Feb., X6C4-5. aged X9: RA. 6 
Nov., 1607; (2s. Dr. John), physician, buried at 
Honiton 4 April. X667 ; fother of John x64a. See 
Foster's Index EccL fSBj 

[ 981 ] 

William Marwood. 


George Mason. 

Xarwood, WOliaiii (or Merwodde) ; B.A. 23 Feb., 
1537-8, M.A. sup. April. 1541 ; rector of Dunchi- 
deock, Dcfon. 1551. canon of Soram X559, and of 
Exeter 1560. rector of Torbrian 1561, ancf of Ted- 
bom S. Mary (both Devon), 156a. See Foster's 
Indtx Eul, 

Xarwood. William, & Thomas, of Pigbome, Devon, 
pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric. 3 Feb., 1635-6, 
aged 90 ; B.C.L. 30 June, 1637. 

Xarrohnroll, Thomas, subscribed 23 April, 1613; 
EA from Jesus Coll. 28 Feb., 16x6^, M.A. 9 
July, 16x9; vicar of Uanfynvdd, ca Carnarvon, 
zdax. See Foster's Index heel. 

Karygold. See Marigold. 

Kasoall, James, s. George, of Aston, Northants, pp. 
New Colu ii Oct.. x6s». aged x6, subs. Maskall ; 
EA ao March. X704-5. M.A. 1705; vicar of Coleme» 
Wihs. X712. See Foster's Index EeeL [6] 

Hasoall, John ; B.A. X5 Feb., x53^-6; perhaps rector 
of Cattistock. Dorset, X545. See Foster s Index 

Masoall, John, gent Magdalen Coli.. x8 March, 
1657-8. Sec Mastalu 

ICasooU, Matthew, s. James, of Pajmbury, Devon, pp. 
ExsTER Coll., matric. 7 Apnl, x688, aged X7; 
E A from Wadham Coll. z688 ; rector of Loz- 
beare, Devon, X699. See Foster's Index Reel, 

XftSoall, Richard, of Sussex, arm. fiL nat. max. St. 
Alban Hall, matric. x8 May, X604, aged 17. 

Kasoall y Richard, subscribed X3 May. X6X3. [10] 

Kasoall, Thomas ; B.A. from King's Coll., Cam- 
bridge. X607-8, M.A. from Sydney Sussex Coll. 
x6i I (incorporated X4 Tuly. x6z2), ED. x6i8. and 
re-incorporated X4 July. x6x8; vicar of Hockley 
1618. rector of Nevendon x6x8, and of East Homdon 
(all Essex), X619. See Foster's Index Eecl, 

Kasoall, Thomas, s. Walter, of Selmister. Sussex, 
gent University Coll., matric. 30 Jan., x623-4, 

Kasoall, Thomas, s. John, of Romney, Kent, s^ent. 
MertonColl.. matric. X2 Mav, x6iB7, aged X7; 
postmaster, died of smallpox x Feb., 1691-2. buried 
m the 4th part of the eollegechapeL ^ Guleh, L 
tpp. 214. 

Kasoall, Wmiaro; EA. from Brasbnosb Coll., 
16 Jan., X 569-70. rector of Monksilver X572. and 
of Clatworthy X578-1618, and of Luocombe (all 
Somerset), 1589. See Foster's Index BecL 

Kasoall, William, of co. Worcester, pleb. Uni- 
▼eisittColl.. matric. i Dec., X58X, aged x8.[15] 

Kasoall, William : B. A. from C^lare Hall. Cam- 
bridge, 16x3-13. M. A. 1616 ; incorporated as M. A. 
9ju5^, x6f6. See Foster's Graduati Cantab, 

KasoaU, William ; EA. Edinburgh University 
1676; incorporated from University Coll. a6 
June, X677; perhaps vicar of Coniscllffe, co. 
Durham. 1695. See Foster's Index EeeL 

Kasohiart, Michael, a Latin poet ; scholar and fellow 
New Coll. x56o^3. from St. Thomas in Salisbury, 
B.C.L 9 Dec., 1567, D.C.L. 13 Oct., 1573, an 
advocate 1575, vicar of Writtle, Essex, X572; 
died there Dec. X598. See Camden's Britannia^ 
WDu, p. 250 ; Aih, 1 673 ; & Coote's Civilians, 52. 

Kasham, William, of London, arm. Magdalen 
Coll.. matric. X3 Feb., 1606-7, aged 15 ; possibly 
a student of Inner Temple 1610, as of Creetingham, 
Soffolk, gen., and identical with Sir WUiam 
Masham, of High Laver, Essex ; created a baronet 
26 Dec., 1621, one of the commissioners on trial 
of the king, but did not act, M.P. Maldon X624-6, 
Colcbester 1628-9, April-May X640. X640-53 (L.P.), 
Essex X654-5 : died X656. See Foster's ParUo' 
nentary DuHonary, 

Xashbome, Tames, s. James, of Oxford (city), pleb. 
All Souls Coll., matric 23 Feb., 1694-5. aged 
15, B.A. X698 ; M. A. New Coll. 1701, vicar of 
Leigh. Kent, 1707, rector of Settrington. Yorks, 
X7X0, rector of Banning, Kent, \^l^. See Foster's 
Indtx Ecel, [aO] 

Mashbome, Samuel, s. Matth., of Whit6eld, 
Northants, gent Wadham Coll., matric. 14 
July, X663, aged 16. 

Maskelyne, Nevil. s. William, of London (city), 
gent St. John's Coll., matric 14 July, X677, 
Med 15; of Purton, Wilts; student of Middle 
Temple 1679 ! major of Wilts militia 169X ; died in 
X7 It . Sec Foster % Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

]£a8on, Allen, of Southants. pleb. Magdalen Coll., 
matric. 8 June, x6c4. aged x6 ; chorister 1^9^x607, 
RA. 2x Jan., x6o8-9, rectorofFamborough, Hants, 
16x5. See Bhxam, I 27 ; & Foster's Index Ecel. 

]£aBOn, Benjamin, s. John, of Bicester. Oxon. paup. 
Merton Coll., matric 26 Jan., x68o-i, aged 17. 

Kason, (Charles?), of Cambridge University; 
created D. D. Oxon, i Nov. 1642 (as — Mason) ; 
RA. from King's Coll.. Cambridge, 1635-6, 
rector of Slower Provost, Dorset. 1647. rector of 
St Mary Woolchurch, London. i66x, canon of St. 
Paul's X663, rector of St. Peter-le-Poer. London, 
1669. See Fasti, ii. 50 ; Harwood's Al. Eton. 232 ; 
& Foster's Index Ecel. fas] 

Mason, Edmund, D.D. from Pembroke Hall, Cam- 
bridge, X628, sup. 1633 ^^^ incorporation, tutor to 
Prince Charles, rector of Welton-le-Wold, ca 
Lincoln 1613, of Ordsall 16x4, and of Newark. Notts, 
x6i8, rector of Cottenham. co. Cambridge. i6a8, 
dean of Salisbtiry X629 ; died in his house m Petty- 
France, in the city of Westminster. 24 March, 1634, 
buried in Westminster Abbey. See Lansdawne 
MS. 984, f. 2x5 ; Fasti, I 472 ; & Foster's Index 

Hason, Edward, M.A. of Csunbridge ; incorporated 
X4 July, X676. See John 1656. 

Hason, Edward, s. Rob. . of bt. Devereux, Hereford, 
der. Pembroke Coll., matric 26 March, x68x, 

liason, Edward, s. T., of co. Monmouth, pleb. 
Baluol Coll., matric 15 Dec. 1690. agea X7, 
RA. X694 ; M.A. from Christ's Coll., Cambridge, 
X698, rector of Hampton Bishop, co. Hereford, 
1698, and of Bromvard (3rd portion), X7oa See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Hasoil, Emanuel, subscribed x July, x6x4 ; RA. from 
St. Alban Hall xj| Dec, 161c. [SO] 

Mason, Francis, of Durham, pleb. Oriel Coll., 
matric xo May, X583, aged xy ; B.A from Brase- 
NOSE Coll. 27 Jan., X586-7 ; fellow Merton Coll. 
1586. M.A. 4 July, X590, licenced to preach 30 Tune, 
1597, RD. 7 July. X597, *• Vindex Ecclesiae Angli- 
canae." rector of Sudbome with chapelry of Orfc^, 
Suffolk, X599, chaplain to James I., archdeacon of 
Norfolk x6x4, until his death Dec. x62x ; buried 
in the chancel of Orford church ; brother of Tohn 
X591. See Atk. il 305 ; Foster's Index Eecl. ; & 
O.H.S. iv. 274. 

Mason, Francis, s. Francis, of Pershore, co. Worcester, 
pleb. Queen's Coll., matric X5 May, 1640, aged 
xy ; B.A. 8 Feb., X643-4. 

Mason, Gabriel, student of Christ Church 1563, 
B.A. 2S June, X566, MA. 10 June, X569. 

Mason, ueorge, chorister Magdalen Coll. 1502, 
demy X506, RA. 30 June, X5xx ; perhaps canon of 
Hereford X5X5. See Bloxam, I 4. 

Mason, George, pleb. Trinity Coll., matric 20 
March, 1649-50, & A. x6 March, x65X-2 ; M. A. 2x 
June, 1654 [»S] 

Mason, George, s. Benjamin, of Pixley Court, co. 
Hereford, gent Wadham Coll., matric 2x Oct, 
1664, aged x5 ; bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, X672. See 
Foster's Ju^es and Barristers* 

[ 982 ] 

George Mason. 


Robert Mason, 

Masoil, George, s. Edm., of Halford, ca Warwick, 
der. (subs. pleb. ). Trinity Coll. , matric. 16 J uly , 
z68o, aged 19. 

Mason, George, s. Robert, of Fruxon, co. Hereford, 
der. New Inn Hall, raatric. 10 Oct. 1685, ^S^ 
17; B.A. 1689, M.A. 1603; rector of Kington, co. 
Worcester, 1694 ; his father perhaps rector of 
Whitchurch St. Dubritius, ca Hereford, 1669. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Hason, Henry, of ca Lancaster, pleb. Brase.vosb 
Coll., matria 23 Nov.. 1593. aged 17; servitor 
X593from Wigan, exhibitioner 1593. B.A. aajan., 
1^95-6; chaplain Corpus Christi Coll. 1609, 
M.A. II May, 1603, B.D. 25 June, 1610, chaplain 
to Dr. King, Bishop of London, vicar of Hillingdon, 
Middlesex, i6ii-ia, rector of St Matthew, Fn'dar 
Street, 1612, and rector of St Andrew Undershait 
1613, canon of St Paul's 1615-37 ; died at Wigan 
Aug., 1647. See Ath, iii. 320; Lansdowne MS. 
985, f. 108 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Mason, Humphrey; B.A. from Lincoln Colu 3 
March. 1613-4, M.A ai June. 1616. 

Mason, James, of co. Lancaster, paup. schoL 
Brasenosb Coll., matric. 16 June. 1610, aged 
17; B.A. 16 July, 1612, M.A. 3 May, 1615. RD. 
10 June, 1624. rector of Grayingham. co. Lincoln, 
i62iB, vicar of Norman ton-upon-Trcnt, Notts, 163a. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, J 8] 

Mason, John, derk Maooalen Coll. 1508, B.Mus. 
12 Feb.. 1508-9, chaplain 1509, instructor of the 
choristers 1508, " now much in esteem for his 
profession." see Fasti, i. ; canon of Hereford 1525, 
and treasurer of the cathedral 1545 ; died 1547-8. 
See Bloxam, iL 3, 195. 182. 

Mason, (Sir) John ; fellow of All Souls' Coll. 1521, 
RA. Slmy, 1521, M.A. 31 Feb., 1524-5. chancdlor 
of the UmversiW 1552^ and 1559-64. dean of Win- 
chester 1549-^3 (born at Abingdon. Berks, son of a 
cowherd by bis wife, the sister of a monk), upon 
the motion of Sir Thomas More sent by the king to 
the university of Paris, of the privy coundl temp. 
Henry VIIL and temp. Edward VI. ; •• chief derk 
of the council. French secretary and master of 
requests and ambassador to Fkance in that king's 
time, in Queen Mary's time he was English resident 
in the Netherlands, M.P. Reading drca 1551-a, 
Taunton 1552-3, co. Southampton April-May, i«4, 
Nov., 1554— Jan., 1555. 1558, i559. 1563. until he 
died ao April, 1566 ; buried in St. Paul s cathediaL 
See Fastt^ I 54 ; Lansdaume MS. 981, f. 36; & 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, See Thomas 
Mason 1594. 

Mason, John (or Masson), B.A. 25 June, 152a', 
B.Med. sup. 19 Jan., 1527-8. 

Mason, John, B.A. sup. 6 Feb., 1527-8. 

Mason, John, B.C.L. 16 Jan., 1542-3. [10] 

Mason, John, of Durham, pleb. Merton Coll., 
matric. 15 Oct., 1591, aged 14 ; brother of Francis 


Mason, John J B.A. from Corpus Christi Coll. 23 
Ju^y. *S99» M,A. 9 July, 1603. RD. 25 June. 1610, 
licenced to preach 12 May. 1612, perhaps vicar dT 
Yaeor. co. Hereford, i6aa See Foster's Index 

Mason, John, of Southants, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll.. matric 25 June, 1602, aged 15 ; (5. John, of 
Kings Lynn, Norfolk), baptised there 11 Dea, 
1586, entered the navy, became governor of 
Newfoundland 1616-22. had a grant of the province 
of Maine in New England jointly with Sir Fcrdi- 
nando Gorges 1622 ; vice-president of the English 
council for New England 163a, treasurer of the 
army, and captain of Southsea Castle, with the 
command of the channel fleet, had a grant of the 
province of New Hampshire 1635, created vice- 
admiral of New England in Oct, 1635, but died in 
the following Dec See Waters Chesters of 
Chickeley, il 549. 

Mason, John, of Brasenosb Coll. i6c>3, b.A. aa 
May, 1606, M.A. 3 May, 1609. 

Mason, John, of Yorks. pleb. Corpus Christi 
Coll., matric 27 Oct., 161 5, aged 19; B.A. 27 
Oct, 1617, M.A. 7 July, i6aa [IS] 

Mason, John, s. Thomas, of Ashby Magna, ca 
Ldcester, minister. Lincoln Coll., matric 13 
Dec, 1622, aged 17; B. A from Pembroke CoLU 15 
Feb., 1625-6; brotherof Thomas 1615. 

Mason, John. s. Roland, of Bangor, co. Carnarvon, 
sacerd. Exeter Coll., matric 3 Dec, 163T. aged 
17, B.A. 29 Jan., 1634-5; his father vicar of Bangor 
1623. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Mason, John, " ser." Christ Church, matric 23 
July, 16^6, B,A 39 Feb., 1659-60; incorporated at 
Cambridge 1675, M.A. from Trinity Hall, Cam- 
brid^, 1675 ; incorporated at Oxford 14 July, 1676 
(as Edward), canon of Southwell 1679*85. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Mason^ Joseph, of Southants. pleb. Queen's Coll.. 
matric 21 Nov., 1628, aged 17; B.A. 4 Feb., ]6s9> 
30, M.A. I June, 1633; created B.D. 17 June, 1646, 
** the intruded" vicar of Alton, Hants, 1646. Sfe 
Add. MS. 15.670, p. 188. 

Mason, Lewis ; demy Magdalen Coll. 1647. frcm 
Hants, until ejected by the parliamentary vi5it<vs 
1648; student of Christ Church 1650, B.A 17 
June, 1650, M.A. 35 April, 1653. Sec^ B/oxam, v. 
aoi ; & Burrows, 493, 513. " t*0] 

Mason, Michael, of Middlesex, pleb, Christ 
Church, matric. 20 Nov., 1580, aged 18 ; B.A. as 
Jan., 1582-3, student of Lincoln's Inn 1588. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Mason. Nicholas, student of Oxford and B.A. oft 
Camoridge; B.Can.L. sup. Mav, 1534. B,C,L. sup. 
July, 1539; perhaps beneficed in Somersetshire. 
See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Mason, Nicholas, s. Sackvill, of Hampton-on-Thames. 
Middx., gent Trinity Coll.. matric 17 Oct, 
1634, aged 18 ; student of Middle Temple 1641. his 
fatner of Woridham. Southants, esq. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. 

Mason, Richard, of Middx., pleb. Christ Church, 
matric 23 Nov., 1581, aged 19 ; B.A. 33 Jan.. 1582-3. 

Mason, Richard, of Salop, pleb. Oriel Coll.. 
matric 33 Nov., 1581, aged 17. l^S] 

Mason, Richard, of Hants, gent. Brasenosb Coix. , 
matric 3 April, 1601. aged 15 ; B. A 15 July. 1603, 
M.A 13 May, 1608, rector of Bighton, Hants. 163a 
See Foster's Indtx Eccl. 

Mason, Richard, s. Tho., of Chestock. Salop, gent 
Trinity Coll., matric 15 Nov., 1673, aged 17; 
bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 1685 (his father of 
Rockley. Salop), M.P. Bishops Castle 1690. until 
his death in 169a See Foster's Judgex and Bar- 

Mason, Robert, B.A. ; M.A. sup. 31 Oct, 1528. 

Mason, Robert, of Northumberland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll.. matric 17 Nov.. 1581. aged 17 (subscribes 
Mayson); B.A. 33 Jan., 1583-1^ vicar of Wood- 
home, Northumberland, 1588. See Foster's iKdex 

Mason, Robert ; E A from Balliol Colu 19 June. 
1585. M.A. 3 July, 1588 ; one of these names rector 
of Fenny Drayton, co. Leicester, 1606. See Foster s 
Index Eccl. [SO] 

Mason, Robert, of Salop, gent Ballioi. Colu. 
matric 5 Nov., 1591, aged 30; studer.t of Linco'.n's 
Inn 1597. See Foster's Inn% of Court Rtr. 

Mason, Robert, of Northants. pleb. M ago ale M 
Hall, matric 1 July, 1603, aged 19^ 

Mason, Robert; RA from St. John's Coix., Cara- 
bridTC, 1609-10, M.A. 1613 (incorporatacl 15 July, 
1617), LL.D. i6a8; perhaps rector of Strixtoo, 
Northants, 163a. See Foster's Index EccL 

• [ 983 ] 

Robert Mason. 

1500— 1714. 

Richard Massy. 

Xason, Robert, of Yorlcs, pkb. CORPUS Christi 
Coll., matric X3 March, 1618-9, aged 17; B.A. i 
July, 1622, M. A. a July, 1695. 

Mason, Robert, s. Robert, of Boscombe, Hants, gent. 
St. Alban Hall, matric ao Mav. 1643, aged x^ ; 
perhaps of Kingsclere, Hants, knighted 9 April. 
1661. and M.P. Winchilsea Nov., 1666, tintil his 
death in 1669 ; father of Robert next-named. See 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, 

Xason, Robert, of Winchester. Hants, equitis fiL nat 
max. Corpus Christi Coll., matric 19 June, 
1674. aged 15. 

Mason, Robert, s. R., of Sulham, Berks, gent St. 
Edmund Hall, matria 9 Feb., 1676-7, aged 18. 

Mason, Roger ; B.Can.L. sup. a June, 1511. [8] 

Mason, Thomas; RA. of Cambridge, sup. xi Dec., 
1527, for incorporation. 

Masonn, Thomas, of Yorks. pleb. St. John's Colu, 
matria 10 Oct, 1594, aged 17. 

Mason, Thomas, of Southants, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll., matric. 39 Nov., 1594, aged 14; demy 
1598-1603. B.A. 13 Dec., i6oa, fellow 1603-14. M.A. 
13 June. 1605, B.D. 1 Dec., 1613, D.D. 18 May, 
1631; vicar of Ne%vton Valence 1606. and ofOdibam, 
Hants. 16X4-X9, rector of Littleton. Middlesex. 1616, 
rccior of North Waltbam 1623. and of Weyhill, 
Hants, 1624, etc, etc., "his uther heir unto Sir 
John Mason, sometime privy councillor to Queen 
Eliabeth." See Ath, it 275 ; Bloxam, iv. 34a ; & 
Poster's Index EccL 

Mason, Thomas, of co. Leicester, cler. fil. Lincoln 
Coll., matric. 5 May, 1615. aged 30; B.A. X3 
Dec, 1615, M.A. T July, 1618 ; perhaps rector of 
Knbrooke St. Mary, co. Lincoln. 1634, vicar of 
Great Ashby, co. Leicester; brolher of John 162a, 
and lather of Thomas 1661. See Foster's hidtx 

Mason, Thomas, s. Richard, of Croome D'Abitot, co. 
Worcester, pleb. Wadham Coll., matric 22 
Oct, 1624, aged 17. B.A. 9 Nov.. 1637; MA 
from Hart Hall 3 June, 163a See Foster's Index 
EuUiiasiicus, [10] 

Mason, Thomas, s. Thomas, of London (city), gent 
Queen's Coll., matric 4 Nov., 1631, aged 17; 
hir.-at-law. Gray's Inn, x64a See Foster's Judges 
and Barristers. 

Mason, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Great Ashby, co. 

Leicester, minister, p. p. Lincoln Coll., matric 

21 March, i66o-x, aged 18; RA. ai Feb., 1664-5 ! 

^ vicar of Great Ashby 1673. See Foster's Index 


Mason, Thomas, s. Edm.. of Forest Hill, Oxon, pleb. 
Lincoln Coll.. matric X3 Nov., x668, aged 
17; B.A. X673, M.A. X675. See Foster's Index 

Mason, Thomas, s. Rich., of Burlingham. co. Wor- 
cester, gent Oriel Coll., matric xo Nov., 1682, 
aged x8; B.A. 1686, M.A. 1689. See Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

Mason, Thomas, s. Hugh, of Treowen, co. Monmouth, 
p. p. Wadham Coll., matric 14 Dec, X705, 
aged 19 ; B. A. 1709. [15] 

Mason, Valentine, of co. Warwick, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll., matric 18 June. x6xo. aged 17 ; RA. 28 
Jan., 16x0-11, M.A. 5 July, X6X4. See Btoxam, v. 

Mason, William, B.D. from Lincoln Coll. 7 July, 
1603; one of these names beneficed in Lincoln- 
shire x6o8, and canon x6oa Sec Foster's Index 

]£aBOn, William, of Southants, pleb. Magdalb?^ 
Hall, matric. 27 June, x6o6, aged x6 ; demy 
Magdalen Coll. 1610-14, B.A. xo June. x6ix, 
M.A. 5 July. X614, fellow X6X4-20, rector of Hors- 
ington, CO. Lincoln, 1619-31. See Bloxam, v. 33 ; 
& Foster's Index Eccl. 

Mason, William, B.A. from Exeter Colu 7 June, 

Mason, William, s. Ben., of Pixley. co. Hereford, 
gent. Wadham Coll., matric 10 March, X675-6, 
aged x8 ; scholar X676. B.A 2 March, 1679-83; 
M.A. fboni King's Coll., Cambridge, 1701 ; 
perhaps rector of Kemeys Inferior, co. Monmouth, 
x68x. See Gardiner^ 310 ; & Foster's Indtx Eccl, 

Mason, Woodyer, s. William, of London (city), gent 
Wadham Coll., matric. sa Nov., X7X4, aged x6; 
student of Middle Temple 17x5. See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg. [aij 

Massam, Robert (Maram), B.A. 4 July, X5X3, M.A. 
12 June, X5t6. 

Massey, Edward, subscribed 15 Oct, X634. 

Massie, Edward, s. Robert, of Coddington. Cheshire, 

arm. St. Edmund Hall, matric X5 Aug., X667, 

aged X7. 

Massey, Edward, s. Roger, of Coddington, Cheshire, 
arm. Exeter Coll . matric. 27 June. 1671, ac^ 
x6 : of Rosthorne. Cheshire, student of Gray's Inn 
1674. died 1730; father of Richard 1697. Sec 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. [aS] 

Massye, Gerard, of Cheshire, gent Brasenosb 
Coll., matric X3 Dec, 1588, agsd ij\ B.A. 5 
Peb., 159X-2, M.A. 17 May. 1595, proctor x6ox, 
B.D. xo July, 1604, D.D. tt March, X608-9. rector 
of Wigan, co. Lancaster, 1604 ; father of the next 
See Foster's Indtx Eccl. 

Massye, Gerard (Charles in Mat. Reg.), s. Gerard, of 
Chester (city). S.T. D. Br asenose Coll. , metric 
IX Marcn, 1630- 1, aged x8. 

Massy, Henry, of Wilts, pleb. MAGDALEN Hall. 
matric 24 Nov., X581, aged 22. 

Massey, Henry, s. Tho., of Devizes, Wilts, pleb. 
Queen's Coll.. matric x6 March, I7xs-X3, aged 
14 ; B. A X716, M.A. 1719. 

Massye, James, of co. Lancaster, arm. Oriel 
Coll., matric. 8 Nov., 1^83, aged 17 ; bar.-at-law. 
Gray's Inn, 1595. as of Rixton, co. Lancaster. See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers. [^O] 

Massy, John ; B.C.U sup. 16 Nov., 1531. 

Massy, John. See Masy. 

Massy, John, s. J(ohn), of Bristol, Somerset, pleb. 
Magdalen Coll., matric 26 Nov., 1669, aged 
18, clerk X666-73; RA. from Magdalen Hall 
1673; fellow Mbrton Coll. X672, M.A 29 Jan., 
i^S-6. proctor X684, dean of Christ Church 
1686. abdicated x688. fled beyond seas after the 
landing of William III., became confessor to the 
convent of Blue Nuns in Paris ; died there X716. 
See Al. West. 28 ; Bloxam, ii. 75 ; Fasti, il 348; 
& O.H.S. iv. 295. 

Masste, John. s. Jo., of Chester (city), arm. Brass- 
NOSE Coll.. matric. 7 Nov., X692, aged X5; 
perhaps brother of William X697. 

Massye, Michael, of Salop, pleb. St. Mary Hall, 
matric 27 Nov., X581, aged x8; B.A. sup. i July, 
1584, from Broadgates Hall, rector of Barrington, 
Salop, 1589. See Foster's Index Eccl. [SS] 

Massy, Nathaniel, s. John, of Weddington, Wilts, 
p.p. Qt;EEN's Coll., matric 12 May, 1673, aged 
x6; B.A. X677. vicar of Stratton St Margaret, 
Wilts, i68a See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Massy, Richard, of Cheshire, pleb. Brasenosb 
Coll., matric. X4 Feb., 1588-9, aged 13. 

[ 984 ] 

Richard Massie. 


Henry Masters. 

Massie, Richard (Middleton), s. Edw., of Rostherne, 
Cheshire, gent Brasenosb Coll., matric. a6 
.March. x^7* aged 15 ; a non-juror, one of the 
keepers of the ^^molean, hon. fellow college of 
physicians 1796. practiced at Wisbeach and 
Stepney, D.Med. Aberdeen 7 March, 1720, F.S.A 
17x8, and secretary X725-6, F.R.S. X7i3; died at 
Rostherne 29 March. 1743. aged 6^, buried in the 
chancel there. See RawL v. 45a ; MmhA's Roll^ ii. 
93 : & Heame, iiL 174. 

Massie, Robert, s. Richard, of Sale, Cheshire, arm. 
Bkasbnosb Coll., matric. 3 July, 1663, aged 19. 

Massy, Samuel, s. Hugh, of Duntrileague, co. L6uth, 
( Dauntry League, co. Lincoln), p. p. BalliolColl. , 
matric. aa May, 1690, aged 34 ; died s.p. 

Massy, Thomas (Maqre), Regular Augustinian canon, 
B.D. sup. a8 April, iC3a, D.D. sup. May, 1537, 
prior of St. Mary's College, Oxford, and perhaps 
vicar of Eisey and Eaton, Wilts, 1538, etc. See 
Fasti, L 91, X06 ; & Foster's Ind*x EuL 

Massie, Thomas, of co. Lancaster, gent Brasenose 
Coll., matria 6 July, 1587, aged 19. [5] 

Massye, William ; B.A. 17 May. 1541 ; one of these 
names beneficed in Somersetshire, 1553. See 
Foster's Index Ecci, 

Massie, William; fellow Brasenose Coll. 1573, 
B.A 3 Feb., IS73-4' M.A 9$ June, 1577, B.D. 4 
July, 1^86; sup. for licence to preach 15 April, 
z^8<S, fellow, and chaplain of the collegiate church 
of Manchester 1576, rector of Wilmslow, Cheshire, 
1591, until his death there a8 July, x6xa See 
Cheiham, xxi. n.s. 63 ; Fasti, L 337 ; Barwaker, L 
90 : ft Foster's JntUx EuL 

Massie, Wniiam, s. Joh., of Coddington, Cheshire, 
gent Brasenose Coll., matric 17 Dec, 1697, 
aged x6 ; died s.p. 1739 ; perhaps brother of John 

Massinffberd. Christopher (Masynberde or Massen- 
berge), B.LL. of Cambridge; sup. May, X537, for 
incorporation and for D.C.L., canon X510, treasurer 
1^x6, precentor 1538, and chancellor of the church 
of Lincoln X533, rector of Abington-juzta-Shengay, 
CO. Cambridge, X5xx-x5, archdeacon of Stow X543, 
until his deau 8 March x 553-3, buried in Lincoln 
cathedral See Lansdcvme MS, 980, 1 zaa; 
Cooper, i. xxx ; ft Fasti, i. xo6. 

Massingberd, Christopher; B.A 4 Feb., 1540-x, 
fellow of Merton Coll. X54X. See O.H.S, iv. 359. 

Massingberd, Thomas, of co. Lincoln, gent. 
University Coll., matric x Dec, X581, aged 18 ; 
of Braytoft Hall, co. Lincoln ; bar.-at-law, of the 
Inner Temple, 1593. as of Saltfleetby. co. Lincoln 
(xs. Thomas), difd at Gumby 5 Nov., X636 ; grand- 
father of the next-named. S^ Foster's judges and 
Barristers. [Ill 

Massingberd, (Sir) WiUiam. 8. Henr., of Bratoft 
Hall. CO. Lincoln, bart Wadham Coll., matric. 
X3 March. 1667-8, aged x8 ; and baronet ; student 
of Inner Temple 1668; died 17x9. See Foster's 
Inns 0/ Court keg. 

Massinger. See also Messinger. page 1004. 

Massinger, Philip, of Salisbury, gent. St. Alban 
Hall, matric 14 May, x6oa. aged x8 (s. Arthur) ; 
poet and dramatist; died in his house on the 
Bankside in Southwark. buried in the ^1 Head 
churchyard of St Saviour's church ao March, 
1639. See Atk. ii. 654. 

Massenet. Peter, of Geneva; created D.Med. 9 
April. X046. second or under tutor to James, Duke 
of York- See Fasti, ii. 97. [151 

Mastall, John (Marshall in Mat. Reft.), gent Mag- 
dalen Coll. , matric. 18 March, X657-8. 

Masters, Adrian, of Somerset, cler. fit Hart 
Hall, matric 33 Nov. , X604, aged x8 ; B. A from 
St. Edmund Hall x8 Feb., x6o8^, M.A 8 July, 
16x3, then in orders ; vicar of Puriton, Somerset. 
z6ai. See Foster's Index EceL 

Master, Alexander; fellow New Cull. Z548-53. from 
Lynton, Kent; B.A 34 Oct, X55a, rector of 
Tillington, Sussex, X56a See Foster s Index Eccl, 

Ma8ter(s), Benjamin, s. WiUiam, of Canterbury, 
Kent, doctoris. Christ Church, matric 39 Nov. , 
X633, aged x8 (as Master); B.A 15 June, X637, 
M.A. ax June, X640 (as Masters), see also William 
X647. See AL West. X05. 

Masters, Charles, s. Tha, of Tattenhill, ca Stafford, 
cler. Exeter Coll., matric x AprO, x68o, aged 
17 ; B. A X685, fellow x68a, until his death in x686. 
See Boose, 8a [aO] 

Master^ Edward, of Kent, gent Merton Coll., 
matnc 6 July, X604, ^^ "^7'* B. A x Feb., x6xo-xx ; 
possibly of Gray's Inn X595. as son of James, of 
East Langland, Kent, gent, and if so, then of 
Ospringe, and knighted 7 June, X630 ; M.P. Canter- 
bury April-May, X640, and 1640 (L.P.) until his 
death 3 Aug., X648 ; fother of Edward X633. and of 
James x6a7. See Foster's Pari. Dictionary. 

Master^ Edward, of Kent, gent TRiNnr Coll.. 
matnc c May, x6x5, aged X7; perhaps vicar of 
Linton, Rent, i6aa See Foster's Index EccL 

Master, Edward, s. Edward, of Canterbury, Kent 
eq. aur. Hart Hall, matric 39 Nov., X633, 
aged x6 ; B. A. ao June, X636. as Ma.sters ; perhaps 
created M.A a Dec, x64a; student of Gray's Inn 
X636 ; brother of James 1637. See Foster's Gray's 
Inn Reg. 

Master, Edward, s. Edward, of Preston, ca Glou- 
cester, gent St. Alban Hall, matric 34 May, 
X639, aged x8. 

Master, Edward, s. Ralph, of Stockwith, ca Leicester, 
pleb. p. p. New Coll., matric 11 Oct., 1639, 
aged x6; B.A. xx Feb., x64a-3. L^^J 

Masters, Edward, s. Edward, of Brewham, Somerset, 
pleb. Oriel Coll., matric ^ June, X640, aged 
14 ; B.A a4 Feb., X643-4, M.A X3 Oct, 1663, 
perhaps vicar of Qoford, Somerset, and of Doult- 
mg, Somerset, X675. See Foster's Index EccL 

Master, Edward, gent New Coll., matric x6 
Nov., X650, B.C.L. XX Dec, X654. D.CL. aa June. 
X663 ; of Halton, Oxon (s. Richard, of East Lang- 
don, Kent); an advocate of Doctors' Commons 
Z664, chancellor of Exeter ; died at Halton x Sept, 
X693. See Coote's Civilians, 87 ; & FasH, ii. a66. 

Master, George (Maisters), of London, arm. St. 
John's Coll., matric. entry under date 1575. aged 
xo; student of Lincoln's Inn X575; brother of 
Inomas same date, and of Robert X578, and grand' 
father of William and George X647. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. ; & Foster's Parliamentary 

Masters, George, subscribed ax Oct, 1614 ; B.A. 
from Queen's Coll. 7 Nov., x6xs, M.A 9 July, 
16x8, rector of Ruckland with Worlab^, ca Lin- 
coln, X635. See Foster's Index Eul. 

Master, George, 3s. William, of Cirencester, ca 
Gloucester, equitis. Christ Church, matric a 
April, X647, aged x8 ; bar.-at-law. Unci's Ini^, 
X057 ; brother of William X647, and of John 1654. 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers & Burrows^ 488. 

Masters, Goes, of Kent gent. Merton Coll., 
matric ao Feb., x59a-3, aged X5. [»x] 

Masters, Henry, of London, arm. Trinity Coll., 
matric entrv under date ao March, X578-9, aged 
13; B.A a June, X584. M.A. xa July, x^, principal 
of St. Alban Hall X603-X4 as Master ; probably 
brother of Robert Master, see next page. 

Masters, Henrv, of Somerset, pleb. Lincoln Coll., 
matric. X4 March, X616-7, aged x8 ; perhaps vicar 
of Misterton, Somerset, x6^, and of Creech St 
Michad, Somerset 1641 (then M.A). See Footer's 
Index EuU 

[ 98S ] 

Jacob Master. 

1500 — 1714. 

Thomas Master. 

ICaster, "Jacob,** 8. J., of Mereworth, Kent, gent. 
St. John's Coll., matric. 7 Aptiii, 1688. aged x8. 

Xaster, James, as. Edward, of Osprioge, Kent, arm. 
New Coll. , matric. ao April, 1637. aged 90 ; B.C. L. 
3 May, 1633. as Masters. D.C.L. 8 May, 1638, an 
advocate 1648 ; brother of Edward 1633. and 
Richard 169a. See Coote's Ciwlians, 83. 

Xasters, James, a. John, of Englishcombe, Somerset. 
I^b. St. Alban Hall, matric 4 May, 1627, 
aged 18 ; RA 18 Feb., 1637-8, M.A. 5 July, 1630, 
created B.D. 6 (or 17) June, 1646, rector of St. 
Peter and St. Paul. Bath, 1639, until sequestered in 
z^5 by the Westminster assembly, subdean of 
Wdos 1661, rector of Farley Hungc^ord, Somerset, 
i66a; ?died x6 Aug., 1665; brother of Richard, 
fother of Nathaniel See Miu. Gem, et Her, N.s. 
\n. 71 ; & Add. AfS, 15.669, pp. 181, 9x6. 

ICastar, John ; B.A. 7 Feb., X590-X, fellow Mbrton 
Coll. 1599, M.A 3X March, 1525. 

Vastier), J<rfm ; B.A. sup. 90 June, 1591. 


ICastar, John (Maister or Masters), at Corpus 
Christi Coll. X530. from Somerset; B.A. ix Dec, 
x^i, M.A. sup. — Nov.. 1533 ; vicar of Charlton 
canfield, or Horthome. 1546. and of East Camel, 
alias Queen's Camel, Somerset, 155a See Foster's 
ItuUx Eccl, 

ICaster, John, equitis fiL nat. min. Christ Church. 
matric 90 July. 1654; B.A 3 Feb., 1656-7; M.A. 
from St. Mary Hall 95 June, 1659. B. & D.Med, 
from Christ Church 4 July, 1672 ; hon. fellow 
college of physicians x68o. perhaps brother of George 
and William 1647. See Munk's Roll^ i 41a 

Xasters, John, s. Herb., of Burghill. co. Hereford, 
gent Balliol Coll., matric. 3 April, 1669, aged 

Xasters, Nathaniel, s. James, of Bath, minister. 
Magdalen Hall, matric 19 Feb., 1663-4. aged 
16 ; vicar of Bathampton and also of Bathford, 
Somerset, 167a See Foster's Index EecL 

ICaster, Richard (Mastre, Maistre, or Masters); s. 
Robert, of Streetend in Willesborough, Kent; 
fellow of All Souls' Coll. 15^3, B.A. 99 Oct, 
IS33« M.A. XI May. 1537; B.Med. and admitted 
to practice X545, of Christ Church 1547, D.Med. 
99 July, 1555, incorporated at Cambridge X57X, 
fellow college of physicians 1553, president 1561, 
physician to Queen Elizabeth 15^9, beneficed about 
i^, but soon resigned the livmg, prebendary of 
Yoric 1^63, had a grant of the reversion of the site 
of the late monastery of Cirencester, etc, etc.. 6 
Jan., 1564-^; died about 1587; father of Robert 
1^78. ami of George and Thomas 1575, and possibly 
dr James Maister. See Cooper^ il 90; MunJts 
RoUt L 59 ; ft Fasii, i. 143. [lO] 

Kaster, Richard, of CO. Gloucester, arm. fil. nat. 9. 
St. John's Coll., matric 19 Nov., 16x9. aged 16; 
perhaps B.C.L. from All Souls' Colu 4 July, 
1625, as Masters. 

K&Ster, Richard, is. Edward, of Ospringe, Kent, 
arm. Exeter Coll., matric 13 Dec, 1629, aged 
x8; a student of Gray's Inn 1697; brother of 
Edward 1633, and James 1697. See Foster's Grays 
inn Reg. 

Xasters, Richard, s. John, of Englishcombe, Somer- 
set, pleb. St. Alban Hall, matric x Dec. 1637. 
aged x8; B.A. xo Nov., 1640, rector of Walcot 
1661, vicar of Englishcombe 1669 (then M.A.), and 
of Weston-juxta-Bath 1671 , rector of Stanton Prior 
(an Somerset), 1674; brother of James. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Master, Richard, t. William, of Woodford, Essex, 
cler. Lincoln Coll. , matric 6 July, 1689, aged 
16 ; B.A. frtxn Merton Coll. x686, M.A. 1689 ; 
rector of Woodford 1703. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

MaBter. Robert, of London, arm. Trinitt Coll., 
matric entry tmder date 90 March. 1578-0, aged 14 ; 
fellow of Aij. Souls' Coll., BCL. 14 July, x<9o. 
D.C.L. xo I>ec, 1594 (as Masters); principal of 
St. Alban Hall X599-X603, an advocate x^» 
chancellor of Rochester and Uchfield. M. P. Cnck- 
lade x6ox ; died xo July. 1695 ; probably brother of 
Henry Masters, see preceding page See Lansdcwne 
MS, 984, f. 64 ; Fasti, L 967 ; ft Coote's Civilians, 

65. tl»] 

Master, Robert ; BA. from Aix Souls* Coll. 19 
Feb., 1698^ 

Masters. Samuel, s. George, of Sarum, gent Wad- 
ham Coll.. matric 13 Nov.. 1669. aged x6; fellow 
Exeter Coll. 1663^1 . B.A 1666. M.A 1669, 
B.D. x68o (as Master), preacher at Stanton Harcourt 
and South Xjcv, Oxon, canon of St Paul's 1678, 
and of Lichfield x68x. chaplain to the Earl of Radnor 
and preacher to the hospital of Bridewell 1677, 
rector of Shottesbrooke. Berks, 1685-93. and of 
Dunton. Berks. May-Sept, 1693 ; died at Bath 19 
Sept., 1603, and btiried there in the church of St 
Peter and St Paul See Ath, iv. 386 ; Boose, 75 ; 
Gardiner t 246 ; Rawl. I 45 ; ft Heame, iL 6a 

Masters, Stephen, "ser." Aix Souls' Coll., 
matric. 9 Julyt 1658, B A 1669, rector of Braunce- 
well-with-Durnby, co. Lincoln, 1667. vicar of South 
Leverton, Notts, 1686. rector of Darley, 00. Derby, 
1691. See Foster's Index Ecel, 

Master, Streynsham, s. William, of Oxford (city), 
cksr. Queen's Coll., matric. 90 June, 1704, aged 
xo ; vicar of Aston, near Birmingham, 1733-7. See 
F()ster's Index Eccl, 

Master, Thomas (Maisters), of London, arm. St. 
Johns Coll., matric entry under date 1575. aged 
15; fellow of Merton Coix. 1577, BA 14 Dec, 
1577, M.A 14 May, 1589, BD. X9 July. 1599. sup. 
for licence to preach 98 Jan., 1593-4 (3s. Richard 
1533), vicar of Isle Abbots, Somerset, 1593-1637, 
master of the Temple 1601-98, canon of Lichfield 
16x3. archdeacon of Salop 16x4 ; said to have died 
1698 ; brother of George 1575, and of Robert 1578, 
and uncle to the next-named. See Foster's Index 
Bui, ft 0,H.S, iv. 979. [ao] 

Masters, Thomas, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matric 99 May, 1590, aged 19; vicar of Ewny- 
with-St.-Ives. Cornwall, 1601. See Foster's Index 

Master,' Thomas, s. William, of Coates, co. Glouces- 
ter, minister. New Coll., matric 15 Nov., 1699, 
aged 19 ; fellow 1699, B.A 99 Nov., 1695. M.A. 6 
June. 1699. B.D. 30 Jan.. X640-X (as Masters), 
sinecure rector of Wickham, co. Lincoln. 1637; 
died near Louth Dec or Jan., 1643; buried in ^e 
outer chapel of New College See Ath, iii. 83. 

Masters, Thomas, created B.A from Magdalen 
Hall 15 April. 1648 ; fellow Exeter Coll. 
1648-58, M.A. 99 Jan.. 1650-1. See Boose, 70; 
Burrows, 509 ; ft Foster's Index Eccl. 

Master, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Cirencester, co. 
Gloucester, arm. Christ CmmcH, matric. 30 
April, 1680. aged 16 ; of the Abbey, Cirencester, 
M. P. 1685-7. 1689-90 ; died 1710, aged 47 ; father 
of the next See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, 

Master, Thomas, s. T., of Cirencester, co. Gloucester, 
arm. Christ Church, matric 99 Oct., 1706, 
aged x6; of the Abbey. Cirencester, M.P. in 7 
parliaments (Jan.), 1719-47. See Fostefs Parlio' 
mentary Dictionary, [2^1 

[ ?86 ] 

William Master. 

1500 — I7I4, 

John Mathewe. 

Master, William; scholar of King's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 14 Aug., XMQ. from Eton, and fellow 14 
Aug., 1553, from WiUington, Beds, B.A. 1555-4, 
M.A 1557 (incorporated 29 July, ij6o), proctor 
1^61. public orator 1^63-5. created LLD. 1568, 
yicar-|;eneral and official principal of the diocese of 
Norwich 1569. an advocate ix June, 1571, vicar of 
Shipton-tmder-Wichwood, Oxon, 1564, of Burford, 
Oxon, X571 ; died 2 Feb., i58<;h9o; buried in 
Norwich cathedral See Fasti, L 159; Coote's 
Civilians, 49 ; Cooper, iL 65 ; & Foster's Index 

Masters, William, 8. William, of Bath, Somerset, 
pleb. Corpus Christi Coll., matric. 25 May, 
1637, aged 17; B.A from St. Alban Hall x6 
Dec., 1640 ; perhaps canon of St Paul's X663, and 
rector of Southchurch, Essex, 1666 (as M.A). See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Master, WiUiam, 2S. William, of Cirencester, co. 
Glouc equitis. Christ Church, matric. a 
April, X647, aged 19, B.A 7 Nov., i6qo; fellow 
Merton Coll. 1651. M.A 19 Nov., 1052, B.D., 
rector of Woodford Rowe, Essex, 1661, of South- 
church, Essex, 1666-7, rector of St Vedast, Foster 
Lane, 1671, (a minor) canon of St Paul's 1663 ; 
died 1684 ; brother of George 16^7, and John 1654. 
See Atk. iv. 148 ; Burrows, 488 ; & OM.S, iv. 991. 

Master, William, s. Richard, of East Langdon, 
Kent, gent New Colu, matric 5 Aug., r668, 
aged 18; B.A 1672, fellow, M.A 14 Jan., 1675-6, 
rector of Holton, Oxon, 1684-1703 ; father of 
Streynsham. See Heame, \, 991 ; ft Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Master, William, s. George, of Tittenhanger, Herts, 
gent Christ Church, matric 16 May, 1679, 
aged 17 ; possibly a student of Lincoln's Inn X677, 
as son of George, 1647. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. [5] 

Masterson, Richard, B. A 27 May, 1566. 

Masterson, Richard, of Wexford, gent HART 
Hall, matric entry under date 1573, aged 15. 
See Atk, i. 457. 

Masy. See Macie. 

Matohett, John, s. Tho. , of Beeby, 00. Leicester, 
pleb. Hart Hall, matric 29 March, 1694, aged 17. 

Mather, John, s. William, of Shakerley, co. Lancaster, 
pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric. 8 May, 1675, 
aged 17; B.A 21 Jan.^ X678-9, rector of Castle 
Donington, co. Leicester, 1681. See Foster's Index 
Eccl. [10] 

Mather, John, s. William, of Manchester (city), pleb. 
Christ Church, matric 21 March, x692-3, aged 
x6; scholar Corpus Christi Coll. 1693, B.A 
1696. M.A. 22 Feb., 1699-1700, fellow 1764, B.D. 
1708. D.D. 9 March, 17x4-5, president of his 
college x7i^-48, vice-chancellor 1723-8, rector of 
Helmdon, Northants, 1723 ; died 15 April, 1748 ; 
will at Oxford proved 24 June See Ratal . liL 406 and 
xviii. 91 ; Heame, L ^2 ; ft Foster's Index Eccl, 

[Mather, Richard, s. 'Thomas, of Lowton. parish of 
Winwick, CO. Lancaster, admitted to Brasenose 
Coll. 9 Mav, 1618, aged 22, taught at a public 
school at Toxteth Park, Liverpool, 16x2-18, 
minister at Toxteth and at Prescot, co. Lancaster, 
for 15 years, suspended for nonconformity, removed 
to Dorchester, New England, in 1635. until his 
death 22 April, 1669 ; father of Samuel next- 
named. See Atk. iii. 832.] 

[Mather, Samuel, fellow Harvard Coll.. Cam- 
bridge, N.E., B.A 1643, chaplain Magdalen 
Coll. 1650-3 (is. Richard Mather) ; bom at Much 
Woolton, CO. Lancaster, 13 May, 1626, went to 
New England in 1635, returned 1650, minister at 
Leith, in Scotland, became a senior fellow Trinity 
Coll., Dublin. 1655, ^^^ lecturer in St Nicholas 
church, Dublin, 1^5 ; died 29 Oct, 1671 ; buried 
in that church. Set Atk. iii. 941; Calamy, ii. 
355; biBloxam^^ 134.] 

Mather, Thomas, s. J., of Chester (city) gent. 
Brasenose Colu, matric. 20 March, 1690-1, 
aged x6. 

Mathew, Andrew, of Wilts, pleb. UNivsRsmr Coll. , 
matric. 3 April, 1612. aged 16. [^S] 

Matthews. Andrew, s. Tho., of Hanmer, Flints, 
pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 19 Feb., 1705-6, 
aged 19, B.A 1709; M.A from St. John's Coll., 
Oimbridge, 1721, rector of Linby 1723, and of 
Nuthall, Notts, 1729, canon of Southwell 1734. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Mathewes, Arthur, gent Baluol Colu, matria 
3 June, 1652 ; student of Gray's Inn 16^5. as son 
and heir of Edward, of Burrington, ca Hereford, 
gent. See Foster's Grafs Inn Reg. 

Mathewes, Bartholomew, of Dorset, gent St. 
Mary Hall, matric 12 Nov., 1596, aged 18. 

Mathew, Charles, of Hereford (city), pleb. Oricl 
Coll., matric 18 March, i6o7-8, aged 21; B.A. 
12 Nov., 1611. See Edward 1619. 

Matthew. Charles, s. Tho.. of Castle Glynich, co. 
Glamorgan, arm. Jesus Coll., matric 7 March, 
Z684-5. aged 16; of Castell-y-Mynach, ca Glou- 
cester, f-t©] 

Mathewes, Daniel, of Flints, pleb. Bras&nose 
Coll., matric 24 Nov., 1615, aged t8. 

Mathewes, Edward, of ca Hereford, pleb. Oriel 
Coll., matric 4 June, 16x9, aged 16. See 
Charles 1608. 

Matthews, Edward, s. Mathew Jones, of Swansea, 
CO. Glamorgan, pleb. New Inn Hall, matiic 
zi July, 1634, aged 19 ; perhaps brother of Marma- 
duke 1624. 

Mathews, Edward, s. Dav., of Llandaif. co. 
Glamorgan, arm. Jesus Coll., matric 6 April, 
1666. aged 17 ; student of Lincoln's Inn 1668. See 
Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Mathew, Edward, s. "Mat. Jones," of Anglesey, 
(town), p. p. Gloucester Hall, matric 29 March, 
i(q^, aged 2a L^^l 

Mattaews, Edward, s. Tristram, of Worthingburv, 
Flints, pleb. Oriel Coll., matric 29 March, 

1693, ^^^ '^' ^^* '^9^ 
Mathewe, George (als. Chamberiaine) ; commoner ci 
Trinity Coll. in and before 1564, scholar 1565, 
B.A ZI May, 1569, fellow 1569, M.A 24 Nov., 

Mathew, George, of Somerset, arm. fiL naL max. 

Balliol Coll., matric 6 May. 1603. afed 16. 

Matthew, Geor^ge, esquire, created D.C.L. 6 Aug., 
1677 ; of Thurles, co. 'Tipperary (s. Theobald or 
Toby) ; died 7 Dec, 1735. 

Mathew, Henry, a A 11 March, z544'-5; perhaps 
vicar of King's Sutton, Northants, 155a See 
Foster's Index Eccl. ( SO] 

Matthew, James, gent Queen's Coll., subscribed 
7 Nov., 1655; possibly a student of Lincoln's Inn 
1654, as son and heir of John, of Binfield, Berks, 
gen. , deceased. See Foster's Inns ofCousrt Reg. 

Mathews, Joachim ; created D.CU 9 Sept, 1651 ; 
of Gobions, Essex (s. Joachim, of London), a 
colonel for the pariiament and a commissioner of 
the county of Essex for the ejecting '* of scandalous 
and ignorant ministers and sdioolmasters," a 
student of Lincoln's Inn 1636; licenced 31 Aug., 
1637, to marry Philippa Crewe, of St. Botol^, 
Aldersgate, spinster, M.P. Essex 1653. Maiden 
1654-5, and X 656-8, and its recorder; buried at 
Romford 5 May. 16^9; his son Philip was created a 
baronet 13 June, x66a. See Feuti, ii. 168 ; Foster's 
Parliamentary Dictionary \ ft London Marriage 
Licences, ed. Foster. 

Mathewe, John, priest ; B. A iz, and M.A. 14, 
Sept, 154X ; perhaps explain in coll^ate church 
of Astlev, CO. Warwick, 1542, etc See Foster's 
Index EccL 

[ 987 ] 

John Mathew. 

1500— I7I4, 

Philip Matthews. 

Mathew, John, " Fater," ED. 27 May, 1542. 

Xathew, John ; fellow of New Coll. 1560^3, from 
Mildenhall. Wilts, filCL. 4 June, 1567; died 

ICathew. John; scholar Corpus Chsisti Coll. 

^S^S* "Om Wilton, B. A 30 Jan., 1569-70. 
Xathew. John (? Mathen), of co. Gloucester, pleb. 

St. MAJtT Hall, matric. 30 Jan., 1589-90, aged 

g>; one of these names rector of Tortworth, co. 
loucester, i6aa See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Matthew, John, of Oxon, episcopi. fCL Christ 
Church, matric. 30 March, 1599. aged 19 (s. Toby, 
bishop of Durham) ; brother of Toby 1590, and of 
Samiiel 1581. [5] 

Matthews, John, of Middlesex pleb. St. John's 
Coll., matric. 28 June, i6ao, aged x8 (as Matthew) ; 
BwA 20 April, 1624. M.A. ' 13 May. 1628 (as 
Matthews); admitted to Merchant Taylors' school 
1614; bom 29 Oct., 1601, rector of Nymet Tnicey 
1630, of Broad Nymett 1630, and of Bow, near 
Barnstaple, 1643-4. See Robinson^ I 80 ; & Foster's 
ImUx keel, 

Mathew, John. s. Richard, of Yattendon, Berks, pleb. 
Wadham coll.. matric. 25 June, 1624, aged 18; 
B.A. 28 June, 1628, M. A 7 July, 1631. 

Matthew, John, s. William, of St. Cue, Cornwall, 
pleb. WADHAM Coll., matric. 24 Octi 1634, 
aged 18 ; buried there 1701 ; brother of William 

Mathews. John, s. Thomas, of Piiiner, Middlesex, 
pleb. All Souls' Coll., matric. 26 Jan., 1637-8, 
aged 17. 

Mathews. John, s. Roger, of Bloxham, Oxon, sacerd. 
Queens Coll., matric. 24 May, 1639, aged x6; 
brother of Stephen 1634. [10] 

Mathew, John, s. Edward, of Buckerell, Devon, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 20 May, 1642, ageax8; 
created M.A 14 April. 1648, "refused to come to 
Toar's chapel service." Sec Burrows, 50a 

Mathews. John, M.A of Cambridge; incorporated 
24 April, 1650; perhaps B. A from King's Coll. 
1627-8, M.A 1631. See Foster's GraduoH Cantab. 

Mathew, John, gent Wadham Colu, matric. 23 
June, 16^. RA 13 Oct., 1656; M.A. from Mag- 
dalen Hall 4 June, 1659. 

Mathew, John, s. Tbo., of Banburr, Oxon, minister. 
Trinitt Coll., matric. 22 March, 1663-4, aged 15 ; 
B.A. from St. Mary Hall 1667 ; perhaps created 
M.A 20 Dec., 1670. 

Mathewes, John, "ser.," s. Samuel, of Cantlop, 
p. p. Queen's Coll. matric. 10 March, 1664-5. 
aged x8 ; RA 1668. [15] 

Matthews John, s. John, of Gloucester (city), pleb. 
Oriel Coll., 15 March, 1666-7, aged 15; B.A. 
1670, M.A. 1673, vicar of Tewlcesbury, co. 
Gloucester. 1703. until his death 26 May, 1729, aged 
79 ; buried there. See Heame, i. 237 ; RawL m. 
3^5. »c 284/:. 

Mathew, John, s. Richard, of Claveriey, Salop, 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 9 July, 1667, 

Matthew, John, s. Edm., of Wollaston, Northants. 
p. p. Wadham Coll., matric. 17 March, 1670-1, 
aged 15 ; B. A 24 March. 1674-5 ; perhaps vicar of 
Weedon Beck, Northants, 1676. See Foster's 
Index Eecl. 

Mathewes, John, s. J., of Shrewsbury (town), gent. 
Jesus Coll., matnc. i Dec., 1691, aged z6 ; one of 
these names rector of Quatt, Salop, 1709. and of 
Broseley, Salop. 171 1. See Foster's Index Eeel. 

Matthewes, John, s. John, of Holme-Lacy, co. 
Hereford, pleb. Christ Church, matric. 29 
April, 1703, aged 16, B.A 1707 ; M.A. from St. 
John's Coll., Cambridge, 1713; one of these 
names rector of Graffham, Hunts, 17x3. and vicar 
of Hajtford, Hunts, X72a See Foster's Index £eeL 

Mathews, John; M.A Trinht Coll., Dublin 
(B.A. 1700), incorporated 27 May, 1706. [21] 

Matthews. John, s. Ric, of Bibury, co. Gloucester, 
pleb. CHRIST Church, matric. 17 De&, 1712, 
aged 17 ; B. A 1716. 

Mathews, Joseph, s. John, of St Mary Overy, 
Surrey, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric 29 Oct, 
1641, aged 15 ; possibly B.A. from Queen's Coll., 
Cambridge, 1644-5, M.A 1648 (perhaps incorpo- 
rated 24 April, 1650, as John), RD. 1655. 

Matthews, Joseph; B.A from Wadham 
14 Dec, 1653, vicar of Wilton St Mary, 
1657. canon of Sarum 1662, vicar of Dipden, 
Hants, 1663. See Foster's Index Eeel, 

Mathew, Laurence ; B. A sup. x6 April, 1572, rector 
of Hartley Mawditt, Hants, X575. See Foster's 
Index Eeel, [aS] 

Mathewes, Lemuel, s. Marm., of Swansea, co. 
Glamorgan, pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric 25 
May, x^x, aged X7. 

Mathewe, Leonard, commoner of TRiNmr Coll., 
in and before 1564. 

Mathewes, Manesseh, cler. fiL Jesus Coll., 
matric 9 Aug,, 1658 (subs. Manesses), rector of 
Port Eynon 1662, vicar of Swansea 1670, and ot 
Llangevelach (all co. Glamorgan) X677 ; father of 
the next See Foster's Index Eeel. 

Mathews, Mansell, s. M., of Swansea, ca Glamor- 
gan, cler. Jesus Coll., matric 17 Dec, 1680, 

incorpo- ^ » 

I COLU f^ 

, WUts. / 

^ed 17. 

Mathewe, Marmaduke, of co. Glamorgan, arm. 
Brasenosb Coll., matric entry under date 4 
July, X579, aged x8; a student of Gray's Inn 
1^ See Foster's Grays Inn Reg. [SO] 

Mathewes, Marmaduke, s. Matthew, of Swansea, 
CO. Glamorgan, pleb. All Souls' Coll., matric. 
20 Feb., 1623-4, aged x8; RA 25 Feb., 1624-5, 
M.A. 5 July, 1627, vicar of St John's. Swansea, 
ca Glamorgan, ejected 1662 for nonconformity; 
died about 1683; perhaps brother of Edward 
1634; father of Lemuel 1661. See Calamy, iiu 

Mathews, Matthew, s. William, of Smisby, co. 
Leicester, pleb. Oriel Coll., matric 4 May, 
1638. aged x6 ; sequestered to the vicarage of Orton- 
on-the-HiU, co. Leicester, 1647, by the West- 
minster assembly. Set Add. MS, 1^,671, p. 117. 

Mathewes^ Maurice, 8. John, of BlodweU, Salop, 
gent Oriel Coix., matric. 26 Sept, 1634, aged 
18 ; B. A 5 May, X636, M.A 2 July, 1639, rector of 
Erbistock. ca Denbigh, x66o, canon of Llandaff 
1661. See Foster's Index Eeel, 

Mathewes. Maurice, s. Robert, of BlodweU, Salop, 
pleb. CHRIST Church, matric xa July, 1667, 
aged 17. 

Matnewes, Maurice, s. William, of Llanharam, ca 
Glamorgan, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 20 
March, 1688-9, aged 15 ; B. A 1692, M. A X605. 

Matthews, " Michayah," cler. fil. jBsus Coll., 
matric. 21 April, 1658, B.A 22 March, 1658-9, as 
" Micah." [36] 

Mathews, Miles, created M.A i Nov., 1642. 

Matthew, Morgan, of co. Glamorgan, pleb. jESUS 
Coll., matric x June, 1621, aged 21 ; B.A 25 
June, 1621, rector of Bittadon, I>evon, X628. See 
Foster's Index Eeel, 

Matthew, Nathaniel, s. G., of Exeter (city), gent 
Exeter Coll., matric 25 Feb., 1712-13. ag«i 17; 
B.A 17x6, M.A X719, vicar of Harberton, Devon, 
1723. See Foster's Index Eeel, 

Matthews, Philip, s. Mered., of Re]moldston, ca 
Glamorgan, cler. Jesus Coll., matric. 5 July, 
i68x, aged x6 ; possibly M.A from Trinity Coll., 
Dublin, 1687 ; mcorporated 6 June. 1689. vicar of 
Llanddewi (in Gower), ca Glamorgan, 1689. See 
Foster's Index EuL [ftOj 

[ 988 ] 

Rice Mathew. 

1500— 1714- 

Toby Mathew. 

Hathew, Rice, of co. Glamorgan, pleb. Broad- 
gates Hall, matric. 8 March. 1604^5. aged 15. 

Mathew, Richard, of Cornwall, pleb. Broadgates 
Hall, matric. entry under date ao July. 1578. aged 
z^ ; student of Middle Temple 1583 (as s. William) ; 
his will dated 2 June, anci proved 30 July. 1610, 
C P. c. See Foster's Jnns 0/ Court Reg, 

Matthew, Richard, of Oxon. pleb. "servus D. 
Withington," matric. 5 July, 1587, aged 25 ; sub- 
scribes " scholar married havmg house and family 
in the Towne." 

Mathew. Richard, of co. Lancaster, pleb. Univer- 
sity Coll.. matric. 23 Oct, 1618. aged 18 ; B.A. 
28 Feb.. X62I-2, M.A. 5 July. 1624. 

Mathew, Richard, s. Richard, of Addington, Berks. 
Magdalen Coll., matric. 27 Jan., 1643-4, aged 
17: perhaps M.A. 23 Aug., 1660; one of these 
names vicar of Ufculme, Devon, 1660, and another 
of Wellingborough. Northants, 1666. See Foster's 
Index Eccl, [S] 

Mathew, Richard, t. John, of Tresungar, Cornwall, 
gent. Christ Church, matric. 6 July. 1687, aged 
16 ; baptised at Endellion 14 April, 1670, student 
of the Inner Temple 1687 ; his will dated 20 March. 
Z694, proved 9 March, 170a. See Foster's Inns nf 
Court Reg, 

Mathews, Richard, s. William, of Llanbadam, co. 
Cardigan, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. i March. 
X691-2. aged 17 ; B.A. 1695, ^'A. 1698. 

Mathew, Robert, of Somerset, pleb. MAGDALEN 
Coll., matric. 9 Nov., 1582, aged 20. 

Mathew, Robert, of Northants, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. 9 May, 1589, aged 17. 

Math ewes, Robert, of Salop, arm. fiL nat max. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 3 May, 1621, aged 18; 
student of Lincoln's Inn 1623, as son and heir of 
John, of Blodwell, Salop, esq. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. [10] 

Mathew, Robert, s. Samuel, of Bedfort (Bridport). 
Dorset, pleb, Lincoln Coll.. matric. 2 March. 
1637-8. aged 18 ; B.A. 7 Dec., 1641, as Matthews, 
rector of Chiddington, Dorset. See Add, MS, 
15.671, p. 163. 

Mathew, Robert, fellow of New Coll. 1649, BC.L. 
6 Apnl, 1654, D.C.L. 12 Sept, 1661. canon of 
Chichester 1663 ; died 1681. See Burrows^ 529 ; & 
Foster's Index Ecel. 

Mathewes, Robert, 8. William, of Stretton. Salop, 
pp. Balliol Coll., matric. 14 March, 1672-3, 
aged 18 ; possibly student of Gray's Inn 1680, as of 
Blodwell, Salop, esq. See Foster's Grays Inn Reg. 

Mathewes, Robert, s. Roger, of Llansyllin, co. 
Denbigh, arm. Jesus Coll., matric. 28 Feb., 
1686-7, aged 16. 

Matthew, Ko^^. of co. Warwick, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matria 6 July, 1593. aged x8 ; B A. 12 May, 
1597, M.A. 17 June, 1600, vicar of Bloxham. Oxon, 
1605 ; father of Stephen 1634. See Foster's Index 
EcclesiastUus. [IS] 

Mathew, Roger, s. Roger, of Dartmouth, Devon, 
gent. Exeter Coll.. matric. 9 Sept, 1634, aged 
17 ; B.A. 6 July, 1637, as Matthews. 

Mathewes, Roger, gent. Jesus Coll., matric. 21 
July, 1660, student of Lincoln's Inn 1663, as son 
and heir of Robert, of Blodwell, Salop, esq. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Mathewe, Samuel, of Middlesex, cler. fil. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. entry under date 25 Feb.. 1580-x, 
aged 17; B.A from St. Edmund Hall, i^May, 
Z585 (s. Toby, bishop of Durham); buried in St. 
Mary Minor, Cambridge. 17 June, 1601 ; brother of 
Toby 1590. 

Mathew, Samuel, of Dorset, pleb. New Coli^, 
matric. 15 June, 1604, aged 22 ; B.A. la Oct., 1605, 
chaplain, M.A. 25 June, i6q8. 

Matthew, Simon (alias Cour), born at Biggleswade, 

Beds; of King's Coll., Cambridge, 1513. from 

Eton, B.D. 1520, and incorporated 1531, vicar of 

Prescot, CO. Lancaster, 1529, of Tollcsbury, 

Essex, 1532-3, rector of St. Mary Woclcburch* 

London, 1533, canon of St Paul's 1 533, rector of 

St Botolph, Bishopsgate. 1534. died 1541. See Fasti, 

, L 85 ; Cooper, L 78 ; & Foster's Index EccL laoj 

Mathew, Simon. B.A. xa April. 1573. M.A 20 June. 

1576. rector of Timberscombe 1579, and of Eaton, 

Somerset, 1588. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Matthew, Stephen, s. Roger, of Bloxara, Oxon* 

sacerd. Trinity Coll., matria 17 Oct, 1634, 

aged 17 ; brother of |ohn 1639. 

Mathew, Thomas, student Christ Church 1567, 

B.A. 96 Jan., 1570-1, M.A. 26 March, 1574; 

perhaps vicar of Maple Durham, Oxon, X575t and 

vicar of Newton Valence, Hants, 1589. See Foster's 

Index Eccl. 

Matthews, Thomas, chaplain of Wadham Colu, 

M.A. 10 July, 1651 ; perhaps buried in the ocdlege 

chapel 9 Jan., 1662-3. See(7»/^, i. 6ia 

Mathews, Thomas, "ser." MagdalbnColu, matria 

IX Dec., 1651, BA. 23 Feb., 1653-4 ! one of these 

names rector of Wolverdington, 00. Warwick, 

X667. See Foster's /ii^jr j?f£^ [^S] 

Mathews, Thomas, gent Queen's Colu, roatiic. 

23 July, 1656. 
Matthew(e8), Thomas, gent Exeter Coll.. 
matric. 15 June, 1657, fellow i56i-70, B.A. 1663 
(as Mathew), M.A. 1666 (as Matthew), vicar of 
Merton, Oxon. 1668 ; perhaps rector of Alwington 
t668, and of Alphmgtoo, OKevon, 1677 ; buried X5 
Aug., 1712. See Boa\t, 74. 
Mathew, Thomas, s. Jo., of VVykebara, Bucks, pp. 
Exeter Coll., matric. la July, 1672, aged 17; 
BA. from New Inn Hall 1676, M.A 1684. 
Matthews, Thomas, s. Tim., o( Ensbam, Oxon, pp. 
Magdalen Coli.., matric. 30 Oct., 1674, os^ ^5! 
B.A. fiom Brasenosb Coll. 1678, .M.A. 168c ; 
cerhaps vicar of Enderby whh WeUon, co. 
Leicester, i68r, and father of Thomas xyii, Se.: 
Foster's Index Eccl, 
Mathewes. Thomas, s. Thomas, of Hereford (city). 
Christ Church, matric. 2 July, X677, aged 16 ; 
B.A. x68a, M.A. 4 Feb., 1683-4, canon of Herefoid 
1688 ; licenced (v.G.)9 June, 1690, to marry Dorothy 
Bell, of same ; rector of Mordiford, ca Hereford, 
1690; died X712; father of the next-named. Se:s 
Foster's Index Eccl [SO] 

Matthews, Thomas, s. T., of Hereford (c'ty), pp. 
BrasenoseColl., matric II March, i7oo-i,aged 18. 
Matthews, Thomas, s. Th., of Enderby, co. Leicester, 
cler. New Coli«, matric 19 March, 1710 ic» 
aged 17, B A. 1714: M.A. from St. Mary Haix 
1717, vicar of Thurnby, co. Leicester, 1715. Ses 
Foster's Index Eccl. 
Matthew, Timothy, s. Aedm. (? Edmund), of 
Daveniry, Northants. Lincoln Coll., matric 
12 Dec, 1673, *ged 15; B.A 1677. 
Mathew, Timothy, gent Lincoln Coll., matria 

23 March. 1693*4. 
Mathew, Toby; student Christ CntJRCH ic6i, 
BA. XI Feb., 1563-4, M.A 25 June, 1566, public 
orator 1569^2, president 6i St John's ColL 
1572-77, canon of Christ Chijrch x57o-6, BD. 10 
I^ec, X573, D.D. 27 May, 1574, dean 1576-84. 
vice-chancellor X579. s. John, of Ross, co. HCTcford, 
(of Gray's Inn 1575). archdeacon of Bath 1570, 
rector of Algarkirk, co. Lincoln, 1571. canon of 
Salisbury 1572, and diaplain in ordinary to the 
Queen, canon of Wells 1578. chauntor or precentor 
of Salisbury 1583-4. rector of Bishop Wearmonth 
i$90-5« <lcan of Durham 1^83. bishop 1595, arch- 
bishop of York x6o6. until his death 99 March, 
1628 ; buried in York cathedral. See Ath, vl 869 ; 
Al. West. X3 ; Lansdovme MS, 984, fi^ 106^7 ; ft 
Foster's Index Eccl, [SS] 

[ 989 ] 




MAihew (Sir) Tofcnre, s. (Tobye), dean of (Christ 
Cburcb), Oxon. Christ Church, mairic. entry 13 
March, 1589-90. aged xi ; B.A 5 June, 1594, M. A 
5 J«Jy. »597; bo«n at Salisbury 3 Oct, 1577, 
student of Gray's Inn 1599 (as son and heir of 
Toby, bishop of Durham), entered himself of the 
Society of Jesus; M.P. Newport, Cornwall, 1601-5, 
St. Albans, Herts, March. 1604-11, knighted at 
Koystoa xo Oct, 1623 ; died at Ghent in Flanders 
13 Oct., 1655; brother of Samuel T581, and of 
John 1599. See Atk, iiu 401 ; & Foster's Gray's 
Jmm Reg. 

Kathew, WiUiam ; B. A from Brasbnosb Coll. 35 

Feb.. 1574-5. 
Mathewe, William, of CO. Glamorgan, arm. Brase- 

NOSE Coll., malria entry imder date 4 July, 1579, 

aged 13. 

Xatbewe, WiUiam. of ca Glamorgan, gent. Brass- 
NOSB Coll., matric. entry 5 Sept., 1584, aged 11. 

IfattbeWB, William (als. Procter), of Somerset, pleb. 
Oriel CoLi«, matria 20 Oct, 1609, aged x6 (as 
Procter) ; B.A 9 Feb., x6i9-3, M.A. 5 Feb., 16x5-6. 

Mathewe. William, s. William, of St Kew. Cornwall, 
pJeb. WADHAM Coll., matric xi Dec., 1635, 
aged 17; B.A 18 May. 1639, M.A. i Feb., x64X-a; 
rector oT Egloshavle. Cornwall. 1660, until bis death, 
buried there ao Oct, x68i ; brother of Jdm 1634. 
See Foster's yjid^ EuU 6] 

Mathew, William (? Mather), s. J., of Exeter, Devon, 
gent Wadham Coix., matria 36 March, 1680, 
aged X7. 

Hatbew, William, s. John, of Wootton-under-Edge, 
CO. Gloucester, plebL Brasenose Coli«, matric 
15 July, 1681, aged 19 ; perhaps BA. from Hart 
Hall 1685. 

Xathidon, John (Matheson) ; B.A 15 Feb., 1576^ 
(of 9 years' sianoing), M.A 6 July, X577. 

Mathison, Robert, of Yorks, gent Queen's Colu, 
matric x6 Oct, 1601, aged 18 ; B.A. 6 June, 1605. 
M.A. 29june. x6o8. [lOl 

JfatblSOn, Thomas (or Mathewson) ; B.A. April, 15x4. 

Xatkyn, Francis, of Southants, gent New Colu, 
inairtc 16 Oct., 1607, aged x8 ; B.C.Lb 30 Jtme, 
161 4 ; vicar of Andover, Hants, 1634. See Foster's 
Index Etc I. 

Hatking, John, of CO. Lincoln, pleb. Lincoln 
COLt>., matric 3 July. x6i8. aged X9; BA 33 
Feb.. r6ai-3; vicnr of Bameby, Notts, X636. See 
Fof ler s Index Eccl. 

Matkyn, William, scholar of New Colu 1568, B.A 

xa May, 1572. M.A 31 Feb.. r575-6. 
Xatlocke, Richard, of Northants, "getL cond." 

£xeter Colu, matric 3 April, X584, aged 31; 

B.A. 39jan.. r587-& [15] 

ICatlook, Richard (or Mattock); created M.A. si 

Feb.. 1643-3. 
ICaton, Edward, of Wilts, pleb. ExETER CoLU, 

xnatric 38 Dec, 1581, aged 19. 
ICaton, Francis, of Wilts, pleb. Queen's Colu, 

xnatric. aa Nov., 1588. aged 16 ; B.A. 3 July. X593. 
ICaton, Leonard (Maytonf ; BA. from Magdalen 

Hall x6 May, 1633. 
ICatont Robert s. William, of Tudworth, Wilts. 

pkb. Wadham Colu, matric 3 Nov., X636, 

aged 19; BA 35 Oct, 1637, M.A. lojime, 1630. 

See Atk, iu. 409. [ao] 

ICatOXl, William. See Matson. 

Katson, Christopher, s. John, of Dover, Kent, s[ent 
TRiNrTY Colu, matric. 30 Oct, 1679, aged 17; 
B.A. 1683. 

Katson, Kiatthew, s. Smethcot (Smethall, 4to.). of 
Barbados, gent Merton Coll., subscribed i 
June. X7Q4, aged X7; student of Middle Temple 
Z704, as son and heir of Smithell, of Barbados, pro- 
fessor of medicine ^totYwMtx'zIfuut/ OmrtKtg, 

Matson, WiUiam ; B.A. sttp. a6 June, 1531. 

Matson, William, of Wilts, pleb. Queen's Colu, 
matric 33 Nov., 1588, aged 17 ; brother of Francis 
same date. [^S] 

Mattalre, Michael, pleb., bom in Rouen. Christ 
Church, matric. x6 Oct., x688, aged x8 ; a 
canoneer student 1693, B.A X6194, M.A 33 
March, 1696-7 (Mattayer in Mat, Re^X incorpo- 
rated at Cambridge X708 ; critic and bibliographer, 
and master of Westminster school 1695-9, kept a 
private boarding school at Mile End, a nonjuror, 
editor of the clasisics, etc ; died ^ Aug., 1747, aged 
79 ; the sale of his library occupied 44 nights. See 
AL West. X98; Nichols' IM, Hist. iv. 556^; 
Rawl. L 169^., xxi. X4; & Heam*^ l 398. 

Mattayer, Samuel, of Pembroke Colu 1687. 


Matterson, William ; BA. from Magdalen Hall 
X3 June, X653, vicar of Htmsingore, Yorks. i66x. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Mattingley, Humphrey, of Berks, pleb. Unxvbrsitt 
Colu, matric X5 Nov., X588, aged x6; demy 
Magdalen Colu 1590-5, B.A. 8 Feb., 1593-4. 
See Bloxam, iv. 331. 

Mattinson, Christopher, pleb. Merton Colu, 
matric. 5 June, X65X. ['^J 

Mattook, Richard; created M.A. ax Feb., 1643-3. 
Mande, Barnard, scholar Trinity Colu in and 

before XC64, B.A 5 July, 1566. 
Mande, Henry, s. Richard, of Oxford (city), pleb. 

Merton Colu, matric xo Dec, X64X, aged X5. 
Mawde. James, of Yorks, pleb. Merton Colu, 
iruitric XI April. X595. aged X5; B.A. i< Dec, 
XC98, M.A. 8 July, x6ai, rector of B]rfield, 
Northants, x6o6, until his death in X631 ; father 
of the next See Foster's Index EccL & Baker's 
Northants^ i. 487. 
Mawde, James, s. James, of Byfield, Northants, 
sacerd. Magdalen H ALU matric ao Oct, x6a6, 
aged x8; B.A. 5 Feb., 1638-9. M.A aoOct., X63X 
(as Jacob), rector of Peopleton, co. Worcester, 
X660-5. and of Rushden, Northants, 1665. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. [S 5] 

Mawde, John, x688. See Mawhood. 
Mawde, John. s. Jonathan, of Halifax, Yorks, D.Med. 
Brasenose Colu, matric 9 Dec, X670, aged x6 ; 
student of Gray's Inn X677. See Foster's Grays 
Inn Reg. 
Mande. Jonathan, student in medicine 17 years, 
D.Med. 30 June, 1653 ; fietther of John last-named. 
See Pastil iu X73. 
Mawde, Robert, B.Can.L. ai July, X533. 
Mandit, Anhtu-, subscribed x6 April, X613, BA. from 
St. Mary Hall 9 July. X6X4. [€0] 

Mandyt, Benjamin, student of Christ CnintCH X650 
bv the parliamentary visitors, B.A 3 Feb., 1653-4, 
M.A 30 June, X656, rector of Sutcombe, De\'on, 
i6q7. See Burrows^ 500 ; & Foster's Index Eccl. 
Mawoitt, Chichester, s. Sydenham, of Heavitree, 
Devon, pleb. Exeter Colu, matric z April, 
1709, aged x8. 
Mandyt, John. s. Isaac, of Exeter, Devon, pleb. 
ElXETER Colu, matric 30 Oct, X635, aged X5; 
B.A. X3 Oct, X639, M.A 6 July, X643, fellow X643- 
u, sub-rector 1648. proctor x6^, student of Christ 
CHURCH 1650 by the parliamentary visitors, chap- 
lain in the parliamentaiy army ; rector of Penshurst, 
Kent, by the Westminster assembly, ejected at 
the restoration ; preacher in Devonshire. See 
CaUsmy, ii. x & 3^4 ; Burrows, 493, 500 ; Fasti, il 9 ; 
Boose, frj ; & Add, MS. x 5,671, pp. 6, X3^. 
Mandytt, Thomas, BC.U sup. xa June, 15x0, 
probate at Oxford 6 Aug., 15x0, as "scboliris 
juris civilis." 
Manldeens, John, of Cologne, "gen. cond.'* Christ 
Church, matric. 94 May, X5W, aged 17. £ftS] 

[ 990 ] 

George Maule. 


Thomas Maurice. 

Xanle, George, B.A from Sydney Sussex Colu, 
Cambridge. 1633-4, M.A 1627, incorporated 10 
July, 1627, B.D. 1634, rector of Vauge, Essex, 
16^5, licenced xq Feb. , 1638-9 (widower, then aged 
34) to marry Mary Champneys, of St Margaret 
Fattens, spinster, and again 17 Aug. , 1664, to marry 
Jane Hare, of Leigh, ^sex, spinster. See London 
Marriage Licences, ed. Foster, ft Foster's JncUx 

Xatile, John, of St. Alban Hall 1673. See Mall. 

Xatlle, Thomas, of Salop, pleb. Baluol Coll., 
matric. IS Oct, 1619, aged 18; B.A 17 Oct, i6ai. 

Manleverer, Hemy and John. See Maleverer, 
page 96a. 

Xaande, Clinton, pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric 
22 Sept., 1647, aged 17 (sometime of Trinity 
Coll., Dublin), B.A 28 April, 1649; fellow 
Merton Coll. 1649, by the visitors, M.A. x8 
Nov. , 1652, incorporated at Cambridge 165^, vicar 
of St Peter's-in-the-East, Oxford, 1659 ; bom in 
ca Fermanagh, of English parents ; died in college 
4 Dec., 1660, buried in the choir 6th; will at 
Oxford proved loth. See Ath. i. p. xvii ; Gutch, 
i. app. 209; O.H.S. iv. 291 ; ft Burrows, 524. [S] 

Xaund, Nicholas, s. N., of Oxford (city), gent. 
Oriel Colu, matric. xo March. 1691-2, aged 16; 
B. A from St. Mary Hall 1704, rector of Little 
Tey, Essex, 1719. See Foster's Indix EccL 

Haunde, Simon, of Oxon, pleb. Hart Hall, 

matric. entry under date 1568. aged x8. 
Xannd, Timothy, s. William, of Thame, Oxon, pp. 

Queen's Coll., matric. 2x Dec., 1699. aged 17; 

B.A 1703, rector of Hinderclay, Suffolk, 1709. 

See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Haxmder. See also Mander. 

Maunder, John, of co. Gloucester, pleb. Oriel 
Coll., matric. 3 April, 1601, aged 20; B.A from 
St. Alban Hall 4 Feb., 1604-5. T*^] 

Maunder, Robert, of Devon, pleb. Broadgates 
Hall, matric 11 Oct, 158^. aged 23. 

Ma(u)ndrell, Henry, of wilts, gent Queen's 
Coll., matric 28 June, X605, agecrx9; student of 
Lincoln's Inn 1607. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Maundrell, Henry, s. Rob., of Compton, Wilts, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric 4 April, X682, aged 16; 
RA 1685. feUow X686-X701, M.A i688, B.D. (by 
decree) 28 Tune. X697 ; chaplain to the factory at 
Aleppo, and famous for his travels, died there in X701. 
See Heame, ii. 60 ; Rawl, ii. 81 ; ft Boase, 82. 

Maundrell, Thomas, of Wilts, gent Christ 
Church, matric. 8 Nov., 1594, ag«l 18; student 
of Lincoln's Inn 1598. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Ma(u)ndrell. Thomas, "ser.** New Inn Hall, 
matric 20 July, X654 ; R A 18 March, X657-8. 

Maundy, William, s. Wilham, of Sandwich, Kent, 
gent Lincoln Coll., matric 19 March, 1686-7, 
aged i^ ; B.A X690. [16] 

Maunseli. See Mansell. 

Maunser, Francis, s. Nic, of Battle, Sussex, pleb. 
Trinity Coll., matric X7 Dec, 1663, aged x8; 
B.A. X667. 

Maurioe. See also Morris. 

Maurioe, David (Moorys), of Brasenose Coll.. 
B.A 17 May, 1541. [20] 

Maurioe, David, of Jesus Coll.. pleb., matric 3 
June, 165X (subs, as Morris) ; B.A. 10 March, 
1654-5: M.A from New Coll. ii Jxme, 16^^ ; 
vicar of Llangemyw 1662, and rector of Kegidog St 
George, co. Denbigh, 1663, cursal prebendary of 
St Asaph 1664. canon 1666. vicar of Llanasaph, 
Flints. 1666, rector of Gwytherin 1675, ^c*"" of 
Abergele 1684. of Bettws-yn-Rhos 1684. rector of 
Llan^rmon-in-Yale. all co. Denbigh, 1696, and 
perhaps of Garthbeibio, co. Montgomery, 1705. Sec 
THOMAS, St, Asaph, 390 ; & Foster's Index Bed, 

Maurioe, Edward, of co. Denbigh, gent St. Edmuni> 
Hall, matric 21 Nov., 1617, aged 17. 

Maurioe, Edward, s. E., of H^nvachan, co. Denbigh, 
gent St. Edmund Hall, matric 99 May, 1^4, 
aged 16. 

Maurioe, George, " ser. " Magdalen Coll. , matric. 
10 March, 1656-7 (subscribed " Gregorius "). 

[Maurioe, Henry, of Oxford University, bom 
1642 (y.s. Griffith, of co. Carnarvon), rector of 
Stretton, co. Hereford ; died July, i68s, aged about 
4a See Calamy, iii. 159.] [^^I 

Maurioe, Henry, " ser." s. Tho., of Uangristiolis. co. 
Anglesey, p. p. Jesus Coll., matnc, 20 Mar, 
1664, aged 16; RA 28 Jan., 1667-8, fellow, M.A. 
1671, B.D. 1679, D.D. 1683: Margaret professor 
of divinity 16^1, chaplain to Sir Leoline Jenkins, 
and to archbishop Sancroft, rector of Chevening, 
Kent, 1681-5, sinecure rector of Llandrillo-)m- 
Rhos, CO. Denbigh. 1684. treasurer of Chichester 
1681. rector of Newington. Oxon, 1684. and canon, 
of Worcester July, 1691. until his death 30 Oct, 
1691. See Gutch, i. 588 ; Ath, iv. ^26 ; Thomas. 
St, Asaph, 551 ; Hearne, ii. 60 ; & Lansdown* A£S„ 
987, flf. 129, 147. 

Maurioe, Henry, s. Hen., of Filgrave, Bucks, der. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 2 Dec, 1707, aged 16. 

Maurioe, Hugh, bom in Kent, s. Andrew, dean of 
St Asaph. Hart Hall, matric. 8 June, 1638, 
aged 14; B.A. from Jesus Coll. 15 June, 1642 
(as Morris), perhaps rector of Llansannan (ist 
p<Miion), CO. Denbigh, 1649. and vicar choral of St. 
Asaph i66a See Foster's IncUx Eccl. 

Maurioe, John, of co. Montgomery, pleb. Oriel 
Coll., matric. 19 Oct, 1599, aged 17. 

Maurioe, John, s. Ellis, of Llanvihangel, oa Car- 
narvon, pleb. p.p. Jesus Coll., matric. 21 Feb.. 
1661-2, aged 18 ; B. A 1665, M.A 1668. [SO] 

Maurioe, John, s. Theodore, of Llanrhaiadr, ca 
Denbigh, pleb. JBSUS Coll., matric 17 Dec.. 
1662, aged 18, B.A 1666. 

Maurioe, John; B.A from Baluol Coll. 1670. 
See Morris. 

Maurioe, Lawrence, of Devon, doctoris fiL EXBTER 
Coll.. matric. 20 July, 1621, aged 17. 

Maurioe, Oliver, subscribed 30 April. 1613. 

Maurioe, Peter, s. Peter, of Cerrig-y-Druidion, ca 
Denbigh, gent jEsus Coll., matric. 8 Feb.. 
1709-10, aged 18; B.A 1713. M.A. 1716, D.D. 
Lambeth 7 Nov., 1733, vicar of Llanynys, ca 
Denbigh, 1718, treasurer of Bangor 1720-7, 1748-50, 
dean 1727-50, and chancellor 1747-8, canon of 
Winchester 1740, chaplain to the king ; died 2 ApriU 
175a See RawL l 235 ; & Thomas, 437. [S5j 

Maurioe, Rice, s. Morris Griffith, of Llanbagrene. 
CO. Cardigan, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 25 Jan.. 
1627-8, aged 19; B.A 17 Feb., 1630-1, M.A 2a 
Oct, 1633. as Morreys. 

Maurioe, Richard, s. Thomas, of Llanguedlyn, oa 
Denbigh, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 9 July, 
1706, aged 16; B.CL. from New Inn Hall 6 
July, 1715. 

Maurioe, Thomas, of Salop, pleb. St. Mart 
Hall, matric. 2 March, 1581-a, aged 19, B.A. 
o Feb.. 1585-6. See also Thomas Morris, 

Maurioe, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Whitington, 
Salop, pleb. Hart Hall, matric. 24 March, 
1636-7, aged 16 ; B.A 6 Nov., 1640, as Monice. 

Maurioe, Thomas, "ser." ALL SouLS' Colu. 

matric. 25 Feb., 1650-1, B.A 7 March, 1653-4, as 

Morris. [^O] 

Maurioe, Thomas, s. John, of Llanrhaiadr. co. 

Denbigh, p.p. Merton Coll.. matric. 17 March, 

1664-5, aged 17, B.A 1669. 

[ 991 ] 

William Maurice. 

1500— 1714. 

George May. 

Xanrioe, William, a a. sup. la June, 1570. 

Maniloe, William, subscribed 11 Dec, 1601 ; RA 
from Christ Church 3 July, 1605. M.A. 6 July, 
1608, then in orders ; one of these names vicar of 
Kenilworth 1646. deprived the following year by the 
Westminster assembly. See Add, MS. 15,671, p. 

Hanrioe, William, gent Brasbnosb Coll., matric. 
31 July, 1658. 

Mauiy, Lewis, p.p. Balliol Coll.. nuuria is July. 

Haverloke, John, of Devon, cler. fiL Exeter Coll. , 
matric. ajOct, 1595. aged 18; B.A 8 July, 1599. 
M.A. 7 July, 1603. then in orders, rector of Bea- 
worthy, Devon. X615. See Foster's /udex EccL [5J 

Haverioke, Radford, of Devon, pleb. Exeter 
COLU, matric. 17 Nov., 1581, aged 20; rector of 
Tnisham, 1586. and vicar of llsington, Devon. 
1597. See Foster's Index EccL 

Mawbie, Thomas ; RA. from Magdalen Hall 10 
Dec., 1631. 

MawdBlejr, Henry (Maudsley) ; a A from Brase- 
NOSE Coll. 10 Dec., 1574. 

Xawdeley, John (Maudeley), Dominican; B.D. aa 
May, 1514. D.D. 27 July, 1523, as "Mawdlyn," 
prior of his order at BnstoL 

Mawdley, Richard (Maudley or Maudleyn); B.A. 
^p. 18 Nov.. 1513. M.A. sup. s Nov., 1516; of 
Oriel Coll. 1518, B.D. 17 July. 1522. D.D. 8 April. 
1530. canon of Lincoln 1515, archdeacon of 
Leicester 1518, rector of Sherrington, Bucks. 1518, 
prebendary of Thame 1519. •• a great canon lawyer 
and good theologian ; " his will dated 15 March. 
JS30. proved 17 Nov., 1531. See Gutch, il 32; 
Lees Thame, 1^; Lansdawne MS. 979, t 90; 
Fasti, L 83 ; & O.H.S. i. 88. ^ [lO] 

Kawdley, Roger, of Somerset, arm., matric. 21 Oct, 
1586, aged 17: "scholaris Mri. Case." 

Mawdesler, Thomas; B.A from Hart Hall 30 
Jan., 1569-70; perhaps rector of Winterslow, Wilts, 
'575. etc. See Foster's Index EccL 

Mawdesley, Thomas. B.A. from Oriel Colu 21 
l-eb., 1570-1, inventory at Oxford 23 Dec.. 157X. 

Hawdesley, Thomas, of Sussex, der. fil. Brase- 
NOSE Coll., matric. 14 June, 1605. aged x8; 
student of Gray's Inn 1609. as of Idcn. Sussex, 
gent (one of these names rector of Iden 1576). Sec 
Foster's Grays Inn Reg. ^^' 

Kawdlsle J, Thomas, of Sussex, cler. fil Br asenosb 
^lu, matric 8 April. 1608. aged 17, B.A from 
St. Edmund Hall, 27 May. 16x1 ; periiaps vicar 
^ Wcstfield. Sussex. 1612. See F^ter's Index 
ccciesuisitcus. r 2 5] 

Mawe, Leonard, s. Simon, of Rendlesham, Suffolk ; 
fellow of Peter House, Cambridge, and M.A. 
1595 (incorporated 10 July, 1599), D.D. i6ix, 
masi^ of his college 1617-25. proctor 1609, chaplain 
to Pnnce Charles, on his Spanish tour, vicar of 
Mildenhall, Suffolk. 1603-28, vice-chancellor Cam- 
Wdge university 1621, master of Trinity CoUege, 
Cambridge, 1625-9, rector of Cotlenham, co. 
Cambridge, 1621, canon of Wells 1611, bishop of 
Bath and Wells July, 1628, until his death at 
Chiswick 2 Sept, 1629. See AL West 19 ; Lans- 
downe MS. 984. ff. 124, 269: EasH, I 282; & 
Foitas Index EccL 

Kawer, John, gent. St. Mary Hall, matric. 17 
Dec., 165a. ' 

Mawor, Peter, of co. Lincoln, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall. , matric entry under date circa 1574 ; aged 17. 

aawhood, John ; fellow and M.A. Jesus Coll, 
Cambridge, B.A. 1655 (incorporated as M.A. 14 
July. 1663), D.D. 1680. vicar of Arksey, Yorks, 
1674-1702. See Fosters Index EceL 

Hawman. Timothy, s. Geor., of Marton. Yorks, pp. 

Queens Coll., matria 28 March, 1702, aged 19; 

a A 24 Jan., 1705-6. [aoj 

Mawry, John. See Mowrib 1693, and Gardiner, 

P*S:« 379- 
Maxey, Edward, of Berks, gent Christ Church 

nuuna (?a7 Jan.), 1597^, aged 17; EA. 24 Oct, 

1601, M.A. 4 July, 1604, rector of Bradwell 1609, 

and of btow Maries. Eiicx, 1613. See Foster's 

Index EccL 

Hazey, Emanuel Hart Hall, matric. entry under 
date 1572 ; student of Christ Church 1573 ; B.A. 
a8 Feb., 1575^. M.A. 22 May, 1579, rector of 
Sampford Peverell, Djvon, iciSc. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Maxey, William, of Surrey, gent Christ Church, 
matric. 8 Feb., 1599-1600. aged 19; a A. 17 Dec., 
1603, M.A. 2 July, it>o6, B.D. 8 May, 1617; 
hjenced to preach 13 May, i6a5, rector of Frome 
St Qumtin, Dorset. 1617, and of Blyborough, co. 
Lincoln, 1617, vicar of Tbombury, ca Gloucester, 

*i*t . ^ ^^' '^"'- ^ • ^ Foster's Index 

Mazfeild, Bartholomew, of London (city), pleb. 

Queen's Coll., mainc. 28 April, 1615, aged 15. 
Haxfelde, Humphrey ; a A. sup. 22 March, 1573-4 : 

perhaps from Exeter Colu IMj 

Maxfield, Thomas ; B.A. from Magdalen Coll., 

Cambridge, 1575-6; incorporated 16 May, 1579, 

M.A. 22 June. 1579; B. and D.D. from St. 

Edmund Hall 8 July, 1598. %ceFoixm*%Graduaii 

Maxfllde, William ; B.A. 27 Feb., 1507-8. 

Maxwell, lames, s. James, of Nawonb. Cumberland, 

pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. 19 Oct., i6q«;. 

aged 17 ; B.A. 1699. ^ ^^ 

Maxwell, Robert ; B.A. from St. John's Coll., 
Cambndge, 1693.4, M.A. 1697 (incorporated of 
Gloucester Hall 12 May, 1698), D.D. 1710. 
yicar of Awre, co. Gloucester, 1707, of Kirapton. 

"!r^; 17?^* f^ °' ^'^Y^ Thurrock. Essex, 1725, 
and of West Thurrock, Essex, 1744, until his death 
6 July. 1763. See Foster's Index Et,cL [30] 

May, Adrian, of Sussex, aim. S. nat 2. St. John's 
COLL.. matna 16 Nov., 1621, aged 17 ; (as. John, 
of Rawmere, Sussex), groom of the privy chamber 
to Charles 1. 1633 ; perhaps brother of Humphrey 
1632. and of John 1623. 

May, Benjamin, s. Sam., of St Veep, Cornwall. 
*-. ^**^,. Trinity Coll. . matnc. i Dec. , 1676, aged 16. 
May^ Charies. born in Suffolk, s. Humfrey. of U>ndon 

(city), militis. St. Johns Coll., matric. 4 July. 

1634, aged 15, RA. 9 April. 1638. •» J /• 

May, Christopher, secular chaplain, B.A. 3 April 
1525- ^ ' 

Maye, Christopher, of Somerset, arm. Magdalen 
COLL., matnc. 25 Jan.. 1599-1600, afed 14; 
student of Lmcohi's Inn 1604. See Foste?8 Inns of 
Court Reg. j-j^j 

May, Christopher, s. Christopher, of Basing, Hants, 
gent Balliol Coll., matric. 26 Nov.. 1675, 
aged 15; B.A. 1679. M.A. 1682. rector of Slindon 
1683, vicar of Madehurst, Sussex, 1691. See 
Fosiei'8 Index EccL 

May, Edward ; B.A- from Trinht Coll. 14 June, 
1610, M.A. 3 July, 1613. perhaps rector of Crayl 
ford, Kent. 1643. See Foster's Index EccL 

May, George; a A. from Jesus Coll., Cambridge. 
1608-9, M.A. 1612. incorporated 11 July. i6aa 
See Foster's Graduati Cantab. 

May. George, s. John, of Rochester, Kent, gent 
University Coll., matria 16 Sept, 1634. aeed 
16 : bar.-at-law. Middle Temple. 1645; See 
Foster's /ndges and Barristers, 

[ 992 ] 

George May. 


John Maybank. 

Hay, George ; fellow Clare Hall, Cambridge, 
B.A. i6^h90, M.A 1693 ! incorporated xi July, 
1693. See Foster's GraduoH Cantab, 

Haye, Hugh, of London (city), gent St. John's 
Coll., matric. 8 Nov., 1594. aged 14, B.A sup. 16 
April, i6oa See O.H.S, xii. 224. 

Hay, Hugh, created M.A 28 Sept., 1663. 

Hay, (Sir) Humphrey, of London dty. arm. fiL St. 
John's Colu, matric 25 Oct, 1588, aged 15, 
B.A. 3 March, 1591-2 ; of Carrow Priory, Norfolk, 
student of Middle Temple 1592 (as 4th son of 
Richard, of city of London, merchant, deceased), 
knighted at Newmarket Jan., 1612-13, vice- 
chcunberlain to Charles I. ; M.P. Beeraltston 
(Oct), 1605-11, Westminster 1614, Lancaster 
i6ai-2, Leicester 1624-5, Lancaster 162c, Leicester 
1626, 1628-9, chancdlor of the duchy of Lancaster 
1617, clerk of the council of the Star chamber, 
admitted to Gray's Inn 6 March, 1624-5, had the 
reversion of the master of the rolls 1629 ; died 9 
Tune, 1630 ; buried nth in Westminster abb^ ; father 
of Charles 1634. See Foster's Parliamentary Dic- 
tionary ; West, Abbey Reg. 129 ; & Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg, 

Hay, Humphrey, s. John, of Mid Lavant, Sussex, 
gent New Coll., matric. 14 Dec., 1632, aged 
19; B.A. 30 April, 1636, M.A 16 Jan., 1639-40; 
perhaps brother of Adrian 1621. [5] 

Hay, James, of Kent. pleb. MagdaleN Hall, 
matric. 23 June, 1587, aged 17. 

Hay, John; B.A 22 Nov., 1571, fellow Mbrton 
Coix. 1572, M.A 3 July, 1576; buried in the 
college chapel 24 July, 1577 ; will at Oxford proved 
29 Sept See 0,H.S, iv. 270; & Gutch» t app. 

Hay, John ( Male), of Somerset, arm. Queen's Coll. , 
matric. 30 Oct, 1607, aged 18. 

Hay, John, s. John, of *'Pawiicare" (Rawmere), 
Sussex, gent St. John's Coll., matric. 4 July, 
162^. aged 16 ; of Rawmere, died 1677, brother oif 
Adrian and Thomas 1620. 

Hay, John, sacerd. fiL Exeter Coll., matric. '28* 
Jan. , 1630-1, aged 20, B. A ' 27 ' Jan. , 1630-1 ; one of 
these names vicar of St Eval, Cornwall. 1661, and 
rector of Warleggan, Cornwall, 1664. See Foster's 
Index Eccl, [10] 

Haye, John, s. Thomas, of Bickley, ca Gloucester, 
sacerd. Gloucester Hall, matric. 3 July, 1635, 
agnd 15 ; B.A 19 Feb., 1638-9. 

Haye, Joseph (Maie), of Cornwall, cler. fiL Brase- 
nose Coll., matric. 22 Oct, 1602, aged 17; B.A 
17 April. 1605. M. A 7 July. 1608 (then in orders), 
vicar of St Austell, Cornwall, 1621 ; father of the 
next-named. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Haye, Joseph, s. Joseph, of St Austell, Cornwall, 
sacerd. Brasenose Coll., matric 8 May, 163^, 
aged 17 ; B. A 19 Feb., 1638-9, vicar of St Austeil, 
1660; father of the next-named. See Foster's 
Index EccU 

Haye, Joseph, s. Jos., of St Austell, Cornwall, p. p. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 7 Dec, 1666. aged 18, 6. A. 
17 Feb., 1670-1 ; M.A from Christ's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1680, rector of St Eue or St Tue 1679, and 
of St Grade, Cornwall, 1680 ; father of the next- 
named. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Haye, Joseph, s. Jos., of St. Tue, Cornwall, cler. 
EXETER Coll.. matric 29 Oct., 1696. aged 17, 
B.A 1700: perhaps rector of St Juste, Cornwall, 
Z710-12. etc See Foster's Index Eccl, [15' 

Have, Nathaniel, of Devon, gent. Broadgates 
HALL, matric entry under date circa 1581, aged 

Haye, Nicholas, s. Henr., of St. Wenn. Cornwall, pleb. 
St. Mary Hall, matric. 17 March. 1664-5. ^S^ 
z8; B.A from New Inn Hall i663, rector of 
Warpsgrave, Oxon. 1680, vicnr of Eglosliayle, 
Cornwall, 1681. Sec Foster's Index EccL 

Hay, Peter ("ser."), der. fiL . Wadham Coll. 
matric 14 Nov., 1650, rector of Tetcott, DevoiL 
1663, father of Thomas 1682. See Foster's Index 

Haye, Radulph, s. Joseph, of Striett (perhaps St 
Austell), Cornwall, sacerd. Exeter Coll.. 
matric 21 June, 1633. aged 17; B.A 5 May, 

Haye, Richard, of co. Leicester, gent. St. John's 
Coll., matric 10 Feb., 1603-4. aged 16. [20] 

Hay, Samuel, pleb. Wadham Coll., matric 4 
March, 1652-3; B.A from New Inn Hall 2 Aug., 
1656. M.A 2 July, 1659 ; a nonconformist preacher, 
tiuned brewer for the support of his family ; died 13 
Dec , 1694, aged 64. See Calamy, i. 195. 

Haye, Thomsis, of Somerset, gent Magdalen 
HALL, matric entry under date 20 Dec, 1577. aged 
17 ; student of Gray's Inn 1579. See Foster's 
Grays Inn Reg. 

Hay, lliomas. of Middlesex, gent. St. John's Coll., 
matric 8 July, 1586. ag^ 16; B.C.L. 17 Jan., 
1^93-4 ; student of Middle Temple 1594, as 2nd son 
of Richard, of London, esq., deceased ; brother of 
Humphrey 1588. See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg, 

Haye, Thomas, of Cornwall, pleb. Christ Church, 
matric 25 Oct., 1605, aged 19 ; B.A 5 May, 1609 ; 
vicar of Bickleigh, Devon, 1617. See Foster's Index 

Hay, Thomas, of Sussex, arm. fiL nat max. St. 
John's Coll., matric 8 April, 1620, aged 16; 
student of Middle "remple 1620 (as son and heir of 
John, of Keymer. Sussex), captain of a troop of 
norse for the rape of Chichester ; died in 1655 ; 
brother of Adrian and John 1673. See Foster's 
Inns (^ Court Reg. [a5] 

Hay, Thomas, "paup. schot," s. Roger, of Stalbridge, 
Dorset, pleb. Christ CntmcH. matric 24 May, 
1639, aged 17. 

Hay, Thomas, s. Th., of London (city), pleb. St. 
John's Coll.. matric 3 July, 1677. a|^ed 17; RA. 
1681. M.A. 1685 ; admitted to Menmant Taylors' 
school, bom 9 Nov., 1660; master of Reading 
school. See Robinson, i. 283. 

Hay, Thomas, s. Peter, of Tetcott, Devon, cler. All 
Souls' Coll., matric Hjulyt 1682, aged 17; B.A. 

Haye, Timothy, of co. Worcester, pleb. Broad- 
gates Hall, matric. 5 March, 1584-5, aged 17; 
B.A. 15 April, 1580 ; rector of Monksilver, Somerset, 
1592. See Foster s Index Eccl. 

Hay. Walter (or Mayo); B.A. 26 Jan., 1511-12 ; fellow 
01 Oriel Coll. 1513-27. M.A. 13 Dec, 1514. as 
William. B.D. 1524. D.D. sup. 8 April. 1530; rector 
of Upton Bishops, co. Hereford, 1543, canon T533t 
treasurer of Hereford cathedral 1547. See O.hUS. 
L 71 ; Le Neve, i. ; & Foster's Index Eccl. L'®] 

Hay, William ; B. A from Catherine Hall, Cam- 
bridge, 1585-6, M.A. (Oxford) 23 March, 1586-7; 
perhaps canon of Carlisle 1595, as Mey. Siee 
O.H.S. X. 365 ; & Foster's GraduoH Cantab, 

Hay, William (Mev). of Bucks, gent New Inn 
hall, matric 7 July, 1587, aged 3a 

Haye, William, of ca Leicester, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll., matric iz Oct, 161 1, aged 23 (subs. 

Hay, William t. William, of Downton, A^ts. pleb. 
St. Edmund Hall 27 Nov., 1674. aged 19; 
perhaps B.A from New Coll. 10 June, 1678, 
M.A. 17 Dec, 1684, as Mayo, which sec 

Hay art, Samuel, of Suffolk, pleb. Merton Coll.. 
matric. 18 May. 1604. aged 17 ; a student of 
Middle Temple 1607. as son and heir of Gilbert, of 
Ipswich, gent. See Foster's Inm 0/ Court Reg. 

Haybank, John, of Magdalen Hall 1576. See 
Mabancke. [S6j 

[ 993 ] 

John Maycocke. 

1500 — 1714- 

John Maynard. 

Xajoooke, John, of Ozon. pleb. Magdalbn Coll., 
matric. 2 July, 1585. aged 16. 

XajOOOke, Thomas; B.A 29 April, 1577, M.A 
17 June. 158a 

XaTOOOk, Thomas, s. Tbo., of Barbados, gent 
MeitonColl., roatric. 23 Oct, 1705, ageaxd; 
student of Middle Temple Z7oa See iter's Inns 
0/ Court Reg. 

n)000k, Wniiam. of oa Warwidc, pleb. St. 
diiUND Hall, matric. entry under date 90 July, 
1578' afi^ed 17; B.A from Queen's Coll. 10 
Dec., 158c. M.A 4 July, 1588, 6lh minor canon 
of St P^t's 1595, junior oardinal 1599- 1607. See 
Foster's Index EccL 
Xayoook, William, of Oxon, gent CHRIST 
Church, matric. 19 Nov., 160a, aged 17; B.A 
2 July, 1606. M.A 18 May, 1609; perhaps vicar 
of Tolpuddle, Dorset. 161 5. and rector of Eamshill, 
Somerset, 1633. See Foster's Index EccL [5] 

Xayoote, Richard ; subscribed 8 Feb., 16x4-15, 
fdlow MERTON Coll. 1615 ; R A 9 Feb., 1614-15, 
as "eq. aur. fil. "; probably son of Cavallero 
Maycott, or Macot. knighted 14 March, i6o3<4. 
Sec O.H,S, iv. a8a 

Havden, John (Medon). secular chaplain, B.A 9 
Nov., 1525, M.A 24 June, 1532, vicar of St Ives, 
Hunu. i54iS. See also Ma DEN. 

Hajdwell, James (Vfadwell), fellow of LINCOLN 
Coll. 1555. B. A 17 June. 1555. 

Haydwell. Thomas; M.A. from Trinity Coll.. 
Cambrioge, 1675 KP^ Liieras Regias), incorporated 
" July, 1676. See Foster's Graduati Cantab. 

Uayelnff, James ; M. A of Cambridge ; incorporated 
Hjufy, i6xa. [10] 

Mayer, Wolfgang; M.A of Cambridge; incar- 
poratfd 9 July, x6oo, and B.D. from Trinity 
Coll, Cambridge, x6ox. See Foster's Graduati 
Cantab, ft Fasti, i. 286, 

*8yeme, (Sir) Theodore Turquetttis dc, knt. Baron 
of Aulwnne in France (s. Lewis de Mayeme, a 
French writer), D.Med. Montpellier. incorporated 
8 April. x6o6, lately of the council to the king of 
France in matters of medicine, chief physician to 

James I. and to Charles L and to Q. Henrietta 
'iaria, knighted at Theobalds 14 Julv, 1624 ; died 
15. and buried in the chancel of St Martin's-in-the- 
Fields 29 March, x6s5. See Fas/i, L 3x7 ; Muni's 
Roll, I X63 ; ft Lansdowne MS. 985, 1 920. 

Mayhew, Richard. See Mayo. 

Mayhew, Thomas, s. Thomas, of London (city), pleb. 
Wadham Coll., matric. 10 May, x66x, aged 17, 
Pauline exhibitioner x66d-2 ; scholar 1661. as of St 
Dunstan-in-lhe-West ; perhaps buried in the col- 
lege chapel 9 Jan., 1662-3, ^ Thomas Mathew, 
See GuUh. I 610; St. Paufs S. R. 50? Gardiner, 

*8yhew, William (Mayow, or Mayoo) ; B. A sup. 24 
July, X528, M.A 5 Feb., X532-3, B.D. 21 Nov.. 
i543> rector of Croughton. Northants. 1550-6X. 
See Foster's Index EccL [15] 

Kay land, Christopher, of co. Durham, pleb. Oriel 
Coll.. matric. X5 Jan., X586-7, aged X9. 

Kaylard, John (Malard), of co. Hereford, pleb. 
Brasenose Coll., matric. entry under date x8 
Jttly, 1580. aged 18. 

JWiylard. John, s. Henry, of St. Owens, co. Hereford, 
pleb. New Coll., matric. 22 April, 1633, aged 22 ; 
B.A 8 May, X633, M.A. 19 Jan., X636-7, fellow 
1631, until expelled X648, by the parliamentary 
visitors, rector of Stanton St. John. Oxon ; died 
1679. See Ath. i. p. iii ; ft Burrows, ^29. 

Maylard, John, s. William, of Hereford (town), gent 
Christ Church, matric. 3X Oct, x6^, aged 16; 
student of Inner Temple 1693. See Foster s Inns 
of Court Reg, 

Maylard, Thomas, of CO. Worcester, gent Exeter - 
Coll.. matric. 3 May. x62x. aged 18. [20] 

Haylard, William, s. Henry, of Hereford (town), 
pleb. New Coll., matria X9 Aug.. 1634. aged 
Mayle, Hemy. of London, arm. Trinity Coll., 
matria X3 Dec.. 16x6, aged x8, B.A 25 Nov.. 1619; 
bar.-at-law. Lincoln's Inn. 1623, as 2nd son of 
John, of London, esq. See Foster's fudges and 
Mayle, John, of London (city), arm. St. Mary 
Hall, matria 26 June, 1607. aged 14; B.A from 
Trinity Coll. 28 Jan., x6xo-ix. student of 
Lincoln's Inn 161 x, as son of John, of London, 
gent See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg, 
tfayle, Richard, of London (city), arm. St. Mart 

liAix. matric. entry 26 June, 1007, aged xa. 
Mayle, Robert, of London, arm. Trinity Coll., 
matria 13 Dea. x6x6, aged x6, B.A. 25 Nov., 
619; fellow All Souls' Colu, M.A 20 Jime. 
1622 ; admon. at Oxford 20 Jan., 1629. [2^] 

Maynerde, Alexander, of Devon, gent Hart 
HALL, matria xo July, X584, aged 17', of Tavistock, 
Devon, bar.-at-law. Middle 'Temple, 1594, as 4th 
.on of John, of Sherford, Devon, gent ; father of 
John x62x , and of Joseph x6aa. See Foster's Judges 
and Barristers, 
Haynard, Edward, s. William, of Daventry, North- 
ants, p. p. Wadham Coll., matria 2x Oct, 1670. 
aged xv, demy Magdalen Coll. 1672-8, B.A. 
1674, M.A 1677, fellow 1678-94, RD. x688. D.D. 3 
March, 1691-2, expelled by the commissioners of 
James II. X687. and restored 1688, preacher of 
Lincoln's Inn X691, and rector of Boddington, 
Northants. 1696- X740. canon and precentor of 
Lichfield 1700, rector of Passiugham. Northants, 
170X-6; died X3 April, 1740, aged 86, buried at 
Boddington; brother of John X667. See GutcKs 
MS. X96a ; Bloxam, v. 3x9 ; Gardiner, 287 ; RawL 
iii. 240; Baker's Northants, L 482; ft Foster's 
Index Eecl, 

Maynard, Erekiel; s. Joh., of Bradford, Devon, p. p. 
New Ink Hall, matric. 28 March, 1679. aged X9. 

Maynard, Gideon, s. Chr., of Comwood, Devon, arm, 
£XETER Coll., matria 13 Nov., 1691, aged 17. 

Maynard, Henry, s. William, Baron of Easton. 
NEW Coll. matria 29 May, X685, aged 16. [SO] 

Maynard, Henry, s. Banastre, of Chelsea. Middlesex, 
arm. Trinity Coll., matric. 3X Oct., 1689, aged 
17; created D.C.L. x6 July, 1713; 4th Lord May- 
nard ; died 7 Dea. 1742. 

Maynard, John, Benedictine and B.D.; D.D. sup. 4 
June, 1507, prior of novices at Gloucester Coll. 
See Fasti, I la 

Maynard, John, B.A from Peter House, Cam- 
Dridge, X59S-6, M.A from Sidney Sussex Coll. 
1599 ; incorporated 10 July, 1599 ; perhaps rector of 
doodleigh, Devon, X60V14, and of Phillack, Corn- 
wall. 1606. See Foster s Index EccL 

Maynard, John, of Devon, pleb. jESUS Coll., 
matric. 12 May. 1615. aged X9 ; B. A from Exeter 
Coll., ic June, 1616, M.A 26 June, 1619. fellow 
1622 (s. John) ; died 1625. See Boase, 6x. 

Maynard, John, subscribed 21 June, 1616 ; B. A ' 
from Queen's Coll. 3 Feb.. 16x9-20; M.A from 
Magdalen Hall 26 June, 1622 ; (of Rotherfield. 
Sussex), vicar of Maytield. Sussex. 1624. ejected 
for nonconformity 16(62, one of the assembly of 
divines, etc., vicar of Camberwell 1647, rector of 
Woolbeding X656-60, vicar of Arundel 1663-jrx, and 
of Lymister (all Sussex) X664-6. See Ath. hi. 892 ; 
Foster's Index EccL ; CcUanty, iiL 322 ; ^Add, MS. 
15,671, pp. 86, 147. [»»] 

[ 994 ] 

John Maynard. 

1500 — 1714. 

Samuel Mayne. 

Maynard, (Sir) John. aim. fil. nat. max. Exeter 
Coll.. matric 36 April. i6ai, aged 17; B.A. 35 
April. 1631. fellow 1623, bar.-at-law, Middle 
Temple, 1626, bencher 1648 (as son and heir of 
Alexander, whom see), serjeant-at-law by parlia- 
ment 1654 and the Protector s seijeant z May, 1654, 
and for Commonwealth 16^8. declared illegal on the 
restoration, but re-created king's Serjeant x66o. one 
of the council of state 1659, knighted 16 Nov., 1660, 
recorder of Plymouth x68i, one of the 3 lords com- 
missioners of the great seal 1688-9. licenced (v.g. | a 
June, 1680 (then 70), to manrv Mrs. Mary Barmondin, 
of Southampton Square, widow ; M.P. Chippenham 
1634-5, i6a4. Totnes April to May, 1640, 1640 (L.P.), 
till secluded 1648, Plymouth 1656-8, Newton 1659, 
Exeter 1660, Becralston 1661-78, Plymouth 1678-9, 
1679-81, Beeralston 1685-7, Plymouth 1689, until his 
death 9 Oct, 1690; father of John 1651, brother 
of Joseph 162a. See Aih, iv. 393 ; Boose, 61 ; 
Nichols' Lit. Anecdotes, v. 733; roster's Parlia- 
mentary Dictionary \ & O.H.S. xiv. p. viL 

Haynard, John, pleb. Magdalen Coll., matric. 
33 Jan., 1648-9. chorister 1648-53. B.A 6 May, 
1653, scholar of Balliol Coll. by the parliamen- 
tary visitors 1648, bar.-at-Iaw. Middle Temple, 
1659 (as son of John, last named), perhaps M.P. 
BMraiston 1660 ; died 38 March, 1663. carried into 
the country to be buried. See Foster's Judges and 
Barristers ; Blexam, i. 66 ; ft Burrows, 48a 

Haynard, John, cqnitis fil. Christ Church, matric 
14 March, 1650-1. 

Maynard, John, arm. ExBTBR Coll., subscribed 7 
Nov., 1655. 

Haynard, John, s. William, of Daventry. Northants, 
pleb. Lincoln Coll.. matric. 15 March, 1666-7. 
aged 18 ; B.A. 1670, M.A. 1673 ; perhaps rector of 
Lillingstone Lovell. Oxon, 1675 ; brother of Edward. 
See Foster's Index EccL L'l 

Maynard, John, s. Sam., of Barbados (town), gent 
St. John's Coll., matric. 15 Feb., 1709-10, aged 
17; student of Inner Temple 171a See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Maynard, Joseph, 3S. Alexander, of Tavistock, 
Devon, arm. Exeter Coll., matric. 13 Dec.. 
1633, aged 15; B.A 31 June, 1635, fellow 1635-53. 
M.A 13 May, 1638, B.D. 38 July, 1636, proctor 
1663, D.D. 3 Julv, 1663, rector of his college 
1663-6. rector of Loddington. Northants, 1640. 
canon of Exeter 1666, vicar of Bampton, Oxon. 
1663. and of Menheniot, Cornwall, 1668 ; died 
1670; brother of John 1631. See Wood's Ath, 
ii. 87 ; Boose, 63 ; ft Foster's Index EccL 

Maynard, Robert, s. H., of Westbury, co. Gloucester, 
paup. Exeter Coll., matric. 10 Nov., 1681, 
aged 19, B.A 13 Feb., 1685-6. 

Maynard, Samuel, s. Boyle, of Curry-glas, co, Cork, 
equitis. MAGDALEN Hall, matric. 7 March, 
1673-3, aged 17 ; student of Middle Temple 1674, 
M.P. Tallagh 1693, 1695, and 1703. Sec Foster's 
Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Maynard, Samuel, s. Christopher, of Lloa, Cornwall, 
pleb. Exeter Coll., matric. 5 April, 1704, aged 
17 ; B.A. 1707, vicar of Bovev "Tracey, Devon, 
1715, until his death 1735. Sec Foster's Index 
EccUsiasticus. [10] 

Maynarde, Thomas, of Devon, gent. Exeter 
Coll.. matric. 11 May, 1604, aged 15; student of 
Middle Temple 1605, as son and heir of Thomas, 
of Sherford, Devon. Sec Foster's Inns of Court 

Maynard, William, s. Richard, of Riverfield, Sussex, 
gent MAGDALEN Hall, matric so Oct, 1636, 
aged 16; B.A 5 Feb., 1638-9, M.A ao Oct., 

Mayiiard, William, s. J., of Bradford, Devon, pleb. 
Baluol Coll., matria 36 March, 1675, ^^ '9 » 
B.A 1678. 

Maynard, William (subs. bart). s. William, of 
Walthamstow, Essex, bart. St. John's Coll., 
matric. 7 July, 1694, aged 18, and bart ; died 
unmarried 15 Dec, 1715. 

Mayne, Anthony, of Oxon, pleb. Lincoln Coll., 
matna entry under date 1575, aged 14; " Dno. 
Fulbecke tut granu" [15] 

Mayne, Christopher, s. Simon, of Dinton. Bucks, 
gent Corpus Christi Coll., matria 4 Nov.. 
1687, aged 17; student of Middle Temple 1689. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Mayne, Cuthbert (or Maine) ; B.A. from St. John's 
Coll. 6 April, 1566, M.A 8 April, 1570 (s. John), 
went to Douay 1573, and B.D. there ; sent into the 
• mission of England, hanged, drawn and quartered 
at Launceston 39 Nov. , 1 577. See Smith-Challoner's 
Memoirs Missionary Priests, vol i. 9-15; Lans- 
downe MS. 981. f. 163 ; & Fasti, i. 185. 

Mayne, Edward, of Bucks, arm. fiL nat max. 
UNIVERSITY Coll., matric 17 June, i63i, aged 

Mayne, James, of co. Hereford, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. 4 Dec, 1584, aged 18; perhaps 
bar.-at-law. Gray's Inn. 1593 (as of Hemel Hemp- 
stead, Herts), bencher 1613. See Foster's Judges 
and Barristers. 

Mayne, Jasper, s. Gasper, of Hatherlelgfa. Devon, 
gent Christ Church, matric 10 Oct, i6a8, 
aged 30; B.A. 31 Oct, 1638, M.A x8 June. 1631, 
created B.D. i or 3 Nov., 1643, and D.D. 17 June, 
1646, canon 1660, student 1637, until expelled by 
the parliamentary visitors 1648, restored i&o, vicar 
of Cassington 1639, and of Pyrton, Oxon. 1649, 
deprived of all his preferments, but reinstated at 
the restoration, archdeacon of Chichester 1660, 
until his death 6 Dec. . 1673 ; buried in Christ Church 
cathedral; will at Oxford proved 38 Feb., 1673. 
See Ath. iii. 971 ; Burrows, 489 ; Lansdaume MS. 
986. f. 35 ; & Foster's Index EccL [aO] 

Mayne, John, of Devon, pleb. Hart Hall, matric 
entry under date 17 Dec, 1576. 

Mayne. John, of Herts, gent Lincoln Coll., 

matric ao Jan., 1597-8. aged 14; brother of Simon 

Mayne, John, s. Christopher, of Exeter (dty). gent 

WADHAM Coll., matric. 30 Jan.. 1706-7, aged 17; 

of Teffont Ewyas. Wilts ; died 1736. 

Mayne, Peter, equitis fiL nat min. Balliol Coll. 
subscribed 15 June. 1657. B.A. 1663. student of 
Gray's Inn 1651, as 3rd son of John of Linton, 
Kent, kt. and bart ; called Mayney in the 
baronetages ; brother of Walter. See Foster's 
Grays Inn Reg. 

Mayn. Richard, s. Christopher, of Shaftesbury, Dorset, 
pleb. New Inn Hall, matric 4 Nov., 1^1. aged 

i8- [25] 

Mayne, Richard, gent Merton Coll., matric 33 
March, 1658-9; perhaps bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 
1668, as s. John, of Elmedon. co. Warwidc, gent 
Sec Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Mayne, Samuel. RA. from Peter House. Cambridge, 
1586.7. M.A. 1590. RD. 1598, incorporated 16 July, 
1601, rector of Holsworthv. Devon, 1604-33 ; father 
of the next-named. See t'oster's GraduaU Cantab. 

Mayne, Samuel, s. Samuel, of Holsworthy, Devon, 
sacerd. ExETRR Coll., matric 4 June, 1641, 
aged 33. 

Mayne, Samuel, s. Zac, of Dalwood, Dorset, pp, 
Exeter Coll., matric 16 March. 1694-5. ^^g^ 17; 
B.A. 1698. M.A. 1701; a Med. fix>m New Inn 
Hall 1708 ; died m Northampton 175a 

[ 995 ] 

Simon Maynb. 

rjoo— I7I4, 

Richard Mayett. 

Kaynei Simon, of Herts, pleb. Lincoln Coll.^ 
malnc lo Oct, 15^ a^ 17; B.A. 4 July. 1597, 
M^ I July. 1600 ; of Dinton, Bucks (2s. Henry, of 
Bovendon} ; died 1617, aged 40 ; Utiher of Simon 
the regicioe ; brother of John 1598. 

XaTne, Thomas, KA. from Broadgatbs Hall 17 
June, 1619, 

Uayne^ Thomas, of Bucks, pleb. Merton Coll., 
matna ip Oct., 1621, aged 19; possibly student of 
Middle lemple i6ao, as son and heir of William, of 
Hoastone, Bucks. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Mayne, Walter, "equitis fil nat. min." Balliol 
Coll., subscribed 15 June, 1657, student of Gray's 
Inn 1651, as and son of John, of Linton, Kent, kt. 
and hart ; brother of Pfcter 1657. See Foster's 
Gra/s Inn Reg. 

Hayne, William (or Maynnes), B.C.L. 21 July, 1522 ; 
possibly a student of Lincoln's Inn 1532. [5] 

Mayne, Zachariah, gent Christ Church, matric 
15 Oct, 1649; demy Magdalen Colu. B.A 
6 May, 1652, fellow, M. A 6 July, 1654, incorporated 
at Cambridge 1658, "eminently Godly and of able 
parts," etc. , taught school at Dalwodd, in Dorset, 
167T, master of the free school at Exeter 1688, 
until his death xi Nov., 1694. aged 6^; buried at 
Dalwood : father of Samuel 1695. See Ath, iv. 
41X ; & Fasti, ii. 182. 

Mayo, Charles, s. John, of Hinton Ampner. Hants, 
cler. Balliol Colu, matric. 3 July, 1708, aged 
18; B.A. 1713, vicar of Carhamplon, Somerset, 
1716. See Foster's Index EccL 

Mayo, Clement, s. Nath.. of London (city), gent 
Magdalen Hall, matric. 30 March, i^, aged 

Hayo, Edward, s. John, of Castick, Dorset, sacerd. 
Baluol Coll. , matric. 21 June. 1633. ^^ '^ • 
his £ather rector of Cattistock 16x0-35. See Foster's 
Index Reel. 

Kayo, Henry, of co. Hereford, pleb. Balliol 
Coll., matric. 28 Jan., X591-2, aged 18; B.A 
14 Nov., 1600. [10] 

Hayo. Humphrey (Maio), s. John, of Cann. Dorset, 
pleb. Pembroke Coll.. matric. 15 Dec., 1637, 
aged 16 ; B. A. 26 June, X641. 

Mayo, Jenkin, of St. Edmund Hall 1597. Sec 

Mayo, John, of Dorset, pleb. St. Alban Hall, 
matric. 3 May, 1583, aged x8. 

Mayo, John (Maio), of Oxon, pleb. St. John's 
Coll., matric 2x Jan., 1585-6, aged 43. 

Mayo, John, of Northants, pleb. Magdalen Hall, 
niauic. 28 April, x6x5, aged 17. [15] 

Mayo, John. s. WilUam, of Hereford (city), pleb. 
St. Edmund Hall, matric. 14 July, 1626, aged 
xo ; RA. 3x Jan. , 1627-8. rector of How Capcl, co. 
HcrcfoTd, X637. See Foster's Index EccL 

Mayo, John, s. WUliam, of London (city), pleb. 
Corpus Christi Colu, matric. xa Dec, 1679, 
aged 15 ; B.A- 1683, MA 1686, vicar of Carhamp- 
ton, Somerset, 169X. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Mayp,John,s. Joh., of Devizes, Wilts, pleb. Hart 
Hall, matric. 16 Oct, 1695, aged 18; vicar of 
Avcrbury, Wilts, 1712-46; died 10 Dec., 1752; 
buried at Avcrbury. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Mayo, Joseph, "ser." Hart Hall, matric. 31 
May, 1655, B.A 16 Dec, 1657. 

Mayo, Matthew, s. William, of Swalcliffe. Oxon, cler. 
TRINITY Coll., matric 19 March, 1706-7, a^ed 
16; B.A from Hart Hall X7X0, M.A 17x3, vicar 
^ of West Thurrock, Essex, 17x8, and rector of 

Cublington, Bucks, X724; brother of William 
1708. [ao] 

n.ayo, Nicholas (Maiowe, Mayow, or Mayhew) ; B. A 
wp. May, 1537, M.A 10 June, 1540. 

[Mayo, Ridiard (Mayew) ; fellow of New Colu 
1459-71 from Winchester, bom at Htmgerford, 
Bup. for B.Can.L. 4 Feb., 1455-6, proctor, first 
president of Magdalen College 1480, king's chaplain 
1491, archdeacon of Oxford Xi^96, and kingif 
almoner; incorporated at Cambndge 1500, arch- 
deacon of Yorks, East Riding, 1501, canon of 
Sarum, chancellor of Oxford 1503, bishop of 
Hereford 1504; died 18 April, 15x6^ See Ath, 
il 708 ; 0,II.S.la6; Mayo and Elton Families, 5 ; 
ft Lansdowne MS, 978, f. 199.] 

Hayo, Richard: B.A from Magdalen Coll. 9 
Dec, 1570, fdlow 1571, M.A 21 Jime, 1574. 

Mayo, Richard, s. R., of Kingston, Surrey, pleb. 
Lincoln Coll., matric 2a June, 1677. aged 15 ; 
B. A 10 March, 1680-1 ; for an account of his father 
who died 8 Sept , 1695, see Calamy, iii. 304. 

Mayo, Richard, s. Ric, of Kimber Magna, Bucks, 
cler. Pembroke Coll., matric 14 Jan., 1705-6, 
aged 15 ; B.A 1709, M.A 17x2, B. and D.D 1724, 
rector of Wittersham, Kent, 17x5, and chaplain of 
St Thomas Hospital 17x7, rector of St. Michael, 
Crooked Lane, 1723. chaplain in ordinanr to George 
L 1725; bom at Great Kimber 12 OcL. 1690, 
died 10 May. 1727. See Rawl. ii. 266, xviii 93 ; 
Heame, i 192 ; & Foster's Index Eccl. [^^1 

Mayo, William, of Dorset, pleb. St. Mart Hall, 
matric 5 Nov. , 1585, aged to. 

Mayo. William, s. Joh. , of Westbury, co. Gloucester, 
pleb. St. Alban Hall, matric 28 May, x666, 
aged 15; B.A from Brasenosb Coll. 18 Jan., 
1669-70, rector of Blaisdon, co. Gloucester, 1671- 
1705. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Mayo, William; B.A from New Coll. 10 June, 
1678, M.A. 17 Dec, 1684, vicar of Swalcliffe, Oxon, 
1^9 ; father of Matthew and William next-named. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Mayo, William, s. William (4to.), of Swalcliffe, Oxon, 
cler. Hart Hall, matric. 14 Feb., 1707-8. aged 
16 ; B.A 1711, M.A 17x4, vicar of Priors Hard- 
wide, CO. Warwick, 173^42, rector of Brington, 
Northants, 1742, until bis death ; buried there 23 
Oct, 1775 ; brother of Matthew 1707, See Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

Mayor, John, **ser." Magdalen Coll., matric 

25 Oct, 1659; chorister 1660-1, as Major. See 
Bloxam, i. 85. L'O] 

Mayor, Richard (Maijor), of Southants. gent Queen's 
Colu, matric. 9 Nov., 1621, aged 17; B.A 15 
April, 1624. 

Mayor, Robert, s. Rob., of Kingham. Oxon, pleb. 
BRASENOSB CoLL., matric 13 May, 1669; aged 

Mayor, Thomas (Maior), of Herts, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll., matric 13 Dec, 1599, aged 25; ••pauper 
testimonio presentium Edmundi Carpenter, Thomas 
Phipps, Xpofer Herst, Edmundi Lapworth,'Sampsoni 
Newton, Jacob! Mabbe, Nic degens." 

Mayos, Jenkin, of co. Glamorgan, pleb. St. 
EDMUND Hall, matric — Nov., 1597, aged i8 j 
B.A from Lincoln Coll. 19 June, x6ox. M.A. 

26 June. X605. vicar of Penmark, co. Glamorgan, 
1611, as Mayo. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Llayott, John, s. John, of Abingdon, Berks, gent 
"Pembroke Coll.. matric. 8 Jime, 1627, aged 16; 
B. A 26 Jan., 1629-30, M.A 23 Oct, 163a. [35] 

Mayott, John. s. Robert, of Fawler, Oxon, gent^ 
LINCOLN Coll., matric 8 March, 1677-8, aged 16^ 

Mayott, Nicholas (Maiott), of Berks, "Gen. Cond., 
collector redituum ColL Jesu," privilegiattis 19 
Oct, 1621, aged 28. 

Mayett, Richard, secular chaplain; EA 8 Julf, 

{ 996 1 


Richard Mayott. 

1500 — 17141 

Richard Meadway. 

Hayotty Richard, s. Robert, of Abingdon, Berks, 
gent. Pembroks Coll., matric. 14 Nov., 1661, 
aged 18 1 Bw A 1665, M. A. 1668 ; rector of Hamp- 
ton Poyle. Ozon. 1680. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Xayott, Robert, gent Pembroke Coll., matric 
28 June, 1659; B.A ft M.A from St. Mary 
Hall 4 July. 1667. 

Hayow, ^exander, s. Ph., of Norvall, Cornwall, 
gent. Wadham Coll.. matric. la April, 1690, 
aged 17; B.A 1693. M.A. 1697; rector of St 
Mary Tavy, Devon. 1696. See Foster's Index 

Mayowe, John, of co. Gloucester, pleb. Corpus 
Christi Coll., matric. ao Jan.. 1597-8. aged 16. 

Mayow, John, pleb. Wadham Coll.. matric a 
July. 1658, scholar 1650, from Bree, Comvrall, aged 
17; fellow All Souls Coll. 1660, B.C.L. 1665. 
D.C.L. 1670; studied physic, practiced at Bath in 
the summer time ; died Sept. , 1679. buried in Covent 
Garden. See Ath. iiL 1x99 ; & Gardiner, 224. [5] 

Mayow, Philip, pleb. Wadham Colu. matric 8 
Dec, 1658 (s. John, of Lowe, Cornwall) ; died in 
Oct., 1679. 

MayowO, Tliomas, subscribed a July, 1613. 

Hayow, Thomas, s. Philip, of Bray, Cornwall, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric aa July. 1663. aged 17 ; 
B.A 1667, M.A 2S March, 1669-70, B.Med. 33 
March, 1677-8, D.Med. 1678. 

Mayow, Thomas, s. J., of Michaelstow, Cornwall, 
gent Hart Hall, matric a6 May, 1691, aged 
i8 ; B.A as Feb.. 1694-5. M.A 1608; vicar of St 
Teath, Cornwall. 1704. See Foster s Index EccL 

Maysmor, David, s. Jenk.. of Llansantfifraid. co. 
Merioneth, p. p. jESUS Coll. , matric 10 March, 
z6^5-6. aged ai. oee ArcJueologia Cambrensis^ 4 S. 
viii. 193. [10] 

Haysxnor* Hugh, s. Joh., of Llangwm (Uancoone), 

CO. Denbigh, pleb. Jesus Coix., matric. 4 April, 

1696, aged 17; perhaps postmaster Merton Coll. ; 

buried (as Henry) 7 June, 1699. See Gutch, L app. 

Xayson, Robert, of Northumberland, pleb. Queen's 

Coll., matric 17 Nov., 1581, aged 17. See 

Mayton, Leonard; B.A from Magdalen Hall 16 

May. 1633. 

Meaohaxn, Samuel, s. Robert, of Bristol (city), pleb. 
Merton Coll., matric aa June, 1660, aged x6. 
B.A z67a 

Heade, Chamell. s. William, of Narborough. co. 
Leicester, gent Lincoln Coll.. matric. a6 Nov., 
i66a. aged x8 ; student of Gray's Inn 1663 ; father oif 
William 1684. See Foster's Gray's Inn Reg. [15] 

Meade, Edmund, of Wilts, pleb. Gloucester Hall, 
matric. 16 Feb., 1596-7, aged 17; B.A. 11 Dec. 
1600. rector of Pitney Lorty. Somerset, 16x5. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Mead, Francis, s. Rd., of Mursley, Bucks, pleb. 
Wadham Coll., matric 19 March. 1685-6; B.A. 
1689, M.A. z6oa, B.Med. 1696. 

Mede, George ; u.Med. of Padua a5 Aug.. 1651 ; in- 
corporated 8 April. z65a. 

Meade, Henry (Meide) ; B.A. from Trinity Coll., 
Cambridge, 1567. supL 14 July. 1567. for incor- 
poration. See Foster s Graduati Cantad, 

Meade, James, s. Thomas, of Whately, Oxon. pleb. 
Magdalen Coll., matric 35 Jan., 1638-9. aged 
16. [ao] 

Meade, John ; B.A. from Oriel Coll. 17 May, 1585; 
perhiaps bar.-at-law. Lincoln's Inn, 1594. as of 
£ssex. See Foster's Judges and Barristers & 
O.H.S. xiL ia8. 

Meade, John, of Essex, gent Brasenosb Coll., 
matric a June, 159a. aged 13; B.A. from St. 
John's Coll. 5 Dec., 1597. 

Meade. John, of Essex, pleb. Hart Hall, matiia 
IX Maj, 1Q97, aged 16; B.A. from Christ 
CmntCH 9 July, 160a. 

Meade, Joseph, s. Joseph, of Sanim, Wilts, gent 
Trinity Coll., subscribed i June, 1704, agisd 15. 

Mead, Matthew, s. Rich., of Brickhill, Bucks, pleb. 
Wadham Coll., matric a May, 1679, 1^:00 15; 
B.A. 33 Jan., x68a-3, M.A. 1685, chaplain z68^ 
incorporated at Cambridge 171 1. See Rawl. vL 
ia9 ; & Gardiner^ 334. [^S] 

Mead, Richard (Mede) ; B. A. 16 June. 1512. 

Meade, Richard (Mede) ; B.A. June, 15 18. 

Mead. Richard; D.Med, of Padua, x6 Aug., 1695; 
D.Med. (Oxon) by diploma 4 Dec. X707 (s. 
Mathew, nonconformist divine), bom at Stepney. 
IX Aug., X673, F.RS. 1703, vice-president X707, 
fellow college of physicians 1716. physician to St 
Thomas's hospital I70^-X4, and governor of St 
Bartholomew, Bridewell, and Bethlehem 1720, 
hon. fellow college of physicians, Edinburgh, X745, 
physician in ordinary to George II. ; died x6 Feb., 
1754 ; buried in the Temple church a3nt See ^ 
AfunXs RoU, it 40 ; & RawL i. 89. 

Meade, Robert, s. Robert, of London (city), gent 
Christ Church, matric x Sept, 1634. aged xS; 
student X634-48. B.A. 11 April, 1638, M.A. aa 
May, 164X, created D.Med. a3 June, X646. a 
captain in the army of Charles L, a commis^oner 
for negotiating the surrender of Oxford to the 
pailiamentary forces X7 May, 1646, expelled from 
his studentship X648, "agent" for Charles II. in 
Sweden, an eminent poet and dramatist; bom at 
the Black Lion in Fleet Street (his father a 
stationer); died at his father's house ax Feb., 
1653-3 ; buried in St Dunstan's-in-the-West See 
Ath, iiL 34a; Fasti, ii 98; AL West, 105; & 
Burrows, 489. 

Meade, Thomas (Meede); fellow Exeter COll. 
1503-18, B.A. 3 July, X506. M.A. 8 May, XS09, 
principal of Hart Hall X5X0-X4, proctor X513. 
rector of his college 1514-15 and 1516-18, one di 
the "custodes" of the queen's chest in the 
university July, 1510. vicar of Menheniot Corn- 
wall ; died in X5a9. See Boose, a8. [SO] 

Meade, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Wheatley, Oicon, 
pleb. Magdalen Coll., matric ao March. 
X634-5, aged 17; B.A. a9 Nov., X638 (as Mcades); 
one of these names vicar of Rudgwick, Sussex, x66a 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Meade, William, s. Charnell, of Narborough, co. 
Leicester, arm, LiNO^^ Coll., matric. 16 Oct., 
X684. aged 16. 

Meaden, William, s. William, of Amcsbury. Wilts, 
der. Exeter Coll., roauic 10 Oct, 168a. 
aged ao ; B.A. 1686. 

MeadOWOOtirt, Richard, s. R., of Worcester (city), 
gent Merton Coll., matric. 9 March. 1709-xo, 
aged IS ; B.A. 1714, fellow. M.A. 1718, vicar of 
Oakley. Bucks, I7a7. canon of Worcester X735, 
vicar of Quinton, cc Gloucester. 1738, rector of 
St Martin's, in Worcester, X738, and vicar of 
Lindridge. co. Worcester. 1751, until his death 
8 Sept . X76a See Ravtl, I 398. v. 169, xviiL s^ ; 
& Foster's Index Eccl, 

Meadows, (Sir) Philip, is. Ph., of London (dty), 
eq. aur. Trinity Coll., matric ao April. 1689, 
aged 17; student of Lincoln's Inn 1690. knight- 
marshall of the household, knighted at Hampton 
Court asDec, 1700, M.P. Tregony 1698-1700 and 
1705-8, Truro x7oa-5; died 3 Dec, 1767; grand- 
lather of Charles, £arl Manvers. See Foster's 
Peerage, [S5] 

Meadway, Richard, s. Richard, of AskersweD, 
Dorset, pleb. Hart Hall, matric 34 Nov., 
i6a6, aged a3 ; B.A. a3 Feb., 1637-8, as Medway. 

[ ^7 ] 

William Meagh. 


Francis Meers. 

Kea^h, Wniiam (or Miagfa). bisboo of P.c. 
Ireland ; died 15 Dec., 1548. See Ath, il 756^ 

Heardon, John, s. J., of Bofey-Tracey, Dcron, pleb. 
St. Alban Hall, matric. 4 June, 1674, aged 17. 

Heara, Dmnitius, studied at P^is and Cambridge, 
sup. for B.Can.L. 3 July* 1514 ; another of these 
names, though later in time (1615) was father of 
Edmund, of Bristol, who became hoo. fellow college 
of physicians 1654. See Atk. ii. 375; ft Mutik's 
Roll, L 337. 

Meare* Arthur, fl. William, of Easttngton, co. Pern* 
broke, gent Quben's Coll. matria 11 May, 
1670. aged z8; student of Gra/s Inn 1673. See 
Fojter's Innt of Couri Reg, 

Keare, John, s. John, of Horton, Cheshire, picb. pp. 
H&A5EM06K Coll.. ic May, 1665. aged 16; B A. 
ai Jan., 1668-9, M.A 1671, R and D.D. 1684, 
principal of his college i68i-X7io, vice-chancellor 
1697-8. rector of Great RoUwright. Oxon, 1687-1710, 
and of Middleton Cheney. Northants. 1693, and 
canon of Wells 1703, until his death 10 May. 1710; 
will at Oxford prov^ a8 OcL, 171a See Foster s 
Index Eccl. [5) 

Heare, John, s. T., of Horton, Cheshire, pleb. 
Brasi£N0sk Coll., matric. 38 May. idgr. aged 16 ; 
died 3c July, 1694 ! brother of Thomas 1694. Sss 
Guick, \. 379. 

Xeare, John, s. Joh., of Oxford (city), doctoris. 
BrasbnoseColl.. matric. x6 April. 169)8, aged 14; 
B.A 1701, M.A. 1704; perhaps canon of Wells 
X7O3-10 ; brother of I'homas same date. 

Xeare, Peter, s. Thomas, of Horton. Cheshire, pleb. 
Brasenose Coll., matric. 9 Nov., 17x3, aged 16; 
B.A 1717. 

Heare, Samuel, s. Thomas, of Tilston, Cheshire, pleb. 
Brasenose Coll., subscribed 33 May, 1704. aged 
16 ; RA so Jan.. 1707-8, M.A X7xa 

Keare* Thomas, gent. Brasenose Coll., matric. 8 
March. 1648-9. a A 15 OcL, 165a, M.A. 38 June. 
1655, incorporated at Cambridge 1657; perhaps 
rector of Stanstead. Suffolk. 1658. [10] 

Heare, Thomas, s. Tha. of Horton, Cheshire, plelx 
Brasenose Coll., matric. 19 May, 1694. aged 17; 
B.A ao Jan., 1697-8, M.A 1700; brother of John 

ICeare, Thomas, s. Joh., of Oxford (city), doctoris. 
Brasenose Coll. matric. 16 April. 1698, aged 14 ; 
perhaps died 10 luly. 17x4. and buried 12th in the 
college chapel ; brother of John same date. Sec 
Gutck, i. ^81. 

ICeare, William, s. Geo., of Pembroke (town), gent. 
jESi;s Coll.. matric 34 May. 1694, aged 16; 
student of Gray's Inn 1694. See Foster's Jnns of 
Court Reg, 

ICeddens, John, a. Lewis, of Blandfbrd, Dorset, pleb. 
Wadham Colu, matric 20 Noy., 1683, aged 18 ; 
B.A 1687, M.A 1690. subdean Exeter College, 
kept school at Henley 1694. rector of Knightwick, 
00. Worcester, 1703. Se« Ath, iv. 743 ; Gardiner^ 
^39 ; & Foster's Index Eccl. 

Heddowes. James (Medowes or Medusius), D.D. of 
Basue University, incorporated 6 July, 1610; a 
Cheshire man bom. a member of Gray's Inn 1613. 
studied also at Heidelberg, chaplain to Peregrine. 
Lord Willoughby, and to James I., rector of St 
George. Eastcheap. 1597, and of St Gabriel. Fen- 
church Street, i6<^. and of Snodland, Kent. 1614 ; 
fother of the next. See Foster's Index Eccl\ 
Fasti, i. 340; & O.H.S. %. 37 v6. [15] 

Meddas, Joseph, of London, doctoris fil. Exeter 
Coll., matric 17 Dec, 1619, aged 16; B.A. 27 
Feb., 1631-3, M.A. 10 June, 2624(S.T.D. fil). 

Xedford, Peter (Medforthe or Midforihe), B.A from 
Mbrton Coll. 8 May, 1568. M.A. la Feb., 1571-3 ; 
also of UNiVBRsmr Coli«. ; rector of Corabemartin, 
Devon, 15^^. See Foster's Index RceL 


Hedford, Robeit, of Corpus Christi Coll. 1664. 

Hedhope, ChrUtopfaer (Madhope or Medoppe), E A 
19 June, 1527. 

Kedliop, Henry, of Oxon, gent Christ Cnt/RCif, 
matnc 8 June, 1604. aged 1$. [^O] 

Kedhopp, Richard. " pharmacopola," privil^^tusaS 
May, 164c, aged 22. 

Medbopy Thomas, fellow TRiNtrr Coll., Cambridee, 
BA 1611-C2. MA. 1615; incorporated 11 fuTy, 
z6i$, B. D. 1632. vicar of Bottisham. co. Cambridge 
163a See Foster's Graduati Cantab, 

Medley, Benedict, B.C.L. sup. 39 Jan., 1507-8. 

Medley, Christopher (Medetey). chaplain (student at 
Oxford and Cambridge), B.A 5 May. 151 1. licenced 
M.A. 12 June, and created 3 July, 1515. See 
O.H.S, I 73. 

Medlej, Edward, s. Tho., of Barcombe. Sussex, gent 
St. John's Coll.. matric 16 June. 1699. aged x8; 
bar.-at-law, Middle Temple. t70^\ brotho: of 
Thomas same date. See Fosters Judges and 
Barristen. [a5] 

Medley, John, B A from Trinity Coll., Cambridge, 
1575-6; (incorporated 15 July, 1378)* M.A 1579. 
See Fosters Graduati Cantab, 

Medley, Thomas, s. Tho., of Barcombe, Sussex, gent 
St. John's Coll., matric. 16 June. 1699. aged x8; 
student of Middle Temple 1697. See Foster's Inns 
0/ Court Reg, 

MedllOOt, Richard. B.A from Peter House. Cam- 
bridge. 1618-19. M.A. 1622; incorporated 9 July, 
1622 ; admitted to Merchant Taylors' school 16 10. 
born 2 Feb., 1599. See Rodin son, i. 65 ; & Foster's 
Graduati Cantab, 

MedliCOtt, Richard, s. William, of Pontesbury. Salop, 
pp. St. Mary Hall, matric 8 July, 1670. aged 
17 ; B. A 1674, rector of Monkton Farleigh, Wilts, 
1679. See Foster's index Ecei. 

Medlyoot, Thomas (Midlecot). of Wilts, pleb. Oriel 
Coix., matric. entry under date 30 Dec, 1577. 
aged 16. [30] 

Medlioott, Thomas, pleb. Balliol Coll., matric 
13 Oct, 1711, B.A 1715. 

Mee, Samuel, gent Wadham Coll., matric. 36 
March, t686, B.A. 1689, M.A 169a (s. Thomas, of 
London, after of Gloucester), high sheriff co. Glou- 
cester 1731, born 7 Oct., 1668 ; died 3 Aug., 1749, 
ancestor of Viscount Palmerston. See Herald & 
Genealogist, iii. 410. 

Meech, Charies, s. William, of Steepleton, Dorset, 
pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric. i6 March, 16267, 
aged 18; B.A 28 Jan., 1629-30. vicar of Wallchamp- 
ton, Devon, 1644. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Meeoh, John, s. lohn, of Westminster, Middx., pleb. 
University Colu, matric. 27 April, 163a, aged 

Meeeh, Perdvall, of Dorset, der. fiL Oriel Colu, 
matric i July, 1603, aged i8; B.A. 31 Oct, 1606, 
M. A ao June, 1609 ; rector of West Knighton, 
Dorset, 1609. See Foster's Index Eul, [38] 

Meeke, Henry, of SufTord. pleb. Magdalen H alu 
mauic 33 June, 1587. aged 19^ 

Meeke, John, of Hereford, pleb. Magdalen Hall. 
matric 33 March. 1630-x, aged 19; EA 31 April, 
1631, M.A 16 March. 1633-4 ; rector of Pendomer, 
Somerset, 1639. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Meeke, WiUiam. s. William, of Manchester. 00. Lan- 
caster, der. St. Edmund Halu matric 7 April. 
1674. aged 18 ; RA. from St. Mary Hall 1677. 

Meers, Frands (Meres), s. Thomas, of Kirton-in- 
Houand, co. Lincoln; B.A. from Pembroke 
Colu, Cambridge, 1587-8, M.A 1^91, hicorporated 
\o JuIfi 1593: a minister and schoolmaster. See 
Foster^s Graduati Cantab ft Fastis l 263. 

[ 998 ] 

Thomas Meeres. 

1500— 1714. 

Benjamin Melliar. 

Heeres, Thomas, s. Thomas, of London (city), eq. 
aur. Christ Church, matric. 17 Dec., 1679, aged 
17 (subscribes Meres); student of Inner Temple 
X679 ; died in Paris unmarried ; his father knighted 
zi June, 1660, and M.P. Lincoln, in 10 parliaments 
Z659-1710, and died 9 July, 1715. See Foster's 
Inns 0/ Court Rtg. 

Heeres. William, s. Rich., of Oxford (city), pleb. 
St. £dmund Hall, matria 15 May, 1^3, aged 
x6; B.A 33 Jan.. 1676-7, M.A. 1680. 

Meerhnrsty Thomas (Merest), scholar Corpus 
Christi Coll. 1561, from Surrey ; B.A 28 July, 
1565, M.A sup. 8 March, 1569-70; sometime of 
St. John's Colu See O.H.S. i 859. 

Heese, Edmund ; B.A 20 Feb., 1575-6; bar.-at-law, 
Gray's Inn, 1588. See Foster's Judges and Bar- 

Meese, Henry (Mease), s. Matt., of Chepstow, co. 
Monmouth, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 17 Nov., 
1698, aged 15; B.A 1702, M.A 1705; rector oJF 
Alderton 1724, and of Swindon, co. Gloucester, 
1738. See Foster's Index Eccl. [5] 

Meese, John, s. Robert, of Over Worton, Oxon, arm. 
St. John's Coll., matria 17 April, 1635, aged 16 ; 
brother of Robert 163^. 

Meese, Nicholas, s. Richard, of Over Worton, Oxon, 
arm. St. John's Colu , matric. 16 Dec , 1645, aged 
25 ; scholar of Trinity Coll. 1648-9, B. A 4 May, 
1649, fellow 1650, M.A 30 March, 1652 (incor- 
porated at Cambridge 1655), B.D. 24 Feb., 1662-3, 
proctor 1661 : vicar of Stokenham, Devon. 1663. 
rector of Cxhill, co. Warwick, 1669; father of 
Walwyn 1686. See Burrows^ 552; & Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Meese, Nicholas, gent Magdalen Coll., matric. 
16 March, 1648-9. 

Meese, Robert, of Oxon, pleb. QinEEN's CoLi^, 
matric. I July, 1608. aged 15 ; student of Gray's 
Inn 1612, as son and heir of John, of Oxon ; father 
of John and Robert 1635. See Foster's Grays 
Inn Reg, 

Meese, Robert, 2S. Robert, of Over Worton, Oxon. 
arm. Hart Hall, matric. 30 Oct., 1635, aged 
16 ; B.A. from St. John's Coll. 29 April, 1639, 
M.A 31 March, 1642 ; brother of John 1635. [lO] 

Meese, Walwyn, s. Nic, of Idlicote, co. Warwick, 
cler. Trinity Coll., matric. 16 Dec, 1686. aged 
15 ; B. A 1690, M.A 1693, rector of Darlaston. co. 
Stafford, 1699, vicar of Stratford-upon-Avon, co. 
Worcester, 1709, and rector of Oxhill, co. Warwick, 
I7r5. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Meetkerke, Adolphus. doctoris fil. Christ Church, 
matric. 7 Dec. 1650, B.A. 16 Feb.. 1653-4, M.A 
20 June, 16^6 (s. Edward), said (though incorrectly) 
to have died 3 Nov., 1654, aged 36 ; father of 
the next. 

Meetkerke, Adolphus, s. A(dolphus), of Rivasden, 
Hants, gent. New Coll., matric. 25 Aug., 1682, 
aged 18; B.A 1686, fellow, M.A 14 Jan., 1689-90, 
B.Med. 1692; buried 15 Feb., 1732. 

Meetkerke, Baldwin ("Mekerchus"). of Brussels, 
Flanders, equitis fil. Christ Church, matric. ii 
March, 1586-7, aged 19 (s. Sir Adolphus, ambassador 
from the States General), slain at the siege of 
Daventer, in Flanders ; half brother of tlie 

Meetkerk, Edward A, of London (city), equitis fil 
Christ Church, mntric 16 Jan., 1606-7. ^g^ >6 ; 
B.A. 21 June, 2610, student, M.A 10 June, 1613 
(incorporated at Cambridge 1627), B.D. and 
licenced to preach 19 June, 1620, canon and D. D. 26 
May, 1625 regius fnofessor of Hebrew 1621-6 (4s. 
Adolphus, States ambassador to England), prebend- 
ary of Winchester 1625, ejected, rector of Easton, 
Hants, 1625, until his death Aug., 1657; father of 
Adolphus 165a See AL West, 75 ; FasiU i. 423 \ 
& Foster's Index Eul. [15] 

ULeggOttf George, bom at Twickenham, Middlesex, 
8. Robert, dean of Winchester (subscribes doctoris). 
Christ Church, matria 7 April, 1690, aged x6 ; 
one of these names M.P. Southwark 1722, until 
his death is Nov., 1725. See Foster's Parlia" 
mentary Dictionary, 

MeffffOtt, Robert, s. George, of Westminster, 
Middlesex, arm. Wadham Colu, matria 14 
July, 1705, aged 18 ; student of Lincoln's Inn 1704. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

MeggS, Henry, of Dorset, gent Universit? Coll., 
matria 27 Jan., 1603-4, aged 18; of Bradford 
Peverell, Dorset (s. Peverell) ; died in 1656. 

MegKS, Henry, is. Thomas, of Bradford Peverell, 
Dorset, arm. Lincoln Coix., matria 25 May, 
2661, aged 20 ; of Bradford Peverell ; died 16 May, 
1702 ; brother of Lawrence and PeverilL 

MeggS, Lawrence, s. Thomas, of Bradford Peverell, 
Dorset, gent New Coll.. matria 12 Aug., 1673, 
aged 18 ; died in 1675 ; brother of the next. [20] 

MeggS, Peverill, s. Thomas, of Bradford, Dorset, 
gent. New Coll., matria 8 Nov., 1667, aged 18 ; 
BwA. 1671, M.A. 14 Jan., 1674-5; <i>^ ^^ Feb., 
1678-9 ; brother of Laurenoa See Gulch^ i 225. 

Mekin, Robert, of ca Leicester, pleb. LiNCX)LN 
Coll. , matria 3 July, 1618, aged 17. 

Mekins, John ; D.D. by diploma 21 Oct., 1702; chap 
lain to Prince George of Denmark. 

Melhuish, George, •• ser." Christ Church, matric 
31 July, 1658. 

Melhnislie, Richard, s. Tho., of Ashreigney, Devon, 
gent Exeter Coll., matria 10 March, 16^-70, 
aged 16. [28] 

Mell, Thomas, s. Robert, of Thornton. Yorks, pleb. 
Lincoln Coll., matria 8 July, 1625, aged 17; 
B.A 8 Feb., 1627-8, as Mells. 

MeUer, Giles, of Dorset, arm. Magdalen Hall, 
matria 16 Oct, 1601, aged 17; B.A. from Uni- 
versity Coll. 9 June, 1605, M.A 2 July, 1608 ; 
perhaps brother of Jasper. 

MeUer, Henry, s. John, of North Lodge, co. Glou- 
cester, pleb. St. Alban Hall, matria 4 May, 
1627. aged 19; B.A. 20 Oct. 1630. M.A. 27 June, 
1633 (as Miller) ; perhaps rector of Ryton by Beck- 
bury, Salop, 1636, as Miller. See Foster's Index 

Meller, Jasper, of Dorset, gent St. Mary Hall, 
matria 5 Nov., 1585, aged 13; of Kingston, 
Dorset, son of John, and probably brother of 

Meller, Robert, is. John, of Littlebury. Dorset, arm. 
Queen's Coll., matria 4 Nov., 163 r. aged x8 
(perhaps B. A from Exeter Colu 28 Jime, 1632, 
M.A 9 June, 1635, as Miller) ; of Winterbourne 
Came, Dorset [30] 

Meller, Robert, arm. Wadham Coll., matria n 
April, 1660. 

MeUer, Thomas, s. William, of Curburgh, co. Staf- 
ford, p. p. Pembroke Coll.. matria 26 March, 
1680, aged 18 ; B.A. 1683. as Mellor. 

Mellor, Thomas, s. Tho., of Goathurst, Bucks, der. 
New Inn Hall, matria 5 Dec, 1709, aged 17; 
B.A. 1713. 

Mellevil. Andrew de, knight and colonel ; created 
D.Med. 25 Feb., 1680-1 ; in the retinue of George 
Lewis, Duke of Brunswick, afterwards George L 
of England. See Fasti, ii. 379. 

MelUar, Benjamin, s. James, of Catcott. Somerset, 
pleb. WADHAM Coll., matria 15 May. 17x1, 
aged 17, clerk 1712-14, B.A 1715; M.A. from 
Emanuel Coll., Cambridge, 1723. rector of Dod- 
ington 1718, vicar of Kilton 1722. rector of ^wdrip 
(an in Somerset) 1723, until his death in 1727. See 
Gardiner, 445 ; & Foster's Index Eccl, [35] 

I 999 ] 

Nathaniel Mellidge. 

1500— 1714. 

William Mercer. 

Kellidge. Nath(amel); a A from Hart Hall 27 
Jan., 1629-9. See Mathew Milledgb, page 1013. 

Mellior, Richard, s. Rob., of EddiDgton, Somerset, 
gent Wadham Coll., matric. 11 Dec., 1663, 
aged 15. 

Kellin^. See also Milling. 

Xellin^, Henry (Mellyn or Myllinge), B.A, secular 
chaplain, M.A la Dec.. 1530; perhaps vicar of 
Chippenham. Wilts, 1527. See Foster's /h(Ux 

MellLngre, Henry, s. Henry, of Hereford (city), pleb. 
Brasenose Coll., matric. 2a Feb., 1632-3, aged 
17 ; B.A. 20 Oct, 1635, M.A. 3 July, 1638, rector of Cardigan, 1639, vicar of Nantmel, co. 
Radnor, 1640, prebendary of Abergwilly in Brecon 
Z640, lector of Aberedw, co. Radnor, 1641, arch- 
deacon of Carmarthen in 1644, and prebendary of 
I Jand a ff at his death 12 Aug. , 1665. See Foster's 
Index Eccl, [5] 

Hellyn, Henry, s. H(enry), of Hereford (town), 
mmister. Brasenose Coll., matric. 5 April, 
i66i,agedi8; B.A 1664 (as Melling), bar.-at-law, 
Middle Temple, 1674. See Foster's Judges and 

Mellisll, Charles, s. Reason, of Carlton, co. Lincoln, 
arm. Corpus Christi Coll., matria 14 May, 
1688, aged 17. ^ ^ 

Hellish, George, s. Henry, of Sanderstead, Surrey, 
arm. Br asenose Coll. , matric. 10 June, 1687, 
aged 16; student of Middle Temple 1687. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

MeUish, Reason, s. Robert, of Ragnall, Notts, arm. 
Christ Church, matric. 6 March, 1646-7, aged 
18; student of Inner Temple 1652, M.P. NoiU 
1685-7. See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Mellow, Benjamin, s. William, of Tallard, Cornwall, 
pleb. Exeter Coll., matric. 5 April, 1704, aged 
18. [10] 

Helton, Edward, s. E, of Bampton. Devon, pleb. 
BalliolColl., matric. 18 March. 1688-9, aged 15; 
B.A 1692. 

Helton, William de, a Yorkshireman, chancellor of 
the cathedral church of York 1495. and prebendary 
as WUliam Multon; master of Michael House, 
Cambridge, M.A 1479, B.D. 1490, D.D. 1496. See 
Ath. 1. 49. 

Helton, William, M.A; entered in Woods MS, 
under date 8 June, 1649, but not in the university 

Hembrey, Christopher, B.A fixrni Corpus Christi 
Coll. ^Jmie, 2589. M.A 3 April, 1593, B.D. 14 
l^ec^ 1600, bcencedto preach 31 Jan., 1611-12, rector 
of Childrey, Berks, 1616. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Hence, Charles, of Jesus Coll., pleb. ; matric. 10 
I>cc., 1697, B.A 14 Feb., 1701-2. [15] 

Henoe, Francis, of Pembroke Coll., pleb. ; matric. 
6 June, 1660 ; bom at Himbleton, near Worcester, 
son of a farmer ; pastor at Wapping, died about 
1696. aj|[ed 57; brother of the next-named. See 
Eatol. hi. 420 ; Calamy, iii. 515. 

Hence, Robert, of Pembroke Coll., pleb. ; matric. 
25 July. 165s: B.A. 12 Feb., 1657-8; vicar of 
Swinderby, co. Lincoln, 1681. See Foster's Index 

Hence, William, of TRiNmr Coll. 1701. See 


Mend, Thomas, secular chaplain, B.Mus. 12 July, 

Hennes, (Sir) John, 3s. Andrew, of Sandwich, Kent ; 
bom there 11 May, 1598, said to have been of 
Corpus Christi Coll. in i6ic (but see John 
Mynne), controller of the navy omce temp, Charles 
I., a militia captain 1636, captain of a troop of 
horse against the Scots 1639, vice-admiral 1641, 
knighted at Dover Feb., 1^1, captain of H. M.S. 
•• Rainbow" 1642, governor of Dover castle temp, 
Charles II., and chief controller of the navy until 
his death at the navy office, Seething Lane, 18 Feb., 
1670; buried in St. Olave's, Hart Street, 27lh; 
brother of Matthew, next-named. See Atk. iii. 

925. [ao] 

Henes, (Sir) Matthew, of Kent, gen. fit Lincoln 
Coll., matric. 15 April, 1608, aged 15; student 
of Inner Temple 1610 (as Mennes, of Sandwich, 
Kent), knight of the bath at the coronation of 
Charles L ; brother of John last-named. See 
Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. & Ath. iii. 926. 

Henning, Daniel, B.C.L from Queen's Coll. 3 
Feb., 1590-1, kept two terms in Paris. See 0,H,S, 

Herser. David, s. Ralph, of Dinton, Wilts, pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matri& 30 Oct., 1626, aged 17; 
B.A 14 Feb., 1628-9. 

Hercer, Henry, of •• Herford," pleb. Magdalen 
Coll.. matric entry under date 1571, aged 19 ; 
clerk 1572-8, B.A 14 April, 1576, M.A 6 June, 
1580, usher of the college school 1577-85. See 
Bloxam, iL 41. 

Hercer, Henry, of Berics, gent St. John's Coll. 
matric. 27 April, 1582, aged 15 ; B.A 22 Feb., 

158^. [as] 

Hercer, James, of Brasenose Coll. 1678. See 

Hercer, John, of Berks, pleb. Hart Hall, matric. 

8 Nov., 1594, aged 16; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 

1607, as 4th son of Ralph, of Whitley, Berks, gent 

See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Hercer, John, gent Exeter Coll., matric. za 
Nov., 165a 

Hercer, John, s. William, of Chester (city), pleb. 
Brasenose Coll., matric. 4 April, 1698, aged 15; 
B.A. 1701, M.A 1704. 

Hercer, Lovelace, of Oxon, gent Corpus Christi 
Coll., matric. 23 Nov., 1581, aged 11. [30] 

Hercer, Nicholas (Mersor), pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matnc. entry under date 3 Dec., 1575, aged 17; 
B.A II Feb., 1574-5, feUow 1577-86. MA. 14 
March, 1578-9, licenced to preach i July, 1586, 
canon of Exeter 1583, vicar of Bishops Nympion 
1585, rector of (Pitts portion) Tiverton 1591, vicar 
of St. Pancras, near Lyme, Devon, 1581, until his 
death in 1597. See Foster's Index EccL & Boase, 

Mercer, Ralph, of Oxon, gent. St. John's Coll., 
matnc. 12 Dec., 1600, aged 14; B.A 13 July, 1604. 

Herser, Richard, fellow of Exeter Coll. 1582-96, 
proctor 1584, B.A. 14 July, 1585, M.A ii July, 
1588, B.C.L sup. 24 May, 1595. See Boase^ 48. 

Hercer, Robert, of Devon, gent Exeter Coll., 
matna 17 Dec., 1619, aged 17; fellow 1621 until 
his death in 1623. 

Hercer, Robert, s. Ja, of Ottery St Mary, Devon, 
gent Exeter Coll., matric. 10 April, 1690, 
aged 16; B.A 1693, M.A. 1696. [35] 

Hercer, Thomas (Marser), B.A. 21 June, 1563. 

Hercer, Thomas, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matnc. 11 Oct, 1583, aged 13; fellow 1586-1601, 
B.A 29 Oct., 1589, M.A 23 June, 1592. See 
Boaset 49* 

Hercer, William (Marcer), tabarder Queen's Coll., 
RA 9 July, 1569, M.A. sup. 18 Feb., 1571-2 ; one 
of these names rector of Aston Ingham, co. Here- 
ford, 1590. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

[ 1000 ] 

Francis Merchant. 


RicHARD Meredith. 

Herohant, Francis, of St. Edmund Hall, 1691. 
See Marchant. 

Kerohant. Robert, s. William, of Bampton. Oxon. 
pleb. MAGDALEN CoLL., inatria ai Dec, 1699. 
aged 15; diorister 1696-1700. detnr 1701-9. B.A. 
iToq, M.A. 1708, fellow 1709-32, B.D. 17x6, vicar 
of WiUoughby, co. Warwick. 1716-31. ▼ice-president 
Z733. rector of Fittleton, Wilts, 1731, aotil nis death 
7 April. 1773. aged 9^. See BUxam, t 124; & 
Foster's Indtx EccL 

Meredl til, Ambrose, s. Ambr., of Worcester (city), 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. ^ March, 1677, 
a^ed 15 ; B.A. x68o, M.A. 1683, vicar of Combe, 
Hants, 1686. rector of St. Swithin, city of Wor- 
cester, 1691. See Foster's /ruUx EccL 

Hereditby Amos, is. William, of Ashley, Cheshire, 
bart. CHRIST Church, matric. 16 March, 1705-6, 
aged zS ; student of Middle Temple 1705 ; died at 
£th 6 May, 1745. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Heredith, Charles. Jesus Colu 1575, hit. See 
Merediths Charles, page 263. [5] 

Heredith, David, "scholaris pauperior" ; B.A. from 
All Souls' Coll. 8 Feb., 1604-5. 

Hereditll, Edward. See Amerideth, page ax. 

Hereditll, Edward, 8. David, of Kington, co. Here- 
ford, sacerd. St. John's Coll., matric 3 May, 
1639, aged 14 ; RA. 15 Tune, 1643, rector of St. 
John's. Cornwall, 1642 ; nither of the next-named. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Merideth, Edward, s. Edward, of Landulph. Corn- 
wall, sacerd. CHRIST Church, matric. 14 July, 
1665, aged 17 ; student from Westminster school 
See Ath, iii. 653-4 ; & AL West 161. 

Hereditll. Giles, s. Giles, of Cwmdu, ca Brecon, 
pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. zo May, Z667, aged 

19- [*^] 

Mereditb, Giles, s. Giles, of Llaen. co. Monmouth, 

gent Jesus Colu, matric 3X March, 1690^ aged 

Z4; B.A. Z693, M.A. Z696. 
Heredlth, Henry, s. James, of Llanvihangell (town), 

paup. Jesus Coll., matric 4 July, 1710, aged 

Z9 ; B. A. 1714, rector of Blethvaugh, 00. Radnor, 

Z732. See Foster's Index EccL 

Heredltb, Hercules (Ameredith) ; fellow of Exeter 
Coll. XS51, B.C.L. sup. Oct, X564. 

Hereditll, HoweU, of co. Brecon, pleb. Jesus Colu , 
matric 4 Feb., Z59X-2, aged 20. 

Hereditll. James, s. J., of Keynton, 00. Hereford, 
pleb. St. Mary hall, matric 30 March, 1680, 
aged z6; B.A. 1684, M.A. 1694; rector of Coulston 
1689, and of Little Cheverell, Wilts, Z703. See 
Foster's Index EccL [15] 

Herydditlie, John, of Bristol, pleb. St. John's 
Colu, matnc entrjr under date X57S, aged ao; 
one of these names vicar of Marshfield, ca Glou- 
cester, X576. See Foster's Index EccL 

Heredith, John, of ca Hereford, pleb. jESUS Colu , 
matric 87 Nov., 1581, aged 25. 

Hereditll, John, of co. Denbigh, pleb. Gloucester 
Hall, matric 27 March, 1^84. aged X9; B.A. 11 
Kfarch, 1587-8 ; rector of Lfandegla, co. Denbigh, 
z6o6, and vicar of Whitford, co. Flints, z6o8, and 
rector of Caerwys. Flints, X617. See Thomas, 
SL Asaph, 6x8 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Heredith, John, of Sussex, gent Oriel Colu, 
matric — Oct., X597, aged 17; RA from St. 
Mart Hall i Feb., Z599-X600: vicar of St Peter 
the Great, Chichester, z6x6. See Foster's Index 
EccL & Fasti, i. 28x. 

Heredithy John,* of co. Worcester, pleb. St. John's 
Colu, matric 5 May, Z598, aged z6. [20] 

Heredjth, John, of co. Anglesea, pleb. Exeter 
Colu, matric vj Dec, Z619, aged z8; B.A. 17 
Oct, z62x, M.A. 19 Jan., 1624-5, proctor 1632, 
B.D. 90 July, X636 ; rector of Llanfenres, ca Den- 
bigh, 1644. until his death, buried under the altar 
2^ Sept, x66o. See Thomas, St, Asaph, 621 ; & 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Hereditll, John, of Berks, der. fit All Sotn^ 
Colu, matric a Nov., x62x, aged Z9; B.A. 7 
Nov., Z622, M.A. Z3 June, 1626 (incorporated at 
Cambridge X627). created D.D. x Nov., 1642, 
warden of his ooU^e X660-5 ; rector of Algarkirk 
1625-36, and of South Somercotes, ca Lincoln, 
1640-1. and of Stamford Rivers, Essex, 164X, rector of 
Llanannon Dyffiyn Ceriog. co. Denbigh, 1642, fellow 
of Ekon college Z642, and provost 1661-5. niaster of 
Wigston's hospital, Leicester (ejected at the usurpa- 
tion but restored) ; died \^ July, X665, buried in the 
college chapel See Gutch, L 094; FasH, it 49; 
Foster's Index Eccl, \ Add, MS, 15,669, p. 65 ; & 
Lansdomne MS, 987, f. 9. 

Heredith, John, s. John, of Marshfield, co. Glou- 
cester, gent. Magdalen Hall, matric ao May, 
Z708, aged 17; B.A. x6 Feb., Z7XX-X2. 

Heredithy Jonas, a Bristol man born ; B.A. from St. 
John's Colu z Dec, 1569, afterwards a Roman 
Catholic priest and a prisoner in Wisbeach Castle for 
*'8tifly defending the Jurisdiction of the pope" 
See Gutch, ii. X45 ; & Fasti, L 183. 

Meredith, Lewis, of Exeter Colu Z585. See 
Amerideth, page ax. [as] 

Heredith, Michael, s. William, of Marshfield, ca 
Gloucester, gent Hart Halu matric 13 Feb., 
Z623-4, aged 17. 

Heredith, Morgan, of CO. Cardigan. Magdalen 
Colu, matric 22 June, z6io, aged 17, "paup. 

Meredith, Nicholas, of Brasenose Colu Z639; 
B.A. 19 Nov., Z642. 

Heredith, Nicholas, s. Nicholas, of Presteif Q, ca 
Radnor, arm. Oriel Colu, matric. 18 March, 
X642-3, aged 15. 

Meredith, Owen ; fellow of All Souls' Colu 
X577. a A. 14 Jan., 1578-9, M.A. 18 Oct., Z582, 
B.D. 2 July, 1591, rector of Llanicstyn, etc, ca 
Carnarvon, Z59a precentor of Bangor cathedral 
Z605, until his death in z6x2. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus, [^O] 

Meredith, Richard, s. Robert Meredyth ap Gronw ; 
B.A. from Jesus Colu 4 March, X578-3, M.A. x 
June, X575, prebendary of collegiate diurdi of 
Brecon X574, rector of Burton, co. Pembrdlce, Z578. 
vicar of Llanavon Vawr, ca Brecon, X579, cursal 
prebendary in St Davids X580, rector of Angle or 
Nangle, oa Pembroke. Z580 ; duiplain to Sir Tohn 
Perrott. lord deputy of Ireland, deao or St 
Patrick's, Dublin, 158^, bishop of Leigfalin 1580, 
until his death in Diiblm 3 Aug., 1597. See Ath, 
ii. 84X ; Cotton's Fasti Ecc, Hib, ii. 388 ; ft Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Heredythe, Richard, of Somerset, pleb. Hart 
Hall, matric entry under date X573, aged Z4. 

Heredith, Richard (or Ab Ebonhere), of co. Radnor, 
pleb. St John's Colu, matric entry under date 
'575. aged 22. 

Herideth, Richard; scholar of New Colu 1576. 
fellow X578 : perhaps ECL. sup. z Tuly, X58^ and 
B.D. Z9 Nov., z6o6, X5 years in theology, king's 
chaplain, rector of St Feter and St Paul, BaUi, 
1586, and of Portishead, Somerset, 1597, desn of 
wells X607, until his death X5 Aug., z6au See 
Lansdowne MS. 984, ff. Z7, Z46 ; 0,H,S, zii. 968 ; 
& Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, ['^] 

Heredith, Richard ; of co. Anglesey, pleb. Uki- 
versity Colu, matric. 4 Feb., Z59Z-2, aged z8. 

[ lOOI ] 

• • 

Richard Meredith. 


Meredith, Ridiard, s. Meredith Richard, of Dolobran, 

00. Montgomery, pleb. Hart Hall, matric. 16 

May, 1634. aged x8 ; B.A. 91 May, 163(6. 
Hereditb, Richard, s. Joh., of London (city), gent 

St. John's Coll., matric 98 June, 1698, aged xS ; 

B.A. XToa, M.A. 16 March, X705-6, B. and D.Med. 

17x8 ; admitted to Merchant Taylors' school 1693 ; 

bom 99 May. 1680 ; died in college. See RoHnsoHt 

Keredeth, Robert, of Salop. Christ Church, 

matric 10 Jane, 1610, aged 21 ; " paup. schoL" 

Xeredith,(Sir) Roger, s. Ric, of Leedes, Kent, bart 
LiNCX>LN Coll., matric 19 Oct, 1693, aged 16; 
&A. 1697; fellow All Souls' Colu, M.A. 1701, 

5th baronet ; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 1703 ; 
M.P. Kent 1797-34; died 3 Tan., 1738-9. See 
Heanu, ii 197 ; & Foster's Juigts and Barristers, 

Meredith, Samuel, 8. Joh., of Bridgenorth, Salop, 
pleb. Balliol Coll., matric 17 Feb., 170^-5. 
aged 90; B.A. 1709. L^l 

M eredytb. Thomas, of CO. Denbigh, pleb. Glou- 
cester Hall, matric 93 Nov., 1581, aged 33. 

Meredith, Thomas, of CO. Brecon, pleb. Christ 
Church, matric. 11 Feb., x59i-3. aged at ; B.A. 
18 June, 1594 ; perhaps rector of Maesmynis, co. 
Brecon, 1617. See Foster's Indtx Eccl, 

Meredith, Thomas, of CO. Hereford, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Coix., matric 98 June, 1^94, aged 19; 
B.A. 99 April, 1597. See O.H.S, xii. 903. 

Meredith, Thomas, of CO. Carnarvon, minister 61. 
All Souls' Coli^, matric 9 Nov., 1621, aged 19, 
B.A. 95 Feb., i624-q; M.A. from Jesus Coll. 9 
June, 1697, rector of Criccieth or Mcrthir, co. Car- 
narvon, 1697. See Foster's Index EccL 

Meredith, Thomas, s. Meredith Prichard, of Meyfod, 
CO. Montgomery, pleb. Br ASENOSE Coll., matric. 
90 Oct, 1626, aged 21; B.A. 91 Feb., 1697-8, M.A. 
3 July, 1630 ; one of these names rector ol: How 
Caple, CO. Hereford, 2634. Sec Foster's Index 
EccUsiastiais. 1?^^^ 

Meredith, Thomas, s. Ellis, of Wrexham, co. Den- 
bigh, gent Jesus Coix. . matric. 13 March, 1694-5, 
aged 15, B.A. 17 Jan., 1698-9; of Pentrcbychan, 
CO. Denbigh, bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 1703, bencher 
X794. Sec Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Meredith, Watkin, "ser." ORIEL COLL., maUic 18 
March, 1657-8. 

Meredeth, William, subscribed 91 Oct., 1614; perhaps 
organist of New College ; died 5 Jan., i63i7. Sec 
Cutck, L 917. 

Meredith, William, of co. Anglesea, pleb. All 
Souls' Coll., matric 5 July, 1617, aged 90 ; B.A. 
10 Feb., 1617-18, M.A. 31 Oct, 1693. 

Meredith, Wniiam, s. Meredith Jones, of Uanpeter, 
CO. Cardigan, pleb. jESUS COLL,, matric 95 Jan., 
X697-8. aged 19. [IS] 

Meredith, WiUiam, s. Nich., of Bristol (city), pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matric 4 Dec, 1677, aged 16 ; 
BuA. 1681. 

Merefleld. See also Mertfield. 

Merefeild, Giles, s. Rob., of Broad Windsor, Dorset, 
gent WADHAM Coll., matric 14 Feb., 1705-6, 
aged 16 ; bar.-at-law, Middle Temple, 1717. Sec 
Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Merefteld, William, s. Rob., of Wolminstonc, Somer- 
set, gent Wadham Coll., matric 14 Feb., 
>693-4, aged 16 ; student of Middle Temple 1694. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Meres. See Meeres. [20] 

Merewether. See also Merrywether, next page. 

Merewether, Francis, t. F., of Buckington, Wilts, 
gent Magdalen Coll., matric 98 Aug., 1689, 
aged IK ; KLP. Devises XTpo-i, (March), 1703-5. See 
^ster% Parliamiutary Dictionary. 


Merewether, Henry, s. Joh., oCbpriMi, Wilts, gent 
Hart Hall, matric 9 Mardlf, /yoS-6, aged z6; 
B. A. 1709, M. A. 17x9, canon of W|l\J^^j94-5a 

Merewether, John, s. John, of Devixet>.Wilu,ggent 
Hart Hall, matric za June, 1705, acra 16; 
B.A. from Christ Church 1710, hLJSl 17/3, 
a Med 1715. ^* /j^\ ^ 

Merinsr, Richard (May ray n) ; B.Can.U tup. 10 F&IjV; 
150^. [ZBY . ' 

Meringe, William, of Notts, eq. fit Queen's * .< 
CoLi^, matric 10 Jan., 1574-5, aged 19; William 
his fiBLther was knighted. 

Meriste, Thomas; scholar or fellow St. John's 
Coll. in and before 1566. See Meerhurst. 

Merist, Thomas, s. John, of Surrey, gent Balliol 
CoLLi., matric. i Feb., 1626-7, ^^^^ ^^'» B.A. z 
Feb., Z696-7, M.A. Z5 April, 1630, B.D. 99 Nov., 

Meriat, Thomas, of Merton Colu, gent, matric 
98 May, z65a See My erst. 

Meriton, George, s. Har. , of Lutterworth, co. Leicester, 
cler. Oriel Colu, matric 14 Nov., 1706, aged 
17 ; his father rector of Lutterworth 1683 ; brother 
of the next [SO] 

Meriton, Harricus, s. H., o( Misterton. co. Leicester, 
gent (subs. ••cler."). Trinity Cott., matric. iz 
April, z698,aged 14 ; B.A. 1701, M.A. 1704, as Henry. 

Meriton, John, s. Richard, of Northallerton, Yorks ; 
admitted sicar of St. John's Coli„, Cambridge, 
18 Oct, Z659, aged 16 ; M.A. (per Lit, Reg.) i66x 
(incorporated as M.A. 14 July, 1657), D.D. Z669, 
Sunday lecturer at St. Martm's-in-the-Fields, 
lecturer at St Mary at Hill, vicar of St Ives, 
Hunts, 1661-1704, rector of St Nicholas Aeons, 
London, z66i, of Little Falcenham, Suffolk, 1669, 
of St Michael's, Cornhill, 1663. rector of St Mary 
Bothaw 1666-96. See Fasti, li. 906 ; Mavor, 108 ; 
& Foster's Index EuL 

Merland, Francis, of Surrey, gent. All Souls' 
CoLi^, matric. 31 Oct, 1601, aged 15; student of 
Inner Temple 1606. as of Ewell, Surrey, gent See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Merlin, James, a Frenchman, M.A. 91 June, Z588. 

Merrett, Christopher, s. Christopher, of Winch- 
combe, CO. Gloucester, pleb. Gix>ucester Hall, 
matric 8 June, 163a, aged 17; B. A. from Oriel 
Coll. 94 Jan., 1634-5; B.Med. from Gloucester 
Hall jp June, 1636, created D.Med. 31 Jan., 
Z649-3, •• an eminent phvsidan," bom at Windi- 
combe z6 Feb., 1614, fellow college of physicbns 
z6^i, until expelled 1681, librarian Z654-66, an 
original F.R.S. ; died 19 Aug., 1695 \ buried in St 
Andrew's, Holbom. See Ath, 430 ; & MunXs Roll, 
i. 9c8. [38] 

MerriHy George, s. Jos., of Magdalen Laver, Essex, 
der. Christ Church, matric za July, zteo, 
aged z8; student from Westminster school. See 
Alumni West, 915. 

Merryll, John, of co. Gloucester, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric 90 June, z6o6, aged 18. 

Merriatt, Robert, of Southants, pleb. New Coll., 
matric Z4 Oct, z6o8, aged Z9; EA. 99 April, 
z6i9, M.A. 95 Jan., z6z5-z6, rector of Winslade, 
Hants, z6z6, perhaps sequestered to the rectory of 
Cliddoden, Hants, 1645, ^ ^^^ Westminster as- 
sembly. See Foster's Index Eccl, & Add, AfSS. 

Merriott, Thomas, of Wilts, pleb. New Colu, 
matric. Z4 Oct, z6o8, aged 19 ; fellow z6zo, B.C.Lb 
99 Nov., z6z5, "a good Latinist and orator" ; Ix^n 
at Steeple Langford, Wilts, educated in Wykeham'a 
school, near Winchester, vicar of Swadiffe, Oxon, 
Z694, tmtn his death Z9 Jtily, Z669 ; buried in the 
church there, thoiigfa sequestered in Z646 by the 


Westminster assembly. See Ath. iiL 580 ; Fasti, L 
369 ; Foster's Index Eccl, \ ft Add^ MS, 25,670^ 
p. Z98. 

• •• • 

* • • .• 

• ;•• 

[ 1002 ] 

John Mfi^ikiTT. 


William Mervin. 



• •• • 

Merrittyjcjm,*" 4 Cornish captain," created D.Med. 

Merrye,* Bditml. s. Tho., of Gopsall, ca Leicester, 
^ent *^Xgdalen Hall, matric. 7 July, 1671, 
aged 2a 

.<|S9rr7>, Francis, s. Tha, of Coventry (town), pleb. 
. •. .% •3*ALLiOL Coll., matric 2 March, 1710-n, aged 
: %.•••• '9; B.A. 1714. 
* •/•Merrie, Gabriel, of Oxon, pleb. Corpus Christi 

Coll., matric 28 Nov., 1581, aged 15 ; B.A. sup. 

17 Nov., 1585. See O.H.S, xil 13a. 

Merry, Henry (Merye), of co. Derby, gent Magda- 
len Hall, matric. entry under date 22 Dec, 
15761 Aged 16; one of these names knighted so 
Aug., 1621. f6j 

Merry, John (Merye) ; B.A 21 Jan., 1528-9, M.A. 

4 July. 1531. 

Merry, John, s. Th., of Milton Abbas. Dorset, pleb. 
New Inn Hall, matric 8 July, 1670, aged ao ; 
B. A. 1674, vicar of Stourpaine, Dorset, 1677, rector 
of Steepleton Iweme, Dorset, 1691. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

HLqttj^ Richard (Mery or Myrry), junior, secular 
chaplain, ECan.L. 7 June, 1535. vicar of Climping, 
Sussex, 1548, and rector of Denton, Sussex, 1566. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Merrye, Richard, of Northants, pleb. Balliol 
Coll., matric 13 July, 1599, aged 16; B.A 14 
Feb., 1602-3, M.A 8 Dec, 1605. 

Merry, Richard, arm. Christ Chihich, matric 
23 July, 1655, B.A 6 Feb., 1656-7; M.A. from 
St. Mary Hall 25 June, 1659, canon of Wells 
1660, vicar of Buckland Dinham 1661. of Ilton and 
Loxton (all Somerset] 1661, canon of Wells x66i, 
rector of EamshiU, Somerset, 1663. See Foster's 
Index Eccl, [10] 

Merry, Robert (Myrry or Mere) ; R A sup. 13 Dec, 
i^io, M.A. 19 Feb., 1520-z, B.D. sup. Nov., 1530, 
vicar of Great Totham, and also of Eastwood, 
Essex, 1531. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Merry, Thomas, of CO. Worcester, cler. fiL All 
Souls' Coll., matric. 13 March, 16x7-8, aged 18 ; 
B.A 17 June, 1619, M.A. i June, 1622. 

Merry, Thomas, as. Thomas, of Walthamstow, 
Essex, militis. Christ Church, matric 6 Dec, 
1626, aged 21, RA. next day ; a student of Middle 
Temple 1627 (his father of Coppeshall, co. Lei- 
cester); perhaps M.P. co. Leicester z66a See 
Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg, 

Mer(r)y, William, B.A. 5 July, 1507. 

Merry, William, s. Thomas, of Pendock, co. Wor- 
cester, sacerd. St. John's Coll., matric 13 
Nov., 1629, aged 19. [15] 

Merryman, Benjamin, s. Tho., of Newbury, Berks, 
p. p. St. Alban Hall, matric 30 March, 1677, 
aged 15. 

Merryman, John, s. Thomas, of Newbury, Berks, 
pleb. Trinity Coll., matric 2 May, 1634, aged 
16; B.A. 20 June, 1636. 

Merrywether, Antony (Meriwether), of Kent, gent. 
Broadgates Hall, matric. 14 June, 1616, aged 
x8 ; (s. Edward, of Barfraystone) ; died in Belgium. 

Mer(r)ywetlier, John, of Oxon, pleb. New Coll. , 
matric 23 Oct, x6i8, aged 19; B.C.L. 20 April, 
1626, rector of Stratton All Saints with SS. Michael 
and Peter, Norfolk, 1629, and also of Stratton St. 
Mary 1629. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Merryweatber, John (Mereweather), s. Christopher, 
of Lavineton, Wilts, gent Christ Church, 
matric 2 June, 1673, *K«<i 18; created B.A., M.A., 
and B.Med. 9 May, 1682. [20] 

Merryweather, John (Meriweather), s. J., of Hil- 
p^on, Wilts, pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric 
87 Oct 1 1685, aged az. 

Merten, George, of Devon, ' ' serviens.** Broadgates 
Hall, matric entry under date 23 July, 1579, aged 
26. See also George Martyn, page 977. 

MerTin, (Sir) Audley, of Wilu, arm. fiL Christ 
Church, matric 10 June. 16x8. aged "5" (15) (as. 
Sir Hennr), M.P. co. Tyrone 1639 and i66r, 
speaker of the Irish house of commons, serjeant-at- 
law Ireland 1660 ; died 24 Oct, X675. buried at St 
Werburgh's 26th ; brother of James. 

Merrill, Christopher, s. Ambrose, of Chicklade, 
Wilts, pleb. Exeter Coll., matric 2 Dec, X63X. 
aged 17, B. A 23 Jan., X633-4 ; M. A from Mag- 
dalen Hall 15 Oct, 1636. 

liCerrin, Edmund, of Corpus Christi Coll. 1532. 
See Marvin, page 98X. [28] 

MerTin, George (or Marwin), B.A 9 Nov., 1525 ; 
perhaps scholar of New Inn Hall ; admoo. at 
Oxford — Aug. 1529. 

MerTin, George, subscribed 'Mirphinus,' x8 June, 


Merwln, James, of Southanls, arm. Christ Church. 
matric xo June, 1618, aged 15 (xs. Sir Henry) ; 
commanded the king's ship "St Claude" in the 
narrow seas under his father in X626 ; buried at 
Dublin 12 July, 1641 ; brother of Audley. 

Merrin^ John, of Hants, eq. fiL Magdalen Coll., 
matnc entry under date 20 Dec, 1575. aged 26b 

Merrin, John (Marvin, or Marveon), of Wilts, eq. 
fil. Trinity Coll., matric entry under date drca 
1581, aged 22; perhaps a student of Middle 
Temple X583, as son of Sir Edmund, of Fonthill 
Giffaixl, M.P. Htndon 1586-9, and died 23 June, 
1601. See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, 

Merrine, Richard, of Wilts, gent Exeter Coll., 
matric 17 Dec, 1619, aged r8; B.A 31 Jan., 
x62x-2, M.A 9 July. 1624 (incorporated at Cam- 
bridge 1625), B.D. 30 June, x6^, D.D. 3 July, 
1661 (s. Geoige), rector of Pertwood, Wilts, x63X, 
canon of Exeter X634. rector of Bratton Clovelly 
1637, and of Throwleigh X639. vicar of Okehampton 
1644, and rector of Heanton Punchardon (all 
Devon) i66x, chancellor of the church of Exeter 
x66o, until his death 17 Oct. X669. See Fastis ii. 
256; Drake's Fasciculus Mervenensis, 61-3; & 
Foster's Index Eccl, [SI.] 

Merrin, Richard, 8. William, of Heanton, Devon, 
cler. St. Alban Hall, matric 31 Oct, 1690. 
aged 17; bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, X698, M.P. 
Tiverton X708, 17x0, void Dec , X7X0 ; brother of 
William X693. See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Merrin, Richard, 8. Jonas, of Morthoe, Devon, 
cler. Balliol Coll., matric 9 March, X695-6, 
aged X7 ; B.A. X699, vicar of Buckland Brewer, 
Devon, 17x0 ; his fother vicar of Morthoe 1678 ; 
brother of William 170X. See Foster's Index EccL 

MerTin, Sheldon, s. Edward, of Sarum, Wilts, gent 
Christ Church, matric 26 May, X682, aged 16 ; 
a student of Inner Temple 1684; died 13 Dec, 
1724 ; buried at Portwood. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg, 

Merrin^ William, of ^^ts, gent. Exbter Coll., 
matnc 10 Dec, 1591, aged 22; B.A 28 Feb., 
1594-S. M.A 5 Nov., 1597, rector of Boyton. Wilts, 
X609, and of Fonthill Gifford, Wilts, 16x1. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, [35] 

MerTin, William, of Wilts, der. fil Brasemosb 
Coll., matric 8 May, 1607, aged x6 ; B.A. 26 
April, i6xa 

MerTini William, fellow Pembroke Coll.. Cam- 
bridge, E A 1665-6, M.A 1669 ; incorporated 13 
Julv, 1669, reictorof Heanton Punchardon 1670-17x9, 
and of Qare portion of Tiverton, Devon, i6fjQ ; 
father of the next. See Foster's GradmaU Camiak 

[ 1C03 ] 

William Mervin. 


Robert Metcalfe. 

ICervlxii Wniiam, s. William, of Heanton, Devon, 
clcr. Chsist Church, matria 30 June» 1693, 
aged i6, B.A. 1697 ; fellow Exeter Coll. 1698- 
1709, M.A. I Feb., Z699-1700, rector of Tawsiock, 
Devon, 1707, rector of Heanton Punchardon 
Z719-29 ; brother of Richard x69a See Boase^ 86. 

Mervin, William, s. Jonas, of Morthoe, Devon, cler. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 10 May, 1701, aged 17 ; 
B.A. 7 March, 1704-5, fellow 1708-19, M.A. 1708, 
B.D. 1719, rector of Beawortby, Devon, 171 1, and 
of Clare portion in Tiverton 1721, of Atherington 
X728, of Georgeham 1729, and of Heanton Pun- 
chardon (all in Devon) 1730-44 ; brother of Richard 
1696. See Boose, 87 ; & Foster's Indtx EccL 

Heryfield. See also Merefikld. 

Heryfielde, George, pleb. St. John's Coll., 

matric 23 July, 1656, B.A. 28 Feb., 1659-60, fellow, 
M.A 1663, B.D. 1669, admitted to Merchant 
Taylors' school 1647 (as 3s. of George, of London, 
fishmonger), bom in St. Michael's, Crooked Lane, 
12 Jan., 1638, inventory at Oxford 25 Oct., 1670. 
See Robinson, i. 181. 
ICeryfieldy William, pleb. St. John's Coll., 
matric. 29 July, 1651, RA 6 Feb., 1654-5, M.A. 
23 April, 1658, B.D. 29 Nov., 1664, rector of 
South Warnborough, Suuthants. i668-8i ; licenced 
14 Nov., 1674, to marry Mary Blake, of city of 
Wells, spinster ; admitted to Merchant Taylors' 
school 1644 (as 2S. George) ; born in parish of St 
Margaret. New Fish Street, 12 Aug., 1635. See 
London Marriage Licences, ed. Foster; Robinson, 
i 161 ; & Foster s Index Eccl, [5] 

Hesnard, John; created D.D. 15 June, 1689, canon 
of Windsor 1689, minister of the reformed church 
at Charenton, Paris, chaplain to William III. 
when Prince of Orange ; died 26 Aug., 1727. See 
Fasti, ii 408 ; & Agnew's French Protestant Exiles, 
ii. p. 116. 

Hessinger, Arthur (or Massinger) ; B. A from St. 
Alban Hall, sup. 7 Dea, 1571, fellow of Merton 
Coll. 1572, M.A. 25 June, 1577, incorporated at 
Cambridge 1578, M.P. Weymouth and Melcombe 
Regis 1588-9, 1593, Shaftesbury 1601. See Foster's 
Parliamentary Dictionary & O.H.S. iv. 27a 

Hessingrer, John, demy of Magdalen Coll. 1593-8, 
B.A. 27 May, 1597 ; M.A from All Souls' Coll. 
27 Nov., 160a 

Hessingery Philip (Massinger), of Salisbury, gent. 
St. Alban Hall, matric. i^ May, 1602, aged 18 ; 
poet and dramatist (s. Arthur) ; died 1639. See 
Bloxam, iv. 234. 

Hessengrer, Robert, of co. Gloucester, pleb. Mag- 
dalen HALL, matric. 3 Feb., 1597-8. aged 15. 

Messen^r, Rowland (Massenger), fellow of Brase- 
NOSE Coll., incept 30 June, 1505, proctor 1508, 
removed by the founders 1522, one of Wolsey's 
chief agents, manager or comptroller of the 
buildings of Cardinal college, principal of Black 
Hall 151 1, and of Little University Hall in School 
Street, vicar of Wycombe, Bucks, 1512, of Win- 
wick, Northants. 1512, prebendary of Lincoln 
1513 ; died in 1546. See Fasti, i. 23 ; & OM.S, 

i. 39- [111 

Hesslllgrer, Thomas, of CO. Gloucester, genL 

Magdalen Hall, matric. 3 April, 1601, aged 20 ; 

demy Magdalen Coll. 1601-4. See Bloxam, 

Hessinfirer, Walter ; B.A. from St. Alban Hall 

in or before 1572. See Arthur. 
Messengrer. WiUiam, of co, Gloucester, pleb. ST. 

Alban Hall, matria 28 Feb., 1616-7, aged 17; 

BwA 15 Dec, 1619. 
Kesservy, Edward, bom in Middlesex, s. Edward, 

of Isk of Jersey, arm. Lincoln Coll., matric. 

aq March, 1640, aged 18. See J. B. Payne's 

Armorial 0/ Jersey, 168, 281. [16] 

Messeryy, John, of Jersey, ann. St. John's Coll., 
matric. 3 July, 1612, aged 18 ; admitted to Merchant 
Taylors school 1610; born 10 May, 1594. See 
Robinson, L 65. 

Kesservy, Philip, s. Dan., of Isle of Jersey, gent. 

Pembroke Coll., matric* 10 Oct, 1711, aged 

18; B.A 1715. 
Mesurier, John (Mesurere); RC.L. 12 July, 1534, 

rector of Sparkford, Somerset, 1541. See Foster's 

Index Eccl. 

Le Mesurier, John, s. Nic, of Isle of Guernsey, 
cler. Pembroke Coll., matric. 12 Nov., 1708, 
aged 17; B.A 1712, M.A 1715, rector of St 
Andrew, Guernsey, 1717. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Kesarier, Nicolas, s. John, of St. Peter's Port, Isle 
of Guernsey, pleb. Trinity Coll., matria 29 
March. 1667, aged 16, B.A. 1670; M.A from 
Jesus Coll. 1674 (as Le Mesurier), rector of St 
Andrew, Guernsey, 1679, dean of Guernsey 1698 ; 
father of John 1708, Nicholas and Thomas. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, [aoj 

Le Mesarler, Nic, s. Nicholas, of Guernsey, cler. 
Pembroke Coll. ; subscribed 26 April, 1704, 
aged 18; B.A 11 Feb., 1707-8, M.A. 171a 

Le Mesarler, Thomas, s. Nich., of St Andrew, 
Guernsey, cler. Pembroke Coll., subscribed 
17 July, 1713, aged 20; B.A 1717. 

Metoalfe, Adrian; created M.A 2 Dec., 1642; 
created B.Med. 17 Oct, 1643 (as Francis, of St. 
Mary Hall); created D.Med. 6 May, 1645 (s. 
Sir Francis, of Louth Park, co. Lincoln, and of 
BeUerby , Yorks) ; of the king's bedchamber ; licenced 
28 Sept, 1649, to marry Anne Salmon, spinster; 
cm extra licentiate of the college of phvsicians 1650 ; 
baptised at Keddington, co. Lincoln, 8 March, 
1606-7 ; buried there 8 April, 1658. See Fasti, ii. 
89; London Marriage Licences, ed. Foster; & 
Munk's Roll, I 255. 

Metcalfe, Augustine, "scr." CHRIST CHiniCH, 
matric. 10 March, 1656-7, B.A 17 Jan., 1659-60, 
M.A 1662, rector of Berwick, Sussex, 1669. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Metcalfe, Charles, s. Thomas, of Banbury, Oxon, 
pleb. Balliol Coll., matric. 23 Nov., 1666, 
aged 16. [as] 

Metcalfe, Cornelius, of Bucks, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. 24 Nov., 1581, aged 16. See 

Metcalf, Francis, of St. Mary Hall; created 
B.Med. 17 Oct, 1643, see Adrian. See Fasti, 
ii. 60 and 89. 

Medoalfe, James, B.A. 25 June, 1570; possibly a 
student of Gray's Inn 1573. as from Staple Inn. 
See Foster's Gray's Inn Reg. 

Medoalf, Mark (Meadcalfe). B.A 25 June, 1568, of 
Bellerby, co. Yorks (s. Thomas or Lucas), rector 
of Northallerton, Yorks, 1562, and of Barrow, 
Cheshire, 1569; died 3 May, 1589, according to 
the monument he was buriad at Northallerton 24 
May, 1593, aged 54. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Metcalfe, Michael, s. Matth. , of Appersaid, Yorks, 
p.p. MAGDALEN CoLL., matric. 15 March, 1666-7, 
aged 18, R A 1670 ; incorporatedf at Cambridge 
1676— M. A from Christ's Coll., Cambridge, 
1676, rector of Little Thurrock, Essex, 1681-97, 
licenced (v.o.) 11 Feb., 1690-1 ^widower, aged 38), 
to marry Eliza Ellis, of Muckmg, Essex, spinster ; 
another licence 27 June. 1692 (then a widower), to 
marry Jane Ellis, of same, spinster; he died in 
1697. See Foster's Index Eccl, 130] 

Metcalfe, Robert; MA. from Caius Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1606 (incorporated 10 July, 1610, and again 
14 July, 1612), and perhaps D.D. from Trinity 
Coll., Cambridge, 1020 ; possibly vicar of Burwell, 
CO. Cambridge, x6i8« See roster's GraduoH 

[ 1004 ] 

l^HEOPHiLus Metcalfe. 1506—1^14. 

Samuel Mew. 

ICetoalliB. TlMopbiliis, s. Samud, of London (city). 
gent. Hart Hall, matric 15 Oct, 1706, aged 
x6; B.A 1710, M.A. 17x3. RMed. 17x6, D.Med. 
1734, died at Ambrosden. Oxon, xx Feb., 1757. 

Metcalfe, Thomas, pleb. Magdalen Hall, 
matric. xi April, x66o, B. A. X663 ; perhaps bar.-at- 
law. Gray's Inn, x666, as xs. erf" Robert, of 
Sowerby, Yorks, gent See Foster's /ttd^^a and 

Medoalfe, William, B.A (? from CORPUS Christi 

Coll.) X4 Jan., iS73-4« 
MetcalfejWilliam, s. Charles* of Fort St George, 

gent Trinity Coll., matric. X3 Nov., 17x4, aged 


Medoalfe, Zaccheus. of Bucks, cler. fit Magdalen 
CcNLL., matric. entry under date 9 Dea. 1579, aged 
X7; B.A from All Souls' Coll. 6 May, X583, 
M. A 3 July, X588. See Cornelius. [5] 

HetfOrd, James, of Merton Coll. ; scholar Corpus 
CHRIST! Coll. 28 Jan.. X647-8. from Crewkeme, 
Somerset (s. John), expelled by the parliamentary 
visitors, restored x66o, M.A 23 Aug., x66o. rector 
of Bassingham, ca Lincoln, x66x, and canon of 
York X687. rector of Skinnand, co. Lincoln, X699 ; 
brother of John 1634. and father of the next See 
Fasti, ii. 9a8 ; Burrows, 495 ; & Foster's Index 

Metforde. James, s. J., of Bassingham, 00. Lincoln, 
cler. Corpus Christi Coll., matric za May, 

Ketfordy John, s. John, of Crookeme, Somerset, 
pleb. WADHAM Coll., matric \% June, 1634. 
aged 17 : B. A from ST. Edmund Hall 19 Jiuy, 
X637; M.A from Pembroke Coll. sx Nov.. 1643; 
created D.Med, from St. Edmund Hall xs Sept, 
x66i, said to have been an honorary fellow college 
of physicians ; bcotho: of James X648. See Fasti, 
ii. ass. 

Mettham, William, arm. Christ Church, matric 
ao Oct, x6s3 ; student of Gray's Inn 1656, as of 
BuUington, co. Lincoln, esq. ; son of Robert See 
Foster s Inns of Court Reg» 

HetheroSy Ralph, B.Can.L. sup. s Nov., isi6. [10] 

Hethwin, Anthony, of Somerset, cler. fiL Trinity 
Coll. , matric. a4 Oct., X595, aged ao; B.A from 
Queen's Coll. a4 April, 1599; M.A from St. 
Edmund Hall ax Tan., 1601-3, B.D. qx May, 
1609; canon of Lichfield 161 x, vicar of Frome 
Selwood x6o6, and rector of Lamyat (both Somerset). 
X614, until his death 6 Julv, X640, aged 66, buried at 
Frome, his will dated la April, and proved la Aug., 
X640 ; father of the next-named. See Foster's Inaex 

Hethwin, Anthony, of Somerset, cler. fiL Queen's 
Coll., matric 1$ Mav, 1618, aged 17; B.A 39 
Nov., i6ax, M.A 5 July, 1634; vicar of Ilton, 
Somerset. x63a-4i, canon of Wells x6ax, rector of 
Lamyat, Somerset, Aug., 1640, until Oct, X64X. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Methwiney John, pleb. St. Mart Hall, matric 
aa May, x6ia, aged x6 ; perhaps vicar of Kewstock, 
Somerset, x6a6, then B. A. See Foster's Index EccL 

Hethwln, John. s. Paul, of Bradford, Wilts, gent 
St. Edmund Hall, matric ax April, 1665. aged 
15 ; of Bishops Cannings, Wilts, bar.-at-law. Inner 
"femple, 1674. a master in chancery 1685-1706, 
Ucenoed x6 Feb., 1671-a. to marry Mary Chivers, of 
Fifield. Wilts, spinster; M. P. Devizes in c parliaments 
1690-X705, envoy to Portugal temp, William IH., 
lord aiancdlor of Ireland 1697-1703, ambassador 
to Portugal ; died at Lisbon 13 July, 1706, buried 
in Westminster Abbey 17 Sept, 1708; brother of 
Tomer* See Foster's Judjns and Barristers; 
Lmdon Marriage UcenceSt ea Foster; ft Chester's 
West, Aihey Reg, a64. 

Kethaen. Thomas, s. Geor., of Dittisham, Devon, 
gent. Hart Hall, matric. xo Oct, 1702. aged is- 

Hethwen, Turner, s. Paul, of Bradford. Wilts, gent 
St. Edmund Hall, matric 30 March, 1677, aged 
x6 ; brother of John 1665. [16] 

Methwold, William, s, Tho., of Brompton, Middle 
sex, arm. Gloucester Hall, matric a^ Jan., 
1697-8. aged xs ; of St. Giles, admon. to his son 
Thomas granted in Jan., X743. 

Mettayer, Michael, of Christ Church x688. See 
Matt AIRE. 

Mettayer, Samuel, i)aup. Pembroke Coll., nmttic 
6 July, X687, aged X7 ; vicar of Pedinghoc, Sussex, 
X09S. rector of Compton Abbas, Dorset, X706. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Hettelfer, John (vet Meltalfer), of Cambridge Uni- 
versity ; created D.D. (Oxford) 16 Jan., x64a-3. 

Mettemioh. EBenhard Ernest, Count; created 
D.C.L a March, 1709-10 ; then chamberlain to the 
King of Prussia. [ai] 

Keax, Henry, s. Bartholomew, of Ibsley. Hants, gent 
Queen's Colu, matric 13 July. 1638. aged vj\ 
of Nortonbury, Herts, buried at Qerkenwell 25 
Dec , x69a ; father of the next-named. See Foster's 

MenZt Henry, s. H., of Norton, Herts, gent Lin- 
coln Coll., matric X4july, X674. aged 15; B.A 
1678. M.A. 8 March, xo8o-x ; sometime of Wood- 
stock, and afterwards of Clcrkenwcll, buried at 
Woodstock xs Dec., 1709. 

Mewe, Daniel, clerk Magdalen Coll. x66a-s ; B.A 
IS Oct, X664. chaplain x665-7i. M.A 37 June 
1667 ; canon of Wells X67X. See Bloxam, iL 72 ; & 
Foster's Index EccL 

MeWy Nathaniel, cler. fit Corpus Christi Coll., 
matric X7 March. 1653-4; B.A is Oct.. 1657. 
M.A. 4 March, i66o-i, B.D. a6 Oct, 1669; rector 
of Codington, Oxon, 167a. See Foster's Index 
Ecelesiasttcus, [aS] 

Mews, Peter, s. EUis. of Purse Candle, Dorset, 
pleb. St. Tohn's Colu, matric 30 June, 1637, 
aged x8 ; fellow (and Wood says ejected), B.A 13 
May, 1641, M.A ax April, X64S (incorporated at 
Cambridge 1648), D.C.L. i Dec, x66o (as Mews); 
president of his college 1667-73. vice-chancellor 
1660-73; bom a$ March. 1619. bore arms in the 
civil war and was wounded, canon of Lincoln i64St 
archdeacon of Himtingdon 1649. though not installea 
till x66o, rector of Farthingstone, Northants, 
X64S. of South Wamborough. Hants, i66a. rector 
and vicar of St Mary, Reading. 166a. canon of 
Windsor i66a. and of St. Davids 1667. archdeacon 
of Berks, and rector of North Moreton. Berks. 1667. 
rector of Handborough, Oxon. 1668. dean of 
Rochester 1670, bishop of Bath and Wells 1673. and 
of Winchester 1684-1706 ; in 1685 he was in arms 
against the rebels headed by the Duke of Mon- 
mouth; died 9 Nov., 1706. See Aik, iv. 887; 
Heame, i. a64 ; Robinson, L 130 ; Lansdowne MS, 
987, fl a86 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Hews, (Sir) Peter, s. John. of London (dty), arm. St. 
John's Coll., matric 31 May, 1688, aged is; 
B.C.L from All Souls' Coll. x6«ps; of Hinton 
Admiral, Hants, chancellor of Wmchester 1698, 
knighted 13 July, i7xa, M.P. Christchurch, Hants, 
in 4 parliaments 1710, until his death 19 March. 
XTas-d. See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary & 
Chester's West, Abbey Reg. 44. 

Hew. Samuel, der. iil. Christ Church, matric 14 
May, i6sx ; demy from Magdalen Coll. x6|3-4, 
B.A. a6 May, x6s4. fellow X6S4-69 ; M.A. Irom 
Merton Coll. 9 April, 16C7 ; RD. from Mag- 
dalen Hall x8 Dec. 1663 (as MeoxK canon of 
Wells 1680, of Winchester 1689. See Bhxam, y. 
ax7; & Foster's Index EccL 

[ 1005 ] 

Thomas Mew. 



Mew. Thomas, s. John, ^f Kingston, Dorset, pleh. 
MAGDALEN Hall, nutilc. 90 Oct. 1636. aged x8, 
B. A. 6 Fd). , 1629-30 : M. A. from Emmani^l Coll. . 
Cambridge, 163a, rector of Wootton Glanville, 
Docset. x^3JB. See Foster's Index Ecei, 

XeWy Thomas, s. Thomas, of Axmouth, Devon, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric. 26 Oct, 1627, aged 21; 
B.A. 19 Nov., 1697. 

Mew, Walter, of Devon, plcb. Hart Hall, malric. 
8 NoY., 1616, aged 17; B.A. 19 Oct, i6aa 

XeWB, WilUam, of Hants, arm. BraskkosbCou., 
miitric. 21 June, 1594. aged 15 ; possibly a stud-:nt 
of Middle Temple 1597, as 4s. Peter, of Piir>3 
Caundle, Dorset, gen. , deceased. See Foster's In>u 

Heymoit. Edmund, s. Francis, of Leadenham (co. 
Uncoki). der. &f agdalbn Coll., matric. 7 Nov., 
17x2, aged 17; demy 1712-21, B.A 1716, M.A. 
1719, fellow 173X-8, rector of Horsington, ca Lin- 
coln, 1727-9, of South Normanton and of Youl- 
peave, ca Derby, 1729 ; his father vicir of Lone 
Leadenham 1694-1722. See Bloxam, vi z34 ; and 
Foster's Index Eccl [•] 

Meynell, Culhbcrt (Mennell or MenwcU), B.A 10 
March, 1515-6, M.A. 14 July, 15x9. 

Heynell, Thomas (Maynell), " ser." ExKTER Coll., 
xiiatric. 20 Jiilv, X654, B.A ix March, X657-3 ; M.A. 
from Hart Hall 7 Aug., x66o, rector of South 
Kilwoith, ca Leicester, 166a, and of Kirk lAngK*y, 
CO. Derby, 1662. canon of Lichfield 1674. S^ 
Foster's index Eccl, 

Xe<3r)riok, Christopher (Merrich), demy Macdalen 
COLI^ 1585-9. B.A. 27 June, X587; perhaps bar. -At- 
law. Inner Temple, 1598, as of Southwnrk, Surrey, 
and late of Clement's Inn, gen. See Bloxam^ iv. 
aa4 ; & Foster's Judget and BarriiUrs, 

Heyriok, Edmund (Meryk, Myrycke, or Merwick), 
RA 9 Feb., X554-5, B.C.L. o July, 1558, D.C.U 
14 July, 1567 (s. Meuric ap Llewelyn, of" Bodorgan, 
in Anglesey), archdeacon of Bangor 1559, chancellor 
of St Asaph, canon of Lichneld 1558. sinecure 
rector of Corwen, co. Merioneth, 1559, will dated 
3 Oct., 1603. proved 4 June, x6o6 ; brother of Row- 
land T531, and perhaps father of Rowland 1590. 
Sec Thomas, St. Asaph, 239 ; & Foster's Index 

Meyrlcke, Edmund (Myricke), gent Jesus Coll., 
'matric. 23 July, 1656, B.A. 12 Oct., 1659, M.A. 
1662, incorporated at Cambridge 1663, vicar of 
Evnsham, Oxon. 1663. of Llangarthen x6(54, and of 
Lianartbney x666. and rector of Penboyr (all co. 
Carxnajthen) 1668, rector of Burton, co. Pembroke, 
1670, prebendary in collegiate church of Brecon 
1670. and precentor 1685. rector of Stackpole Elidor, 
CO. Pembroke, 1675, vicar of Llanegwad, co. Car- 
marthen, 1677, canon of St. Davids 1690. and 
treasurer 1691. See Foster's Index Eccl, [10] 

Heyiioky Frands (Merik), s. J[ohn. of London (city) 
gent Lincoln Coll., matric. 5 Oct. 1674, aged 


Me^rrioke, GrifTm (Merxicke), B. A 6 March, 1580-1. 

Heyrloky Henry (Merrick); B.A from Christ's 
Coll., Cambridge, 1^80; incorporated 25 Jan., 
X58X-2; M.A fxom Gloucester Hall 2 July, 
1583, prebendary of Llandaff 1583. See Foster's 
Index Eccl, 

Hejrloke, Jasper (Mcrricke) ; B.A (?from St. Mary 
Hall) 19 Feb., 1573-4. M.A 5 June, 1576, rector 
of Woodchester, co. Gloucester, X584, and of Wick 
Risdngton, co. Gloucester, 1587. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Meyriok, Jasper (Merrick) ; B. A ttom HART Hall 
2 July, 1622. [15] 

Keyriok, John (Merrick, Meryche or Mirick] ; fellow 
of New Coll., 1555-72, from Bodcon hi Angtosey, 
B.A 19 Dec, Z558, M.A 96 June, 1562, proctor 
'5^5 1 perhaps rector of Llanllachid, co. Carnarvon, 
1563; bishop of the Iskr of Man 1577, until his 
death 7 Nov., 1599; perhaps brother of William 
1565. See Ath, ii. 843-4; Lantd(noHi MS, 982, 
f. 27^; & Foster's I»tdev Eccl, 

Meyrtoke, John, s. J., of "Clunton," Salop, p.p. 
Balliol Colu. m-itric 23 March, 1677-8. a^Mi 16. 

Meyriok, John (Merrick), s. J., of Readine. Berks, 
gent St. John's Coll . nutria c July, z688, 
agcM 17; B.A. i69X, M.A X696, U.Alc^l. 1697, 
D.Med. 1703, died at Rcadint; % April, X757. ni^l86 ; 
father of lames and Johiu See QnJ series, p^fe 946. 

Meyriok, John, s. Essex, of Bnsh, ex Pembroke, 
arm. Jesus Coll., matria 22 Miroh, X688-9. aged 
15; bar.-at-law. Middle T«a»pl»5, X697, beiumer 
1723, M.P. Pembroke 1703-8, and (^udi^an 1710, 
until 17x2, when he becimo a Welsh judge. See 
Foster's Judges and Bnrrisitrs, 

Meyrlcke, I^ewis, gent. Jesus Coll., mitric 18 
March, 1657-8, bar.-«t-liw, Gr-iy's Inn, 1667, 
bt^ncher X6S9, as son of Edmoivl, of Ulchddrei, co. 
Merioneth, esq. See Foster's Jttdf^et and Bar- 
risters, [^O] 

Moyrloke. Maurice (Mericke), of co. Anglesey, pleb. 
New Colu, matric. 11 M\y, X582. aged 19; 
scholir 1583, B.A 27 Oct, 158^. fellow, M.A 2 
June, 1^89, registrar of the univcriity x6oo-8 ; died 
1640. See Gulch, L 2x7. 

Meyrioke* Morgan (Mirrykc), of co. Monmouth, 
pleb. ST. Marv Hall, matri& 14 Oct, 1596, 
aged X9. 

Meyrlck, Peter (Merrick) ; K,\. from Jesus Colt- 

2x March, x65a, vicar of LKindilo-til-y-bont, co. 
rlamorgan, i563, rector of Port Eynon, ca Gla- 
morgan. i53c ; father of the next See Burrows ^ 
503 ; & Foster's Index Eccl, 

MeyrelOke, Peter, s. P., of LUndilo-Talybont, co. 
GUimorgan, cler. jESUS Coll., mitric. 29 April, 
1687, aged 20; B.A. 23 Feb., x690-x, M.A. 1694, 
rector of Llanedy, oa Carmarthen, ijua Soe 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

M(6)yrloke, Reese, of ca Glamorgan, arm. Jesus 
COLL., xnathc. 27 Nov., 1607, aged 17. [a 8] 

Meyriok, Rice (Mcirick), of ca Radnor, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric. entry 4 June, x6o2. aged X9. 

Meyrlck, Rice (Mirick), of co. Glamorgan, plcb. 
Lincoln Coli«. matric. 5 July. 1605. aged 13. 

Meyrlck, Rice (Merick), s. William, of Pendleton, 
CO. Gkimorgan, pleb. Jesus Colu, matric. 5 
April, 1639. aged 17, 

Meyrlcke, Richard (Mericke), of Oxon, gent 
Trinity Coix.. matric. ix Dec, 1584, aged 20; 
student of Middle Temple 1587, as son and heir of 
Rowland, of Banbury, Oxon, gent See Foster's 
Inns 0/ Court Reg, 

Meyrlcke, Richard, s. William, of ^odoi^gan, ca 
Anglesea, arm. jESUS Coll., matric. 27 Feb., 
1693-4. aged 17 ; student of Gray's Inn 1694. See 
Foster's Gra^s Inn Reg, [»0] 

Me(y)rlck, Robert, B.A. from Christ Church 17 
June, 1578, M.A 3 March. 158X-2. rector of Horton, 
Bucks, X584. vicar ol Staines. Middlesex, 1587, and 
perhaps of Stanton St Quenton. Wilts. 1609, imtil 
nis death in 1639. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Meyrlck, Rowland (Merycke), of New Inn Hall, 
B.C.U 9 Dec, 1531, B.Can.L. sup. i± Oct, 1534, 
D.C.L. 17 Feb., 1537-8, principal of New inn 
Hall 1534-5. rector of Eglwvssail, 00. Anglesey, 
Z541, and of a ]x>rtion of Llandewi Velfrey, ca 
ranbroke, 1541, vicar of Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk, 
1544, rector of Uanbedrog, ca Carnarvon, 1562. 
canon and chancellor of St Davids 1550, Insbop of 
Baneor 1550 until his death 24 Jan., 1565-6 ; hro hqr 
of Edmund 155c. See Ath, 11 797; Lamdcwne 
MS, 981, f. 40 ; ft Foster's Index Eccl, 

[ 1006 ] 

Rowland Meyrickd. 


Henrv Michell. 

Mejrioke, Rowland (Merricke), born in co. Merioneth 
(s. Edmund), archdeacon (of Bangor). Broad- 
gates Hall, matric. 10 Oct., 1590, a^ed 2a 

Meyrike, Rouland, of co. Radnor, militis fil. Jesus 
Coll., matric. entnr dated 14 Jan. , 1596-7, Aged la ; 
of Gladestry, co. Radnor (son ofSirGelly, M.P.), 
M.P. New Radnor 1614. See Foster's Parlia- 
mentary Dictionary. 

Meyrioke, Roland (Merricke), s. John, of Pembroke 
(town), gent. jESUS COLL., matric. ao June, 1623, 
aged 15. 

Meyriok, Symon, of co. Hereford, pleb. St. Mary 
Hall, matric. ai June, 1616, aged 33; B.A. a5 
Febu , i6i6-7, ▼Jcar of Burghill, co. Hereford, 1635. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Meyrlok, Thomas (Merrick), s. Joh., of Barbados 

itown), gent. St. EDMimo Hall, matric 23 
''eb., i68a-3, aged 18. [5J 

Meyrlok, Trevor, gent. Pembroke Coll., matria 
31 July, 1658. 

Meyrloke, William (or Myrryke), fellow of Magdalen 
Coll. is6a, B.A. 34 July, 1564, M.A. sup. April, 
1570 ; one of these names beneficed in Devonshire. 
See Foster's Index EccL 

Meyrioke, WUliam (Merricke), scholar of New Coll. 
1565, from Bodeon in Anglesea ; fellow 1566-82, 
B.CL. 28 Jan., 1573-4, D.C.L. 5 July, 1582. chantor 
and chancellor of Bangor 1582. rector of Llanvechell, 
Anglesey, 1581 (as Merrick alias Owen); died 1605; 

[in i5c« 
221 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

brother of John 1555. See Ath. ii. 844 ; Fasti, i. 

Me(7)rioke, William, of Herts, pleb. Trinity Coll., 
matric. entry under date 20 Dec. , 1577, aged 19. 

Mcyrlok, William (Mirick), of co. Glamorgan, pleb. 
Jesus Coll., matric. 25 Oct, 1611, aged 16. [10] 

Me(y)rloke, (Sir) William, subscribed 21 Oct, 1614; 
B.C.L. from New Coll. x8 April, 1621, D.C,L. 
30 June, 1627, advocate Doctors' Commons 1629, 
a member of Lincoln's Inn, 1640, judge of the 
prerogative court of Canterbury 1641, knighted 8 
Nov. , 1661 ; died z668. See Gents. Magazine, 1825, 
i 406-7 ; Fasti, i. 432 ; & Coote's Civilians, 76. 

ICeyrioke, William, of co. Merioneth, pleb. Hart 
Hall, matric. 16 Feb., 1620-1, aged 27; B.A 
90 March, 1620-1. 

Meyrlok, William (Merrick), s. Tho., of Barbados 
(town), arm. University Coll., matric. 14 Febi, 
1705-6, aged 17 ; possibly a student of Lincoln's 
Inn 1712 (his father of Bristol). See Foster's Inns 
0/ Court Reg, 

Koyriok, William, s. Joh., of Llanvary, co. 
Merioneth, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 19 Feb., 
1705-6, aged 17 ; B. A 1709. 

Hiohaelson. John, s. John, of Chelmsford, Essex, 
S.T.D. WADHAM Coll., matric. 4 June, 1641, 
aged 17 (subscribed as ••Michleson") ; B.A 15 
May, 1646, scholar 1645, until expelled by the 
mriiamentary visitors 1648, vicar of Asheldean, 
Essex, 1661, and rector of St. Lawrence Newland, 
Essex, 1663; his father vicar of Orsett, Essex, 
x66a See Gardiner ^ 150; Burrows, 560; & 
Foster's Index Eccl, [15] 

Hiohelborne, Edward, of Hants, gent St. 
Mary Hall, matric entry under date 27 March, 
15791 ^^ 14 \ niany years a commoner of Glou- 
cester Hall ; a Roman Catholic and the most 
noted Latin poet of his time in the university; 
buried 27 Dec., 1626, in the parish church of St 
Thomas the Martyr in the west suburb of Oxford. 
See Fasti, I 428. 

lliolielborne, Edward, of Southants, equitis fil. 
Christ Church, matric. 8 Tune, 1604, aged 17 ; 
student of Middle Temple 1606, as son and heir 
of Edward, of Hamondes, Sussex, kt, M.P. 
Bramber 15a), who was knighted at Dublin 5 Aug., 
1599. See Foster's Inns of Court Re^, 

Miohelbome. Edward, arm. Magdalen Coll., 
matric. 10 Nov., 1654, student of Lincoln's Inn 
1655 (as s. William, of Bradhurst, Surrey, esq. ) ; 
died at Lewes 11 April, 1700; buried atStanmer 
16th. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Hiolielbonie, John, of Sussex, militis fiL Queen's 
Coll., matric. 7 Dec, 1616, aged 16; student of 
Inner Temple 1620, as son and heir of Sir Richard, 
of Bradhurst, Sussex, knight, who was knighted 
23 July, 1603. See Fosters Inns of Court Reg. 

MiOhelborne, William (Mjchealbume), of Sussex, 
gent Hart Hall, matnc. 29 Jan., 1590-1, aged 
18 ; student of Gray's Inn 1592, as of Newicke, 
Sussex. See Foster s Gra^s Inn Reg. TaO] 

" MiOlielinas.*' Daniel, s. John, of Piemont, Savoy, 
minister. Lincoln Coll., matria 2 March, 
1675-6, aged 17. 

Mioliell, Bartholomew, fellow of Exeter Coll. 
1520-7, M.A 26 Oct, 1521, B.D. sup. 10 Oct, 
1533, fellow of Eton College 11 Jan., 1526-7, rector 
ofLudgvan, in Cornwall, 1536. See Boose, 31. 

KiolieU, Bartholomew, B.A from Wadham Colu. 
16 Dec., 1636, M.A. from Gloucester Hall 4 
July, 1639, rector of Welboume, co Lincoln, 1641. 
See Foster's Index Eccl 

Miohelly Charles, s. William, of Portlock, Somerset, 
cler. Magdalen Hall, matric. 31 May, 1698, 
aged 19; B.A from St. John's Coll. 29 Jan., 
1701-2 ; M.A from Sydney Sussex Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1709, vicar of Cannington 1707-11, rector 
of Otterhampton 1708-34, vicar of Old Cleeve (all 
Somerset) 171 3, until his death in 1735 ! brother of 
Robert 1689, and of William 1686. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Miohelly Charles, s. Charles, of Broughton, Wilts, 
cler. Hart Hall, matric. 11 May, 1709, aged 18 ; 
B.A. from Oriel Coll. 1713. rector of Maperton, 
Somerset, 1715-66. See Foster's Index EccL [25] 

Michel, Christopher, scholar Corpus Christi Coll. 
1540-1, from Lancaster. B.A 8 March, 1 540-1, 
fellow 1545, M. A sup. July, 1546, rector of Cbasde- 
ton, Oxon, 1545. See Foster's Index EccL 

Hiohellj Christopher, B.A. 3 Nov., 1544; perbaps 

sup. tor M. A 12 July, 1569. 
Miohell, David, of St. Andrew's University, 

D.D. 9 Julv, 1661, prebendary of Westminster 1660, 

bishop of Aberdeen Time, 1662, died Jan. following. 

See Fasti, u. 257 ; & FasH EccL Scot, iii 886. 

Mioliell, Doyley, s. John, of Kingstone RusselL 
Dorset, arm. Magdalen Hall, matric. 12 Dec., 
x66i, aged 16. 

MiobeU, Edward (Mychell), of Sussex, gent. 
Balliol Coll., matric. 21 June, 1586, aged 17 ; 
B.A. 27 May, 1590, student of Inner 'Temple 159a, 
as of Rudgwick, Sussex, geot See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. [»0] 

Mioliell, Edward, of Sussex, gent Balliol Colu, 
matric. 16 July, 1621, aged 16. 

Miohell, Francis, ofEssex, gent Magdalen Hali^ 
matric entry imder date circa 1574. aged 18. 

Hioliell, Gilbert, of Cornwall, pleb. Gloucester 
Hall, matric. entry under date 10 Jan., 1574-5, 
aged 18 ; of Bodmin (s. Ralph), bar.-at-law, Lin- 
coln's Inn, 1584, M.P. Bodmin 1584-5; died 28 
March. 1615; perhaps father of Ralph. Sae Foster's 
Judges and Barristers. 

Miohell, Gilbert, s. "GuL," of Kenwen, Cornwall, 
cler. Exeter Coll., matric. 12 March, 1705-6, 
aged 18; B.A 17 Feb., 1709-10; M.A from St. 
John's Coll., Cambridge, 171 5, rector of South 
Claypole, co. Lincoln, 1722, and rector of Eakring, 
Notts, 1722. See Foster's Index EccL 

llichell, Henry, fellow of Oriel Coll. 1550-9, from 
York; B.A sup. Oct, 1545, M.A 13 July, 1554; 
perhaps rector of Whatcott, 00. Warwick, 1573. 
hc^Fo&Xefs Index EccL [35] 

[ 1007 ] 

Henry Michell, 

iSoo— I7I4. 

Robert Michell. 

Miohelly Henry, s. Phfl., of Culliton, Devon, paup. 
ExKTSR Coll., matric. 38 March, 1688, aged 19 ; 
EA. 1691, rector of Barwick, Somerset, 1721. See 
Foster's Index Eccl 

Hiohell, Hugonius, "ser." Exeter Coll., matric 
13 May, 1651. 

MioneU, Humphrey, s. Samuel, of Oldwyn. Berks, 
ami. Queen's Coll.. matric 11 Nov., 1631. aged 
18; B.C.L. 17 Dec, 163s; brother of John 1631. 

ICiohell, Humphrey, s, R., of Birmingham, co. War- 
wick, pleb. p.p. Brasenose Coll., matric. 39 
March. 1667, aged 17; a A. 10 Feb., 1669-70; vicar 
of Homingold, co. Leicester, 1677. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Mitchell, Jarvis, subscribed 21 Oct., 16x4. [5] 

Mioholl, John (MechyU) ; B.A. from Baluol Coll., 
supd. 19 Nov., 1529. 

Miohell, John ; B.A. from Lincoln Coll. 24 Nov., 
1529, M.A. 19 Dec, 1532. 

Miohelly John ; B.A. 23 Jan., 1544-5. 

Hiohel, John; fellow of Brasenose Coll., from 
Lanca^iire, B.A. 11 Jan., 1555-6, M.A. 23 Jan., 
X561-2; rector of Somerton 1559, and rector of 
Ifietchingdon, Ozon, 1571. See Foster's Index 

Hlohell, John ; commoner of Trinity Coll. in and 
before 1564 ; B.A. 21 April, 4567, fellow Lincoln 
Coll. 1567-75, M.A. 31 July, 1573. See O.H.S. i 
264. [10] 

Ifiohell, John (Mychell), of Dorset, pleb. Broad- 
gates Hall, matric 23 Nov., 1581, aged 17. 

Klohelly John, of Sussex, gent. Balliol Coll., 
matric 8 Dec, 1592, aged 16 ; perhaps a student of 
Gray's Inn 1^3 (as son of Thomas, of Anstey, 
Sussex, esq.) ; one of these names a master m 
chancery 1619-44. See Foster's Grays Inn Reg. 

Hlohell, John, of Devon, gent Exeter Coll., 
matric. — Nov., 1597, aged 17; B.A. 4 April, 
x6oi, then "a student ofUw in London"; M.A. 
from Hart Hall 8 May, 1604 ; student of Lin- 
coln's Inn 1598, perhaps vicar of Tethe, Cornwall, 
1604. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. & Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Kioliell, John (Mytdiel). of Yorks, pleb. Trinity 
Coll., matric. z6 Nov., 1621, aged 20; B. A. 16 
Nov., 1624. 

ICiohell, John, s. Samuel, of Oldwyn, Berks, arm. 
Queens Coll.. matric 11 Nov.. 1631, aged 19; 
B.A. IX April. 1633, M.A. 16 June, 1635 ; brother 
of Humphrey 1631. [18] 

Uiohaell, John, s. Henry, of St. Michael's Gussage, 
Dorset, pleb. Balliol Coll.. matric 15 June, 
1632. aged 17; B.A. 15 Jan., 1634-5, M.A. 5 July, 
x^ (as Michell), proctor 1645 ! incorporated at 
C&mbiidge 1653, ordered •• forthwith to officiate," 
at Cott^ord. Ozon, X647, by the Westminster 
assembly, and perhaps ejected from the rectorv of 
Langton Matravers, Dorset, in 1661, See Add. 
MS. X5,67i, pp. 7 and 20^ ; & Calamy, ii. 132. 

Hichell, John, 8. William, of Pendle, co. Lancaster, 
pleb. All Souls' Coll., matric 2 May, 1634, 
aged 19. 

Hiohell, John (Mychell), cler. fil. New Coll., 
matric x6 Nov., 1650, scholar 1649. See Burrows^ 

Hionely John. is. John, of Kingston, Dorset, arm. 

Magdalen Coll.. matric. 22 March. 1660-1, aged 

18; of Kingston Russell, Dorset; M.P. Bridport, 

1681, 1690-5, St. Ives 1695-8 ; died in 1717. aged 

75. SoE Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Kiohaell, John, "ser." Wadham Coll., matric. 

15 June. 1657. [ao] 

KitOIiell, John, s. John, of Heptonstall, Yorks, pleb. 

Brasenose Coll., matric. 4 May. 1668, aged 15 ; 

RA. 23 Jan., 1671-2, M.A. 1675. See Foster's 

Index BccU 

Hiohell, John, s. John, of Richmond, Snrrey, arm. 
Queers Coll., matric x June, X676. aged xc ; of 
Richmond, founded 8 fellowships, 4 s<molarship8, 
and 4 exhibitions at Queen's; M.P. Sandwich 
X698-X700, April-Nov. X70X. x7a2-5, April-July, 
X713. and X713-15. See Foster's Parliamentary 
Dictionary & Skelton's Pietas. 

MioheU, John. s. Jo., of Bromyard, co. Hereford, 
gent Hart Hall, matric. 4 May, 1698, aged 19. 

MitoheU, John, s. John, of Nortbleach, co. Glou- 
cester, pleb. Pembroke Coll., matnc. 27 March. 
1701, aged 15 ; B.C.L. from Balliol Colu ao 
March, 17x2-13. 

MiOliell, John. s. J., of " Langfort," Somerset, gent. 
Wadham Coll.. matric. 27 March, 1710, aged 
X7 ; EA. X713. vicar of Huish Episcopi, Somerset. 
X722-44. See Foster's Index Eccl. [^S] 

Miohelly John. s. Edward, of Cheltenham, co. Glou- 
cester, gent. Balliol Coll., matric x6 Oct, 
X713, aged 18. B.A. 1717 ; M. A. from Emmanuel 
Coll., Cambridge. 1723 ; perhaps vicar of Donning- 
ton, CO. Lincoln, 1729. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Michael, Jonas; M.A. from Emmanuel Coll., 
Cambridge, 1597 ; incorporated 12 July, 1597. vicar 
of Steyning, Sussex, X605. See Foster's Graduati 

Hioliell, Joshua, s. Josh., of Hamham. pleb. Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric 28 June, x6^, aged 21; 
B.A. X Feb., X670-X. 

Mitolielly Moses, 8. Henry, of Brecknock, pleb. 
University Coll.. subscribed 27 June, 1704, aged 
x<; B.A. X708, rector of Roggiett 1717. and of 
Machen, ca Monmouth, X719. See Foster's Index 

Miohell, Philip, of Cornwall, arm. Exeter Coll., 
matric 3 July, x6i2, aged 18. [SO] 

Hiohell, Ralph, of Cornwall, arm. Exeter Coll., 
matric 3 July, x6i2. aged x6 ; vicar of Padstow, 
Cornwall. X633. See Foster's IncUx Eccl. 

Hiohell, Richard, Benedictine. B.D. 13 June, X523; 
perhaps vicar of Swell, Somerset, 1525-66. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. 

Michel, Richard ; B.A. 15 Feb., X571-2, M.A. 3 April. 

1574; R^^^* ^**^*'* °^ Henbury, co. Gloucester, 

X574. See Foster's Index Eccl. 
Hiohell, Richard; B.A. 22 Feb., X574-5. M.A. 15 

Dec XS76. 
Hiohell, Kichard, of co. Warwick, pleb. St. Alban 

Hall, matric. X5 Oct., X619. aged ao; one of these 

names rector of Rugby, co. Warwick, 1648. See 

Foster's Index Eccl. [38] 

Hiohell, Richard, "ser." Wadham Coll., matric 

22 March, x65a-x ; B.A. from Hart Hall ii Dec, 

HioheU, Richard, s. John, of Preston. Somerset, pleb. 

Trinity Coll., matric. x April, 1664. aged 16; 

B.A. 1667, rector of Sparkford, Somerset, x668. 

See Foster's Index Eccl. 
Hiohell, Robert (Mychell or Mitchel), of Devon, gent 

Exeter Coll., matric. Oct., 1597. aged x6; 

perhaps B.C.L. 10 March, 1618-19, and D.C.L. 23 

July, 1624. as MitcheL 
Hiohell, Robert, s. Robert, of London (city), gent 

Trinity Coll., matric 24 May, 1639. aged 17; 

student of Gray's Inn 1640. See Foster's Gray's 

Inn Reg. 
Hiohell, Kobert. s. J., of Broxboume, Herts, gent. 

Trinity Coll., matric. 27 Nov., 1674. aged 18; 

B.A. 1678, M.A. 1681, B.D. 1692, vicar of Erding- 

ton, alias Yamton, Oxon, 1686-1720. See Foster's 

Index Eccl. 
Hiohell, Robert, s. Christopher, of St Erth, Corn- 
wall, p.p. Exeter Coll., matric. 7 Dec, 1677, 

aged 19; B.A. from New Inn Hall 23 Feb.. 
X681-2, vicar of Maker, Cornwall, 1692 ; brother of 
William x666. See Foster's Index Eccl. [ftl] 

I 1008 ] 

Robert Michell. 

1500 — I7I4. 

Robert Middlemore. 

l£loliell, Robert, s. WU' m n, of Porkxk, Somerset, 
cler. Baluol Colu, matric. 27 Feb., 1688-9. 
aged 15 ; brother of Charles 1698, and of William 

Hiolielly Robert, s. Nic, of Blandford, Dorset, gent. 
Baluol Coll., matria 35 Feb., 1713-14, aged 20; 
B.A. 1717, M.A. 1790, B.Med. 1723; died at 
Guildford 1771, aged 8a 

Mioliell, Samuel, s. Edward, of Seend, Wilts, pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. 17 May, 1622. aged 17 ; 
B.A. 7 July. 1625. vicar of Sutton Benger 16^1, 
and vicar of Latton, Wilts, 1632. vicar of Driffield, 
164a, and rector of Notgrove. ca Gloucester, 1660. 
See Foster's Index Bui, 

Miohell, Samuel, s. James, of Notgrove, co. Gloucester, 
cler. Pembroke Coll., matric 31 March, 1685, 
aged 16. 

Hiohell, Theobald, s. Walsingham, of Horsham, 
Sussex, genL Wadham Coll., matric a Dec, 
Z706, aged Z7, B.A. 1710 ; M.A. from Jesus Coll.. 
Cambridge, 1725. rector of South Heigbton 1720. 
and of west Tarring, Sussex, 1721. ^ Foster's 
Index EccL [8] 

Hiohell, Thomas (Mychell). fellow of Exeter Coll. 
1492, M.A. and B.D. ; D.D. 8 Feb., 1506^; per- 
haps rector of Yatton Keyncll St. James, Wilts, 
1507. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Mioliell, Thomas. B.A. 29 Nov., 1511. 

Miohell, Thomas (Mvchell). s. William, of Talaton. 
Devon, pleb. St. John's Coll., matric 18 June, 
1624, aged 22. 

Hiohelly Thomas, 8. Thomas, of Lacock, Wilts, 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric 13 May, 1642, 
aged 17. 

Mitonel, Thomas, s. Joh., of Hascombe. co. Gloucester, 
gent. Queen's Coli^, matric 4 July, 1698. aged 
18. [10] 

MiOhel, William (Mighell). B.A. 9 Nov., 1524. 

KlOhell, William. B.A. 5 June. 1576. 

Kltohell, William (Mytchell). of Westmorland, pleb. 
Queen's Coll., matric. 17 Nov.. 1581. a?ed22; 
B.A. II Feb., 1584-5. fellow 1588, M.A. 4july, 
1588, B.D. 7 Dec. , 1596 ; admon. at Oxford 22 Nov., 

MioheUt William, of Somerset, gent. Brasenose 
0)LL., matric 11 May, 1604, aged 18 ; student of 
Inner Temple 1609, as of Hazelbury-Plucknett, 
Somerset, gen. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Miohelly William, of Dorset, pleb. New Coll., 
matric entry dated 15 June. 1604, aged 12. [16] 

HioheU, William. B.A. from St. Alban Hall 12 
Nov., 1607. M.A. 6 July. 1612. 

Hitohell, William, s. William, of Brixworth, North- 
ants, pleb. Lincoln Coli«., matric x April, 1631, 
aged 21, B.A. 14 June. 1^4. 

Miohell, William, "ser," Christ Church, matric 
26 Nov., 1650. M.A. (by accumulation) 13 March, 
1655-6 ; perhaps benenced in Norfolk. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Hioliell, William, s. Christopher, of St Erth, Corn- 
wall, pleb. Exeter Coll.. matric. 23 Nov., 1666, 
aged i6 ; brother of Robert 1677. 

Hlohelly William, s. Tho. . of Rode, Somerset, pleb. 
p. p. St. Mary Hall, matric 5 March, 1666-7, 
aged 24 ; rector of Porlock, Somerset, 1672 ; father 
of Charles 1698, Robert 1689, and of William 

1686. [ao] 

Mitohell, William, s. John, of Heptonstall, Yorks, 
pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric 17 May, 1667, 
aged 19. 

Miolielly William, s. William, of Poriock, Somerset, 
cler. Balliol Coll., matric 19 March, 1685-6, 
aged 19; EA. 1669, vicar of Creech St Michael. 
Siomerset, 1696; brother of Charles 1698, and of 
Robert 1689. 

Miokletliwaite. Elias ; B.A. from Sydney Sussex 
Coll., Cambndge, 1672-3, M.A. 1676 ; incoiporated 
XI July. 1676(3. Elias, cler.), canon of York x68i, 
vicar of Terrington, Yorks, 1682 ; baptised at 
MarstoQ 16 March, 1651-2 ; will dated xa June, 
X720, proved 29 March, 1721 ; father of the next. 
See Foster's Index Reel, 

Hioklethwayte, Elias ,* B.A. from Sydney Sussex 
Coll., Cambndge, 1704-5, M.A. X7o8 ; incor- 
porated 10 July. 1708. rector of OiUing, Yoilu, 
171a See YQAti^% Index Eccl, 

Miokletliwavt, (Sir) John, of Yorks, D.Med, umver- 
sity of Paaua 1638 ; incorporated 14 April, 16^ 
(s. lliomas, rector of Cherry Burton, Yorks), 
fellow college of physicians 1643, president 1676-81, 
physician of Bartholomew's hospiud 1653, phj^idan 
m ordinary to Charles H., and knitted ; died 29 
July, 1683. aged 70 ; buried in the church of St. 
Botolph, Aldersgate; father of the next-named. 
See MnnKsRolT, i. 23; PasH, IL no; & Foster's 
Yorkshire Collection, [25] 

Mioklethwalt, John. s. John, of London (city), 
D.Med. Magdalen Coll., matric 19 July, 
1662, aged 17. 

Hioklethwaity Jonas, s. John, of Ing-Birchworth, 
Yorks. pleb. University Coll., matric 29 Oct, 
1675. aged 17. B.A- 1679. 

Hioklethwaite, Joseph, s. Elias, of York, merchant ; 
scholar of Gonville and Caius Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 22 March, 1610-11, aged 16 ; B.A. 16x4-15, 
M.A. 16x8, incorporated 14 July, x6x8 ; of Swine in 
Holdemess, J. P., baptised 8 Nov., 1594 ; buried in 
York Minster 7 Sept., 1658, styled u.Med, See 
Venn, 117 ; & Foster's Graduati Cantab, 

llioklethwaite, Marmaduke; B.A. from Sydney 
Sussex Coll., Cambridge, 1673-4, M.A. 1677; 
incorporated 10 July. 1677. 

Miokletliwalte, Paul. s. Thomas, of Plumstead, 
Kent; scholar of GONVILLE and Caius Coll., 
Cambridge, 27 June. 1606. aged 17, B.A. x6o9>xo ; 
M.A. from Sydney Sussex Coll. 16x3 (incor- 
porated IX July. 1615). B.D. 1620, D.D. 1628. 
preacher of the Temple church 1628, rector of 
Hurstmonceaux. Sussex, 1637, and of Sandy, Beds. 
June, 1639. until his death 4 Aug., 1639. Se« 
Venn, 105 ; & Foster's Graduati Cantab, [SO] 

HiOOf Samuel, s. John, of Croscombe, Somerset, gent. 
Magdalen Coll., matric 6 May, 1670, aged 16. 

Middellierst, Ralph, of Cheshire, pleb. Christ 
Church, matric. 23 Nov., 1581. aged 90; B.A. 
from Broadgates Hall xo Dec, 1^5. 

Kiddlemore, Daniel, s. Rob., of HasleweH, co. 
Worcester, gent. Pembroke Coll.. matric 7 
April. x666. aged 17. 

Middlemore, Henij, s. Samuel of St Clements, 
London, gent Exeter Coll., matric a Dec, 
1631, aged 17 ; student of Inner Temple 1634. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Middlemore, Joseph, gent Pembroke Coll., 
mabric 4 March, 1652-3 ; B.A. 30 Jan.. 1655-6. 

Middlemore, Richard (Myddilmore) ; RA. 8 Feb., 

1508-9. 13«J 

Middlemore, Richard (or Mydelmore); B.C.L. 4 

July. 1539. 

Middlemore, Richard, gent Pembroke Coll., 
matric 4 March, 1652-3 (subscribes *' Middle "). 

Middlemore, Richard, gent. Pembroke Coll., 
matric 15 June, 1657. 

Middlemore, Robert, student of Christ Church 
1561 ; B.A. 17 April, 1559. M.A, 10 July. 1562, 
"supKL April, 1565, for B.Med. and leave to 
practice" [^O] 

Middlemore, Roliert, of ca Warwick, arm. Hart 
Hall, matric entry under date 1574, aged 16^ 

[ 1009 ] 

Robert Middlemore. 

1500— 1714* 

Robert Myddelton. 

Middlemore, Robert, of Heru, am. Umversitt 
COLL», matric. 15 Feb., i$93-4* ^Spd 14; of Enfield, 
Mkidlesez (son and beir of Henry, one of her 
majest/s privy chamber), Ucenced 24 Oct., 1601, 
to marry uorothy Fulstone. See London Marriage 
LUtmctSt ed. Foster. 

Xiddletoilt ( )* of St. Mary Hall, ? created 

ED. 6 June, 1646. 

Xiddletoily Christopher, of Cheshire, cent Brase- 
N06B Coll., matric entiy under date la Dec., 
1580, aged ao; perhaps B.D. from St. John's 
Coll., Cambridge, 1619, incorporated 13 July, 1619, 
rector of Aston-in-tbe-Wall, Northants, 16x2; 
buried there 5 Feb., 1627-8, see Richard 158a. 
See Foster's Graduati Cantab. 

Middletoily Conyers; fellow of TRiNmr Coll., 
Cambridge, B.A. 1702-3. M.A. 1706 (incorporated 23 
June, 1707), D.D. Com, Rtg. 1717; sui>librarian 
1721, Wcodwardian professor 1731, rector of St 
Clements-at-the- Bridge, Norwich, 1720, and of 
Coveney, oa Cambric^, 1725, and of Hasoomb, 
Surrey, 1747, until his deith 28 July, 1750, at 
Hildersham, oa Cambridge. See Foster's Index 

Middleton, Edward ; fellow of New Coli^ 1554-^1* 
from Salop, B.A. 23 Feb., 1557-8; perhaps student 
of Lincoln's Inn 1560, rector of Chancombe, Somer* 
set X569. See Foster's Inns of Court Rtg, & 
Foster'^s Index Eccl. [5] 

IfiddletOXly Edward, s. Walter, of city of York (GuL in 
4to.), cler. University Coll., matric. 2 March, 
170X-2. aged 16 ; B. A. 1705 ; admon. at Oxford 30 
Aug., i7oiB. 

Middleton, Edward, s. Tbo., of ^^nchester, Hants, 
cler. Trinity Coll., matric. 6 Feb., 1702-3, aged 
x6; B.A. 1706, M.A. 1709; vicar of Hurstboume 
Priors 17x1, and of Minstead, Hants, 17x4. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

HlddletOXlt Edward, s. Rob., of Chapd-en-le-Frith. 
00. Derby, pleb. Wadham Coll., matric. 27 
March, 1^38. aged 18 ; B.A. 171 1. 

Middleton, Francis ; demy Magdalen Coll. 1542, 
B.A. 1547, fellow 1547-8. See Bloxam, iv. 92. 

Middleton, Fulco. s. John, of Denbigh (town), gent 
Oriel Coix., matric. 20 March, 1^9-40, aged 17. 

Middleton, George, s. George, of Houghton-le* 
Spring. CO. Durham, gent UNiVERsmr Coll., 
matric. 90 Feb., 1623-4, aged 17; of Silksworth, 
ca Durham ; died about 1653. See Foster's 
Durham Visitations, 239. [11] 

Hiddleton, Henry, s. William, of (Tyso?), co. War- 
widt, p.p. Christ Chijrch, matric 7 March, 
X672-3. aged 16. 

Middleton, Hugh *, B.C.L. sup. 4 July, 1505. 

Hiddleton, John (Medylton) ; B.C.L. 2 Dea, 15x0. 

Kiddleton, John, of ca Gloucester, pleb. Corpus 
CHRiSTiCfoLL.. matric 28 Nov., 1581, aged 26; 
B. A 6 July. X582. [15J 

Middelton, John, of Middlesex, arm. Queen's 
Coll., matric. 21 Nov., 1628, aged 19. B.A. 20 
Oct, X63X ; M.A. from St. Mary Hall 14 June, 
1634 ; perhaps chaplain All Souls' College ; expelled 
by the parliamentary visitors 1648. See Burrows, 

Kiddleton, John. s. Robert, of Curry Rivell, Somerset, 
pleb. WADHAM Coll., xnatric 28 Jan., 1630-1 ; 
aged 17. 

ITiddletOXl; John, s. Richard, of Horsham, Sussex, 
gent Magdalen Hall, matric 16 April, 1641, 
aged 17 ; bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, 1650 ; brother 
of Thomas X64X. See Foster's Judges and Bar- 

MiddletOB. John; eail of Middleton in SeotUmd; 
created M.A. a8 Sept, 1663, lord high commis- 
sioner of Sootlaxkd x66z, a celebrated parliamentaxy 
and royalist general, taken prisoner at the battw 
of Preston 17 Aug., 1648, joined Charles II. in 
Z654, wounded and taken orisoner at the battle of 
Worcester. 3 Sept, 1651, but escaped to Fkance, 
etc ; created earl of Middleton i Oct, z66o ; an 
ex tr aordinary lord of session 1662, died governor 
of Tangier in 1673. See Fasti, it 27x« 

Middleton, John, s. Thom., of Thame, Oxon, cler. 
Merton Coll., matric 16 Oct, 1695, agedx^; 
posttnasteri695, B.A. 1700, M.A. 1702, chaplain 
1709, B. and D.D. 172c; bom at Thame 5 
Aug., 1680; educated at Winchester, rector of 
Long Marton, Westmorland, 1627-30, lecturer or 
morning preacher St Bride's, London, 1733, 
Thursday lecturer at St LaureiKse, Guildhall, 1733, 
rector of St Peter, Comhill, 1734. See Rawl, lu. 
235, xviil 99 ; & Foster's Index Bed, [aO] 

Middleton, John, s. J., of St Asaph (town), pleb. 
Trinity Coll., matric 13 April, 1709, agea 18; 
B.A. 17x3. 

Myddelton, John, s. J., of Ltan Han (?Hamlad)), 
00. Denbigh, gent jESUS Coll., matric. 37 
March, 17x0, aged 18. 

Middleton, Marmaduke (s. Thomas, of co. Cardigan) ; 
created D.D. vj Apnl, 1583, vicar of Cooluck, 
diocese of Dublin, and vicar of Dunbojrne, and 
rector of Killare, diocese of Meath, dean and 
bishop of Waterford 1579-82, bishop of St Davids 
X582, until deprived 1500 ; died 30 Nov., «92, or 
1 Nov., 1593, buried in St George's, Windsor. 
See Ath, ii. 830 ; Cotton's Fasti Bee, Hib, L 124 ; & 
Cooper, ii. 14a 

Middleton, Richard (Myddelton); B.A. sup. 6 
March, 1507-8; RCU 9 Feb., X511-X3. 

Middleton, Richard, of Cheshire, pleb. Brasenosb 
Coll., matric 19 Oct, 1583, aged x6. See 
Christopher 158a [2 8 J 

Middleton, Richard (Myddletonne). of Yorks, gent 
University Coll., matric. 7 June, 1583, aged 

Middleton, Richard ; B.A. from Jesus Coll. X3 July, 
1586. perhaps vicar of Llanarthney, co. Carmarthen, 
Z588; prebendary of collegiate church of Brecon 
1580. and archdeacon of Cardigan, etc, 1589-1629 ; 
died 16 Nov., 1641. See Foster's Index Reel, 

Middelton, Richard, of London (citv), arm. fit nat 
max. Queen's Coli^, matric 7 May. 1602, aged 
17 ; brother of Thomas and Timothy X605. 

Middelton, (Sir) Richard, s. Tho., of Cefn-y-weme, 
CO. Denmgh, bart. Brasenosb Coll., matric ax 
Oct, 1670, aged 15; 3rd l)art. of Chirk Castle; 
M.P. ca Denbigh in 13 parliamenu 1685-7 and 
1689, until his death in June, 17x6 ; his brother 
John died Jan. , 1670, buried in the college chapel, 
see Gutch, i. 376 ; brother of William same date. 
See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, 

Myddleton, Robert, of London, arm. Queen's 
Coll., xnatric. 15 May, 1618, aged x8 ; student of 
Gray's Inn 1620, as son of Robert, of London, esq. 
See Foster's Grajfs Inn Reg. [»0] 

Middleton. Robert, s. Robert, of Taunton. Somerset, 
pleb. NEW Inn Hall, matric. 14 Nov.. x66i, 
aged x8 ; M.A. by decree c July, 167X ; perhaps 
vicar of Braintree, Essex, 1G78, etc., and canon of 
Ely 1699. See Foster's Index EccL 

Myddelton, Robert, gent. Brasenosb Coll., 
matric X4 Dec, 1694; perhaps bar.-at-law, of 
Middle Temple, 170a, as son and heir of Richard, 
of Shrewsbury, gent See Foster's Judges and 

[ lOIO ] 

Roger Middleton. 


Richard Milbourne. 

tftddleton, Roger, s. Joh., of Dolpfdly, co. Merioneth, 
p. p. Magdalen Hall, matnc. x March. 1700-1, 
aged 18 ; B.A. from Jesus Coll. 19 March, 1704-5, 
M.A. 1707, vicar of Nantglyn, co. Denbigh, 1706. 
See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Middleton, Simon (Midilton or Midletoune), B.A. 9 
July, 1568. 

Iliddleton, Thomas, B.A. fix>m Queen's Coll. ao 
June, 1579, fellow 1582, M.A. 29 Mav, 1582; 
perhaps rector of Bright Waltham, Berks, 1585, 
another vicar of Llawhaden, co. Pembroke, 1587 ; 
father of Thomas 1615. See Foster's Index Eccl, 

Hidleton, Thomas, of London (city), pleb. Queen's 
Coll., ma trie. — April, 1598, aged 18. 

iliddelton, Thomas, of London (city), equitis fiL 
Queen's Coll., matric. 32 Feb., 1604-5, aged 18 : 
of Chirk Castle, co. Denbigh, student of Gmy's 
Inn 1607 (as son and hdr of Thomas, of London, 
kt.), knighted 10 Feb., 1617, major-general of 
Denbigh, M.P. Weymouth and Melcorobe Regis 
(May). 1624-5, CO. Denbigh, 1625, 1640 (UP.), till 
secluded 1648, re-elected 1660 ; died m 1666 ; 
brother of Richard z6oa, and of Timothy x6o^, and 
father of Thomas 164a See Foster's Grays Inn 

Midleton, Thomas, of Berks, cler. fiL Queen's 
Coll., matric. 23 June, 161^, aged 16; B.A 16 
April, 1619, M.A. 18 Jan. , 1021-2, rector of Bright 
Waltham, Berks, 1622, etc. See Foster's Index EccL 

Hiddleton, (Sir) Thomas. 2s. Thomas, of Chirk, co. 
Denbigh, militis. Oriel Coll. . matric 20 March, 
J639-40, aged 15; of Chirk Castle, co. Denbigh, 
created a oaronet 4 July, 1660, M. P. Flint Dec. 
1646 (L.P.), till secluded in 1648, Montgomery 1660, 
CO. Denbigh 1661, until his death in July. 1663 ; 
father of Thomas 1668. and Richard 167a ^ 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Middleton. Thomas, s. Thomas, of Horsham, Sussex, 
arm. Magdalen Hall, matri& 16 April, 1641, 
aged 18; brother of John 1641, theu- father M.P. 
Horsham April-May. 1640, and 1640 (l.p.) till 
secluded in 1648, re-elected i66a See Foster's 
Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Middleton. Thomas, s. Thomas, of London (city), 
gent NEW Coll., matria 13 Nov,, 1663, aged 
19; B.A. 1667, feUow, M.A. 14 Jan., 1670-1, vicar 
of Chesterton, Oxon, 1675-7, head master Thame 
school 1675, vicar of Wilsford, Wilts, 1684, and of 
Long Crendon. Bucks. 1682. imtil his death 22 
AprU, 1694 : father of John 1695. See Lee's Thame, 
485 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

llyddleton, (Sir) Thomas, "Bart," s. Thomas, of 
Chirk Castle, co. Denbigh. Christ Church. 
matria 34 June. 1668, aged 16. created M.A. 9 
July, 1669; of Chirk Castle, 2nd bart, M.P. co. 
Denbigh 1678-81; died 5 Feb., 1683; brother of 
Richard z67a See Foster's Parliamentary Dic- 
tionary, [10] 

Hiddelton, Thomas, s. John, of Brayles, co. Warwick, 
pleb. LiNCX)LN Coll., matric. 23 March, 1682-3, 
aged x6. 

mddelton, Timothy, of London (city), militis fit 
Queen's Coll. , matric. 14 June. 1605. aged 15 ; 
student of Gray's Inn 1607, as son of Thomas, of 
I.ondon. kt : brother of Thomas 1605, and Richard 
160a. See Foster's Grays Inn Peg, 

Middleton, William (Mydilton). B.C.L. sup. 38 

June, X506 ; fellow of All Souls' Coll, 1510, 
XCLb sup. 23 Oct., 1515; D.CLb of Louvain 
supd. 7 May, 1524, for incorporation ; an advocate 
at Doctors' commons 1518, and perhaps prebendaiy 
of Lichfield 1529. See Coote's Civilians, 15. 

Middleton. William ; sizar of Qxtben's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, Oct, 1567, from Salop. B.A. 1571, and 
fellow 1571-5, and 1575-90 ; M.A. Oxford 13 July, 
1574; incorporated at Cambridge 1576, B.D. 1583, 
rector of Hardwick, co. Cambridge, 1 585-1613, 
master of Corpus Christi Coll., Cambridge, 
during a part of 1603. See Atk, L 649 ; Cooper, it 
446 ; & roster's Index Eccl. 

Myddelton, William, of co. Denbigh, gent Glou- 
cester Hall, matric 23 Oct., 1584, aged 15. [&5] 

Middleton, William, of Sussex, gent St. Edmund 
Hall, matric. 14 Feb. , 1605-6, aged 18. 

Middleton, William ; B.A. from Pembroke Hall, 
Cambridge, 1622-3, M.A. 1626 (incorp>orated zx 
July, 1626), B.D. 1633, D.D. 1642, rector of Cold 
Norton, Essex, 1630, and of Nutfield, Surrey. 1641, 
until sequestered in 1646 by the Westminster 
assembly. See Foster's Graduati Cantctb, \ Sc Add, 
MSS. 15,670-71. 

Middelton, (Sir) William, s. Th., of Cefa-y-weme, 
CO. Denbigh, oart Brasenose Coll., matric. 21 
Oct, 1670, aged 16; 4th bart., of Chirk Castle ; 
died 3 Jan., 1718 ; brother of Richard same date, 

Midford, Robert, s. Ralph, of Sedghill, Cumberiand, 
arm. Corpus Christi Coll., matric. 10 June, 
1664, aged 18. 

Midliope. See Medhope. L^O] 

Mid(d)le]iam, Purefoy, of Somerset, cler. fiL Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric. 22 June, 1610, aged 19; 
B.A. 12 May, 1612, vicar of Westbury, Somerset, 
1624. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Midwinter, John (Mydwynter), scholar of New 
Coll. is^; B.A. 22 Nov., 1571, M.A. 21 Feb., 
1575-6. B.C.L. July. 1579. 

Midwynter, John, of Wilts, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll., matric. entry under date 8 Dec., 1578, aged 
12 ; chorister 1578-83. See Bloxam, \. 20. 

Midwinter. Richard (Mydwynt). chaplain; B.Can.L» 
supd. 23 May, 151 1. 

Midwinter, William ; B.A. 26 Feb.. 1521-2, rector of 
Backwell, Somerset, 1530. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus, , [2^] 

Milbanke, Mark, s. Ralph, of Rousham. Oxon. gent. 
Merton Coll., matric 10 July, 1706, aged id. 
See Foster's Yorkshire Collection, 

Milbanke, (Sir) Ralph, s. Mark, of Halnaby, Yorics, 
bart. Lincoln Coll., matric. 17 Dec, 1686, 
a^ed 17 ; 3rd bart , student of Lincoln's Inn 1687 ; 
died in May, 1748 ; buried at Croft See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Milbome, Clayton, s. John, of AUeston, co. Gloa- 
cester, gent. Merton Coll., matric 22 June, 
1666, aged 16 ; student of Inner Temple 1689, 
M.P. Monmouth 1708-15 ; brother of Thomas. 
See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, 

Milbum, John, B.C.L. 10 March. 1511-12. 

Milbonme, John, "ser." Queen's Coll., matria 
12 Feb., 1651-2 ; one of these names vicar of 
Willingdon, Sussex, 1661. See Ath, iiu 35^; A 
Foster's Index Eccl, l*0] 

Ililbonm. Leonard, s. Leonard, of Kirkoswald, 
Cumberland, pp. Queen's Coll., matric ai 
Oct., I708, aged 18 ; B.A. 24 March, 1714-15, 
M.A. 1717, vicar of Milford, Hants, 1723. See 
Foster's Index Eccl, 

Milbonme, Richard, of Queen's Coll., Cambridge, 
7 March, 1578-9. B.A. 1581-2, M.A. 1585 (incor- 
l^orated 9 July, 1594), D.D. 1601, rector of 
bevenoaks 1591, and of Goudhurst Kent, 1612, 
chaplain to fiinoe Henry ; dean of Rochester 161 x, 
bishop of St Davids 1615. and of Carlisle 1621, 
until his death in 1624. See^M. ii. 857; Lans- 
downe MS, 984. t 48 ; Fasti, i. 268 ; Cumb. and 
West. Arch, Soc, iv. 441 ; & Foster's Graduati 

[ ion 1 

Robert Milborne. 


John MiLt. 

Kllbome. Robert, of Cumberland, sacerd fiL 
Queen s Coll., matric. 21 Nov., 1628, aged 18. 

Milbomey Thomas, of Cumberland, sacerd. fit 
Queen's Coll., matric. ax Nov., 1628, aged 17. 
B.A. aoOct., 163X, M.A. 8 July, 1634. 

Hilboume, Thomas, s. John, of Allestone, co. 
Gloucester, gent Merton Coll., matric. 31 
Jan., 1667-8, aged 15; B.A. 1671, fellow 1672-^, 
M.A. 29 Jan., 1675-6; died 1676; brother of 
Clayton. See O.H.S, iv. 295. 

Mildmay, Halliday, s. Hen., of Twyford, Hants, 
arm. Balliol Coll., matric. aa May, 1690, 
aged 15. of Shawford. Hants. 

Kildrid^, James. R A. 8 (or 18) April, 1563. [5] 

Miles, Alexander, of Northants, " cond. gen." Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric 19 June, 1584, aged 17 ; 
student of Lincoln's Inn 1585. See Foster's Inns 
0/ Court Reg, 

Miles, Alington (Myles), s. Th., of Poolci Wilts, cler. 
St. Mart Hall, matria 5 March. 1679-80, aged 
18 ; B.A. 1684. M.A. 1687 ; brother of Joseph 1673. 

Miles, David (Myles). s. Thomas, of Oakesey. Wilts, 
pleb. Balliol Coll., matric. 14 Dec., 1714. aged 
17; RA. from Magdalen Hall 1718, M.A. 8 
Xlarch, 1742-3 (jiV), vicar of EUlaston. co. Stafford, 
1724, rector of Cubley, co. Derby, 1752. See 
Foster's IntUx EccL 

Miles, Edward, s. William, of Lichborough, 
Northants. pleb. Merton Coll.. matric. 9 
Dec, 1636. aged 16 ; B.A. 9 March, 1641-2. 

Miles, Francis, s. Job., of Radnor (town), pleb. 
Wadham Coll., matric 21 Feb., 1703-4, aged 
17, RA- 1707; M.A. from New Inn Hall 1710. 

Miles. Francis, s. Ric, of Burbage, co. Leicester, 
pleb. St. Edmund Hall, matric 6 April. 1704. 
aged 18; B.A. 13 Feb., 1707-8, vicar of Norton-by- 
Galby, co. Leicester, 1726. Sec Foster's Index EccL 

Miles, George, of co. Hereford, pleb. St. Mary 
Hall, matric. 11 April. 1617. aged 15, B.A. 19 
June. i6ao; M.A. from St. Edmund Hall 26 
April. 1623. rector of Sacombe. Herts. 1625. and 
of Worth, Sussex, 1639. See Foster's Index EccL 

Jl^eSy Henry; fellow of Emanuel Coll., Cam- 
**" Inidge, B.A. 1661-2. M.A. 1665. incorporated 
13 July, 1669, rector of St. Michael, Crooked Lane, 
London, 1671. See Foster's Index EccL 

Miles, John, of Oxon, pleb. Oriel Coll., matric 
27 Oct, 1615. agedi5; B.A. 24 Oct., x6i6. M.A. 
a6 June. 1619. incorporated at Cambridge 1623. See 
Foster's Graduati Cantab. 

Miles, John (Myles), s. Walter, of Newton, co. 
Hereford, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric 18 
March. 1635-6, aged 15. [18] 

Miles, John (Myles). cler. fil. NEW iNN HALL, 
matric. 25 March, i659-6a 

Miles, John, 8. William, of Cowbridge. co. Glamor- 
gan, p.p. Jesus Coll., matric 22 May, 1679, 
aged 16; B.A- 15 Feb., 1682-3. rector of Porth- 
kerry, co. Glamorgan, 1686. See Foster's Index 

Miles, Joseph, s. Tho., of Poole, Wilts, minister. 
St. Mary Hall, matric 19 Jan., 1671-2. aged 
15 ; B.A. 1675, M.A. 1678, vicar of Preshute, 
Wilts. 1683: brother of Allingtoa 1680. See 
Foster s Index EccL 

Miles, Lewis (Myles). of co. Pembroke, cler. fiL 
Jesus Coll . matric. entry dated 15 March, 1604-5, 
aged II. 

Miles, Nath. ; M.A. from Jesus Coll. 30 April, 
1629. See also Matthias Milledge. [20] 

Miles, Richard (Myles). University Coll., matric 
I Dec. 1581 ; one of these names rector of Llan- 
ftjnach, CO. Pembroke, i6oa See Foster's Index 

Miles, Rimbrun. of co. Glamorgan, cler. fiL Jesus 
Coll.. matric 4 Feb., 1591-2, aged 18; B.A. 
21 Feb.. 1595-6. 

Miles, Robert (Mylys), Dominican; D.D. of Cam- 
bridge 1512, supd. 4 May, 1520, for incorporation. 

Miles, Samuel (Rev.), of New England (B.A. Har- 
vard Coll. 1684) ; M A. by diploma 15 July, 1693. 

Miles, Thomas, s. Richard, of Greatworth, Northants, 
pleb. St. John's Coll.. matric. 6 June, 1634, 
aged 18 ; RA. ^ Jan., 1635-6. M.A. 4 Julv, 1640 ; 
perhaps vicar of \farlborough St Mary 1013. and 
of Preshute. Wilts. 1647, and 1662 ; father of Joseph. 
See Foster's Index EccL & Add. MS. 15,671, p. 29^. 

Miles, William (Myles). of Northants, pleb. ST. 
John's Coll., matric. 5 May, 1598, aged 19; 
student of Lincoln's Inn 1599, See Foster's Inns 

0/ Court Reg. [ae] 

Miles, William (Myles), of ca Pembroke, cler. fiL 
Christ Church, matric. 20 Oct., 1598. aged 18; 
B.A. from Jesus Coll. 29 Oct., 1601, M.A. 26 
June, 1604 ; rector of Meline. co. Pembroke, 1604, 
and of Bridell. also co. Pembroke, 1608. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

Miles, William, of Wilts, pleb. Magdalkn Hall, 
matric. 23 April, 1602, aged 18. 

Miles, William, cler. fiL New Coll., matric 9 Dec, 
1650; B.A. 7 April, 1655: perhaps vicar o West 
D&ine, Sussex, 1661. See Foster's Index EccL 

Miles, William, s. John, of Fort Kary (Porthkerry). 
CO. Glamorgan, cler. Jesus Coll., matric 26 
March, 171^. aged 15; B.A. 1716, M.A. 1719, 
vicar of St. Llythans 1721. and of Pendoylan 1721. 
and of Llan twit-major (all co. Glamorgan). 1735. 
prebendary of Llandafl 1737-48, and of Sarum 
1741-8. See Foster's Index EccL [SO] 

Milforde, George, of Wilts, pleb. St. John's Coll, , 
matric. 24 April. 1618. aged 18. 

Milford. John (Mylford), Benedictine; B.D. disp. 2a 
Marcn. 1508-9 ; Wood takes him to be John Reeve, 
aliis Malford, who was created the k^t Abbot of 
Bury St Edmund 1513. See Fasti, i. 26. 

Mill. Hugh.s. Hugh, of West I^utford, Devon, minister. 
Exeter Coll.. matric 14 Dec, 1660, aged 20; 
B.A. from MAGDALEN HALL 1664 ; rector of 
Beaford. Devon, 1666 ; father of the next ; his 
father rector of West Putford 1621. See Foster's 
Index EccL 

Mill, Hugh, s. H., of Beaford, Devon, cler. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric. 18 March, 1686-7, aged 19 ; 
B.A. 1690, M.A. 1693. 

Mill, (Sir) John (Myll). s. John, of Southampton (town), 
bart Magdalen Coll., matric 28 Feb., 1622-3, 
aged 15 ; of Newton Berry, Hants, student of Lin- 
coln's Inn 1624. knight banneret by Charles L, 
slain at Oxford ; brother of Richard 1631, of Thomas 
1626. and of Lewknor 1638. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. [38] 

Mille, John, s. William, of Greatham, Sussex, sacerd. 
Magdalen Hall, matric 10 Oct., 1634. aged 19; 
B.A. 3 May. 1636, M.A. 5 Feb.. 1638^; rector of 
Nuthurst 1662, of Pulborough 1669, and of West 
Grinstead (all Sussex). 1672. canon of Chichester 
167 1. See Foster's Index EccL 

Mill, John, "ser.," s. Thomas, of Shap, Westmorland, 
pleb. p. p. Queen's Coll., matric 14 Nov., 1661, 
aged 16 (as Milne); B.A. 1666, M.A. 1669. B.D. 

1680. D.D. 1681. as Mill; principal of St. Edmund 
Hall 1685-1707, biblical critic "known as Dr. 
Mill," chaplain to Dr. Llamplugh, bishop of Exeter, 
and minor canon 1677, rector of Blechinedon, Oxon, 

168 1, chaplain in ordinary to Charles II., canon ot 
Canterbury 1704. until he died 23 June, 1707. See 
Ath. iv. 528 ; FasH, ii. q8i ; Chester's WesL Abbtj^ 
I^fg' 33 ; & Lansdowm AIS, 987, f. 301. 

[ IOI2 ] 


John Mill. 

1500— 1714. 

George Millett. 

Mill, (Sir) John. ** Bart." 1. J., of Berry. Hants. St. 
John's Coll.. matric. a Aug.. 1677. aged 16; 3rd 
bort ; high sheriff of Hants 1685 ; father of 
Richard 1708. 

Mill, John, gent Exetbr Coll., matric aa June, 

Hill, Joseph, of Northants, gent. Gloucester Hall, 
matric IX Aug.. 1593. aged za. 

Mill. Lewknor. s. John, of Southampton (town), bart. 
Univehsity Coll.. matric 8 June. 1638, aged 15 ; 
of Partford. Wilts; died unmarried; brother of 
John 1623. 

Mill, Richard, 3s. John, of Southampton (town), bart. 
Magdalen Coll., matric 38 Jan.. 1630-1. aged 
16; demy 1627-33. ^A. ix Feb., 1630-1. fellow 
1633-42, M.A. 17 Dec. 163^; incorporated at 
Cambridge x6^ ; will at Oxford 16 Feb. . 1642 ; 
brother of John 1623. and Thomas i63(3. See 
Bloxam, v. lax. [6] 

MiUe, Richard, s. Rich., of Hardham. Sussex, gent 
Magdalen Hall, matric 26 July, 1672. aged 

Mill, (Sir) Richard, s. John, of Mottisfont. Hants, 
bart. St. John's Coll., matric. 12 March, 1707-8, 
aged 18; 5th bart.. high sheriff of Hants X723; 
M.P. Midhurst (Nov.) 1721 to (Jan.) 1729, Penrhyn 
X734-41, Horsham 1741-7 ; died x6May, 176a See 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Mille, Thomas, of Sussex, arm. Queen*S Coll., 
matric. 8 Dec. 1620, aged x6; of Grattam, Sussex 
(s. William); baptised ao Sept, 1604, buned at 
Pulborough 21 Oct.. x65a 

Mill, Thomas (Myll), s. John, of Southampton (town). 
Kut. Magdalen Hall, matric 3 March. 162 q-6. 
aged 16; student of Lincoln's Inn 1627; broiner 
of Richard 1631, and of John 1623. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Millard, ArchibiUd, gent Trinity Coll., matric. 
aoO<^. 1712. [10] 

Millard, George, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. 28 
Feb.. 1694-5. B.A. 1698. M.A. 1704, rector of 
Hazlebury, Wilts. 1713. Sec Foster's Index 

Millard, John, s. J. (John), of Sherston. Wilts, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric 12 Dec. 1702. aged 16. 

Millard, Richard, of co. Worcester, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric. 5 May. 1598, aged 17. 

Millard, Richard, s. John, of Yeat. co. Gloucester, 
gent St. Edmund Hall, matric. 3 June, 1668, 
aged 16; B.A. 1672. 

Millecent, John, s. Robert, of Southwark, Surrey, 
gent St. John's Colt.., matric 12 Oct. 1638, 
aged 14 ; of Bergham Hall, parish of Linton, co. 
Cambridge (s. Robert) ; died 24 June. 1686. See 
Waters' Chester Family, X67. [IS] 

Milledge, Matthias, s. John, of Dorchester. Dorset, 
gent Wadham Coll., matric 3 Nov.. 1626, 
aged 17; B.A. from Hart Hall 27 Jan.. 1628-9, 
as Nath. See also Nath. Miles. 

Miller. See also Meller. 

Miller, Edward, s. Peter, of Oxford (dty). pleb. 

Lincoln Coll., matric 6 Dec, 1633. agedxs; 

B.A. 27 Oct., 1636, M.A. 2 July, 1639. 

Miller, Francis, s. Francis, of Whitaker, co. Warwick, 
pleb. Trinity Coll., matric 28 Nov., 1634, 
aged 18. 

Miller, George, of co. Warwick, pleb. New Coll., 
matric entry under date circa 1572, aged aa [20J 

Miller, George, of Wilts, gent MAGDALEN Hall, 
matric 21 June, x6i6, aged 16. 

Miller, Geoige, s. William, of Wood Street London, 
gent St. John's Coll.. matric 27 June, 2634, 
a^^ 18; B.A. 24 April. 16^ (incorporated at 
Cambridge 1640). M.A. 13 May. 1641. created 
B.D. I Feb., 1647-8. and admitted B.D. a Nov.. 
1648. scholar or fellow 1634, until expelled by the 
parliamentary visitors in 1648; admitted to Mer- 
chant Taylors' school 1626; bom i Nov., x6i6. 
See Robinson, i 1x5 ; & Burrows, 548. 

Miller, Henry, of Sussex, pleb. New Coll., 

matric a Nov., x6ax. aged 20; B.A. 29 April. 

1625. M.A. 29 Jan., 1628-9, as Milward. 
Miller, John, of Bucks, pleb. New Colu, matric 

24 Nov., 158X, aged aa [^^3 

Miller, John. s. John, of Maidenhead, Berks, pleb. 

Lincoln Coll., matric xi Dec, X640. aged 16. 

Miller, John ; created M.A. 16 Jan., 1643-3 ; a 
captain in the army. 

Miller, John, "ser." St. John's Coll., matria 
22 March. X658-9. B.A. 1662. 

Miller, Joseph C'ser.-), cler. fit Exeter Coll., 
matric XI Dec. X65X ; B.A. from Gloucester 
Hall 25 Jan.. X654-5. M.A. 27 June. X657. 

Miller, Leonard, of Devon, pleb. EIxbter Coll., 
matric 3 May, 162X. aged x8; B.A. aa Jan., 

Miller. Matthew. RA. from Clare Hall. Cara- 
bridge. X6X5-16, M.A^ 1610 ; (inccrporatcd 10 July, 
1621), RD. X627, rector of Buckland. Surrey. 1626. 
See Foster's Graduati Cantab. [SO] 

Miller^ Michael, is. John, of Islington. Middx^ 
mihtis. St. John's Coll. matric 13 Nov., 1635, 
aged 18; his father knighted 21 Jan.. 1618. 

Miller, Nicholas, equitis fil. Christ Church, matric 
I April, 16^6; probably of Crouch in Wrotham, 
Kent, (s. dir Nicholas, of Oxon Hoath, Kent, 
knighted 21 March. 1640-1) ; died 7 Feb.. 1693. 

Miller, Nicholas, s. Humphr., of Peckham, Kent, 
bart St. John's Coll. matric 11 Nov.. 16^, 
aged 17. 

Millers, Richard, chaplain, RA. sup. 17 March, 

Miller, Richard, of Bucks, pleb. New Coll. 
matric entry under date xo Jan., 1574-5, aged 19; 
scholar 1574, B.A. or B.C.L. sup. 29 March, 1581-a. 

Miller, Robert. B.A. from Exeter Coll 28 June, 
1632, M.A. 9 June. 1635. [36] 

Miller, Thomas, of Sussex, gent New Coll. 

matric 17 Nov.. 16x5, aged 19; B.A. 8 April, 1619. 

M.A. 15 Jan.. 1622-3. ^-D* ^3 March. 1631-3. 
Miller, Thomas, of Kent. pleb. Balliol Coll.. 

matric. 15 Oct. 16x9. aged x6 ; B.A. 13 Feb., 1622-3. 

M.A. 5 July, 1625, vicar of St Mary in Sandwich 

1635, of Stoke 1638. and of Teynham (all Kent) 

164a. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Miller, (Sir) Thomas, s. Joh., of Chichester. Sussex, 
bart New Coll. matric 29 Jan.. 1706-7, aged 
18; 3rd bart., M.P. Chichester 17x5-27; died 6 
Nov., 1733. See Foster's Parliamentary Dic- 

Miller, William, ao years student, B.Mus. sopd. May, 

1583- [*o] 

Miller, William (Myller), of Devon, pleb. Broad- 
GATES Hall, matric ix May, x6xo, aged 17; B.A- 
29 Nov.. 1620, M.A. 25 June, 1^3, vicar of 
Christowe 1622, and rector of Willand. Devon, 1634. 
See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Miller, Wolsun. s. Thomas, of Wil'on. Wilts, pleb. 
Magdalen Coll , matric 14 March, i6^-8, aged 
19; B.A. 30 Jan., i629-3a 

Millett, Georsfe, of Middx.. pleb. Hart Hall 
matric 28 Nov., 1581, aged 17 ; student of Lincoln's 
Inn 1586. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

[ I0I3 ] 


John Millett. 

1500 — 1714. 

Henry Mills. 


ICillett^ John, of Berks, pleb. Merton Coll., 
matnc 31 OcL, 1589. aged 16; B.A. ao Feb., 

Uillit, John, of Berks, pleb. New Coll.. matric. 19 
April, x6ii. aged 15; B.A. 3 Nov.. 1614. vicar of 
Enstooe. Oxon. 1626. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Millett* John, IS. John, of Hayes. Middlesex, arm. 
Gloucester Hall, matric. 18 June. 1630, aged 17. 

Millet, Thomas (of Guernsey?), pleb. St. Alban 
Hall, matric. entry under date 90 Dec., 1577. 
aged 23. 

Milei, Thomas, of Guernsey, gent Queen's Coll., 
nutric. ao June, 1600, aged 18 ; perhaps a minister 
in Guernsey 1644. See Add, MS, 15,669, pp. 13, 

lett, William, of Middlesex, gent St. Mary 
Hall, matric. 18 June. 16x0. aged 16 ; student of 
the Inner Temple 1617, as of Harrow-on-the-Hill, 
Middlesex. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Millichapp, Etisha. s. Tim., of Bishopston, co. 
Hereford, cler. St. John's Coll. , matric. 4 June. 
1685, aged 17 ; one of these names M.A. from 
Trinity Coll. , Cambridge, 1727. 

Milliohampe, Richard, s. Tim., of Ludlow, Salop, 
cler. New Inn Hall, matric. 24 March, 1689-90, 
aged 18, B. A. 7 March, 1694-5 ; incorporated at 
king's Coll., Cambridge. 170a, M.A. 1702, rector 
of Rudford. co. Gloucester, 1697, vicar of Great 
Mariow, Bucks. 1708, rector of Radford, co. Glou- 
cester. 1708. until his death in 1729. See RawL 
^ iii. 250 ; & Foster's Index Eccl. 

Millicliamp, Timothy, s. Tim., of B«Anopston, co. 
Hereford, cler. Pembroke Coll., matric. i July, 
i^> £^ed x8 ; his father rector of Bridge Sellers 
1680-1727. of Bishopstone 1680-1727, and of Humbcr 
(all Hereford) 1703-10, of Long Newnton, Wilts, 
1709-27, and vicar of Norton Cole Park, Wilts, 
1713-27. See Foster's Index EccL 

Millioliap, William, of Salop, cler. fit St. Mart 
Hall, matric 28 June, x6sk>, aged 18 ; B.A. 26 
Jan., X623-4, M.A. 15 June, 1626, rector of Cleobury 
North, Salop, 1625. See Foster's Index Eccl, [lO] 

Milling, Hugh (Myllyng), of Exeier Coll., M.A., 
B.D. 31 May, 15x0, D.D. 31 Jan., 1512-13, incor- 
porat«l at Cambridge 1520. 

Millliig*e, John, of Bucks, pleb. Magdalen Colu, 
matric 2 July, 1585, aged 15 ; chorister 1585, B.A. 
16 Dec, 1590, fellow 1590-3. See Bloxam, i. 22. 

MUllnge, Nathaniel, of Bucks, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll., matric — Oct, 1596, aged 18. 

Milling, Thomas (Myllyng), B.LL.; D.Can.L. 
supd. 29 Jan., 1507-8, chaplain to archbishop 
Warhara, chancellor of Oxford in 1513 ; rector of 
Heyford Warren, Oxon, a benefactor to New 
Coll. 1533. See Fasti, i. 35 ; & GuUk^ i. 185. 

^lillington. Sec also Synge. [15] 

MiUin^n, Daniel, of Wilts, pleb. St. Edmund 

Hall, matric 9 March, 1620-1, aged 18 ; B.A. 

6 Feb., 1623-4, licenced to practice medicine 2 July, 


MiUinrton, Edmund, of co. Worcester, pleb. 
St. John's Coll. , matric 16 June, x6io, aged 17. 

Hillington, George, of Wilts, pleb. St. Edmund 
Hall, matric 16 March, 1620-x, aged 90. 

Millinfftpn, John; fellow of Magdalen Coll., 
Cambridge, B.A. 167X-2, M.A. 167? (incorporated 
w July. 1677), ^-J^- 170*' ^'car of Fulboum, co. 
Cambridge. X690, and of Kensington, Middlesex, 
1700, canon of St Paul's X703, rector of Stoke 
Newington, Middlesex, 1705. See Foiter's Index 

Millington, Stephen, s. John, of Wandsworth, 
Surrey, gent Christ Church, matric. 28 May, 
i^> aged 18 : student, B.A. 18 Nov., 1644 ; 
(iied II Sept, 1645. See Gutck, L 51a [20] 

KiUin^On, Thomas (Myllington), of Salop, pleb. 
University Coll., matric i Dec, X58X. aged 
10; B.A. 6 Feb., 1583-4, M.A. 6 July, I58i6. 

Millington, Thomas, of Wilu, gent Baluol 
Coll., matric ax Feb., 160^-6. aged 15; B.A. 
90 Jan.. 1607-8, B.Med. 19 Nov., x6x2, supd. for 
licence to practice medicine 19 Nov., 16x2. 

Xilllngton. Thomas, s. Walter, of Hopton Castle, 
Salop, pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric 15 June, 
1627, aged 22 ; scholar 1624. 

MiUington, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Tiberton, Salop, 
pleb., p.p. Lincoln Coll., matric 25 Oct, 
1639, aged 15; B.A. 20 April, 1643 ; perhaps rector 
of Bootle, Cumberland, 1649. vicar of Drayton-in- 
Hales 1667, and rector of Adderlev, Salop, 1674 ; 
father of Thomas 1671. See Foster s Index Eccl, 

Xillinjgrton, (Sir) Thomas, s. Thomas, of Newbury, 
Berks, esq., fellow of Trinity Coll., Cambridge, 
i64|, a£ed 17 (from Westminster school). B.A. 
1648-9, fellow All Souls' Coll. 1649. M.A. 30 
May, 1651 (incorporated at Cambridge 1657), 
B.Med. 8, and D.Med. 9, July, 1659, Sedleian pro- 
fessor of natural philosophy 1675-1703, knighted 
6 March, 1679-80, physician to William III. and 
Q. Anne, fellow of college of physicians 167a, 
president 1696, until his death 5 Jan. , 1703-4, aged 
75 ; buried at Gosfield, Essex. See Munk s RoU, L 
363 ; Al. West. 123 ; & Burrows, 474. [26] 

Xillin^ton, Thomas, pleb. Pembroke Coll., 
matric a June, 1671, perhaps identical with next 

Millln^on, Thomas, s. Th., of Drayton, Salop, 
minister. Pembroke Coll., matric 3 June, 1671, 
aged x8; B.A. 11 Feb., 1674-5. 

Hillington, Thomas, s. John, of Namptwich, 
Chtthire, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric 5 
May. 1673. age<l 18 ; B.A. 13 Jan., 1676-7, fellow, 
M.A. 16^, died 9 April. 1689, admon. at Oxford 
J May following. See GulcA, i. 379. 

Millington, William, s. John, of Crapthome, 00. 
Worcester, pleb. St. John's Coll., matric 
4 July, 1623, aged 19; B.A. 30 Jan., 1626-7, M.A. 
k July, 1633. 

Million, Henry, s. Henry, of Coventry, co. Warwick, 
gent Magdalen Hall, matric 28 Nov., 1634. 
aged x6; B.A. 15 June, 1637, M.A. 25 June, 1640, 
rector of Gilmorton, co. Leicester, 1641. See 
Foster's Index Eccl. [SO] 

Mills, Anthony (Milles|, of Wilts, pleb. St. Alban 
Hall, matric 17 Feb., 1586-7, aged x6; B.A. from 
New Coll. 17 May, 1595. 

Mills, Benjamin (Milles), "ser." St. John's Coll., 
matric 27 Feb. , X650-X ; perhaps vicar of Chardstock, 
Dorset, 1658, ejected at the restoration x66o ; died 
about 1693. See Calamy, il 124; & Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Mills, Edward (Mylls), of Wilts, "cond. gen." 
Balliol Coll., matric. 30 Oct, 1584, aged x6. 

Milles, Edward (Mylles), of Wilts, gent. Balliol 
Coll., matric. 12 March, 1595-6, aged ax. 

Mills, Edward, s. Edward, of London, gent Christ 
Church, matric 3 May, 1672, aged 15 ; bar. -at- 
law, Inner Temple, 1682, licenced (v. c.) 14 April, 
1683, to marry Elizabeth Heart, of St Peter Poor, 
spinster. See Foster's Judges and Barristers. [35] 

Milles, Francis, fellow All Souls' Coll., B.A. 30 
Jan., 1558-9. M.A. 7 Dec, 1^62, sub-warden. 

Mills, Henry, B.A. from All Souls' Coll. 26 Nov., 

Mills, Henry, s. Nat, of Wells, Somerset, pleb. 
Trinity Coll., matric. 23 March, x6oo-x, aged 
16 ; B.A. 1694, M.A. 1698, incorporate at Cam- 
bridge 1608, master of free school Wells 1699, 
canon of Wells 1702, master of the hospital and free 
school at Croydon, rector of Merstham, Surrey, 
18 Feb., X723-4. until his death at Croydon xx April, 
1742 ; buried x8th in his parish church. See Rawl. 
vi. 229 ; & Foster's Index Eccl, 

[ 1014 ] 

Hugh Mills. 


William Mills. 

Mills, Hugh, of Devon, cler. fiL St. Mary Hall, 
matric. 6 May, 1608, aged 22; B.A. aa Feb., 

Milles, James (Mylles), of Southants, gent Queen's 
Coll., matric. 15 Nov., 1605. aged x8. 

Milles, Isaac, s. Isa., of High Qere, Hants, cler. 
Balliol Coll., matric. 7 July. 1693. aged 15, 
B.A. 2696; M.A. from Sydney Sussex Coll., 
Cambridge. 170X, treasurer of Waterford cathedral 
X714-27, and prebendary in Lismore cathedral 
17 16-37, rector of Ludshelfe alias Litchfield, Hants, 
1727. See Rawl. xxi. 39 ; Cotton's Fasti EccL Hit. 
i. 150 ; Genfs. Mag. 1784, L 153a. ; & Foster's Index 

Milles, Jeremiah, s. Is., of Hants, der. Balliol 
Coll., matric. 2 May. 1690, aged 15; B.A. 17 
Feb., 1693-4, M.A. 1697, fellow 1696, and tutor till 
1705. rector of Riseholm, co. Lincoln, 1704, and 
vicar of Duloe, Cornwall, 1704-46. S^ RawL 
xxi. 39 ; & Foster's Index EccL 

Mills, John, B.C.L. from GLOUCESTER HALL i± 
Dec., 1594. [SJ 

Milles, John (Mylles), of Southants, gent Christ 
Church, matric. 12 Oct, 1621. ag^ 17; student 
from Westminster school. B.A. 6 Feb.. x623-4, M.A. 
13 June. X626, B.C.L. 23 July, x63i, created D.C.L. 
5 Jan., 1648-9, canon X648-5X, X659-60, o^ieof tiie 
parliamentary commissioners for the surrender of 
Oxford 1646, one of the parliamentary visitors X647. 
deprived 1651. restored X659. ejected x66o, an 
advocate 1650. judge advocate of the parliamentary 
army, chan^lor of Norwich i66x-73. M,P. for the 
university x6^9, and x66o ; died in London about 
1676. See Coote's Civilians, 83; FcuHt ii. 114; 
A I. West. 90 ; & Burrows, 489. 

Milles, John, "ser." Exeter Coll., matric. 10 
March, X656-7; B.A. x66a 

MiUes, John, s. Tho., of Hellinglev, Sussex, pleb. 
St. Edmund Hall, matria 22 Nov., X667. aged 

Mills, john; M.A. & fellow Queen's Coll.; preacher 
at St. Mary's, Oxford, X679. See Ath. i. p. Ixxxv. 

Milles, John (Mylles), s. Francis, of St. Mary's, Hants, 
gent Trinity Coll. , matric. X5 April, 1714, aged 
xs; B.A. 12 Feb., 17x7-8, M.A. 1720; perhaps 
rector of Pewsey. Wilts. 1737, until his death X9 Jan., 
1764. See Foster's Index Eccl. L*0] 

Milles, Leonard, of Lodon. pleb. Magdalen Coll., 
matric. x I>ec., X58x, aged X5; demy 158S-9X, B.A. 
27 June. X587. See Bloxam, iv. 224. 

Mills, Michael, of Oxon, cler. fit All Souls' Coll., 
matric. 27 Oct, x6is, aged X7 ; B.A. from Glou- 
cester Hall c Feb. , x6i8^ ; vicar of East and 
West Rudham. Norfolk, X640. See Foster's Index 

Mills, Nicolas (Milys or Mel)rs) ; fellow of Queen's 
Coll.. M.A. & B. D., licenced D.D. xo June, and 
created 2 July, XSX5. vicar of St Bride's. London ; 
his will dated 10 July. 1529, a benefactor to Queen's 
Coll. See FcLsti, i. 43 ; & Gutch, I 144. 

Milles, Peter, s. Rog., of Plymouth, Devon, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 51 March. 1685, aged 16; 
B.A. 1688, M.A. X691 ; vicar of St Stephen-juxta- 
Saltash, Cornwall, 1705. rector of Stoke Fleming, 
Devon. X7X4. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Milles, Richard, of Wilts, pleb. ST. John's Coll., 
matric. — Nov., 1581^ aged X5. [is] 

Milles, Richard, *'scholaris MrL Case," matric. 18 
Oct, 1583. 

Milles, Richard (Mylles). of London, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matria 22 Oct.. 1591. aged 16; B. A. 
4 July, 1595, as Millar, M.A. 7 July, 1598, 

Milles, Richard (Mylles). of Southants. gent C*hrist 
Church, matric. X9 June, x6x8, aged X9 ; student 
x6i6, B.A. 26 June, X620, M.A. 26 June, 1623 ; will 
at Oxford proved X2 May, X633, as Mylles. See 
Al. West. 85. 
Mills, Richard, s. Tho., of Portsmouth, Hants, gent 
St. Edmund Hall, matric 30 Oct, 1671, aged 
x6, B.A. 1675; incorporated at Cambridge 1675. 

Mills, Richard; fellow Clare Hall, Cambridge, 
B.A. 1676-7, M.A. 1680; incorporated 13 July, 
x68o. [2,0] 

Mills, Robert ; B.A from MAGDALEN HALL 1 Feb.» 
X630-X ; perhaps vicar of Petham, Kent. 1641, and 
licenced 20 Sept, X648, to marry Manr Wakeman. 
of Ashford, Kent, spinster. See London Marriage 
Licences, ed. Foster, & Foster's Index Eccl, 

Milles, Samuel, s. Henry, of Canterbury, Kent, plebi 
Pembroke Coll., matric. 4 July. x6a8. aged x8; 
B.A. 14 June. x^o. M.A. 14 May. 1633. perhaps 
vicar of Royston, Herts, 1661, or rector of Duxford 
St. Peter, co. Cambridge, X665. See Foster's 
Index Eccl. 

Mills, Samuel, s. Ric, of Worcester (city), pleb. 
University Coll., matric 24 July. 1712, s^ed 19, 
B.A. 1716; one of these names M,P. Canterbury 
X722. until his death xi Dec., 1727. See Foster's 
Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Mills, Thomas (Myllys), after X2 years study B.D. 5 
1^'t >543' See Fostefs Index Eccl. 

Mille(s), rhomas; demy Magdalen Coll. 1534, 
chaplain. B.A. sup. Oct. XS40, vicar of Old 
Shoreham. Sussex, X545. See Bloxam, iv. 75; & 
Foster's Index Eccl. TaS] 

Milles, Thomas, of co. Gloucester, gent St. Mary 
Hall, matric. xx May, X597, aged 14. 

Mills. Thomas, "ser." Exeter Coll., matric 7 
July, x6s8. 

Milles, Thomas, *'ser." Queen's Coll., matric 15 
June, X657, B.A. 5 Feb., x66o-x ; one of these 
names rector of TeflFont Ewyas, Wilts, 167a See 
Foster's Indtx Eccl. 

Milles, Thomas, s. Rob., of Chelsfield, Kent mini- 
ster. St. Mary Hall, matric 2 April. X669. 
aged x6. 

Mills, Thomas, s. Th., of Portsmouth, Southants, 
pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric. 4 April. 1677, aged 
X5, B.A. x68o; M.A. from St. Mary Hall X683. 
perhaps rector of Newton, co. Lincoln, x69a See 
Foster's Index Eccl. [SO] 

Milles, Thomas, s. John, of Barley, Herts, cler. 
Wadham Coll., matric 12 March, 1688-9, aged 
17 ; exhibitioner X69X-2, B.A. X692. vice-principal 
of St. Edmund Hall, and M.A. 1695. chaplain of 
Christ Church 1694, B.D. 1704. r^ius professor 
of Greek 1705-7. D.D. Trinity College, Dublin. 15 
July, 1707; born at Barley, Herts, 19 June. 1671. 
chaplain to Thomas, Earl of Pembroke, lord- 
lieutenant of Ireland ; bishop of Waterford, and 
of Lismore X708, until his death 13 May, X740; 
buried in Waterford cathedral. See Gents. Mag. 
1764, L i53fl ; Rawl. v. 75, xviii. 103, xxi. 36 ; & 
Cotton's Fasti Eccl. Hib. i. 131. 

Mills, Thomas, s. Dan., of London, gent, St. 
John's Coll.. matric 28 June, X698. oced 18; 
B.A. X702. admitted to Merchant Taylors school 
X69X, bom 3 Aug., 1679. See Robinson, i 337. 

Mills, Thomas, s. George, of Rusper, Sussex, gent 

Wadham Coll. , matric 12 April, 1701, aged 15 : 

bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 1714. See Foster's 

Judges and Barristers. 
Milles, Walter, s. Richard, of London, gent 

Queen's Coll.. matric. 4 June, 1641, aged 16; 

D.Med. Leyden. incorporated 13 June, 1653. 

fellow collie of physicians 1664. Sm Munk's Roll, 

L 3x7 ; & Fasti, li. X78. 
Mills, William (Mylles). of Southants. gent Queen's 

Coll., matric 15 Nov., 1605. aged 14. (95] 

[ lois ] 

William Milles. 


William Milward. 

HUlea, Wmiam, of Somerset, pleb. St. Mart Hall, 
matric. 4 Dec.. x6i8, aged ao; B.A 6 June, 1621, 
rector of Writhlington, Somerset, 163a See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasticus^ 

Kills, William, of co. Worcester, p. p. St. Mary 
Hall, matric. 29 March, 1672. aged x6 ; B.A. from 
Magdalen Hall 1675, M.A. 1679; perhaps 
vicar of Chewton Mendip, Somerset, 1687. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

mimail, Francis, s. Tho., of South Brent, Devon, 
paup. Exeter Coll., matric. 18 March, 1683-4, 
aged 17 ; B.A. from Oriel Coll. 1687, vicar of 
F^ngton. Devon, 1692, until his death in 17x9. See 
Foster's Index EccL 

mine, James, s. J., of London, doctoris. Queen's 
CoLt«, matric 9 Dec., 17x1, aged x8; perhaps 
M.A Cambridge, X736. 

Xilne, John, of Queen's Coll. x66x. See Mill, 
page XOI2. [8] 

mine, Thomas, s. James, of Chaldwetl, co. Lancaster, 
pleb. Brasenose Coll. , matric. ^ March, X694, 
aged 17; B.A. X697, M.A. 1700. rector of Shept on 
BeauclLELmp. Somerset, X723. See Foster's Index 

miner, John, arm. Oriel Coll., matric. 19 July, 
1659 ; possibly student of Lincoln's Inn x66o, as 
son and heir of lohn, of Liston Green, Middlesex, 
esq. See Foster s Inns of Court Reg. 

miner, Joseph, s. John, of Penrith, Cumberland, p.p. 
Queen's Coll., matric. X5 June, X697, aged x6, 
B.A. 1703. M.A. 1705; one of these names rector of 
Barton-in-Fabis. Notts, 1730. another vicar of 
Ormesby, Yorks, 1720. See Foster's Index EccL 

miner, Joseph, s. J., of Rotterdam, gent. St. John's 
Coll., matric. 28 June. 17x4, aged 17; B.A 3 
March, 17x8-19. 

miner, Lawrence (Mylner); B.A 19 Dec., 1528. as 
••Mylney." [lO] 

miner, Robert, s. William, of Borton Grange. Yorks. 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 3X Jan.. 1622-3. 
ag»»d 14; RA. sup. 3 March. X625-6. '* intruded 
himself rector of Babworth, Notts," 1645. See 
Add. MS. 15,670, pp. 24, 54. 

minar, William, pleb. Magdalen Coll., matric. 
22 Jan., 1648-9; chorister 1648-53, B.A 26 Feb., 
x65r-2. chaplain X653-6, M.A. 24 June, 1654; one 
of these names rector of Law ford, Essex, 1659. etc. 
See Bioxam^ i. 66 ; Burrows^ 5x7, 566 ; & Foster's 
Index EccL 

Milnes, James; created M.A. xx Feb., 1703-4, rector 
of Ingestre, co. Stafford, 169X, canon of Lichiield 
X713. See RawL ii. 124, xxl 46 ; & Foster's IncUx 

misum, John. s. Rich., of Pinkney, Wilts, pleb. 
Ohiel Coll., matric. X3 Nov., X713, aged 17; B.A. 
from Corpus Christi Coij« x6 Jan., x7X9-2o,- 
M.A. X723, rector of Sopworth, Wilts, X734, 
prebendary in collegiate church of Chumleigh, 
Devon, 174a See Foster's Index EccL 

miton, James, of Hants, pleb. MAGDALEN Hall, 
matric 4 Feb., 1591-2, aged 17. rxj] 

mi ton, John (Mylton), of Somerset, pleb. Hart 
Haix, matric. entry under date 1574, aged 2a 

miton, John, s. John, of London, scrivener ; admitted 
pensioner of Christ's Coll., Cambridge, X2 Nov., 
'624-5, S-A- X628-9, M.A. X632 ; incorporated 
'635 : probably entered St Paul's school X620 ; 
secretary for foreign tongues to the Council of 
State X648-59; Paradise Lost was published in 
1667, etc. ; bom 9 Dec, x6o8, died 8 Nov., 1674, 
buried in St. Giles. Cripplegate, X2th. See Fasti, 
i. 480 ; & Robinson, i. 3c 

Milwarde, Arnold, of Northants, pleb. Trinity 
Coll., matric. entry under 10 April, 1581, aged 

Hilward, Benjamin, s. William, of Welford, co. 
Gloucester, pleb. S